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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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make a deal and make it a deal is a great thing for the world it's also a great thing for china because i can't imagine that china has you know is happy with somebody having nuclear weapons so close so you know that's china was very helpful so i think he wants to make a deal can anybody be certain but we're going to be certain soon because the negotiations continue ok thank you very much. go ahead. and. write yes i would say. you know if you want to ever. see this press conference the one hundred pounds of north koreans network. you or trade them why didn't i think the regime in pyongyang no i think i helped them because i think cheap things will change i think i've helped them there's nothing i can say all i can do is do what i can do we have to stop the nuclear ization we
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have to do other things and that's a very important thing so at a certain point hopefully you'll be able to ask me a much more positive question or make a statement but. not much i can do right now at a certain point i really believe he's going to do things about it i think he i think they are one of the great winners today that large group of people that you talk about i think ultimately they're going to be one of the great winners as a group yes are going to you know would you ever consider removing the sanctions without significant improvement in the human rights situation no one significant improvement i want to know that it won't be happening and again once you start that process there will be a point at which even though you won't be finished for a while because it can happen scientifically or mechanically but you're not going to be able to go back you know once we reach that point i'll start to give that very serious thought yes go ahead. go ahead go ahead you first did you also house the cost of the vehicle i think was going whole foot the bill was crippling
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sanctions remain based on how well i think that south korea and i think that japan will help them very greatly i think they're prepared to help them they know they're going to have to help them i think they're going to help them very greatly we want to have to help them the united states has. been paying a big price a lot of different places but south korea which obviously is right next door in japan which essentially is next door they're going to be helping them and i think they're going to be doing a very generous job in a terrific job so they will be helping them yes ma'am go ahead behind yes thank you thank you i'd like to follow on question i have to how long. he said a long time what is that what i don't know when you say a long time i think we will do it is fast as it can be done scientifically as fast as it can be done mechanically i don't think i mean i've read horror stories it's
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a fifteen year process ok if assuming you wanted to do it quickly i don't believe that i think whoever wrote that is wrong but there will be a point at which when you're twenty percent through. you can't go back i had an uncle who was a great professor for i believe forty years at mit and i used to discuss nuclear with him all the time he was a great expert he was a great brilliant genius dr john trump at mit think it was there forty years i was told fact the head of mit sent me a book on my uncle and but we used to talk about nuclear talking about a very complex subject it's not just like oh gee let's get rid of the nukes it takes it takes a period of time but the main period of time that i'm talking is that first period when you when you hit a certain point you can't go back it's very hard to go back. and we don't know but it will go pretty quickly. go ahead sure thanks mr president i
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wanted to ask again on the sanctions campaign you know you alluded at the very beginning that the chinese are not doing as great a job securing the border as they were before you express you know some doubts when cam went to see president xi the russian foreign minister with n.p.r. and yang and that there shouldn't be any thanks as well these negotiations are underway and the south koreans are now talking about restoring some form of trade so with all of those players appearing to be moving toward eroding sanctions how can you keep things and regime in place what leverage do you have of these companies on these countries well i think we have a lot of leverage i think we have tremendous leverage i do believe that china despite my relationship with president xi a man who i told you i have great respect for and like also a lot. you know we're having very tough talks on trade and i think that probably affects china somewhat but i have to do what i have to do and i think over the last two months the border is more open than it was when we first started but that is
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what it is we have to do it we had a we have a tremendous. tremendous deficit in trade. commonly known as a trade deficit we have a tremendous deficit in trade with china we have to do something about we can't continue to let that happen and i think that has. had an impact on my relationship in terms of the border i don't think it has a relationship you know i don't think it affects my life my feeling on my relationship to president xi but when we first started we weren't ready to go that route and as we started preparing and getting ready to do that i think that's had an impact on frankly the border which is a shame but i have to do it i have no choice for a country have to do it south korea will do whatever is necessary to get a deal done and that means we can trade with them not going to trade they're definitely not going to trade if they think and they would do this with our
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concurrence if they think that they can do some work because we're very far down the line we're actually very far you know that document when you read it today that's far down the line that's not something that just happened to be put together this was done over months and again the rhetoric was important in the sanctions were important i don't even know which one was more important they were both in borneo go ahead. in their concert. wondering if you could give us some sense of whether the chairman tim how many nuclear weapons he believes he made whether he's willing to turn those over first and then whether in your mind you need to do more than was gone in the iran deal for actually dismantling the both of your brain even the plutonium process and whether or not you had a sense that chairman kim really understood what that involves and had
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a timetable in his own mind of shutting that well david i can tell you he understands. he understands it so well he understands it better than the people that are doing the work for him that is an easy one as far as what he has it's substantial very substantial the timing will go quickly i believe you'll see some good action i mean as an example one of the things with the missile set i think you're probably surprised to hear that there was a throw in at the end the missiles. but i really believe david that is going to go very quickly i really believe that it's going to go fast and it is a very substantial arsenal there's no question about it you know i used to say maybe it's all talk and no action but we have pretty good intelligence into that although probably less there than any other country you understand it may be better than anybody in the room probably less there than any
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other country but we have enough intelligence to know that what they have is very substantial this is why david i always say that this should have taken place so late into the process would this have been better if it was five years ago or twenty years ago or fifteen years ago when we didn't have to worry about not having a successful meeting like today. and i still love my first interview with you dave . i still have that interview actually yeah go ahead. thank you. oh yeah. we haven't set that up. we'll probably need another summit will probably need or meeting we could use a different term but we'll probably need another one we'll probably i will say this one much further along than i would have thought i did not think would be i thought and i've told people i don't want to build up people's hopes too much i told people
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i thought that this would be a successful meeting if we got along we developed a relationship and we could have maybe got did this point in three or four months from now but it really happened very quickly a lot of that was because of the foundation that was put down before we met. a lot of things happened very fast we didn't have as an example bringing back the remains that was not one of the things that was on our agenda today i brought that up at the very end because so many people have talked to me about it and i brought it up at the very end and. he was really very gracious and sort of say well let's talk about it the next time he said it makes sense we will do it and he knew you know they know where many of those incredible people are with their buried along roads along highways along paths usually because our soldiers were moving back and forth and that it would rapidly it's very sad but he knew and that was brought up at the
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very end and you know it was really great that he was able to do a lot of people are going to be very happy about that yes go ahead please. thank you. rightly thank you thank you for the nice way you treated us we appreciate the really it's very good it's really beautiful what you do go ahead so you can now i'll probably get this killer question as well i do want to talk about the north pacific lead people are and don't you think warning a bright future prosperity for. a price you showed in the video what evil eye but do you have an idea that the only of the bottle that you would like to get more economically is the open to more economic to good question so you sort tape today and that i think was done really well but that was done at the highest
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level of future development i told him you may know what this you may want to do a much smaller version of this i mean you going to do something but you may want to do a smaller version you may not want that with the trains and everything you know super everything the top and maybe you won't want that it's going to be up to them it's going to be up to them it's going to be up to the people what they want they may now want that i can understand that too but that was a version of what could happen what could take place as an example they have great beaches you see that whenever there are exploding their cannons into the ocean so i said look at that we would would not make a great condo be either and i explained i said you know instead of doing that you could have the best hotels in the world right there think of it from a real estate perspective you have south korea you have china and they own the land in the middle how bad is that right it's great but i told them i said you may not want to do what's there you may want to do a smaller version of it or you know and they could be although i tell you what he
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he looked at that tape he looked at that i pad and i'm telling you they they are. they really enjoyed it i believe ok. yeah go have a couple more ok we'll do three more go ahead go. yes hydra to my undercover again this week where have i been half so many cars off i know that's a house he came to. as an equal in what way you just showed a video that showed you and him on equal footing discussing the no i think that i think that i don't view it that we'll see i don't view of that way. i'll do whatever it takes to make the world a safer place if i have to say i'm sitting on a stage i mean i understand what you're getting at if i have to say i'm sitting on a stage with chairman kim and that's going to get us to save thirty million lives
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could be more than that. i'm willing to sit on the stage i'm willing to travel to singapore very proudly very gladly again i you know other than the fact that it is taking my time. they have given up a tremendous amount they give it up even before and even ahead the olympics to it you know you could add the olympics to the question they went to the olympics they took an olympics that was going to be a massive failure that maybe wouldn't even opened and they made it a tremendous success by agreeing to participate and that to the list of things that they've done so ryan if i can save millions of lives by coming here sitting down and establishing a relationship with someone who's very powerful man who's got firm control of a country and that country has very powerful nuclear weapons it's my honor to.
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be like oh no i'm not concerned. we could use that video for other countries. go ahead. mr president in the year two thousand president clinton got aggressed by kim jong il got impressed got a request from kim jong il to travel to got to meet him and clinton refused a grid of state overright he did a great deal and he spent three billion dollars and got nothing and if you ordered make a nuclear weapons the president today one of the other hand got the request and right away went here to meet him and you understand those people say that you gave him the ultimatum present the legitimacy to or e.g. more oppressed people and without ongoing process before you as the u.s. president at the leader of the free world meet and shake hands with that leader of north korea with perceived to be oppressing brutally people take it i think of we
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just said simply but do you understand why i understand a much better than you do ok yeah go ahead ahead go. thank you very much yes the president. i. you mentioned a couple specific concessions that you got from him overturn of an option of the nuclear site and i know that that and much more and much more of a yeah i know you said the last thing with an add on that was in the room and that you were to follow through on things what are you prepared to do fun and well you. know i think you'll do it i really believe that otherwise i wouldn't be doing this i really believe and it was really the engine testing say in addition to all of the other things that they've agreed to do it was the they have a very powerful engine testing site that again we're able to see because of the
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heat that they that it emits and i'm able to i'm very happy i'll tell you what i'm very happy with those two points of two points you mentioned but i think you might be referring to the thing that's not in which is the engine testing say i think he's i think honestly i think he's going to do these things i may be wrong i mean i may stand before you in six months and say hey. i was wrong i don't know that i'll ever admit that but i'll find just find some kind of an excuse ok i wanted to one more about. your go ahead go ahead sure. thank you thank you for telling him to give time i just don't like to know why you call chinese presence when you come back to d.c. yes to discuss about achievements you me today when yes charming pain and i will what's your expectation about china's road to a salary the process to establish in the long term means making them well my expectation about china is that china is a great country with a great leader and
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a friend of mine and i really believe that he's happy that we've made this kind of progress that i've heard from him but i will be calling a very shortly maybe even before i land. and i have to say you know and the united states is a great country and we have set records economically over seven trillion dollars in net worth addition to what we have and we are almost twice the size of the economy of the united states nobody talks about this because you do hear a lot about china rightfully so but the united states now is almost twice the size of the economy of china we have a great country and we're on a correct path ok one more that will be a. south korea where south korea i think you deserve go ahead go you deserve and yes. you deserve one.
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but two questions for you mr president first you mentioned earlier that you're going to talk with south korean president lee and yet you don't want to guess what you plan to discuss and i just want to tell him about the meeting very successful and he'll be very much involved in the final negotiation he's a very very fine gentleman also a friend of mine and. i look forward to speaking of he'll be very happy when he. years about i've already sent word to him about what happened i sent the document to him actually and all of the details behind the document so i'll be talking to him very shortly another question in signing a peace treaty do you hope you plan to work this out with north korea's chairman kim only or what do you think about the involvement of south korea and china as the signatory i'd like to have them involved also there's a question as to whether or not we're supposed to or whether or not we legally have to i don't care i think it would be great to have china involved and also of course south korea. what.
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i might do they have a transcript they probably have a rough transcript which you can get was if you have one. no they didn't record it . i don't think they recorded it are there any recordings of it i wish there were. because it is interesting stuff say i don't we probably have some notes or something but they they have actually detailed notes i would imagine but we. we had a great we had a great conversation it was a very heartfelt conversation. the one i don't have to verify because i have one of the great memories of all time thought i don't have to. ok. yeah but i don't want to discuss it but well we did is we've had. we've had numerous discussions we've had very important relationships established at mike's
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level and other levels in fact a couple of people here from as you know from north korea they're in the room we have a few people in the back also from the room so when we went into this final agreement a very importantly we really didn't go in cold we went in with tremendous relationship and tremendous knowledge and i think that's why we got it done so i'm going to head back i don't know about you folks but it's been a long time since. i've taken it easy so now we can take it a little bit easier and then the work begins again and i appreciate everybody being here i hope we've answered your questions and thank you very much and sort of congratulations everybody because this is really to me it's a very important event in world history and to be really true to myself i have to add i want to get it completed so mike our whole team has to get to work and get it completed because otherwise we've done a good job but if you don't get the ball over the goal line it doesn't mean enough
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so thank you and sort of congratulations to everybody in the room thank you very much appreciated thank you. so a remarkable. press conference probably from the u.s. president and singapore. probably about an hour long one in which. criticize repeatedly previous u.s. administrations and one of the us is close allies canada but spoke of kim jong un as a great personality very smart. really a strong show of confidence in kim jong un almost describing someone that it's completely at odds with what the international community is description of the leader of north korea kim jong un are can really help it is in the room where president on a trip just wrapped up his speech again taking several questions almost an hour long there's a lot to unpack here kimberly saul let you touch on the highlights first and then what will begin. so let's start
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with denuclearization a lot of criticism when that that signed agreement between kim. and the u.s. president ronald trump that it was thin on detail that it didn't spell out a timetable it didn't clarify how this progressed and i don't think anyone listening to this last hour has a better understanding of that beyond the assurance that the u.s. president says that there is a lot that was agreed to that isn't in that signed agreement simply because there wasn't time the president kept promising that this would be handed out to reporters i can tell you it hasn't been handed out it appears that this has been done so hastily that he highlighted the fact that some of the things he's most proud of are not in that agreement most notably that he says that he secured the donald trump says he secured the destruction of a major missile testing site and that that is not in there because it came after
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the fact as they were drawing up that document but he certainly also defended some of the criticisms with regard to the issue of verification because of course we've heard the united states say repeatedly its position is that there must be complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization many saying that perhaps the. irreversible the verification part not clarified in that document the u.s. president responding to that question repeatedly saying in fact yes it is i give you my word that it's in there that is the understanding it's going to begin in fact he says he believes that process has already begun alluding to the fact that there had been one site that well not verified by international experts in the presence of few weeks ago foreign journalist so that seems to be what he was alluding to so on the issue of denuclearization again it doesn't appear we have a lot more clarification of how that will take place only that we know that the
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u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe will be leading those discussions that will be difficult and also that the u.s. president will continue to stay intimately involved saying that at some point the north korean leader has accepted an invitation to come to the white house the u.s. president may go to pyongyang but he says that that won't happen right away right can really touching on some of the highlights of what president onil trump just said over the past hour still a lot more to get into a lot more analysis which we'll continue to do throughout this newscast so now let's go to wayne hey who is live in seoul south korea one of the big takeaways wayne president of trump announced is that the war games between the u.s. and south korea are supposed to stop or is was that something we expected him to say. no i think that president donald trump now has some explaining to do to the south korean president in he opened his remarks in
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singapore thereby saying that by thanking the stars but also by saying that he will make a phone call to him to brief him on his discussions with kim jong un after the media conference we know that the south korean president was watching the media conference here because you said that he would issue a statement after that it seems that there was no discussion about this is far as we know publicly anyway that the u.s. is going to pull out of these military exercises these are exercises that the u.s. and south korea and other countries countries particularly japan take part in in south korea or in the waters surrounding the korean peninsula regularly throughout the year there is another one called the freedom guardian a military exercise which is due to start in all guess so not very long at all so this clearly is going to have an immediate impact in terms of the relationship between north korea south korea and the united states north korea has always been
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opposed to these joint military exercises in south korea saying that they are a precursor a rehearsal by the u.s. and south korea to invade the north but south korea in the usa they're not that defensive in nature so it seems as if the u.s. president donald trump has made a huge concession here by deciding to get rid of these joint military exercises all right wayne hale with the perspective there in seoul south korea let's go now to our diplomatic editor change space who is back in singapore. president packed a lot into that press conference obviously one of the big takeaways is this show of confidence he seems to have him which aren't. i don't think the international community has had that experience with him specifically or north korea. and general and really very few specifics on what actually this agreement means and how it's
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actually going to be carried out what does this mean going forward chains. well clearly it's a historic meeting that the leaders of these two countries have met for the first time since north korea was created and that's nearly seventy years ago but have they agreed anything historic president trump always believes his own talking points and it's clear we heard him for an hour there he believes he's come up with a historic statement that makes very new ground let's see what others think malcolm cook of the lowy institute which is an australian think tank is here with me how much of this is new if you look at the joint statement which is quite short many of those things have been said before by previous north korean leaders particularly the father of kim jong il and what's new is president trump's belief in himself is very different and his belief in kim jong un that's what's news ending those
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military exercises involving the u.s. and south korea is not in even in the agreement and yet he announced it in the press corps yes and i wonder if secretary of state maddest knew that our secretary of defense mattis or the geminis knew that i think it might have surprised many people on the wonder was that such a good idea to give it away so soon do you think he has given too many things away as an early stage even those there are those who question whether he should even had a meeting at this stage because this meeting certainly did create that sense of equality between the two including the choreographing so i think that's a huge propaganda win for north korea and particularly kim jong il and this is a huge win for north korea so far given. particularly the shortness of the joint statement and the language in it will work toward something will commit toward something that's quite soft diplomatic language you know that's no nets no firm
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commitment in the in bo's words and criticism of all of those that went before him perhaps very quickly you could remind us of some of the other efforts in the past which he says were all failures never go anywhere as far as this but some of those words seem very similar yes we had the night early ninety's agreement that led to the agreement to get rid of the nuclear power stations so-called claim in north korea in her turn for light water reactors that was cancelled after it was discovered that north korea were cheating we ran this again in the early two thousand for a similar result and he's also criticizing not only democratic predecessors to him but also republicans so he's putting himself in a much different category than all other presidents in the u.s. for the last seventy years and the woods about chairman kim was so complementary there were questions about the people in the gulags the first time he
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was asked about human rights he said that was all down to auto warm beer but no criticism really of the human rights record in north korea which is according to the united nations and human rights organizations one of the worst places on earth to live and chairman kim killed his own uncle on his own older brother so this is the talented man there so i'm pretty sure the g six leaders are reflecting on their summit meeting with trump that led angela merkel to say the outcome was depressing and i think they think chairman kim probably isn't very depressed on this flight back home and you see these comments when you listen about the g. seven summit and this summit you see the comments about chairman kim and then the comments about prime minister trudeau the u.s. is neighbor i'm one of its. very closest allies compare those two and they're talking cheese or day and night and it shows just how different president trumps approaches to diplomacy than his predecessors it's really all about trump self
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belief in himself and wanting to do things nobody else has done so we're in for a wild ride and it really depends on whether the president really is the deal maker of deal makers will find out soon let's take stock of where we are at this moment how will the team that are travelling back to pyongyang we think in the next hour or so how will they view what they achieved in singapore i think they'll probably be quite happy as we know that much of the language in the very short joint statement is really repeating similar language in earlier ones and president trump has made comments about wanting to visit pyongyang when the time is right and inviting chairman kim to washington d.c. that's never happened before either so if you're south north korea you're figuring things are looking pretty good at the moment malcolm thank you very much president trump clearly feels that this was a very successful summit many analysts on so convinced and maybe the president
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might be a little bit worried when he gets on air force one and saw some reading some of the news reports about the summit we will all have to watch twitter james face live for us in singapore so thank you for joining us for this special coverage of this historic summit between u.s. president and donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il we'll have much more throughout the day here on al-jazeera and in the meantime earth wire earth rises next in the morning news the top of the hour thanks for. the i.m.f. said riyadh some breakeven oil price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina. turning to the i.m.f. for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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