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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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march using. the battle to retake v.m. any port city of her data has begun threatening to worsen an already dire humanitarian situation in the country. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up handshakes smiles and now apparently home visits donald trump and kim jong un accept mutual invitations to each other's countries joining forces telecoms giant a.t.m. t. gets the green light to buy media company time warner. plus the resignation threats
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of a rebellion and concessions as the u.k. parliament debates a key bricks of legislation. a military operation has begun in yemen to take the port city of her data from the rebels that's according to a saudi owned television channel the united arab emirates which is part of the coalition battling the who things had given the rebels until tuesday to leave the un envoy to yemen had been negotiating to try to prevent fighting to date is the main port for aid deliveries for millions of yemenis suffering from food and medical shortages. the meeting between donald trump and kim jong un may have been held as historic but after the handshakes and smiles many questions remain about the details of the deal the former adverse reason for the first time on choose day in singapore they signed an agreement which has been scrutinized for
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what it did and didn't say kim pledged to destroy its nuclear arms but with no specifics or timelines and trump blindsided many with a promise to stop joint military exercises with south korea leaders also accepted invitations to visit each other's countries way and he joins us live from seoul let's talk about that blindsiding by trump when it comes to south korea and the fact that in the meantime he's butting up to north korea what's the feeling there. yes well as you say this was a fairly broad statement declaration that was released by donald trump and kim jong un but there was one detail that was very specific in his media conference this is the u.s. president i'm talking about that he gave on after the meeting with kim jong un when he said that he would end joint military exercises with south korea because they provoked it of and they are too expensive now this seems to have caught the south
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koreans by surprise we know that the south korean president in was watching that media conference from the south korean capital seoul and afterwards there was a phone conversation between the two presidents a very brief statement released by president moon afterwards read by one of his spokespeople and there was no mention in that statement about this announcement by president trump that these military exercises would be ending there was a statement released by the south korean for defense ministry saying that they were still basically decipher the words from donald trump to see what exactly they meant and there was also a statement released by the military forces the u.s. forces based here in south korea saying that they had received no information no order that these military exercises were going to be canceled or suspended in the next round of those exercises is coming up in august all right so he has trump here
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shaken his allies where does this leave the process now. well i think that the south koreans will be very concerned about this because clearly it gives north korea a significant concession this is something that north korea has always complained about these joint military exercises sent in fact china has as well saying that these are provocative acts words that donald trump used on tuesday in singapore and that they are a rehearsal for an invasion of north korea the u.s. and south korea have said that's not true they are simply joint military exercises to defend or to prepare in case of an attack from north korea and china in the past has called on the u.s. and south korea to suspend these exercises while talks going on as a measure of good faith on behalf of the u.s. and south korea the u.s. and south korea always said no we are not going to do that and interestingly jane
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the statement that came out from the korean central news agency from pyongyang on wednesday morning reacting to what had happened in singapore said that donald trump had committed to halt the military exercises while dialogue is going on between north and south korea not saying that they would be ended clearly donald trump when a lot further than that in his media conference in singapore ok way and thank you paul carroll is a senior advisor at n. square an initiative focused on nuclear security innovation he says there's nothing new in the agreement that kim and trump signed. the statement resembled statements from the early ninety's during president clinton's efforts to negotiate with the north that represented resembled statements from the early two thousand storm the bush administration and so but i would say even more vague and weaker with respect to any commitments by the north koreans so i would actually go
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a step further i mean when i heard the phrases is this just a follow up from the north korean perspective they got a meaningful benefit out of this this is been a quest for the north to meet with a sitting u.s. president for decades and our current president gave it to them and what did he get in return nothing he got nothing in return he got a vague statement of aspirational goals for president trump to accept an invitation to pyongyang and to offer in return for a visit to washington again it's premature if i understood the phrasing right they said when it is convenient what i would advise the president to say is when it is appropriate you don't offer yet another face to face meeting particularly in the white house until you have had some concrete deliverables from the north and so are we going to see two more singapore style meetings and shaking of hands with absolutely nothing but north korea i would as it is even at the height of theatre
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with no substance at all a u.s. federal judge has approved a manager to create one of the world's largest media companies eighty five billion done a deal between eighty and t. and time warner was announced in twenty sixteen the justice department tried to stop it but the judge said the government failed to prove the agreement would harm competition john hendren has more not from washington d.c. . a u.s. judges ruled that. time warner can merge despite the objections of the u.s. department of justice that is an eighty five billion dollar merger one of the largest in recent history it is rare that the department of justice opposes a merger on antitrust grounds and rarer still that they lose a case like that this is a case in which president donald trump made his opinion clear he said this merger will not go through in my administration he particularly objected to the fact that time warner owns c.n.n. and there was even talk that c.n.n.
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would have to be spun off an order for the merger to go through this was the vertical integration of two companies in other words they didn't do the same thing one of them distributed content the other one provided that content and the d.o.j. is more likely to disapprove when two companies do the same thing but this was a response to amazon and netflix who were content distributors who then became content providers and in time warner said they had to do this in order to compete the judge agreed and the federal government can now appeal that decision but the judge said you should not ask for us to block the merger until that happens that's because it would do undue harm to those companies if this doesn't happen by june twenty first then either side can walk away under the agreement and he would have to pay a five hundred million dollars fine the british government has reached
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a compromise that would allow parliament to have some say in the final deal to leave the european union it's being seen as a defeat for hard lined brakes tis also want to leave the e.u. customs union reports. she spoke about all about courage it's tortuously slow and it's painful to watch so many times the british government has said it wants to do one thing over breakfast it's only to be overturned and so again prime minister to resign may have not wanted parliament to have any say in what deal she negotiates with the european union but enough of her own m.p.'s threatened to rebel to force yet another climb down one minister even resigned so he could speak more freely. i urge my parliamentary colleagues to follow my lead and vote to give our greatest situation this house of commons our constituents and our country the powers it needs to leave our children a legacy of which we can all be proud to career so what to make of the
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government's continuing inability to make sense of brecht's it on behalf of people in places like sunderland in northeastern england who voted for it see it runs a small business selling machine parts to begin destry he wants out of the european union completely and he can't understand why the government seems incapable of doing it's pretty stern no i want to stand up for england stand for the table. push around and. they just don't let the newt do it to the frightened what is it you think i don't see. all the see all the right things and then when it comes to doing it. the doing of it. and those businessmen who would back the conservative rebels like the boss of this factory are just as frustrated they rely on an economic relationship with the european union and yet the government can give them no assurances that that will carry on i'm
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a strong supporter of the u.k. in general however i think the only norm is the thing that we're frightened of more sed and i don't think the government's doing the best it could to give us the information communication on the next steps in what's likely to happen on an exit from the entire economy of some zealand relies on the giants nisson on its feet a company is a failed brecht's it could easily lead to this factory relocating to consonant full europe yet neither nissen nor anyone else knows what shape bricks it will take and back in london all is discord perhaps the best indication of the divide in society over what's happening in parliament moments is on the front page of some of the newspapers in the brics it supporting press the conservative rebels who want parliament to be given the final say on a votes or describes as betrayers and traces and yes in those newspapers which supports them they described as heroes it's hard to escape the conclusion that this continues to be
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a country politically speaking at war with itself lawrence lee al-jazeera in westminster. still ahead on c n n a we'll tell you why macedonia has agreed to change its name. as we look at what's making a positive one of europe's biggest technology fails. i. mean the weather sponsored by cattle as always however remains on surprisingly halt from iraq through iran but if you go to the north at the caspian shoals you might well catch a thunderstorm still falling in georgia and armenia for example and also some turkey and those shells took through the eastern med if you're lucky hit beirut it's present here at twenty seven degrees in comparison with not far inland where
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it's thirty five maybe forty one if you're in baghdad and this is just dusty weather getting hotter one small so the case is clearly better that's to be expected it's been remarkably hot recently than through the gulf states it just has been a fair old breeze blowing forty four in dyer has above average thirty it's about writing every dobby and then the temps you see here about where they might be sol is thirty one reflects that you've got longshore humid breeze will start to see the not quite there yet persistent cloud and drizzle inland on the high ground. south of all this and beyond the tropics we should be in mid-winter sunshine reflected by the time she's ready twenty three to rather windy cape town only sixteen in johannesburg over the course of the sunshine is most all the time an increasing breeze in the western cape might if you're lucky and i say that wisely bring in some wanted rain. the weather sponsored by qatar airways.
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unpack it for us what were you hearing what were you seeing whether on line horrendous things humans will just there's absolutely no doubt about that or if you join us on the sat one of the major countries in the commonwealth so far bigger fish to fry and ships to eat this is a dialogue. about some of this success to perhaps everyone has a voice but what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision join the global conversation amount is iraq. and again you're watching al-jazeera amount of our top stories gunfire has been heard in the yemeni port city of her data saudi owned television channel says
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a military operation has begun to retake it from the rebels who data is the main entry point for aid for millions of people suffering from food and medical shortages. the leaders of north korea and the u.s. have accepted invitations to visit each other's countries that's according to the north korean state news agency jointly meeting on tuesday chem john and donald trump signed an agreement aimed at denuclearizing the korean peninsula though it was vague on specifics. u.s. federal judges approved the merger of a t. and t. and time warner to create one of the world's largest media companies the judge said the government failed to prove the eighty five billion dollars deal would reduce competition. french president emanuel mccrone is called italy cynical and irresponsible for refusing to allow a ship carrying six hundred twenty nine refugees to dock the ship and i had to. spain which has offered to take them in the refugees were rescued from the sea off
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libya at the weekend but they found themselves stranded when both its lee ann coulter refused to give their rescue boat permission to dock the journey to the spanish port of violence it will take three to four days and the ship will be accompanied by two italian coast guard boats journal reports from rome. for four days they've been aboard the m.s. aquarius relief at being rescued short lived now uncomfortable in the searing mediterranean heat and here in this very place for you. the rescue ship denied port access in italy overcrowded and with supplies running low has been directed to volunteer in spain two italian naval vessels will take on four hundred of the six hundred twenty nine migrants and refugees that's what the italian government now sees as the extent of its cooperation with n.g.o.s rescues are seen . far right leader and new interior minister. it is an election
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promise made good italy has said it will no longer europe's refugee camp. i'm happy to be able to give the italian people the first piece of what they asked for. is italy's new strongman leading the charge with his anti establishment coalition partners the five star movement and basking in high approval ratings for it. what is astonishing in this despite being judges populists this poll this is also very popular in italy there isn't a tremendous amount of people in these days saying yes we have to close the borders yes we have to control the access of immigrants yes we have to send them back home the timing isn't coincidental meeting at the end of june that will consider changing the rule that asylum must be claimed in the country of first entry it's that rule that is put italy on the front line of europe's migration crisis italy's
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treatment of those aboard the aquarius is notice to the rules that she also changing each state has the right to manage his boundaries. but these should not put into doubt the. human rights our deepest concern is that if the rescue will be weakened by different policies by different arrangements this risk this journey might become even more risky. many women and children will continue to make the crossing gluten free kick to southern europe at the hands of unscrupulous people smugglers they probably won't be told but it just got a much harder and more dangerous journey how al-jazeera wrote. monsoon downpours in bangladesh killed two rinker refugees and damaged many temporary
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shelters this week the country is home to nearly one million refugees from me and mom most of them are in cox's bazaar where preparations began in february to protect them from flooding and landslides ahead of the annual rainy season charlie bella says more. this is the largest refugee camp in the world and this is its first major test against nature. the monsoon season has begun in crews of a long camp in the last three days four hundred millimeters of rain has fallen or two thirds of the city of london's annual rainfall. and this is what those rinds have done to shelters in the camp the big rooms the young ranger family who fled a military crackdown and me and last year must move again they want to fifteen hundred families displaced by landslides and flooding. because of the rain all
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night yesterday evening the hill was unsteady anymore and it fell onto the roof of our house we were very afraid and people had to help us to get out of our home my baby is just ten days old and it was in the cot when the earth fell over him. the bangladesh government and aid groups had dreaded this moment. since february that being in a race against the weather how to protect one million written to refugees living in tents on the side of state banks from three months of torrential running they relocated nearly thirty thousand of the most vulnerable to flat land while improving the existing shelters of nearly two hundred thousand dollars that left more than seven hundred thousand to come up with their own solutions johnny elam is one al-jazeera met him in march preparing for this moment he use string and bamboo to build defenses for his family. the coordination group for the camp says no time
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is up a home meant to provide safety and comfort no a liability for an already traumatized people many people live on these hillsides on very steep float and there are very high risk of landslides and at one area of the camp i discovered almost twenty families have had to be really. hated and almost thirty houses have been damaged or to landslide the united nations describes the revenger as the world's most persecuted people seven hundred thousand have fled violence in me en masse since august the un called it ethnic cleansing now its nature is to as the rich are victimized again charlotte dallas al-jazeera macedonia has agreed to change its name to resolve a decades old dispute with greece its new name is the republic of northern macedonia the issue has been a stumbling block to the country's bid to join the european union and nato chancer
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opulence as more from athens. the two prime ministers have announced that the country's new name will be macedonia northern macedonia the country of the former yugoslavia had insisted that the word macedonia should be a part of its name and the greeks had insisted that that should then be qualified so as not to be confused with the greek region of macedonia in the north of the country there will there also other stipulations the people of savannah macedonia have to reject any claim to being the descendants of alexander the great and the ancient macedonians heritage which greece seized as a vital component of its own sense of nationhood instead their language the macedonian language will be clearly described as belonging to the slavic family of languages we are told by the foreign minister here in athens and their nationality on their passports will be macedonian from macedonia even though these aspects of
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the agreement were part of the original brief the original brief was simply to find a name for the country the greeks felt that identity issues were vital in their process of making this agreement acceptable to the greek population at large and that'll be what is hardest for the people in scorpio to accept because since world war two they've been told that they are ethnic macedonians and descendants of the ancient macedonians donald trump wrapped up his trip in singapore by aiming another barbet to make his neighbor and close canaday attack prime minister just in today saying no one can take advantage of the us on trade and inflation has a story. as he was making friends with this enemy in singapore u.s. president donald trump also talked about making enemies of his friends the fallout from the g. seven summit in canada has followed him here but the president insists his goal is feodor trait the united states because of bad management because of presidents that
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didn't care about trade or didn't understand it or whatever reason for many years with china being obviously the most successful at it but the european union the second one hundred fifty one billion we lost they were represented at the meeting and we're being taken advantage of on tray one economics expert says any trade dispute creates problems for everyone be skirmishes are competition down and i said at the beginning trade is something the benefit of around. nine times and that and it has been benefiting all around the well so far the president also talked about that viral photo the one where other g seven leaders seem to be confronting him over his position on key issues german chancellor angela merkel and french president on your mccrone have been highly critical of the president in recent days but he says they were simply waiting for a document and it was all very friendly and he confirmed he pulled the support for
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the final g seven document because of a news conference held by canadian prime minister justin trudeau i have a good relationship with justin trudeau i really did other than he had a news conference that he had because he assumed i was in or near a planet i wasn't watching. he learned that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of canada he learned you can do this you can do the speaking before his weekly cabinet meeting the canadian prime minister brushed off this leaders verbal sparring with this causes in his comments as i said in the city focused on defending jobs for canadians and support including interests here. but from singapore clearly huge international success we have the better the worries of an immediate nuclear war in korea but no you peace is fighting your trade war on border. washington the president of democratic republic of congo joseph kabila will not seek a third term in december's election. that's according to the prime minister kabila
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second and final term was meant to end in twenty sixteen but he's perspire and elections twice due to fighting in the country the opposition says the delays were arranged by could be to keep himself in office. the football world cup begins on thursday and hosts russia go into the tournament is the lowest ranked of the thirty two teams they haven't progressed out of the group stage since one thousand nine hundred eighty six their best hope for victory comes in the tournaments opening match against saudi arabia later on wednesday fifa will decide who will host the event and twenty twenty six the voters between morocco and a joint bid from the united states canada and mexico sports reporter travis waldron from the huffington post believes the united bid will win. if you listen to the north american officials from the u.s. canada and mexico. they've said in the last few days that back in february and
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march they were a little bit less confident but they're starting to feel more confident again now that they have the votes they'll need are there that they're very close to the votes they need i still think the allure of the money in the revenue from a potential world cup in the united states and the majority of it will still take place in the united states but also in mexico and canada will be too much for a lot of these countries they seem like they have most of south america in the caribbean on their side and the question will come down to what europe and asia do most likely but i would still at this point be pretty shocked if the united states mexico and canada joint bid isn't the winner every year the world's leading technology companies to send on hannover to showcase their latest innovations at the same change fair this is one of the top themes is artificial intelligence which is having an impact across several industries dominic cain has more. june in hanover and the sea but tech fair is in turn the chance for hundreds of thousands
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of people to browse the latest developments in technology up close and personal this might look like an expensive entertainment system but actually it's an innovative device in medical science designed by the phone who for company it works by all commenting the reality of the wear a perceived through the glasses allowing surgeons to navigate through the skin more accurately the principle as formula normal for skin cancer patients if you want to know where the closest lymph node is and assess the remove for further examination using i c g u which is the truth and die but it's injected closer to kill more we make the lymph node visible and using i r infrared cameras we can feed them and for the process this information. the marriage of artificial intelligence with robotics is also a key element at this year's fair specifically where it concerns transport recent court decisions in germany have suggested diesel bans in city centers might soon be
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in force to combat pollution which is why ego has designed this prototypical vehicle for passengers which can be driven but can also learn from its environment to drive itself you know you can call it a mover with your f. with your smartphone to pick up at some place and bring it to another place so you don't need any other cars let's say in the in the city but innovative use of ai is not specific to public transport systems with this concept car out he believes it's a blazing a trail for other manufacturers part of what it calls its fourth level of autonomous driving you can really completely lean lean back of the driver so it can be lane assisted stuff so it can carry on can driving can steering by itself and parking itself can also go for example kind of drop off zone where you stay in and. and so ok i'm leaving the car searching your parking area get cleaned buying stuff and
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we'll be back at five pm to pick me up so autonomous mobility is clearly a buzzword for the automotive industry at this year's siebert using the technology of today combined with the promise of what's coming down the road tomorrow and that in essence is what the seed is all about don it came out zero over. al-jazeera these are the top stories gunfire has reportedly been heard in the yemeni port city of her data television channel says a military operation has begun to retake it from hooty rebels united arab emirates which is part of the saudi led coalition had given the season to choose day to day it is the main entry point for food and medical aid for millions of yemenis. the leaders of north korea and the u.s.
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have accepted invitations to visit each other's countries that's according to the north korean state news agency kim jong un and donald trump met for the first time in singapore and choose day they signed an agreement aimed at denuclearizing the korean peninsula and in the surprise move trump promised to stop joint u.s. military drills with south korea when he has more from the south korean capital seoul. there was a statement released by the south korean defense ministry saying that they were still basically decipher the words from donald trump to see what exactly they meant and there was also a statement released by the military forces the u.s. forces based here in south korea saying that they had received no information no order that these military exercises were going to be canceled or suspended in the next round of those exercises is coming up in august. a u.s. federal judge has approved the merger of eighteen t. and time warner to create one of the world's largest media companies the judge said
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the government failed to prove the eighty five billion dollars deal would harm competition and raise prices for consumers macedonia has agreed to change its name to resolve a decades old dispute with greece its new name is the republic of northern macedonia issue's been the stumbling block to the country's bid to join the european union and nato the iraqi shia cleric mccardell sudden has formed a coalition with the pro raney and bloc led by her to form the biggest political group in parliament the men met after solders party won the most seats in last month's election and most party came in second but the two groups still don't have the majority to form a government those are the headlines the stream is next. well the free world cup two thousand and eight season is nearly upon us and for the second time in four years is hosting one of the planet's biggest sporting events but can russia
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overcome the security fears and put on a great football party for the world for all the action on and off the pitch here on al-jazeera. this singapore someways is in the books but what exactly did u.s. president. korean leader kim jong un. chief ok i'm really could be we look at what they're highly anticipated meeting means for diplomacy as well what it means for koreans living on the peninsula and in the diaspora right now you're in the stream live and you choose to leave your questions in the chat and we will try best to get them into today's show. and you up on the street. president donald trump on north korean leader kim jong un haven't always had.


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