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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase. historic handshake donald trump and kevin jong il promised lasting peace on the korean peninsula. chairman jim and i just signed a joint statement in which he reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to promptly denuclearization of the korean peninsula. a signed document says north korea will work towards denuclearization it's not clear how long the process will take. this up kerry this is al jazeera life and also coming up south korea's government
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shares the sun that while china suggest sanctions relief could be consider for north korea. the divide why british ministers resigned just ahead of a series of crunch votes and are long that. it was a summit high and symbolism low on detail donald trump and kim jong un have just wrapped up their historic meeting in singapore or the two leaders signed a joint statement ken pledged his commitment to the nuclearization on the korean peninsula all saying the two leaders were leaving the past behind spoke very warmly of us north korean counterpart adrian brown reports from singapore. no one was sure quite what to expect from this summit at least a very talented. player even though he loves the country very little just a little the good news they seem to get on well as expected u.s.
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president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong signed a deal vague on details it says the united states. and north korea will work towards denuclearization but missing the words verified and irreversible at a news conference trump was pressed on that saying he now trusts the north korean leader it does take a long time to you know pull off complete de nuclearization who takes a long time scientifically you have to wait certain periods of time and a lot of things happen but despite that once you start the process it means it's pretty much over can't use them that's the good news and that's going to start very very soon i believe it's going to start very soon we will do it as fast as it can mechanically and physically be done in the meantime sanctions will remain but trump said the regular exercises between the militaries of south korea and the u.s. would end but again no specifics or mention of
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a peace treaty either act one in this diplomatic drama that began almost five hours earlier with a handshake that may have changed the course of history. u.s. president donald trump said he had no within a minute of meeting him if he'd get on with it so this was the moment he began sizing him up. the start perhaps of an improbable relationship improbable times. to nuclear armed leaders one of whom a real estate developer and reality t.v. star the other an international pariah it's my honor to. do all that. land there speaking through an interpreter kim said the way here had not been easy for. the old practices and prejudices worked against this but we are here and now. their day started at nine am local time in singapore prime time viewing in the
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united states. the two leaders were joined by their officials if the two sides stick to what they've agreed here will be many more meetings. in the garden all seemed amicable as the two leaders strolled in talk together and there was something trump was keen for kim to see the inside of his official limousine known as the beast both leaders will feel they've got something out of this summit each gets the prestige of meeting the other kim gets to appear committed to denuclearize ation while trump may yet be credited as being the first u.s. president to bring peace to the korean peninsula the deal makes no mention either of north korea's harsh human rights history you know this is a fundamental freedom this is a principle of human existence and you know for donald trump to say that kim jong un is now a nice guy when he's got one hundred twenty thousand people in gulags in the mountains is just not on
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a few diplomatic encounters have been so eagerly anticipated the question now is whether all this will prove to be a little more than just a series of photo opportunities adrian brown al jazeera singapore. let's bring in our diplomatic editor came space now in singapore james it was just a few months ago that donald trump was calling kim jong un a little rocket man was threatening military action against the millions of people in north korea now he is describing him as honest as trustworthy a great personality that's just the top of the list of lengthy compliments that he that he had for him what's what changed what to kim jong il do to warrant that type of response from the president of the united states. what it's over see good news that we're not on the brink of war at this moment and that the two sides are talking but you do have to question some of the civs that president trump has
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used about a mile and who runs a country that is one of the worst human rights abuses on earth the nothing has changed with that has anything changed with regard to north korea's nuclear program well clearly we have a new statement from the two sides which says that north korea will work with the u.s. for a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula but there are many questions about exactly what both sides mean by that some of they have the same definition and also the timeline for that how it would be enforced how it would be inspected we certainly have had a historic meeting because we've never had a meeting like this between the leaders of these two countries since the birth of north korea and that's almost seventy years ago the seventy of that out of a series is in september but what's been actually agreed between the two sides not so much is new and what there are a few details as we said on
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a lot of concrete things that have come out of this so far that we know about but one thing that u.s. president trump said that seemed. it come from nowhere was that the military exercises between a south korea and the u.s. that he wanted them to stop calling them provocative calling them expensive is that something north korea i mean south korea part of me was expecting. i don't know certainly south korea is us for clarification on that issue and that is something new but of course that snorts old lee in the joint statement that came out president trump said something else which was north korea saying that it would give up another missile site that would be destroyed that is also not in the dirt declaration some of this emerged it seems after the joint statement was written
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nights very old that it would come out at that very late stage but certainly the whole idea of those military exercises is something that north korea has been demanding for a very long time china had suggested some time ago that maybe those military exercises could be frozen in return for north korea stopping. its missile launches certainly north korea and to an extent china have got what they wanted south korea on board with it i'm might even ask all the pentagon on board with it given that it seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere when president trump mentioned it at that news conference and same space live press in singapore james thank you. let's talk more about south korea now the president says he hopes the summit will usher in a new era among the two koreas and the united states has championed the meeting and often acted as a mediator and he's vowing that this will perhaps write
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a new history for a private course from seoul. south korean president moon j.n. watched with members of his cabinet as the summit got underway his smile one of deep satisfaction this was the culmination of friendly engagement that he started months earlier he had met it he hadn't slept the night before. i long with all our people sincerely hope that it will be a successful summit that will open a new era of complete the nuclear peace and a new relationship between south korea north korea and the united states. when moon met kim at the landmark summit that paved the way for this meeting viewing figures peaked at thirty four percent almost the same number watched kim meet with trump people in seoul following events thousands of kilometers away that could shape the relationship with their fractious neighbor fifty kilometers to the north
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its primary what i thought looking at meeting reunification is not far off. negative. so let's see what's going on. can you condone when you actually condone and has a different open mind said compared with his father and grandfather that in previous declarations to denuclearize were made with kim's pretty decisive only to end in failure and some north korea watchers a warning against over optimism but sometimes it looks i would say in slightly comical to see their exit expectations and of course our public is going to be dealt sometimes it's very strange to see how files say for war. what have been happening here for decades and will happen again and again and again. deeply skeptical of north korea's intentions is japan japanese prime minister shinzo was visiting singapore's neighbor malaysia he fears any deal which forces north korea
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to give up longer range missiles but allows it to keep weapons that could reach japan singapore the historic summit is taking place right now in singapore i wish this summit success and hope it brings progress to the issue of nuclear missiles it's not only people in south korea who've been following events closely north koreans have also been seeing carefully crafted news coverage of their leader in singapore president trump will be able to sell this agreement as a major win for kim jong un explaining to his people how he has just signed the deal with his country sworn enemy will take a lot tact bright al-jazeera so. being a foster carter is honorary senior research fellow in sociology and modern create legion of our city he joins us via skype from exeter thank you so much for your time a pleasure some of what apparently has come out of this agreement are things that north korea has said on the international stage many many times in the past do you
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think if this is any different frankly no if we are just judging the documents that came out of the meeting i was really surprised how thin it is it really doesn't commit north korea to anything or to anything new the only thing that involves an action of any kind of definite action is the mind of significant i suppose thing of recovery of remains of troops missing in action in the korean war that's nice but it's something that the two koreas have done before under the president's other previous s. as him trump loves to disparage there's no not a single concession by little scribble even though i think has been mentioned the was verifiable irreversible disarmament this to long term on the wavering but. totally of a commitment i really astonished that after all the pretty meetings that when told that couldn't be persuaded to toss even a tiny bone to trump it's amazing and one of the things that donald trump
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campaigned on was overseeing the iran nuclear deal saying that it was one of the worst deals ever negotiated and there are obviously criticisms of it but there is a lot of details there's a lot of verification and that deal none of that in this deal none why why do you think he is treated north korea so differently. history say in my country search me gov you know you're right really rude things about canada places you trash the g. seven your closest allies the people you know together the states that underpin the global trading system that has kept the peace in the wider world since world war two and you go and make nice with this guy who hasn't even given up anything in return i am puzzled i mean real politics politics by growing up leaders is about actions anyone can do words anyone can do photo opportunities i am hoping that as the statement does say that there will be follow up meetings clearly secretary of
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state pump aoa north korean counterparts must meet must meet often and stop doing all that hot legwork about verification and so it's there's a lot of detail and it's some point you have to get to that frankly the summit may not be historic it more is it may be a historical blunder and meaningless so when you when you say that when you say that it's a blunder. do you think that it could actually end up being damaging i hope not because i do believe that it is good to meet and i'm glad that the trump who is determined to be different but who last year wanted to be different by being macho enough to threaten war which i thought was very irresponsible is now the person who wants to be different by having the meeting and having and having peace i hope at least that will allow the in my view more important process ever shattered by this but reference the panmunjom declaration of the north south korea peace process people should read that declaration to see what a substantive accord between countries looks like it had six or seven detailed
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things timelines who's going to do what when and so i think at least that trump will leave north korea alone i'm not sure he'll do more we won't have the rhetoric of last year and the two koreas will get on with trying to repair the damage of the past few decades and that's at least i see a little hope ok mr and foster carter thank you for joining us appreciate it thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera there are many praising me from cannes on and summit of iran is definitely not one of them. and a last ditch effort by the u.n. to start an assault on the many port city of her data. alan the remains of malik see never quite a typhoon but a tropical storm visible on the screen and not tired over her car they will bring
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rain but it's left behind the wet grass and sunshine to tokyo in fact all of help she run beyond and sunshine for the korean peninsula the high temperatures that were showing in beijing it dropped a bit with the development of some showers probably thunderstorms to be honest and the air is still quite clear it looks like pyongyang will be wet to come thursday and the cloud is starting to creep back up into the south of home it remains cloudy at fourteen degrees in supporter but probably mostly dry and here's the rain returning in southern china has already been raining for a little while in hong kong not totally but rain all the same as it should be because this time the raining anywhere in southern the central hong kong up the yangtze valley it looks like we're concentrating still in the southeast corner possibly in the high ground towards of it means myanmar border chengdu is dry and quite warm at thirty three degrees we see heavy rain recently in the philippines more heavy showers are still to come mostly a gap south of that until we pick up the maybe surprising green in borneo silly way
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sea and down in java not huge frequent showers but a few. the closer you.
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are watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you this hour donald trump and kemp have signed with the u.s. president described as a comprehensive joint talking that as they wrapped up their summit in singapore both the u.s. and north korea are expressing optimism about the outcome the document includes a call for the completely nuclearization of the korean peninsula after the summit trump said the u.s. would halt a joint military exercises with south korea calling them provocation he said his talks with him had been honest direct and productive but that they'll need a second meeting and south korean president and said trump and him show courage and determination and he's hoping the summit will usher in a new era among the two koreas and the united states meanwhile china suggested sanctions relief could be considered for north korea. iran is warning north korea
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not to trust donald trump a government spokesman says the u.s. president could cancel any denuclearization agreement within hours trumpet pull the u.s. out of the nuclear deal with iran last month calling it deeply flawed it's a mess robbie has more from tehran. iran's leaders are still coming to grips with the economic and political fallout of the american exit from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal and while they hope for the best possible outcome for the summit in singapore they say they expect the worst. iran wants peace and stability on the korean peninsula iran welcomes any step towards peace in the welfare of the people but given the past record of the u.s. and president trump who has violated international treaties especially the twenty fifty nuclear deal iran in maine steeply pessimistic about intentions. with course the nature of the u.s. government is not such that one can be optimistic about it. in perhaps the clearest
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sign of iran's frustration last week supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei ordered the country's nuclear agency to get ready to build more centrifuges and enrich more uranium a warning to world leaders now turning their attention to north korea as its nuclear deal falls apart iran intends on taking action donald trump's approach to foreign policy is very much rooted in power politics north korea already has a nuclear weapon it has an i.c.b.m. it has tested a nuclear weapon or is iran fortunately or unfortunately depends on how you view it it has even by the estimate of u.s. intelligence agencies has gone down the path of building a nuclear weapon have you on had a nuclear weapon i think the game would have been completely different with the trump administration which actually respect the power american leaders have labeled iran and north korea state sponsors of terror trump himself accused them of
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military cooperation and iran of funding the north korean government. iranian say strategic ties with north korea have been exaggerated but the two countries do have a relationship dating back to the one nine hundred eighty s. during the eight year war with iraq iranians were so desperate for weapons they bought them from anyone they could including north korea fast forward to the two thousand and where as president barack obama tried to isolate north korea and embrace iran trump has flipped the script pulling out of a deal with a signatory to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and warming up to another country that not only has a nuclear arsenal but has also made direct threats against the united states and its allies for iran perhaps the lesson is that in the long run america's affections are reserved for nuclear armed nations zain bus ravi old a zero. a senior member of the u.k.
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government has resigned over the cabinets approached bracks it philip lay and minister in the justice department stepped down just before a long problem interest showdown on the u.k.'s plan for leaving the european union as many as fifteen separate votes were due in two days that's now almost two years since the referendum and many people remain unclear about the country's direction or a slave visits on one and northern england to meet some of them. sunderland is a place which demonstrates only too clearly all the contradictions of bricks it and the mess the u.k. is currently in this region is one of the poorest parts of northern europe unhappy it voted to leave the european union to try something else take sid he's run this business for nearly half a century selling parts of the region's manufacturing industry cities what's known as a hard to bricks it's a he shrugs off worries that leaving the european union might in danger his business people to the u.k. out completely but he's fed up with the government he supports get the job done.
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pretty stunned. which is stand up for england stun for the table. push around and they just don't don't let the new do what it did in the first and what is it you think. all the see all the right things and then when it comes to doing it kind of the foreign and the doing of it. just up the road nissen employs seven thousand people with tens of thousands more in the supply chain if the u.k. abandons european trade agreements all those jobs could be at risk steve is the union representative of the workers its position is that if it happens it must be a soft warm allowing the u.k. to trade freely with europe otherwise the union fears disaster looms absolute devastation and i also think it would take decades to recover. anything to replace those jobs if there was ago at this time no it isn't. the government talks all the
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time about brics it enabling a global brisson free to trade where it likes this company does that already it makes tanks for water treatment plants and has plans to expand and for the company force it is a source of enormous instability and he wishes it would just go away i'm a strong supporter of the u.k. in general however i think the norm is the thing that we're frightened of morse and i don't think the government's doing the best it could to give us the information communication on the next steps in what's likely to happen on an exit from the e.u. in microcosm this region tells a story of how it has won the referendum but seem not to know what to do with their victory to mend this divided country as things stand there is no constituency in this country which is happy with the way it is being conducted not the hardliners who want to leave the european union completely not the remain as you want to stay in and not those people in the middle happy to accept some sort of in. but the one
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thing they would all agree on is there seems to be an almost total lack of political leadership a sense of where on earth the country is going next it's worth recalling that the points of bricks it was to allow the u.k. greater control of its destiny yet as of now nobody has any idea if it will happen whether it might improve all the things places like sunderland last. whether it will make a bad situation even worse loosely al-jazeera sunderland. hundreds of migrants stranded on board a rescue boat in the mediterranean will be transferred to italian boats before heading to the spanish port of a lengthy the aquarius run by the charity s.o.s. mediterranean is carrying six hundred twenty nine people were rescued off the libyan coast the boat's been turned away by both italy and malta at the spanish prime minister offered to take them in the u.s. attorney general says emigrants escaping domestic abuse and gang violence will no longer be given asylum jeff sessions refused asylum to
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a salvadoran woman whose has been raped and beat her for fifteen years the decision limits the acceptable reasons to qualify for asylum and gratian rights groups say it would harm women and families. a group of u.s. politicians are calling on the defense secretary to pressure the saudi a mirage a coalition in yemen not to move against an important rebel held city the same military operation to take data could have catastrophic humanitarian consequences follows the launch of a u.n. effort to try to avert a violent battle and reports. highlevel shuttle diplomacy continues as u.n. special envoy to yemen lobbies to prevent an attack by the saudi led coalition on yemen's who the rebel held port city of her data. right now people are suffering from hunger and displacement can you imagine the situation if there is an attack and then we hope all sides go to a peaceful political solution and avoid war. we hope that the united nations will
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find a political solution between the conflicting parties and that the conflicting parties will have the level of responsibility to spare this province of any conflicts u.n. secretary general antonio would tend to want to prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths and even a bigger humanitarian disaster than the current situation in one of the regions poorest countries there are at the present moment intense. negotiations martin griffiths is shuttling between the sun and those the way you know and the saudi arabia to hope that there will be a way to avoid the military confrontation you know data. has been holding talks and . the envoy is promoting a deal that asks who the rebels to give up their ballistic missiles in return for an end to the saudi led coalition bombing campaign. more than six hundred yemeni government troops and three hundred who the rebels have reportedly been killed in
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fighting near ho data over the past few days. the port is a viable lifeline through which most of the yemeni population's food and medicine entering this data is absolutely central to preserving of life and if for any period. today there were not to operate effectively they consequences and humanitarian times would be catastrophic. the u.s. has not directly urged the u.a.e. to avoid an assault on the data but it is calling on them roddy's to ensure the free flow of humanitarian aid and lifesaving commercial imports. zero. the past twenty four hours in singapore have been filled what the stork pictures and sound that have been high on theatrical with many hoping the summit would lead
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to instability along the korean peninsula let's take a look back at some of the events of the day. the past does not have to define the future because today's conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war and as history has proven over and over again and visitors can indeed become friends would be it wasn't easy to get here and old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles in our way forward but we overcame all of them and work here today to contribute her emotionally to make. sure we will surely get better there are currently going right down there so. legal look so the one million today we have a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and sign a historic document the world will see a major change for your government for the ladies are very talented and. very very
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low this is going to be very. grim and jim and i just signed a joint statement in which he reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. trick at the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump and kim jong un has signed with the u.s. president described as a comprehensive joint document as they wrapped up their summit in singapore both u.s. and north korea are expressing optimism about the outcome the document includes a call for the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. duke said the. today we have a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and sign a historic document the world will see a major change i would like to express my gratitude to mr donald trump for making
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this meeting happen. after the summit trump said that the u.s. would halt joint military exercises with south korea calling them a provocation it's not clear that south korea was aware he was going to do that he said his talks with cam had been direct honest and productive but that they'll need a second meeting. the past does not have to define the future yesterday's conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war and as history has proven over and over again and visitors can indeed become friends we can honor the sacrifice of our forefathers by replacing the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace and that's what we're doing and that's what we have done this attorney general says immigrants escaping to mastic abuse and gang violence will no longer be given asylum jeff sessions refused asylum to a salvadoran woman whose husband raped and beat her for fifteen years this landmark
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ruling limits the reasons needed to qualify for asylum immigration rights groups criticized the decision saying it could harm women and families the top administration recently launched a zero tolerance policy for immigrants crossing the us mexico border illegally. hundreds of migrants stranded on a boat on a rescue ship rather on board a rescue ship in the mediterranean will be transferred to italian boats before heading to the spanish port of the landsea equerry run by the charity s.o.s. mediterraneans carrying six hundred twenty nine people who were rescued off the libyan coast both been turned away by boat italy and malta but the spanish prime minister has offered to take them at as are your headlines keep it here on al-jazeera inside story is next thanks for your time.
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children protest fears of a violent uprising sonde arabia u.a.e. and kuwait pledged two point five billion dollars but is it enough and what's at stake cannot come to huge geopolitical significance this is inside story. come to the program. always been seen as a way of peace and stability in a volatile region but it's a country of limited resources and increasingly in debt conflicts in neighboring
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iraq and syria have dampened trade and it's hard to absorb hundreds of thousands of refugees but just.


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