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tv   The War In June  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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well i'm saying doesn't end the top stories on donald trump and kim jong un of signed what the u.s. president described as a comprehensive joint document as they wrapped up their summit in singapore both the u.s. and north korea expressing optimism about the outcome the document includes a call for the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula didn't. look so good today we have a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and sign in historic documents the world will see a major change i would like to express my gratitude to mr donald trump for making this meeting happen. after the summit champs said the u.s.
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would halt joint military exercises with south korea calling them a provocation he said these talks of kemah being honest direct and productive but that they'll need a second meeting the past does not have to defy the future yesterday's conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war and as history has proven over and over again and visitors can indeed become friends we can honor the sacrifice of our forefathers by replacing the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace and that's what we're doing and that's what we have done. in other news hundreds of migrants stranded onboard a rescue ship in the mediterranean will be transferred to a talon boats before heading to the spanish port of the aquarius run by the charity s.o.s. mediterranean is carrying six hundred twenty nine people who were rescued off the libyan coast. the boat's been turned away by both italy and malta journal has the
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latest from rome. an increasingly difficult situation for the six hundred twenty nine people on board the rescue vessel m s aquarius they've been on board for four days now many of them since saturday in the searing mediterranean heat at this time of year many of them up on deck under the sun m.s.f. the other n.g.o.s doctors without borders runs this ship says it's worried about the health of some of them some of them we're told have to be resuscitated during difficult rescue operations over the weekend others have toxic skin burns from contact with ship fuel in the water during their crossing from libya there are unaccompanied minors a large number of them children and pregnant women as well and of course they now face the prospect of a voyage three to four days long from their holding position in international waters now off to the eastern spanish port of valencia we understand that some italian naval and coast guard vessels will make contact with the aquarius and the
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company it taking some of those people on board perhaps to make more space to make more comfortable conditions in what is going to be a difficult crossing there a storm warnings out in the mediterranean that could create waves of up to two meters it's going to be hard hard going and in the meantime of course the italian government here that's the italian government building behind me steadfastly keeping to its position no n.-g. o. boat like the aquarius or others operating in the mediterranean will be allowed to dock in italian ports from now on this government takes the view that italy will no longer be the refugee camp of europe the u.s. attorney general has ruled that immigrants escaping domestic abuse and gang violence will no longer be given asylum in the united states jeff sessions refused asylum to salvadoran woman his has been raped and beaten for fifteen years immigration rights groups criticize the decision saying it could harm women and families champ administration recently launched as zero tolerance policy for
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immigrants crossing the us mexico border illegally. a vast majority of the current asylum claims we're seeing are not valid and you're not finding them valid for the last five years only twenty percent of claims have been found to be meritorious after a hearing before an immigration judge madagascar's president says a new government has been appointed as ordered by the constitutional court the island nation has seen months of anti-government protests of a new lows the opposition fears will bomb their candidates from elections the constitutional court had ordered the president to form what's called a consensus government which is a cabinet made up of members with a party affiliation those are the headlines the war in june is the program that's coming out next tuesday watching.
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fifteenth of may one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. a parade and military might to celebrate one thousand years since the founding of the state of israel. that this public display of power took place under a dog shadow. the previous day egyptian president. had ordered his forces to take up positions along the borders but israel. look at last came in on a mobile or. and that. by you for the value five or so i get done and the levy. three weeks later
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on the fifth of june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. israel launched an all out war against its arab neighbors. after only six days of fighting. to achieve total victory. defeating the armies of egypt jordan and syria. the cost me. shave it plays a mean. bet some like them some are. ya me the dust ish to ya or you have go way off the looking at. noon to israel. as the six day war. israel's territorial gains would change the map of the middle east. to
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this day israeli occupation of these lands is the main but to peace in this turbulent region. is huge scotto its fifth season early on we had conquered it completely intoxicated everybody was intoxicated no one could even think splayed. but the story of this school is much longer than the six days of fighting. its roots lay years earlier. two decades before the fifth of june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven.
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tell of eat the food thousandth of may one thousand nine hundred forty eight. the day that zionist leader david ben-gurion declared the establishment of the state of israel. a sought. and mulatto say amo. to him and ask. how. to talk even when all. on the day after the declaration five arab armies and to palestine. the lebanese attacks from the north the syrians iraqis and jordanians from the east
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but the most serious threat came from the south. the egyptian army advanced to the village of you've been that vicious twenty two kilometers from tel aviv. we have had a very thin line of soldiers who were defending what was collecting here the last line of defense of tel aviv. but the pressure on the israelis was relieved when a un brokered truce came into effect. the zionists through the movement purchased arms on the european black markets. the arab armies of course enjoyed mainstream supplies from a states the french supplied the lebanese and the syrians the british supplied the egyptians the jordanians and the iraqis with a constant stream of arms. in one nine hundred forty two the united nations imposed an embargo on arms shipments to the middle
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east and the british and the french abided by this in bargo. when the truce ran out the israelis now better armed set out to expel the arab armies from palestine. up to me all three made us carry have called brooklyn to the fore so the new government's leah kind of shifting on pot farm community. got out of mostly economic they have got. been is but you've got to have a lot of the. talk. by the end of october as israeli troops advanced. and egyptian brigade was inside. a palestinian village called in fallujah. among the offices trapped in this pocket was a young major demand. with
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their armies locked in a stalemate egyptian and israeli delegations met on the island of rhodes. under the sponsorship of the un. after a month of bargaining they reached an armistice agreement. well first of all they had to put an end to the fighting believe that egypt want to get out of there as much as israel wanted and the negotiation was mostly both evacuating the falutin pocket. did you had no territorial demands from israel so it was relatively easy to reach a cease fire. by the summer of one thousand nine hundred forty nine lebanon jordan and syria had also signed armistice agreements with israel.
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the jewish state now extended over almost the whole of palestine. arab territory it was reduced to just a few small enclaves east in jerusalem and the west bank were placed under jordanian control. the gaza strip was to be administered by egypt. in the midst of defeat. conceived a plan that would change the future of egypt. a movement that would be known as the free office's. africa theater missile but the harbor were different that outbreak. of a black hole eleven looked out. of the little logic i got aside that when they had the us ever took a bad fear. they were headed to see a mostly. washer give out a lot of
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a full bed of the somme lot of way or machete that al well from what they got started. three years after the end of the war the free offices struck. in july nine hundred fifty two they launched a coup d'├ętat. egypt's king phone who was dethroned and sent into exile. lieutenant colonel come on up to. the mosque to mine behind which was now cooled the july revolution quickly rose to be the country's defacto leader. in israel this news aroused deep rooted fears in kibbutz state but can't bring time into home of israel's founding prime minister david banker. and.
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then gorean all the time feared that one day a new kemal ataturk would rise in the arab world and would unite the car of world against israel. and that fear or that prevention was enhanced when nasa took power ninety fifth. and february one thousand nine hundred fifty five ben-gurion returned to political life. this time as defense minister. just a week off to bangor ian took up the post one hundred fifty israeli paratroop as led by major ariel sharon. was sent to attack an egyptian army base near the city
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of gaza but. forty egyptian soldiers were killed. and many more injured. when bigger came back he decided immediately to show that israel is not going to give in. this time a from the egyptian border the provocations and the attacks by inch of traders who are on the rise. at arbt and most of the. public that leave feet away in mass of some your himself from c.m. was the only jelly medina was.
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and hasn't let me answer what has alerted would be one of our. claiming they were egyptian territorial waters not so close the terrans straight at the entrance to the gulf of aqaba to ships sailing to and from the israeli port of the land. to strengthen his army not some sort more weapons from the west at this time to no avail. so in a surprise move he turned east. russia's new foreign minister mr should feel off lost no time in taking a personal part in middle east affairs and he was soon engaged in talks with president nasser. egypt signed this huge arms deal with
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czechoslovakia which was actually the soviet union. to slovakia was supposed to supply egypt with two hundred aircraft. tag's. thousand it was something fabulous. in november one thousand nine hundred fifty five bangor ian began a second term as israel's prime minister. at the top of his agenda was how to respond to the growing strength of egypt now armed to the teeth. eight months later the opportunity came. when nelson announced the nationalization of the suez canal.
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a decision that outraged the british and french the owners of the international canal company. this is a matter of life and death doors all. our quarrel is not with it still less with the out of work. it is with colonel not. that he is not a man no good but trusted. under green. britain and france were convinced that military intervention would be needed to recapture the canal. and bring down the upstart. but to pretext was needed. fun to say i lease a beano was in a credit looked at a high end to a sort of easy to call my own car i mean more sat right in their home with very up
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litter the whole other s.s. enormous cloak room in a tunnel plain and with that he by the how to kill myself akasha him yell our leg anybody comics was. cut i kind of. well listen to some thoughtful thought the at that he asked that all follow him know me eleanor and how. according to this tripartite secret agreement on the twenty ninth of october one thousand nine hundred fifty six. is really full says cross the buddha into egypt. even though the israelis was still some distance from the canal britain and france called for both sides to withdraw. when nasr rejected the ultimatum british and french troops began landing and put signs at the
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mediterranean end of the canal. night a statement not consulted in any way about any phase of these actions nor were we informed of them in advance. it is our hope and intent this matter will be brought before the united nations general assembly there with no veto operating the opinion of the world can be brought to bear in our quest for a just in to this tormenting problem. by the end of december. under heavy international pressure. the british and french were forced into a humiliating withdrawal from port sallied. louvel
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attention now shifted to israel still occupying the whole of the sinai and the gaza strip. yes a year the ease. that. in march one thousand nine hundred fifty seven ben-gurion finally ordered the israeli army to withdraw to the pre-war borders. however he had secured two major gains. the stationing of un troops along the borders with egypt and gaza put an end to the palestinian fedayeen xrayed inside israeli territories.
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and israel was guaranteed free passage of has shipping through the tiran strait. the sinai complain gave israel actually about ten years of. peace. on the egyptian border between one hundred fifty seven and ninety six seven there was a total call. but the fragile peace on the borders masked continuing hostility between cairo and tell of eve. in israel as their fights man the commander of the air force was devising a new strategy. operation focus. i mean among some kids. if need be to its war
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a concept they. seem to must know mean we won't see what the mission moves. without hummock an italian in its leaf we only want to see you know people in the. two things threatened to derail that plan. the first was egypt's highly versatile serviette made defenses. this network would soon face its first major test. not at the hands of fights mins after force but through the bizarre actions of an israeli peace activist. he would not and was a commercial pilot and every gimmick for elections of one thousand nine hundred sixty five he bought a little airplane painted into wife and put. name peace and said if i'm
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elected to the knesset i would fly to egypt. he was not elected to villa small number of people voted for him but i did time he became very serious of this so one day without any announcement he took off his claim. ab in a tan planted import salary to egypt in february one thousand nine hundred sixty six. was. born is that what that is question in the fight. furthermore the tan asked to meet president. to deliver a petition calling for peace. egyptians treated him very nicely. did not let him into egypt but the victim fill his tank with gather lynn and sent him back. in
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a tense flight had revealed the weakness of egypt and defenses. but israel still had a major concern. to make twenty one. a high performance supersonic soviet fighter. it formed the backbone of the arab air forces. but it too would soon give up its secrets. in august one nine hundred sixty six an iraqi pilot landed in israel with his make . he had been offered a million u.s. dollars to defect. but it would turn out to be worth every cent. that he should be here our chief test pilot of the air force check the airplane and when you all it's this is. but the gist of the make it one the one which was the
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airplane of the war in the enemy hands. it was not known before what these release had learned about the meat was put to the test and actual combat. in april one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the border skirmishes with syria escalated into a full scale aerial battle. which shut down seven aircraft. it was such a victorian the israeli air force. in the weeks following this battle. reports possibly originating with soviet intelligence began to come in that israel was massing its army on the syrian border. an apparent escalation that spurred nasr into action.
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on the food thousands of may one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. fugitive gyptian troops into sinai. must but as he held out while a subpoena. were and no more got allowed in many of the latino and foscari the dorothy. i hope she meant. even when who. was allowed. out a house. that was all outdoor choice. but also saw an opportunity to try to roll back the gains israel had secured following the one nine hundred fifty six war. on the sixteenth of may. egypt asked the u.n. to withdrew its peacekeeping troops from sinai.
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a week later and the theatrical setting of a meeting with his fighter pilots and also announced the closing of the tour on straight to israeli shipping. news of nasr is actions boot people out onto the streets all across the arab world . also attend the autobody of. slaves lytham of. well a man in the wall of the finance. of the dead and because of so what it is shown on the bus the book called the year. of some. israel's new war cabinet under levy ash called took the decision to open
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hostilities on the fifth of june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. the air force was given the green light to operation focus. the aerial attack it had been rehearsing for years. the israelis had trolled the dice which would determine the future of their state. the plight of the syrian people and the violence they enjoy is plain for all to see . who live behind closed doors and unspeakable brutality inflicted on the women. here from the brave few. you survived my c.s. indignity and then to tell the tale. sign i witnessed documentary
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on out is iraq. and i'm jane death and the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump and kim jong un have signed what the u.s. president described as a comprehensive joint agreement as they wrapped up their summit in singapore both the u.s. and north korea expressing optimism about the outcome the document includes a call for the complete denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula. looks so that today we have a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind and sign an historic document the world will see a major change i would like to express my gratitude to mr donald trump for making this meeting happen after the summit said the u.s.
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would halt joint military exercises with south korea courting them a provocation he said his talks with kim had been honest direct and productive but they'll need a second meeting in the past does not have to defy the future yesterday's conflict does not have to be tomorrow's war and as history has proven over and over again and visitors can indeed become friends we can honor the sacrifice of our forefathers by replacing the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace and that's what we're doing and that's what we have done. in other news hundreds of migrants stranded on board a rescue ship in the mediterranean will be transferred to tallinn boats before heading to the spanish port of valencia the aquarius run by the charity s.a.'s mediterranean is carrying six hundred twenty nine people who were rescued off the libyan coast the boats being turned away by both italy and multi. u.s.
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attorney general has ruled that immigrants escaping domestic abuse and gang violence will no longer be given asylum in the united states jeffs ations refused asylum to salvadoran woman whose husband raped and beat her for fifteen years. madagascar's president says a new government has been appointed as ordered by the constitutional court the island nation has seen months of anti-government protests of a new laws the opposition fears will by their candidates from elections the constitutional court had ordered the president to form what's called a consensus government which is it cabinet made up of members without party affiliation. those are the headlines let's go back now to the war in june.
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cairo the morning of monday the fifth of june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven . a day that will change the history of the middle east. a plane is waiting to take off toward sinai. marshall apted happy mohamed a deputy supreme commander of the egyptian armed forces is making a morale boosting visit to troops deployed on the borders with israel for the last three weeks. jamelia canada one of the shut off praskovia. buses and little. c.s.e. on what. we have gotten up lemme minute and even cameron. out on the even a team of people. but
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this egyptian show of strength was put to good use by israeli media. memories of the holocaust were invoked to persuade israelis they were facing a threat to their very existence. in a different view of the nazis. grandmother nothing was never mentioned by name in the bow media at the time it was called the egyptian tyrant it was his name. in washington u.s. president lyndon b. johnson issued a stark warning to which ever side should start the war. it was a thinly veiled threat to the egyptian leadership. its toll there at that its demise. is come out of them also.
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by you know so much value is sought we'll begin to warm a dot about. what to go there i thought well but have a war. a lot or have to fight back. and nationally known but but above all i wonder how did. ian. and. well how did you fuck up. in fact israel though apparently the underdog was far more prepared for war than any of its arab opponents. israeli chief of staff it's have to be in the front line to meet troops waiting for a green light. on the this is action of muscle
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is a hand to mobilize all its horses all inside the forces. and also told thing we should strike first and the sighting first was in the eyes of the ensign to what we thought on this invasion of the insurgency. the opening attack would be the much rehearsed operation focused. and aerial strike to destroy the egyptian air force on the ground. in the early hours of the fifth of june ninety sixty seven. the israeli athletes prepared to deliver the fast. break up there was a morning instrumentals a briefing room he wrote owners of leg bolts zero hours.
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was seven mm four to five. the the. two hundred israeli jets took to the at. the back. they would arrive over at chips and asked fields at exactly seven forty five am. to avoid radar detection they flew fast north then west over the mediterranean. turning south the planes came in from the north not from the east as the egyptians had anticipated. by the bait i would say that. because in a field that's
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a kind of a sense of alabama. with hostile kobe it's in a way for. you know every single. very uses as you train the many many times. he's ever felt were located very easy owns the ground and not far from the runways . was not a big problem to strike. immediately you so big. smoke over ole's those airfields. get it when i might hand them a plate feel eight layers minute of bashar go in and get him why had ken says if
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said throw him over want to have. a leg at us and has a maybe. i live. by midday the israelis had successfully attacked eighteen airfields. the egyptians had lost eighty percent of that effortless. more than three hundred planes destroyed on the ground. but that. ironically cairo radio was carrying false reports of the total failure of the
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enemy's air attack. with news coming in of egypt's apparent success jordan syria and iraq now launch their own ass strikes. on the. news every shuttle shinee but you know it was one hundred eleven and. i want to show isn't. remember. ineffective though they were those attacks gave these really is a pretext to widen the scope of the war. operation focus was extended to cover affeldt in jordan syria and even
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a key base in iraq. a story on the only base for me state called lynch islam and the only base in which we could in each with the last drops of. my serve fly to the today. not far from damascus. when i made my first turn over the city oh for the most schools people who climb on the roofs and wave for us the people in the most those. caught off guard the syrians lost half the act kroft. the h three affeldt in iraq was put out of action. and georgians after the spurs totally destroyed. by sunset on the first day of school operation focus had guaranteed israel total as
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superiority and the skies over the middle east. the arab armies would now be fighting with no ass of course. the outcome of the war had been sealed. anything that there is no example in history of the world of the asian of such a total strike and the total tank. maybe the only time that it can compare to this bilawal the take of japanese on the totals all grades above that was almost that's him aided the american fleet in the pacific. on the ground egyptian forces were bearing much better. they had succeeded in
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holding up the israeli army to ponce and to sinai. yet the egyptian deputy supreme commander marshall i met was about to take a disastrous decision. its roots lay in his attempted visit to the front line the day before. meant to see me say. i was the. beautiful gus gus i should be seen by bill hall zhan a small. even gonna see me i'm out of. record they are. the. best stop him to it that smug bamidele say could obviously. miraculously the plane was
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able to return to cairo. but moshe lama had been shocked by witnessing israel's and supremacy at fust times. the next day i met ordered an immediate withdrawal of egyptian troops from sinai. and which led to the total collapse of the egyptian front. the cost me to finish up their mean shit shave it please it mean. they'd bet some like them in the summer. young me the dust issue. we have but we're looking for. zig. one shot
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a segue. to flee to last till at last it caught up by your vet listen to some see what shape i made some harm i gotta be glad she's with ha that's all it up of him by stole the other then the fuck they saw him get on me in . law you'll be fine but. by the fourth day of the rule israeli troops reached the eastern bank of the suez canal. they had occupied the whole of the sinai peninsula and the gaza strip. silliman the features of our cars street. level cut the. deficit on but it's put back the government and stuff were should know to have metal not at the start
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has as you. could have given was for. the previous day the israelis had also tasted success on that eastern front. ending the short lived rule launched by jordan's king saying. by eleven o'clock in the morning the first day there chilly after we destroyed the egyptian post but hussein didn't know into that. on the contrary in our so called him up and said we're winning we'll women do your own share. he didn't. and they were offensive a woman unable to do it but he conquered the hills along the government tells it in they injured in the southern part of joe's and him and his forces were only by no a few hundred yards away from his lead. that is so full of this is that.
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on the often news of the first day of the. israelis began their assaults against the jordanians. that box so soon escalate. and two days later the whole of the west bank and jerusalem fell to the israelis. then the. slimness so given that the whole of it. being as i'm asleep up the vote of the vote the should be on the table then your news is awful and then. the coffee .
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with the wool but ovah on the egyptian and jordanian fronts and ignoring a un cool for a cease fire israel's high command now decided to secure its borders with syria. on the fifth day of war israeli troops began to climb the strategic golan heights. and some last. suggestion the beneath it had but more lives and. a good reason to be more. moderate cut some almost and then we are on a must. as of tonight and it's a definite look at it and just leave. us alone. trudie yes she said that. but on the sixth day of the rule. damascus
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radio made an unexpected announcement. that. syria had accepted the u.n. cease fire. with no advance warning given to troops fighting on the coast not the brute cost fatally undermined syrian army resistance. the man blamed for the army's collapse was the minister of defense. a man who would eventually rise to power in syria. as an aside. the israelis pushed on and occupied the whole of the golan heights. let me. votes for the. they had this yes and with you on that if you that it could . not but it is not but. it's
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a lot of them. at the end of the sixth day of fighting and only one attempt achieved all its goals israel accepted the u.n. cease fire. the guns fell silent. the arabs had suffered a humiliating defeat. me a yet dowen. had been a trial you have if he hasn't. been many dead there the how morally people. look at it.
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and say to me ali. but. when i heard. of it arrest me. when i didn't see. all day long. here. he would be. under heavy popular pressure nasser rescinded his decision to step down from the presidency. and attempts to regain the lost arab territories began. israel had tripled its size capturing the sinai peninsula the gaza strip the west bank eastern jerusalem and the golan heights.
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we tried everything we went to the united nations we tried mediation we tried to contact through different countries and it was clear that all this was to no avail. the mood was let's give nothing back if you don't have to there are songs there were victory albums there were the huge intoxication of victory. this huge unique miraculous victory of the. in-depth war war the greatest tragedy in the history of islam. the israelis basked in an aura of invincibility. but their victory was just the start of even greater complications. which still plagued the middle east to this
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day. israel found itself governing and being responsible for a million palestinians in the newly occupied gaza strip west bank and jerusalem. to could both six months to. live in nearly. all those. both in the west bank and then they came back and they said. there was other people there and they have a national movement. so what do we do if there are we we conquer them and create. a pot of state or we huff the loaf to move predominantly jewish state called israel and the west bank and
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gaza should be a basis for future negotiations. dition of their rights to have a state of their own the viable state of total in the west bank and gaza. what israel chose was and still remains the first option. in the aftermath of the war israel declared what it called the unification of jerusalem. the entire holy city was placed under israeli jurisdiction including christian and muslim holy sites. we are the government and the only government in the area that is just a goods we have obligations and privileges and duties dare obligation and
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fairly still maintain law and order and to provide the people with services and away she to believe standard of living as a garment like every government was its status and. furthermore and in defiance of international law israeli settlers began to move into the west bank the territory they called judea and samaria. the lands which they want to settle in who are the core and heartland of the jewish people in biblical times when judy isn't emerged as it was natural that there would be this messianic urge to settle those areas. even perhaps even clear out arabs from these areas and this didn't happen but jewish settlements were placed there and this is made things much more complicated for peacemaking here.
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in addition to the west bank settlements were spreading in the gaza strip sinai and on the golan heights. and as the israelis tighten their grip on the occupied territories it became clear they had no intention of returning them. even to get the bomb to. muslims it will go on a block away and it will be that guy says an elephant could have a new lock on the sleeve yet i'm in the in a mob when the. whole cloth is appointed with them the nickel ball one of them that all too old to wear is. what i miss the give me an optical out of what then yeah but i'm mot to folks like that. in october one thousand nine hundred seventy three after just six years the arabs aiming to
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restore their territories and their dignity would launch another war. israel was about to receive a shop remind us of the fun rehabilitate it do to ted conquered forever and the war of june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven.
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i. mean the weather sponsored by cattle i always had oh it's no use rarely in the capital of chile in santiago but this cloud here the bottom of your screen does indeed represent cold enough air to of course snow and this is these are the streets of the capital santiago it's rare enough that you could even throw snowballs at the president and he doesn't seem to mind. anyway it's just that over now the skies are clear blue once more the forecast reflects that nine degrees in santiago six degrees for their average mislead and sons in the sky rain is the case to the east and they pompous for example in certain southeast of brazil it's getting slowly colder in brought us areas from twelve down to eleven essence here was thirty one about three days ago just got colder here is in fact
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it's been generally cold out through peru up towards northern chile as well north of the continent the story has been rain quite a lot of it especially around panama and costa rica and off the coast of mexico just off the edge your screen is a swirling hurrican but the massive tide in the middle being what we've been looking at for the last seems two or three weeks bringing rain to cuba and indeed jamaica in the bahamas and the line is still there concentrating maybe further south in honduras possibly guatemala but cuba is not to get some pretty heavy shots with occasional flooding. the weather sponsored by cattle waste. on october the sixth one thousand nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria known to surprise war against israel carter whose world permitted so to get into the situation of disaster now in the first of the three part series al-jazeera explores
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what really happened during the first week of the war in october on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and i'm jane dutton this is the news are live from doha coming up in the show. as history has proven over and over again at bursars can indeed become friends a page for peace and singapore's both the u.s. and north korea dubbed the leaders' summit a success. plus the global reaction south korea says it welcomes the progress and looks forward to a new path with north korea. justice department.


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