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zero. zero no i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up a saudi amorality coalition launches a major offensive to take the yemeni full city of the data from the rebels despite u.n. warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe. the price of a rescue boat underway by a timmy's rocks of base a diplomatic route with france macedonia's president dashes hopes of an end to the dispute with greece saying you won't sign a deal to change his country's name. mexico and u.s. siri. may not be the best of friends right now but the so-called united bit wins the vote the twenty twenty six world cup. and i'm done with all the sports and it's
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pain in spain as the national coach to coach it's sad that two days before the team's open you will cup match against portugal will have all the reaction from russia later in the program. a computer program a top story the united nations security council will meet in talks on thursday after the saudi coalition launched an offensive to take control of the yemeni port city of data from the who think the u.n. has already warned that the assault could have catastrophic humanitarian consequences the data is yemen's second largest port after eight and intense as strikes have hit locations south of the city who the rebels say they responded by launching missiles at a coalition ship they seized today in october two thousand and fourteen is part of
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an effort to topple the government of president months or hadi. well some seventy percent of yemen's food enters the country through her data and it's feared the fighting will cast off much needed supplies of food fuel and medicine twenty two million people that's around two thirds of yemen's population rely on aid and eight point four million are already at risk of starvation save the children says famine is now a real possibility and some six hundred thousand people live in and around her data some have fled the fighting but many still there al jazeera is hashem has more. a major military operation is underway yemeni government troops are on the wound to take the port of her data from the rebels warplanes and warships of the saudi emirate coalition have also launched strikes on the city and reinforcements are joining soldiers on the ground for what many say is
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a decisive battle for control over northern yemen but they do tell later that they are here on our way to her data and we will liberate it from the who we are determined to celebrate in and mark the end of ramadan there. daters seaports is a vital lifeline for the whole theories the sardis say that's where the shia rebels get weapons smuggled in from iran that's denied by both and the host these the united nations fearing what the spokesman called a bloodbath if the date was attacked by coalition forces has proposed a new deal that would see houthi as hand over the support to the u.n. but that wasn't accepted the bourse also a vital lifeline for millions of civilians caught up in the war and aid agencies are now warning of
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a humanitarian catastrophe they say supply routes for. urgently needed aid will be caught and more than a quarter of a million lives are at risk the fact that we have more military operations going on will just exacerbate the situation which means that not enough we entered for the entire population of human we have already today eighty percent of the yemeni people who rely heavily on humanitarian aid thank the war in yemen has already claimed tens of thousands of lies mostly civilians many have died of hunger and disease but the fighting has gone on so far none of the attempts to have its it is . how succeeded none of the players are working together or the most of the players so they can bring your money to the table the saudi am a rooty coalition leads the campaign to drive the who things are to the data and to give any capital sanaa and reinstate the government of president of the
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i of the rebels remain defiant firing bullets to besides into saudi arabia and bahrain today the capital of the past. for steven anderson is the world food program's yemen director he joins us via skype from sun thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us i understand that you have been in touch with members of your team and have data what are they telling you about the the situation the offensive there. they're saying part our staff and her data are saying that they're increasingly concerned about the approaching fighting which is approaching data city they and of course their concern is first and foremost for the people that were serving the world food program's assisting over seven million people
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a month about five million of home through data and the port slightly to the north of the data called salif so we're we're concerned about in additional hardship for the people of who data already in one of the poorest governance and in yemen and facing extreme hunger already. as your earlier report highlighted this will exacerbate the situation but that's it our staff are working around the clock we have a vessel that just is already offloading twenty five thousand tons of wheat which is sufficient for two million people and another vessel is actually just about to dock so we're doing our level best to try to get the in and to try to get it out to the people who need it most but what can you tell us about the just takes around
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those types of operations because as the fighting escalates presumably there are going to be more restrictions on the ships that can dock and the supplies that can reach people. that's that's our fear but we will do our best we're already in very close touch with all the parties and they are extremely cooperated in and supportive of our efforts i think and so were we are mindful we do have. experience in handling this type of situation and we're looking at all different types of scenarios of how to try to get. and other critical supplies in for the people who need it most and of course there's a question of the human cost of the offensive for the people living in had data but also the data is a vital strategic significance for the entire country a question lifeline for the population if supplies a cot looking at
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a population that is on the brink of famine well already eight point four million people in yemen and approximately five million of them in northwestern yemen which are most easily accessed from the port of who data. and salif so our concern is first and foremost for those people and we're also concerned that if the commercial supplies particularly of food and fuel don't get in this will affect markets and or even the people that we are not able to assist and who are relying on the markets if prices go up they have very little to go on. salaries for most civil servants are not being paid the country is reeling from over three years of conflict which have devastated people's livelihoods. so this type of shock is. any any
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shock. to the markets is a major concerns us why it was thank you very much stephen anderson country direct to face yemen for the world with program thank you for your time. meanwhile yemen's exiled president is in the u.a.e. to patch up relations as the battle for her data gets under way as we've been hearing about berman so hard his trip comes after months of tension between his forces and fighters backed by the u.a.e. both are part of the saudi led coalition has been fighting his ease but a few clashed over the weekend deployment of amorality troops to the yemeni island of soko. as were other top story this hour more than nine hundred people have arrived at italian port of khatami in sicily after being rescued at sea by the italian coast guard it comes amid a growing diplomatic route between italy and france over the new italian government's refusal to allow a foreign rescue boat to dog france's president has called that cynical and
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irresponsible john hall reports from russia. disembarking in italy nine hundred thirty two migrants and refugees rescued in the mediterranean by the italian coast guard on the crossing from the libyan coast among their number more than two hundred miners and two dead bodies. heading instead to spain hundreds more on the ngo rescue ship aquarius the italian government believes it's borne the brunt of this crisis alone for long enough and international rescue vessels like aquarius now banned from italy it says an invitation to people smugglers and this is what it amounts to in practice file pictures of the u.s.s. trent on a navy vessel currently on patrol in the med with forty shipwreck survivors on board and twelve dead bodies it's unable to transfer them to a german rescue vessel because italy won't give them safe harbor real time consequences real lives at stake. facing criticism from n.g.o.s the u.n.
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and some fellow e.u. members the italian government is unbending the far right leader now interior minister mattel's salvini who authored this change of policy has shot back at the french president for calling it cynical and irresponsible salvini is a view that's pure hypocrisy here's what he told the italian senate that pretty much a no you request. from january first into the end of may moment ten thousand people have been turned back from france into italy in the relocation agreement of twenty fifteen france agreed to take nine thousand eight hundred migrants instead it's taken six hundred forty so i asked president micron to take in one thousand migrants tomorrow morning the show of real generosity not just words meanwhile civil society has been joined by civic society pushing back the mayor of palermo in sicily is among a number of mayors declaring their cities remain open to all we remember our
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grandfather we remember. remember right up to use it with remember that power. difficult is when the way belgium germany where this is for america to because of that the human beings their way there would be italy has a pro post in which immigration played a major part but he needs a future perhaps less so join a whole al-jazeera rome. has more now from paris on the war of words between italy and france. well the french president certainly trying to calm the situation he said in comments on wednesday that france and italy had always worked side by side on the issue of migrants in europe he also urged all sides to stop getting caught in emotions now lists of course just one day off to man or mark or sparked a diplomatic row with this city with his comments that the italian government had
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acted irresponsibly and cynically in its blocking of the aquarius ship now that seem to put france on the higher moral ground and that infuriated italian officials who are very quick to point out that of course france did not put its hands up to take in the aquarius boat that we know has fall into spain and the interior minister of italy also speaking out against holland france in the front simply hasn't done enough to share the burden with italy of the amount of migrants that are coming into the country trying to share that burden and ease the burden on the italian people now imagine a mark or is shared will to meet the italian prime minister on friday that may not happen italian officials are saying it could be canceled they are demanding that amount of apologize for his comments it is unlikely that the french president will apologize but he would certainly want that meeting to go ahead he says it would be a good opportunity to talk about perhaps a new solutions france's national assembly is approve major reforms to the state
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run roa company despite months of protests by trade unions and changes that s.n.c.f. will mean an end to large benefits and pensions for future employees it's a big win for president emanuel man drawn in his drive to cut the power of the unions and reform the economy. volkswagen has been fined more than a billion dollars by a court in germany over the diesel emissions scandal prosecutors say more than ten million vehicles made by v.w. were fitted with software which allowed them to appear to have a low emissions when tested in labs car makers says it accepts the fine and its responsibility for the crisis it's already paid billions of dollars in damages to car owners in the united states. the antarctica has lost almost three trillion tons of ice since the early one nine hundred ninety s. according to a new study scientists have tracked the thawing by satellite data they've discovered sea levels have risen almost a centimeter causing a risk of flooding from the pacific islands to florida most of the ice is lost from
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west antarctica and the antarctic peninsula where warmer ocean water is melting floating ice shelves at the end of the glasses at the news hour live from london much more still to tell you about donald trump returned to the united states declaring that everyone can feel much safer as north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. in argentina as green wave overturned one of latin america's most restrictive abortion rules and then later in sport roger federer of bounces back coming from behind to win his first match in three months. and macedonia as president says he will not sign off on a new name deal with greece just a day after the two nations reached an agreement to end their bitter dispute
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president ivanov says the deal would be damaging to his country and violates its constitution the greek prime minister alexis tsipras also come in for a barge of criticism the dispute between the two neighbors has been an obstacle to macedonia joining nato and the e.u. let's go live to our fans for more and we thought this long running dispute had been resolved but clearly that's not the case what's the fallout for us. well the conservative opposition has declared its reservations from the very beginning of the negotiation process at the start of this year and when the outline of this deal was revealed by the prime minister twenty four hours ago mr mitchell tike is the opposition leader accepting the master in language and to master and in ethnicity constitutes a non acceptable national concession he says it's a bad agreement it's against the interests of the majority of greeks and he also believes that c.p.s. arguably doesn't have the political legitimacy to bring this to the people or to
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parliament because his junior coalition partner the independent greeks party without which he could not stand in parliament has said that it will not vote for the agreement therefore this is an international agreement he says things struck by a minority group in parliament so he will possibly tomorrow after other business is concluded us free no confidence motion in parliament the government has dared him to do so saying that it has the votes to stay in power and that is likely true because it's one thing for the independent greeks to say that they went for vote for an agreement they disagree with in principle it's another thing to vote down the government of which they are a part and themselves lose power so what about the significance of macedonians president ever now saying that he wants sign a deal what what does this guy now. well i think it's a bit of a firework like the you know the no confidence motion in athens which is
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unlikely to succeed and it's therefore a sort of process of. signaling to one's verses where one stands again mr van of his doing the same thing and scope don't forget he is the president who sits on the conservative side of the aisle with the now ousted v.m. r.-o. party which was against any such agreement with greece for a decade. he is on the surface of it simply defending his duties under article eighty seven of the constitution which says that he is the ultimate guarantor of the constitutionality of any little but it's a non-issue because mr if the prime minister has no intention of bringing this agreement to parliament he knows that it cannot be approved in parliament he wants to take it to a referendum the agreement contains a commitment to make constitutional amendments which would presumably accommodate
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all the terms of the agreement therefore mr van of would be faced with a new constitution if this agreement would be approved by the people polled said burton of macedonia. thank you very much for the latest from offense john seraph less. u.s. president donald trump has arrived back in washington after a summit with kim jong un in singapore he tweeted just landed a long trip but everybody can feel much safer than the day i took office as no longer a nuclear threat from north korea meanwhile u.s. secretary of state arrived in seoul to brief south korean leaders on the summit one of the main topics that is expected to be donald trump's decision to cancel annual military drills with south korea a move surprised regional u.s. allies and the pentagon during his one on one with kim jong il and trunk talked about the potential for north korea's economy as well if it keeps its promises al-jazeera is adrian brown has more on this now from singapore. there was
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a surreal reality to much of the singapore summit it go to particularly strange before president donald trump's news conference. can history chain when journalists were shown what some thought was north korean propaganda the new world in fact it was a video produced by the white house one of offering a vision of what north korea could be like if it sticks to its promises prosperous and gaged with the outside world ready to be one that was a version of what could have been what could take place as an example there are great beaches. you see that whenever they're exploding their cannons into the ocean i said boy look at that we've what do not make a great condo. in the chinese city of dun dong that faces north korea there are plenty of new condos they were mostly empty when we were there early last year but now many have been sold a symptom of the easing tensions trump says the tough u.n. sanctions china's been enforcing against its neighbor will remain so investors are
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unlikely to be rushing across the border just yet it's way too early to think about investing from my perspective it in north korea but in the north korea is a country of some twenty five million south korea's maybe fifty million but it is an impoverished state so i think the first invest and when we ever get to that stage will be about infrastructure for north korea's leader kim jong economic rather the nuclear development appears to be his priority his unorthodox tour on monday night offering a glimpse of a potential future for his impoverished state of singapore which has been on show for the past few days has one of the world's most successful economies forty years ago when china was just starting to open up its needed done shopping paid a visit marveling at what he saw kim jong un appears to have been equally impressed adrian brown al jazeera singapore. the us canada and mexico will jointly host the
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two thousand and twenty six football world cup and author merican bed won twice as many votes as its only rival in iraq football's governing body is denying that pressure from u.s. president donald trump may have influenced that i think reports from moscow. canada mexico and usa have been selected by the fee for congress to host the twenty twenty six world cup the world cup would sound the united states of america for the first time in thirty two years it's been involving mexico and canada the united states was the heavyweight counter that it was in fact taken on surprising triumph with one hundred thirty four votes to sixty five for the other contend. the u.s. where the big players in this all along by we host sixty games mexico ten and kind of the team thank you for entrusting us with this privilege the privilege of hosting the fee for world cup in twenty twenty six let us also salute our friends
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from morocco at the end of the day we are all united in football that's the spirit of the world cup. snubbed in that twenty twenty two bit losing out to qatar the stars and stripes of loom large over faith it was the american investigators attorney general and the f.b.i. who brought down sat boxes free for three years ago new fee for misuse the politics of keeping america sweet and crucially making money the united big promise of billions of dollars more this host decision was a transparent vote for the first time which caused its own problems so hundred and three national associations with their decision under political scrutiny president trump but tweeted in april that it would be a shame if countries that we always support with the law be against the u.s. state. and not to worry about anything at the least i'm worried about about the president of the united states or makes a goal or canada prime minister or i don't think you should. a finger question was
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answered i don't think anyone tries to take over the future belongs to football and to the members of fever now the task to trumpet is a been a station we to work closely with mexico canada neighbors were playing relations have been distinctly strained in recent months over immigration and trying to. promote pride in that bid tons of frustration this is the fifth time they have tried and failed and they made strong like progress to have a genuine chance still the tournament has been staged in africa just once that's all of that's about to kick off here in russia will feature thirty two nations competing but it's all we get so mexico canada and the united states twenty twenty six they'll be forty eight teams more teams more money and that's what appealed to the faithful fighters here but despite its critics its own win is set to be a big success the wellings zero mosque on. well despite the current political
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tensions between the north american trio officials insist the decision came down to what's best for football gabriel and his own de has more on the u.s. reaction. normally when countries win the right to host the world cup there's wild celebrations on the streets we saw that in doha the capital of qatar when that country on the right stood to host the world cup we saw it in brazil as well before the two thousand and fourteen world cup but the reaction here in new york city it was a little bit muted there wasn't any sort of celebrations at all maybe because mexico has hosted the men's world cup twice before this would be the second time that the u.s. has hosted a world cup in canada while they haven't hosted a men's world cup just a few years ago they did host a women's world cup now even though the u.s. mexico and canada bid was a clear favorite there are some challenges in it what it boiled down to really was politics we saw in the last few months u.s. president donald trump very quietly sent letters to phish shows saying that he
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supported this bid and that none of his anti immigration or travel ban all of these would affect any bands coaches players or officials of coming to the u.s. for the twenty twenty six world cup we'll see strained relations between the u.s. and canada right now and also president trump continues to promote his building of a border wall on the border with mexico and the u.s. these were all potential challenges but soccer and football officials here in all three countries say that the world cup is about sport and not about politics and that they still have eight years to get ready to celebrate what they say will be the biggest and best world cup ever. well moroccans of reacted with frustration and disappointment the decision. because i'm in love that in all honesty like all moroccans i don't accept this decision because. this is the fifth time morocco has bid to host the world cup i wish we had enough votes to organize it because we
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deserve it. we experienced this when we were younger through all the other world africa is looked down on because it doesn't host a world cup it's still considered an underdog because we don't have the organization that we're developing we are building stadiums to international standard in every city to really disappointed iraq as well hoping to world cup and . the number one step long we have to ask why morocco didn't win the bid for me the country needs to work more knit infrastructure and public transport because it's in a really bad state especially the buses morocco can host such a massive event when the buses are in such a bad way. so i had for you on the program syrian refugees you say they have a better shot at life in their own country as the war drags on mexico's presidential candidates go head to head in their final t.v. debate we'll tell you who came out on top and in sport the n.h.l.
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champions bring the stanley cup to washington coming up. however there are some good displays in the sky in the sun and coco says these white sharks white top class repeating cells daily and if you're looking you see some pretty good shapes and they're still there in the full cost of the arctic landing they might well reach the mountains in the north of just north of tehran in iran mostly go dry picture from afghanistan right back to the coast but in beirut if you see a shero catches that's the reason it's twenty seven degrees and not always blue sky probably rather pleasant weather to be honest hotter inland of course it's a little bit cooler than of late in baghdad but it's marginal by a degree or so it's still pretty hot down the east and south rain and also it's
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cooler in abu dhabi i say cooler is all relative or neighbor thirty nine is where it should be so hot in london a man and humidity get denser lolla and slower temperature but as yet we haven't seen the flurries sitting there we should be permanently i think in the not so long from now southern africa should be dry and sunny for the most part and it is but good news coming to cape town to the western cape where the water is still wanted it looks like it will be the no so wet and windy picture comes to see only seventeen degrees but it does bring rain and it could be quite significant. a new series of rewind or care bring your people back to life and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues. to. use distance we want to continue with australia's last generation of recovery from
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call on is a really important issue suicide writes do or mine very high we're still twice the national average we want on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mail man city and the story bill needs to be forced to leave it would just be when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentary and. i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and online.
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just a quick look at the top stories now a major battle is underway in yemen as the saudi embassy coalition begins an offensive to capture the rebel held city of the data more than nine hundred people have arrived at the italian boss of could tanya after being rescued at sea by the italian coast guard it's off the government turned away and now the boat carrying six hundred twenty nine rescued migrants an international outcry. and u.s. president donald trump has returned to washington after a summit with kim jong un tweeting that north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. or just a month before that has start summit u.s. president told alice of a two thousand and fifty nuclear deal with iran iranians say it's proof that he cannot be trusted but many are not just angry with trump as a bus driver he explains from the capital tehran. as the world this week turned its attention from iran's non-existent nuclear weapons to north korea's actual ones
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iran's working men and women tried to come to terms with the personal price they've paid for the years their government spent building a nuclear deal with one american president only to see a broken by another one and a sunni are then he has. also break the deal with north korea he's an unwise person and no one has confidence in him today he says something tomorrow he'll say something else someone who makes a pledge and an hour later takes it back is not human no one trusts him and as the iran nuclear deal is lost so is hope that it would bring a better future iranians don't just blame the american president for their circumstances they say their own politicians also share the blame for decades of hostility against the united states and an endless pursuit for position on the international stage across the street a father of two says iran's people have no choice but to continue being patient but for him there is
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a difference between surviving and thriving. and for the sake of his sons he says he plans on leaving the country is that us. i'm stressed my mind is always busy thinking about what will happen tomorrow what wrong decisions our leaders will make next how will they decrease pressure on the people i hope one day we will see our leaders make better decisions but now they think in a selfish way they don't think about their people they just pay attention to some specific interest. it's a common complaint from iran's working class their leaders have pitted them in ideological battles against so much of the world for so long it keeps hurting the economy and makes just getting by more difficult every year i mean but then i don't even know america has no pity for iran and iranians but also we have no power to stand against the of us so everybody says we should negotiate with them like north korea the skids in its own right now no one is happy with the economic situation any story go into it's like the price of gold things here get more expensive every
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week in some cases prices increase hour by hour. it's almost certain things will get worse before they get better the value of iran's currency keeps falling more u.s. sanctions are set to take effect in august and european companies have already started leaving the country so for iranians there are more clouds on the horizon zain basra the old zero to one. all in all the developments in iran has detained a leading human rights lawyer who defended women protesting against the obligatory islamic headscarf serene so today as husband says she was taken from her home on wednesday without explanation so today i had been told of a five year sentence after being tried in absentia on the seem to national has condemned the detention is outrageous and is called for unconditional release. thousands of syrian refugees in lebanon are preparing to return home as the fighting abates in some areas many say they now have
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a better chance at life in syria rather than inside refugee camps yet for others going home is still not an option to return to syria now that the war is winding down our hosts are still standing it needs some repairs but it is better than living in a tent and their relatives told us our village now has electricity and water some three thousand syrians will be leaving the border town of ourselves mainly to the column one region just behind the mountains it will be the second batch of voluntary returns in recent weeks many complain about what they describe as unbearable conditions in the camps. i mean we are paying for an electricity garbage collection from the twenty seven dollars each person gets a month from the u.n. it's not enough that's why we want to go home. the united nations refuses to organize returns it says conditions are still not suitable many of the refugees
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escaped political persecution when they left syria and there is a need for security guarantees. to return but conditions need to be put in place the people have a different situation than ours some of their family members are still there. the population as a whole was displaced everyone should be able to return with. the estimated one and a half million syrian refugees in lebanon have been an economic burden officials here would like to see more returning home as more opposition areas come under government control but there are problems many of the refugees do not have homes to return to towns and villages have been reduced to rubble by the fighting and the international community is withholding reconstruction money it is using it as leverage to force the syrian government to making political compromises. that may not happen soon and that is concerning refugees because some lebanese politicians
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are making life more difficult for them they want to cancel the refugee status of those who travel to and from syria classifying them as economic migrants. i am not wanted by the syrian government for any wrongdoing but if i go back now i have no way of feeding my children i may have little choice lebanese security is refusing to renew my residency papers they say i should go back human rights groups say there have been cases of refugees being pressured levanon denies forcing anyone to leave that may be true for the ramadan family who like others want to return and to escape the life of misery in these camps but they still worry about a life of misery in syria where there are fears about safety and economic security . northeast lebanon. extended a five hundred million dollars aid package to jordan to help a struggling economy it happened after councils foreign minister held talks with
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the jordanian king in a month i'm great austerity measures triggered waves of protests in recent weeks which brought down the prime minister in outs when it comes to days off to saudi arabia the u.a.e. and kuwait pledged two and a half billion dollars to help jordan. now it's been revealed that one of trump's camp trunk campaigns top fundraisers tom barrett was involved in attempts to arrange secret meetings between the president's former campaign manager and the saudi crown prince now this is according to a report by the new york times so that speech back to call him in washington to find out anything any other information about these meetings. well as you mentioned this is all coming from a very detailed story in the new york times and they're reporting from e-mails that were hacked from we believe tom barrack and so they're reporting on some of the discussions he's had so who is tom barrett well he is a billionaire just like the president claims to be a longtime associate and friend of president donald trump and he's often described
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as the one person president trump sees as an equal he is the one we believe that recommended the campaign bring in paul man afford as campaign chairman he is obviously metaphor now facing a litany of charges but these e-mails suggest that he tried to set up meetings with top campaign officials and the crown prince of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and he did help make the connection between the ambassador to washington and jared kirshner who became regularly became in contact it's also supported by the new york times that he offered the same thing to cutter the emir of qatar but it doesn't detail in this story what happened to that meeting now it also says none of these meetings eventually took place with paul man afford but that he does claim credit for that first international trip from president donald trump where he went to saudi arabia he has vast business dealings and has for decades with. the families in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and qatar that should be known but these e-mails hacked group that the new york
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times says is hostile to be a ease foreign policy and the new york times is reporting this story now the whole backdrop of this is again the new york times says that their sources say investigators are looking into the possibility that the u.a.e. and saudi arabia offered to help the trump campaign before the election that would be illegal foreign interference or any sort of donations from a foreign entity to a campaign is illegal under u.s. law so that is a subject that the special counsel is investigating although it should be pointed out that brock told the paper he was interviewed by investigators but mostly that was about manna for thank you very much from washington patsy cline with the latest on that story. now mexico's presidential candidates have gone head to head in a final t.v. debate ahead of july's election leading the race is the left one contender under a bridge or is trying to win the presidency at the first time and the debate was one of the last chances the other candidates had to attack that lead john heilemann
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reports from mexico city. musclemen it was the final presidential debate may be the last chance for andres manuel lopez obrador as rivals to land a blow against the overwhelming front runner a tried. but a simple as nothing seem to stick you're good but. it's not my fault that you're tired at the bottom and you're thinking of that you're going to get back thirty points i understand you're desperate to calm yourself. amid the bickering key issues raised in the country's monstrous inequality and the poverty in which more than fifty million mexicans are trapped for second place tricolored one night in the answer would be a monthly payout for all mexicans for third place told me to meet better access to education like the candidate said the public money could be rustled up their plans
9:42 pm
by stamping out official corruption and did official. the front runner in particular insisted that government corruption was at the root of all of mexico's problems but is only strategy to eradicate it seems to be leading by example in general mr lopez obrador is on his third presidential run as a fish has plans but he's providing few policy details he's been reticent for example of what he'll do to still fresh reform of the energy sector or if you can't so the new thirteen billion dollars that's worried many particularly business leaders but others see the leftist populist as an outsider they're willing to take a chance on if they've been repeating that loss of a lot of still of the. sure and that. totally predictable and it seems to be basically a loss of us no it doesn't seem to do any damage at all and i think that's got to do with with the electorate also being fed up of every party n.b.c. give let's give these guys
9:43 pm
a chance know. now there are less than three weeks to election day the result the boring major supposes seems increasingly inevitable of. argentina's congress has begun debating whether to legalize abortion ahead of a historic vote on the matter hundreds of people have gathered outside parliament to watch the session it's an issue that's deeply divided the country which remains strongly influenced by the catholic church argentinean law only allows abortions in cases of rape or harm to a woman's life. al-jazeera stories about reports from what is ayers. it's been a green wing that has taken over argentina with one demand to decriminalize abortion. an artist who says she had an abortion in a country where you can spend up to four years in prison if found guilty of terminating a pregnancy you need that only money while women terminate pregnancies anyway it
9:44 pm
doesn't matter if it's legal or not our grandmothers did this great grandmothers up till the present day and so the problem is that if the state doesn't take responsibility we're going to continue having young women who are dead you know i didn't tina it is testing made around half a million abortions are carried out every year hundreds of women many of them poor have died because of it. in two thousand and fourteen around fifty thousand women according to the health ministry had to be treated in a hospital because of botched abortions so i wanted to be legal because i understand that the people who are most affected the most vulnerable are the poorest women the ones with the least amount of resources because this is me. more than just about economic resources this is also about access to information on wednesday argentina's congress will vote for the first time whether to legalize abortion the catholic church and pope francis argentinian have stepped up efforts
9:45 pm
to influence the vote it seems they are not going there is a belief of the power the church has to take votes away in every province to mobilize catholic schools in the streets to excommunicate them. and that's why activists will support abortion rights have taken to the streets sent to ride president he says he is in favor of the debate and he would not veto a measure even though he personally does not support abortions. this public debate has increased the social visibility of this problem this makes it easier for us in the health ministry and regional offices to speak seriously about sexual education in schools educate about contraception family planning so we can definitely prevent abortion which is not a solution for anyone for anything thousands of people who are for and against the abortion bill i respect you to demonstrate on wednesday it is a vote that has divided the country and even though its outcome is expected to be
9:46 pm
close it has forced argentina to debate on an issue that has not been talked about for far too long. a decedent when a site is. spain's culture minister has resigned just a week into the job macsyma huertas resignation comes after media reports that he was fined a decade ago for avoiding paying tax while working as a t.v. journalist the new prime minister pedre sanchez appointed a hotel last week after my own are hoarding was removed by parliament in a no confidence vote over over corruption scandals involving his party where to says he did nothing wrong but is stepping down to shield sanchez from any criticism . well the spanish king's brother in law is going to jail in other news from spain . or done has been given five days to turn himself in after he was sentenced to nearly six years in prison on charges of fraud and tax evasion is the husband of princess cristina and is the closest person to spain's royal family to be convicted
9:47 pm
and imprisoned. scotland's devolved government says it will seek changes to its power sharing agreement with the u.k. after the british parliament voted to push through controversial legislation british m.p.'s on tuesday approved measures which will affect scotland's agriculture and fisheries legislation has sparked widespread anger and does not have the consent of the scottish parliament m.p.'s from the scottish national party staged a dramatic walkout from the lower house over the vote. mr speaker and i knew the risk that the people of scotland listened very carefully to what the prime minister said because the reality of the situation is that it didn't shine down to the scotland back to the one nine hundred ninety eight are being. fined. for this hour why the spanish football team's coach was sacked just forty eight hours before their first world cup match. and the raccoon who reached new heights on social
9:48 pm
media scaling a twenty five story building. welcome
9:49 pm
back time now for all the sports with ana. thank you very much mary and while as you heard the u.s. canada mexico have won the right to host the twenty twenty six world cup the north american joint bid collected a hundred thirty four votes to morocco sixty five the twenty twenty six event it will be the first expanded tournament featuring forty eight teams instead of thirty
9:50 pm
two while it is also the first time determined to be hosted by three different countries. gavin hamilton is the editor of the world soccer magazine he says the fans word considered as a decision purely comes down to politics and money. well it's always been the case that the money is to take to defeat its operations and it is particularly so now with the president germany and france enormous promise to all the members feet to. donate give each member of fifty six million dollars in development money that was an election promise from the entrancing no he now has to fulfill that promise and he needs money coming into three and the problem of three to house is that the last few years the corruption scandals that have engulfed you can i was a shoo in with previous world cup decisions house forced a lot of sponsors away scared or sponsors away from three for that desperate bring
9:51 pm
money back into the organization. the american bid the north american bit was seen but it was a safe option an option that would bring north american and western european money back into free for the moment the main sponsors the chinese and russian and free for once that that money comes back in from from western europe and north america to pay for in france who knows election promises there's a mixture of politics and finance there's that the two are linked. hospitals coated gin and love has been the sags it just two days before the team's opening world cup match against portugal the spanish football federation says they were forced to let him go because he failed to tell them that he had agreed to join
9:52 pm
real madrid at the conclusion of the time and a liar and a vicious and has more from such. behind me is the stadium where twenty ten world champions spain will kick off their tournament against the reigning european champions portugal is also expected to be the venue for julian to take charge of spain at a major tournament for the first time but that has all changed on choose day it emerged he would be succeeding is emitting down as roma driggs coach at the end of this tournament and it appears those negotiations have been taking place without the knowledge of the spanish football federation it was news they were less than happy to hear about so unhappy in fact that they've chosen to fire. now his reputation at club level is decidedly underwhelming his one foray into coaching a senior team came in portugal with porto and it finished with him being fired
9:53 pm
inside two seasons but with spain he's had great success he's led the age group seems to european championships and since taking over the senior team after the euro two thousand and sixteen tournament he has had great success and has guided them to a twenty game unbeaten run coming into this event and then one of the favorites to lift the trophy but they now go into their first game in a state of unexpected off the field chaos and they have a tough game to get organized for the taking on a portugal team led of course by rail madrid's christiane. well fernando hierro will take over asked spain's or placement coach for the world cup he told me. the new role is an exciting talent. in the current circumstances a sip this responsibility with courage it couldn't be any other way i'm aware that we have a group of staff and players have been working towards the world cup for two years i've been sporting director for the last seven or eight months and i understand if
9:54 pm
your body's great excitement i just couldn't let them down beyond that i have the greatest respect and affection for for the great work he's done over these last two years without a doubt i wish him the best. but many spanish fans are unhappy with this decision. i think the way it's been done is not the right one i believe real madrid should have waited until the end of the world cup to make the announcement to avoid destabilizing the national. i find the decision to fire up to take you head of the world cup in correct an outrageous because we're two days away from the opening match against portugal which is the most difficult rival we're facing in the group i think leaving the team without a coach at this stage is going to be fatal because at the end of the day the dynamic they had until now is going to be lost i don't see much future for spain at the world cup due to this decision. has returned to training ahead of egypt's well cup opener against your why on friday he gave his fans
9:55 pm
a boost when he joined his team mates for a session and. the liverpool star has been sidelined with a shoulder injury that he picked up in the champions league final loss to real madrid it's still not known if he'll start in the. well the final warm up games have been played ahead of the world cup and the vos ystem has featured heavily for the video assistant referee technologies being used and the world cup for the first time in russia opponents leading goalscorer but given the off to initially had his second goal disallowed but the review showed that the ball landed over the line video referrals were also used in the second half to deny a goal for handball and toward a penalty in the four win over the spring. or to federer has won his first match back at stuttgart open after a three month layoff the world number two looked rusty earlier and dropped the first said to his german opponent misha's bit by the swiss star found his rhythm
9:56 pm
and broke his very have twice in both of the next two sets for when federer can take the number one ranking from ross on the w. making it through to the final. golf second major the u.s. open gets on the way on thursday and tiger woods says he's feeling confident after being in contention at a number of recent events however it is a decade since the former world number one the last one of golfing major five years since he last won a tournament. you know if you've seen the terms i played in this year there's always something. that you know this woman's weeks where i've put it all together and. even now you know we'll see what happens. and finally the celebrations continue for stanley cup champions the washington capitals tens of thousands of fans lined the streets of the u.s. capitol to catch a glimpse of the first ever stanley cup to be brought to the city it's also the
9:57 pm
first ever sports parade to be held to washington since one thousand nine hundred two. and that's it for me back to marry a lovely santa thank you very much i live in size of relief in the united states after a raccoon managed to reach safety after scaling a twenty five story building in minnesota were fears it could fall to its death after it was seen climbing from the ledge to ledge on choose day its plight was tracked by nervous followers own social media the raccoon made it to the roof of the skyscraper on wednesday after animal control enticed it with cat food. solve the problem that's it for me but lauren taylor will be with me in alignment with much more news stay with us.
9:58 pm
a. very big stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives we. this is the only evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's states or the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. read every new york. getting to the heart of the matter if the turkish cypriot people calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity you. hear their story on top to al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are.
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a saudi led coalition launches a major offensive to take yemen's port city of her data despite warnings of catastrophic humanitarian consequences. live from london also coming up. the u.n. holds an emergency meeting to vote on a resolution condemning israel over the violence in gaza plus. i'm joined now in rome where the government is embroiled in a diplomatic standoff with from shoebridge migrate.


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