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tv   The War In June  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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a week later full shiite teenage girls were poisoned at their high school. and helmand province is in taliban country where education is a battle line. but the best goes far beyond helmand province fighting has intensified since the taliban announced its annual spring offensive and later i probably al-qaeda and i say look tax of complement at the taliban campaign the afghan government now controls this in sixty percent of territory this is the man. i lost both my eyes due to the war i was blinded by shattered glass when my bus was hit by a landmine i know that my eyes could be fixed in india but i want peace first and then my eyes. pairing more rooms and bliss states these afghans are on a pilgrimage for peace and they're on the homestretch shallot ballasts. still ahead on al-jazeera i will tell you who's offered to take in more than six hundred
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migrants stranded on a ship in the mediterranean plus ash cloud disaster in guatemala and rising anger over the lack of volcano warnings. china's seasonal rains pulse in and pulse of post art recently but they're coming back again as you can see the cloud is slowly spreading uses through grand old and i think it will be there in the forecast next daylight hours which is tuesday so it could include hong kong the rays from back to you not its heaviest admittedly now that's further in that you can see it hasn't reached shanghai but the tide is building here and it's on its way but it's the senseis core of the concentration is and that does indeed include or call particularly right i think by wednesday. now we're really following the eastern end of the monsoon trough which on its western
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end up through india bangladesh and min mark is quite obvious in the general shape should really heavy rain in the west and get recently and the last twenty four hours around the bay of biscay coming into the southeast of bangladesh well that's the picture for tuesday the dark green is the heaviest rain so it's the western gas again up to mumbai through hyderabad and again eastern side of the bay of bengal north of that is still hot should resume humid in places i mean new delhi is forty four is on the hot side and the humid side and that the normal temperature regime is reflected around the gulf states as well should really be forty five in doha but it is not despite a fairly stiff should now it's rather cooler helpfully in abu dhabi. more than forty thousand africans are facing deportation from israel in the world more than ninety percent of your trying to accept a look at this. almost zero point one percent of civil liberties two of those in
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danger of being thrown out of the country in which the sought refuge talks al-jazeera at this time i really still liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as it always does with his job people. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera with less than twelve hours before the historic singapore summit the us secretary of state says donald trump will only accept a deal with kim jong un which includes a complete denuclearization of north korea by compare told reporters that preparations between the countries are moving rapidly. three a times in afghanistan
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have killed and injured dozens of people twelve people died when i saw so sad bomber blew himself up at the ministry of rural development in kabul in the eastern city of jalalabad security forces shot three attackers and fifteen afghan soldiers died fighting the taliban in can do as. your developments in the g.c.c. crisis now in qatar is taking the u.a.e. to the international court of justice over human rights violations the united arab emirates saudi arabia bahrain in egypt boycotted qatar starting last june they cut off diplomatic relations and transport ties how to say is this has violated the rights of citizens and residents the bill caving countries of accused of supporting terrorism something katahdin eyes while international human rights lawyer tabi cadman says a process to fog the court is very slow. the qatari has taken an important step in in taking that to the international court of justice now of course was the
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united arab emirates is a member and accepts the jurisdiction of the i.c.j. the other members do not so it would only be able to be brought against the u.a.e. at this stage of the proceedings before the international court of justice and fortunately. they will of course be an attempt to to mediate which ordinarily precedes a full claim being which is what we're likely to see now. the un office of the high commission for human rights has has acknowledged that a complaint has been filed against the u.a.e. and so there would ordinarily be this this stage of initiating a period of mediation but considering that all other forms of diplomacy have failed is unlikely that the u.a.e. or any of the other states can so would would engage in that process and so what we're likely to see over the coming months proceedings in the international court of justice assuming that the court accepts jurisdiction to deal with this with
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which it is fully expected to do. the aid group doctors without borders says it will temporarily stop its activities in yemen after one of its cholera treatment centers was bombed and i said shared these images on his twitter account denouncing the attack saying it was carried out by the saudi and iraqi military coalition a medical charity says it will suspend work in the abs region until the safety of its staff and patients is in short while meanwhile the un is trying to negotiate a cease fire to avert an attack by saudi and emirati coalition forces on yemen's main port city fighting between coalition troops any iranian backed who the rebels intensified near her data at the weekend the u.n. is warning that an attack on the city could cost up to a quarter of a million lies many of them children poll today general ports. as the u.n. lobbies to stop a saudi led coalition assault on the who with the rebel held port city of what data
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regional rivalries do not matter for tens of thousands like the up to family their father ahmed is only worried about how to keep his six kids alive ahmed hasn't let them go to school since the worst outbreaks of defeat in color were recorded in the world hit his city the u.n. says hold data has the largest number of sick people in yemen with more than seventy percent of its population specially children at risk of malnutrition learn what i know in case any of my children get sick they would have to stay here at home so i managed to borrow some money because i have almost nothing and the situation is difficult and life is not proper. home for the of the family is a shanty made from sheets of corrugated iron and straw covered with plastic tarps and worn out blankets this is jewish and in the port city has gone from bad to worse since the start of the power struggle between the saudi backed and internationally recognized government and the iran back to the rebels. the who
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these took the capital of sanaa in two thousand and fourteen pushing the government into exile a year later they took the strategically important port city of hundred data which has been the only source of relief supplies for millions. while the warring sides spent billions of dollars trying to take control of one of the region's poorest countries families like the up does struggle to find a few dollars a day for food a monastery and i make a living by writing a range of motion cycle there's no pitch now every day we need two dollars to be able to have food and water nearly nine million people are on the brink of starvation twenty two million out of the twenty eight million yemeni population are now in serious need of aid millions have been internally displaced and more than ten thousand people have already been killed now amid worries what an all out attack on his city will mean yemeni government forces announced they were moving in
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on the data last year but they backed off after significant international pressure the u.s. has once again lobbying the warring sides to negotiate a cease fire it warns any tack on the port would have a catastrophic impact. al-jazeera. the u.n. humanitarian coordinator for yemen she says and military assault on who could have devastating consequences. we have to make if the assaulters seizure of who data in fact takes place in a prolonged worst case we could be looking at mass casualties we are also very concerned that the people who are living in the data would be at serious risk from water borne diseases and of course from hunger already who data is one of the hardest hit areas of human any kind of a military assault is only going to make that situation worse and worse the greatest of the conflict urgent steps to protect civilians and ensure that they
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have the assistance that they need in order to survive right now eighty percent of the basic supplies in these depend on come through day to port it is disproportionately important in fact honestly it's the lifeline for the whole country assistance is coming in through the ports it comes into raiden assistance comes across borders from saudi arabia and from moment as well but who data is the lifeline for the whole country any cutoff of supplies will have a catastrophic impact on the millions of yemenis who depend on us in order to survive spain's prime minister has offered to take in a rescue ship that's in the mediterranean sea with more than six hundred migrants on board a charitable picked up the migrants who are mostly from africa in a series of operations at the weekend they include more than one hundred thirty children and seven pregnant women italy and mata had refused to let the boat dock.
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well more than six hundred thousand migrants have reached italy by boat from africa in the past five years before he was elected in march italy's new interior minister material salvini promised to stop the flow of migrants into the country saying italy would not be europe's refugee camp salvini has written on facebook about those stranded migrants saying takes in nobody france pushes people back at the border spain defends its frontier with weapons from today italy will also start to say no to human trafficking no to the business of illegal immigration onto our law is the maritime operations manager at s.o.s. meditate on a the charity operating the rescue boat he says the situation of the migrant is stable but they need to be relocated. the rescue aversions as been quite difficult on the night between solid and because we had a lot of time to find. a. very very long and
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it was a critical rescue it means the people fall into the water they they have been burned by the few one person was in country has been restored he didn't know he's alive but he's still in critical medical situations so in general we also have pregnant woman we have one hundred twenty mine or so we. brought them as soon as possible the situation legally is very clear the italian coast guards being in charge of the rescue operations from the beginning and now they have the responsibility to find a place of safety were those people can be disembarked and can find no proper medical care. assistance but. they have the right to deny it because they were not in charge so now it's purely the legal obligation to find a solution and in general it's a moral obligation to provide assistance to those people in distress we want to show you some pictures out of singapore now where just
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a few minutes ago the north korean leader kim jong un was on the move apologies about the flash photography there but you can make him out on those pictures. rarely seen since he arrived in north korea making a move this evening ahead of his much anticipated summit with donald trump the u.s. president that summit happening in less than eleven hours now you have it the north korean leader. in singapore along with his bodyguard say he's had meetings with the singaporean leader tweeted about that just a few minutes ago the singaporean leader and now the north korean leader along with his delegation on the. head of a summit with donald trump. painkillers and vital medical equipment are in short supply in gaza to treat the thousands of wounded from weeks of anti israeli protests where the protests are expected to continue the hospital crisis will probably worsen but doctors from morocco are providing some response our correspondent imran khan has a story from gaza city. mohammad baraka is one of fourteen thousand seven hundred
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palestinians injured during weeks of and he's really protesting gaza he was shot in the leg by an israeli sniper on the fourteenth of may doctors here can't help him they don't have enough equipment or medical supplies if he doesn't get proper treatment soon they'll have to amputate his leg because of the israeli led cd can't obtain permission to leave gaza. his father was also shot and is in the same hospital and in the same situation. i am frustrated i'm suffering as is my son they won't let us out the people in charge are supposed to let us outside of gaza to seek treatment but they won't they're not the only ones the palestinian health ministry says at least four hundred patients in gaza hospitals are unable to get treatment and stopped from leaving to seek treatment elsewhere other countries are aware of the crisis and trying to help the moroccan
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army setting up a fully operational field hospital to alleviate the medical crisis there are hundred thirty five medical stopping doctors and nurses to help with serious casualties and then outpatient department to deal with the less serious cases by far the biggest challenge for the moroccans was by passing both the israeli and egyptian siege to get their medical equipment into gaza they were only allowed after the egyptian government agreed. first we'll deal with those injured in the protests but will also provide care for those in the local neighborhood and rule work with the local hospitals while the field hospital is much needed it's simply not enough gaza's hospitals are breaking point they have about forty nine percent of the medical supplies that they need and about twenty nine percent according to the palestinian health ministry of medical equipment. medical equipment was old and badly in need of maintenance or replacement even before the friday protests began against the occupation and the us recognizing jerusalem as
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israel's capital medical supplies including bandages and painkillers are running out leaving palestinians with treatable injuries untreated and impact in iran can gaza city. the lack of government warnings about an erupting volcano in guatemala is causing growing anger rescuers have given up hope of finding any more survivors from the disaster which has killed at least one hundred ten people mariana sanchez reports. pails of hot ash rescuers are digging a hole hoping they will find some clues for needles. this was the route of the lava of mexican rescuer points out to her but she's still confused this is a guy you thought was your most in the house was supposed to be there but this is beyond recognition i can't tell i can't remember. looking for her boyfriend and his two sons mother three brothers and two nephews.
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they both terribly disappeared under tons of rocks in ashes of last week's volcano eruption here at the community of. one of the hardest hit men and women are trying to recover the remains of at least two hundred poor what the balance were still missing. but the growth of this to thirty hot over seventy degree centigrade yet they go in slowly. well this is the second floor of this house rescuers have to dig through what is still very hot ash and one week after the tragedy they're still finding bodies. remains they have found are carefully guarded but here at the morgue in the town of a screen families are waiting to identify relatives. says she has buried her brother his wife and their six children already but still has to identify eight
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more joyous me and i will keep on until i see that i can't any more until there's nobody left until i realize there's nothing else that can be done what the balance like are angry at the government this. the government didn't do enough to evacuate them in time. we were used to the volcano this only happened up the hill and never happened down here we didn't know how it was so dangerous to live here for no victims say they trust these rescuers to help them find closure in the face of tragedy and they say they will keep on digging well keeping a close eye on the volcano which remains active but in a sun just i'll just see the sun is what they've done. so again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al jazeera and a rare sighting of north korea's leader kim jong un in singapore ahead of its much
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anticipated meeting where the donald trump in just a few hours can jump on with his entourage it took a tour of the city and even took a selfie with the foreign minister of singapore and of korean leader has been rarely seen since he arrived in singapore just a few days ago for his meeting with donald trump meanwhile the americans are sounding very optimistic about the outcome of the summit earlier the secretary of state of the united states mike held a news conference in which he said the objective for the united states was the complete denuclearization of north korea let's take a listen we are hopeful the summit will have set the conditions for future productive talks in light of how many flimsy agreements the united states has made in previous years this president will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat the ultimate objective we seek from
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diplomacy with north korea has not changed. the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome the united states will accept in other news three attacks in afghanistan have killed and injured dozens of people twelve died when i saw a suicide bomber blew himself up at the ministry of rural development in kabul in the eastern city of jalalabad security forces shot three attackers and fifteen afghan soldiers died in fighting the taliban in can do those cut ties taking the u.a.e. to the international court of justice over human minds violations the united arab emirates saudi arabia bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic and transport ties with qatar a year ago says this has violated the rights of its citizens and residents the aid group doctors without borders says it will temporarily stop its activities in yemen after one of its cholera treatment centers was bombed and mr shared these images on its way to account denouncing the attack saying it was carried out by the saudi and
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. military coalition those are the headlines talk to al-jazeera is next. all counting the cost jordan's economy is struggling to cope with a look at why i.m.f. backed price hikes are proving the last straw for many people plus why the world's top coca grows one of the biggest share of the global chocolate market. accounting a cost on edge is it a. war. whoops. for many years people have been fleeing eritrea. a steady stream crossed the border into sudan but unable or unwilling to stay there they move on. many
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end up in europe. others have made it across the sinai peninsula and managed to get into israel. today approximately forty thousand people from africa have made it into the country. and having rejected most of their asylum applications the israeli government now wants them out a new program has been announced except deportations to a third country such as rwanda or uganda or end up in an israeli prison. it's here in pockets of relatively deprived southern television but thousands of africans have made their home over recent years we'll hear from some of those who now stand to lose that here on top.
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tekhelet and eden have lived in tel aviv for about ten years now both of them say the reason they fled eritrea was to escape the military it's a familiar story. according to a united nations investigation based on interviews with five hundred refugees around the world the military is in fact a recruitment tool for forced labor tracing its role to the country's long running conflict with its neighbor if the o.p.o. . eritrea gained formal independence from ethiopia in one nine hundred ninety three after a thirty year long armed struggle but since then the situation along the border has remained tense with frequent violent clashes. as a result the military here plays a central organizing role but beyond defending the country it has become an instrument of oppression according to retrain refugees. young men are forced to serve for many years but not just to execute military duties the issues relating
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to eritrea as military. slash national service programs include their arbitrary and indefinite duration the use of conscripts as forced labor including manual labor the inhumane conditions of service rape and torture often associated with service and their devastating impact on family life and freedom of choice for the individuals overall the un investigators concluded that quote the commission has reasonable grounds to believe that crimes against humanity namely enslavement imprisonment in force disappearance torture other inhumanities persecution rape and murder have been committed in eritrea since one nine hundred ninety one. it's also recommended referring the situation to the prosecutor of the
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international criminal court. and natural way out of the country is north to sudan but that country is hardly a long term solution. not too far away israel and many managed to cross into the country before israel decided to build a barbed fence along its border with egypt in the sinai peninsula. but now the government here says it's time for the refugees to go. or come here to live in ski garden and so on until of it's a park here where years ago many of the asylum seekers were simply brought on a bus and left and now it's become something of a central point for this community. tekhelet came here in two thousand and six for a while he worked in a restaurant. he works for an engine advocating on behalf of the african community here. eden came here ten years ago with her husband and two kids
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since then she has given birth to a daughter who is now in kindergarten she also works for an ngo let's start at the beginning of your story how and why did you leave eritrea and how did you end up here in israel when i was a nurse there was an athlete and there was also a student without any isn't there between me and forced into the army and i train the soldier and ask them to give me a chance to return back to my studies and my training to become an athlete that was an athlete with a sense runner and that if is it me or if it may claim go back to where it came from and as a point i left my country because i become hopeless in my own country i've become dreamless in my own country and it's my country on some consequence. a way to cross the border and done because me my country military border guard this and they ask
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me where i'm going and i told them i'm leaving my country because of all the stuff that happened to me and they asked me what was the prison i thought of them you know a prison what's it like so i can't do both prison and a start run away from them. three times to kill me. had been done from sudden success in november two thousand and seven and the same thing happened in sudan this is government starting to in two hundred over there kind of sensical together and i can always from that and they came to egypt cairo and the same thing happened cairo so the only place is close to me was israel so i came to israel on the end of southern seven through. commenting on israel's new policy prime minister netanyahu had this to say on january twenty first we are taking actions against illegal immigrants who came here for work purposes israel
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will continue to be a shelter for true refugees and will eject illegal infiltrators now the israeli government's argument in all of this is that the vast majority of the eritrean sudanese asylum seekers are not asylum seekers it calls them infiltrators and people who are here for economic reasons i mean how would you respond to that what what would happen do you think if you went back to eritrea first of all they never took over us and claim properly according to international law so they have no reason to what are you going to occur for in truth rather than for traitors right because they never give us a chance in some is there are asylum application systematically they brought this to some of our claim even those who are climate sooner again we didn't get it and so forth sometimes they reject automatically out of fun for no reason without checking their claim so it is completely a lie it's not completely right why they're sane especially in the world more than
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ninety per cent of that service as refugees in the sudan is are the same number of get accepted as refugees so why is there is zero princes almost zero point. one person to get upset if it's almost there is ten people who get up to the refuges you see in the last ten years so you can understand is completely baseless it completely completely lie and in your own personal case what are the stakes i mean you you left because you deserve the army he was shot at crossing the border if you were simply to go home your perceive yourself as an asylum seeker if you were to go there now what would happen to first of all if my country because they were in the set up my country so if it were about my country i am sure there would be imprisonment because there was a border illegally. i think they're going to terrorism and they're going to it's trial so if i work my country it was not just me every transport of the country would be in danger because we know now when we were in our country we know nothing
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about it. but you know we now everything what do you mean my country and to our people for even the military also played a critical role in her and her husband's decision to leave every train ten years ago. so why did you leave what force you out of every trade because what is a man all the man that free from eritrea or as most of them was in that to me and limited that i'm in your attack. even if the man is really from the army reasons the government came they took all his addresses a family especially for wife was a kid s. i don't want to be. in prison because every time prison is difficult prison like his underground prison it is so difficult you can eat one time in a day you can sleep you can sleep on the floor this is your own personal experience
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when your husband fled the armenia you were imprisoned for tumultuous two months i was with my delta now my daughter now he is eleven years old as that time she was like one in the house and so you both ended up with you and your husband and your two children and it up in sudan in a refugee camp and. what made you decide to come here because there is not. so then is also the same situation that like it had because if you see it in fiji come that is a smuggler as maybe they kidnapped the deal maybe they can now but the kid just to get the money. when i so when i listen some see it happen someone might bring my husband with a limb and let's try to leave to get a safe place and then he decided to send me to israel and i came.
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they said and so you you're here you've been here for nearly a decade and you've been trying you say to apply for asylum. what's happened how far is your asylum application go i cried for five days. till i play that silent. feagin status but i didn't get any chance to stay in time because that is a little stupid says immigration they don't want to meet. at a seedy asylum. because they decide to deport us the little one that if someone applies at a fee destructors it is. to say i was from the deportation when you first arrived in israel nine years ago you didn't apply i didn't know i don't know no one country and me was i don't know because before i was in my country i don't know how to do
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about the fetus i don't know how to apply. the oath and they came in to say hey we're just. going around having even used the phone. to get used to go on being a. victim go through one bank. and what about. environment here in southern tel aviv how do you get along with local people here are the major problems all of that if you just had here and they suffer from the people there never miss some neighbors that blame. you no more. go back off. shoot like this. i don't get abodes us. to eat the. chocolate and then and there from the refugees are not fighting for their position unknown for what came to demonstrate against
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the book dushan. we disagree with. the decision of our government especially as jews. we are people off refugees asylum seekers. for two thousand years and we are here to say. now that we are in a sovereign state we have to deal with other asylum seekers worldwide was. in the last few weeks and months we've seen a real groundswell of israeli voices kind of advocating on your behalf we've seen holocaust survivors rushing to the government people even talking about sheltering people in homes and frank to prevent them from being deported what's that been like to witness from your perspective actually it is quite interesting for me this is not into life it's enough like surprise because the last ten years i noticed people fighting with me but their boys never here in the media as in they keep fighting
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for my father and for the future for the picture of the country in the for the value of the country. it's not due for value even like was the gun i mean. protecting the image of the country it's not just just about me in this country because the current government is very working very hard to destroy some secret meeting into to destroy the image of the countries the last ten years not the government system there's the people because my savior because my family become part of me for the last ten years i survived because of the people and be the public but this is them is completely made to break me and met just to kick me out of the country and take me down. many eritreans and others have already been transferred out of the country but the circumstances
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are murky and hard to verify as a result there is a lot of speculation. a common story is that refugees are sent on to cover to rwanda or uganda with some cash and that the governments dare look the other way possibly in a deal with israel in the meantime refugees are staying in an open detention center here in israel called talat they are free to leave during the day but have to return by night. the policy that is being now advanced by the prison or a third country which is widely thought to be a wonder there are some arguments that perhaps uganda could be involved as well that policy when it comes to that choice if you were presented with that choice personally prison or forced deportation back to an african country which is not your what choice would you make it's better for me to see your side is what is waiting for me in rwanda already one hundred there is no system created or waiting
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for me to give me a shelter or a security you have to understand that there is no system at all for me or for a sense of good community and this country's because we know in the last years the people who are forced at the with the countries where smuggling to other countries they were victims of months they were victims of human trafficking they didn't say they did in maternity they did in libya instead of the soul so for me it's like i can do that i can't the goal is country because i know i'm asking protection in israel i never protection and one or uganda and secondly it's a good thing for me to say to level up my home which means it's better for me to stay in prison than to go to another one are you worried about your physical safety in either of those two countries or what is your main concern about being sent to one of those places most of them as a person i have a dream to grow and to become him being after here for ten years i start from
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scratch. actually you know the longer you know the culture and of the country i can survive now but there push me to start from scratch again so i'm human being and into any to create my future and so from start point again to go back to slanders i just said so for my physical protection i'm not perfect at all in this country because as we saw last you free use of those people who are in the courtroom. so i don't you kill yourself how people are feeling at the moment how seriously are people taking this threat that is coming from the israeli government that they're going to be forcibly deported to a country which isn't as i think i was saying the menace and what it now because. they know it when it will behappen. and there was also a lot of men that now in holland they get to get the laws as there is the detention
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center and so far most of his and i get to get the answer for that is. and so you think that this is going to target single men in particular and that they are under very realistic threat of imminent deportation. and you yourself you have a family you have three children one of them will was born here what is it been like bringing them up in this environment when there is a lot of uncertainty and fear about what might happen what's it been like for the kids i don't know if it will be happen for as unself was a kid is another going to the one that i would i would say is again in prison it's better to sit in prison that's that's your view yeah because africa is africa is the same situation and your children i mean are very conscious of what's happening yes they know what is happening. i want to visit my doctor she's talking about the
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lunda she said what is the one. i don't think there were one. she said why the government of israel decided to do like this say we are at home on being. says she said also why the government gave me two. to chose a country like the kind. i told her that is not under his chase she said i don't think to go to london because i don't know the language i don't know the company's told to me if you need to board cause. everything i have a question tell me because we have a family in it and that it is better to do like the same done decide to. let your eleven year old and you have a younger daughter as well in kindergarten i mean what was the situation. say done about that prosthesis is almost small but it is difficult
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because they could have. like feeding in that or that of them so it's like literally gates you cannot miss or you can just for a few gian laser is not any sally kids learn together in the thing that got them it is also until one eleven pm there is no longer any chance to put her hair like after school i pay for her. until i came to tech. and your own situation i mean if if you found yourself on a plane heading to rwanda what would that mean for you what would the prospect of life. be like for you i'm not going to london i would sit in the in the prison no matter how many lonely attacks. why is that what are you worried about that would happen because that one day is the same like i don't africa if i go to one.
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they can pick all the papers document to say no and i know that in the higher court also i'm afraid. to get like a slave trade like it does that happen in libya i and i don't want do you think that the israeli government is really going to do this or do you think they're just trying to scare people i don't know maybe they need to scare people because. they can do like buy for us if somebody scary if they will put in unlimited prison. maybe someone they decide to go the israeli government says that's the vast majority of people here who come from sudan eritrea the african infiltrators as they call them are here for economic reasons they have to get better jobs to get a better lifestyle i mean how do you is not it is not it is wrong it is not. for
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the job because when i was in eritrea i was working as a bank accounting because i did. i don't want torquing in claiming better walk in bank or better to continue my education but i don't know if his. and your young daughter finally who is who was born here do you think that she has a future in this country there is no future for her. even she is born here that isn't a future because she's from medicare and so you or your aspiration your hope is to stay here and feel whole family to stay and live in israel permanently what is your my hope is. i don't know what my hope is if i get a chance i want the world from israel because i can't continue kind of this life it
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is not their life if i get the chance i'm trying to get them a sponsor that gets. oh. for tekhelet the only long term solution points back to retrain. he wants nothing more than to return to what he still calls his country but first the situation there has to change. your own future over the next few years i mean what do you think what do you hope is going to happen to you. i believe in god. to give me a good future and those are the person i know i have to fight and for car the chair and. what is of the government me looks like you're on so i have to become
11:45 pm
stronger and if you say there's something up and. show it to. sell. stuff now six to six will be a right everything. you. say like. a shopping list fail to. see if you like kids own back it for us what were you here and what were you saying whether online
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horrendous things humans all of us or those i'm just looking for doubt about that or if you join us on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to. try and ship steet base is a dialogue about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera as correspondents live in bringing the stories they tell of this was not a good novel not the letters. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian al-jazeera fluent in world news.
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everywhere. breakthroughs. is possible. with. out. still. verifiable denuclearization.
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away from. the six hundred mediterranean migrants. but. wouldn't take them. every four years. or the. with the news grades live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook
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live on at al-jazeera dot com and has there in recent history been a more talked about more scrutinized more anticipated meeting between two world leaders that is not rhetorical no they haven't been in ten hours donald trump and kim jong un will begin their historic summit in singapore with the denuclearization all of the korean peninsula at stake but not just denuclearization and i'll repeat this quote complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization that's all the u.s. will accept and jim brown begins our coverage of the final preparations. and in the final hours before the singapore summit president trump was on the move his motorcade heading to the official office of singapore's prime minister lee hsien loong. but the president was not in a talkative mood and the prime minister is the host for tuesday's unprecedented meeting and so also has a lot at stake north korea's leader kim jong il who met the premier on sunday says
11:51 pm
he knows the whole world is watching him and so too are his people. the country strictly managed media was quick to release pictures of kim's arrival reporting that is isolated country would discuss a stablish ing a new relationship with the united states is that significant. in some parts of singapore the security is high profile. but appeared to be absent in one of the places where it would have mattered u.s. and north korean officials were just told by the media as they left the hotel where they've been finalizing details for tuesday. trump wants to persuade the north korean leader to disarm a deal that eluded his predecessors and so sanctions will remain until that process is going to five a message reiterated by the u.s. secretary of state who says we won't be fooled again the v.
11:52 pm
matters that the v. matters we're going to ensure that we set up a system sufficiently robust that we're able to verify these outcomes and it's only once the the happens that will proceed apace right that's that's what's been missed before watching from afar and wishing they were here the leaders of three other countries with important stakes in this summit south korea's president in japan's prime minister shinzo are they and president xi jinping of china china of course the north's closest ally and whatever happens here she will be hoping it remains that way orderly tightly controlled singapore is playing host to the world's two most unpredictable leaders and that may mean that the only certainty here is the unexpected adrian brown al jazeera singapore let's get some analysis now from a nobel peace prize winner no less in there is the leader i can the international
11:53 pm
campaign to abolish nuclear weapons you spoke to our diplomatic editor james bays in singapore and told him she hopes the summit will start the denuclearization process it will eventually have to involve many other parties. the last time i spoke to you was just hours after you picked up the prize in also we didn't extensive in zero and in no time you were very critical of president trump and his bellicose language towards north korea do you still take that view because he managed to get kim to the negotiating table well i mean we are here we don't know what's going to happen is really difficult to tell and it might be a great meeting in might be a disaster i think it's really depends up to the two individuals which is really the big danger here to unpredictable and in some cases unreliable leaders are controlling this global issue that can threaten the entire world and what we're
11:54 pm
really here to talk about is to make the international community step up now it's time for the international legal framework the treaties to really put this recession process in context so how do you think this should be run you represent a network of grassroots organizations of people who care about nuclear weapons and getting rid of nuclear weapons how should you do it but we have several legal instruments we have the treaty on the prohibition of weapons we have the comprehensive test ban treaty and when they have the nonproliferation treaty these are three essential instruments and the organizations the u.n. the i.a.e.a. they see to be deal their monitors and verifies this these are the basis for any denuclearization process to anchor it in international law but you know very well that north korea was signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and ripped it up and said we're no longer going to comply with that many years ago so treaties don't mean a thing to the north koreans but it does because they still have to relate to it an
11:55 pm
international norm and pressure is growing on them but what they did see was that countries like the united states for example were still tracking to use nuclear weapons so we need all countries to commit to these the legal instruments and work to get. there are two didn't cost entire world we just over the korean peninsula but we have to see progress on rejecting nuclear weapons you speak to your supporters around the world obviously both by the fact that you won the nobel peace prize how all of they seeing this moment right now when you speak to people today see this is a moment of hope or are they still worries i think both in a way there's a huge historical opportunity and something that we really encourage we have supported for ten years throughout the campaign diplomatic process as we work to push governments into talking to each other and go shoot nuclear disarmament so this is really so a historical possibility and we just hope that the two leaders do not just try to go it alone but also bring in the international legal instruments such as the
11:56 pm
treaty on the cliff and put information on nuclear weapons so yes we are all watching events in singapore closely but in seoul they're watching perhaps closer than most we went out on the streets of the south korean capital to get the views of the people and what they heard will come out of the singapore summit. action going on. the most essential thing is that all nuclear weapons should be removed for the sake of will peace and my wish is that the world peace in the region with the north and south korea lee into reckoning through dialogue. with. what we are now seeing is being pushed around by kim and as a south korean citizen i think it's an appropriate we must take a stronger stance a lot of south korean people are disappointed that we're being pushed around by kim jong un so i hope we see an outcome from this talks that south korea want with the north koreans and kim jong un giving up their arms. and north korea always acts
11:57 pm
nice in the front but behind our backs they change their attitude like thugs as we saw in the council the high level into korean meeting just ten hours beforehand well the sinking of the navy ship. we will see people criticizing the north again when something bad breaks out i'm not expecting much from these talks i don't want to be disappointed if you take him doing the thinking don't use a little bit different from his father's generation he seems to have a more open mind so i hope he sees progressive talks with leaders from other countries and attends to talks with consistent policies without lying toit's. the us army is technically protecting our country but i'm worried that they might become indifferent towards our military alliance we're not going to completely unify with the north and the war may not be officially ended so as long as that is the case the us has to defend us. i want north korea to be recognized as
11:58 pm
a normal country and i hope that people from the two koreas can come and go freely helping north and south become economically strong we have the same people so i really want to see that. across the globe supports and indeed speculation is growing that the outcome of the summit the u.n. secretary general says the organization is ready to play a verification role in doing denuclearization but only if it's requested to do so by both posse. we are here to support as i said we are not to protect beasts the protagonists other parties but we have to support whatever the un agencies and mechanisms or related to the u.n. can do will be at this puzzle of the parties but as i said our objective is not to play a role out objective is the success of these negotiations and we are here to support whatever will be required by them so you will be seeing a lot from our correspondents in singapore in the next twenty four hours you already have of course but remember it takes an army we have nine other camera
11:59 pm
operators and producers all ensuring we're on top of all the latest developments among them is james bases producer whitney hurst who's taken a bit of time out to show us some of the stuff you don't usually get to see have a look. i'm here at al jazeera live location for the singapore summit it's actually in a luxury hotel room this hour you. are seeing your cameraman jewel called the bentley when i'm looking told you know here we have the best you know how do you know that i mean just have a look around what you've got everything away from the fares will media center m.b.'s city centers or out of the back and you go you want and you come very hard predators already have you know stephanie the best here is our bureau where our senior seoul producer muslim canon is keeping track of all of the news for us on various monitors this and tell me tell me what you're up to here. we have multiple
12:00 am
teams single or. multiple sources of. information and says whether it's important to us so. back to our teams in singapore back to over the course the. president trying to keep talking aren't actually meeting until tuesday so in the meantime there are some preparatory meetings going on in some of the hotels in singapore there's very very little information coming out of these meetings and very little is leaking to the press so all of the media surround the hotel outside before and after the meeting and have some pleas for the officials trying to get any comment whatsoever . so what if they've been asked about social media about the you know porsche whack bags which we were given by the singapore government once we got
12:01 am
to the media center we've got a truck cam singapore summit notebook tropicana singapore summit water eight very nice.


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