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tv   Masters of Their Own Destiny  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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resolution condemning israel for using excessive force against palestinian protesters in gaza israeli soldiers have shot dead at least one hundred twenty nine demonstrates at the border since march a similar back resolution was vetoed by the us at the security council haiti has been hit by great britain from operating in the country after it stops were accused of sexual misconduct the haitian government said the charity had violated laws and people's dignity allege that some aid workers including a former country director use prostitutes whilst working there after the two thousand and ten earthquake seven oxfam staff have since resigned or have been fired. with all the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after p.l.o. history of a revolution. you
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stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. one nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. setting up an independent palestinian organization was not easy. the first
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challenge the palestinians faced was to wrest control of their own destiny from the ad abrasions. in early one nine hundred sixty five a series of attacks were carried out against israeli civilians and infrastructure. but a previously unknown palestinian group calling itself a loss if meaning the storm seen here in training claimed responsibility for the times. and also if i was started by a small group of palestinian activists in the diaspora they believe the armed struggle was the only way to win back their lost homeland. out of breeze eams did not share this view they feared being drawn into a conflict with israel for which they did not feel prepared. palestine had been an
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area of conflict for many years in one thousand forty seven great britain and onstott was terminating its mandate over palestine. i repeated case that his majesty's government if you can in the face if they step policy on the assumption that they must lay down the mandate. and to which they have sold for twenty five years to discharge their obligations to fulfill the growth of the jewish national home and to protect the interest of the arab population. in order that there may be no misunderstanding of the execute and policy of britain i have been instructed by his majesty's government to announce with osa entity that they have consequently decided that in the absence of a settlement they must plan for an early withdrawal of british forces and of the british administration from palestine britain handed over palestine to the united
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nations in one thousand and forty seven the un general assembly decided to partition palestine into two states. one out of the other jewish. this partition plan was rejected by palestinians in neighboring arab states. in early one nine hundred forty eight open conflict erupted between jews and palestinians in a confidential briefing at the time america's central intelligence agency predicted a defeat for the jews. as the arabs gradually quarter make their war effort the jews will be forced to withdraw from isolated positions and having been drawn into a war of attrition will gradually be defeated. following the withdrawal of the last british troops in may one hundred forty eight jewish leaders proclaimed their stablish went on the state of israel.
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on the very next day five out of armies from jordan egypt lebanon syria and iraq immediately declared war. one young palestinian activist who was living in cairo at the time was keen to join the fight. and i thought. that. the thought that they were that there was were stem and not to lobby for the thirteen to should bury him as they mean i left school we gathered the young muslims association and we decided that whoever wanted to fight would have to bend their books. i was among those who bend their books and went and joined the army of all the struggle. of. the arab armies were defeated. the
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newly declared state of israel seized control of most of palestine with the exception of jerusalem the west bank and the gaza strip. there. by nine hundred forty nine close to three quarters of a million palestinians had become refugees. in the late one nine hundred fifty s. in kuwait and made the popular sentiment of arab unity common in the region a group of palestinian exiles established a secret organization. they called it the palestinian national liberation movement it became known more popularly as fact that. yasser arafat was one of the ringleaders of this new organization which favored armed struggle to achieve the liberation of palestine but quite some inhabit it was in kuwait that we named it factor before it was a continuation of our palestinian nationalistic activities such activities were aimed at gaining autonomy from the arab regimes most dominant of which was the
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regime of egyptian president. rival palestinian groups emerged advocating coordination with nasser's regime. madness waiting for us at the mossad would look at decision to form a palestinian branch and coordinated this with president. it was agreed that our actions would conform with the overall egyptian military strategy. that we wouldn't carry out military action that would prematurely do egypt into a war with israel for which it wasn't yet that. in one thousand nine hundred four president nasser convened the first out of the summit his aim was to lead an arab response to the continued existence and growing dominance of israel. the arab leaders voted to set up a body to organize the palestinians in their diaspora a commercial katie seen here on the right a palestinian diplomat from a well known family was chosen to head the newly formed body. from the outset he
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wanted an organization which would not just kowtow to arab regimes who love allow are going on at the eyelet the arabs agreed to set up the p.l.o. as a means of releasing the frustrations felt by the palestinians but then came when the silk lady who decided he was going to form a proper p.l.o. and he did he must take the credit for setting up the p.l.o. its structure and national charter he was a great man who should be recognized as such for months later in may of one thousand nine hundred sixty four should be convened the first palestinian parliament in jerusalem it was called the palestine national council king hussein of jordan the country which had administered the west bank since one nine hundred fifty attended the meeting of the parliament consisted of palestinian elders as well as a younger generation who called for a more forceful approach to winning back their own that. the parliament formally announced the establishment of the palestine liberation organization and declared
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the state of israel as illegal to guarantee jordanian acceptance of the meeting shook lady al a jordanian fears by announcing that the p.l.o. had no designs on the west bank and was only interested in regained territory from israel should be spent the next few years building support for the p.l.o. he set out to create a body that could truly be considered a voice for the state as palestinians he traveled far and wide in his endeavors. here he is seen in china where he was accorded a welcome usually reserved for visiting heads of state. and shook edifice to. saif. ali. bailey is a palestinian first and foremost true he was close to nasser but he proved more than once that he was a palestinian first and. he didn't take on the job to be a tool of nasser but to channel the energies of the palestinian people he raised
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the bar when it came to losses views on palestinian nationalism get him off. he out of the house we were supposed to launch in one thousand nine hundred sixty four before the palestine national council meeting in jerusalem in it i was there in jerusalem but i didn't attend the meeting it's i was preparing to launch military operations as a gift to the pansy but we decided against it because we thought it might be perceived as an attempt to upstage the council meeting and its resolutions. i felt that his revolutionary comrades in fact that viewed the newly created p.l.o. with great suspicion. they felt the organization was the product of the same impotent arab regimes that had lost palestine in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. that had the activists wanted instead to take matters into their own hands and in january one thousand nine hundred five they began attacking targets in
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israel. although militarily insignificant the first attack was a sign of things to come. that i don't know what i mean why not that that would be. the mark that fact had declared it had mounted the first operation although i don't believe it was the first palestinian petrol to go into a coup by palestine but the significance is that fact his declaration heralded the independence of palestinian decision making that palestinians would no longer be subservient to arab government picked up which would never have approved the launching of the armed struggle arab leaders greeted for that operations with distrust in this day in they were wary of a radical palestinian group acting on its own initiative. president nasser of egypt suspected fattah who was an extension of the muslim brotherhood with whom he was engaged in a vicious struggle palestinians who are allied to nasser hurled elaborate accusations against their fellow palestinians and fatah quality.
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which i felt that with being an anti nasr buddy affiliated with the muslim brotherhood even a creation of the cia is there was a real battle going on between egyptian intelligence and fattah so one fact that launched its first operation and announced the beginning of the armed struggle in the arab nationalist movement mounted an all out assault on fatah and accused it of trying to drag nasser into war. other arab leaders openly spoke out in favor of negotiation rather than armed struggle in one thousand nine hundred eighty six tunisian president habibie arrived in egypt on a tour of the region. while in the west bank he advised his palestinian audience to seek a negotiated settlement in order to resolve the palestinian refugee problem a message he repeated in lebanon on. my roof and. i have a. senator mythical we traveled to beirut which was known for its free press
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we had a lot of illogical things in the press conference held by brilliant. someone said we're prepared to eight hundred years for a solution to the palestinian issue to which remember replied you're a journalist and not a palestinian had you been up in a union you would be adamant that a solution be found a soon as possible. as comments through a hostile response that oppressed denounced him as a traitor and a madman. in cairo the tunisian embassy was set alight by angry demonstrators. that had to be there seemed to be out of step with the mood on the street. for his part president nasr sought to convince the west of the need to address the problem of the palestinians before it provoked further violence and instability i was there i took the i have a list let's get out there and when ever i run into you know if it's expected.
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you know the day is a day to speak about in a.z. peak. hour day with betty if you get me in the second world war before the war so they teach it to us the same way expel them kill them and their children try to get me just and it was scared. to death of. it on. their way to the united nations it is a huge security council listed as image that was. then israel took and it took the liberty of those eat. meat. and it came to my mother suffers. from great except to give manchester to some other people. and if you are american i ski you accept to get it for me or other people or to accept the status quo occupying manchester
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by some other people might be chinese. ha breman. after explaining to people of manchester from their homes grabbing them from their feet from everything isn't a question of. this question is not going to present it in. britain or in the west because of the influence of the jewish religion i don't want to put it very very good at home. game there. are twenty percent of the israelis and sort of basically he's well known they would not commit to it. and they would not give him their. weekend with. the job and nobody is. ready to give. so that the solutions. are rendered to go back to
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palestine nasr views were echoed by palestinian refugees who believed liberation was close a town. about . he is growing quite a bit but. how they're going to liberate it while with the force of arms or how are you going to get the idea of being a bit of a political or even if you don't know yet by force of all. the revolutionaries of led by yasser arafat found refuge and support within syria viewed as one of the most hardline regimes in the region at the time and it was syria that brought matters to a head in one nine hundred sixty seven. but at. i absolutely did then the israeli
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and us that border syria began to cry was claiming that israel was about to wage war against it and the soviets concurred so nasa sent an egyptian military delegation to the golan that studied the situation and returned with the view that war was not in the offing but then the soviets repeated their claims of a come and warm. with the mantle of leader of the arab world firmly upon his shoulders president also found it difficult to step back from the escalating tensions in the region in may nine hundred sixty seven he requested the withdrawal of united nations observers from sinai and closed the suez canal street shipping to israel these moves were tantamount to a declaration of war. with conflict imminent out of leaders attempted to close ranks king hussein of jordan who had been the target of accusations and insults by egyptian state media made a hasty reconciliation with an awesome message. letting bygones be bygones was
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a means of escaping the insults egyptian media perfected personal attacks on his majesty but the euphoria of the reconciliation and path to war was soon transformed into weeping which has continued to this day. a frenzied arab world waited for the outbreak of the boy who was. was. as a nine hundred forty eight expectations of an out of victory and the destruction of israel. the reality proved very different. in june one nine hundred sixty seven in a matter of hours israel decimated the egyptian air force. israeli ground troops
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seized the sinai peninsula overran syria's golan heights and occupied east jerusalem the west bank and gaza. the arab world was shocked and stunned the arabs lost what remained of palestine. and even more palestinians were for. to flee their homes. but i have felt vindicated. the arab states had yet again proved incapable of defeating israel . with arab regimes in disarray the past now lay open for the palestinians to fight for themselves. again at the more a citizen of whatever can janet have his. ear in without the poet the defeat in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven was very painful at x. but at the same time it was a great incentive for us to work harder and achieve something and that at the
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minute i heard. that story after the war i used to make my way from the lebanese border to syria on to jordan i was never questioned my car was full of weapons the arab armies were defeated broken we used to go to the golan together weapons left by that treating syrians there was a state of utter destruction in which the palestinians whose cause it was rose and took action and i thought travelling incognito made his way into the occupied west bank in an effort to organize resistance but the israelis were close on his heels. comes to weep for the able the feel that to be we had that least five hundred to six hundred members in the west bank in about fifteen days israeli defense minister dion managed to capture about three hundred of them and everything fell apart i remember out of fatah being in the west bank at that time travelling on those names
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and having to escape. interrupt number nine hundred sixty seven arab leaders met in how to define a clearer and more uncompromising stance to israel. they issued what became known as the phrenologists no peace with israel no negotiations with israel and no recognition of israel. chastened by the one nine hundred sixty seven defeat president nasser made the political u. turn and embraced that the only name and can a lot of the year was followed. as of last year set of it at last a group of us in fact that went to egypt and we finally met with nasser i told him i was a masochist i said we had a group of young men who believed in their god i'm country and were intent on liberating it he said egypt what from now on sure everything was us. egypt began providing training and support for fattah ask your role as on the
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condition that operations not be mounted from egyptian territory jordan quickly became the springboard of attack the government in a man could only stand by and watch. in march one thousand nine hundred sixty eight palestinian guerrillas attacked a bus killing two israelis. defense minister moshe they are involved to teach the palestinians and lesson. the target was the jordanian village of kut i met in the jordan valley which had become a factor stronghold. some fifteen thousand israeli troops were mobilized and took part in that attack. the palestinian defenders put up a stiff resistance. jordanian army and artillery support proved crucial inflicting heavy casualties on the invading israelis. but not all palestinian factions had favored the fight some had withdrawn from
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karami on the eve of the battle leaving only out of facts fatah and the feel. you know how to call me in the arab nationalist movement believe it was a mistake for a guerrilla force to face the enemy head on and therefore would do its fighters from karami but i thought took into account the popular reaction to such a call from taishan and the support that the day you know again in its aftermath. the jordanian chief of staff and the command of the iraqi forces try to convince me to withdraw from cut on and in almost forty. and in a necessity i told them after the defeat of one thousand nine hundred sixty seven we took an oath to fight to the very end and even if it meant martyrdom.
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the israeli army defeated the palestinians economic. but a potent legend was born. that the arabs would stand and fight and that the israelis were not invincible. it proved that three men dismissed out of thoughts about the movement. thousands of volunteers flock to palestinian girl accounts while arabs across the middle east donated funds and supplies to these fighters. three years after its launch but the hundred palestinian arms struggle now emerged into the mainstream. by gaining autonomy from out of states and fighting for themselves the palestinians now became masters of their own destiny. from now on the
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way of the gun was the path forward but those guns would soon face off with fellow arabs. a history of guerrilla warfare. a place to stay. constrained there revolutionaries see no. splinter groups in the palestinian cause for insurance or. chronically turbulence to the struggle for palestinian. history and a revolution on just. volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and
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start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lava continually for more than thirty years native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood so of the goddess pale a. us as native hawaiians to the family is always nice to us whether she thinks our home or not we accept this type of event. june nine hundred sixty seven six days there redrew the map of the middle east this mechanistic view of the israeli army and it was one of the greatest tragedy in the history of his land al-jazeera expose the events leading to the rule and its consequences which is still felt today we tried everything to be united nations try to make a shoes contacts through different countries and it was clear that all of this was to go to war in june on out jazeera.
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zero. with every. the diagnosis he has been sick for a long six months now the challenge ahead there with one of these ninety six could be the new cool braces of a new cool for colors are new or illness or disability al-jazeera examines pioneering me treatments so this is the explosive yes it's basically a wearable robot that kira revisited does iraq.
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pushing on a united front to the u.s. to south korea and japan to work together to ensure north korea gives up its nuclear program. and there are. live from doha also coming up a bottle. coalition forces launched an operation to retake the yemeni port city despite aid agencies warning of a human human catastrophe. the right to life versus the rights of the mother protesters also discusses whether it's illegal.


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