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fears out of this summit is that it is just a p.r. stunt it's a reality t.v. if you will for the cameras and then afterwards nothing happens in terms of substance a verification or implementation of any agreements that are made and all we get out of this is one of the world's most most ruthless dictators looking more like a international superstar and nothing has really changed and so i think of it as a very big concern and at the same time i think we should also be concerned by the fact that the president of the united states unfortunately likes to focus on this aspect of his engagements he likes to see his engagements with other world leaders again as how they are played for the cameras and so the president will want to make this look like a success most likely and if there's not a lot of substance behind it that could be very dangerous well the meeting is you just said about seven hours from now more or less so will be interesting at least
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to see will come out of it after we've been talking about it for so long for the moment michael fuchs a senior fellow at the center for american progress sir thank you so much for sharing your views with us. well still to come in this news hour from london pope francis accepts the resignation of three bishops at the center of a sex abuse scandal in chile the u.n. warns of a bloodbath in syria's italy province after an escalation in fighting and their strikes and in sports roger federer returns after a three month break looking to regain the tennis world number one spot. but first spain a step then to help a refugee rescue ship stranded in the mediterranean after being turned away from italy saying it can dock in spain the aquarius which is run by the charity s.o.s. may be kept on there and the seth is carrying six hundred twenty nine people rescued from the sea off the coast of libya now the ship is currently at sea sixty
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five kilometers from italy and fifty kilometers from malta but with both of those countries refusing to accept the ship it may be headed to valencia one thousand five hundred kilometers to the west so they're going to go has more. my job now in the dead of night a precarious rescue in the mediterranean six hundred twenty nine people picked up by the italian coast guard and transferred to the aquarius rescue ship run by the french charity s.o.s. made to tiffany the terror and the trauma all too evident google google deborah but yeah it was a moment of relief before more drama after the vessel was denied access to italian ports it was left adrift in international waters with hundreds of people huddling aboard among them one hundred twenty three unaccompanied children and seven pregnant women we have food and water enough to give these people in
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a two to three days roads yeah this is not what we wish because. it's all wrong produce people lost. this is it is not comfortable at all. the decision by italy's new interior minister matteo salvini to block the ship from docking was no great surprise as head of a cease fire right anti immigration league party he campaigned to stop the mass or rival of migrants is reason that italy should not be the only country to take in vessels from north africa and said that the small island of malta should allow the people to disembark or not be on what is being. we did not reject anyone we just asked other countries but the clasen safer than ours to do what we've been doing for years we're told it wasn't possible the aquarius was still in multis waters was no central problem on board the coast guard boats but it into being we didn't ask them so it would appear was no problem at the time multiplied rebuffed the demand
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but was willing to offer provisions to those on board under international law it is up to the country coordinating the search and rescue operation in this case italy to choose the port where the vessel should dock and responsibility echoed by the european commission on monday the priority of both. these authorities should be ensuring these people receive the care they need spain's prime minister pedro sanchez has said the ship will be allowed to dock in the spanish port of violence but the italian refusal to allow the mike once in is an alarming precedent for rescue was but for italy's interior minister it is an opportunity to make good on his word and pass the buck to neighboring countries in the mediterranean. al-jazeera one of the aid groups operating the ship has started spraying for granting permission to dock but it says it may not be possible to take them up on the offer. spain or first violence. we acknowledge. it's
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a sign of solidarity but it's not on our decision the italian of our sea and their command and the have to take the decision because they are in charge of the people rescued in it's also technically not really easy for us to go to spain it means that we need at least two more days of sailing which is not possible today with six hundred twenty nine people on board. we would need to resupply at sea which is not so easy to organize and so we urge the telly to find a solution very soon close to our position. is live for us in the roma gena we were hearing there from s.o.s. maybe tavern and saying that if you have to find some kind of solution but first of all what's the latest information we have on the aquarius itself has it been able to take up the offer all of spain to go to valencia. you know
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at the moment the situation hasn't changed much from news report there this vessel is in a coordinated patton a sort of l. shaped pattern somewhere between libya and it lay about twenty seven or so nautical miles off the italian coast it's basically a holding pattern it's waiting having been denied access to any italian port it's waiting rather bizarrely for the italian authorities to tell it what to do next because of course its cargo these six hundred twenty nine people one hundred thirty seven unaccompanied minors eleven children seven pregnant women were put on board this vessel basically by the italian authorities as part and parcel of the daily business of work that the aquarius does in the mediterranean often coordinated by a certainly coordinated with the italian orthe already over the weekend it was the medical paratime rather rescue coordination center here in rome that called it up sent it to two different rescues in the mediterranean it then talk took on additional people from three italian coast guard vessels and additional people from
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an italian merchant vessel in the mediterranean making up that six hundred twenty nine number but don't bring them to italy of course was the message that they then received it sounds like they received it somewhat to surprise certainly even to the m.r.c. see here having put those people on board it may have all been rather last minute government policy the multis were inquired of whether they would take them in they said no and then came this offer from spain which is you heard outlined there is all very well but it's two or three days sailing away they haven't got the supplies to do it and they're hoping that they will get some sort of solution to me or tylenol thirty's who are meeting here cabinet meeting in about half an hour's time now we don't know of course what's going to come out of that we don't know precisely what the agenda of that meeting is but i would caution that it doesn't sound as if they're about to come out with a with an about turn on all of this it rather sounds as if they've included in their numbers some of the security services perhaps intelligence intelligence services as well so. it's being reported by local media here it rather sounds as if
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this is a government cementing a new policy in that building behind us in the next half hour or so rather than preparing to change its mind absolutely and i guess that's not going to come as much of a surprise to anyone that's been following the kind of campaign for example that the tail said they need that now interior minister was running and very much in an anti immigrant ticket so what point do you think is it in these new government trying to make and then do you think this is the new status quo in the mediterranean it's. well look i mean what are we talking about barber less than two weeks in office this coalition of the league formally the northern league a far right party the anti establishment five star movement both parties did well on the anti immigration platforms this is the kind of government that says things like italy will no longer be europe's refugee camp the good times for illegal migrants are overdue seppi contour the new prime minister shortly after he came in
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said he would immediately prioritize cutting down drastically the numbers coming in and removing the harf a million or so illegal migrants that are in this country this is certainly a government bent on doing something on making a change in the region tomorrow the head of the five star movement who's now of course the senior minister here the deputy prime minister has said that he believes italy is now forcing a change to europe's migration policy well as i said this doesn't sound like a government has just taken a sort of spur of the moment this decision and is likely to change its mind this rather looks like it's making a point that after five years of receiving hundreds of thousands of people across the mediterranean italy wants no more of it from now on just hope with the latest from rome jonas thank you and as we were hearing the toast of the knees and in the league part was that the source of all of this new regulation and they've made strong gains in local elections on sunday while the coalition partners the five star movement actually struggled. the league won outright victories in the first
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round of mayoral elections in two cities in the northeast and are in the lead in several others the five star movement and the center left the democratic party both performed poorly run offs will be held in two weeks time in the cities where no candidate has won an outright majority. pope francis has accepted the resignation of the bishop at the center of the clerical sex abuse scandal in chile to the bishops have also quit hundreds of children who were abused by priests with church leaders accused of covering up their crimes there is a bull has more than. one battles is one of the most controversial bishops in chile for years accused of being complicit in the sexual abuse of children and that's why the news didn't come as a surprise when the pope announced he'd accepted his resignation and from two other bishops in an unprecedented series of emergency meetings in the vatican last month thirty four chilean bishops offered to resign because of their alleged links to
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that cover up of sexual abuse the pope has also accepted the resignations of the bishop go inside a lot of there well but i saw and bishop of don't want the scandal revolves around father fed him and. found guilty in a vatican investigation of abusing boys in the eye wall in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's now eighty seven and living in a nursing home he's always denied any wrongdoing one of his victims reacted on twitter on monday saying today begins a new day for the catholic church in chile and hopefully the world to fix has started the firing of bishops who are abusers or have covered up we hope this is the beginning of the end of this culture of abuse and cover up in the church emotional but great day the scandal has cost the church credibility and damaged the pope's own image because he publicly strongly defended one battle spurred here this year. is an international association for victims has urged government
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leaders to do more about clerical abuse i know it's an often used phrase but do you put dracula in charge of the blood bank. obviously not. i think the church has demonstrated notwithstanding the current pope who is making some positive noises right at the moment but the church has demonstrated over many many generations that it cannot be trusted and a set of rules or golf club rules which is basically what canon law is is simply not enough if you if we are talking about crimes they have to be dealt with by the civil authorities not an internal matter pope francis has promised catholics affected by sexual abuse that the church would never again ignore their accusations but for many it is not enough they said will. dozens of people have been killed and injured in three separate attacks in afghanistan at least thirteen died
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when i saw a suicide bomber blew himself up at the ministry of war all developmental kabul in the eastern city of jalalabad security forces shot three attackers before they blew themselves up before they were inside an education department building and in condos at least fifteen afghan soldiers were killed fighting taliban. well the terrier a senior security situation is pushing afghans to take extreme measures as they call for peace dozens of people have joined the peace march that started in helmand province and will end in couple shelob ellis who points. imo these afghans will not be deterred by hate hunger distance or danger. they are walking seven hundred kilometers to the afghan capital kabul without food or water from dawn to dusk during the holy month of ramadan. if all afghans raise the same voice for peace and say no more war i'm sure we will reach
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a sustainable peace very soon. nine men started in the taliban stronghold of helmand province a month ago as temperatures climbed above forty degrees so did the numbers through town after town the group swelled with afghans strangers sensing a moment to be heard. i know a afghan army and security forces met us they kept their weapons down to welcome us and told us to take our message and taliban also came on the road welcoming us and told us to find a solution for this war in afghanistan has been at war since the taliban was overthrown seventeen years ago but it was march the twenty third and how men's capital of lashkar gah that these afghans decided that had enough a suicide bomb explosion at a sports stadium killed sixteen people and injured forty. meno women and children staged decision a real hunger strike they called for
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a peace deal between the taliban and the government. a week later forty eight teenage girls were poisoned at their high school. and helmand province is in taliban country we education as a battle line. but the battlefield goes far beyond helmand province fighting has intensified since the taliban announced its annual spring offensive and later al-qaeda and i salute tax of complement at the taliban campaign the afghan government now controls this and sixty percent of territory. i lost both my eyes due to the war i was blinded by shattered glass when my bus was hit by a landmine i know that my eyes could be fixed in india but i want peace first and then my eyes. pairing war wounds and ballistics these afghans are on a pilgrimage for peace and they're on the hunt stritch charlotte dallas. there's
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lots more still to come in this news hour including a dire prognosis for palestinians injured during five and protests along the israel gaza border survivors of a deadly volcanic eruption turned on the government accusing it of evacuation process and in sports the new driver takes the lead in the formula one championship after winning his tasty yes and run prix. has been hot recently in iraq to some degree in iran too because nothing to cool things off the wind direction is wrong as not been much in the way of showers there are few showers around still there is what took place of the caspian sea just shows which are in the forecast and told me around around the caucasus so much in baghdad not affected by showers just by the wind and the insulation sunshine has gone down
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a little bit forty one degrees where it should be it's sensibly a lot cooler on the case in lebanon syria got showers for turning from the east and measure from cyprus and southern to and by reach twenty seven degrees reflects that sort of weather for the next couple days as i say baghdad was at forty one or up to forty two in fact the winds blowing out of iraq has been quite a strong and a hot one which is shown here by the forecast temptress still quite high in doha forty five or even forty six the next day or so it's cooler around the coast of usa obviously hotter atlanta no mom but the clouds increasing around the coast from out as yet so it hasn't started the harvey but you'd expect to be there is that three months if you like of drizzly cloudy weather is coincident with the southwest monsoon and a lower temp just so long as it's thirty one it's a possibility to get a few showers in yemen but not many.
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unpack it for us what were you here and what were you seeing whether online horrendous things humans told us there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on the sat a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth so far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat bass is a dialogue about some of this that festive perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making to distort join the global conversation amount to zero. zero. where ever you.
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come back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera north korean leader kim jong il and has taken a late night tour of singapore ahead of tuesday's landmark summit with the u.s. president spain says a refugee rescue ship stranded in the mediterranean after being turned away from italy will be allowed to dock in valencia but the chairs here so i spread it out and this is the journey is too far for the six hundred and twenty nine people on board and dozens of people have been killed and injured in sri separate attacks in afghanistan security has the teary aerated ahead of elections in october. the
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united nations is worn. of a bloodbath in the syrian province of italy it's calling for a full investigation and the government there strikes on the area which is considered a so-called the escalation zone under an international agreement more than sixty people have been killed during heavy bombardment in the past three days two and a half million people live in adelaide most of whom were displaced from elsewhere in syria during the seven year low war with this is collision with this deterioration we worry about seeing really two and a half million people becoming displaced more and more to the border of turkey this is to continue we also warry the people of italy there is no other italy to take them out to really this is the last location there is no other location to further move them so also in terms of the humanitarian assessment we see that more than eighty percent of the population of egypt really are in an extremely vulnerable situation well several large explosions have been heard near the syrian capital
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damascus government media says the explosions came from an omniscient depo in the city of kuta he said an area known for its military bases initial reports suggest they could have been caused by high summer temperatures iraqi state television says a court has ordered the arrest of four men accused of starting a fire at a baghdad warehouse where election ballot boxes were stored they reported to include three policemen and that election commission officer iraq's parliament has ordered a manual recount of around ten votes after allegations of fraud during last month's election some lawmakers have called for another election. and the aid group doctors without borders says the saudi led coalition in yemen has attacked one of its color treatment centers and they say have shared these images on its twitter account denouncing the attack it says it will temporarily halt its work in the ab's region of yemen until it can assure the safety of staff and patients where than two
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thousand people are believed to have died in the world's worst cholera outbreak security officials say more than six hundred people have been killed in yemen during heavy fighting between pro-government forces and shia fighters the united nations is trying to negotiate a cease fire to avert an attack by saudi and iraqi coalition forces on yemen's main port it's warning that an attack on holiday does support could cause mass casualties food shortages and this is well least ground there is the u.n. humanitarian coordinator for yemen she says a military assault on the day that could have devastating consequences we estimate if the assaults were seizure of who did in fact takes place in a prolonged worst case we could be looking at mass casualties we are also very concerned that the people who are living in the data would be at serious risk from water borne diseases and of course from hunger already who data is one of the
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hardest hit areas the in any kind of military assault is only going to make that situation worse and was the greatest of the conflict urgent steps to protect civilians. painkillers and vital medical equipment are in short supply in gaza to treat the thousands of wounded from weeks of protests where the demonstrations expect to continue the hospital crisis is expected to get worse but doctors from morocco are providing some rest by. ports now from gaza city. mohammad baraka is one of fourteen thousand seven hundred palestinians injured during weeks of and he's really protesting gaza he was shot in the leg by an israeli sniper on the fourteenth of may doctors here can't help him they don't have enough equipment or medical supplies if he doesn't get proper treatment soon they'll have to amputate his leg because of the israeli led c.g. can't obtain permission to leave gaza. his father was also shot and is in the same hospital and in the same situation. i'm
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frustrated i'm suffering and so is my son they won't let us out the people in charge are supposed to let us outside of gaza to seek treatment but they want. they're not the only ones the palestinian health ministry says at least four hundred patients in gaza hospitals are unable to get treatment and stopped from leaving to seek treatment elsewhere other countries are aware of the crisis and trying to help the moroccan army setting up a fully operational field hospital to alleviate the medical crisis there are hundred thirty five medical stopping commuting doctors and nurses to help with serious casualties and an outpatient department to deal with the less serious cases by far the biggest challenge for the moroccans was by passing both the israeli and egyptian siege to get their medical equipment into gaza they were only allowed after the egyptian government agreed to fish any fish for we don't our first will deal with those injured in the protests but we also provide care for those in the
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local neighborhood and rule work with the local hospital while the field hospital is much needed it's simply not enough gaza's hospitals are breaking point they have about forty nine percent of the medical supplies that they need and about twenty nine percent according to the palestinian health ministry of medical equipment. medical equipment was old and badly needed maintenance or replacement even before the friday protests began against the occupation and the us recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital medical supplies including bandages and painkillers are running out leaving palestinians with treatable injuries untreated an employee in iran can al-jazeera gaza city all strained chancellor s├ębastien court says pledge to find all forms of anti semitism in europe during a visit to israel kurtz held talks in jerusalem with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu but israel has refused to have any contact with his coalition
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partners that the austrian freedom party a party which was founded by former nazis catheters says it's taking the u.a.e. to the un international court of justice over human rights violations the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt sever ties with qatar last june and expelled its citizens that are says this violated the rights of its citizens the blockading countries accused of supporting terrorism a charge that qatar denies well toby cadman is an international human rights lawyer he says the court process will be very slow. qatar has taken an important first step in in taking that to the international court of justice now of course was the united arab emirates is a member and accepts the jurisdiction of the i.c.j. the other members do not so it would only be able to be brought against the u.a.e. at this stage of the proceedings before the into court of justice and fortunately.
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there will of course be an attempt to to mediate which ordinarily proceeds a full claim being heard which is what we are likely to see now and the un office of the high commission for human rights has has acknowledged that a complaint has been filed against the u.a.e. and so there would ordinarily be this stage of initiating a period of mediation but considering that all other forms of diplomacy have failed is unlikely that the u.a.e. or any of the other states concerned would would engage in that process and so what we're likely to see over the coming months proceedings in the international court of justice assuming that the court excepts jurisdiction to deal with this with which it is fully expected to do. indian police have arrested more than eighteen people in connection with the latest in a series of lynchings that's being blamed on rumors spread largely on the social media platform whatsapp. masts and. dragged from their car and killed by
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a two hundred strong mob in a village in some state when they stopped to ask directions the attack full of rumors that child abductor is well in the area last month six other people were killed in similar mob attacks across india well for the social media's role in the lynchings let's speak to kelly and chad she's an associate professor of journalism at the university of maryland and is currently in new delhi madame thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera i mean this is a horrific case and as we just heard a lot. six other people have had something very similar happen what is going on and what's the role of whatsapp for social media in general in all of this. i think this is this is been sort of a growing trend in the indian context there are some sort of there's limited data the government doesn't can actually collect figures on on what violence and lynchings that's but other people have been doing some work so clearly this is
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something this is a trend that's been growing a lot of the violence in the in the recent past has been directed against you know sort of marginalized people whether it's muslims or whether it's but in this case it was just it seemed to be two people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time seemingly but what's after sort of emerged really as the primary that for the spread of misinformation in india you know fake news is a pretty global phenomenon but in the interim contacts whatsapp has emerged as sort of the primary source interesting the internet is what you know has the largest community of what's up uses in the world there are over three hundred close to three hundred million off and so what's happened to come this place where all kinds of. stories you know basic news as it were sort of seems to spread and one of the reasons why it seems to spread so effectively i think is because what's happened really made up of people who know each other so you're
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getting sort of news from friends or family from neighbors and that seems to give it an impetuous that perhaps other kinds of news don't really get published.


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