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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 93  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2018 5:32pm-6:02pm +03

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italy and malta the u.s. attorney general has ruled that immigrants scaping domestic abuse and gang violence no longer be given asylum in the united states jeff sessions refused asylum to a salvadoran woman whose husband raped and beat her for fifteen years israeli police have begun affecting jewish settlers from fifteen homes built illegally in the west bank israel's supreme court ordered the section on choose day because they said the homes were built on private palestinian land the government says it will compensate the residents and rebuild their homes on nearby lands that are not privately owned those are the headlines the news continues but first it is the story. well the freeze the world cup two thousand and three is nearly upon us and for the second time in four years is hosting one of the planet's biggest sporting events but can russia overcome the security fears and put on
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a great for the party for the world for all the action on and off the pitch. ok and i'm really good you're in the stream now live on you tube today a show page by you out on like me to say well look at china's so-called reeducation camps for muslim leaders and in uganda attacks on social media. every day on twitter and facebook we asked for your story ideas and you deliver it our first segment was pitched to us from uganda to uganda mike he talks about an order from the president to tax social networks and then a canary with poor schools they simply the social media tax in uganda starting in july will tax its citizens two hundred to shellings and that's about five u.s.
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cents per day for using social media networks including whatsapp twitter and skype supporters of the tax say it will help alleviate the country's debt but what impact will it have elsewhere joining us to talk about this we have rose mary she is a journalist and activist who's been following this story good to have you here any indication this was coming up that people using social platforms will be charged a day rate which that come from. i think this came from aspect that we have a very huge public debate and that the government of president most everything has to find really. good ways to cut down that public which would be cutting down his government spending and he's. actually a system that sustains him an hour that's the only way he can cut. but we are
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getting cuts also should use social media in the name cut which is not going to even do much for that we had them some speculation and some people guesstimating why they think this is going to come into place this is grace she says the president and the cons regulatory authority have mostly a tribute it does tax to the increase and gossip on social media which directly translates into limiting freedom of speech the government has been threatening over the years to find a solution to this poor and pope gossip problem and now they have rolled out what does that mean what does that mean to the government. i think this has to be understood the spirit of the of the policy that broke these guards in the opposite of these drugs is. expression which has been happening outside the control of the state and with social networks the government has been really and able to find
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a way to absolutely have an impact we have seen a few times they've arrested people for inspiration online we have seen during the two thousand and sixteen in the actions we were shut down on what's up increase book and. what the government. to make sure that the message doesn't go out to stop people from or be lazing or any likely mobilization against the results which many people believe were rigged so we have seen these moves in the past but they have not been able to really been successful but. they are trying to deploy way cleanings the freedom of action in those one just when i think the sort of thing that might upset the savannah on whatsapp or twitter image an election so elections were always contentious and there's
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a political back and forth is it just about the politics of opposition voices always it more than that that's happening on the social platforms where the government is getting irritated at the way people are talking. we have to understand that this is a thirty two year old routine and governing the country was average age is around fifteen and you gunned the best when you look at the gun and less than thirty years the about seventy percent this is a young population looking for real real solutions from government in this government is not giving solutions so this has nothing to do with maybe crime opposition but also growing discontent within the country in the ability for young people to be online in formulate in mobilize ensure that they are they can be heard in they can't organize their voices to be heard whether. or cut in the past without social media networks so with that platform the government is really scared of this
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debate that never dealt with the before the roads are here you're saying and then we actually we got a response to the point that you just raised via twitter this is a boy or who says social media is the only platform the public uses to criticize the government and all of its organs for poor service delivery by imposing a tax on them it will minimize further you said and criticism so that's one person's view but i want to turn to who this will affect we've got a big comment from a journalist in uganda this is lydia and this is who she thinks will be most affected i mean you. spend. twenty cents and ten cents a day on banderas to access social media so an extra accents is between twenty to fifty percent and they've been spending so i think yes it will be prohibitive sorts of uses. the real looking out people who
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are not yet a man and people who lie just chatting to experiment with them at arms personal who do you think will be most impacted by this. we had to cut low income earners in uganda in the process of that we have an employment youth unemployment rate. likely to save uganda young people who are. using very. bandos we call them. in there. and she is to engage in the conversation would have to remember you might think that two hundred shillings is something small but strong that uganda is one of the country going up with the one of the largest many. internet access the cost is very high when they make it how do you cut the people from risk so this does not make sense in which we only have
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eighteen percent of our relation using mobile internet connection. i'm just looking at a quote here on my laptop it's from president seven he said this back in march of this year i'm not going to propose a tax on internet use for educational research of reference purposes these must remain free in fact the idea of having an internet that's very excessive all the people can get to that's very important for uganda so i'm just wondering is it possible to have both things how do you know if something is looking are a source for information for their school work or posting on twitter how how would you even place this. i think trying to tax these services place book. in and what's up and messaging classifying game as know it is really pedestrian that's not understanding what the internet provides in what these provide what every day online i see you've got young ugandans advertise in their products
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exchanging information about opportunities these are drivers of they cannot mean so when you cut out communication people are not going to be googling. economies driven by connections in how many much people can be connected how you can grow the economy but try to say you only agreed to go in not messaging. platforms where people can really connect to the outer world i think that lack of understanding really what this is what the internet provides for this country so perhaps not surprisingly a lot of the conversation online is this tax comes into place where will the money actually go this is one person who says consolidation of power by the occupying regime he says it's costing uganda a lot taxes wouldn't be a bad thing if they were chattel to the right cause of service delivery however most of the revenue is telling channeled into means of how the current regime can sustain its grip on power leading to this question from some who says well the
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government tell how it intends to use the tax result you know. i don't even think that we should be asking that we already know how our government you know who gets supplementary funding every time that the president dishes out money to support us in broad daylight we just finished an election in one of the parts of the country just a parliamentary election the president give over almost five billion just for free and this is all taxpayers' money so there's not doubt that the use of taxpayers' money in uganda has been seen by credit that we have a corrupt government which cannot be easily a comfortable we luck for short brisk social services and we have to remember last year the incarceration of one of the activists getting younger when he actually pressed the president and his wife on provisional as he is something the cemetery
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color for a doesn't go who are dropping out of school we have caught the machine breaking down in the same line for months without any health care any of this any help or city new gun that will leave you in shock in utter shock so every day you see ugandans rallying around to really pull money together to aid a really good in the eyes of africa kenya for treatment. we really have a crippling healthcare system so we can't be asking where the money's going to go if we have not been doing this i don't think that the money from her should be attacked is going to be any difference rosol can do many thank you so much for joining us from a strange attached alice about the upcoming social media tax and you gotta thank you. this next story with us from. twitter who asked us to cover what she called the oppression of china's weaker population from forced interracial marriages to political reeducation camps of thousands of legal muslims in china's western region
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have been reportedly detained in these so-called reeducation camps where they are forced to renounce their cultural and religious identities but the tensions are part of china's efforts to influence the politics of a population that beijing sees as prone to committing acts of violence so to talk more about the reasons for why this is happening with us. today she is the chinese outreach coordinator for the weaker human rights project and joining us via skype is ryan a professor of history at loyola university in new orleans he is the author of the book the secret. history welcome to the stream both of you i want to start with a personal story we got a couple of them on twitter and of course we're not able to independently verify all of the facts and people are sharing them and they're resonating so should the mining size i haven't been able to talk to my family for almost two years now when there is quick contact they asked me to use chinese rather than week there i just
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got to know that my dad was taken to one of the camps three months ago and he had heart and leg surgeries just not long before that he continues that my dad is a law abiding citizen and the only reason i can make sense of his detention is that he travel to dubai and turkey even by saying this i'm already risking further arrests of my other family members. what do we know about the camps who gets put into the camp. cation camps before talk about aria education camps i just would like to briefly talk about who we are like my name is white as you know i'm a vaguer as well i'm from this part of china which is china northwest part of china . in this region but we're a school that is trying to stand in history at the rigorous themselves. own country of origin and in here we talk about the reeducation camps or why it's happening today is because the previously in is turkistan the this kind of camps
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exist truth before as well but it got worse since two thousand and seventeen as you just to have heard this story this sending or detaining leaders in the riyadh camps is just a horrifying right now like even myself i haven't been able to contact with my family members for three years right now in recent years it's just impossible because the chinese government is detaining any we are like detaining many readers to those so-called reeducation camps or concentration camps just simply because of either those vigorous travel to overseas. all they have intention to travel to use is all they have practice of religion or they identify themselves or bigger just that they are stronger about your identity and just simply being a very good chinese girl treating them as. the very group identity is kind of
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crying right now that's why so many people detained right now the chinese according to chinese statistics that they say there are eleven million million muslims but now one million readers are detained in those detention camps simply just a very reasons which is it's very difficult to explain. why i want to bring you into this. conversation via shawn zang who shared this on twitter he says i put all the reeducation camps i found in this list i will keep updating it i clicked on the list and then he had these extraordinary pictures which is basically via google just to see where he believes these these places are what exactly happens there do you know you are able to get into hell. yeah well this is one of the remarkable things about this phenomenon is how much of a trace this is left online and that's partly because the chinese state called for
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bids from construction companies to build this massive network of extralegal detention centers and so sean john has done a lot of interesting work on twitter locating these these camps based on the bids that the chinese government. offered we don't know a lot about what goes on in them there are a few. a few people who have gotten out and who have talked about their experiences but we don't know how to use that data because there are there seem to be more people who haven't gotten out than than than who have and so it may be that the experiences of those who are released are different from the ones who are still in there but what we know from the people who have been released is that there there is a range of of activities from watching videos and guest lectures from local security
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folks or even local university. faculty to chanting of slogans memorizing confucian classics chinese lessons and then sliding all the way toward torture and in some cases we have reports of people who died in the camps so what i'm just thinking if you set up the first way that you are set in a way that to give people an introduction to the community we have done shows about the community before i think what i would have probably been persecuted. but what we can. the prosecutor is good for two years what's happening to vegas right now maybe even even even more even was not even good enough what's happening to vigorous right now because what we hear the story of. just ryan
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already mentioned a few forcing vigors to you know within the reallocation fourth camps for thing leaders to do the things that they don't wish to. the mainly the china is going to focus and kind of you know that eradicate the religious belief or figures. from me in their mind and just to reinventing or reshaping their identity completed their bigger identity and they try how do you know that. that's what we hear from the stories into the people who came out it's very difficult to get information out from the region because of the restrictions that the chinese government put on the civilians that the chinese government imposing on the region but there are some. citizens people you know there are citizens because our standard of travel to is turkistan and they detain and they came here and talk about this experience as well even we were able to talk to some people directly
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a person directly who came out from that detention camps and this experience tell us all the story that it's just horrifying for us to hear i mean in real life like i can just imagine when the story to you yesterday we heard that the world luger congress on is awesome mother passed away and she passed away on may on may twenty seventh but he'd just heard it just yesterday and he hasn't seen his mother for twenty four years because of what he is doing outside of the country and he didn't know what happened to him parents or anyone as well and then just yesterday heard that his mother passed away imagine what could be more worse than. that kind of tragic news you hear like this is twenty first century and you should be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone anywhere in the world but it's not
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happening to us china the chinese government say this claim that they are very powerful technology but that technology is does benefiting and evaders both inside and outside the wire unfortunately you know that story is tragic and unfortunately it sounds similar to this one although there is not a death that we know of yet this is how murat on twitter who says thank you for this program i want to testify to be a witness for my parents who are ethnic weaker and now arbitrarily held in a so-called reactor cation camp. city of the weaker autonomous region he goes on to say i have called the local community in turkey and whenever i do they hang up on me or they don't want to give any information my mother is inside since april twenty seven team and they took my father in last january signal their personal story of their being shared but why and i want to play a comment for you from human rights watch as a senior china senior researcher my old weighing and she talks about why we're seeing this and what if anything can be done in just
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a note that she didn't want her face shown because of security concerns so have a listen to i think it is human rights watch for hugh to tease can. don't. promote loyalty i think tourists. hearty precisely because they do not address the underlying problems that the leaders have long complained about in china which is pervasive discrimination and nobody is there to challenge them the government can continue these policies we have to hold regard to obvious consequence. so ryan she mentions that no one is there to challenge the government in their actions so what can be done. well that's a big question let me start by commenting on a few things that we just saw especially the contributions from twitter which i
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think really display well how. how calm and how common this problem it's very difficult to find a weaker person who doesn't have someone in their family who has disappeared into these camps and the lack of information that that we see here is it's also indicative of the situation on the ground when your family member does disappear you don't get any kind of notice above this they just don't come home one day and in most cases those people who are disappeared we don't think they're being charged charged with anything so this then is combined with an atmosphere in in which every movement of every individual in specially in towns and cities is monitored by c.c.t.v. system that is often connected with facial recognition there are checkpoints every every time you enter or leave town or a bus station or or
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a marketplace at which people use their i.d. cards that are linked to data about their faces so that they can be connected through facial through facial recognition so what this means is that it's difficult for anyone to go there and to collect information and it's even difficult for people who managed to leave and i should emphasize for the most part chinese cousin and curious are not allowed to leave china it's extremely difficult all of their passports were confiscated starting around two thousand and seven was the first round so it's very difficult to leave and then those who do leave suffer from threats to their to their families once they're out particularly if they if they speak out. now to my other ones point. it does seem from the outside unlikely that this kind of treatment would would improve the general
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opinion of of the chinese state although we shouldn't dismiss the possibility that chinese authorities actually believe that forced repetition of slogans and things like that might actually promote some loyalty to the party the evidence i've seen suggests that some people really do really do believe this there are probably also parts of the chinese state individuals in the chinese state who who who think like my aunt so that this is this is likely to create a lot more enemies of the party and what that means it's going to be much more difficult to wind down these camps and to let people out or much less to to shut them to shut them down because that involves releasing a lot of people whose lives have been ruined back into back into the community i just want to show you. just a little clip
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a at this is four years old ferez from a mosque that some cash. and its weakest wash. a lot of people are concerned about the trinity is the lack of freedom to practice islam. where is that now that was twenty fourteen but today but today it's impossible ahmed this mosque probably if you look at it closely they just see changes even the shapes of the mosques as well you know that the on the top of other whether you have close look at the some pictures of the mosques they put in china it's always on the top very quickly because you're right at the end of the program it's still possible to practice not not it's not it is possible but some part it's not but it's restrictive certainly strict like thank you so much to fire thank you ryan and i know i have much more to say on this topic but always be
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online at act a.j. straight thanks for watching scenics. the plight of the syrian people and the violence they enjoy is plain for all to see . but behind closed doors some unspeakable brutality inflicted on the women. here from the brave few who survived my c.d.'s and d.p.t. and dan to tell the tale. silent war i witnessed documentary on out is iraq on october the sixth one thousand nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria known to surprise more against israel carter's world primitive so to get into this situation of disaster now in the first of the three part series al-jazeera explores what
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really happened during the first week of the war in october on al-jazeera. six. damage from this sunroof the funny thing is a promise says that. phrase from the shrews is the name one of which i recorded a record as a regular music is really kind of trip i left for a very young age but recalled from jamaica what i feel that. the talks of are just it's the quality books of all people old and there's a cricket music as the rest of us to do rather than the drug especially for a good thing and this is kind of all a right wing assault on our freedom to oss questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being taught it's like students teachers activists for their cause rights its place all of them but it's limited that sort
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of a respite and people on the street see the protest has reached our doorstep soul in which as a widowed legs all attempts to contradict something and it's. this is al jazeera. live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm coming to maria welcome to the newsgroup when donald met kim and the world stopped to watch the singapore summit has ended with the u.s. president and north korean leader signing a document committing to you. there is no timeline there are no concrete steps just yet but these two men meeting face to face off to so many threats it is powerful in itself but a global roundup of the reaction to the kim summit. and it's causing a stir on the online high stakes meeting between donald trump and then john will be
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breaking down all the latest details and developments on social media i'm going to have. this in the hash tag but we're not forgetting other news though because the fate of six hundred migrants in the mediterranean sea is still uncertain spain's offer to take them enough to be a mole to refuse but it's not that simple or rough seas ahead and as the closest country to the budget italy was still being asked to step up and in the u.k. brags it goes to a vote this time in parliament it's about deciding how much of a say these british m.p.'s will have over the way the u.k. exits the european union and it's putting prime minister tourism may in a pretty tight spot we will be live in westminster. with the news on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com three hundred and eight days ago u.s. president donald trump threatened.


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