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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 163  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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this process this procedurally explain to us how this works and when will we actually know who came out on top. like i was i'm sure you can say you know would have to say congress is on the white president john the inference you know is currently speaking and i have an agenda of saying the items were about some four or five that most of these things are procedural but one that i don't want to i see full who will host in twenty twenty six thousand homes will whites in four and it will be a simple electronic parts it will be a transformer and we model a wife who is like fun but we will cause problems for faith in it so eventually two hundred eleven nations of faith or correctly dominant obsolete it's two hundred seventy two hundred six the void because of american values which fits in with for the first rows one space in probably about two or three hours tolerance they will get this far and when it starts it will be quite a quick procedure and is that a correct assumption that the us is
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a favorite in that morocco who has been continuing to try to hang and then there is that ok so is it proper to regard them as outsiders did is it a long shot. yes a perfect somberly of the united states paid in the my us canada mexico today but really. revolves around the usa and. i can be absolutely sure that fee for wants that bid to succeed the united states to here is that wanted that to happen quietly spoken about it solves a lot of problems a big one is financial it will be mighty undoubtedly a lot of money a lot more money from television deals and sponsors than the moroccan. have given themselves by real chance which could expect the united states to come out on top just because there's been so much told get around things like trying to make sure that happens without putting so much pressure on all cars have it support it
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of course has a lot of support amongst african nations but also this member it was associations i know it revolves around money and i know that the united states people make the money and also it did better in the evaluation by pharma what has really didn't make it to this stage in the salaries called some point seven out of a possible five. obviously it's important he's going to host the two thousand and twenty six games that's why we're covering this announcement live the fans want want this under way right now and russia dont they. yeah i guess we were at whatever length it always is when a world cup action stars have to wait for years for this song and so much politics throughout that four years there's politics for you to specialists say on the end of a welcome when the football starts to just really in the mind concentrate on the football the thirty two nations the sixty four teams who's going to the toilet and of course very strangely h.i.c. must find some old of the budgets of nations coming in here we're not ready for it's assault with the cold so much is always the host nation russia i'm saudi
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arabia unless i am then when the action against the by the without proper faced a foothold in. the business of politics. and game only because i stayed thanks i still had on al jazeera it's more than just a name of the world's most unusual diplomatic dispute is now over. had i would has rained heavily in switzerland flooding as a result of the response from clouds this from the masses disappeared quite quickly eastwards into poland and beyond but that doesn't mean it's the end of the line because looking upstream the potential for more rain exists i think during this wednesday and thursday switzerland austria slovenia northern italy and possibly
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suddenly it will be caught by yet more fairly heavy showers will spells of rain and of course this is all moving into what is currently hot dry territory so this heat that's a boost and i think you'll find some pretty big showers in hungary but on the gets to wednesday now following on behind is much drier weather and temporary rather cooler seventeen in paris twenty one in london is warmer in madrid most especially escape for that the showers and beyond those proper few showers around cyprus and the levant is fine the onshore breeze in north africa keeping temps is typically in the middle twenty's maybe higher than that in benghazi even the tropical showers actually for the moment are quite well spread out they are there in tropical africa from easy if you know how does through south sudan through nigeria and beyond acra being a focus they are creeping up the western side of africa actually quite well spaced .
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arts. you're watching al jazeera let's recap the top stories for you now the saudi marotta coalition in yemen has launched
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a military offensive to take the port city of new data from group the rebels it comes to spite warnings that an attack could have catastrophic communitarian ponson months as the u.a.e. had given the rebels until tuesday to leave. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is headed to seoul south korean leaders on the summit between donald trump and kim from singapore one of the topics is sure to be trump's surprising decision to cancel the annual military drills along the korean peninsula south korea and japan say the exercises is essential to regional security football's ruling body is in moscow to choose who will host the world cup in two thousand and twenty six live pictures here so there's two bids and contention from morocco and then there's a joint bid from canada mexico and the u.s. the first competition kicks off in russia on thursday. to turn to our top story now the attack on the port city of potato and yemen i should say here he is a professor and modern contemporary history of the middle east of qatar university
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he joins us live here and so. was this inevitable there have been efforts on and off to to push this off to push this off was this almost eventually going to happen in this war. i think it's important to understand the context behind all of this military operation there is a context talked to in aden this was last year and it went to ireland just a few weeks ago and then on her day that it seemed there is a strong link between all of this those are an important ports and in aden in total for example there is no presence for truth is but there were a pretty sight. this tells us that there is another interest to the coalition led by saudi arabia especially that iraqis and that's the reason why i believe that the whole operation and the day there is that by the economic interest rather than to we can. have. i would say. impact on
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the ration in her day there because we know that the united nation is actually working hard and that poor to secure food and medicine to the emmys and that is the main gate to them and so that i think there are other interests behind all of the economic and what way. we know that there is very you know seems very planned i would say attempt by the americans to control most of the ports on the red sea and close to the. indian ocean especially close to yemen i think we are to certain aid that i mean when we aid in was as as they say liberated from it wasn't it wasn't given to the legitimate government led by our government so hard it was actually i don't remember how he was not allowed to be based in either so that's a that's a big question mark i mean what what will happen in a day done with it will actually secure the presence of the government or the legitimate government of yemen or if they don't actually controlled by others like immoralities what role and do you think the u.s.
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has played and and this particular operation getting a green light to be honest as we know there was there was a lot of communication between iraqis and americans and in the last week they were asking for the american green light for the whole think we remember that there was a discussion between the pentagon and the. department of state about this it seems that the americans they want to wait and see they don't want to be fully involved how were they seem that. they would not say no don't do it i think i think that. that's a degree because i have a yes you have a good pathway and because they are nuts. they're not so sure about the outcome of it and whether this will help on the security and stability given all that much so that the reason if it went wrong there was this your responsibility i wasn't i thought i was all right. thank you very much. more than one hundred migrants
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rescued at sea by a coast guard ship have now arrived in italy it is the first major rescue landing in italy since it has been he became the deputy prime minister something he has promoted a hardline anti immigration stance since being. in office jonah hall joins us live now from rome so what is the latest jonah. well this is evidence really of the many many people hundreds daily still trying to make this crossing from north north africa to serve in europe but as they get into trouble at sea as many inevitably do it now matters who they're picked up by as to where they will be taken to because foreign flags n.g.o.s rescue vessels operating in the med have now been told by the italian government that they will no longer be able to access safe harbor here in italy of course the coast guard still is allowed to carry out rescues where it finds them in terms of the law of rescue at sea but
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effectively this week it's italy and the government here has said no more to the long established status quo in the mid. for four days they've been aboard the m.s. aquarius relief at being rescued short lived now uncomfortable in the searing mediterranean heat and yet really for this very place for you. the rescue ship denied port access in italy overcrowded and with supplies running low has been directed to valencia in spain two italian naval vessels will take on four hundred of the six hundred twenty nine migrants and refugees that's what the italian government now sees as the extent of its cooperation with n.g.o.s rescues are seen . for far right leader and new interior minister. it is an election promise made good italy has said it will no longer europe's refugee camp because he
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. was unhappy to be able to give the italian people the first piece of what they asked for. is italy's new strongman leading the charge with his anti establishment coalition partners the five star movement and basking in high approval ratings for it what is astonishing and is this part being judged just populists this poll this is also very popular in italy there isn't a tremendous amount of people in this state are saying yes we have to close the borders yes we have to control the access of the immigrants yes we have to send them back on the timing isn't coincidental there's an e.u. meeting at the end of june that will consider changing the rule that asylum must be claimed in the country of first entry it's that rule that has put italy on the front line of europe's migration crisis. italy's treatment of those aboard the aquarius is noticed the sea change in each state has
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the right to manage his boundaries. but these should not put into doubt the. human rights our deepest concern is that if the rescue kept us we'd be weakened by different policies by different arrangements the. risk this journey might become even more risk. women and children will continue to make the crossing to southern europe at the hands of unscrupulous people smugglers they probably will be told that you just got your charger and more dangerous. well with the aquarius underway now in its journey to valencia in spain the consequences of this italian decision of being calculated and as we speak there are real time consequences playing out in the med we're getting word of
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a rescue that took place on tuesday by a u.s. naval vessel just off the libyan coast. mariners in trouble they encountered refugees and migrants of course they picked up forty of them we understand including twelve as well as well as twelve dead bodies they contacted a german rescue vessel sea watch to come and help them out as would have been the norm until this week sea watch have declined why because they couldn't get coordination from the italians and permission to take those people to a safe italian port the u.s. navy is now quote coordinating with its allies and looking for a solution but here is real time consequences taking place for real people in trouble at sea. and how life for us and around jonah thank you. macedonia has agreed to change its name and what may signal the end to one of the world's most unusual diplomatic disputes the decades long disagreement with neighboring greece is centered on the use of the word macedonia which is also the name of
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a great province great say it's an attempt to claim its land an ancient leader alexander the great. reports from athens. the agreement between prime ministers and alexis tsipras is the fruit of six months of negotiation that ends a twenty seven year standoff between the countries both men heralded the deal as a new era for the whole of southeastern europe renamed savannah macedonia the republic of northern macedonia he says neighbor takes a step closer to e.u. and nato membership see for me i've got the league summit. in the grave in that we reached and all the neighbors have nothing to do with the ancient greeks civilization of macedonia and i cannot claim any commission is to eat in the future . someone. who. i call on all citizens to seize the future twenty five years of being stuck is enough so many generations have been lost macedonia must go forward and be equal with the west to compete with
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them and to have the same quality of life. the heart of the dispute is a question of identity slav macedonians have lain claim to ancient macedonian heritage since world war two the greeks see that as a vital component of their own sense of nationhood and cultural heritage so the agreement makes it clear that savannah macedonia is a sloven nation not a forgotten tribe of the ancient greeks the macedonian language will be described as slavic and passports will state nationality as macedonian from savannah macedonia both governments say they've defended their red lines but the hard work now begins at convincing their peoples to accept the compromises greece will no longer hold a monopoly on the word macedonia and greece's northern neighbors cannot claim to be the descendants of alexander if all goes according to plan greece will recommend that the european union open accession talks with the.


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