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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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chronicling the turbulence to struggle to stay. in the history of the revolution. this is al-jazeera. and i'm jane dutton this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a historic handshake donald trump and kim jong un promise lasting peace on the korean peninsula. chairman kim and i just signed a joint statement in which he reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the signed document says north korea will work towards denuclearization but it's not clear how long the process will take.
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south korea's government chose the summit while china suggests sanctions relief could be considered for north korea. the brics it divide why a british ministers resigned just ahead of a series of crunch votes in parliament. and i'm lawrence lee in the brics it's heartland of sunderland in northeast england where nobody is happy with how the negotiations ago and. it was a summit high on symbolism but low on detail donald trump and kim jong un have just wrapped up their meeting in singapore where the two leaders signed a joint statement came pledged his commitment to denuclearization on the korean peninsula saying the two leaders were leaving the past behind while chuck spoke warmly of his north korean counterpart complimenting is negotiating skills and
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vying to end joint military drills with south korea. i want to get our soldiers out i want to bring our soldiers back we have right now thirty two thousand soldiers in south korea and i'd like to be able to bring them back home but that's not part of the equation right now at some point i hope it will be but not right now we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money one lesson until we see the the future negotiation is not going along like it should but we'll be saving a tremendous amount of money plus i think it's very provocative a diplomatic as james bays is standing by in singapore but first let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly hell could hear is at the summit venue on singapore's santos's island so it can be a very long speech for donald trump one of his longest he seem to be relishing the moment i mean other than dropping the bombshell of stopping military exercises with
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seoul would also have to say. there was an awful lot to unpack in that press conference jane there were many highlights and certainly the president was eager to highlight for himself what he believed were his successes the fact that this has been achieved in terms of the meeting the fact that missile testing for now he says has been halted that remains of u.s. soldiers caught in the conflict of seventy years ago will now be coming back because of this conversation and also that there is a halt to the missile testing and even also of a site the destruction of a site for that so certainly the u.s. president highlighting what he believes is the successes but being challenged by reporters when it comes to the issue of verification not being able to provide the details that many felt was necessary to lay out this process only saying that this will happen that it is going to happen it is beginning to happen as the north
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korean leader leave sentosa island and the capella hotel now where this conference took place and of course but this is stork signing took place the u.s. president said that he used his business ak human as a real estate for real estate business mobile as kind of a sales tactic he says he brought an i pad playing a video showing the potential of what north korea could be that the beaches could potentially have real estate in the seemed to be something that was attractive to the north korean leader and this was sort of how he helped to get them to warm up to the idea of the tough negotiations that are ahead there's certainly a lot of details to work out they were not presented in this room nor were they in that document that will be analyzed by experts who have been looking at this process for many many years and the failed attempts by previous u.s. presidents this was a moment for donald trump that was full of symbolism but very thin on detail and how much of a moment is this for donald trump at home how will it play out do you think to the
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audience at home was he able to exercise the horror of the g. seven summit for example. certainly donald trump reached out to his supporters it was very interesting when he talked about one of the americans that did not come back alive very recently from north korea and that is on a warm beer the the young college student who was there he returned comatose in a vegetative state to the united states as a result of the discussions and later died he tried to sort of play to his audience domestic audience in the united states to explain that he felt that because of that death he did not die in vain but in fact this is that was a moment a pivotal moment that allowed for north korea the north korean leader to recognize that there was a need for change that is how the u.s. president has expressed it i'm not sure that that is how all americans will greet agree or see this in fact the most recent polls going into the summit had americans
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pretty divided as they have been since the trump presidency began those that like donald trump believe that we're optimistic about what would take place here and moving forward with regard to denuclearize ation that process those that did not like donald trump prior to this point seem to be firmly skeptical and what can be achieved thank you for that can really get now the to the to spend forty minutes together with only the translators present before this meeting engine brown takes us through how the summit played out no one was quite sure what to expect from this summit. relieved because people were very very very. very. it was a day late with mr kim jong. il ruled by the occasion for a time the watching world wasn't even sure what he and president trump was signing . act one in this diplomatic drama that began almost five dollars
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a. with the handshake that may have changed the course of history. president donald trump it said he'd know within a minute of meeting kim jong un if he'd get on with him so this was the moment he began sizing him up. the start perhaps of an improbable relationship in improbable times two nuclear armed leaders one of former real estate developer and reality t.v. star the other an international pariah. and. we were. there speaking through an interpreter kim jong un said the way here had not been easy. but in the words of. the old practices and prejudices worked against this but we are here now they met at nine am local time in
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singapore so prime time viewing in the united states experts around the world will be studying these images frame by frame looking for a deeper meaning excellent relationship but no answers to questions about whether kim will give up his nuclear weapons it is only a few months ago that these two leaders were hurling insults at one another and threatening nuclear annihilation but kim who for security reasons has barely stepped out of his country since becoming leader spent just under forty minutes in a room with the u.s. president with just their interpreters present it years. later the two leaders were joined by their advisers so far so good. trump predicting that the two would have tremendous success kim told him that the past had held the two sides back a bit these talks were a prelude to peace but it's going to take more than just one meeting to realize the
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verifiable irreversible destruction of the north's huge nuclear arsenal and kim wants something else a guarantee that the u.s. will not try to topple him if he disarms. but in the garden all seemed amicable as the two leaders strolled and talked together things were going right now for signing before that there was something trump was keen to kim to see the inside of his official limousine known as the beast. some worry that this historic moment is eclipsing north korea's harsh human rights history you know this is a fundamental freedom this is a principle of human existence and you know for donald trump to say that kim jong un is now a nice guy when he's got one hundred twenty thousand people in gulags in the mountains is just not a. few diplomatic encounters have been so eagerly anticipated the question now is whether all this will prove to be more than just
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a photo opportunity adrian brown al jazeera singapore and its feet are diplomatic and it said james bays in singapore james it has been an extraordinary day hasn't it on so many levels and it's all ends in the statement signed by both leaders but seems to be a shortened in detail and promises to do stuff at some stage in the future. yes absolutely it has been an important day i think and a historic occasion the fact that these two leaders of these two countries who are technically still at war have met because that's never happened before they've never even been in the same city together so historic on that level but is what they've actually agreed in this joint statement historic let's discuss this more with my guest my guest is danger mauro who is from control risks a risk consultancy tell me president trump says that what he's come up with here
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is historic and comprehensive would you agree now the opportunity to photo opportunity if you will was historic the meeting was the store what do you actually see in that statement that they issued is pretty thin and in fact we've seen more comprehensive agreements in two thousand and five in one thousand nine hundred four both of which north korea ultimately reneged on so i think pretty disappointing even to some of the more optimistic anticipation of what would come out of this so when you look at the two sides which one has given more here in singapore well certainly north korea got a lot just the meeting with the president and states a one on one kind of meeting of equals is a huge win for kim jong un he's also got the united states at least in this instance to agree to stop some of its military exercises that tensions have come down he's going to be able to display him self within his own country as a global leader somebody who's achieved recognition by the united states etc etc so
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he's gotten quite a lot it really is a question as to what the united states has gotten out of it other than president trump being able to spend some time with kim jong il a president trump we know believes his own statements his talking points are what he genuinely thinks and he genuinely think something very important has been achieved here. there will be lots of people working at high levels in the us administration who are career people whether they're in the state department or the cia or the pentagon doing some of those who've been working in north korea on north korea for some considerable time will be somewhat dismayed i think they probably would have expected it because they know that this is not and this is not an easy puzzle to solve you typically have to put in months and months now years of work to actually get to some kind of agreement that again man will often be. bringing the pond by north korea so really none of that advance work was done in this case or
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very little was done in this case it was really coming down to again the one on one meeting that we just that we've just seen so i don't think it will surprise a lot of people who are veteran observers that this didn't react. you know result in a very thorough kind of agreement does result though thank you dana in the beginning of a process what we don't know exactly is what the next stage is although in that news conference president trump said there'd be another meeting in the next week we don't know exactly where involving u.s. secretary of state might pompei or who very much is the person who's been taking the lead for the administration on these negotiations jane ok thank you for that james bays. south korean president a man j.n. says he hopes the summit will ashur in a new era among the two koreas and the united states moon who has championed the meeting and often acted as a mediator is vowing to write a new history with chung and bob mcbride reports from seoul. south korean president
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moon j.n. watched with members of his cabinet as the summit got underway his smile one of deep satisfaction this was the culmination of friendly engagement that he started months earlier he had met it he hadn't slept the night before. i long with all our people sincerely hope that it will be a successful summit that will open a new era of complete the nuclear isolation piece and the new relationship between south korea north korea and the united states when moon met kim but the landmark summit that paved the way for this meeting viewing figures peaked at thirty four percent almost the same number watched kim meet with trump people in seoul following events thousands of kilometers away that could shape the relationship with their fractious neighbor fifty kilometers to the north it's primarily what i thought that meeting reunification is not. non-negative ok so
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let's see what's going on. can you condone when you have to condone when has a different open mind set compared with his father and grandfather that in previous declarations to denuclearize were made with kim's pretty decisive only to end in failure and some north korea watchers are warning against over optimism sometimes it looks i would say comical to see their exit expectations and of course. is going to be something that's very strange to see how far safer walked out what had been happening here for decades and will happen again and again and again. deeply skeptical of north korea's intentions is japan japanese prime minister shinzo was visiting singapore's neighbor malaysia he fears any deal which forces north korea to give up longer range missiles but allows it to keep weapons that
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could reach japan singapore and the historic summit is taking place right now in singapore i wish this some excess and hope it brings progress to the issue of nuclear missiles it's not only people in south korea who've been following events closely north koreans have also been seeing carefully crafted news coverage of their leader in singapore president trump will be able to sell this agreement as a major win for kim jong un explaining to his people how he has just signed the deal with his country sworn enemy will take a lot tact al-jazeera so. china says the trump kim summit creates a new history the foreign minister has urged full denuclearization on the peninsula emphasizing that china will play an important role in that process. so. the u.s. and north korea have been contradictory and even hostile to each other for more than half a century today the fact that the two leaders can sit together and conduct equal
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dialogue itself has a major and positive significance and is creating a new history with china of course supports it because this is exactly what we look forward to and what we have been endeavoring for we hope the leaders of the two countries will get rid of interferences overcome difficulties and will be able to reach a basic consensus on the denuclearization of the peninsula france lloyd joins us live from beijing so we touched on a little bit of response there but how is this being digested the summit and the outcome. well you know going into the summit china found it found itself in a role that it hadn't quite bargained for you know from being an ally of north korea its economic backer and sometime protector as well it suddenly found itself relegated to the role of observer having to watch the summit in singapore from the sidelines and if that you need any indication of just how closely the chinese officials were more knitter in the event from beijing consider this those remarks
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you heard from one while he made those remarks barely half an hour after the summit had concluded saying that these two men came and trump have made history and what they need to do is reach a consensus that will go towards promoting and realizing denuclearization on the korean peninsula and just a short while after that you we heard from the foreign ministry spokesman saying that perhaps it was time to consider sanctions relief for north korea but i think it would also be fair to say that chinese officials would have been watching the events in singapore with some degree of concern and this is because you know the this meeting could really be the start of north korea really not lining its relationship with china perhaps growing closer to the u.s. and what would that mean for china it was specially when the u.s. is a huge rival in trade as well as in job politics and also not forgetting north korea is going to be more independent if it no longer needs china as an intermediary for it to talk to other countries if china is no longer seen as
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a country that has influence over this sometime rogue state where does that leave china but having said that there i think some of the chinese leadership concerns will have been late after that press conference by donald trump especially when he talked about the u.s. no longer taking part in war games with south korea because if you remember this is very much in line with the dual suspension policy that china advocates that north korea will give up nuclear and missile tests in return. the u.s. and south korea giving up its military maneuvers and it can also be argued that the vague wording of that joint statement signed by kim and trump when it comes to denuclearize ation that vague wording can really be an opportunity for china to work in its stand on denuclearization which really much is a phased denuclearization so talking about south korea giving up to nuclearization
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in parts and in phases in exchange for getting something from the u.s. thank you for that florence in beijing will malaysia says it will be reopening its embassy in pyongyang the prime minister mahathir mohamad said he will take north korea's commitments at face value and resume relations with the isolated nation malaysia closed its embassy in pyongyang last year after a diplomatic standoff in the wake of the killing of kim jong un's half brother an airport in malaysia and there is plenty more ahead on the news on clued in a last ditch effort by the u.n. to a virtual assault on the yemeni port city of her data. a blow to asylum seekers trying to get into the u.s. the attorney general bans immigrants from using domestic violence as a reason to enter. and in sports we look at the battle to host the beautiful game in twenty twenty six ahead of the fee for world cup.
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a senior member of the u.k. government has resigned over the cabinets approach to bricks it's philip lee a minister in the justice department stepped down just before a parliamentary debate on the u.k.'s withdrawal plan it's now almost two years since the referendum many people remain unclear about the country's direction lansley visited sunderland in northern england to meet some of the. sunderland is a place which demonstrates only too clearly all the contradictions of bricks it and the mess the u.k. is currently in this region is one of the poorest parts of northern europe unhappy it voted to leave the european union to try something else take said he's run this business for nearly half a century selling parts of the region's manufacturing industry cities what's known as a heart of bricks it's a he shrugs off worries that leaving the european union might endanger his business
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people to the u.k. out completely and he's fed up that the government he supports can't get the job done. which is stand up for england stand up for the table. push around and. they just don't let the new do it to them they're frightened what is it you think. things and then when it comes to doing it. the little guy would. just up the road nissen employees seven thousand people with tens of thousands more in the supply chain if the u.k. abandons european trade agreements all those jobs could be at risk steve is the union representative of the workers its position is that if it happens it must be a soft warm allowing the u.k. to trade freely with europe otherwise the union fears disaster looms absolute devastation and i also think it would take decades to recover. anything to replace
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those jobs if there was a go at this more in time no it isn't. the government talks all the time about bricks it enabling a global brisson free to trade where it likes this company does that already it makes tanks for water treatment plants and has plans to expand and for the company boss it is a source of enormous instability and he wishes it would just go away i'm a strong supporter of the u.k. in general however i think the norm is the thing that we're frightened of more and i don't think the government's doing the best it could to give us the information communication on the next steps in what's likely to happen on an exit from the e.u. in microcosm this region tells a story of how rex's won the referendum that seem not to know what to do with their victory to mend this divided country as things stand there is no constituency in this country which is happy with the way it is being conducted it's not the hardliners who want to leave the european union completely not the remain as you want to stay in and not those people in the middle happy to accept some sort of in
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. but the one thing they would all agree on is there seems to be an almost total lack of political leadership a sense of where on earth the country is going now. xed it's worth recalling that the points of breck's it was to allow the u.k. greater control of its destiny yet as of now nobody has any idea if bracks it will happen whether it might improve all the things places like sunderland lost or whether it will make a bad situation even worse. lawrence lee joins me live from london what's going to happen today laurent. yes thanks thanks shane is as you can see from from that report is quite an achievement really two of the government's apparently to alienate every single poll political constituency in the country have a back seat but it does appear to be what they've done in parliament to your question stay there up and some or other of fifteen separate votes on on what happens next and they do seem to have got themselves in
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a complete mess about the sense of direction in done sues the author of a book cold bricks what the hell happens now which is opposed by quite a good question isn't it that they what to do they know where they're getting that the moment they're not ready say prince it's all about choices really you make a choice about control or your economy if you decide you want to emphasize control you get hard breaks that you get out of the customs union get out of the single market you can take an economic hit on the prime minister stuck between the two sides in their own government at the moment to get out completely in an elf tones and she doesn't know which way to go does your thesis to make it cool either way so that's why you see in your report so many people waiting in a suit because she hasn't gone for any of the options that's why you see brussels so completely baffled as we see so much confusion in parliament but also in the heart of government itself no sense of direction they sense of what they're really trying to achieve boris johnson the foreign secretary was apparently secretly taped the other day making some remarks in which he said he thought donald trump. who's obviously had a very successful day today would do a much better job of bricks it because he'd repair her thing up and throw everybody
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out of the way and just get on with it would that would that be a better thing to think for the government to be doing no don't trouble be in exactly the same position that reason may is and the reason for that is you've got about forty years of just tied up rule between the u.k. and the e.u. sharing the same regulators sharing the same courses and parliaments it's very hard to extract yourself if you just walk away you lose your ability to let's say import radioactive isotopes to be used in cancer screening countrymen in the u.k. you lose your ability to even fly planes to the e.u. unless there is some kind of aviation treaty and that foreign we do that is. no will kuwait option if donald trump was bad and if he had threatened that it would have been treated with the same scorn the streets may has been treated which is made exactly the same threat now did without getting into all the nuts and bolts here is that the most significant vote is going to happen is going to this all to new doubts on which whether the parliament is going to get what's called a meaningful votes in the eventual deal that the government does with the european
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union if if the government loses that vote do you think it's curtains for to reason male to she stagger on for a bit longer i think you can make it through this i mean remember this is the prime minister who called the general election lost a majority and then didn't resign so she's not going to resign then she's probably not going to resign over procedural matter that she may face some pressure from within her party i agree that is crucially important it's a basically a sort of democratic safety net so if the government comes back with a motion that they don't like from brussels parliament converts it down and then take control they can say we're going to extend the negotiations we're going to try again or we're going to go for no deal it's an almost philosophical level of politics is being decided on where the parliament or the government gets to deliver the final moments of brooks thank you very much indeed his son though you know it's all about taking back control if only they knew how to do it i see thank you lawrence and british m.p.'s are questioning members of a leading pro breaks a group of their links to russia co-founder of the neve dot edu group iran bank
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sonny's colleague andy wigmore logging evidence before a parliamentary committee m.p.'s have been calling for a police investigation into whether there was an attempt to undermine democracy since it emerged banks met the russian ambassador to the u.k. three times during the campaign referendum past fifty two percent to forty eight percent in favor of britain leaving the u. . hundreds of migrants stranded on board a rescue ship in the mediterranean will be transferred to tallinn boats before heading to valencia in spain the aquarius run by the charity mediterranean is carrying six hundred twenty nine people who were rescued off the libyan coast the ship is sixty five kilometers from italy and fifty kilometers from malta but neither country will take them in spain's prime minister's offer to take them so now they'll head for the port of valencia that's one thousand five hundred kilometers to the west let's get a journal how joins us live from rome tell us about what's happening to those
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migrants china. well jane one can only imagine and indeed we're hearing from m.s.f. doctors without borders the other n.g.o.s that runs the amas aquarius that their situation is increasingly difficult and uncomfortable many of them these six hundred twenty nine people have been on board that rescue vessel since saturday that's four days now in the mediterranean the searing mediterranean heat at this time of year many of them dehydrated although they've had resupplies of water they would have been in a situation of dehydration during the course of their crossing from the libyan coast some of them we're told by m.s.f. had to be resuscitated during the course of their rescue various rescue operations over the weekend so they're in health difficulties of one sort or another some soft suffering from toxic burns because of prolonged contact with the seawater mixed with shipping fuel during their crossing and now of course they face the prospect
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of another three to four days at sea heading to the eastern spanish port of below and see as you said the base of this situation the geographical situation of the aquarius has not changed it's still in the international waters off the italian and maltese coast barred from entry to italy but it has changed in the sense that the maritime rescue coordination center here in rome the maritime. authority with. jurisdiction here because it was the italians who put these people aboard on board the ship in the first place have given instructions that it could prepare for that crossing to spain and indeed that some of those people will be taken off the ship and put onto italian vessels to go along with it to spain presumably to make more space to make it more comfortable because there are storm warnings in the mediterranean there will be huge waves two meters high it's going to be an incredibly. uncomfortable and difficult crossing let's leave it there journal in rome thank you in a few moments we'll have the weather was rob but still ahead on al-jazeera the
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international court of justice says it now has a complaint from cateye accusing the united arab emirates of human rights violations. resignations accepted pope francis responds to the sex abuse scandal involving priests in chile and in sports roger federer returns after three months break and is looking to regain the world number one spot. and that is. in. the weather sponsored by catarrh airways. had a hurricane but is somewhere off the coast of mexico beats in the satellite run behind you even see the a in the middle of it it's a major hurricane but it's i have to bands of rain have been affecting places when in the land. for example which is nowhere near the coast as it would receive enough rain to produce flooding on the streets and in the car parks of course it's already
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started in the hurricane nowhere near this is usually a case of hurrican drain is the biggest problem for the most part well that is hurricane bud category three at the moment which which is defined really because of the strength the wind has got winds of about two hundred five calories for a gusting to two hundred fifty the rifle potential you've already seen some of it potential about two hundred fifty millimeters possibly more than that and it will not come regular come in chunks so here we sit in the moment then it's spinning off land its course takes it northward so it'll just carry on throwing rain at the coast and inland in mexico the heart of it so we slowly he's heading towards towards the hard california is over kuta waters so i don't think you'll be quite a hurrican by the time he gets there that's the wet part let me jump northwards just briefly look at colorado whose main problems do is rain rather lack of it is dry here this is fire for one six still burning with no chance of the wind helping
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at all. the weather sponsored by cattle. when the news breaks. on the mail man city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and live news on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm
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hearing is good journalism on air and online. electing al-jazeera man of our top stories this hour a dollar trump and kim jong un have signed what the u.s. president described as a comprehensive joint documents they wrapped up this summit in singapore. both the u.s. and north korea expressing optimism about the outcome the document includes a call for the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. after the summit tom said the u.s. would hold joint military exercises with south korea calling them
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a provocation he said his talks with kim had been honest directive and productive but that they'll need a second meeting. south korean president in said trump and kim showed courage and determination is hoping the summit will a new era among the two koreas and the united states and china suggested sanctions relief could be considered for north korea. or the summit obviously is a global conversation what are you saying it is jane we're seeing the hash tag comes on it really dominating the global conversation at the moment this shows you just how strong it is people all around the world talking about it from australia kenya the u.s. the u.k. all across the world all glowing quite brightly we've seen millions of tweets in many different languages people in singapore have also been quite vocal. they are going to make really huge if you pay shouldn't you for you to be sure to pay the east war though mark clearly they're going to make you my question of
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course my own presidents culture your motives for having the meeting probably question both of their motives for having the meeting. i think there is a lot of chaos going back. going on back home in my own country for some decisions that our president has made. what it. money or it would be to do. you see that would. be all one hundred forty would result in something. international political cartoons tell a different story for each country in israel how it's published this one the caption reads finally someone who is saying you have some of the leaders there in the background looking quite angry you also have the u.k. some are calling the summit a circus there this cartoon is arguably one of the most popular that's being shared online at the moment and in south korea the summit is viewed as more of
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a love triangle set up by south korean president moon j n there they are on a date and in germany this cartoon shows a couple asking if the mushroom cloud is from kim jong un the husband says no that's from the g. seven summit in canada all that to say trump saw this meeting coming for several months now in october of last year trump tweeted this saying be nice to rocket man hasn't worked in twenty five years why would it work now clinton failed bush failed and obama failed i won't fail he says we'll see about that though yes michelle thank you for that idea that b.j. kim is the head of kal and p. consulting and of john professor at the university of foreign studies he joins us live from seoul very good to see you with us let's pick up on the impact that this is going to have on seoul the. promised by donald trump to stop the joint military exercises how will that be dealt with. the reaction i guess if i can share with you text message just like from my student in his twenty's he says
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professor it doesn't seem to make sense we have a u.s. president who is saying he's going to give up the joint military exercise which is a very important means of protecting south korea here and we have south korean president celebrating that we understand on trump has made a promise in return for kim jong un repeating what his father was saying twenty years ago so this whole thing that would seem to make sense now we're going to be pulling the wrong by china so you know what reaction from the conservatives. young conservative so i think it tells a lot about where at least one side of the spectrum the public here in reaction to what was presented today ok so where to from here i mean how do you think that so will be playing this i'm sure they're concerned about a possible security vacuum and the love in between the two leaders pushing them away right i think this will be debated in coming days in the future
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but i think a lot of people serious people will wait for further details about what has been discussed in singapore and what will be further discuss hammered out by people like my pump a.o. and his counterpart in coming on as it as time goes by donald trump has indicated that a lot of details are still being discussed so those are the things there will be waiting for but in terms of what came out today donald trump is very well known for dealing with media is a very important you know outlet for expressing his views and stuff but some people are saying they're falling asleep because he wasn't really making any solid point other than giving up the joint military exercise so a reaction from here has not been that great to say the least yes it was a long speech wasn't it way to from here what will. south korea and other countries in the region be looking for are they looking for what sort of compromises will be put forward what's the next gesture i think all the countries here
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including japan you know south korea and other countries neighboring countries there will be looking for as i said the details of what was being this goes between . north korea of course a lot of countries take it very seriously so chose japan cv id is very important and c.v. idea was not something that we could find in the territory even though don from complete disarmament denuclearization means very fireball and they removed gross of all but i think we need more evidence for that one so we're still waiting for the information but for korea and japan of course self-defense is the key concern and joint military exercise being set aside trump is not very pretty much unsettling at this moment where it's good to talk to b.j. kim thank you yemen's president is in abu dhabi to mend a rift with leaders of the united arab emirates president of the robin months so
1:41 pm
hard he has been increasingly sidelined by the u.a.e. despite his forces being part of a saudi erotic coalition fighting heathy rebels in yemen there was a major dispute last month when erasure troops forced government personnel to leave parts of the yemeni island of sumatra ideas believed to be making the visit on the advice of the leaders of saudi arabia where he's living in exile a group of years politicians are calling on the defense secretary to pressure saudi emraan to coalition and yemen not to move against an important rebel held port city they say a military operation to take data could have catastrophic humanitarian consequences it follows the launch of a u.n. effort to try to avert a violent battle. reports. highlevel shuttle diplomacy continues as u.n. special envoy to yemen lobbies to prevent an attack by the saudi led coalition on
1:42 pm
yemen's who the rebel held port city of her data. right now people are suffering from hunger and displacement can you imagine the situation if there is an attack and then we hope all sides go to a peaceful political solution and avoid war. we hope that the united nations will find a political solution between the conflicting parties and that the conflicting parties will have the level of responsibility to spare this province of any conflicts u.n. secretary general antonio wants to prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths and even a bigger humanitarian disaster than the current situation in one of the region's poorest countries at the present moment intense. negotiations martin griffiths is shuttling between. those the way you know and the saudi arabia. to hope that there will be a way to avoid the military confrontation you know data. goofus has been holding
1:43 pm
talks and. the envoy is promoting a deal that asks who the rebels to give up their ballistic missiles in return for the saudi led coalition bombing campaign. more than six hundred yemeni government troops and three hundred to the rebels have reportedly been killed in fighting near her day though over the past few days. the port is a vital lifeline through which most of the yemeni population's food and medicine and curious data is absolutely central to the preserving of life and if for any period. his data were not to operate effectively the consequences and humanitarian terms would be catastrophic. the u.s. has not directly urged the u.s. to avoid an assault on the data but it is calling on them roddy's to ensure the free flow of humanitarian aid and lifesaving commercial imports. zero
1:44 pm
the un's international court of justice says it's received a complaint from cattle led chairman rights violations by the united arab emirates the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic and trade ties with last june says the u.a.e. led these actions which discriminate against country's citizens and residents the blockade in countries of accused of supporting terrorism something kowtow to nies. spokesman for qatar's foreign ministry spokeswoman she says the u.a.e. is violating international law that prohibits racial and national discrimination. since june fifth two thousand and seventeen united arab emirates but also saudi bahamian and egypt an extent the three countries have expelled other the citizens from that countries have deny them access to education to health care cattery
1:45 pm
citizens cannot even pass through those countries most recently during the month of ramadan cattery citizens cannot perform a hedge or in this case and during ramadan so all those they lesions in addition to . other to the fact that other citizens cannot access their properties as well in the united arab emirates supposedly an open economy the united arab emirates is part of the surge convention that is a convention for hits all sorts of discrimination they shal discrimination and they have also consented to article twenty two of that convention which means that the united arab emirates needs to follow the jurisdiction jurisdiction of the international court of justice i would hope as to distort the rights of other the citizens not only citizens but also the residents of copper and we believe that the violations actually extend even to the citizens of the book in countries including
1:46 pm
the united at of them at its citizens the u.s. attorney general says immigrants escaping domestic abuse and gang violence will no longer be given asylum jeff sessions refused asylum to salvadoran woman whose husband raped and beat her for fifteen years the decision limits the except of all reasons to qualify for asylum in gratian rights groups criticized the decision saying it could harm women and families. a vast majority of the current asylum claims we're seeing are not valid and you're not finding them valid for the last five years only twenty percent of claims have been found to be meritorious after a hearing before an immigration judge pope francis has accepted the resignation of three catholic bishops following sex abuse scandals in chile that includes bishop one brought us to the point of defended earlier this years to risible reports. one
1:47 pm
battle's is one of the most controversial bishops in chile for years accused of being complicit in the sexual abuse of children and that's why the news didn't come as a price when the pope announced he'd accepted his resignation and from two other bishops in an unprecedented series of emergency meetings in the vatican last month thirty four chilean bishops' offer to resign because of their alleged links to that cover up of sexual abuse the pope has also accepted the resignations of the bishop go inside a lot of the well but i saw and bishop of don't want the scandal revolves around father for a man that i've found guilty in a vatican investigation of abusing boys. in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's now eighty seven and living in a nursing home he's always denied any wrongdoing one of his victims reacted on twitter on monday saying today begins a new day for the catholic church in chile and hopefully the world to fix has
1:48 pm
started the firing of bishops who are abusers or have covered up we hope this is the beginning of the end of this culture of abuse and cover up in the church emotional but great day the scandal has cost the church credibility and damaged the pope's own image because he publicly strongly defended one barrel spoke earlier this year. here is an international association for victims has urged government leaders to do more about clerical abuse i know it's an often used phrase but do you put dracula in charge of the blood bank. obviously not. our think the church has demonstrated notwithstanding the current pope who is making some positive noises right at the moment but the church has demonstrated over many many generations that it cannot be trusted on a set of rules or golf club rules which is basically what can and more is simply not enough if you if we are talking about crimes they have to be dealt with by the
1:49 pm
civil authorities not an internal matter pope francis has promised catholics affected by sexual abuse that the church would never again ignore their accusations but for many it is not enough that he said will. that i guess because president says a new government has been appointed as ordered by the constitutional court the island nation has seen months of anti-government protests of a new laws the opposition fears will bar their candidates from elections the constitutional court had ordered the president to form what's called a consensus government which is a cabinet made up of members without party affiliation so the formation of this government is the result of a decision by the hate c.c. i think that everyone is ready to participate with the simple aim of maintaining peace and order so we can bring about peaceful elections as soon as possible while still ahead on al-jazeera installed egypt star player continues to be in doubt for
1:50 pm
their world cup opener on friday. thanks. hank. sheinkopf.
1:51 pm
thank. you. it's time for sports thank you so much jane the twenty eight hundred feet a world cup cakes often rush hour on thursday but before the action gets underway there are some business to take care of and that's deciding who will host the twenty twenty six event the fever congress will vote on wednesday between morocco and a joint bid from the united states canada and mexico both sides have been making last minute pushes for support trade issues between the u.s.
1:52 pm
and its neighbors have been brushed aside by the regionals federations president liberia namibia and zimbabwe are supporting the north american bid rather than rocco's and that has led for calls of unity across the african continent. now if the joint u.s. canada and mexico bed wins the two thousand and twenty six well cap it will be the first time the tournaments will be hosted in three different countries and as gabriel elizondo reports it some an ambitious plan but one with some drawbacks. a football party just as good as the promotional video promise is that's what the united states mexico and canada are saying together they're bidding to jointly host the two thousand and twenty six world cup it would be the first time three countries simultaneously host world football's marquee attraction the bid has three key strengths experience mexico and the u.s.
1:53 pm
have both hosted world cups before and canada received high praise for its smooth organization while hosting the women's world cup three years ago and there's money u.s. canada mexico option promises a record eleven billion in profits more than double the other world cup and size two thousand and twenty six will be the first world cup to expand from thirty two to forty eight teams and the north americans say a bigger tournaments calls for bigger hosts we want to focus on the game we're ready made and our cities are prepared to host today the u.s. mexico canada does have a lot of a lot of the bases covered but in recent memory you know england's bid for instance had a lot of those same strengths and fifa gave the world cup the cutter which you know we all know is going to have to build a lot of stadiums. there are potential drawbacks the big calls for canada and mexico to host ten games each sixty matches would be played in the us that an even
1:54 pm
distribution is left some people in the tournaments would be to us focused. the official name of the bid is united twenty twenty six perhaps ironic considering the potential host nation. anything but united right now u.s. president donald trump has disparaged mexicans on multiple occasions and continues to talk about building a border wall separating the two countries relations between the u.s. and canada are rock to use well with both countries threatening a trade war or tariffs but it is signing ceremony last year soccer chiefs from the three countries seemed unconcerned saying the beat is about sports and not politics but it still could prove for some awkward moments a tournament that promises to be the biggest and best ever north america hoping the world agrees that three countries are better than one given zita new york.
1:55 pm
egypt's star player mohammad sol as fitness remains and out for their world cup opener on friday against europe why the liverpool striker was once again little more than a spectator throughout monday's session but the twenty five year old is still aiming to prove his fitness after the injury picked up in last month's champions league final last round which read it's the pharaoh's first appearance in the finals in twenty eight years. mohammed solid training cairo he trained yesterday and he's training today we were watching the situation closely with the doctor he has daily treatment systems on his shoulder he's gradually getting better however i can confirm today that he will play in the first match all i can say is that we hope he'll play in this match belgium outclass costa rica and what was both teams final friendly before the world cup the four one victory cements their position as one of the pre-tournament favorites belgium meet panama next monday in their opening game in monday's earlier friendlies senegal ended a four game losing streak the two no win over south korea is their first since
1:56 pm
november. roger federer returns to the court on wednesday at the state guard open after a three month break the swiss can regain the number one spot in the rankings by making the final on his preferred surface of grass however he admits to missing match practice after his layoff during the clay court season and isn't looking past his opening opponent journeys. after the shock loss in the first round of last year's tournament it feels like there's different steps this week you know number one trying to win my first round. last year losing to tommy haas in the first round having how much points that i was i was a stinger but then so that was my first goal this year and to win my first round and then my next goal will be then to make the finals clinch world number one again at least for a week to be fun you know and then after that you know try to win the title but we go step by step golf second major of the year the u.s. helped bring gets underway on thursday in southampton new york one of the favorites
1:57 pm
heading into the tournaments is world number six rory mcilroy the twenty alive and champion has been having a good run of form of late but it's been four long years since the twenty nine year old irish men won a major northern irishman i should say. yes feeling good you know i've had a lot of nice little run. you know i've played myself and a few final groups this year first major of the year at the masters in the final group and. you know the more i just keep doing not keep putting myself in position you know i feel like another another major is right around the corner so by feeling good about this week and you know i'm looking forward to getting started on thursday and that's all you sport for now i'll be back with more later but for now it's back to you thanks very much for that that's it for me and the news team but we'll have a lot more on today's stories particularly that summit between trump and came with my colleague michelle he's standing by thanks so much.
1:58 pm
june nineteenth sixty seven six days they redrew the map of the middle east this would mean i could have picked up the meat and it was one of the greatest country in the history of his land al-jazeera expose the events leading to the rule and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything went to the united nations try to mediation has contacts through different countries and was clear on this was to do it the war in june on al-jazeera.
1:59 pm
volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood so of the goddess pale a. us as native hawaiians to the family is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. our early years of food fight crime we're football fans who don't think about doping really had that lead explaining when real madrid a club worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something where the world anti-doping agency has to take notice if you don't figure. out his iraq continues its investigation into the widespread use
2:00 pm
of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase. historic handshake and kevin john will promise a lasting peace on the korean peninsula. german gemini just signed a joint statement in which he reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. they signed documents as north korea will work towards denuclearization it's not clear how long the process will take. the shop carried this out to syria live from doha.


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