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tv   Paris A Divided City  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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little bit of a measure of the man that has been standing with the u.s. president and praised as a competent man and a great negotiator. we are indeed looking at those pictures james and let me just bring viewers up to speed with what we are looking at we understand that is the motorcade of kim jong un the north korean leader they are running a little bit behind schedule i think at this point but the german was scheduled to be leaving singapore and perhaps that is what we are looking at right now him on his way out of hell hotel we we think. we are still awaiting confirmation though of what exactly he has signed soon as we get that of course we'll be able to talk a little bit more about that we did see the two leaders short while ago dan tromp and kim jong were sitting in that room and signed together a document which both of them praised donald trump calling it important and comprehensive document whatever is in that james it is it safe to say at this point
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this is a turning point in relations between the u.s. and north korea and perhaps even in world politics right now. oh yes it's a very very important turning point in north korea's relations with the u.s. and with the world they certainly turn direction whether they reach a destination is clearly clearly a different matter yes very interesting that we still don't have a copy of this whether it's a letter or a declaration president trump called it a letter because normally when you do these things you have it prepared you have your media strategy prepared president trump said they'd be distributing in the room they didn't so the copies aren't ready that suggests to me maybe and i'm purely speculating here that maybe there were some last minute changes maybe the final version took you know in the last few minutes a few words had to be chain. here and there and they're now preparing that version
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getting ready to send it to us but you just have to look on social media and you'll see those of my colleagues who cover the white house who cover the state department who cover asian relations journalists going what is going on they've signed a document a very important vital document that we all need to report on that is really potentially changing the state of relations in asia particularly on the korean peninsula between north korea and the u.s. and no one has a clue what they signed. and here's a very unusual situation we're going to come back to you no doubt james very as we get some details hopefully soon of what was in that document or letter as donald trump called it for now that's our diplomatic editor there in singapore for heralding a new beginning they were the words of the north korean leader kim jong un after his historic summit with the u.s. president donald trump and singapore the two leaders signed what trump described as
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a comprehensive joint document just a short time ago the details of that document as i mentioned have been released yet trump has promised to reveal more later both leaders and their respective delegations of how private meetings a working lunch and bilateral talks it's the first time a sitting u.s. president has met a north korean leader. we're very proud of what took place today. i think our whole relationship with north korea and the korean peninsula is going to be very much different situation than it has in the past we both want to do something we both are going to do something and we have developed to be a very special bond so. people are going to be very impressed people are going to be very happy and we're going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world then i want to thing. chairman
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kim. spent a lot of time together today very intensive. and i would actually say that it worked out for both of us far better than anybody could have expected i think far better i watched the various news reports i would say far better than anybody even predicted and this is going to lead to more and more and more. almost look so the. today we have a historic meeting and decide to leave the past behind and sign a historic document the world will see a major change i would like to express my gratitude to mr donald trump for making this meeting happen let's turn now to wayne hale is live for us in sol's historic document an important point and the reaction coming in from seoul as we try to figure out what's in the document and what it means. not yet so i mean not in the way of any official reaction coming from the government here in south korea
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certainly we did have some comment from the president in just as the handshake was taking place several hours ago he and his cabinet members were watching the start of that meeting live it was being live into their regular cabinet meeting and he spoke very briefly at the start of that cabinet meeting about what he expected in very general terms but he obviously was quite concerned about it because he said that he didn't sleep much last night so with the president did he have a concern or excitement we don't know but we would expect more comments coming from the government at some stage in the next few hours perhaps not the president himself but maybe a statement from his office the what we have seen in singapore will undoubtedly be welcomed even celebrated by most people in south korea today but that emotion that feeling will very quickly turn to will what nick's this is all very well and good if indeed when we see that statement that it is as expected fairly general in
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nature then south koreans will want to know what the path forward is where are the concrete details how we're going to proceed from here towards those stated goals of denuclearizing the korean peninsula and declaring a formal end to the korean war so those are the things really the south koreans will want to see if indeed that statement is fairly general south korea and south korea's president of course have been very involved in the sort of process that led to this summit taking place give us an idea of what sort of process does south korea see now going forward should exist in order to reach some of those goals that you mentioned. it's been interesting to watch president mungy and as we've been saying he campaigned heavily on better engagement with north korea better relations with pyongyang in the lead up to him assuming the presidency in may last year and
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so far this year you've noticed a change in the situation on the korean peninsula is he had a chance once those provocative acts in north korea in the form of missile tests and nuclear tests came to an end it seemed that there was a noticeable change in attitude and it was a chance for president moon to really start to implement some of those policies that he had campaigned on so heavily and clearly he has been very involved in getting to the stage that we're at now with president trump able to become the first sitting u.s. president to sit down in a room and meet with the north korean leader but as far as any praise goes he's really been wanting to deflect any of that onto president donald trump himself but at a stage when we thought that this summit was all off when president trump canceled it we saw that second summit it was a surprise meeting one that was not expected between president moon and kim jong il and so he's really had to walk a fine line here being
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a mediator between north korea and the united states but at the same time he cannot afford it he hasn't been able to afford to be see too close to either party because that could run the risk of offending or up sitting that party so if he doesn't want too much of a gap of course throughout these negotiations between where he stands and where donald trump stands for example so it's a very delicate balancing act that he's had to walk but clearly one that so far he's managed to do very well so he'll be celebrating this today but knowing that there is a lot of hard work to be done or would it mean for south korea if that statement includes a commitment as we think it might do. for denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula there have been agreements signed before in the past they haven't always gone as expected have. no exactly and that's why i think the overriding emotion for south korea and certainly after the initial amazement at
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what we've seen in singapore fades away will be cautious optimism because we have seen this so many times we've seen denuclearization deals reached we've seen meetings not between a sitting u.s. president between between former u.s. presidents and north korean leaders are the north korean officials and we've seen agreements reached in the korean war but they have fallen apart through many different reasons soon after so there is a sense among south koreans that they have seen all this before they don't trust what they see in pyongyang they don't trust the regime there although according to some pretty unscientific surveys that have been done in south korea in recent months the popularity of kim jong un in south korea is fairly high at the moment so cautious optimism have seen all this before of course they hope that this time is going to be different but when we talk about denuclearization of course that means
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the dismantlement of the north korean nuclear weapon system of its nuclear weapons manufacturing abilities but it also has an implication one would imagine on the u.s. troops that are based here in south korea there are some thirty thousand u.s. soldiers that are based in south korea as part of that so-called nuclear that the u.s. has over south korea as a way of protecting it from any attack from north korea so one would imagine that any deal in the long term that has reached a deal nuclearized peninsula may see a reduction if not the removal of those you u.s. troops from south korea there's absolutely no sign that the u.s. is going to agree to that any time soon but that would be something that south koreans would be particularly concerned about that. that protection that they enjoy having in place that they want here is somehow going to be reduced or even removed altogether you mentioned away moments ago sols keen for
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a formal end to the korean war would that mean for seoul. well it would mean a chance to move on really this country has been at war technically since the end of the korean war it's since it ended in an armistice not in a formal peace treaty back in one nine hundred fifty three so it is technically been at war for that entire time since yes it's been largely peaceful since then there have been some attacks have been provocations there's been violence at times between the two koreas but for the large part it has been peaceful but that scenario has always been hanging over this country hanging over the entire korean peninsula so in a way i think for the younger generation in particular they will be desperately wanting that to happen it enables the country to move forward psychologically it removes a security threat to an extent so therefore as far as things like the economy goes
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political stability goes in this country it enables them to move forward with a bit more certainty and a bit more security when hey there thanks for the view from seoul another country i'll be watching the developments and savor very closely is of course china let's go straight over to florence lou joins us from beijing so a way to get details of what's been signed there by dog trump and kim jong un does that sum up the situation in beijing to right now. well beijing is certainly watching the developments unfold in singapore very very closely i mean in the run up to this meeting beijing is playing a role that it wasn't that it hadn't bargained for it's been left on the sidelines and it's really watching this historic meeting as an observer it hasn't been invited to this summit in singapore even though it is
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a very old ally of north korea it was one of the six party nations involved in talks to persuade north korea to give up its nuclear development program and now it has been in a sense left out of the cold now and the chinese foreign minister said just very recently that china supports these talks and it hopes that these talks will be successful and china ultimately wants to see a consensus reached so that there can be peace and the start of denuclearization on the korean peninsula now what china really wants is when china says denuclearization though it means phased denuclearization says seeing it being given up in phases but not just nuclear arms in north korea but also a reduction in military presence in u.s. military presence in south korea because china deeply resents the presence of american troops in korea so close to its borders and also asia so this is
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something that china will be looking very closely and of course we still don't know what that document that was signed between trump and kim. it contains but china will certainly be very keen to see what it contains and this could also signal the start of a change in the relationship between north korea and china as i mentioned they not only have a very close relationship but china is sometimes regarded as a defender as a protector of north korea even it is north korea's economic lifeline but it all. also stands up for north korea when the rest of the united nations security council want to impose. sanctions on north korea for its nuclear and missile testing and china could be counted on to oppose that until late last year so you know in a sense if this relationship changes then china is going to want to still try and maintain some sort of influence that it has over north korea because in the past it
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has been able to use its relationship with north korea because it was seen as the one country that sometimes had the ear of north korea regarded by many as a rogue nation so you could use this as a bargaining chip when it came to negotiating deals and agreements with other countries including the trade agreements with the u.s. and if it is going to do that then it will want something in return and many analysts say china the ultimate best case scenario for china really is in a reduction of u.s. military presence probably even the withdrawal of u.s. troops although that will be a very long term thing but that can only happen if there's going to be the start of a negotiated peace process and ultimately the formal end to the korean war and if this process is to succeed we shouldn't forget that china does have considerable influence on the process on north korea right is that something that perhaps we expect the u.s. to reach out more to beijing about as this process perhaps goes forward.
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what we have seen in the run up to this meeting the us president donald trump acknowledge china's influence over north korea. at one point he had even blamed china for having sabotaged the meeting that led him to cancel the meeting because he said he had detected a change in kim jong un's attitude after kim met with chinese president xi jinping and then later on he seemed to go back on his words and say that this meeting between came and trump taking place in singapore really is only possible because president xi had helped out quite a bit with this so in a sense he's already acknowledging that china is important to north korea and we've also seen north korea acknowledging how important its relationship with china is and kim arrived in singapore on an edge china plane and not only that north korean
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state media reports at that fact some analysts see this as a sign that the north korean state wanted to tell its people that north korea and china still has close ties but it wasn't just a message to the north korean people analysts saw it as perhaps a sign to the chinese government that north korea still values its relationship with china now one way that china could still maintain its influence over north korea is perhaps in the area of trade these two countries have existing trade ties and the very close trade ties north korea does ninety percent of its trade with china china supplies north korea with much of the oil it needs to keep its economy and the country running china is north korea's economic lifeline and even trump has said that if there's going to be any eventual reconstruction of north korea china and south korea will be the ones doing it because they are in the neighborhood as trumpeted. florence louise bring us the view from beijing on these important
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historical developments have been witnessing science so much lawrence chris relationship with the u.s. is gone from. now a potential friend in a matter of months one country that's experienced a souring of relations with washington over a nuclear issue is iran leaders there are warning pyongyang not to trust the americans more than soon but so are we now joins us live from toronto how iranians are viewing the effort to reach a nuclear deal with north korea. well sammy you can't talk about trump's global policymaking without talking about iran and here in tehran iranian leaders are seeing this summit in singapore very much through the prism of a broken marriage if you will now it was less than a month ago that we were waiting for a decision by the trump white house on the iran nuclear deal and it was less than a month ago that he pulled the united states out of the joint comprehensive plan of
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action the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal with iran and just a day before this summit the foreign minister had a warning for north korea saying that whatever deal you signed with the united states don't trust it they can't be relied upon to stick to their commitments a very critical view of the american so here iran leaders and iranian people alike are really not seeing this event in singapore as this historic event that it may be because in their experience any contract signed with the united states will only last as long as an american president's term in office and so a very very skeptical point of view from iranians here who don't see any positive outcome for north korea from this meeting or for international diplomacy for that matter because as they continue to say the united states cannot be trusted to stay true to its commitments are waiting of course saying to see what is in that. call
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the letter that he signed with kim jong un and to know the answer perhaps of the question of how things proceed and go forward between the u.s. and north korea on that nuclear issue for iran though how is iran contemplating how it will go forward with its nuclear deal that. has to be crumbling at least in terms of relations with the u.s. . exactly and it's not just the diplomatic relationship between the u.s. that had warmed under president barack obama and has now become icy again under president trump the political fallout for iran's leadership here for the government of president rouhani has been. very very trying difficult as well as the economic fallout that continues to hurt iran's overall economy and so the iranian government is still dealing with with the very difficult circumstances that they've been put
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in by the trump white house and it bears repeating during the administration of president george w. bush it was iran iraq and north korea that were labeled the axis of evil so to speak and you have members of that government walking the halls of the trump white house now and so much of the same rhetoric is coming out now iraq has been weakened by years of conflict and if north korea does come to some kind of agreement with the united states that changes its position on the international stage that could put more pressure on iran which would be the last man standing if you will in this sort of so-called axis of evil and so that may put iran in the position of being forced to come back to the negotiating table there may be more pressure on iranian leaders to make more concessions to the united states but that is really unlikely because the trust deficit between iran's leaders and the leadership in washington right now is bigger than it's ever been before so iranians are very unlikely to
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come back to the table and try to strike another deal all right. let's bring in. a professor of korean studies cook when the university joins us now from sol good to have you back with us that start with the the six million dollar question what has been signed today between donald trump and german. well i find myself in the very difficult situation because i'm going to speak you late about something it would be hopefully known for certain in maybe a few minutes of veliki maybe in say half an hour or no. but there are are some here it's just the fall donald trump describes the declaration as all that i saw it makes to suspect that it's more about intentions and set it to go and meet meant than about any kind of deal because being
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a businessman he would probably describe a document different second he said that he was going to need. a number of times in the future which might be seen as an indication of a long term process at legibly of way to getting a clear decision so probably that i view this summer autumn to denigrate ization some more scary and commitment to eventually surrender nuclear weapons maybe even some kind of skidoo forces development which is not going to be followed to be frank bought it we'll sell vel for boss parties and especially for dormant prop but vance again i have to speculate about documents which is for some unknown reason e's has not been released it should be released about how for now are they all about we don't know anything about it yet how close were the positions
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of the two parties not only on denuclearization and how you define that but also on the issue of security guarantees. real it is to be frank there are two types of security threats and united states get guarantee only against one of these two possible sites because of the north korean government the. elite faces a double threat on hand they are afraid to be attacked by a foreign power meaning probably not necessarily united states like it happened to say iraq on the us ahead and they are afraid of some domestic disturbances the mystical evolution of have seen so many times recently in the middle east and it's quite clear that the government of the united states is simply capital or providing security guarantees against internal revolution or
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a conspiracy of high level officials and for journal and he's people such an internal sore at ease probably a greater threat than any thiat of. of risks associated as a foreign attack so more met of what the u.s. government is going to say it's not going to be a comprehensive security guarantee very often is described as a you know guarantee of the system survival of the regime survival nobody can guarantee survival of any. because usually always change by a foreign invasion their seldom change by a foreign invasion but they're usually changed by some domestic illusion that mystical transformation and nobody can prevent it and the leaders from really annoyed perfectly well and they understand that any kind of security guarantees are not perfect and they afraid if they have an evolution. their view would be great to
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for the neighbors to get involved because of political just wreckage you can just feel when you carry and conserves and to prevent such an intervention where they need nuclear weapons and this is one of the reasons why one has to be very skeptical about nor scary is commitment to dinner clearly station so right now there are might be some kind of promises by the united states not to use military force against north korea it's good it's necessary it's timely and we have seen such promises given to cuba back in the early one nine hundred sixty s. and this promises so far have been capped saw well it's a good step in should be done but it's not a comprehensive security guarantee because such a good is not possible. to get your thoughts on that let's bring you some lines in coming in from singapore now apparently what we understand is that that text which
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was signed over that statement which was donald trump and kim jong un signed in that kim jong un the north korean leader committed to complete denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula let's go over to james varies our diplomatic editor and james is your crystal ball becoming a little bit clearer on what exactly they signed. no i think we need to read the whole document and it's rather remarkable i think that a document that is being signed by two leaders that anyone could scan and send in just a few moments still is not with us but we are getting the first as you say lines coming through i'm going to be careful and quote to the source that i have which is the french news agency as it was force press which is part of the white house pool and may well have been given this by the white house they say the trump don't commit. commits the u.s. to security guarantees it. doesn't mean it's going to happen yet but it might be
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happening soon the establishment of new u.s. and north korea relations i assume that means diplomatic relations and kim commits to quote complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula so those are the lines are we getting from as olds false press we still have not got the complete document and those are the very first lines some considerable time now after this document was published agree with me again is grandma webb who is an expert on asian affairs and on north korea graham those are i'm afraid but very small pieces of what president trump was of course it was a compliment comprehensive document what do you make of what i've just told you there and what more do we really need to know to judge this declaration well james i'm going to be very careful as well i think as an analyst we need data points to really make sense of things and right now we're not getting enough data points from
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what little we can glean from clearly this is going to be presumably a game changer we talk about u.s. t.p.r. relations this is really going to be a new milestone if it can happen because right now as it stands the u.s. and north korea do not have a normal relationship and for that to happen i could envisage a number of things one of which of course has been this chatter about the u.s. setting up an embassy present. in north korea that could be a good start but relations that could mean a whole host of things what we're talking about here and economic partnership are we talking about of a military alliance i really don't know right now especially when you think about a security guarantee we can't run away from military affairs and security issues cost security issues we are talking about security guarantees so clearly this u.s. t.p.r. key relations is going to be something that needs to be made very clear to all of us and also it needs to work out all the ensuing risks that need to be managed one of which or several which of course going to be how the chinese are respond to it
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how the japanese and the south koreans are going to sponsor does standing alliances in northeast asia right now just stacked against china that's how china sees that and all these pieces have to be fitted in the way that really establishes debility and progress of the region rather than and the opposites of outcomes talking about security guarantees what to the north koreans need to hear remember there are u.s. troops in south korea on the other side of the demilitarized zone very very close twenty eight thousand five hundred troops and on the north koreans going to think well what happens if president trump snortin office and it's something they may think because of something president trump did the u.s. did a deal with iran on its nuclear program and president trump ripped that one up exactly so that's the reason why i have an extremely large question mark right before me before all of us what does this security arrangement really look like can it work can it in do your can in india or past the administrations beyond the trump
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administration we don't know who else is going to come after trump but clearly there will have to be a consistency that provides a kind of assurance for north korea to work on and to cooperate with the americans because it is going to flip and flop from administration to administration the north koreans clearly will not want to play ball with that because they've seen how that's panned out across different administrations in the past with other. rocks. if you like all adversaries of the united states so i have a lot more questions right now i'm still pretty unsettled and i think a short enough for what little we've been very quickly can you think of any good reason why they would sign a document and we don't have a copy of it well if we set the bar extremely law and i think we might have had some success right there i think in the least this document could reflect the ongoing commitment they haven't given up to talking even though there's no clarity in the conversation but at least diverting all their energies right now to talking rather than fighting or saber rattling i think in the least just having
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conversations might be invaluable in itself graham thank you very much one reason perhaps we don't have the document is this news conference coming up perhaps reporters aren't getting don't have a chance to plan their questions too far in advance just a thought so i mean thanks so much james bays diplomatic editor there so just to bring you the headlines from that north korea committing to complete the nuclear eyes ation we're told the u.s. and north korea are committing to establishing relations we've seen a historic moment and seen there where the leaders of north korea and the united states sat down signed a statement the contents of which we are still waiting for but both hailed it as a story document but back to the top of the hour do stay with us here on al-jazeera . al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to
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people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. it was the earth. hello welcome again to rewind i'm fully back to book since al jazeera english launched more than a decade ago with built up an incredible library of award winning films here on rewind where revisiting some of the best of them and finding out what's happened since ten years ago cost of all sandwiched between serbia and albania on the balkan
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peninsula declared itself independent and independence held the promise of a new beginning after a bloody war had ravaged the country at the end of the one nine hundred ninety s. in the months following the emergence of this new nation al-jazeera correspondent bonamy phillips traveled to the village of barrack of all where ethnic said he and sowed fled during the war where returning to make a new life alongside their albanian needless from two thousand and eight he is bonna beasts film about one villages attempt to forge an inclusive and peaceful future kosovo a year of fear and hope. this is western kosovo and behind me you can see the village of but. it's just a small place but what makes it so unusual in kosovo is that in late two thousand and seven a handful of serb families who had run away during the war decided to come back
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here that makes but one of the very few communities in kosovo where ethnic albanians and ethnic serbs live side by side as neighbors we decided to follow two families in one albanian and one throughout this his story in kosovo our idea was to see what the prospects of two communities living in peace in a land which has been divided for so long by hatred and war. as you can fell a party the night that made lease. on moved into courts of. the suppressed k.l.a. guerrillas fighting for independence for the majority albanian population too. many albanians fled into neighboring countries
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a desperate exodus fueled by atrocities carried out by so troops. in march ninety ninety nine nato began yugoslavia to stop the persecution of albanians. nato succeeded in forcing serb troops out but failed to protect civilians. now they suffered ethnic cleansing at the hands of albanians some one hundred thousand fled from costs of the province which is regarded as the spiritual home slipped out of belgrade control. if. nine years have passed it's february two thousand and eight and salva bad yak is one of the serbs who's come back to rebuild his old life in the village of berk of for salva and his wife lubyanka
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a new start after years of demoralising exile in southern serbia. we only got here two months ago everything was in ruins and overgrown with weeds we have to start a life from zero which is very difficult so far we haven't had any problems without enablers. for the time being. programmer. but solve those children could see no future in this ruined village and decided not to come back with him to cos about. returning serbs are mainly old mainly men. they've just heard that cos of those ethnic albanian. will declare independence from serbia in the coming days
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they warre on what this means. bizarre as it is no matter how hard they're trying to take it away from us we are stain i haven't stolen anything from anyone this is mine and mine alone it's all i have. on the other side of the lake chad of course avails divine. is an ethnic albanian working the land a verdict of over thirty years a tough life because even afford to send his children to school but he believes independents will change everything if. the board. god willing it will be soon things will change for the better and we waited one hundred years for this and that said but you patients. so how did he and his family feel about serbs coming back to the village what.
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they've come back to their property laws that have done something wrong will not come back and they don't come back but the ones who have returned have done nothing wrong so i'm not going to harm them they will be in their homes and we will be in our homes so everything is normal. the declaration of independence by course of his government was accompanied by an eruption of joy. in the capital pristina at the sculpture spells out the word new for the ethnic albanian crowd saw this as the triad the culmination of a long bloody struggle against the sides. it was still dark. we're breaking into our programming here to take you to singapore where we understand details are now coming in of that agreement or that statement that was signed by
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the u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un let's go straight to our diplomatic editor james bays james i understand we've now finally got the text what does it say. yes well we haven't got the text released from the white house we played detective here you'll remember the president trump held up his signature for everyone to see well with high resolution photographs and camera lenses you can look very closely at it and then you can work out what the words were on the text and that is what we have been doing do we have what the might bump aoe was saying was the bottom line for this the so-called c.v. the complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization will certainly those words spoken appear to be in the document there are four main points let me bring back in
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our analyst graham on web who's with me again and your with me now graham we've got the main what i've decided is the main points quoted from the photograph that we have deciphered let me go through them with you point number one the u.s. and the d.p. r. k. that's the democratic people's republic of korea that's north korea commit to establish a new us north korea relations in accordance with the desire of the people of the two countries for peace and prosperity your view on that point it doesn't say diplomatic no it doesn't but it seems to suggest that that could clearly be the case down the road if it insists it's a sore cordons with the desires of the north korean and american people saw it opens a door towards normalization opens a door towards diplomatic recognition recipe. it's and doing the stuff that all normal states do with each other which is to interact in economic political diplomatic scientific terms i trust or i think it opens a doorway to that anything that's quite promising and quite new i would say ok
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point to the u.s. and the d p r k that's north korea will join their efforts to build a last thing and stable peace regime on the korean peninsula this isn't quite new i think this is still all the wine in new bottles that time and time again over the years there have been statements and variation of this about a commitment a joint working together towards a stable peace arrangement or peace regime in the region so i think this is still in big us in my in my opinion it doesn't have enough detail to tell to tell us what exactly is the configuration of this piece of you can open question point key point three out of the out of the declaration they've signed tromping kim reaffirming the april twenty seventh twenty eight hundred. and that was the declaration at the summit between president moon and chairman kim that took place at the demilitarized zone it goes on the d.p. r k that's north korea commits to work towards the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula your view of those words because it doesn't have that save it
9:43 am
language in it exactly it doesn't say it's going to do it it's going to work towards it you know exactly this is a more tepid statement i would say it's it's a it's a it's a commitment it's a commitment to do something not an act of doing something so clearly tells us a lot here that still the d.p. arc in the lease is in a spirit of trying to work its way toward some sort of denuclearization project that it's workable for the country but it does not suggest in any way that they are about to embark on. a sea that anytime soon so this this statement needs to be approached with with a pinch of salt final point of the key points point for the u.s. and north korea commit to recovering prisoner of war missing the missing in action remains including the immediate repatriation of those already. ten to five now this i'm sure refers to the korean war between one hundred fifty nine hundred fifty three where there were almost forty thousand americans killed i assume this is something that president trump can take home for domestic consumption i think he
9:44 am
can and once again it also opens the door to something quite interesting and here i think is an allusion to the prospect of ending the korean war because you only return prisoners of war and missing in action personnel only when hostilities are done and the war has terminated you don't do that and it's in the middle of a walkley does not establish behavior. so this opens a door to the prospect of the site of the end of the war and on top of that possibly in the near future maybe an allusion to the signing of a peace treaty might well be those are the key four points that are in this there is a preamble there's other bits there may be an excuse that we haven't seen so we make that kaviak but having seen those four points you heard trump describe this as comprehensive and historic your view. well it all depends on once again how high or low you set the bar in terms of performance and outcome success for me and i suppose i said it quite high as most analysts do because we want to see more
9:45 am
more substance and right now we're not seeing it so in overall terms he doesn't probably say this is a comprehensive. document but i think it still smacks of comprehensive ambiguity ambiguity in my book clearly this is the beginning of a long process but this first round in singapore who did better the north koreans or the u.s. because in some ways the north koreans won just because this meeting took place exactly so i think when sides let's talk about the north korean side for us i mean for kim to condone his his whole objective his call mission really has been very simple get into singapore shake hands with president donald trump get tons and tons of digital message to bring back home to his people consolidate his power further so they can remain in poland and make sure the regimes that states entrenched in north korea and it comes more difficult to remove the regime that's what he wants he wants a legacy he wants continuity there for the u.s.
9:46 am
sites a little bit different i think it's about really having the last word in having the loudest voice in the room and i think that's what we saw a sense of that the optical side of things really in that respect from president trump was really about being the man in charge and showing that he's leaving the dogs he's speaking out more he's calling the shots and americans basically will have the last see in terms of how this is going to be resolved only two parties were here kim and trump there are other interested parties how do you think this will be viewed very quickly let's go through them how will this be viewed in seoul in south korea and i think i saw will be overjoyed because it's in line with many of the things they have talked about the very fact that the declaration has been referenced explicitly here is going to be. that's the sweetest possible song for present mood right now i mean this is music to his ears to say to himself look this is this document is building on what i've achieved on the twenty seventh of april
9:47 am
and so therefore if it takes it to full consideration the concerns of south korea and where they stand in all of this and how they see the resolution of the crisis so i think that's important for japan i was going to ask you about japan because they approach more wary about this process and do you think kim might be pleased that there might be a bit of a division between the u.s. allies on this i think there will be because i think one of the things that the destruction would like to have seen was perhaps even though there was an agreement not to mention mexico maximum pressure but to have some sort of reference to that that sanctions will remain in place until such a time when good behavior needs rewarded and we don't see that right now i think that the lid on that has been lifted and i think this is going to be a disappointment to the japanese who want to see. unrelenting pressure being placed on the north koreans until a point when they actually do something substantive to really believe the issue and right now the north koreans are really not giving up anything other than dead
9:48 am
bodies perhaps. but clearly for for talk you're not good enough ok the last pit well there are many other pieces of the picture but in terms of the key regional players we mustn't leave out china it is north korea's neighbor it is north korea's biggest trading partner north korea's had more relations in recent years with china although the real relationship has been far from perfect how will china see this i think china would clearly be the most concerned stakeholder right now amongst the three countries we're talking about south korea japan and china and for china really what's going to be a red flag for them will be point number one establishment of new u.s. relations on this really might possibly be a red line for the chinese now what's going to happen we can expect. over the next few days is for beijing and john young to have conversations to clarify what this means it has to be clearly for beijing president xi jinping this will have to be if
9:49 am
at all done in a manner that's going to be acceptable to the chinese and i can't quite see how that's going to play out right now in a way that's favorable to china because this smacks of alliance possibly or partnership that for them naturally would just fit into this hypothesis of a growing containment strategy against china that all the ducks are basically lined up again against china south korea japan and now north korea so this is clearly going to be a very big issue for beijing right now and even despite what the one years mentioned i think behind closed doors they're going to have to scratch especially heads over this one and work out the finer details and see how this is going to play out. thank you so much for being with us over the last few hours and making sense of this fast moving story we're still getting details of this declaration i can actually show it to you know sammy this is the declaration that was signed quite some time ago between the u.s.
9:50 am
president and the north korean leader this though is not the actual document released by the white house or the state department photos have been examined very closely all of what the president held up and from a digital photo this is been transcribed by my colleague our senior producer korean affairs with some kim but we do have it in the end this is the document and those key points we've gone through line by line. thanks for the detective work there james bangs that is bring in wayne hay now he's live for us from seoul so. does this live up to the expectations of people there in seoul. well i think that they were schooled and warned really that expectations should be fairly low from the summit between donald trump and kim jong un when it comes to any major announcements that may be made we even heard from when jay in on monday saying look nothing major can come out of this first meeting between trump and kim when it
9:51 am
comes to the stated aims of an end to the korean war and a denuclearization deal on the korean peninsula that could take one two years perhaps even longer and he was very clear that people should not expect too much from this deal so i don't think people will be overly surprised they will be happy that this seemed to go well that the two donald trump and kim jong un appeared to get along well and so overall it will be viewed as being positive if not a little light on detail and the question will remain now will where do we go to next one of the details that we will be worked on now so we can begin to see some progress in those stated aims of denuclearizing the korean peninsula and bringing in to the korean war there was no mention as far as we know as james says we're still going through some of the finer points of that statement no mention of. the
9:52 am
people who have been abducted from south korea by the north koreans from south korea and from japan for that matter as well something that. the japanese prime minister had pushed very hard to be included in these negotiations between trump and kim we don't know if that was discussed at all maybe we will find out from donald trump when he holds his media conference but certainly it doesn't appear if things like that or other human rights issues were mentioned in that statement there is a mention though about the united states and north korea committing to establish a new u.s. d.p. r. k. relations out doesn't say diplomatic relations it doesn't specify a formal end to the war but that perhaps offer a glimmer of hope. yes a certainly think it will it's security really is what the south koreans are predominately worried about at the moment and when you talk about the denuclearization of the korean peninsula that could well mean in any future deal or reduction or indeed the removal of the u.s.
9:53 am
troops that are based in south korea there are almost thirty thousand u.s. soldiers in south korea at any one time so the south koreans don't want to see obviously those troops that protection from the u.s. removed or reduced any time soon so the fact that they are talking about diplomatic ties building political relations between north korea and the united states one would imagine would be would be welcomed by most south koreans would certainly be welcomed by the south korean government here led by president moon julian who has very much been a key player in getting this summit to happen has been a key player mediating between kim jong un and donald trump so we're yet to see an official statement following the release of this declaration from the south korean government but one would imagine that it will be fairly positive attitude here there isn't a specific statement anywhere about the process going forward establishing that you
9:54 am
know there was some speculation that this my and with an announcement of establishing some kind of on offices some time table for talks going forward one assumes that is going to be put together or it's already being put together and it will be announced what sort of role will we see sol play in this. well i think one positive to take out of this is again the fact that things seem to go well we've ended with what appears to be a very general statement some some might even say a bland statement or declaration between trump and kim but there's certainly no barriers there at the moment in the way of south korea continuing with some of the work in dealing with north korea that we've seen over the past couple of months and that work is well underway we've seen a delegation from south korea already heading across the border to the song industrial park which was closed in two thousand and sixteen to look at the facilities there in the name of setting up
9:55 am
a joint liaison office which was agreed between north and south korea that is in the name of communication between the two sides they're going to hold talks about sending a joint team to the asian games coming up in indonesia we have very high level military talks between north and south korea happening this week happening on thursday so those things are under way and that's very much being driven of course again by president mungy and so nothing coming out of singapore today will get in the way of those negotiations those dealings those on the ground practical workings that the north and south koreans already have underway when it comes to the return of the remains of soldiers missing in action or prisoners of war that is something moon g.m. has talked about as well that he wants to prioritize he wants to be able to go into that demilitarized zone in particular to be able to look for the remains of south korean and u.s. soldiers that are in there that's going to be some way off but clearly he will
9:56 am
welcome that in the declaration as well weigh in let me bring in some more detail here that comes in there is a mention of something of a process for the u.s. in the d.p. r. k. this statement says commit to hold a follow on negotiations led by the u.s. secretary of state mike compare and a relevant high level d p r k official at the year. earliest possible date so no specific no specific date there but there is some kind of process outlined involving the u.s. secretary of state how do you think people will interpret though the commitment the d.p. r. k. is giving to work towards complete denuclearization rather than to complete denuclearize ation. yes what should say first of all regards to the u.s. secretary of state he is now going to head towards south korea to give a full briefing of what happened in singapore but regards to the working towards denuclearization people will be
9:57 am
a bit concerned about that they want denuclearization to happen they know that this is potentially going to be a long process but ideally they would like that to be sped up so there will be some skepticism about that. thanks so much wayne hey there let's recap the latest developments donald trump and kim jong un summit in singapore the two leaders signed described as a comprehensive joint document they've committed to establish new relations the u.s. and north korea will join efforts to build a lasting and stable peace in the area north korea says it's committed to working towards the complete denuclearize age of the korean peninsula and both countries have committed to repatriate the remains of prisoners of war that is the document that its president called historical or bring you more details on this that's coming up in about three minutes with my colleague richelle the news continues here
9:58 am
on how does iraq stay with us. hello there is i'm surprised me not much rain around a few showers in northern iraq a few showers around the caucasus otherwise we're talking about the bt suburbs of course lefse temperatures courses significantly so history in toronto but crew should be in forty one in baghdad shows a reduction in temperature but you're best off if you look at the mediterranean twenty seven were typical of anywhere on the coast of the eastern med with a few showers runs for cyprus running into syria. or lebanon otherwise it is still sunshine and it's been hot sunshine to this size despite the fact has been a strong blowing recently that's for bahrain and also account of the temperature in dire how is above where you might expect it to be compared with the averages for
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the better number dobby as where it should be in places like mecca not overly hot here at all and this cloud gathering again is an expectation this time the year the month monsoons going up to india the cloud edges caught in the coast of oman sometimes further inland as well sir lala being the focus now are we seeing any rain downey's south africa cape town in particular not much in the immediate future but there is a circulation off the coast to durban which will bring in some tad bit of fog and the more even that is disappearing about some get to wednesday and most least a picture of sunshine.
10:00 am
arts. donald trump and him trying to write a new chapter in history and develop a very special pawn in the process that really going to lead to a lot of progress really very probably better than anybody could expect us president gives us his thoughts after his first face to face meeting with the north korean leader. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up stranded at sea hundreds of migrants rescued off the libyan coast remain adrift with the.


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