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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2018 7:00am-7:13am +03

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three attacks in afghanistan have killed and injured dozens of people twelve died when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the ministry of rule development in kabul in the eastern city of jalalabad security forces shot three attackers before they detonated explosives in an education department building and fifteen afghan soldiers died fighting the taliban including. some afghans are going to extreme lengths to devolve peace thousands of people are marching from the southern province of helmand to kabul shell about us for forts. oh these are afghans who not be deterred by hate hunger distance or danger. they are walking seven hundred kilometers to the afghan capital kabul without food or water from dawn to dusk during the holy month of ramadan good you know if all afghans raise the same voice for peace and say no more war i'm sure we will reach
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a sustainable peace very soon. nine men started in the taliban stronghold of helmand province a month ago as temperatures climbed above forty degrees so did the numbers through town after town the group swelled with afghans strangers sensing a moment to be heard oh it's just an away afghan army and security forces met us they kept their weapons down to welcome us and told us to take our message and taliban also came on the road welcoming us and told us to find a solution for this war in afghanistan has been at war since the taliban was overthrown seventeen years ago but it was march the twenty third and how men's capital of lashkar gah that these afghans to sided that had enough a suicide bomb explosion at a sports stadium killed sixteen people and injured forty. men women and children staged decision a real hunger strike they called for
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a peace deal between the taliban and the government. a week later forty eight teenage girls were poisoned at their high school. and helmand province is in taliban country where education is a battle line. but the better wheels goes far beyond helmand province fighting has intensified since the taliban announced its. and you spring offensive and. al-qaeda and i say look tax a complement to the taliban campaign the afghan government now controls this and sixty percent of territory. in the couple of i lost both my eyes due to the war i was blinded by shattered glass when my bus was hit by a landmine i know that my eyes could be fixed in india but i want peace first then my eyes. herring. and ballistics these afghans are on a pilgrimage for peace and they're on the homestretch challenge ballasts al-jazeera
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now police in india have arrested more than eighteen people after another killing that is being blamed on rumors spread on whatsapp two men who were dragged from their car and killed by a mob in a village in a state where they had stopped to ask for directions the attack followed rumors that child the doctors were in the area last month six people were killed in similar attacks carter is taking the united arab emirates to the un international court of justice over human rights violations the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic and trade ties with carter last june carter says this is violated the rights of its citizens and residents the blockading countries have accused of supporting terrorism something called total denies it's return now to our main story the meeting between the u.s. president donald trump the north korean leader kim jong un that skit rejoin once
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again our diplomatic editor james bays in singapore james. thank you sami we are reaching the end we think all towards the end of this historic meeting and now we're all waiting to see what sort of statement or declaration comes out of it look at the times going forward we think that kim if he sticks to his plan is supposed to take off about an hour and a half from now so we're getting near the crunch point in terms of what they've managed to achieve the start of a process we think but we're looking very closely at the words i'm joined again by graham on the web who is our expert looking at all of this graham if we're going to declaration in the next hour or so what do we need to look for in the words that come out i think the devil the devil is clearly going to be in the details of whatever document that's going to be signed today about the tangible steps that both sides are going to take in bringing this forward so that's what i'm going to
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look out for personally but i think what we're most likely to come out with is some sort of document that maybe encapsulate the spirit of a potential agreement in tangible terms of meeting that at least both sides remain committed to ongoing dialogue and possibly follow on meetings at the various levels of not of their level at the apex of things about something needs to be scientists if nothing ends up being signed i think that what could be and i'm in a sense indication that all bets are off essentially and that we might return to the previous grim picture that we got used to in twenty seventeen a military escalation saber rattling and heated exchanges or words among the key questions that will need to see if their answers in the declaration are all the north koreans prepared to give up their nuclear capability and what about their missile capability exactly. if agreement is meant to have any teeth or any
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credibility so to speak then clearly they will have to be some amount of detail in that document talking about the steps that the whole small. that demonstrate that north korea's ballistic ballistic missile capabilities will be dismantled to some degree some of its warheads are going to be put down in some way and that these are going to be subjected to verification so that the boxes can be ticked off by inspectors saying that yes some irreversible steps have been taken we take confidence in that and then we can reward north korea or look to reward off crist's at some point on a roll and all of this is done so a process will be started you think will be a difference between the two sides on the speed and timeline of this process definitely i mean that there are so many nagging issues that one can think about it's difficult to sort of sort out where to begin so i can only imagine the kind of difficulty or the kind of the kind of quagmire really that the parties are getting
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caught in right now of not last few days in trying to disentangle that the web of disagreements and conflicting views and executions surrounding what needs to be done i mean when it comes to nuclear weapons are just so many moving parts you remove all of it when you remove some of it are you talking about the intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities of the intermediate intermediate range ballistic missiles the short range ones all a bit of each we don't nor so it's it's going to a lot of questions more than answers right now and personally for me in terms of what's going on over the course of this morning it's pretty anticlimactic overnight in my opinion i think we haven't moved very far and i suppose the proof is in the putting we'll have to see in an hour and a half from now or less what kind of document can we take reference from or we go very closely to see if there is a declaration a statement of intent what sort of a document comes out of this sami and also the other thing to watch for about three and a half hours from now we might get more details and you expect that's because we're
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going to hear a news conference from the president of the united states are we watching out. thanks so much for that all diplomatic efforts of the germans plays well south koreans hope the summit will pave the way for people to realize it with their family and friends in the north hundreds defect from north korea each year most of them settling in the south we spoke to one defector now they are say hello my name is bill young and i am a you tuber in seoul i defected from north korea in two thousand and nine when i was nineteen years old what first came to mind was that people here were learning wrong information so i started my you tube channel because i wanted to share what life in north korea is really like in the memories of my childhood i was taught from a young age in north korea that the south was a very poor country and we must help them if we achieve unification but when i was
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middle school age i watch my first south korean t.v. drama and realized life was a lot different from what i've learned. when i decided to flee i arrived in the south after just one week but i had to pay a broker around twelve thousand dollars so that became a debt that as a nineteen year old i had to pay back so i had to get a part time job as soon as possible then my family told me they wanted to come to the south so i needed more money to pay the broker for about four years i went through a very painful time in the south where i didn't even have time to watch a movie i was very stressed but when my family arrived and we were reunited that's when i began finding stability and thinking that life here was suitable now i am living a very happy and satisfying life. i'm looking forward to the summit in singapore for now i'm very interested in it and i hope it will end with a positive outcome but the two leaders are unpredictable so i also feel anxious
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about it. i'm not sure whether i will ever go back to the north and live there but of course i would like to see the neighborhood where i lived for nearly twenty years that's where i have my childhood memories so i really want to meet my friends again i used to think a lot about whether that moment will ever come. just take you through some of the headlines here now just here and now donald trump and kim jong un are holding the first ever meeting between a sitting u.s. president to the north korean leader the two men held private talks for more than forty minutes with an event translators present. you really really get to know them in this except they're going to sleep. it's going. we will
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be right there. after that trump told reporters here in cannes now have an excellent relationship before they began by actual talks with the u.s. and north korean delegations trump is for the acting tremendous success from the summit. that there will be challenges ahead but we will work with president trump we have became all kinds of skepticism and speculation about the summit and i believe that this is good for the peace. diplomatic editor james space has more from singapore. one of the key questions is about the north koreans giving up their nuclear weapons when the two men were around the table kim was repeatedly asked by reporters three times are you going to give up your nuclear weapons he didn't answer the question that silence i think is another of the key takeaways from this day in other news spain has offered to take in a migrant rescue ship that's been turned away from malta the aquarius is run by the
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charity as made with any caring six hundred twenty nine people who were rescued off the libyan coast. three attacks in afghanistan have killed and injured dozens of people twelve died when a suicide bomber blew himself up with the ministry of rural development in kabul. we're back at the top of the hour stay with us. from the tropics of self. to the various islands in the far north atlantic when i want to use me it's the women who cross the greek for love. to change a community. for me ok and i'm really good you're in the stream now live on you tube today a show page by you or like community will look at china's so-called reeducation
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camps for muslim leaders and in uganda attacks on social media. every day on twitter and facebook we asked for your story ideas and you deliver it our first segment was pitched to us from uganda to uganda mike he talks about an order from the president to tax social networks and then a canary reports course they simply the social media tax in uganda starting in july uganda will tax its citizens two hundred to. about five u.s. cents per day for using social media networks including whatsapp twitter and skype supporters of the tax say it will help alleviate the country's debt.


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