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used against them in a court of law this system was joe bellenger on al-jazeera. the saudi led coalition which is a major offensive to take for city of data despite warnings of catastrophic humanitarian consequences. on our. live from london also coming up united nations general assembly votes in favor of a resolution condemning israel over the violence in gaza and calling for the protection of palestinians. where the government is involved in a diplomatic standoff with british migration policy while hundreds of refugees and
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migrants turned away from head to spray. the member association of canada mexico and usa have been selected by their feet. to the twenty twenty six people. thank you jubilation from mexico canada and the u.s. is their joint bid to host the twenty twenty six world cup wins that's just as this year's competition is about to get on the way in russia. the saudi and iraqi coalition in yemen has launched a major offensive to take control of the port city of her data from the hoofy rebels that's despite u.n. warnings of catastrophic humanitarian consequences the security council will now hold an emergency meeting to discuss the operation on thursday but data is yemen's second largest fought off to aden and a key aide intense as strikes have hit locations south of the city. say they
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responded by launching missiles at a coalition ship who theses today fourteen as part of an effort to topple the government of president. some seventy percent of yemen's food enters the country through her data and it's feared the fighting will cut off much needed supplies of food fuel and medicine twenty two million people that's around two thirds of yemen's population rely on age and eight point four million ready at risk of starving save the children says famine is now a real possibility. and some six hundred thousand people live in and around her data some are fled the fighting but many are still there russian have are as war. a major military operation is underway yemeni government troops are on the move to take the port of her from the rebels warplanes and warships of the
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saudi emirate coalition have also launched strikes on the city and reinforcements are joining soldiers on the ground for what many say is a decisive battle for control over northern yemen but they do tell him that they are here on our way to for data and we will liberate it from the who we are determined to celebrate you and mark the end of ramadan there. daters seaports is a vital lifeline for the houthi the saudis say that's where the shia rebels get weapons smuggled in from iran that denied by both and the houthi is the united nations fearing what a spokesman called a bloodbath if the data was attacked by coalition forces has proposed and you deal that would see houthi as hand over their support to the un but that wasn't accepted the bourse also
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a vital lifeline for millions of civilians caught up in the war and aid agencies are now warning of a humanitarian catastrophe they say supply routes for urgently needed aid will be caught and more than a quarter of a million lives are at risk the fact that we have more military operations going on will just exacerbate the situation which means that not enough will enter for the entire population of human we have already today eighty percent of the yemeni people who rely heavily on humanitarian aid. for the war in yemen. and has already claimed tens of thousands of lives mostly civilians many have died of hunger and disease but the fighting has gone on so far none of the attempts to have its leaders the world house succeeded none of the players are working together or order the most of the players so they can bring to the table the saudi am
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a rooty coalition leads the campaign to drive the who thieves are to the data and to give any capital sanaa and reinstate the government of president of also heidi i love the rebels remain defiant firing ballistic missiles into saudi arabia and bahrain today in the capital to the. united nations general assembly his version in favor of a resolution condemning israel over the violence in gaza the arab backed motion also receive the backing for the protection of palestinians but any resolution adopted it is m.b. is not binding and he's one hundred twenty nine palestinians have been killed by israeli security forces in the past ten weeks alone mike hanna joins us live from united nations in new york mike to talk us through the figures what how big
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a majority was it. well it ended was a very sweeping majority indeed but there were a number of votes that took place in the course of the afternoon it was an extraordinary day in the u.n. general assembly essentially the us introduced amendments to the original resolution which was entitled the protection of palestinian civilians now those amendments were rejected at one point by the original sponsors of the original resolution they called for a no motion action what that was was a vote to be taken on whether or not they could be a vote on the u.s. amendments that photo was taken it was defeated by a simple majority then the general assembly president ruled that no it requires a two thirds for the amendments to be tabled in the assembly the u.s. objected yet another vote was held on whether the president is right or not that photo was denied so the u.s.
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amendments were not pasta ruled by the president because they did not get the two thirds majority finally we got to the vote on the original resolution and indeed it was utterly sweeping one hundred twenty nations voted in favor of the resolution condemning israel holding up responsible for the ongoing violence within the area accusing it of using excessive force forty five abstentions and only eight nations including the united states and among others micronesia voted against this particular resolution so in the end it was a sweeping victory for the sponsors of this resolution algeria and turkey a number of other sponsors jumped in but it does go to show the real depth of anger among the international community among recent events in gaza so what happens next on the basis of this. well we've seen resolutions like this which have been
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largely symbolic but this particular one does have some teeth in it because included in the resolution is a call on the secretary general to investigate how best to protect palestinian civilians in the wake of israeli action whether or not an international protection force is needed and to report back to the united nations general assembly within sixty days so there is a concrete suggestion in here that is actually a move that the united that the united nations the general assembly has called for for the secretary general to conduct an investigation to report back to the ga about what he suggests how to go forward how best to protect palestinian civilians in this ongoing crisis we'll have to see how that one pans out whether in fact the secretary general is allowed to undertake what is essentially an inspection mission being called for by the vast majority of general assembly members mike hanna at the
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u.n. thank you very much indeed. or the nine hundred people of a ride at the italian port of catan in sicily after being rescued at sea by the italian coast guard it comes amid a growing diplomatic route between italy and france over the new talent government's refusal to allow foreign rescue boat to dock france's president has called that cynical and irresponsible and a halt to this for. disembarking in italy nine hundred thirty two migrants and refugees rescued in the mediterranean by the italian coast guard on the crossing from the libyan coast among their number more than two hundred miners and two dead bodies. heading instead to spain hundreds more on the ngo rescue ship aquarius the italian government believes it's borne the brunt of this crisis alone for long enough and international rescue vessels like aquarius now banned from italy it says an invitation to people smugglers and this is what it
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amounts to in practice file pictures of the u.s.s. trent on a navy vessel currently on patrol in the med with forty shipwreck survivors on board and twelve dead bodies it's unable to transfer them to a german rescue vessel because italy won't give them safe harbor real time consequences real lives at stake. facing criticism from n.g.o.s the u.n. and some fellow e.u. members the italian government is unbending the far right leader now interior minister tells salvia new who authored this change of policy has shot back at the french president for calling it cynical and irresponsible salvini view that pure hypocrisy here's what he told the italian senate that you would request. from january first into the end of may moment ten thousand people have been turned back from france into italy in very occasionally dream to twenty fifteen france agreed to take nine thousand eight hundred migrants instead it's taken six hundred
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forty so i asked president micron to take in one thousand migrants tomorrow morning in the show of real generosity not just words. meanwhile civil society has been joined by civic society pushing back the mayor of palermo in sicily is among a number of mayors declaring their cities remain open to we remember our grandfather remember. we remember our relatives and we remember that. this were the way belgium were germany where this is america too because of that the human beings there where would be italy has a proud past in which immigration played a major part of you needs a future perhaps less journal al-jazeera rome. iraq's firebrand cleric has declared a surprise alliance with an iranian backed militias chief in a bid to form a new government saturn on sea joining forces with how d'anna mir is political
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block after weeks of negotiations so this coalition won the largest number of votes in last month's election and i merely came second but the nuance will only control one hundred one seats far from the one hundred sixty five required for majority status says they'll be inviting other parties to join them. qatar has reportedly extended a five hundred million dollars aid package to jordan to help its struggling economy it happened after cutters foreign minister held talks with the jordanian king in amman anger at austerity measures in jordan triggered waves of protests in recent weeks which brought down the prime minister you know spent comes two days after saudi arabia the u.a.e. and kuwait pledged to and a half billion dollars to help jordan what you know is there is still to come on the program we ask iranians what they think of don't trump nuclear talks with north korea just weeks after he withdrew from the iran nuclear deal plus. after years of
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waiting russia's world cup moments is here i'm rory chalons in moscow and keep watching to find out what hosting the world's biggest football party might do for russia's international reputation. we got some cold weather into the southeast of australia an asset only fading rather autumnal here bands of cloud right continue to drive their way through the pipe for much of a healthy slushy fine and driving see those temperatures struggle in melbourne thirteen thousand getting up to eighty in sydney a fifteen there for the night saying that for a while the more clouds you can see just around the south australia easing across into southeastern corner as we go on into friday cool still for melbourne just twelve degrees celsius my catch one it's just around the queensland coast brisbane
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at around twenty two degrees this hop over the tasman here but got a little bit of wet weather just coming in as well through a fair amount of cloud as per usual land of the long white cloud seeing a fair bit of cloud and that cloud will continue just make its way further east was not cheap out on thursday twelve celsius there for christ church sixty eight degrees in oakland as we go on into friday and we will see rain just pushing into western parts of new zealand at this stage meanwhile had some rain into japan recently should be little tries to go on into stay lost if i don't try weather moving through the yellow sea that will continue to make its way further east was that we ready for something positive to pan by friday. and from any member. of. the war it's
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possible. people in power are meets the women heading an eighteen mile militia. and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand. in iraq on al-jazeera. and one of the top stories. a major battle is underway in yemen as the coalition begins an offensive to capture the rebel held port city of her data. united nations general assembly has voted in favor of a resolution condemning israel for the recent violence in gaza and calling for the
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protection of palestinians. nine hundred people arrived at the italian after being rescued at sea by the italian coast guard the government turned away another boat carrying six hundred twenty nine rescued migrants sparking an international. audience as congress has been debating whether to legalize abortion ahead of an historic vote on the matter hundreds of people have gathered outside parliament to watch the session it's an issue that stupid divided the country strongly influenced by the catholic church argentinean law only allows abortions in cases of rape or when a woman's life is at risk to his abode is in. this report. it's been a green wave that has taken over argentina with one demand. to decriminalise abortion . an artist who says she had an abortion in a country where you can spend after four years in prison if found guilty of
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terminating a pregnancy you need that only money while women terminate pregnancies anyway it doesn't matter if it's legal or not our grandmothers did this great grandmothers up till the present day and so the problem is that if the state doesn't take responsibility we're going to continue having young women who are dead you know didn't tina it assessed him made around half a million abortions are carried out every year hundreds of women many of them poor have died because of it. in two thousand and fourteen around fifty thousand women according to the health ministry had to be treated in a hospital because of botched abortions i wanted to be legal because i understand that the people who are most affected the most vulnerable are the poorest women they want with the least amount of resources because this is more than just about economic resources this is also about access to information on wednesday argentina's congress will vote for the first time whether to legalize abortion the catholic church and pope francis argentinean have stepped up efforts to influence
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the vote it seems they are not going there is a belief of the power the church has to take votes away in every province to mobilize catholic schools in the streets to excommunicate them. and that's why activists who support abortion rights have taken to the streets sent to ride president he says he is in favor of the debate and he would not veto a measure even though he personally does not support abortions they want this public debate has increased the social visibility of this problem this makes it easier for us in the health ministry and regional offices to speak seriously about sexual education in schools educate about contraception family planning so we can definitely prevent. borson which is not a solution for anyone for anything thousands of people who are for and against the abortion bill are expected to demonstrate on wednesday it is
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a vote that has divided the country and even though its outcome is expected to be close it has forced argentina to debate on an issue that has not been talked about for far too long that is how will a decedent going to cite is it at least nine people have been arrested after you know miss bursty students and professors staged a violent protests in the bolivian city of la paz police fired tear gas and shot water cannon or protest has retaliated by throwing rocks and explosives students and staff are demanding wage increases and financial aid public anger has been growing over expenditure on the new government palace and the president's trip to russia for the world cup. is president donald trump has arrived back in washington after a summit with kim jong un in singapore he tweeted just landed a long trip but everybody can now feel much safer than the day i took office there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. percenters top diplomat to south korea to address the ending of the military drills
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a secular state might compare has said that trump will resume those exercises if north korea stops negotiating in good faith he also said that the u.s. is hoping for major nuclear disarmament from north korea by twenty twenty just a month before that historic summit the u.s. president pulled out of a twenty fifteen nuclear deal with iran people there say it's proof that he cannot be trusted but many are not just angry with trump as a minister of explains from the capital tehran. as the world this week turned its attention from iran's non-existent nuclear weapons to north korea's actual ones iran's working men and women tried to come to terms with the personal price they've paid for the years their government spent building a nuclear deal with one american president only to see a broken by another one and a sunni then he has. also break the deal with north korea he's an unwise person and no one has confidence in him today he says something tomorrow he'll say something
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else someone who makes a pledge and an hour later takes it back is not human no one trusts him and as the iran nuclear deal is lost so is hope that it would bring a better future iranians don't just blame the american president for their circumstances they say their own politicians also share the blame for decades of hostility against the united states and an endless pursuit for position on the international stage across the street a father of two says iran's people have no choice but to continue being patient but for him there is a difference between surviving and thriving and for the sake of his sons he says he plans on leaving the country is that us. i'm stressed my mind is always busy thinking about what will happen tomorrow what wrong decisions our leaders will make next how will they decrease pressure on the people i hope one day we will see our leaders make better decisions but now they think in a selfish way they don't think about their people they just pay attention to some
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specific interest. it's a common complaint from iran's working class their leaders have pitted them in ideological battles against so much of the world for so long it keeps hurting the economy and makes just getting by more difficult every year i mean but then i don't even know america has no pity for iran and iranians but also we have no power to stand against the of us so everybody says we should negotiate with them like north korea he's getting it. right now no one is happy with the economic situation any story go into with like the price of gold things here get more expensive every week in some cases prices increase hour by hour. it's almost certain things will get worse before they get better the value of iran's currency keeps falling more u.s. sanctions are set to take effect in august and european companies have already started leaving the country so for iranians there are more clouds on the horizon is
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in basra the old zero to one. a spanish king his brother in law is going to jail. has been given five days to turn himself in after being sentenced to nearly six years in prison on charges of fraud and tax evasion is the husband of princess cristina and is the closest person to spain's royal family to be convicted and imprisoned. and tortured has lost almost three trillion tons of ice since the id nine hundred ninety s. according to a new study scientists have tracked the thawing by satellite data and scum at sea the holes have risen almost a centimeter causing a risk of flooding from the pacific islands to florida artificial intelligence is no longer the stuff of science fiction it's used in smartphones cars and even children's toys exactly how business is a harnessing its power has been on display at the world's largest ai summit in london it's going to go is there. when we think of the world of us official intelligence it's
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a well that ranges from the mind blowing to the modern day but essentially it is part of what every day lives the phones that we use the vehicles that we drive in london not this ai summit it is examining the practicalities go towards making all world a little easy its function to how we say i be used here in this this most bike well there are a couple of cents on the bike every so often you get me to go see the temperature in da just to go see the guests left but you can see the press so here you have the best three if you're like me and we don't know where the engine is this can help you see the engine for a and do some small maintenance work like changing the battery for example if you move the left side up there are screwing going and it literally shows you exactly how it goes with how to get to the battery that we need to remove the seat the seat is gun to respect yet it's only use with a limit you know the chemical shelf with people having to do some classes to really
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make their life easier of course let's not forget it's a very few minutes of companionship making a comeback of text robots perhaps the house like addition to the busy techies lifestyle. adjoin delegation of north american countries has won its bid to host the twenty twenty six world cup the member associations of canada mexico and usa have been selected by the fever color as. the entry received more than twice the votes won by its only challenger morocco three quarters of the games will be played in the u.s. in april presidential trump threaten to withhold support for countries who didn't back their bid at but the head of u.s. football is now calling for unity.
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i. own one of the biggest and most expensive football world cups i will get underway in russia on thursday president vladimir putin helps little of his country will rub off on the fans who travel there from around the world or he chose reports on whether the competition can help russia mend its tanishq global reputation. the fans are arriving football chance or reverberating around city squares one of the biggest sporting parties in the world is upon us once again yet i have to say i doubt it was eight years ago that fever announced the two thousand and eighteen host would be russia amid allegations of corruption and the world cup bidding process nevertheless by the may putin was pleased enough to accept with a rare speech in english been ordered to leave me in the least and clear fine.
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you can leave me work here but we will come eventually we'll get. do that this still. world cup moment is now here russian business news site estimates the full cost fourteen point two billion dollars and for that gets a chance to generate some much needed goodwill for the country because internationally russia has something of a reputation problem the annexation of crimea and the war in eastern ukraine the sports doping scandal allegations a russian interference in the foreign elections the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in england all these and more the list of perceived transgressions is long enough that political analyst under a kolesnikov suspects any world cup image boost will be limited to the home front for. it's extremely important to to make such a gift to a domestic audience but for four in the audience russia will not change
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its image as a toxic toxic paul or toxic country. because there were so many events of other kinds that even the good organisation of football championship can change in us and i'm sure. but as he spoke at the feet of congress on wednesday booted made it clear hosting the world cup isn't just about pleasing russians or international politics it's about giving visit is the best impression of russia to know what's in the but our goal is that all our guests from football stars to simple fans feel the hospitality include reality about people that they learn the authentic multinational culture and unique nature of russia and that they would like to come back to us again it's something he's tried before four years ago russia hosted the winter olympics in sochi the region was flooded with cash to smarten it up for all the visitors for the world cup that's been done on
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a much wider scale in total eleven world cup cities have received investment money from the huge metropolises of moscow and st petersburg to smaller cities like san francisco and some model the aim is to get fans and money to parts of the country far off the usual tourist trail. making sure visitors get a russian experience is something that's filtered into the choice of this year's official world cup instrument see these. and there are not dates on the spring played in traditional russian folk music the sound of a full stadium banging these together. it's something you're going to hear a lot over in the weeks to come. for visitors to have the best possible time here of course involves keeping them safe for the european championship two years ago in france violent clashes between english and russian friends were broadcast around the world since then russian police have come down hard on local hooligans they want no repeat of such violence here i'm sure you are a security measures such as
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a strictly controlled bad idea system are in place to prevent bombs and other attacks for months the eyes of the world will be on russia everything has to go smoothly very chalons al-jazeera. one of the top stories our syria the saudi and iraqi coalition in yemen has begun a major offensive to take control of the rebel held port city of her data from who the fight is that's despite u.n. warnings of catastrophic humanitarian consequences intense air strikes have struck locations south of the city which is yemen's second largest port after aden fifty five to say they responded by launching missiles at a coalition ship. united nations general assembly has voted in favor of a resolution condemning israel for the recent violence in gaza the arab backed
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motion also received the backing for the protection of palestinians at least one hundred twenty nine past years have been killed by israeli security forces in the past ten weeks and i. well the nine hundred people have arrived at the italian port of catan near in sicily after being rescued off the coast of libya by the italian coast guard cummins amid a growing diplomatic route between italy and france over the new talent government's refusal to allow a french german rescue boat to dock trying to haul is in rome with more. this is now migration policy here in italy and we've moved from a maritime standoff over the weekend and monday and tuesday to a diplomatic standoff now the prime minister three separate conti has said in that building behind me over there that he is not going to travel to front to paris on friday for a show jeweled meeting with president micron until or unless the french president apologizes for its criticism of italy's moves well no sign as yet of france being
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prepared to do that and in the meantime of course the drama at sea goes on u.s. president donald trump says north korea is no longer a nuclear threat after touching back down in washington for meeting kim jong il in in singapore the president tweeted that people could sleep well and feel much safer . they are trump has sent his top diplomat to south korea to address the ending of the military drills section state might compare has said that trump will resume those exercises if north korea stops negotiating in good faith he also said that the u.s. is hoping for major nuclear disarmament from north korea by twenty twenty. do stay with us thanks stop its people in power by switching by finance. it. and the seven million lights in this hall each one a story the monster the. quick hits the gym entries
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to hold. on. for over three years i just control to taro's walsh calls groove and rock group is driven out of like two thousand and seventeen local militias on search of fugitives reaching out the harshest justice of suspect fighters and civilians cooperate has one of the most bench for malicious is led by a woman which journalist told cloying what to me to. the be. the best.


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