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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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people who. confessions are useless without corroboration she thought. her about her of a rape a suspect in
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a murder case. however remains on surprisingly halt from iraq through iran but if you go to the north at the caspian shoals you might well catch a thunderstorm still falling in georgia and armenia for example and also some turkey and those showers took through the eastern med if you're lucky hit beirut it's present here at twenty seven degrees in comparison with not far inland where it's thirty five maybe forty one if you're in baghdad and this is just dusty weather getting hotter one small so the case is clearly better to be expected it's been remarkably hot recently than through the gulf states despite that it's been
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a fair all breeze blowing forty four in dyer has above average thirty eight spot right in abu dhabi and then the temps you see here about where they might be solace thirty one reflects that you've got along the shore humid breeze we'll start to see the not quite there yet persistent cloud and drizzle inland on the high ground south of all this one beyond the tropics we should be in mid-winter sunshine reflected by the time she's ready twenty three to rather windy cape town and the sixteen in johannesburg over the course of the sunshine is most all the time an increasing breeze in the western cape might if you're lucky and i say that wisely bring in some wanted rain. lynn i was a kid. for me was a pleasure and a passion if you want i always found a band to play we've been told in the living room. by to pick out one playa who's
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made the difference to me g.i. out or a. big bomb from who can make things up in people can make things change you know thank you football tuireann brahimi on al-jazeera world. you know pushing my own out the she told. me she had a way. to focus what she she wanted me to. be for the ball.
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busting to try to go by june is not the do i miss goal because. to be. able to go should you. be don't need to make these rules. they said. for what about if you don't know me. to me so much about the vicious on this it on time you know. it is you. two should. first move us. into the to do it without knocking at the temple many would say you're the one of them i get it i'm sure you get better when you should be put on this rational market. to manage where.
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you know this is you know most of the long fun you should of. got any front up enough. book. this was. going to die for you is this what it is for. probably most of us of the most and was amazed and often this is the conclusion that into the. fiction the ball should be should know that your book will follow. the plight of the syrian people and the violence they endure is plain football to see. but behind closed doors looks an unspeakable
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brutality inflicted on the women. from the brave few who survived my c.d.'s and dignity and then to tell the tale. silent war i witnessed documentary on al-jazeera. the battle to retake the many port city every day to has begun despite warnings of catastrophic consequences. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up here secretary of state my pompei o heads to seoul looking to reassure north korea's neighbors in the aftermath of the summit. more than nine hundred african migrants arrive in italy after the italian government refused to take and hundreds of others stranded
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at sea. and get off to the big announcement delegates gather in moscow live pictures there as we think it's ready to name the host city of the twenty twenty six world cup. the saudi america coalition in yemen has launched a military offensive to take the port city of who data from who the rebels it comes despite warnings from the united nations and aid groups that an attack could have catastrophic humanitarian consequences the u.n. which had begun negotiating to prevent this fighting is calling for civilians to be protected by all sides it's warned an operation could put two hundred fifty thousand people at risk the u.a.e. had given the rebels until tuesday to leave. because the rebels seized the data in october two thousand and fourteen as part of an effort to topple the government of president hadi the right see poor as german's second largest after aden it is the
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entry point for about eighty percent of aid in a country that's facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis last year the saudi irani coalition announced plans to move on who data backed off after international pressure they say the who these used the port to smuggle in iranian made arms but the group denies that around six hundred thousand people live in that city in a region refugee council which has staff there is calling for the u.s. the u.k. and france to pressure the coalition to avoid further escalation your secular state might pompei i said to seoul to brief south korean leaders on the summit between donald trump and kim jong un in singapore one of the topics is sure to be trump's surprising decision to cancel the end will military drills along the korean peninsula the president called them war games and provocation but allies like south korea and japan say the exercises as essential to regional security north korean
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state media held a summit with donald trump is a victory for pyongyang led by kim jong the two leaders met for the first time on tuesday in singapore they signed an agreement that has been scrutinized for what it did and did not say. to destroy his nuclear arms but with no specifics no time to timelines the leaders also accepted invitations to visit each other's countries. i mean he joins us live now from souls so wayne yesterday the government of south korea gave a very measured response to the seeming surprisingly announcement from donald trump that the war games as he called him the provocation as he called them which is also the wording the north korea usually uses for these exercises they gave a very measured response saying we need to figure out what this actually means have they figured out what it means. well it seems they haven't seemed certain also that they didn't know this was coming they were not expecting that
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announcement that comment from donald trump and that some media conference that he gave after the meeting with kim jong un in singapore we've got a briefing going on at the moment of background briefing being held by a spokesperson for the president in seoul and they are saying the similar thing that they are trying to decipher exactly what the meaning is in that comment to end the war games as donald trump called them but also going on to say that the suspension of joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea may be necessary to assist denuclearization talks so it seems as if this has certainly taken them by surprise interesting also the comments coming from pyongyang through the korean central news agency the official state news agency in north korea they have released the full transcript of the dict aeration between the two leaders in singapore also
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a bit of what was said by the two leaders as well and in that they are saying that donald trump agreed to halt military exercises while dialogue is taking place between north and south korea well that's not what donald trump said in that media conference in singapore he said that the military exercises would be ended because there provocative and too expensive so it seems as if he's gone a big step further than what the north koreans are saying and even further than what some of his own people are saying in and the hours before the summit secretary mabus basically said no that that's not on the table so now that this is all being discussed is this something that south korea has ever even alluded to being open to . well no but it's been discussed a lot because the chinese have certainly called for this they in fact proposed this again back in march of last year through the chinese foreign minister saying that
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a good deal would be for the americans in the south koreans to suspend or freeze the joint military exercises in exchange for the north koreans suspending their nuclear testing or missile testing activities a freeze for free scenarios how they put it but of course this was met with a rejection by the south koreans and the americans as you say as recently as a week or so ago we had the u.s. defense secretary james mattis saying that that is not going to happen they're not going to end these joint military exercises because they are necessary to prepare the u.s. troops some thirty thousand u.s. military personnel based in south korea and the south korean soldiers for the rear likelihood that there could be an invasion or an attack by north korea north korea hasn't seen it that way of course they see it the military exercises as
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a precursor to rehearsal to attacking north korea so it seems like they will be some very tough questions for mike pompei o the u.s. secretary of state who is on his way to solve due to arrive in the next few hours he will meet with president on thursday morning and also with the foreign ministers from south korea and japan and he went hey live for us and seoul wayne thank you very much now i know tangan joins us now he's a china political analyst an advisor to the chinese government on economic and development issues he joins us live from beijing einar always good to talk to you so this seemingly surprising announcement from donald trump that the war games as he call them military exercises let's be correct were going to cease how did that play out in china. well china is delighted i mean the dual track suspension is what they have been saying all along so the they really feel very comfortable with this you'll note they must have had
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a very high confidence level because before there was actually signing of those agreements in while we were waiting for the foreign ministry put out a statement that they were ready and willing standing by to assist in whatever capacity they could including flying down the use of three air massive airplanes to kim and his entourage down there so. we said there were a lot of details and this this agreement that they signed this statement that they said so going forward for there to actually be any type of real tangible results and and progress from this what role does china play in that. well china will have to play a large role i mean it's the largest trading partner for the d.p. r. k. obviously they have an answer but you know the most important thing you should be focusing on is that donald trump has said categorically the u.s.
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is not going to pay for the economic rebuilding of the d.p. r. k. and that's going to be on the table that's what the d.p. r. k. wants in return for whatever denuclearization they're talking about there's of course no idea of what that means or what timetable it is but if there's going to be money on the table in south korea obviously japan will be consulted china and probably russia putting in i think donald trump wants to say that this was a monetary coup that he was you know king of the deal but he got everyone else to pay for the d.p. r. k. to denuclearize but that means that china is going to you know want some things in return and obviously ending the war games that missiles troop deployments the issues with taiwan south china seas containment these are all going to be on that table how. challenging is it to negotiate
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something like this with donald trump simply based on the fact that he seems to be in credibly and unpredictable for example you know saying out of nowhere that the military exercises are going to change or any other number of topics that it could be one thing one day when day the next how challenging is that for north korea south korea china all the pan all the countries that are involved in trying to move this issue forward. well let's ask the g seven. no the fact is that no no one really knows what trump is up to he likes it that way he's seen this as his negotiating edge when he was in business but diplomacy and business are quite different in this there has to be a high trust level and right now donald trump no matter how you measure it internationally he's on the very very low end of that so it is going to be very challenging actually i think the d.p. r. k.
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will be relying more on the assurances of south korea japan russia and china than directly on anything donald trump is doing if they can diffuse donald trump and get the rest of the group of the six parties together and they're agreeing on a course of action and it's going to be a process it's not going to be. a deal done in a week. but first they need to to have a peace treaty start exchanging formal representation and start talking about the process by which they are going to start defining these difficult terms about what the nuclear station means remember that for the d p r k denuclearization means that the u.s. gets out of asia basically anywhere that they can threaten the d.p. r. k. with short range missiles so a lot of a lot of details still to be worked out quite a few einar tang and thank you very much joining us from beijing appreciate it.
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world cup starts this week in russia but the focus wednesday is on who will host the games and twenty twenty six is meeting to announce its decision there's just two bits so the first is a joint bid from canada mexico and the united states both the u.s. and mexico or former tournaments hosts and the second it comes from morocco is making its fifth attempt to be the host nation a simple majority from fief is two hundred eleven member associations is all that's needed to decide the host nations. joins us now from moscow so this ad this process this procedurally explain to us how this works and when will we actually know who came out on top. like i was i'm sure you can say you know would have to say congress is on the white president john the inference you know is currently speaking and i have an agenda of saying the items were about some four or five most of these things are procedural the better ones y.c. for who will host in twenty twenty six thousand homes what we're waiting for and it
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will be a simple electronic arts' it'll be a transfer might we model a wife who's like so far but we will of problems for it so luncheon two hundred eleven nations of faith are correctly dominant obsolete so it's two hundred said it might be only two hundred six the vote because of american values which france and with for the first rose so let's face it probably about two or three i was charmed by will get this far and when it starts it will be quite a quick procedure and is that a correct assumption that the us is a favorite in that morocco who has been continuing to try just hang in there is it ok so is it proper to regard them as outsiders that is it a long shot.


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