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told us they may not be possible to actually take up the offer. coming this. from the spanish and the city because this is at the end a european problem but it's not as simple as just leafing i mean first a full we do not have to supply street just sail to fled shiites at least three days sailing but also it is absolutely not the best solution of you have six on that sir two people on board it's their own that deck i mean this ship is not equipped to carry so many people who are two hours away from a porch where people can be disembarked in safety and off the debts i mean to be brought to space but also more importantly if not received any formal instructions from the italian the rescue center that's the instruction for us is to go to spain so we are waiting for instructions as well from the maritime rescue center in spain as in the instructions of the maritime rescue center in in italy was there to cool but insecurities and be kenneled response to statements in the media but meanwhile
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of the sea to base is ongoing we are heading into a second night in the open sea you know it's quite desperate you more or less you know we rescue people in awful conditions these people went through hell for time first in the end levy had them at sea and we're more or less having these people sitting on the deck in their blankets and it's a bit like you have a big car accident and that silly it well you have to wait because we didn't figure out which hospital is ready to receive you. the united nations is warning of a bloodbath in the syrian province of idlib it's calling for a full investigation into government airstrikes on the area which is considered a so-called escalation zone under an international agreement more than sixty people have been killed during heavy argument in the past. two with this is collation with this deterioration we worry about seeing really two and a half million people becoming displaced more and more to is the border of turkey
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this is to continue we also warry the people of italy there is no other italy to take them out to really this is the last location there is no other location to further move them so also in terms of the humanitarian assessment we see that there are more than eighty percent of the population of egypt really are in an extremely vulnerable situation still to come on the program cata takes the u.a.e. to court claiming human rights violations for its part in the blockade of doha and as the world cup draws near we need a pair of artists who found the cheapest turn to save to a long standing football fan tradition. has been recently in iraq to some degree in iran too because nothing to cool things off the wind direction is wrong has not been much in the way of showers there are
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few showers around still is what took place of the caspian sea just chose which are in the forecast and the old me around around the coax is attention by dab though not affected by showers just by the wind and the insulation sunshine has gone down a little bit forty one degrees where it should be it's sensibly a lot cooler on the case in lebanon syria got showers for turning from the eastern med from cyprus and southern to and by reach twenty seven degrees reflects that sort of weather for the next couple days as i say baghdad was at forty one grow up to forty two in fact the winds blowing out of iraq has been quite a strong and a hot one which is shown here by the forecast entries still quite high in doha forty five or even forty six the next day or so it's cooler around the coast of usa obviously hotter in london a man but the clouds increasing around the coast a man as yet saw hasn't started the harvey but you'd expect to be there is that three months if you like of drizzly cloudy weather because coincident with the
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southwest monsoon and a lower temp just so long as it's thirty one it's a possibility to get a few showers in yemen but not many. now
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reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera north korean leader kim jong un has been out for an impromptu late night tour of singapore ahead of tuesday's landmark summit with the u.s. president spain says it will welcome a refugee rescue ship that stranded in the mediterranean after being turned away from the malta but the charity s.o.s. maybe an ace is the journey is too far for the six hundred and twenty nine people on board and the united nations is warning of a bloodbath in the syrian province of more than sixty people have been killed in three days of government airstrikes. but the u.s. says imposed sanctions on three russian individuals and five companies suspected of carrying out cyber attacks on america and its allies let's cross to alan fischer now who is in washington for us alan what more can you tell us. well treasury
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secretary steven lucian's says that these five companies and three individuals jeopardize america's safety and security and he's entitled to act after congress passed a new law about sanctions on russian companies at the end of last year now the five companies and the three individuals are said to be involved in cyber attacks on the united states and also there is concern that russian companies have been trailing under c. d. to cable this means that the people involved in the companies will no longer be able to do any business with any americans whatsoever and all assets the country have in the united states will also be frozen to just separately but also additionally they've been sanctions imposed to on six people according to the treasury department reports the threat to the safety and security of libya
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among them one man who is alleged to have been involved in the commissioning of a wooden boat which sank in lampedusa in early in twenty thirteen with the loss of three hundred sixty six lives there's been no reaction at all from the russians at the news of these latest sanctions and for sure the latest on that from washington allan thank you it's going to jordan now the country is getting two and a half billion dollars from the three gulf countries to help ease its financial crisis the european union has also pledged twenty three million the rising cost of living and proposed tax increases have sparked unrest in jordan as mohamed valar reports. the announcement was made after a meeting in mecca saudi arabia the united arab emirates and kuwait are coming to the aid of king abdullah of jordan the nearest monarchy in their region which is not part of the gulf cooperation council their pledge of two point five billion dollars it follows weeks of protests in jordan against the rising cost of living
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and a proposed income tax rise which has since been shelved jordan has always been a crucial country particularly to the west and arab allies of the west. mostly because of the proximity and they're all it plays in the palestinian problem and except peaceful relations i guess with israel so with all that in mind and the current crisis and the go people who would like jordan to somehow. in a much more pronounced manner than it as. a to jordan to the tune of billions of dollars used to be the norm the g.c.c. pledged to point five billion dollars to both jordan and morocco and offered them full membership in the organization seven years ago gulf monarchies more or less saw the hashemite kingdom as one of their own and its ability as being necessary to the us but political divisions during the last few years f.
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ekta the relations between jordan and some of the g.c.c. countries led by saudi arabia among the issues of contention jordan's failure to participate in the saudi led war in yemen disagreement over the classification of the muslim brotherhood movement as a terrorist organization the final status of jerusalem and jordan's less than full severing of ties with caught up. in an awkward position while trying to maintain its sovereignty because of the disagreements jordan's gulf neighbors stop their money supply a three point six billion g.c.c. assistance program to jordan expired last year a serious blow for the economy which relies heavily on regional and into. national eight weeks of popular artists across the kingdom seem to have been a wake up call in gulf capitals it's not clear if the aid comes with strings but the gulf donors appear to realize that if they let jordan slide into chaos there is no telling what impact it will have on their own stability. dozens of people have
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been killed and injured in sri separate attacks in afghanistan died when i saw suicide bomber blew himself up at the ministry of oil development in kabul in the eastern city of jalalabad security forces shot three attackers before they blew themselves up and in the education department building i think at least fifteen afghan soldiers were killed fighting at taliban fighters iraq is struggling to come up with the tens of billions of dollars needed to rebuild its war ravaged infrastructure the for your fight against eisold the story the entire cities including western mosul and ramadi at least ten billion dollars is needed to rebuild the capital of on bar that's the largest province in iraq stratford reports . it's estimated that up to eighty percent of ramadi lies in ruins. around three hundred seventy five thousand people mostly sunni muslims used to live here before
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the capital of a province was seized by isis fighters. after months of fighting and repeated i saw counter-offensive the government announced victory in ramadi in february two thousand and sixteen. it was two and a half years later reconstruction has barely begun iraqis who have returned since then to live amongst the rubble of the struggling to rebuild their lives coming out of the out of. more than a thousand houses were flattened the rest are almost destroyed people are trying their best to rebuild their properties but they don't have enough money no government official has visited us and listen to our problems they just came briefly before elections and promised us the same promises but nothing happened. the iraqi government says large scale reconstruction across the country hasn't started yet because it doesn't have the money almost ninety million dollars is
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needed to rebuild after fifteen years of war and chaos since the fall of saddam hussein in two thousand and three but iraq's allies pledged only thirty billion as a donors conference in kuwait in february it's estimated that twenty two billion dollars is needed to rebuild province including ten billion for the mahdi. thousands of people live in camps on the outskirts of the city. we are asking the government to provide us with their missing documents so we can return home and leave the camp as you can see we are fasting despite lack of basic needs and services and we don't even have cold water to break our fast with. more than two million iraqis are forced to live in camps across iraq because their homes were destroyed analysts say one of the reasons the rise of eisel happened in cities like ramadi is because of years in the leg from the shia led federal government they say
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cities like ramadi and mosul were what they describe as incubators for extremist ideas to take root amongst a small percentage of the population iraq's sunnis suffered some of the worst atrocities on the eisel the united nations says failure to help iraq rebuild risks fueling resentment and possibly even violence again. like that. says it's taking the u.a.e. to the un international court of justice over human rights violations the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain in the egypt sever ties with khatib last june and expelled its citizens after says this violated the rights of its citizens the blockading countries have accused of supporting terrorism a charge that khatib the nies catlin is an international human rights lawyer he says the court process will be very slow. has taken an important first step
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in in taking that to the international court of justice now of course was the united arab emirates is a member and accepts the jurisdiction of the i.c.j. the other members do not so it would only be able to be brought against the u.a.e. at this stage of the proceedings before the into court of justice and fortunately. there will of course be an attempt to to mediate which ordinarily proceeds a full claim being heard which is what we are likely to see now and the un office of the high commission for human rights has has acknowledged that a complaint has been filed against the u.a.e. and so they would ordinarily be this this stage of initiating a period of mediation but considering that all other forms of diplomacy have failed is unlikely that the u.a.e. or any of the other states concerned would would engage in that process and so what we're likely to see over the coming months proceedings in the international court
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of justice assuming the the court accept jurisdiction to deal with this with which it is fully expected to do. some of africa's oldest trees are dying and it may be because of climate change the bulb of trees they had back millennia but scientists say that nine of the thirteen oldest have died over just the past twelve years the oldest was two thousand five hundred years old that staggering scientists can't confirm the exact reason but say that significant changes in the climate of southern africa where they are found could be the cause. football fans around the globe are preparing for the world cup with the opening match all services they many fans choose to get involved by collecting football stickers it's an expensive hobby but there is a low budget alternative lee wellings explains russia's twenty eight will provide the opportunity for one nation to fulfill its destiny on the opportunity for football fans to collect pictures of the heroes phil stick around booms for decades
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italian company of my the big one comes out every four years a world cup tournament means plenty of transfer activity but it's an expensive hobby a british mathematician really an album can cost over a thousand dollars. and alex and shawn pratchett from oxford they wanted to fill an album but not spend the money they are known on social media as plainly cheap straights. yeah this is where the magic doesn't happen. and they'll be drawing every single one of the six hundred ninety two stickers themselves so we need a good reason and a lot of people on twitter and things wanted us to have another crack at it and the idea of doing it for charity to raise money for good causes so give us the motivation i think yeah to talk to our lives for another month and spend another world cup drawing rather than watching football but came up with this idea for the
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last world cup in brazil and completed their mission to years later they took on the euro twenty six thing to live in the hotel while this was the start looking a bit like a samurai by now that vice thousands for charity were getting a lot of love on social media but the five charity work is not artists they don't actually write their own artwork there's a lot of like rescuing like i can't do this this is not going correctly can you please try and you know redeem whatever travesty you were halfway through. the you didn't they are not my hands but sometimes i give a stick it to you and then look at meeting of us not the news i do. quietly and with it this time their main focus can't be on whether christiane i'm going out there has a lot sided mouth or that maher i'm flying he doesn't have quite enough. the latest addition to their family album is by the knowledge that this doesn't mean sean is on maternity leave which helps their wild couple bonanza once the prep is all in
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place a sticker can be jointed around fifteen minutes what's comically amateurish to alex jones it's pretty impressive to me want to put maybe mike this do you know what do you think when we first began we kind of we could because it was this meant to be this anything that would amuse a few mates we didn't really give it any thought if we were going to start again all over again maybe we would. you know try to take them off by using the word kony . it seems that they've taken a you know good humor and they need haven't tried so we raise these replicas of artists which is as much in tribute to stick to collecting as thriftiness they're increasing amounts of online fans are happy that for now at least they're stuck with their unusual hobby lee wellings al jazeera oxford. and now the top stories on al-jazeera has just hours to go until u.s. president donald trump holds a historic summit with north korea's leader kim jong il and him has been spotted on
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a late night tours singapore where the talks to begin on thursday morning the leaders will discuss the future of north korea's nuclear program and peace on the korean peninsula the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that united states will accept sanctions will remain until north korea completely in verifiably eliminate its weapons of mass destruction programs if diplomacy does not move in the right direction and we're hopeful that it will continue to do so those measures will increase. spain says it will welcome a refugee rescue ship that stranded in the mediterranean after being turned away from italy and malta the aquarius is carrying six hundred twenty nine people rescued from the sea off the coast of libya spain's prime minister says the ship can dock in valencia a triple of three days but the charity that runs the vessel says that that may be
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too far away the u.n. is warning of a bloodbath in the syrian province of idlib it's calling for a full investigation into government there strikes on the area which is considered a so-called a deescalation zone under an international agreement more than sixty people have been killed in the past three days the u.s. treasury secretary has announced sanctions against three russian individuals and five companies stephen merchant says they were targeted because they worked with moscow's military and intelligence services on cyber warfare and sanctions blocked them from accessing properties that are under u.s. jurisdiction and prohibit american citizens from doing business with them. jordan is getting a two and a half billion dollar from saudi arabia kuwait and the u.a.e. to help ease its economic crisis it was announced at a meeting in mecca called by saudis king solomon jordan's proposed austerity measures to help reduce public that sparked days of protests. those are the
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headlines i'm going to have the al-jazeera news hour for you in less than half an hour coming up next the inside story. georgian mass protests fears of a violent uprising santa arabia u.a.e. and kuwait pledged two point five billion dollars but is it enough and what's at stake cannot come to huge geopolitical significance this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. jordan's always been seen as an away says of peace and stability in a volatile region but it's a country of limited resources and increasingly in debt conflicts in neighboring iraq and syria have dampened trade and it's hard to absorb hundreds of thousands of refugees budget cuts and tax hike plans have led to mass protests toppling the prime minister gulf countries worried about another spring uprising have stepped in to help the european union has foreign policy chief was in amman on sunday has thrown in twenty three million dollars in aid will come to in a bit but first the support from the. the announcement was made after a meeting in mecca saudi arabia the united arab emirates and kuwait are coming to
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the aid of king abdullah of jordan the nearest monarchy in their region which is not part of the gulf cooperation council their pledge of two point five billion dollars it follows weeks of protests in jordan against the rising cost of living and a proposed income tax rise which has since been shelved jordan has always been a crucial country particularly to the west and arab allies of the west. mostly because of the proximity and they're all it plays in the palestinian problem and except peaceful relations i guess with israel so with all that in mind and the current crisis and the gulf people would like jordan to somehow take sides in a much more pronounced manner than it. just a to jordan to the tune of billions of dollars used to be the norm the g.c.c. pledged to point five billion dollars to both jordan and morocco and offered them
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full membership in the organization seven years ago the gulf monarchies more or less saw the hotshoe might kingdom as one of their own and its ability as being necessary to the us but political divisions during the last few years f. ekta the relations between jordan and some of the g.c.c. countries led by saudi arabia. among the issues of contention jordan's failure to participate in the saudi led war in yemen disagreement over the classification of the muslim brotherhood movement as a terrorist organization the final status of jerusalem and jordan's less than full severing of ties with qatar. in an awkward position while trying to maintain its sovereignty because of the disagreements jordan's gulf labors stop their money supply a three point six billion g.c.c. assistance program to jordan expired last year a serious blow for the economy which relies heavily on regional and international eight weeks of popular artist across the kingdom seem to have been a wake up call in gulf capitals it's not clear if the aid comes with strings but
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the gulf donors appear to realize that if they lead jordan slide into chaos there is no telling what impact it will have on their own stability. let's take a look at jordan's economic challenges its national debt is almost forty billion dollars that's ninety five percent of its gas domestic product and it has to fund with payments on a seven hundred twenty three million dollars i.m.f. loan secured two years ago the influx of refugees has strained its economy war than six hundred sixty thousand registered syrians though the real figure is a tomato to be much higher than there are iraqis and more than two million palestinians this in a country of just under ten million the unemployment rate is eighteen percent the highest in twenty five years and incomes have not kept pace with living costs which are among the most expensive in the middle east and unlike its neighbors jordan has
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limited natural resources so the parents have only one for an eight. let's bring in our guests from my man joe adeline any chairman of the i-man stock exchange and a former jordanian minister foreign affairs here in doha ibrahim for a hat associate professor of conflict resolution and humanitarian studies at the doha institute for graduates that is in brussels james moran syria research fellow at the center for european policy is that is a survey. of jordan and yemen thank you for joining us mr lanny sardi arabia and these are lies decided to place a deposit in jordan central bank in jetta cast into the budget for the next five years and also is sure some world bank guarantees and money for social development
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programs these steps are enough to stabilize jordan's economy. and that's not jordan's problem is much bigger than that and it would extend even a period beyond what this stipulates but anyway we should not be and after a shift of of the willing to help however if we are not to my eyes the items will find that their only cash injection for this year probably would be between two hundred two hundred million dollars for budget support and probably we don't know how much the size of the deposit is going to be but but that would only be of incremental value simply because the central bank of jordan already has thirteen billion dollars fifteen billion d.n.r. is worth of foreign reserves there softly about sixteen seventeen billion dollars worth of reserves so you do we don't we don't need these reserves but i do it still
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they are useful and incremental useful but of course the package is far from. fulfilling jordan's cash deficit and budgetary needs and development needs but him is the timing of the bailout a politically motivated or is it a genuine it sounds by sandia by joe's neighbors to step in and help. of that's a good question i think in my opinion it's it's all of the above first of all we can deny that there is. a c.d.s. at them on the gulf states to help jordan and crisis jordan has been an ally for a very long time. jordan is facing serious economic challenges at the moment but it's not totally about that but i think this. concerns within the gulf states about what's happening in jordan this new minds me of two thousand and eleven when the arab spring broke out and then saudi arabia and other gulf states invited jordan
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and morocco to join the g.c.c. and then off of them five billion dollars in economic gains in order to keep jordan morrocco kingdoms from the arab spring protests so now this takes us back to those they is and this. bringing about see those concerned with in the gulf states if it forms a happening in jordan and especially political reforms for a kingdom this is not a good sign for the rest of the gulf states so for that reason i think there is an issue that is a serious at them here on the side of saudi arabia in particular to continue this movement and stop it through the economic and prevent jordan from. being involved in serious political social and political reform and for that reason
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we are seeing this happening at the moment james if you were. to georgia what do you think should be done now to tackle the issue of addressing of the economy taken into account that this is a country with limited natural resources. that is true. and again as professor abraham was saying the situation is reminiscent of past times i remember twenty years ago when i first went to jordan as ambassador some of the challenges were facing the country then i think what needs to be done frankly is to use this welcome injection of support from the gulf in bolstering and sustaining the i.m.f. program to which jordan has signed up to now whether it can be implemented in the way that the previous government wanted it to be we'll have to see what is very important is that in doing that program which is all about economic reform for the
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country it's very important that all sections of jordanian society play their part and i think one of the reasons why we've seen these protests which will come mainly from the middle class and indeed working class people in jordan is that that has not always been the case in fact very seldom is that in the case wealthier people in jordan need to do their part as well as everybody else in seeing this program through and i think in that direction if jordan moves in that direction it will begin to make progress on some of the enormous challenges that faces right now the discontent that we've seen over the last few weeks in jordan basically was the result of the attempt to introduce taxes which was part of the whole package that was presented by the meth to help jordan address its economic problems do you think that that package could work with a country that will continue to struggle full of more period to come in the future with economy because it doesn't have it cannot guarantee consistent revenues.
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well jordan has been trying well and because their thing efforts in order to be more self dependent however or you know we should not be oblivious to the fact that jordan over the last six years has been exposed to extreme pressures and extreme losses as it has all two of influx of refugees as well as the added expenditures on the government as a result of catering for for those refugees and also for our catering for other refugees that come from abroad. in a way jordan has been short of that in much bigger international responsibility than its share however you know i fully agree with the fact that jordan has need to do more of that is true but the way the i.m.f. package has been drafted against my own better judgment is that it was not
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taken jordan to the place where the i.m.f. wanted it to be that is it using the debt g.d.p. ratio from ninety six percent to about seventy five percent in two thousand and twenty one the proposed income tax law would that would have probably led to a decrease in government revenues are nothing crees and because. everybody has been paying more taxes less exposed to less subsidy is much more fees that have been injected by the previous government into the water prices. energy prices electricity prices and saw everybody's feeling the pinch and there are many jordanian families who have been exposed to strain gente budgetary conditions within their own so the question that jordin and people were asking how much does
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my going to stay in my own budget. in order to save the fisc up budget we know that we need to restructuring but that restructuring takes some time this is not the right time to do it. at this particular stage it is much easier said than done but we need time and time you know that we wanted to buy that time. and order to make sure that we use your right recipe it will him in the states where the saudi arabia and its allies said basically that they were coming as brothers to help a neighboring brother do you think that there might also be a list of conditions attached to the bailout. well this is what we have actually watching carefully to see if there have been any things that do this to this economic aide though it's very hard to imagine that this is all about brotherly help we know that there are we don't know if there are those things
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yet but we know that there are at least four issues between jordan and the gulf states saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in particular one is that severe pressure that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. put on jordan to declare the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization in the past few years and then resisted and refused to do that second jordan is not participating in the yemen war which was an expectation also from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. three there is also. the not a very fair position on the cut out a crisis they were expecting more from jordan to just only withdraw its ambassador from doha and for that is now this issue of the ultimate deal and jordan and the expectations that jordan joins the saudi american israeli.
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plans to the ship or to reshape the politics of the region and the realigned geo political scene of the landscaping of the region jordan has taken a very fair position on refusing to compromise in jerusalem and said a fair no to the pressure that came from riyadh specially when when jordan was asked not to join the organization of islamic cooperation conference in istanbul king abdullah insisted that he went and he participated and he was not they were not happy about that so i'm on all these issues it's hard to imagine that there would be a total ignorance of all of them. and just extend brotherly economic aid to jordan for not at them yet we need to watch and see if sometimes if something comes up out of that james the i.m.f. was basically trying to help with. the basic idea which is trying to
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narrow the budget deficit but at the same time accelerate growth but how can the e.u. what can the you all for now to try to have chosen of this particular juncture. well the u. has been a major supporter i think second or third in significance in the last two or three years a billion euro has gone in much of it of course to help with looking after the syrian refugee problem that jordan has and i do agree with mr an hour it is. a really difficult problem for jordan as huge external pressures coming in there and now you see the announcement of some more aid there that mrs maharani took with her yesterday but more important than aid it seems to me is for jordan to make better use of its trading arrangements trading agreements that it has for example with the e.u. which is its number one partner there is an f.d.a. which opens up all sorts of possibilities for jordanian business and frankly
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speaking the use of these preferences on the part of jordan business people has not been the best in fact something like forty percent the last time i looked at those preferences were not being taken up there are various reasons for that many of them are technical we haven't got time to get into that now but a greater effort needs to be made i think for jordan to do that and jordan does have quite a bit of potential going forward it's a very highly educated population i'm well aware of that myself and in fact the quality of education in jordan is good compared to other parts of the region there is a wealthy inverse access for the ass for a many jordanians of palestinian origin and others of course who are there to support the country from outside and you have a successful service sector so far as banking tourism and so forth is concerned there's quite a lot that jordan could build on and you have quite a lot of very impressive young entrepreneurs but jordan business needs i think more encouragement more. spirit of self starting to to do better
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particularly when it comes to production and production for export and i'm sure jordan could make strides in that regard as well why do you must have heard from many a. regional leader cannot continue to give money to jordan for a less jewels and dresses his own program particularly when it comes to corruption which is pervasive in the country bureaucracy and inefficient governance. i agree with you there is no doubt that this is the thing and his majesty the king has been talking about these issues in particular you know but what happened over the last six years we have been focused on fiscal discipline and we forgot all about the requirements for development that's why the government had no leeway they did not have any extra funds to devote to the economic development and i believe that right now we should shift the paradigm that we need
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a paradigm shift instead of focusing on the on on discipline we need to somehow control the size of the deficit and keep it at bay but at the same time all x. therefore should go for economic growth and economic and pro people development this is what is needed that i say for now and that's why i say it is not an adjustment process that is required what is required is a restructuring process but may i say something on the political dimension or the head go ahead if i take one minute please i fully endorse what the what the what that ambassador had said about jordan so we are in full agreement but when it comes to the political dimension as professor graeme was saying you know i don't think that there are months of money that have been dedicated because in the final analysis jordan would only be getting cash injection of one billion dollars that is what i assume they will give jordan two hundred million every year for the next
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five years but the you know when you say i want to put a deposit at the central bank. it will be retrieved back again it will be demanded and taken away with drawn at the same time you know when you say i want to give the world bank got on t. is to give jordan loans but that's what what we you know we have been complaining of and so therefore the real cash injection from this whole process is one billion dollars that is hardly even in i think an even. if there is a prize for everything this would be annie any nearer a prize there jordan with that said ok to compromise on any of his positions it brought him. to the future we are going to have neighbors iraq and syria we need to maintain good relations with them ibrahim how would they under this i mean you've heard what has been saying basically one billion dollars is not enough it's not going to make any difference do you think that this could push jordan to look into alternatives try to reach our two countries like qatar for example despite the fact
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that you know. qatar is having problems with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. behind and egypt's laggy with mr armani that deposit as part of this economic kids about deposit and the part and central bank it's usually known that this is leverage that the countries the donor countries use when they make these deposits that can be withdrawn at any time so it can there is a margin or creates a margin for bottom gaining and pressuring and using leverage against you know those countries and also the deficit i mean the jordans there is about fifty five billion dollars so one billion dollars not going to make any big difference i don't think it's that the jordanian leadership has shown this kind of. political games so either you'll pay me or i go with the other party i don't think that's that's an issue i think that's they show yet i think jordan the joy division has sean
2:43 am
a very thin position on these the issues on the issue of. jerusalem not endorsing the ultimate i don't think no matter what the pressure in my own readings because that jordan will change its position. because this is a national security forum for jordan same think also with the muslim brotherhood and other similar issues so i don't think that jordan will as a result is all to go in qatar or to other countries but i think jordan needs to look at its own needs to go in jordan instead of going together or any other countries needs to go to its people to its own government system and do for them politically and economically and more humanity of sources and that's the way forward for jordan james the mass protest movements in jordan for many people who are a medicine to the further the other world in two thousand and eleven do you think that their potential for. anger in jordan could continue unless there
2:44 am
is a radical reform of the economic system in the country. no i don't think they should be compared for a moment two thousand and eleven was an earthquake this what you're seeing in jordan at the moment as far as i can see is a tremor but it's nothing like it was a few years ago and i'm pretty sure that this can be fixed the part about the injection from the gulf and i don't disagree with what all the the other two speakers have said about the real value of this but it has another point to it which is that it will help to increase confidence in jordan's international financial obligations and commitments and you've seen a bit of that already in the last twelve hours with the performance of euro bonds jordan and so forth on the markets and that is very helpful for the country going forward and i think also that as professor arum was saying i don't think we should expect major changes in the key policy points that he
2:45 am
made in particular when it comes to the status of jerusalem i think an independent foreign policy on jerusalem by king abdullah and the jordanian government will continue i certainly hope that it does in fact there with the european union we are one we absolutely agree that this should be left to the final status and no. of that should be had now as to the famous peace plan which we're supposed to see some time soon let's see what what actually comes forward but i think all the signs are that is something that is going to be very difficult to sign up to and there too i think jordan should retain an independent position but it will be a first role i don't think today is to be to be compared for a moment or two thousand and eleven i think stability remains in jordan it's under threat for the time being but i think it's fixable and that so that the new prime minister in his government will be sensitive enough to make adjustments to that i have a program to show that they have listened to the people in the street it would be really interesting to see what whether the prime minister about all of those would
2:46 am
be able to weather the storm him for a hat and then he thank you very much indeed for your contribution to the program. thank you too for watching you can see the program again and its time by visiting our website. discussion go saw a facebook page facebook dot com for was last. can also join the conversation. that is. for me. the whole team here.
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june nineteenth sixty seven six days that redrew the map of the middle east this would mean record of victory of the israeli army in that war or the greatest tragedy in the history of islam al-jazeera expose the events leading to the war and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything to be united nations try to make a show contact through different countries and it was clear that all this was the
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north of the war in june on al-jazeera. from the tropics of southeast asia to the feral islands in the far north atlantic went to one east meets the women who crossed the world for love and stayed to change a community. al-jazeera . hello there i'm barbara starr and this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes kim jong il in that takes a late night tour of singapore ahead of us some lights the white house says will
2:49 am
involve a one on one meeting with no advisers present spain offers to take in a rescue ship with six hundred twenty nine refugees and migrants on board and malta refused to let it dock and i saw suicide bomber blows himself up at the rural development ministry in kabul killing thirteen people and two men who stopped to ask directions are lynched in india the latest victims of child kidnapping rumors on whatsapp. and i'm found how much with all the sports including one of the world cups most exciting teams that face a tricky test with the tournaments just days away details later in the program. all eyes are on singapore where a historic summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders is set to begin in the coming hours the world will be
2:50 am
watching to see of president donald trump can reach a deal with kim jong un on the denuclearization of the korean peninsula ahead of the serious business the north korean leader took an impromptu late night tour of singapore adrian brown reports. it continued on monday night surrounded by bodyguards north korea's leader kim jong un went on a tour of the waterfront perfect for a selfie with singapore's foreign minister kim says he knows the world is watching him and so are his people. the north strictly managed media was quick to release pictures of kim's arrival saying he wanted to discuss a new relationship with the united states earlier president donald trump was on the move but for him the day was more business than pleasure as he met singapore's
2:51 am
prime minister lee hsien loong the prime minister is the host for tuesday's unprecedented meeting and so also has a lot at stake in some parts of singapore the security is high profile. but appeared to be absent in one of the places where it would have mattered u.s. and north korean officials were just told by the media as they left the hotel where they've been finalizing details for tuesday. trump wants to persuade the north korean leader to disarm a deal that eluded his predecessors and so sanctions will remain until that process is verified a message reiterated by the u.s. secretary of state who says we won't be fooled again the be matters. that the v. matters we're going to ensure that we set up a system sufficiently robust that were able to verify these outcomes and it's only
2:52 am
once the v. happens that will proceed apace right that's that's what's been missed before this threat but that's a process that will eventually have to involve others says the leader of the campaign to abolish nuclear weapons here this could be a historic meeting a beginning of a process towards nuclear disarmament and so it's definitely. has a huge possibility i think that's why it's so important that we don't just leave it up to these two men watching from afar and wishing they were here the leaders of three other countries with important stakes in this summit south korea's president mungy in japan's prime minister shinzo are they and president xi jinping of china china of course the north closest ally and whatever happens here sheeting pain will be hoping it remains that way orderly tightly controlled singapore is playing host to the world's two most unpredictable leaders and that may mean that the only
2:53 am
certainty here is the unexpected adrian brown al-jazeera single well the white house says the two men were alone for the first two hours without advisers just a translator our white house correspondent kimberly how kate is and saying or with more what we can expect from this summit. the u.s. secretary of state telling reporters that when donald trump sits down with kim jong un north korea's leader that donald trump will be on a mission of peace but at the same time well there is encouragement here in singapore that the talks so far leading up to that face to face meeting have been moving rapidly and progressing well that there certainly is only one u.s. objective and that is complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula and until that is achieved until that is verified the tough financial sanctions put in place by the united states will remain in place the
2:54 am
meeting itself between donald trump and kim jong un is expected to be intimate with only the interpreter's president that will expand to a bilateral meeting to include their advisory teams later in the afternoon the u.s. president will hold a media availability to speak to reporters before departing from singapore late in the evening it is out that availability where there is no question he will be able to relay whether or not he was successful in setting up the conditions for future dialogue with north korea well south korea is hoping a successful summit between the u.s. and north korea and singapore will pave the way for a peace treaty to formally ended the korean war. ended in one thousand nine hundred fifty three with only an armistice signed meaning the conflict the still technically on going from a private reports from seoul. declaring a formal peace treaty has been a long held ambition on the korean peninsula south korean president moon j.n.t.
2:55 am
brought it a step closer when he met with his north korean counterpart in their landmark summit at the truce village in panmunjom in april the declaration the two leaders signed calls for an end to the war stablish ing a permanent and solid peace regime he repeated the wish after meeting with kim jong un a second time a month later in the terms on that i'm just one molecule here if the summit between the u.s. and north korea succeeds i hope that the declaration of an end to the korean war would be pushed forward. the fighting that lasted for nine hundred fifty to fifty three was ended by an armistice signed by north korea the united states and china south korea didn't sign that then president wanting to continue the fight to unify the country a formal peace treaty would also need china as a signatory and hopes the two koreas and the united states can at least declare an
2:56 am
end to the war if they could do that at a trilateral meeting it would go a long way to giving north korea a security guarantee. into korean relations as always inextricably linked with relations between north korea and the u.s. . normalizing the relations between the u.s. and north korea is a prerequisite for the north denuclearization and it helps to ease tensions on the korean peninsula and at the same time establish permanent peace sixty five years after the fighting stopped the competence might finally be about to declare the war is over rob mcbride al jazeera sold. well for more of this let's speak to michael fuchs in washington he's a senior fellow at the center for american progress he's also a former deputy assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs so welcome to al-jazeera so it's the last major or last our last few hours of
2:57 am
preparations before this meeting what do you think preparations and tail in this case because usually for a meeting of this magnitude diplomats would have been prepping for months potentially years was this sort of happened very quickly or absolutely look i think when president trump announced that he was going to do this summit with kim jong un back in march the first time he announced it in many ways he was putting the cart before the horse and so ever since then the negotiators for the u.s. side have been racing to meet that june twelfth deadline and see what substance they can agree to have ready for president trump and kim jong un to announce when they meet with so again i think there are very big questions about what kind of substantive outcome we can see out of tomorrow and we've seen in recent weeks in particular and then over the last twenty four hours the negotiating teams meeting again and again to try to see if they can hammer out some sort of a statement and so my expectation at this point is it's likely to be high on
2:58 am
rhetoric and aspirations and probably low on detail but also interesting is that the two leaders will be meeting effectively on their own they'll be a translator there obviously but no advisors i think for about two hours how rare is that at a meeting of this level and considering the personalities at play here and what could that entailed well could that bring to negotiations. well it's actually relatively normal when it comes to high level summits like this the u.s. president will frequently meet alone with a foreign leader especially if this is a sort of special summit meeting president obama did this with she's been paying for instance again happens relatively frequently i think what is unique in this case is of course the personalities of the individuals we have here and in particular the personality of president donald trump who has admitted lee not prepared very much for this summit he is said that he does not think that that's
2:59 am
necessary it's about attitude you can be sure that kim jong un has prepared for this summit very well and so again the thing that would concern me most is that with just the two leaders alone by themselves meeting you have a president of the united states that is not steeped in the details and the history of the substance of these highly complex issues and that you very well might have the president of the united states agreeing to things that are not in the best interests of the united states there's certainly a huge pressure on both of them perhaps especially trump who didn't sort of you know says that he's a great deal maker and that there is a lot of pressure for this meeting to be a success but is there also the danger that this will be a big p.r. exercise they'll come out they'll make some kind of joint statement but ultimately nothing much will come out of. well that's absolutely right i mean i think one of the biggest fears out of this summit is that it is just a p.r.
3:00 am
stunt it's a reality t.v. if you will for the cameras and then afterwards nothing happens in terms of substance a verification or implementation of any agreements that are made and all we get out of this is one of the world's most most ruthless dictators looking more like a international superstar and nothing has really changed and so i think of it as a very big concern and at the same time i think we should also be concerned by the fact that the president of the united states unfortunately likes to focus on this aspect of his engagements he likes to see his engagements with other world leaders again is how they are played for the cameras and so the president will want to make this look like a success most likely and if there's not a lot of substance behind it that could be very dangerous well the meeting is you just said about seven hours from now more or less so will be in.


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