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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2018 1:00am-1:35am +03

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do you think reunification would look like there were two people the peaceful human future for. hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. a giant photo opportunity old history in the making donald trump and kim jong un sign a document. but it's only detail. i know i'm in london with al jazeera also coming up. persons government manages to fend off what for them what would have been a hugely damaging vote on bret's it. a sleaze anti establishment leader this is a victory for hundreds of migrants spending another day in cramped conditions on board a rescue ship. and after
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a decades long dispute greece says macedonia has finally agreed to a new name. and it's an image that the well force impossible just a few months ago u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un shaking hands and smiling but that's exactly what's happened in singapore the two leaders have met face to face and they've signed an agreement pledging to denuclearize the korean peninsula but the problem is the detail as simply as not adrian brown begins our coverage from singapore. no one was sure quite what to expect from the summit it is a very talented. very very low country where it was just the good news they seem to get on but as expected u.s.
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president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un's signed a deal vague on details it says the united states and north korea will work towards denuclearization but missing the words verified and irreversible at a news conference trump was pressed on not saying he now trusts the north korean leader the does take a long time to you know pull off complete de nuclearization who takes a long time scientifically you have to wait certain periods of time and a lot of things happen but despite that once you start the process it means it's pretty much over good use of that's the good news and that's going to a very verses i believe it's going to start very soon we will do it as fast as it can mechanically and physically be done. and in the meantime sanctions will remain but trump said the regular exercises between the militaries of south korea and the u.s. would end but again no specifics or mention of
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a peace treaty either act one in this diplomatic drama had begun almost five hours earlier with a handshake that may have changed the course of history. u.s. president donald trump said he'd know within a minute of meeting him if he'd get on with it so this was the moment he began sizing him up. the start perhaps of an improbable relationship in probable times. to nuclear armed leaders one of former real estate developer and reality t.v. star the other an international pariah and it's an honor. to. manage their speaking through an interpreter kim said the way here had not been easy for. the old practices and prejudices worked against this but we are here now. their day started at nine am local time in singapore prime time viewing in the united states
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. the two leaders were joined by their officials if the two sides stick to what they've agreed here will be many more meetings in the garden all seemed amicable as the two leaders strolled in talk together and there was something trump was keen for kim to see the inside of his official limousine known as the beast both leaders will feel they've got something out of this summit gets the prestige of meeting the other kim gets to appear committed to denuclearize ation while trump may yet be credited as being the first u.s. president to bring peace to the korean peninsula the deal makes no mention either of north korea's harsh human rights history you know this is a fundamental freedom this is a principle of human existence and. for donald trump to say that kim jong un is now a nice guy when he's got one hundred twenty thousand people in gulags in the mountains is just not on
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a few diplomatic encounters have been so eagerly anticipated the question now is whether all this will prove to be little more than just a series of photo opportunities a dream brown al jazeera singapore but the big surprise out of this summit was trump's announcement that the u.s. would be stopping its joint military drills with south korea this is a big concession from to make the north as long wanted them to end its shorter rattle america's allies south korea and japan atic all had reports. there was plenty of unprecedented things happening here but this was a pretty big one it's a very provocative. situation one when i see that and you have a country right next door. so under the circumstances that we are negotiating a very comprehensive complete deal i think it's inappropriate to be having war games those words have never been uttered by a u.s. president who in the past have probably massive drills with korea defensive and
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military exercises war games provocation that is what the north koreans call this many in the pentagon and south korea were shocked at the concession and experts say that might have a real world impact and one thing that people have discussed before is a nuclear domino effect in the region where the south korean japan decide to develop their own nuclear weapons because they feel like they can't depend on the u.s. nuclear umbrella anymore the political reaction was largely split along the political divide even the most hawkish republicans holding back criticizing the president i don't think canceling a war a war game is going to matter over the arc of time but one thing that i would violently disagree with is removing our troops kim jong il is a butcher. and he's a butcher of his own people. and. trying to reason with someone like that is like trying to hand feed a shark. doesn't mean you can't do it but you get to do it very very carefully
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democrats were less supportive i have to be honest with you this is the weakest statement i have ever seen come out of any engagement with north korea much less at the highest ranking of the president of the united states meeting with can just what the united states has gained is vague and on verifiable at best what north korea has gained however is an dribble and lasting it's not clear if this will change anything over the long term for the relationship but it will change with these military exercises are called in the future provocative wargames even the us president thinks so. al-jazeera washington. well keithley says the executive director of the national committee on north korea and on governmental organizations specializing in relations between the u.s. and the d.p. r. k. he said that the meeting could pave the way for a diplomatic process that brings real change in the relationship between the two
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countries of the two leaders coming together talking the north koreans being willing to talk the united states etc. and so singapore was a good beginning good for singapore but for the understanding the agreement the relationship shall we say that was begun in singapore for all of this to endure there will need to be a plan in place to monitor the implementation who will be watching this who will make certain that each side does what it promised to do along the way so i believe this can be the beginning. of an enduring process but it's going to require a very careful and active monitoring mechanism. the british government has conceded that parliament will have some say in a deal to leave the european union speech seen as a defeat for hardbacks it has he want to leave the european customs union but he
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doesn't resolve the lack of clarity of what bracks it will actually look like laurence leamer points and clarity he spoke about all about courage it's tortuously slow it is painful to watch so many times the british government has said it wants to do one thing over bricks it's only to be overturned and so again prime minister to resign may have not wanted parliament to have any say in what deal she negotiates with the european union but enough of her own m.p.'s threatened to rebel to force yet another climb down one minister even resigned so he could speak more freely. i urged my parliamentary colleagues to follow my lead and vote to give our greatest this house of commons our constituents and our country the powers it needs to leave our children a legacy of which we can be proud. so what to make of the government's continuing inability to make sense of brecht's it on behalf of people
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in places like sunderland in northeastern england who voted for it see it runs a small business selling machine parts to begin destry he wants out of the european union completely and he can't understand why the government seems incapable of doing it's pretty stern no i want to push to stand up for england stand for the table. push around and. they just don't let the new do it didn't the thought and what is it you think i honestly don't know all the see all the right things and then when it comes to doing it. the foreign and the doing of it. and those businessmen who would back the conservative rebels like the boss of this factory just as frustrated they rely on an economic relationship with the european union and yet the government can give them no assurances that that will carry on i'm a strong supporter of the u.k. in general however i think the only norm is the thing that we're frightened of most
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and i don't think the government's doing the best it could to give us the information and communication on the next steps in what's likely to happen on an exit from the entire economy of some zealand relies on the giants nisson and its feeder companies a failed brecht's it could easily lead to this factory relocating to continental europe yet neither nissen nor anyone else knows what shape bricks it will take and back in london all is discord perhaps the best indication of the divide in society over what's happening in parliament moments is on the front page of some of the newspapers in the brics it supporting press the conservative rebels who want parliament to be given the final say on the votes or describes as betrayers and traces and yes in those newspapers which supports them they described as heroes it's hard to escape the conclusion that this continues to be a country politically speaking at war with itself lawrence lee al-jazeera the
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westminster dubai's real estate market has been described as a haven for money laundering by war profiteers tariff announces and drug traffickers sanctioned by the united states the report by the washington based center for advanced defense such studies as identified around one hundred million dollars and what it calls suspicious purchases in apartments and villas across the city a government run dubai media office said it could not comment on the report. the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffiths is saying that he's been engaged in intense negotiations with hoofy fighters saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to avoid a military confrontation in the port of data a saudi amorality coalition forces are about ten kilometers south of the city which has been held by iran backed rebels for three years the forces a vital lifeline through which most of the yemeni population's food and medicine enters the u.n. estimate six hundred thousand people live in the area and in a worst case scenario a battle could cost up to two hundred fifty thousand lives with al-jazeera much
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more still ahead on the program we're going to be live in los angeles where a video game is a gathering for one of the biggest and expos in the world. and thousands of people left homeless by a volcanic eruption in guatemala face a long wait for a new place to live. hello it's getting progressively colder in the southeast of australia one front after another these are lives it comes with a bite dropping attempt by degree of most likely being yet more snow to the victorian house not unusual i'm just pointing it out see the city center is a melbourne adelaide should see the low teens but the wind of course will bring a certain amount of children like to be raining in adelaide always that rain crossing through victoria down towards tasmania by the time we get to thursday it
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is usually warmer of the sun the year in perth this is no exception the sun's out it's about eighteen degrees and the weather is improving i think it's a fetish region here in new zealand this curl of cloud has been around for a day or so is weakening drifting away to some degree so the onshore breeze which was an easterly is going to die down not necessarily on wednesday the still some evidence if you look at the east coast you are to see very far but it's a brighter dry day on thursday the sun should be out for the most part running directly northwards japan's weather is also improving in there's been some pretty wet weather recently it's still light to be there. the rain getting lighter i suspect that the sun's out to the south of the new returned to support as well but the woman's weather courses for the sas take took here for example. a history of guerrilla war from. a place in the east to. the
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organization created from still in this population. fighting for their lives why philo fighting for independence from new groups. chronicling the turn to install the struggle for a palestinian. p.l.o. a history of the revolution want to. welcome back a look at the headlines now u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong of hailed their summit in singapore a great success but the agreement they signed only gave vague pledges of
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denuclearization trump told a news conference the u.s. will end its military drills with south korea but seoul seemed surprised by this releasing a statement saying it needs to find out the precise meaning of trump's announcement . and the u.k. government has been forced to make concessions to see off a potentially damaging rebellion over whether parliament will get a meaningful vote on the final breck's it deal. when other stories we're following the french president emanuel has called italy cynical and irresponsible for refusing to allow a ship carrying six hundred twenty nine refugees to dock the refugees were rescued from the sea off libya at the weekend but they found themselves stranded when both italy and malta refused to give their rescue boat permission to dock it's now it's an on its way to spain where the government has offered to take them and al-jazeera has joined a whole reports from rome. for four days they've been aboard the m.s. aquarius relief at being rescued short lived now uncomfortable in the searing
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mediterranean heat and yet for this very place right here. the rescue ship denied port access in italy overcrowded and with supplies running low has been directed to volunteer in spain two italian naval vessels will take on four hundred of the six hundred twenty nine migrants and refugees that's what the italian government now sees as the extent of its cooperation with n.g.o.s rescues are seen . for far right leader and new interior minister. it is an election promise made good italy has said it will no longer europe's refugee camp because he . was unhappy to be able to give the italian people the first piece of what they asked for. is italy's new strongman leading the charge with his anti establishment coalition partners the five star movement and basking in high approval ratings for it what is astonishing and is this part mean just populists this poll this is also
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very popular in italy there isn't a tremendous amount of people in this data saying yes we have to close the borders yes we have to control the access of the immigrants yes we have to send them back on the timing isn't coincidental there's an e.u. meeting at the end of june that will consider changing the rule that asylum must be claimed in the country of first entry it's that rule that is put italy on the front line of europe's migration crisis. italy's treatment of those aboard the aquarius is notice to. me so changing each state has the right to manage his boundaries. but this should not put into doubt the. human rights our deepest concern is that if the rescue capacity will be weakened by different
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policies by different arrangements this risk this journey might become even more risky. men women and children will continue to make the crossing into north africa to southern europe at the hands of unscrupulous people smugglers they probably won't be told but it just got a much harder and more dangerous journey home broke. at least two refugees have died in major downpours in southern bangladesh where nearly a million rangar are living in camps and monsoon rains have triggered landslides which have damaged and destroyed some of their settlements government says it's moving fast to relocate tens of thousands of people international aid agencies say there is a big risk of an outbreak of waterborne diseases. this is an early test for refugees and humanitarian agencies working to support the government of bangladesh and the response efforts to wrenshaw rains and winds up to seventy kilometers per hour
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caused at least eighty nine reported incidents including thirty seven landslides causing several injuries and one confirmed fatality a child. nearly two thousand five hundred refugee families some eleven thousand people in all are affected for us this is now all hands on deck. international criminal court judges have ordered the release of a former vice president in the democratic republic of congo and was sentenced to eighteen years in prison after judges found him guilty of the atrocities committed by his troops they've been sent to the central african republic to suppress a coup attempt but on friday an appeals court judge said bender cannot be held criminally responsible for the crimes greece and macedonia have reached an agreement to resolve a decades old dispute over the name of the small balkan nation the new name is the republic of northern macedonia and may open doors for the country as chancellor office reports now from athens. the agreement between prime ministers and
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alexis tsipras is the fruit of six months of negotiation that ends a twenty seven year standoff between the countries both men heralded the deal as a new era for the whole of south eastern europe renamed savannah macedonia the republic of northern macedonia greece's neighbor takes a step closer to e.u. and nato membership see for me a look at the league summit. in the agreement that we reached and all the neighbors have nothing to do with the ancient greek civilization of macedonia and cannot claim any commission to it in the future. somebody asked. i call on all citizens to seize the future twenty five years of being stuck is enough many generations have been lost macedonia must go forward and be equal with the west to compete with them and to have the same quality of life. the heart of the dispute is a question of identity slav macedonians have lain claim to ancient macedonian
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heritage since world war two the greeks see that as a vital component of their own sense of nationhood and cultural heritage so the agreement makes it clear that savannah macedonia is a slow of nation and also forgotten tribe of the ancient greeks the macedonian language will be described as slavic and passports will state nationality as macedonian from savannah macedonia both governments say they defended their red lines but the hard work now begins of convincing the peoples to accept the compromises greece will no longer hold a monopoly on the word macedonia and greece's northern neighbors cannot claim to be the descendants of alexander if all goes according to plan greece will recommend that the european union open accession talks with savella macedonia at a meeting of foreign ministers in two weeks time it will do the same at a nato summit next month the pressure will then be on the government to approve the agreement in a referendum and toss constitutional amendments in parliament i. would then ratify
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the agreement by the end of the year and savannah macedonia could theoretically hope to join the e.u. and nato next year. africans. or fans of video games will be paying close attention to what happens in los angeles for the next few days all the top games companies are showing off any products at the electronic entertainment expo or a three for short while very and rob reynolds is also there taking it all and rob. plenty going on there behind you tell me. tell me about the popular games this year . number one popular game area is fortnight and that's where we are right now in this elaborate set that the company has set up and this gentleman here is playing fortnight so you get a sense of what all the fuss is all about if you're a parent probably somebody in your house is playing fortnight after school or when
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they should be doing their homework or maybe you're playing yourself but it is become a huge popular game it is called the battle royale game which means there are up to one hundred players who can be on teams or they can be individual players fighting want to install and the last team or the last person standing wins so this is a more or less light hearted shooter sort of game it's not quite as heavy on the blood and guts and gore as many other games are i saw one for example that is part of the assassin's creed franchise which is very popular this one set in homeric times forget about the poetry though assassin's creed odyssey is all about blood and sword play but there are some other creative games here the take a different tack for example there is a game called bury me darling which is
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a buyout a syrian refugee texting his wife as he makes his way from syria crossed turkey and into europe trying to seek safety another game called sea of solitude which he's very pertinent right now since we've had so many high profile unfortunate people people taking their lives it's about depression and it's about where the gamer can control the avatar of a young woman who when she begins to feel depressed and bad about herself or her appearance changes into that of a monster sort of mirroring the. feelings of people get that they're bad or on worthy or or at least i'm leading to work sometimes terrible out of so there are so many games or so many developers hard to imagine really for a person of my generation but already the game industry for years now as outpaced both recorded music and the cinema industry in terms of its revenue is one of the
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most powerful and popular of forms of entertainment on earth and just getting bigger all the time all right thank you so much rob reynolds with all the latest there from the gaming x. in los angeles thank you rob now the electric car make a tesla says it's cutting about nine percent of its workforce in an effort to cut costs and become profitable c.e.o. elon musk said no factory workers will lose their jobs and the cuts won't affect the company's ability to meet the production targets for its model three compact cars musk has told child as he expects tesla to make a quarterly profit later this year so only done that twice in fifteen years of doing business. a judge in the u.s. has cleared the way for what could be one of the biggest media takeover deals ever the ruling allows communications giant eighteen t. to buy time warner which owns companies including c.n.n. warner brothers and h.b.o. the federal judge rejected the u.s.
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government's argument that the eighty five billion dollars takeover would harm competition and cost customers hundreds of millions of dollars more to stream t.v. and movies more than two hundred railway workers have storm the offices of the french state own train operator s.n.c.f. this marks the twenty eight strike day of french railway workers over reforms which will see the end of jobs for life protection automatic annual pay rises and early retirement rights for new employees to the company president macron says the reforms are not about preparing the company for privatization. more than four thousand people remain homeless in guatemala after the eruption of mount for a go most of the victims living in temporary shelters the government says it will provide housing but there might be a wait marianna sanchez reports from. i happy to be alive the survivors have got to molest worst full county corruption in decades
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maybe homeless but they're together and receiving care more than five hundred people in this school and the city has been one of twenty one shelters around monk where. you see a woman says she thanks god for having saved all her family but now she begins to think about their future without a home to go back to n.d.s. said to me that i think it's the president's juji to help us bob we're not sure that will happen because we haven't seen much going on for example there hasn't been an official to check to say how many people here. her daughter say this is a member of got the malice disaster agency helped all her family get together in this shelter but though she feels they're on their own. local we feel bad because the government is not giving us any answers about our future. homes farms and now the mills were destroyed here the government is promising thirty four million dollars to rebuild it will be employing see if the government has
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a plan an apologist to provide four hundred new homes. the mayor of his screen glasses that they are working nonstop to accommodate more homeless people the mayor says this shelter will be ready in three days it will be two large tents each one will house three hundred people but it is unclear when and where the victims will hold. officials say they have plans to provide proper housing for the victims but critics say the government isn't the fish and they don't trust the government to take care of the victims in the long run and they want the president to resign. after the tragic mudslide two years ago the government still hasn't given any homes to those who lost and it doesn't look as if that would get. one c. four no private donors and volunteers are helping to fill the gap in aid the survivors are looking
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to the government to secure their futures. with the innocent is i just is quintana what the money. was much more and everything right here will have features but also analysis that takes you behind all of the day's top stories al jazeera dot com. a quick recap of the top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump and the north korean leader kim jong un have held a historic meeting in singapore which both sides of hailed a great success the leaders signed an agreement pledging to denuclearize the korean peninsula but there were few details on exactly how that will happen because it does take a long time do you know pull off complete the nuclearization route takes a long time scientifically you have to wait certain periods of time when a lot of things happen but despite that once you start the process it means it's
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pretty much over good use of that's the good news and that's goes to a very crucial i believe it's going to start reserves we will do it as fast as it can mechanically and physically be done meanwhile south korean president says he hopes the summit will usher in a new era among the two koreas in the united states menu's championed the meeting and often acted as a mediator is vowing to write a new history with pyongyang and other top stories the u.k. government has been forced to make concessions to prevent a revolt over its bricks it plans conservative m.p.'s agreed to vote against the government after ministers promised to strengthen m.p.'s influence on the deal it's been seen as a defeat for the heartbreaks its supporters who wanted to leave the european customs union. the french president emanuel meconis called italy cynical and irresponsible for refusing to allow a ship carrying six hundred twenty nine refugees to dock yeah really. very late for
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you know. the ship which has been waiting in malta for two days is now heading towards the spanish or to valencia it's accompanied by two italian coast guard boats which have taken on board several hundred of the refugees meanwhile at least two refugees have died in major downpours in southern bangladesh where nearly a million rangar living in camps the monsoon rains have triggered landslides which have damaged and destroyed some of the settlements the u.n. fears the conditions could deteriorate further and greece in macedonia have agreed that the balkan nation should be called the republic of war in macedonia resolving a dispute that's led to protests in both countries issues but an obstacle to macedonia joining nato and the e.u. over the top stories that's it for myself and the team here in london but more news coming up from doha in about half an hour's time. from the hills of northern greece the places in turkey where refugees hideouts before trying to cross easy to see the crossing countries means crossing the intimidating everett's river more and more
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refugees are attempting this route even though they know how dangerous it is even outside the risk of drowning or dying of cold in these huge empty spaces any number of refugees have told us to be threatened and forcibly turned around by greek police acting in coordination with from texas the european union border agency. this eighteen year old syrian was in the smugglers boats with his younger sister. the police came up to us in the boat they told us you can't cross they made us turn around the police who previously given us access to their fence and border patrols gave us a statement denying that they turn any refugees around think claim their priority is human dignity. but human rights advocates say they know pushbacks happen all the time and accuse the greek government of breaking international. in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost.
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sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. setting up an independent palestinian organization was not easy. the first challenge the palestinians faced was to wrest control of their own destiny from the ad abrasions.
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in early one nine hundred sixty five a series of attacks were carried out against israeli civilians and infrastructure.


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