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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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vicious these people went through hell for time first in the demo at sea and we're more or less having these people sitting on the deck in their blankets and it's a bit like you have a big car accident that they tell you it well you have to wait because we didn't figure out which hospital is ready to receive it you mean all these people as you say now entering at their second night there is pregnant women there's children there's people that are injured how are you getting or are you getting extra supplies for all these people anyway yes the italian coast guard and also the multi soko scarth they have been supporting us today and we can only appreciate this but it's a bit crazy i mean the accident took people were rescued by italian navy byt italian coast guard and he took them on board to be took four hundred people on board were rescued by other ships under instruction off the italian coast guards and now it's government is saying well you know you need to look for the rest of europe and we understand that it's really has been carrying this weight for
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a long time alone and this issue european responsibility but at the same time we cannot make these six hundred twenty nine very full or will people now to play ball off european politics that's not except i suppose a new interior minister. he had of course campaigned on this whole thing and then spoken about the situation this rain in arguably one of the reasons he got so many votes is because a lot of italians feel the same way that he does this is probably not going to be the last time that he closes ports to ships like the aquarius are you going to change the way that you run your operations in any way in the mediterranean a you sort of preparing i guess for potentially a new era where it's only just doesn't cooperate. well we have to look into debts there are still people desperately feeling from libya that's not going to stop you our search and rescue operations but yeah we definitely need for a dialogue it's a leap it's also obvious other european countries that we need safe ports of
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disembarkation for these desperate people. relief efforts coordinator for doctors without borders madam thank you very much for having joined us you're welcome well still to come in this half hour a dire prognosis for palestinians injured during violent protests along the israel gaza border and survivors of guatemala's that level can a corruption turn on the government husing it of the evacuation process. hello china seasonal rains pulse in pulse they post out recently but they're coming back again as you can see the cloud is slowly spreading eastward through grandaunt and i think it will be there in the forecast next daylight hours which is tuesday so it could include hong kong the rains come back to you not its heaviest
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admittedly now that's further inland you can see it hasn't reached shanghai but the tide is building here and it's on its way but it's the southeast corner of the concentration is and that does indeed include hong kong where you get particularly wet i think by wednesday now really following the eastern end of the monsoon trough which on its western end up through india bangladesh and me in march is quite obvious in the general shape should really heavy rain in the west and gets recently and the last twenty four hours around the bay of biscay coming into the southeast of bangladesh well that's the picture for tuesday the dark green is the heaviest rain so it's the western gas again up to mumbai through hyderabad and again eastern side of the bay of bengal north of that it's still hot shreds of humid in places i mean new delhi forty four is on the hot side and the humid side and that the normal temperature regime is reflected around the gulf states as well should really be forty five in doha but it is not despite a fairly stiff should now it's rather cooler helpfully in abu dhabi.
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counting the cost jordan's economy is struggling to come look at why i.m.f. back price hikes are proving the last straw for many people plus why the world's top poker grows one of the biggest share of the global market. counting the cost on a.
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reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera north korean leader kim jong un has been out for an impromptu late night tour of singapore ahead of tuesday's landmark summit with the u.s. president the white house says preparatory talks are growing faster than expected and trumps the secretary of state might compel says the u.s. will insist on various occasions of north korean denuclearization and spain says a refugee rescue ship stranded in the mediterranean after being turned away from a city will be allowed to dock in valencia but the cherokee s.o.s. says the journey is too far for the six hundred and twenty nine people on board. dozens of people have been killed and injured in three separate attacks in afghanistan at least thirteen died when i saw suicide bomber blew himself up at the ministry of rural development in kabul in the eastern city of jalalabad the security forces shot three attackers before they blew themselves up in front of an education department building and in couldn't do so at least fifteen afghan
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soldiers were killed fighting taliban soldiers almost across him is a political analyst and security specialist he says the government is facing conflict on many fronts. the president on its own and the government ought to be have been announcing that there are a number of groups operating in afghanistan pursuing good men to objectives and honest on has reached an agreement only with the taliban and they have left our many other groups who are operating in iran it's not going to group one it's of course iceland eastern afghanistan i'm going to have problems mainly the attacks i did but it bridges are down by that i still hold there because they have their strongholds and they bought a nearby district of the city but even among taliban there are different groups there are political decision makers there are military. did it religious group that needs your fellow holding the taliban group together several large explosions have been heard more the syrian capital damascus government will be
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a is reporting the explosions came from an omniscient that though in the city of. it's an area known for its military bases initial reports suggest they could have been caused by high summer temperatures. the united nations is warning of a bloodbath in the syrian province of a delayed it's calling for a full investigation into government air strikes on the area which is considered a so-called deescalation zone under an international agreement where than sixty people have been killed during heavy bombardment in the past three days. this is collation with this deterioration we worry about seeing really two and a half million people becoming displace more and more towards the border of turkey this is to continue we also warry the people of italy there is no other italy to take them out to really this is the last location there is no other location to further move them so also in terms of the humanitarian assessment we see that to
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more than eighty percent of the population of egypt really are in an extremely vulnerable situation. the u.s. has imposed sanctions on three russian individuals and five companies suspected of carrying out cyber attacks on america and its allies it's got more on this now for alan fisher who joins us live from washington allan remarkable tell us about this well you remember that congress introduced a new law at the end of last year to suggest that this sort of action could be taken and so these five companies and three individuals have no been sanctioned the u.s. treasury department says it's because of a number of cyber attacks and also the fact that the russians have been tracing under c. d. to keep treasury secretary steve mission says that they have shorn the are a clear threat to the united states safety and stability and therefore they had to take this action what does it mean well if you're on the sanctions list that means
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any acts assets you have in the united states are immediately frozen and it also means that norm erik ins can do any business so if you are planning travel or banking or any financial services in the united states that can no longer happen because you're under sanctions now it's not just the russians the treasury department of been trying to targeting in the last couple of hours also six libyans have also been named as the target of sanctions including one individual who is believed to have been behind the wooden boat that sank off lampedusa and twenty thirteen with the loss of three hundred sixty six lives and he's just one of six libyans that have also been targeted again because the treasury department says it threatens the safety security and stability of libya itself. alan fischer with the latest on that from washington d.c. allan thank you. catheters says it's taking the u.a.e. to the un international court of justice over human rights violations the u.a.e.
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saudi arabia bahrain in the age of severed ties with qatar last june and expelled its citizens that are says this violated the rights of its citizens the book hitting countries accuse the how of supporting terrorism which still denies. painkillers and vital medical equipment are in short supply in gaza to treat the thousands of wounded from weeks of anti israeli protests with the protests expected to continue the hospital crisis will probably worsen the doctors from morocco are providing some rest fight our correspondent in iran can report now from gaza city. mohammad baraka is one of fourteen thousand seven hundred palestinians injured during weeks of and he's ready protests in gaza he was shot in the leg by an israeli sniper on the fourteenth of may is he can't help him they don't have enough equipment or medical supplies if he doesn't get proper treatment soon they'll have to amputate his leg because of the israeli led c.g. can't obtain permission to leave gaza. his father was also shot and is in the same
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hospital and in the same situation. i'm frustrated i'm suffering and so is my son they won't let us out the people in charge are supposed to let us outside of gaza to seek treatment but they want. they're not the only ones the palestinian health ministry says at least four hundred patients in gaza hospitals are unable to get treatment and stopped from leaving to seek treatment elsewhere other countries are aware of the crisis and trying to help the moroccan army setting up a fully operational field hospital to alleviate the medical crisis there are hundred thirty five medical stopping doctors and nurses to help with serious casualties and an outpatient department to deal with the less serious cases by far the biggest challenge for the moroccans was by passing both these. really and egyptian siege to get the medical equipment into gaza they were only allowed after the egyptian government agreed to. first will deal with those injured in the
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protests but will also provide care for those in the local neighborhood and rule work with the local hospital while the field hospital is much needed it's simply not enough gaza's hospitals are breaking point but about forty nine percent of the medical supplies that they need and about twenty nine percent according to the palestinian health ministry of medical equipment medical equipment was old and badly needed maintenance or replacement even before the friday protests began against the occupation and the us recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital medical supplies including bandages and painkillers are running out leaving palestinians with treatable injuries untreated an impact in iran can al-jazeera gaza city all strength chancellor sebastian court says pledged to find all forms of anti semitism in europe during a visit to israel of course so talks in jerusalem with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu but israel has refused to have any contact with this coalition
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partners the austrian freedom party which was founded by former nazis or current so to reassure netanyahu that he was committed to improving the situation for jewish community. we have a special responsibility. and the true people. i can assure you to fight all forms of semitism in europe determination beat still existing or also new imported. sandwiches. you clearly pulled down to servitude and you spoke about jewish law from austria you said i want to quote asked you was not only a victim but also a perpetrator these are courageous big words and i think that short your the course of you leading austria and our relationship one that i. support very
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very much. jordan is getting two and a half billion dollars from saudi arabia kuwait and the u.a.e. to help ease its economic crisis the announcement was made at a meeting in mecca called by saudis king sound the european union's also chipping in with twenty three million dollars jordan's announcement of austerity measures to her produce public that has sparked mass protests in the country more than six hundred people have been killed in yemen during heavy fighting between pro-government forces and shia fighters that's according to security officials the united nations is trying to negotiate a cease fire to avert an attack by saudi and iraqi coalition forces on yemen's main port the u.n. is warning that attacking the holy day the port could cause mass casualties food shortages and disease. now one of the leaders of hong kong's independence movement has been jailed for six years twenty seven year old edward lawyer who was convicted
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of writing in the two thousand and sixteen protest that turned violent to other demonstrators were also jail for taking part about one hundred thirty people mostly police were injured in the so-called fishbowl revolution when democracy activists staged a demonstration against what they saw as greater mainland chinese control over her own heart. the pope has accepted the resignations of three chilean bishops following a child sex abuse scandal in the south american country all thirty four of chile's bishops offered to resign last month after a crisis meeting with the pope over claims that the church had covered up sexual abuse bishop one but also was of no is one of the sri who resigned victims' accuse him of having witnessed the abuse but then nothing to stop it which is. there is growing anger in guatemala about the lack of warning from the government about a volcanic eruption rescuers have given up hope of finding any more survivors from
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the disaster which killed at least one hundred ten people ready alice sanchez reports. pails of hot ash rescuers are digging a hole hoping they will find some clues for needles. this was the route to the lab a mexican rescuer points out to her but she still confused. the house was supposed to be there but this is beyond recognition i can't tell i can't remember. looking for her bush friend and he's two sons mother three brothers and two nephews . they both terribly disappeared under tons of rocks and gnashes of last week's volcano eruption here at the community of send me one of the hardest hit men and women are trying to recover the remains of at least two hundred poor what the
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balance were still missing. but the ground this two three hot over seventy degree centigrade yet they go in slowly. well this is the second floor of this house the rescuers have to dig through what is still very hot ash and one week after this tragedy they're still finding bodies. remains they have found are carefully guarded . these rescuers a brief moment to celebrate. but here at the borg in the town of his queen families are waiting to identify relatives it was called says she has buried her brother his wife and their six children already but still has to identify more joy to me and i will keep on until i see that i come to any more until there's nobody left until i realize there's nothing else that can be done what the balance like are angry at the government they say the government didn't do enough to evacuate
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them in time. but i look we were used to the volcano this only happened up the hill and never happened down here we didn't know how it was so dangerous to live here for now victims say they trust these rescuers to help them find closure in the face of tragedy and they say they will keep on digging while keeping a close eye on the volcano which remains active but in a sun just i'll just simulcast lot is what they've done. and now the top stories on al-jazeera has just hours to go until u.s. president donald trump holds a historic summit with north korea's leader kim jong il has been spotted on a late night for singapore where the talks are shuttle to begin on tuesday morning the leaders will discuss the future of north korea's nuclear program and peace on the korean peninsula the u.s. secretary of state has warned that denuclearization is the only acceptable outcome
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the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed the completely verifiable and here we have our civil denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that united states will accept sanctions will remain until north korea completely in verifiably eliminate its weapons of mass destruction programs. if diplomacy does not move in the right direction. spain says it will welcome a refugee rescue ship that stranded in the mediterranean after being turned away from malta the aquarius is carrying six hundred twenty nine people rescued from the sea off the coast of libya spain's prime minister says the ship conduct in valencia a voyage of three days but the charity that runs the vessel says that that may be too far away dozens of people have been killed and injured in three separate attacks in afghanistan at least thirteen people died when i saw
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a suicide bomber blew himself up at the ministry of rural development in kabul in the eastern city of jalalabad security forces shot three attackers before they blew themselves up in an education department building and then could do is at least fifteen afghan soldiers were killed battling taliban fighters several large explosions have been heard near the syrian capital damascus. as the blasts came from an ammunition in the city. and the u.n. is warning of a bloodbath in the syrian province of idlib it's calling for a full investigation into government air strikes on the area which is considered a so-called escalation zone under an international agreement more than sixty people have been killed in the past three days those are the headlines i'm going to have more news for you in just under half an hour do stay with us coming up next it's counting the cost thanks for watching.
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hasn't think of this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics jordan's economy struggling to cope we'll look at the stress is proving the last straw for many people. also this week the airline business find out if it's clear skies ahead or turbulent times for global carries twenty eight hundred. plus why top cocoa growers are trying to grab a bigger slice of the chocolate market. people in the
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kingdom of jordan have been staging angry protests over the rising cost of living the king was forced to sack the prime minister and the government had to back down on a controversial tax hike on i.m.f. back planned to raise both income and business taxes is what triggered the protests and although that's now been scrapped those measures are just the latest in a string of reforms earlier this year red subsidies were cut and costs have risen for small businesses jordan received a seven hundred twenty three million dollars loan from the i.m.f. in two thousand and sixteen and the government has a three year plan in action to bring down debt levels and then there is the economic impact of hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees from neighboring syria and iraq. jordan's debt amounts to around thirty seven billion dollars which is about ninety four percent of g.d.p. and according to official estimates eighteen and a half percent of the ten million population is unemployed despite being home to
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some of the world's most important historical sites like the agent city of petra jordan is resource poor it relies on aid and loans from its oil rich neighbors and the united states jordan has also been hit by conflicts in neighboring syria and iraq it's taken in around one point three million refugees from syria alone we're joining us now from the jordanian capital and man is dr joe more than any chairman of a mad stock exchange and a former deputy prime minister in one of the previous governments thanks very much for being with us so the jordanian government has pushed through these austerity measures for the better part of two years now and the effect of it for millions of jordanians is a higher cost of living and it's clear that there's a great deal of public anger there and it's not going away so what's to be done. well right now i think that we need after six years of austerity measures actually to look into the self-criticism and value it what had happened so the
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best way is to change the paradigm which we have been following so far to concentrate on fiscal policy and fiscal reform without effecting any development has actually proved that we have got neither one neither we succeeded in fiscal reform nor have we caused any growth tangible growth that would enable us to face that when problem of unemployment and poverty so therefore the best way is now to focus on pro people policies that would aim and focus on effect on creating economic growth creating projects tangibles. deliverables that people can identify with and feel that the government is working for them and it is a people's oriented approach but how do you do that these people a oriented policies as you say without adding to government debt which is what the
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government is is trying to reduce we need to. ask the international monetary fund for two years holiday that we should we should not increase taxes let even if. i need to borrow to invest not what ought to cover current expenditures all right just picking out way we have to do that just picking up on that point about the i.m.f. do you think that they would be amenable to that to to adjusting their policies extending the program you know in order to give some some sort of breathing space for the jordanian government and by extension the jordanian people. yes and i think that. just like any other international organization they are looking for success stories to tell the rest of the world we're not asking the i.m.f. to change its own model what we are asking them that instead of decreasing the debt
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g.d.p. ratio from ninety six percent to seventy seven percent by the end of two thousand and twenty one to make of that in two thousand and twenty three now that would be tenable if we really begin to create groff if we grow the denominator which is the g.d.p. is going to grow and therefore the percentage of if we manage to maintain deficit as it is then we can cause a decrease a percentage of the crease in this issue and so this is the only approach you have to do and that requires a very strong effort on the part of the jordanian government part of the job in the people and the private sector and you have to engage the whole population because this is how you create synergy in the society you restore the spirit people are over exhausted from taxes and they cannot take it anymore but if you really address them feel that you are in prophetic with them they will begin to respond to your
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policies otherwise we would continue to do the same using the same ingredients using the same process and hoping to end up with a different dish that is not going to happen he talked earlier there about what you refer to as external challenges there is of course the ongoing war in syria which has been going on since since twenty eleven. and the and the refugee. problem that's resulted from that jordan has taken a huge amount of syrian refugees how much of a drain has that been on its economy well it has been a big drain on the economy of course increase in population usually causes it causes a decrease in increasing. in g.d.p. that goes without saying but then quizzing g.d.p. was no way commensurate with the increase in the in the population on average a jordanian has been has been suffering from a decrease in his bare kept a income every year over the last six years of this is
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a burden some people are asking when is there any hope therefore you know at least if i look at it from this welfare point you can see that the joy joined in a people who have been paying in terms of decreased income that's coming their way secondly you know they have been facing increasing levels of cost of living. because refugees are crowding out the market they are causing demands on the basic necessities and many jordanians find that they have to go and seek some of the services that are usually provided by government go like education and health care and so on go and seek it in the private sector which causes them to pay higher. prices that would impact their budgets as well so therefore we reach this stage where many jordanian budget family is budgets have been actually strained and they are asking now the question. is it my budget or is it the government's budget now
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we need to enhance people's budgets so that they can spend more they can feel more relaxed and they were that willing to metric and indeed in due time to the increase in government revenues could speak you talk to joe and and any joining us from a man. thank you has another country that is in need of i.m.f. cash is argentina it's agreed a bigger than expected fifty billion dollars financing deal the government there are for the i.m.f. help to stop its economy from sliding it's a crisis the currency is seen steep for as versus the dollar and inflation is running at twenty eight percent and many arjun tines are opposed to i.m.f. help they still blame it for the country's economic collapse and debt default back in two thousand and one while in simonis from the national university of general saw me end tobe blames argentina's current problems on bad government policies
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we're going back to the i.m.f. because of an economic crisis sensually generated by the policies of the mockery administration since they assumed in december of two thousand and fifteen argentina is main issue is the foreign exchange constraint to what economists call the foreign exchange constraint i.e. the lack of. foreign exchange or dollars as they say here. to meet its external needs be a trade to be its tourism be its debt service and so. the way the arjun tang government has gone about solving that problem under market he has been a very dramatic increase in public debt all right still to come on counting the cost a summit in singapore find out what north korea wants on the economic front when
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trump meets kim. prefers fighters and footballers topped the list of sports money makers over the last twelve months i'm talking about forbes annual ranking of the world's top one hundred highest paid athletes freud mayweather leads the list the now retired american boxer heads the pack for the four. time in seven years earning two hundred eighty five million dollars footballers' leno messi and cristiano ronaldo round out the top three basketball is one game that's more likely to make you rich forty n.b.a. players made the list this year led by le bron james more than any other sport there were no women on this year's list for the first time since two thousand and ten tennis star serena williams was the only female athlete last year and those who are listed and a total of three point eight billion dollars in two thousand and seventeen now i phone maker apple have acknowledged what many have been saying for
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a while now its products have become too addictive so in recognition of that it's announced plans to launch new features designed to help you use your phone less but at the same time apple is also designing even more new features to keep you staring at your screen. a major policy shift for africa's fastest growing economy ethiopia's new prime minister wants to loosen the government's reins so in future state run telecoms power and aviation sectors can attract private money analysts are welcoming the move for now on ethiopian airlines africa's largest carrier longer be off limits to foreign and domestic investors and we could be seeing some higher airfares in the not too distant future that's because rising fuel prices are hitting airline profits around the world aviation trade body i.r. this week cut its profit outlook for twenty eight hundred jet fuel prices have surged more than fifty percent over the past year it said trade tensions also pose
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a risk for global carriers a year ago a blockade by four arab countries and qatar banned its flag carriers jets from their skies and its many heavy losses for the airline andrew thomas met with qatar airways c.e.o. akbar in back in sydney this time last year just before the blockade was announced cattle railways was flying in every sense of the word your profits were up you're expanding new routes then the blockade and it's been a different story since how much has that blockade affected you as an airline do you think that whatever stopped flying we're still flying we're still expanding. and that impact us that increased our flying time that put pressure on my operational cost but it did not stop the will and the determination of.


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