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the u.s. . work together to ensure north korea gives up its nuclear program. and there are. also coming up. aid agencies warning of. the rights of the.
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twenty first century for. us. to work together to ensure north korea gives up its nuclear weapons. has been briefing the. president meeting with north korea's leader on tuesday. with seoul both countries off god. called the singapore summit a turning point. this is the first time that the highest authority after north korea promised the president of the united states to route twelve it's the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula which we believe how this bears stirred the political momentum for action to resolve the
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north korean nuclear issue. secondly we should be understanding that the june twelfth summit is not the end but a new beginning to is a denuclearized and peace for the korean peninsula the. north korean state media has had agreed to lift sanctions but pompei or insists that will not happen yet sanctions relief we should recall these are un sanctions the sanctions relief cannot take place until such time as we have demonstrated that north korea has been completely denuclearize the summit created this enormous historic opportunity for us to move forward together and fundamentally real shape the relationship between the united states and north korea across one when haiti has more from seoul. well this was an opportunity for the u.s. secretary of state might provide some details following the meeting between donald
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trump and kim jong un in singapore it was also a chance for the three countries south korea the united states and japan to say to show that they are on the same page when it comes to the issue of north korea when it comes to the issue of denuclearization and achieving. a peace treaty to end the korean war and that certainly was the tone in the media conference behind closed doors perhaps there were some tough questions put to mike pompei or perhaps most importantly or mainly from the president of south korea mungy and particularly when it comes to the cancellation of joint military exercises between the united states and south korea we heard donald trump after the meeting with kim jong un in his media conference in singapore saying that he would end those joint military exercises because they are expensive and they are provocative well clearly that
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would have raised some concerns both from south korea and japan this has regional security implications and it seems that there was no prior warning given to those countries before donald trump made that announcement the saudi amorality coalition fighting in yemen has begun a large scale offensive to take control of the port city of data from the rebels that's despite u.n. warnings of catastrophic humanitarian consequences and security council hold an emergency meeting in the next twenty four hours to discuss the situation the red sea port is the second largest and important port of entry for aid shipments intense air strikes have hit location south of the data they were they say they responded by launching missiles at a coalition ship rebels seized her days are in two thousand and fourteen. more. a major military operation is under way yemeni government troops are on the move to
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take the port of her from the rebels warplanes and warships of the saudi emirate coalition have also launched strikes on the city and reinforcements are joining soldiers on the ground for what many say is a decisive battle for control over northern yemen but they didn't tell him that they are here on our way to for data and we will liberate it from the who we are determined to celebrate you and mark the end of ramadan there. daters seaports is a vital lifeline for the whole thesis the saudis say that's where the shia rebels get weapons smuggled in from iran that denied by both and the houthi is the united nations fearing what a spokesman called a bloodbath if the data was attacked by coalition forces has proposed and you deal that would see houthi as hand over their support to the un but that wasn't accepted
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the bourse also a vital lifeline for millions of civilians caught up in the war and aid agencies are now warning of a humanitarian catastrophe they say supply routes for urgently needed aid will be caught and more than a quarter of a million lives are at risk the fact that we have more military operations going on will just exacerbate the situation which means that not enough we entered for the entire population of him and we have already today eighty percent of the yemeni people who rely heavily on humanitarian aid. for the war in yemen has already claimed tens of thousands of lies mostly civilians many have died of hunger and disease but the fighting is. gone on so far none of the attempts to have its. house succeeded none of the players are working together or at the most players
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so they can bring your money to the table the saudi coalition leads the campaign to drive the out of the day and they get many capital sun and reinstate the government of president. of the rebels remain defiant firing blistering besides into saudi arabia and vowing to do the capital of the. well yemenis are suffering under the world's biggest humanitarian crisis now their fair aid could become. back. taking over whatever could be called an act of madness in every sense of the word it's a city full of civilians and is the main artery for all yemenis seventy percent of all it comes to what and now it will stop. results in a humanitarian disaster it is
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a lifeline for the residents of said presidents of the who controlled provinces. abraham khatami is worried about the effect only assault of the assault on civilians. with then the city of about three hundred thousand children and we don't know how they identify military targets to begin with and we know from previous experiences and bottles that the saudi led coalition did in the past they just didn't they they couldn't distinguish between military targets and civilians and there are many crimes that are him in a chain. you know crimes against humanity that were committed by the coalition also as well as a whole so this is added more problems to the existing you know him in achaia and disaster and we don't know if it's going to solve any problems and we know that even if they take the port from from the whole season we the most of yemenis one
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country to be liberated not only from the healthy but also from the saudi a magic coalition the question becomes right now as they go into hand over as they take the part of the city or data from the how it is are they going to turn to the yemeni government and the question i don't think so because we have seen crystal clear examples and the city of i den and how remote where the arab led coalition didn't hand those cities and ports and airports to the legitimate yemeni government and istead they created militias and they handed that power to the militias and their mind the yemeni government that they said they come in here they they were they came to support. the united nations general assembly has passed a non-binding resolution condemning israel for using excessive force against palestinian protesters in gaza israeli soldiers have shot dead at least one hundred
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twenty nine demonstrators at the border since march mike hanna reports from the united nations general assembly is now voting members of the general assembly prepared to vote the resolution aimed at the protection of the palestinian civilian population against what it calls excessive force but it took a long debate and several procedural votes forced by the u.s. to get to this point earlier intent on making hamas accountable the u.s. had introduced an amendment accusing him us of being the prominent actor in the ongoing violence but this was opposed by the sponsors of the original resolution who called for a vote on the amendment to be denied this attempt to obstruct a vote on an amendment proposed by the united states is shameful i call on all member states to oppose this motion and vote now sixty two voted in favor of the amendments fifty eight against but the general assembly president ruled a two thirds majority was needed. the state by the u.s.
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and yet another vote was held to gauge whether there was a simple majority support for the u.s. position there was not a huge assembly supporting the two thirds rule by seventy eight votes against fifty nine confirming the us amendments had failed to pass all of you are a very sophisticated diplomate you know the real thing and you know the games and the gimmicks and we trust you fully to do that i think and to sift between those who try for the last minute for expediency to fool you by introducing amendments and these are in bad faith because they are not genuine the original resolution was vigorously attacked by israel by boarding the for evolution you are empowering over the past two months we have heard from some of the war the war of friend of
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about the thought called the palestinian great mileage of return if melania the head of the hamas president eduard one of turkey and others have expressed the support for view that tax against israel. but to no avail when the vote was finally taken a truce passed by a substantial majority one hundred twenty members voted in favor forty five abstained and only eight including the united states opposed while the u.s. general assembly votes are largely symbolic this one has some teeth it calls on the secretary general to look into how best to protect palestinian civilians to look at the viability of an international protection force and to report back to the general assembly within sixty days. underlying the sense of urgency and i meant to pile serious the crisis on the ground since the current round of protests began more than one hundred palestinians have been killed over ten thousand injured many
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by directed sniper fire mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. still ahead here on out of there are. a deal to resolve an unusual diplomatic dispute hits a stumbling block. and football fever in russia as this year's well cup host gets ready to kick off and just a few last time. and it's his grass. in the street. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. try and sunny sums up the weather across much of the middle east as per usual the usual showers so just coming out of the black sea caspian sea just around the coax is a little bit of wet weather
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a little bit cherry right also just cropping up outs of turkey from time to time should be fun to try just around the eastern side of the med by rick twenty seven celsius the sunshine here pushing land heat a little more oppressive forty three degrees there for back that chance of want to . hours into northern iran over towards the high ground you might catch one or two showers here as we go into friday really is a case of spot the difference thirty four celsius in karate forty one celsius in kuwait city lots of hot sunshine right across the arabian peninsula pretty much is wall to wall sunshine into we get down to the south so for a model little more cloud just rolling in here should be dry but a few spots of rain always a possibility forty four celsius said to be our top temperature here in doha over the next couple of days then meanwhile into southern africa again it is largely dry some useful rates a meaningful rain making its way into the western cape seventeen celsius there for cape town looks like it could be a rather wet day on thursday it does dry up as we go on into friday and the shower
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scrape their way along the southern cape. the weather. package for us what were you hearing what were you seeing whether online horrendous things. about that or if you join us on the sat the major countries in the commonwealth so far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue about some of the successes perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots them so are making to. join the global conversation amount is iraq.
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again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. and south korea and japan have agreed to work together to ensure north korea gives up its nuclear weapons. has been briefing the asian allies on president donald trump's meeting with north korea's leader on tuesday. the saudi coalition fighting in yemen has launched a major offensive to take control of the port city of her data from the rebels. and warnings of catastrophic humanitarian consequences. and the un general assembly is pasta non-binding resolution condemning israel for using excessive force against palestinian protesters in gaza israeli soldiers have shot at least one hundred twenty nine demonstrates this at the border since march. congress has begun debating whether to legalize abortion hundreds of people gathered outside parliament. session is taking place it's an issue that's deeply divided
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a country that remains strong. why the conflict church present us this update from outside congress and one of saris it's a historic day in argentina as congress was debating for the first time the possibility of legalizing abortion in this country there's thousands and thousands of people here now in the evening waiting for congress to vote on one side are those supporting and demanding that abortion be legalized in this country and on the other side there's those who are asking lawmakers to vote against it abortion is illegal in argentina except in case of rape or when i woman lives at this risk the law would allow abortions to be carried out until fourteen weeks of pregnancy and off the ice public hospitals to carry them out only rich people can afford to an abortion and a lot of women die. in the hospital because they can go to the hospital really
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because they can go to the jail and it's something that it's not right women can face after four years in prison if a few still having had an abortion but in spite of this around half a million clandestine abortions are carried out every year the. pro-life groups say that the two lives should be protected and very saying that legalizing abortions is not the way we're going to have a disagreement on the bus and there are a lot of steps that should be taken prior to passing this law a lot of education needs to happen you know people have to know that if you do something there are consequences and one of those is getting pregnant as a consequence just to get him a. bonus for and against changing the law were separated by a metal fan from by the police in order to prevent confrontations women rights groups say that legalizing abortion in this country is a matter of public health because thousands of women are hospitalized every year because of botched abortions most of them are poor the debate is expected to go on
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all. they do happen on thursday morning people here are saying we waiting here for the results. please until i have raided catholic church offices to look for documents related to sexual abuse claims that happened just hours before investigators from the vatican state prosecutor church leaders have been accused of covering up decades of abuse allegations. except for the resignation of three children bishops over the scandal. thousands of macedonians are showing their support for the president after he said he'd block a deal with greece on changing the country's name. i forget even all says the deal violates the constitution in greece the government of prime minister alexis tsipras may face a no confidence vote on the issue of speed between the two neighbors has been an obstacle to macedonia joining nato and the e.u. chance droplets has the latest from the greek capital athens. the conservative
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opposition leader in athens has called this a bad agreement he believes that accepting the master in language and a master in an ethnicity are simply not acceptable national concessions that is what he said in a statement after the agreement was outlined by the prime minister he believes also that the government doesn't have the political with just a mercy to conclude this agreement internationally because it is not supported by the governments junior coalition partner without that the government doesn't have a majority in parliament over in school the president has said he would not sign this agreement if parliament passed it and sent it to his office for counter signature but that is not the intention of prime ministers or in macedonia what he has said he intends to do is put the agreement to a referendum by the people if that is successful he would then ask parliament to
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make necessary constitutional amendments which would accommodate the agreement therefore the president would no longer have any constitutional grounds for rejecting it. more than nine hundred refugees and migrants who rescued by the italian coast guard have arrived at the port of khatami a incessantly it happened as france criticized its least new government for refusing to allow a foreign rescue boat to dock and that vessel has been forced to head to spain with more than six hundred refugees on board and hull reports from right. disembarking. in italy nine hundred thirty two migrants and refugees rescued in the mediterranean by the italian coast guard on the crossing from the libyan coast among their number more than two hundred miners and two dead bodies. heading instead to spain hundreds more on the ngo rescue ship aquarius the italian government believes it's borne the brunt of this crisis alone for long enough and international rescue vessels like aquarius now banned from italy are it says an
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invitation to people smugglers and this is what it amounts to in practice file pictures of the u.s.s. trent on a navy vessel currently on patrol in the med with forty shipwreck survivors on board and twelve dead bodies it's unable to transfer them to a german rescue vessel because italy won't give them safe harbor real time consequences real lives at stake facing criticism from n.g.o.s the u.n. and some fellow e.u. members the italian government is unbending the far right leader now interior minister mattel's salvia new who authored this change of policy has shot back at the french president for calling it cynical and irresponsible salvias a view that's pure hypocrisy here's what he told the italian senate that the margin now you request. from january first until the end of may moment ten thousand people have been turned back from france into italy in very occasionally green to twenty
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fifteen france agreed to take nine thousand eight hundred migrants instead it's taken six hundred forty so i asked president micron to take in one thousand migrants tomorrow morning is a show of real generosity not just words. meanwhile civil society has been joined by civic society pushing back the mayor of palermo in sicily is among a number of mayors declaring their cities remain open to all we remember our grandfather remember. and we remember that. when there were. two because of the human being there will be italy has a pro post in which immigration played a major part in its future perhaps less journal al jazeera rome. syrian refugees in lebanon are hoping to move back home as fighting in some areas
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that becomes less frequent thousands are set to leave northeastern lebanon where they have been living in makeshift camps heading back to the color moon region despite warnings from the united nations not to do say yet for others going home is still not an option reports from. their life in exile is about to end it's been five years since they arrived in lebanon on the ramadan family is preparing to return to syria now that the war is winding down our house is still standing it needs some repairs but it is better than living in a tent and their relatives told us our village now has electricity and water some three thousand syrians will be leaving the border town of our cell mainly to the column on region just behind the mountains it will be the second batch of voluntary returns in recent weeks many complain about what they describe as unbearable conditions in the camps. i mean we are paying for an electricity
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garbage collection from the twenty seven dollars each person gets a month from the u.n. it's not enough that's why we want to go home. the united nations refuses to organize returns it says conditions are still not suitable many of the refugees escape political persecution when they left syria and there is a need for security guarantees. to return but conditions need to be put in place the people from column one have a different situation than ours some of their family members are still there and the population as a whole was displaced everyone should be able to return with the government to ease . the estimated one and a half million syrian refugees in lebanon have been an economic burden officials here would like to see more returning home as more opposition areas come under government control but there are problems many of the refugees do not have homes to
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return to towns and villages have been reduced to rubble by the fighting and the international community is withholding reconstruction money it is using it as leverage to force the syrian government to making political compromises. that may not happen soon and that is concerning refugees because some lebanese politicians are making life more difficult for them they want to cancel the refugee status of those who travel to and from syria classifying them as economic migrants. i am not wanted by the syrian government for any wrongdoing but if i go back now i have no way of feeding my children i may have little choice lebanese security is refusing to renew my residency papers they say i should go back human rights groups say there have been cases of refugees being pressured levanon denies forcing anyone to leave that may be true for the ramadan family who like others want to return and to escape the life of misery in these camps but they still worry about
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a life of misery in syria where there are fears about safety and economic security center. north east lebanon. he has media company come costs which as the n.b.c. television network and the universal film brand has spent sixty five billion dollars for twenty first century fox and now except for a showdown with well disney which is already logs and its own multibillion dollar bid for the same assets the move from comcast comes just one day off to a judge cleared eighty enties takeover of time warner john hendren has more. comcast is offering sixty five billion dollars for the movie and television assets of twenty first century fox that outbids disney which had previously offered fifty two billion dollars at stake are the global television channels such as national geographic satellite television networks sky in europe star in india and the hulu streaming service which is number three after amazon and netflix why is this all
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happening now because a day earlier on tuesday u.s. judge ruled that eighteen t. could go ahead with its eighty five billion dollars bid for time warner the trump administration had objected on antitrust grounds saying it was too much media in one set of hands but a judge overruled that saying it could go ahead that seems to have begun to set off merger mania media companies want to go vertical they want to marry content with distribution that's a model created by amazon and netflix which started out doing distribution and then created their own content that's a model everybody is now competing with so what could happen now well comcast could simply win with its bid disney could make a counteroffer and win or the two companies could split the assets of time warner the time warner board will meet on june twentieth to consider the offers. now for the first time three countries will host the football world cup us canada and mexico beat out morocco for hosting duties in twenty twenty six football's
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governing body voted for the joint bid at its annual congress the twenty two and six torment will be bigger than all those it'll be to alternate teams instead of thirty. three. it's a i. and i just a few hours time one of the biggest and most expensive football world cups ever will begin in russia james dorsey is a syndicated column syndicated columnist and author of the tablet world of middle east africa he told us which teams to look out for go to your grave you know you're wrong if you. i would certainly walk from the reason the saudi arabia is for the first time in more than a cave in the world cup against the background of the kingdom trying to thirty's in
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the woods with international football politics the one of the best performing in africa. and the after world cup for the first time in twenty eight years the europeans obviously are one of the best and both really round word to get out of the group stage you could actually see a clash between the two on the soccer pitch and rocca against the backdrop of the rivalry. for its own reasons that will former again in recent years. to with al-jazeera these are our top stories the u.s. south korea and japan are vying to what together to ensure north korea gives up nuclear weapons it was actually a state might pump has been briefing the two asian allies on present at all times meeting with north korea's leader on tuesday trumped concession to end military
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drills with seoul called but of countries off guard north korean state media said trump had agreed to lift sanctions on pay insisted that won't happen yet sanctions relief we should recall these are un sanctions the sanctions relief cannot take place until such time as we have demonstrated that north korea has been completely denuclearize the summit created this enormous historic opportunity for us to move forward together and fundamentally real shape the relationship between the united states and north korea. the coalition fighting in yemen has launched an offensive to take the paucity of data from. warnings of catastrophic humanitarian consequences to council will hold an emergency meeting in the next twenty four hours to discuss the situation but it is the main entry point for aid for millions of starving yemenis. in general assembly
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has passed a non-binding resolution condemning israel for using excessive force against palestinian protesters in gaza israeli soldiers have shot dead at least one hundred twenty nine demonstrators at the border since march argentina's congress has begun debating whether to legalize abortion hundreds of people have gathered outside parliament to. argentinian law only allows abortions in cases of rape or when a woman's life is at risk. police raided catholic church offices to look for documents related to sexual abuse claims church leaders have been accused of covering up decades of abuse allegations last week pope francis accepted the resignation of three chilean bishops over the scandal. with all the headlines i'll be back with more news here on al-jazeera after the stream. a new series of rewind bring your people back to life and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues. to. rewind
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continues with australia's lost generation recovery. is a really important issue. do or mine very high. the national average we want on al-jazeera. ok annually the strain we are live on you change one of the questions that you ask when shopping for new clothes as far as i'm concerned my someways wait for it to go on sale but how often do we stop to consider the condition of space by those who stitch the item a series of recent reports has highlighted abuse case by women in asia making garments for some of the world's biggest brands is this a need to moment for the fashion industry. a lot of snow.


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