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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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no he is going to launch donald trump historic summit with kim jong il and ends with a promise to stop u.s. military exercises with south korea and vague pledges of denuclearization. hello i'm barbara sara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program the u.k. government makes concessions to see off a highly damaging rebellion over to reason mains that breaks it plans italy sends two ships to help transport the six hundred twenty nine migrants it's refusing to accept spain and after a long running dispute to greece says macedonia has finally agreed to a new name. months
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after the u.s. president threatened north korea with fire in fury donald trump and kim jong il and have vowed to put the past behind them at a historic summit in singapore trump was full of praise for kim and after the two men met initially with only interpreters present the summit in singapore produce the wealth of photo opportunities but only a vague four point the clear ration reaffirming a commitment to denuclearization with no timeline for north korea to the mantel its arsenal but trump did give further details on the u.s. concessions including a surprise pledge to stop military drills in south korea and eventually pull his troops out of the peninsula adrian brown reports now from singapore.
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no one was sure quite what to expect from this summit releasing very talented. very well just the good news they seem to get on well but as expected u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un's signed a deal vague on details it says the united states and north korea will work towards denuclearization but missing the words verified and irreversible at a news conference trump was pressed on that saying he now trusts the north korean leader it does take a long time to you know pull off a complete deed nuclearization you takes a long time scientifically you have to wait certain periods of time and a lot of things happen but despite that once you start the process it means it's pretty much over can't use them that's the good news and that's going to start very very soon i believe it's going to start very soon we will do it as fast as it can
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mechanically and physically be done in the meantime sanctions will remain but trump said the regular exercises between the militaries of south korea and the u.s. would end but again no specifics or mention of a peace treaty either act one in this diplomatic drama that began almost five hours earlier with a handshake that may have changed the course of history. u.s. president donald trump said he'd know within a minute of meeting him if he'd get on with him so this was the moment he began sizing him up. the start perhaps of an improbable relationship improbable times. two nuclear armed leaders one of former real estate developer and reality t.v. star the other an international pariah and why aren't. you a better. manager there speaking through an interpreter kim said the way here had
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not been easy but. the old practices and prejudices worked against this but we are here and now. their day started at nine am local time in singapore prime time viewing in the united states. the two leaders were joined by their officials if the two sides stick to what they've agreed here they'll be many more meetings in the garden all seemed amicable as the two leaders strolled in talk together and there was something trump was keen for kim to see the inside of his official limousine known as the beast both leaders will feel they've got something out of this summit gets the prestige of meeting the other kim gets to appear committed to denuclearize ation while trump may yet be credited as being the first u.s. president to bring peace to the korean peninsula the deal makes no mention either of north korea's harsh human rights history you know this is a fundamental freedom this is a principle of human existence and you know for donald trump to say that kim doll
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is now a nice guy when he's got one hundred twenty thousand people in gulags in the mountains is just not a few diplomatic encounters have been so eagerly anticipated the question now is whether all this will prove to be a little more than just a series of photo opportunities a dream brown al-jazeera singapore. well let's look in more detail of the four point that clue asian the two sides actually agreed on well the first two points are pretty general the u.s. and the d p r k that's north korea commit to establish new relations for peace and prosperity and they also agreed to a joint effort to build a lasting and stable peaceful on the korean peninsula the last point commits both sides to recovering the remains of prisoners of war and those missing in action from the korean war but the key is point three reaffirming north korea's commitment
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to work towards complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula complete is one of three words the secretary of state might form peo said were essential to the u.s. but the other two that's very fireball and irreversible are not actually mentioned and also no timeframe was given kimberly halkett has more now from singapore. the highly anticipated meeting between the north korean leader kim jong un and us president donald trump lasted roughly four hours a relatively short meeting compared to the very lengthy process ahead of trying to determine the details of denuclearize ation a concern for many reading that agreement that was the result of this summit between the two leaders here in singapore the fact that some of those details the united states said were and said it was adamant must be a part of any agreement walking away from singapore didn't seem to be spelled out with much clarity specifically how the denuclearization process in terms of its
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timeline would proceed how it would be verified how there could be proof that it would be irreversible the u.s. president saying that he has established a good rapport with the north korean leader and that he trusts him and that there will be verification before there is any removal of u.s. sanctions and that in fact there are three hundred more sanctions waiting to be put forward if in fact north korea does not live up to its terms of the promise at the same time though very disturbing news perhaps for south korea in all of this the u.s. president announcing that within his discussions he has made the promise that in fact the war games as he called them would be ending the joint military exercises conducted between the u.s. military presence and its partners in the region and also that the u.s. president is considering removing that presence entirely some thirty two thousand u.s. soldiers currently stationed in the region certainly unnerving to the ally
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a top u.s. ally so instrumental in bringing about this pivotal meeting between the u.s. president and the north korean leader. well the news conference on the interim gave after the summit walls of long and times extraordinary affair the again attacked canadian prime minister justin trudeau for criticizing u.s. trade policy and repeatedly sang kim's praises. well he is very talented anybody that takes over a situation like he did at twenty six years of age and is able to run it and run it tough i don't say it was nice or i don't say anything about it he ran it very few people at that age you can take one out of ten thousand probably couldn't do it and i also will be inviting chairman kim at the appropriate time to the white house i would i think it's really going to be something that will be very important they have great beaches you see that whenever they're exploding their cannons into
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the ocean as i said would look at that but what would that make a great condo be either and i split a said you know instead of doing that you could have the best hotels in the world right think of it from a real estate perspective you have south korea you have china and they own the land in the middle how bad is that right it's great i have a good relationship with justin trudeau i really did other than he had a news conference that he had because he assumed i was in or near a planet i wasn't watching he learned that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of canada he learned he can't do that. well that news conference was also shown a video of the donald trump played kim jong un making the case for peace. resembling a film trailer it featured the to be laid out the opportunities for north korea if it chooses to denuclearize the recording showed images of missiles warplanes and
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artillery of voice over narration ask questions like what if history can be changed and will the world embrace this change. while south korean president says he hopes the summit will usher in a new era among the two koreas and the u.s. one champion the meeting and often acted as a mediator with a view to forging closer closer ties with pyongyang mcbride reports now from seoul . south korean president moon j.n. watched with members of his cabinet as the summit got underway his smile one of deep satisfaction. this was the culmination of friendly engagement that he started months earlier. i long with all our people sincerely hope that it will be a successful summit that will open a new era of complete the nuclear isolation piece and the new relationship between
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south korea north korea and the united states understatement later from the president's office praised what moon called the courage of the u.s. and north korean leaders even have it about building upon the agreement reached today we will take a new path going forward leaving the dark days of one conflict behind we will write a new chapter of peace and cooperation we will be there together with north korea along the way when moon met kim but the landmark summit that paved the way for this meeting viewing figures peaked at thirty four percent almost the same number watched kim meet with trump people in seoul following events thousands of kilometers away that could shape the relationship with their fractious neighbor fifty kilometers to the north for its primary of what i thought that meeting reunification is not far off. non-negative. so let's see what's going on. when you can join when you actually can do and has a different open mind said compared with his father and grandfather that in
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previous declarations to denuclearized were made with kim's pretty decisive only to end in failure and some north korea watchers a warning against over optimism sometimes it looks i would say in slightly comical to see their exit expectations and of course our public is going to be dealt sometimes it's very strange to see how files say for what what what have been happening here for decades and will happen again and again and again. deeply skeptical of north korea's intentions is japan japanese prime minister shinzo fears any deal which forces no. career to give up longer range missiles but allows it to keep weapons that could reach japan singapore the historic summit is taking place right now in singapore i wish this some excess and hope it brings progress to the issue of nuclear missiles it's not only people in south korea who've been following events closely north koreans have also been seeing carefully crafted news coverage
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of their leader in singapore president trump will be able to sell this agreement as a major win the kim jong un explaining to his people how he has just signed a deal with his country sworn enemy will take a lot more tact robert bright al-jazeera saw. well china says the trump came summit creates a quote new history its foreign minister has urged for the denuclearization on the peninsula emphasizing that china will play an important role in that process. so. the u.s. and north korea have been contradictory and even hostile to each other for more than half a century today the fact that the two leaders can sit together and conduct equal dialogue itself has a major and positive significance and is creating a new history with china of course supports it because this is exactly what we look forward to and what we have been endeavoring for we hope the leaders of the two countries will get rid of interferences overcome difficulties and will be able to
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reach a basic consensus on the denuclearization of the peninsula. and malaysia says it will reopen its embassy in pyongyang the prime minister mahathir mohamed said he will take north korea's commitment at face value and resume relations with the isolated nation malaysia close this embassy in pyongyang last year after a diplomatic standoff following the suspect that assassination of kim jong un's half brother at kuala lumpur airport. well still to come in this half hour warm praise and stinging criticism from u.s. lawmakers in response to president trance meeting with kim jong il and their class leading figures of the brakes in movement are questioned by british lawmakers over their dealings with russia during the campaign.
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had it started raining again in hong kong which is no big surprise admittedly above that the white top players the that's the heaviest rain have been drifting in this general direction out of the west having had a couple days off and it's society's core i think where you'll see most of the rain on both wednesday and thursday it really looks like it's going to concentrate on thursday that it's largely dry right up to sichuan from dues warming up to about thirty three degrees and shanghai is in the sunshine at thirty the monsoon further west and we are talking about the same sort of line really has been really falling heavily as it burst into bangladesh and these northeast of india's been out for the last couple of weeks but this is the line of proper rain is gone further south in india that is all way up the western gas but it's been falling particularly over the refugee camps and unfortunately that causes landslides now that we do about it sees no rain and it would of course start its journey northwards having taken a step or two back the next couple of days it does as it comes in that pulses ahead
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is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un have a claim to their summit in singapore as of great success the leaders signed an agreement with vague pledges of denuclearization from told a news conference the u.s. has agreed to end the military drills with south korea and he also aims to pull remaining u.s. troops out of the country. or trouble meeting with came as strong cautious praise from his republican allies and sharp criticism from democrats let's get more now on the u.s. reaction from alan fischer in washington so what has the political reaction be now and now that you know the meeting happened
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a few hours ago and i guess people have had time to digest it. well as american twenty eight hundred so of course the reaction has been divided there are those and democrats among them who believe that this is an important step for the united states and also for north korea they believe that donald trump probably did the right thing by meeting with the north korean leader but they are not ready to jump up and down and say this is a fantastic achievement that this is going to change the entire area of. and southeast asia there what they're suggesting instead is that this should be treated the way that donald trump treated russia which is trust but verify and so they don't want the president to get too far ahead of himself by suggesting that he is going to start pulling troops out by canceling want to. military exercises straight away provocative war games they call him and just essentially with him to see how
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the north koreans react knows far as those who oppose donald trump this is already given away too much that if there was going to be some sort of staggered approach process and this is should be on one hand we do this then you do that we do this then you do that rather than just saying a partly off the cuff at a news conference yes absolutely we're going to cancel provoke of war games as he called them and also we're going to look at pulling don't troop numbers but clearly don't trip numbers in south korea is something that he's talked about since the election campaign so really this is nothing new it's interesting him you mention that war games announcement and we've gotten from firing fury just a few months ago really to this announcement even the mere fact that he called it a war games i mean is there any indication of donald trump is going to listen to some of the criticism or restraining voices even within his own party. most
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interesting that already there has been some kind of walking back of what donald trump has said as far as the military exercises of consent using war games and provocative war games is a phrase that north korea tends to use but we're already hearing from the military in south korea saying look we're not changing our process at the moment we're going ahead with what we've been told to do until we get orders either from the pentagon or from the regional command then we will continue with plans for military exercises the next batch of which are due to go ahead in august as far as pulling don't troop numbers are concerned there already republican senators are saying that is immediately a step too far it's not something that we should consider it may well you may well be thinking it's a good idea but it's exactly what china wants through that into the equation here and that could possibly destabilize the whole region and so we don't want to do
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that so there's a long way for donald trump to deliver on what he's saying but here's the thing to remember is the president of the united states if he says there are going to be nor military operations that is nor provocative war games then as commander in chief there will be no provocative war games that is simply going to be filtered down and they will have to stop that at some point and so what he says carries the weight of office with them and carries with it the weight of the fact that he is the commander in chief alan fischer with the latest on that from washington allan thank you. it's going to the u.k. now the government here has been forced to make concessions to see off a potentially damaging rebellion over breck's it plans tory m.p.'s had threatened to vote against the government over whether parliament will get a meaningful vote on the final breaks it deal a government minister resigned on tuesday over concerns the way the cabinet is
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approaching its brics it agenda well lawrence leigh is outside parliament in central london and for us laurence the government is doing a trade off seems to be doing a trade off with the rebels what would that trade off actually involve. well it's really complicated and without going into too much of the detail what what he would do would be allow parliament to first of all scrutinizing the also many sort of deal that the u.k. government claim to have with the european union that if he didn't like it said of the government you've got to go back and try again there are a couple of timelines built into this one of them in the van and one of them the febrile which is only a month before the u.k. supposed to be leaving the european union and if the join these timelines the parliament doesn't like it then that then they actually the government has to go back to them and ask for more time or more permission. to continue some sort negotiations and so the two things that spring to spring to mind out of this are first of all if the deal is no good in the autumn they could collapse the
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government at that point in the markets need to be new elections at that point only four months but so before it was supposed to the u.k. supposed to leave and anyway even if it does carry on and it works the u.k. public might only know what the deal looks like a month before xmas in february when the exit is in march and so it gives you a sense of the sense of the sort of chaos so there is a lack of clear direction but the government had to agree to these two in order in order to avoid absolute defeats over giving parliament's a complete say over the process and lawrence we are coming up with just a few weeks away yes to the two year anniversary of the referendum and it was such an easy yes or no question you know. do you want to leave and then in the two years that followed it's become apparent to just how complicated the issue actually is what has that done to british society do you think because the vote itself was pretty split people who change their minds or do you think people that wanted to leave still want to leave regardless of how complicated it may be.
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it's incredibly polarized here it does it does seem to me bob it's a for the defining moments in british democracy because the brics it is one so kind of a complete break away from the past and a new idea of britain but they can't give the vision so what it isn't as convinced as they are of the sort of ideological truth in what they're doing people who don't like it are just as angry and worried but don't just look at the papers this is from the sun this one believe it bricks it paper the tory rebels who don't like what the government's doing are betrayers and traitors says the sun and yet in the f.t. the financial times which supports the bottom having the final say they tried as heroes so what is it in parliament now you're either a traitor or you're a hero depending on which side you stand this enormous schism that's developed because of this in the u.k. is in a position where i'm not sure it quite understands what its place in the world is and what bracks is going to offer it that it didn't have before or in c. with the latest from outside the british parliament lawrence thank you well british
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politicians have questioned members of a leading pro breck said group about their links to russia co-founder of the leave dot to e.u. group aaron banks and his colleague and the wigmore gave evidence to a parliamentary committee in london lawmakers have been calling for a police investigation into whether there was an attempt to undermine democracy banks met the russian ambassador to the u.k. three times during the referendum campaign the french president emmanuel mccraw has called basically cynical and they responsible for refusing to allow a ship carrying six hundred twenty nine refugees and migrants to dock. yeah meaning very late for you ok so. preparations are now being made for the ship to head to the spanish port of violent sea after the spanish prime minister said that they could dock there it will be accompanied by two italian coast guard boats which have taken on board some of the refugees to ease crowding well they were rescued from
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the sea off libya at the weekend but their boat found itself stranded when both italy and malta refused to give it this is the aquarius permission to dock the journey to spain would take three to four days the aid agencies say it's an unnecessary extension of the time at sea for people who are already exhausted john holl is live for us in rome jonah obviously this is an incredibly controversial situation both in italy him outside of it what would you say the reaction has been in italy to the decision. to not let the boats talk. i think people are probably still largely taking stock of what's going on barbara this government has a healthy majority behind it made up of course of the five star movement and the league the far right league led by selvi broadly speaking supporters of this government are likely to be in favor of some kind of tough action aimed at
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migration it was a big issue in the election campaign and they're broadly speaking likely to welcome it of course as the consequences play out that may change and let me point out to you a consequence that is playing out in real time as we speak at the moment there's a rescue that has taken place about twenty nautical miles off the libyan coast by a u.s. naval vessel reporting forty survivors and twelve dead in the water that naval vessel made contact with an ngo rescue vessel called sea watch a german rescue vessel to come and collect the survivors and the dead sea watch made contact with the medical the maritime rescue coordination center here in rome and said we'll do this if you coordinated and you give us safe passage through the italian port the m.r.c. sea in rome refused they said they didn't want to coordinate this rescue and on that basis see watches also holding off and telling the u.s. naval vessel it isn't going to approach and risk finding itself in the same situation as aquarius so this is
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a very real time situation playing out in our people's lives in jeopardy the risks people are taking all the time to cross the middle mediterranean just getting harder and harder and more and more dangerous now and quite what the italian public will make of this as time goes on we'll have to wait and see. and of course as you a show really get worse as the weather gets better and more boats will try to make that crossing journey with the latest from rome thank you jim. now greece and macedonia have reached an agreement to resolve a decades old dispute over the name of the small balkan nation and that this feud between the two neighbors had been an obstacle to macedonia joining nato and the u.n. led to protests in both green. and in recent weeks the new name has not yet even though the surplus is live for us in athens well john this is been going on for ages and now they seem to have reached a breakthrough. twenty six years to be precise but that is now the situation about
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six months of talks those talks started in january on the basis that greece would accept a composite name one that included the word macedonia but also a qualifier now we'll we'll know in the next hour or so i think what that qualify will be but the prime minister has already briefed the president here telling him that this is a good deal it sticks to the greek red lines most importantly it mandates that the former yugoslav macedonia passed constitutional changes in order to fully ensure that there will be no backtracking on this agreement. there are other greek red lines there's a very important stipulation that the people to the north of greece do not claim ancient greek heritage the greeks have felt has led to claims on greek territory directly or indirectly and if this history that has been taught to the slopes of the south yugoslav states of macedonia since nine hundred forty four would persist the greeks feel that they would be back to square one so we had the foreign
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minister last night telling telling us on national television that. the language will be described as being a slavic language there will be a committee to make appropriate changes to school textbooks and again and again they will be a stipulation that this name will be used internationally and internally there will be no double standards on the next stage where the only things are lessons john for he will have to leave it there thank you. and now the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il have held a historic meeting in singapore which both sides of hailed as a great success the u.s. has agreed to end military drills with south korea but other outcomes from the
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meeting where light on detail the leader is assigned an agreement with vague pledges of denuclearization a process the president says will start right away it does take a long time do you know pull off completely nuclearization takes a long time scientifically you have to wait certain periods of time a lot of things happen but despite that once you start the process it means it's pretty much over good use of that's the good news and that's goes to a very crucial i believe it's going to start very soon we will do it as fast as it can mechanically and physically be done well south korean president says he hopes the summit will usher in a new era among the two koreas and the united states moon who has championed the meeting and often acted as a mediator is vowing to write a new history with pyongyang in other news the u.k. government has been forced to make concessions to see off
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a potentially damaging rebellion over breck's it plans tory m.p.'s had threatened to vote against the government over with the parliament will get a meaningful vote on the final breck's a deal a government minister resigned on tuesday of a concerns over the way the cabinet is approaching its brick set of gender and the french president manuel mccraw has called basically cynical and they're responsible for refusing to allow a ship carrying six hundred and twenty nine refugees to dock. preparations are being made for the ship to head to the spanish forces of c. of the accompanied by two italian coast guard boats which have taken aboard some of the refugees that said more news and half an hour of i.
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planned some trick of nature these stem cells might swallow on fox news which is home procedure inches long past. looking like cupping but it's more sophisticated listening to gloating asap by a born american my co-counsel a shown.


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