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important issue suicide rights do or mind very high twice the national average we want on al-jazeera. the battle to retake the yemeni port city of today that has begun threatening to worsen an already dire humanitarian situation in the country. and i'm jane and this is al jazeera live from coming up handshakes smiles and apparently home visits donald trump and kim jong un accept mutual invitations to each other's countries the media mega merger eighteen t. gets the go ahead to buy time warner but what will this mean for consumers. and
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what's in a name greece and macedonia settle a decades old dispute. a military operation has begun in yemen to take the port city of data from huth the rebels that's according to saudi owned television channel the united arab emirates which is part of the coalition with saudi arabia fighting the thieves had given the rebels until choose day to leave the un envoy to yemen had been negotiating to try to prevent fighting. the rebel sees a date in october twenty fourth team as part of efforts to topple the government and president of the rubble in one so hardy the red sea port is the second biggest after aden and an entry point for about eighty percent of aid yemen is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis with twenty two million people needing assistance last year the society and morality coalition announced plans to move on her data
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but backed off because of international pressure they say they who theses use the poor to smuggle in iranian made arms but the group denies that around six hundred thousand people live in who data the u.n. warns two hundred fifty thousand could die in a military attack. the meeting between donald trump and kim jong un may have been hailed as historic but after the handshakes and smiles there are still many questions about the details of the deal the former adversaries met for the first time on choose day in singapore kim plates to destroy his nuclear arms but with no specific timelines and trump promise to stop joint military exercises with south korea the leaders also accepted invitations to visit each other's countries when hey joins us live from seoul weigh in what's the response been now that they have had time to absorb this unilateral decision to stop the military exercises.
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yes well they're clearly a very symbolic event in singapore a statement that was very broad in nature something perhaps most south koreans aren't overly surprised by but certainly not much sign in that declaration from kim jong un that he is willing to give up much if not anything and then we had that media conference from the u.s. president after their meeting saying that those joint military exercises with south korea will be ended because donald trump says they provoke it of and they're too expensive now watching that media conference was the south korean president's mungy in he issued a very brief statement after that a written statement not making any mention of this decision by donald trump to end the exercises the defense ministry here in seoul also issued a statement they clearly concerned about this what had been at least caught by surprise they said there was still interprete ing the words from donald trump to see exactly what they meant regarding these exercises which due to take place again
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in august and even a statement also from u.s. forces that are based in south korea saying that they had had no notification formally from the pentagon that these exercises will be suspended or indeed called on so certainly there may be some tough questions for the u.s. secretary of state mike. who is on his way from singapore to seoul he'll meet with president moon on thursday and the foreign ministers from south korea and japan ok other than that what is likely to happen next to keep the process going the talks continuing. yes well while i mention that this was obviously very broad in nature this statement there was nothing in there that was too alarming for the south koreans in a positive light i guess it really enables them to continue their work on the ground they were quite happy obviously for this event to take place for the big events between donald trump and kim jong un but in the meantime the practical steps
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of being carried out here being led by the south koreans and that's been the case really since that first into korean summits between president moon and kim jong il and so practically on the ground we have joint military high level military talks taking place on thursday as i say those joint military exercises supposed to take place between the u.s. and south korea starting in august so that may well be the first point of discussion when those representatives from the militaries of north and south korea meet on thursday in the demilitarized zone when it thank you. u.s. federal judges approved a merger to create one of the world's largest media companies the eighty five billion dollars deal between eighty and t. and time warner was announced in twenty sixteen the justice department tried to stop it but the judge said the government failed to prove the agreement would harm competition financial analyst tara jackson isn't convinced this will be
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a good deal for consumers if you're a stockholder is probably a great thing eighteen c. and time warner this is a big deal for them and it's very exciting and it's going to be a lot of people out of money but when you're a consumer at the in a day you have to make sure it doesn't cost you in the end and because we're may have less competition in the future because other conglomerates may want to do the same thing that may potentially mean higher prices and costs for cable in the future for consumers when we know that comcast is already trying to do some mergers out there any provider that's out there could purchase their supplier so it's not like they're purchasing their competition it's actually a vertical integration so they could purchase all of their suppliers and so right now we have eight c.n.c. that's purchasing a lot of the news content our content providers now some people say it's not going to have an effect on content we'll see about that it may not cost more consumers dollars in the short run but it may cost consumers of information. the british
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government has reached a compromise that would allow parliament to have some say in the final deal to leave the european union it has been seen as a defeat for hard line breaks a tears here also want to leave the customs union but it doesn't resolve the lack of clarity ever what breaks it will actually look like as lawrence lee reports clarity he spoke about all about courage it's tortuously slow and it's painful to watch so many times the british government has said it wants to do one thing over bricks it's only to be overturned and so again prime minister to resign may have not wanted parliament to have any say in what deal she negotiates with the european union but enough of her own m.p.'s threatened to rebel to force yet another climb down one minister even resigned so he could speak more freely. i urged my parliamentary colleagues to follow my lead and vote to give our greatest situation this house of commons our constituents and our country the powers it needs to leave
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our children a legacy of which we can be proud to carry so what to make of the government's continuing inability to make sense of brecht's it on behalf of people in places like sunderland in northeastern england who voted for it see it runs a small business selling machine parts to begin destry he wants out of the european union completely and he can't understand why the government seems incapable of doing it's pretty stern no i want to stand up for england stand for the table. push around and. they just don't let the new. to the front and what is it you think. all the see all the right things and then when it comes to doing it. the work. of those businessmen who would back the conservative rebels like the boss of this factory are just as frustrated they rely on an
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economic relationship with the european union and yet the government can give them no assurances that that will carry on i'm a strong supporter of the u.k. in general however i think the only norm is the thing that we're frightened of more and i don't think the government's doing the best it could to give us the information and communication on the next steps in what's likely to happen on an exit from the entire economy of some zealand relies on the giants now on its feet a company is a failed brecht's it could easily lead to this factory relocating to continental europe yet neither nissen nor anyone else knows what shape bricks it will take and back in london all is discord perhaps the best indication of the divide in society over what's happening in parliament moments is on the front page of some of the newspapers in the brics it supporting press the conservative rebels who want parliament to be given the final say on a votes or describes as betrayers and traces and yes in those newspapers which
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supports them they described as heroes it's hard to escape the conclusion that this continues to be a country politically speaking at war with itself lawrence lee al-jazeera the westminster macedonia has agreed to change its name to resolve a decades old dispute with greece its new name is the republic of northern macedonia. issue has been a stumbling block to the country's bid to join the european union and nato jets are office reports from athens. the agreement between prime ministers and alexis tsipras is the fruit of six months of negotiation that ends a twenty seven year standoff between the countries both men heralded the deal as a new era for the whole of south eastern europe renamed savannah macedonia the republic of northern macedonia reeses neighbor takes a step closer to nato membership see for me a bit at the league summit. in the grave in that we reached and all the neighbors
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have nothing to do with the ancient greeks civilization of macedonia cannot claim any connection is to it in the future. somebody asked will. i call on all citizens to seize the future twenty five years of being stuck is enough many generations have been lost macedonia must go forward and be equal with the west to compete with them and to have the same quality of life with. the heart of the dispute as a question of identity slav macedonians have lain claim to ancient macedonian heritage since world war two the greeks see that as a vital component of their own sense of nationhood and cultural heritage so the agreement makes it clear that savannah macedonia is a slow of nation not a forgotten tribe of the ancient greeks the macedonian language will be described as slavic and passports will state nationality as macedonian from savannah macedonia both governments say they've defended their red lines but the hard work
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now begins of convincing their peoples to accept the compromises greece will no longer hold a monopoly on the word macedonia and greece's northern neighbors cannot claim to be the descendants of alexander if all goes according to plan greece will recommend that the european union open accession talks with savella macedonia at a meeting of foreign ministers in two weeks time it will do the same at a nato summit next month the pressure will then be on the search government to approve the agreement in a referendum and toss constitutional amendments in parliament i. then ratify the agreement by the end of the year and savannah macedonia could theoretically hope to join the e.u. and nato next year jumpstart of los al-jazeera athens still ahead on al-jazeera. we feel bad because the government is not giving us any answers about a future survive as a volcanic eruption ask when they can start to rebuild their lives and abortion
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laws come under scrutiny in argentina where the catholic church has long dominated the debate. however remains and surprisingly hot from iraq through iran but if you go to the north at the caspian shoals you might well catch a thunderstorm still falling in georgia and armenia for example and also southern turkey and those showers took through the eastern med if you're lucky hit beirut it's present here at twenty seven degrees in comparison with not far inland where it's thirty five maybe forty one if you're in baghdad and this is just dusty weather getting hotter once more so the case is clearly better to be expected it's been quite remarkably hot recently than through the gulf states despite that it's been a fair all breeze blowing forty four in dyer has above average thirty eight spot
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right in abu dhabi and then the temps you see here about where they might be solace thirty one reflects that you've got along the shore humid breeze will start to see the not quite there yet persistent cloud and drizzle inland on the high ground. south of all this one beyond the tropics we should be in mid-winter sunshine reflected by the time she's really twenty three and a rather windy cape town only sixteen in johannesburg over the course of the sunshine is most of the time an increasing breeze in the western cape might if you're lucky and i say that wisely bring in some wanted rain. uncovering full d forensic analysis by the f.b.i. more than twenty years ago reports being written knowledge or authorization equipments dirty testimonies being given that's way beyond people's expertise the state has announced its intention to attempt to retry john after trees crimes for
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which he's already served thirty church their evidence was the only physical evidence put really manning in that car the system with. on al-jazeera. you're watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour saadi and you're a coalition has begun a miniature operation to retake the port city of data from do you think the rebels data is the main entry point for aid for millions of people suffering from food and medical shortages. the leaders of north korea and the u.s. have accepted invitations to each other's countries that's according to the north
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korean state news agency during their meeting on tuesday kim jong un and donald trump signed an agreement aimed at dien need clear eyes in the korean peninsula. a u.s. federal judge has approved the merger of eighty n.t. and time warner to create one of the world's largest media companies the judge said the government failed to prove the eighty five billion dollars deal would reduce competition. more than four thousand people remain homeless in guatemala after last week's eruption of the four where go volcano most of the victims are living in temporary shelters the government says it will provide housing but there may be a long wait mariana sanchez reports from as near the volcano. happy to be alive the survivors of got the worst volcanic eruption in decades maybe homeless but they're together and receiving care more than five hundred people in this school in this city of a screen one of twenty one shelters around monk where. you see
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a woman says she thanks god for having saved all her family but now she begins to think about their future without a home to go back to and yet you say to me that i think it's the president's judy to help us bond we're not sure that will happen because we haven't seen much going on for example there hasn't been an official to check to say how many people here. her daughter say this is a member of got the malice disaster agency helped all her family get together in this shelter but though she feels they're on their own. the good of all but we feel bad because the government is not giving us any answers about our future. homes farms and now the mills were destroyed here the government is promising thirty four million dollars to rebuild it will be ever going to see is that the government has a plan an apologist to provide four hundred new homes. the mayor of the screen glasses that they are working nonstop to accommodate more homeless people the mayor
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says this shelter will be ready in three days it will be two large tents each one will house three hundred people but it is unclear when and where the victims will have a home. officials say they have plans to provide proper housing for the victims but critics say the government decide. the fish and they don't trust the government to take care of the victims in the long run and they want the president to resign. after the tragic mudslide two years ago the government still hasn't given any homes to those who lost and it doesn't look as if they were getting one soon. for no private donors in volunteers are helping to fill the gap in the survivors are looking to the government to secure their futures. when essential just. what demand. and i've got some live pictures for you from sicily where the tally
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and coast guard vessel has just docked it is carrying more than nine hundred migrants who were rescued off the libyan coast its release is bearing the brunt of europe's migrant crisis it says that twenty fourteen the country has accepted more than six hundred thousand migrants and this is after the country is just refused to allow another ship carrying six hundred twenty nine refugees to dog that's prompted the french president a man you're micron to cues if you have been cynical and irresponsible a chip and i had to spain which is off to take them in the refugees were a few were rescued from the sea off libya at the weekend but they found themselves stranded when both italy and multi refused to give their rescue boat permission to dock the journey to the spanish port of valencia will take three to four days the ship will be accompanied by two italian coast guard boats journal reports from rome . for four days they've been aboard the m.s.
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aquarius relief at being rescued short lived now uncomfortable in the searing mediterranean heat and yet really for this very place for you. the rescue ship denied port access in italy overcrowded and with supplies running low has been directed to valencia in spain two italian naval vessels will take on four hundred of the six hundred twenty nine migrants and refugees that's what the italian government now sees as the extent of its cooperation with n.g.o.s rescues are seen . for far right leader and new interior minister. it is an election promise made good italy has said it will no longer europe's refugee camp because he . was unhappy to be able to give the italian people the first piece of what they asked for. italy's new strongman leading the charge with his anti establishment
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coalition partners the five star movement and basking in high approval ratings for it what is astonishing in this this part been just populists this poll this is also very popular in italy there isn't a tremendous amount of people in this data saying yes we have to close the borders yes we have to control the access of immigrants yes we have to send them back on the timing isn't coincidental there's an e.u. meeting at the end of june that will consider changing the rule that asylum must be claimed in the country of first entry it's that rule that is put italy on the front line of europe's migration crisis. it least treatment of those aboard the aquarius is notice to. me so changing each state has the right to manage his boundaries. but this should not put into doubt the. human rights our deepest concern is that
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if the rescue capacity will be weakened by different policies by different arrangements this risk this journey might become even more risky. women and children will continue to make the crossing to southern europe at the hands of unscrupulous people smugglers they probably will be told that it just got a much harder and more dangerous journey. wrote. the international criminal court has ordered the release of john peer bamber former vice president of democratic republic of congo he was acquitted of all crimes last week judges said he couldn't be held responsible for trustees committed by his troops in central african republic between two thousand and two and two thousand and three members waiting to be sentenced on separate charges of bribing witnesses during his trial
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you know the country's president joseph kabila were not seek a third term in december's election that's according to the prime minister kabila second and final term was meant to end in twenty sixteen but he's perspire and elections twice due to fighting in the country the opposition is accused could be in love arranging the delays to stay in office. and aide to donald trump has apologized for a personal attack against canada's prime minister after last week's g. seven summit peter navarro said there was a special place in hell for just and should try and get allies by imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports but he stands by his decision alan fischer as well. as he was making friends with this enemy in singapore u.s. president donald trump also talked about making enemies of his friends the fallout from the g. seven summit in canada has followed him here but the president insists his goal is fear or treat the united states because of bad management because of presidents and
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didn't care about trade or didn't understand it or whatever reason for many years with china being obviously the most successful at it but the european union the second one hundred fifty one billion will last they were represented at the meeting and we're being taken advantage of on tray one economics expert says any trade dispute creates problems for everyone the first time issues are losing population and i said i'm beginning to trade and i think the benefit of around. nine times and and it has been benefiting all around the well so far the president also talked about that viral photo the one where other g seven leaders seem to be confronting him over his position on key issues german chancellor angela merkel and french president on your micro have been highly critical of the president in recent days but he says they were simply waiting for a document and it was all very friendly and he confirmed he pulled the support for
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the final g seven document because of a news conference held by canadian prime minister justin trudeau i have a good relationship with justin trudeau i really did other than he had a news conference that he had because he assumed i was in or near a planet i wasn't watching. he learned that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of canada he learned you can't do that you can't do the speaking before his weekly cabinet meeting the canadian prime minister brushed off this latest verbal sparring with his closest neighbors and his comments as i said in the say focused on defending jobs for canadians and supporting cleary an interesting theory. but from singapore crimean huge international success we have a better the worries of a limited nuclear war in korea but no he faces fighting a trade war on his own border. washington. electric car maker tesla is cutting about nine percent of its workforce to cut costs c.e.o.
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elon musk says no factory workers will lose their jobs and the cuts when affect the company's ability to meet production targets must told shareholders he expects tester to make a quarterly profit later this year it's only done that twice in fifteen years of doing business. politicians in argentina's lower house of congress will vote on wednesday on whether to legalize abortions a yes vote could send a strong signal in a region where the catholic church has long dominated the debate about reports and on a series. it's been a green wing that has taken over argentina with one demand to decriminalize abortion. an artist who says she had an abortion in a country where you can spend up to four years in prison if found guilty of terminating a pregnancy you need that only money while we meant terminate pregnancies anyway it doesn't matter if it's legal or not our grandmothers did this great grandmothers up
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till the present day and so the problem is that if the state doesn't take responsibility we're going to continue having young women who are dead you know i didn't tina it is testing made around half a million abortions are carried out every year hundreds of women many of them poor have died because of it. in two thousand and fourteen around fifty thousand women according to the health ministry had to be treated in a hospital because of botched abortions i wanted to be legal because i understand that the people who are most affected the most vulnerable are the poorest women the ones with the least amount of resources because this is more than just about economic resources this is also about access to information on wednesday argentina's congress will vote for the first time whether to legalize abortion the catholic church and pope francis argentinian have stepped up efforts to influence the vote. there is a belief of the power the church has to take votes away in every province to
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mobilize catholic schools in the streets to excommunicate them. and that's why activists will support abortion rights have taken to the streets sent to ride president says he is in favor of the debate and he would not veto a measure even though he personally does not support abortions. this public debate has increased the social visibility of this problem this makes it easier for us in the health ministry and regional offices to speak seriously about sexual education in schools educate about contraception family planning so we can definitely prevent abortion which is not a solution for anyone for anything thousands of people who are for and against the abortion bill i would expect it to demonstrate on wednesday it is a vote that has divided the country and even though its outcome is expected to be close it has forced argentina to debate on an issue that has not been talked about
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for far too long. adesina. the football world cup begins on thursday and hosts russia go into the tournament as the lowest ranked of the thirty two teams they have in progress out of the group stage since one thousand eight hundred six their best hope for victory comes in. match against saudi arabia on the eve of the tournaments kickoff will decide who will host the event and twenty twenty six the vote is between a rock and a joint bid from the united states canada and mexico sports reporter travis waldron from the having and post believes the united bid will win if you listen through the north american officials from the u.s. canada and mexico they'll say they've said in the last few days that back in february and march they were a little bit less confident but they're starting to feel more confident again now that they have the votes they'll need are there that they're very close to the votes they need i still think deal were of the money in the revenue from
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a potential world cup in the united states and the majority of it will still take place in the united states but also in mexico and canada will be too much for a lot of these countries they seem like they have most of south america in the caribbean on their side and the question will come down to what europe and asia do most likely but i would still at this point be pretty shocked if the united states mexico and canada joint bid isn't the winner. top stories on al-jazeera a military operation has begun in yemen to take the port city of data from heathy rebels that's according to a saudi owned television channel the united arab emirates which is part of the coalition with saudi arabia fighting they had given the rebels until choose date to leave the date as the main entry point for food and medical aid for millions of yemenis the leaders of north korea and the u.s.
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have accepted invitations to visit each other's countries that's according to the north korean state news agency kim jong un and donald trump met for the first time in singapore and choose day they signed an agreement aimed at denuclearizing the korean peninsula. and in the surprise move trump promised to stop joint u.s. military drills with south korea when haye has more from the south korean capital seoul there was a statement released by the south korean for defense ministry saying that they were still basically decipher the words from donald trump to see what exactly they meant and there was also a statement released by the military forces the u.s. forces based here in south korea saying that they had received no information no order that these military exercises were going to be canceled or suspended in the next round of those exercises is coming up in august here is federal judges approved the merger of eighteen time warner it's created one of the world's largest
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media companies the judge said the government failed to prove the eighty five billion dollars deal would harm competition macedonia's agreed to change its name to resolve a decades old dispute with greece its new name is the republic of northern macedonia issue has been a stumbling block to the country's bid to join the european union and nato the international criminal court has ordered the release of john pier bamber former vice president of democratic republic of congo he was acquitted of war crimes last week judges said he couldn't be held responsible for tri cities committed by his troops in central african republic between two thousand and two and two thousand and three is waiting to be sentenced on separate charges of bribing witnesses during his trial listening post is next. in the school. it's still. in mind to be.
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with. her for a journalist because a. show. like this i mean. i can see that it was. something that. a lot richard just put in you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're tracking this week the bizarre spectacle of the reporter who faked his own death and what the story says about journalism in russia ukraine and beyond selective memories the persian language television channels that beam their way into iran from the us you buy and london uganda imposes a special tax on social media is the government in it for the money or the control . and the argentinean president provides cold comfort for his people and then feels
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the heat on social media in more than eleven years of doing the listening post we've never covered a story quite like this one last week news spread of the murder.


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