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i'm inspired. for the part of the smart. march. the u.s. says there'll be no sanctions relief for north korea and till it completes its denuclearization and that's contrary to what state media is reporting in pyongyang . hello welcome to us is there live from doha i'm also coming up the biggest battle in yemen's war threatens to worsen the humanitarian crisis as the u.n. holds an emergency session on the conflict. demonstrations in argentina as congress debates whether to change strict abortion laws plus. i'm joined now in rome where
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the government is employed in a diplomatic standoff with from shoebridge migration policy while hundreds of refugees and migrants turned away from italy head to spain. and the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions on north korea will not be eased until it can demonstrate what he calls full cries ation but media reports from pyongyang suggest a different timeline. has been in south korea briefing regional leaders on this week's summit between president trump and kim jong il and there's also concern over the president's pledge to end joint military exercises along the korean peninsula when hey reports from seoul. after the hype of the summit with the sworn enemy came the explanation to the allies america's top diplomat mike pompei i met with the
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south korean president in insolvent before a trilateral meeting with the foreign ministers of south korea and japan which provided an opportunity to show unity on the issue of north korea the u.s. alliances with these two countries are absolutely ironclad the declaration signed by u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un in singapore was vague there was no detail about how denuclearization will be achieved north korean state media suggested that the two leaders had agreed to similar taney s actions suggesting pyongyang could be rewarded along the way mike says that's not the case thanks and you cannot take place until such time as we have demonstrated that north korea has been completely immune despite not being told in advance south korea's foreign minister says donald trump's decision to unilaterally end joint military exercises wasn't discussed in detail in thursday's meeting north korea believes the
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drills are a rehearsal for an invasion but the united states and its allies have always said that defense of japan says it's been assured by the u.s. that this suspension is contingent on progress on denuclearization but tokyo is still concerned about the possible implications chris earning us are ok. we believe and u.s. alliance as well. deterrence based on them play an essential role in security in the north east asia south korean seem to be generally positive about what they saw in singapore they believe it's a step in the right direction but with something is significant is joint military exercises with the u.s. being given up soon want to know what north korea will do in return at the moment that seems to be very little if anything at all similar deals have been done before and the failed only concrete change north of the border will convince most that
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things are different this time wayne hay al jazeera sole well meanwhile the two koreas have held their first high level military talks in more than a decade south korean military leaders crossed the demarcation line on to the northern side of the border earlier on thursday and it is expected that they talked about that announcement from donald trump that he was about to end joint military exercises with. might compare the sexiest faces. in the chinese capital shortly where he's expected to meet the president xi jinping our correspondent florence louis is there for us in florence what specifically is mike pompei are going to be seeking from the chinese what kind of assurances will they be wanting from him. well martine i of i suspect this will be very much related to sanctions sanctions against north korea now and china is not just
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a close ally it is an economic lifeline to north korea ninety percent of north korean trade is with china china is also the main access point when it comes to the international financial system and if you remember china has always been reluctant to back tough economic sanctions against north korea until late last year and the trumpet ministration has said it believes that it was these tougher sanctions that really forced north korea to change tack to stop its nuclear and missile tests too often all this branch to south korea events that eventually led to the summit taking place in singapore in on tuesday now u.s. officials post the singapore summit have made it absolutely clear that these sanctions have to stay in place so mike pompei is mission in china i suspect will have to do with making sure that the chinese are on the same page when it comes to the sanctions because we've already seen that they may not necessarily be on that same page we've heard how the ministry of the foreign ministry spokesman said just
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hours after the meeting between trump and came that perhaps it was time to consider sanctions relief for north korea and that is absolutely not the position off u.s. officials and they're going to need chinese support for their position as well i mean this is an issue that just indicates doesn't it the kind of ambivalence with which so many of the issues have been treated with the kind of vague language that was used by the president now has got might prompt rushing around east asia trying to be a little bit more precise as to what exactly the u.s. and north korea agree to. that's right so his meeting really in this region a move heard those remarks made at the press conference in seoul as well you know he was asked what's this process going to look like this complete denuclearization that the u.s. seeks that is those were the words contain and that document signed between him and
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trump you know might from pay or could only give assurances that it was going to be complete denuclearization that that is going to take place but he couldn't really answer the question on how exactly that process is going to look like having said that his counterparts the japanese and south korean counterparts backed him up there and that they have full faith that complete denuclearization is going to take place and now what. needs to do from his trip in beijing meeting with various officials from the chinese leadership really is to make sure that china is on board with that but the good thing about the what came out of the summit though is that i can i suspect that there will be a fair amount of goodwill coming from the chinese following that meeting in especially following the press conference given by donald trump on tuesday this is because china now has got what they want they long asked for a suspension of u.s. military drills with south korea conducted in south korean off south korean waters
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they were asked that this they call it you will suspension so they asked they've asked for u.s. military to suspend those drills and in return north korea suspending its nuclear and missile tests and this is something that they've managed to get out of that singapore summit so i suspect there will be a lot of goodwill when they meet might compare lawrence who live in beijing thank you. the u.n. security council is due to hold an emergency session on yemen where the biggest battle in the three year long war is currently underway a military offensive by government forces and a saudi amorality coalition threatens to worsen a humanitarian crisis troops loyal to president abbott rebel mansour hadi and coalition warplanes and ships a targeting positions south of the port of her data it's all part of an operation to take this is he from the who thing rebels have controlled it since twenty fourteen the red sea port is yemen second largest and an important point of entry
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for aid. reports. a major military operation is underway yemeni government troops are on the move to take the port of her day from truthy rebels warplanes and warships of the saudi emirate coalition have also launched strikes on the city and reinforcements are joining soldiers on the ground for what many say is a decisive battle for control over northern yemen but they do feel a little but they are here on our way to for data and we will liberate it from the who we are determined to celebrate you and mark the end of ramadan there. daters seaports is a vital lifeline for the houthi the sardi's say that's where the shia rebels get weapons smuggled in from iran that's denied by both and the host these the
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united nations fearing what a spokesman called a bloodbath if the data was attacked by coalition forces has proposed and you deal that would see how these hand over their support to the un but that wasn't accepted the bourse also a vital lifeline for millions of civilians caught up in the war and a. agencies are now warning of a humanitarian catastrophe they say supply routes for urgently needed aid will be caught and more than a quarter of a million lives are at risk the fact that we have more military operations going on will just exacerbate the situation which means that not enough will enter for the entire population of yemen we have already today eighty percent of the yemeni people who rely heavily on humanitarian aid. the war in yemen has already claimed tens of thousands of lives mostly civilians many have died of hunger and disease
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but the fighting has gone on so far none of the attempts to have its it is. how succeeded none of the players are working together or the most of the players so they can bring your money to the table the saudi coalition leads the campaign to drive the whole thing is out of the data and to give any capital sanaa and reinstate the government of president out of also heidi. but the rebels remain defiant firing ballistic missiles into saudi arabia and vowing to do the capital to the possible. now we can speak you know her. visiting fellow at brookings doha center thank you for joining us now how critical is this battle in tech middle in military terms in terms of ending possibly this
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conflict after three years well i think that it's highly unlikely that the battle for her they will draw the war closer to an end and it's because you know it's supposing that there will be a successful sort of military takeover they are many questions remain what will happen to other parts of the country you know what will happen to who will run how they do or what will happen to you know the deep divides among. among yemenis i think that you know it's important to recognize that who's these as a political actor as they were back in two thousand and thirteen fourteen in the national dialogue conference titles i mean we're looking at a map. does it does appear as if who data access and control of that port gives you therefore access to supplies for the whole of who think controlled yemen absolutely it's crucial as a port as as a as a pipeline as you say you know as a lifeline for for aid. but you know the truth is have demonstrated in the past
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that they know how to bounce back and so i am skeptical that the battle for head data will be decided as decisive as as the actors say and as we've seen there have been conflicting sort of statements coming for example of the u.s. secretary of state might prompt a zero apparently with martin griffiths the u.n. special envoy just last month said that they agreed you know to push for the escalation and a political solution but i doubt that this battle for had data would have went ahead without support from the u.s. and u.k. and so on and so there needs to be a unified a more unified political solution presented by yemenis themselves but also by these international actors who are who have been largely complicit in what's happening and what about the relatively newly appointed special envoy martin griffiths who we understand is working tirelessly on this particular issue trying to draw up some kind of formula which would lead to a deescalation in the first instance and then some form of transitional government
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arrangement which it was leaked a week or so ago would would comprise all elements on the ground in yemen yes well of course this special envoy martin gives has an incredibly difficult job i think that given the complexity of the of the conflict in yemen given the multiple actors the multiple parties to this conflict and the polarization among him is his. the role is absolutely crucial and it will be important for him to engage with those yemenis who are not starving who are not getting killed talking specifically about yemenis outside of yemen who remain actively engaged in what's happening in their country sure they are also polarized but you will find you know anti who think the yemenis who are against the barrel of data for example they don't see it as this they don't see this is the right step forward and so i think that international actors and in particular martin gryphus need to actively engage with those yemenis who have the access who have the knowledge of how things work on the ground in yemen in order to come closer to
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a political solution thanks thank you very much. still to come here and al-jazeera a week after the former congress rebel leader had his convictions overturned there's joy and there's pain across central africa. i told. me the weather sponsored by cattle i always hollow because some big changes in the weather across northwestern parts of europe wind and rain piling into the british isles you can see this nasty system here this is what's know this storm hector that wet and windy weather will be with us for the next eighteen to twenty four hours or so some a lot of these storms to down across the balkans and that's been the case really for the past few days if not weeks and this is the same in a western serbia where we had some big showers coming down thundering down poles
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streaming heavy rain and you can also see a fair bit of hail all say may stay and that's the extent of the flooding that we see across parts of western as those heavy downpours rumbled through the area then and west of weather will slowly make its way further east was still quite a rush of showers to southern parts of italy quite to weather in between fighting trying moscow a great start to the world cup a than eighteen celsius in the heat of the day on thursday and there's a blustery conditions in across the british isles low countries maybe across into scandinavia some heavier showers coming in here things less lively as rico went into friday but still another blustery day showers will continue down towards the balkans but the best of the weather data to the southeast in kona athens at twenty nine but warm enough in madrid. so whether it's by cateye always. on back in price what were you hearing what were you seeing whether on line horrendous things you know it's all just there's absolutely no doubt about that or
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if you join us. on sacked a lot of the major countries in the commonwealth have far bigger fish to fry and ships to eat this is a dialogue talk to us about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the global conversation on mt is iraq. the main stories here at al-jazeera this morning the state says sanctions on north korea will not be till it demonstrates what he calls for denuclearization of major
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ports from pyongyang suggest a very different timeline. has been in south korea briefing the regional leaders on the singapore summit between donald trump. and the two koreas have held their first high level military talks in more than a decade. it happened on the northern side of the border and is expected to focus on donald trump's pledge to end joint military exercises with south korea. the u.n. security council is due to hold. yemen where the biggest battle in the three year long war is underway a military offensive by government troops and. coalition on the part of a data threatens to worsen the humanitarian crisis. that the italian prime minister and the french president seem to have come up with new initiatives on immigration in the e.u. the two leaders agreed to meet on friday despite what was an escalating diplomatic route italy is demanding an apology from france for criticizing its decision not to
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take in six hundred migrants earlier this week reports from rome. italy nine hundred thirty two. refugees rescued in the mediterranean coast guard on the crossing from the libyan coast among their number two hundred miners and two dead bodies. heading instead to spain hundreds more on the rescue ship aquarius the italian government believes that this crisis. and international law. rescue vessels like aquarius now banned from italy it says an invitation to people smugglers and this is what it amounts to in practice file pictures of the u.s.s. trent on a navy vessel currently on patrol in the med with forty shipwreck survivors on board and twelve dead bodies it's unable to transfer them to
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a german rescue vessel because italy won't give them safe harbor real time consequences real lives at stake facing criticism from n.g.o.s the u.n. and some fellow e.u. members the italian government is unbending the far right leader now interior minister mattel's salvia new who authored this change of policy has shot back at the french president for calling it cynical and irresponsible salvias view that's pure hypocrisy here's what he told the italian senate that the margin now you request. from january first into the end of may moment ten thousand people have been turned back from france into italy in very occasionally dream to twenty fifteen france agreed to take nine thousand eight hundred migrants instead it's taken six hundred forty so i asked president micron to take in one thousand migrants tomorrow morning the show of real generosity not just words meanwhile civil society has been joined by civic society in pushing back the mayor of palermo
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in sicily is among a number of mayors declaring their cities remain open to all we remember our grandfather we remember. were. relatives and we remember that. when their way back when they were in germany the reverse is for america too because of the human beings there where what beings italy has a proud past in which immigration played a major part in its future perhaps less so join a whole al-jazeera rome. t.v. people have been killed in an attack at a mosque in south africa they were stabbed by a suspect who was then shot dead by the police it happened in moments very near cape town. now with more crimes charges for the former vice president of the democratic republic of congo. it may have changed the complexion of the country's
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upcoming presidential elections last week an appeals court judge at the hague of a tent his conviction for atrocities committed by his militiamen who'd been sent to the central african republic to stop a coup attempt that the judge said could not be held criminally responsible for their crimes and that. clears the way for another presidential. the political future of former vice president. who's just acquitted of war crimes dominates headlines in the democratic republic of congo but for many in neighboring central african republic bemba's acquittal is disheartening. to bend a committed crimes killed looted implemented from this his acquittal is humiliating to us international justice has failed us two years ago the international criminal court convicted bemba for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by
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a private army he commanded inside central african republic. my daughter was raped and she tried to flee with me i was horrified the former vice president fought hard to overturn the conviction and earlier this month after examining new evidence the i.c.c. ruled bemba had had limited ability to control his troops and he could not therefore be held criminally liable. bemba should have stayed in jail for the rest of his life we a really disappointed and frustrated by the decision. has always maintained his innocence as he told al jazeera in two thousand and seven. of course involve a. member was also convicted of fraud and will be sentenced next month for influencing witnesses and falsifying evidence to. his war crimes trial his acquittal and released from detention gives his supporters in the democratic republic of congo hope that he will run in
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a tentatively scheduled december presidential election bemba was a popular opposition leader and ran an unsuccessful campaign to unseat president joseph kabila in two thousand and six. people knew there would be a moment when the with. president joseph kabila second term ended in december of two thousand and sixteen and kabila has delayed a new election several times citing a third of violence lack of economic resources and voter registration issues that will come and will be a candidate as you all. members attorney says the former vice president plans to return to brussels to be with his wife and five children and decide what move he makes next. the un human rights chief has called for an international inquiry into violations in the region of kashmir divided between india and pakistan they'd rather al hussein says india has used excessive force in
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response to recent protests pakistan is misusing its anti terror legislation to quash dissent and the un envoy is calling for an investigation into allegations that mass graves are being found in the kashmir valley. the un general assembly has passed a resolution which condemns israel over the recent violence on its border with gaza one hundred twenty nations voted in favor eight countries voted against among them the u.s. it is now mandated the secretary general to explore the possibility of an international protection force for palestinians israeli forces have killed at least one hundred twenty nine palestinians over the past him weeks the arab backed resolution was brought to the general assembly after washington vetoed a similar resolution in the security council. argentina's congress is debating whether to allow abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy hundreds of
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people have gathered outside parliament in what osiris whilst the session is taking place it's an issue that is that has deeply divided a country where the catholic church has a strong influence at the moment the law only allows abortions in cases of rape or when a woman's life is at risk to raise a burqa has the latest from this side as. it's a historic day in argentina as congress is debating for the first time the possibility of legalizing abortion in this country there's thousands and thousands of people here now in the evening waiting for congress to vote on one side or those supporting and demanding that abortion be legalized in this country and on the other side there's those who are asking lawmakers to vote against it abortion is illegal in argentina except in case of rape or when i woman lives if this risk the law would allow abortions to be carried out until fourteen weeks of pregnancy and
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off the ice public hospitals to carry them out only rich people can afford to an abortion and a lot of women die. in the hospital because they can go to the hospital really because they can go to the jail and it's something that it's not right women can face after four years in prison if accused of having had an abortion but in spite of this around half a million clandestine abortions are carried out every year the. pro-life groups say that the two lives should be protected i'm very saying that legalizing abortions is not the way. for them but is it i wonder in the process there are a lot of steps that should be taken prior to passing this law a lot of education needs to happen you know people have to know that if you do something there are consequences and one of those is getting pregnant as a consequence as a. bonus for and against changing the law were separated by
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a metal fan from by the police in order to prevent her from patients women rights groups say that legalizing abortion in this country is a matter of public health because thousands of women are hospitalized every year because of botched abortions most of them are poor the debate is expected to go on all night long and the vote is expected to happen on thursday morning people here are saying. we wait for the results. now the us media company come cause which owns the n.b.c. television network and the universal film brand has been sixty five billion dollars to buy twenty first century phones now this sets up a showdown with disney which already has its own multibillion dollar bid for the same assets john hendren has mall comcast is offering sixty five billion dollars for the movie and television assets of twenty first century fox that outbids disney which had previously offered fifty two billion dollars at stake
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are the global television channels such as national geographic satellite television networks sky in europe star in india and the hulu streaming service which is number three after amazon and netflix why is this all happening now because a day earlier on tuesday u.s. judge ruled that eighteen t.v. could go ahead with its eighty five billion dollars bid for time warner the trump administration had objected on antitrust grounds saying it was too much media in one set of hands but a judge overruled that saying it could go ahead that seems to have begun to set off merger mania media companies want to go vertical they want to marry content with distribution that's a model created by amazon and netflix which started out doing distribution and then created their own content that's a model everybody is now competing with so what could happen now well comcast could simply win with its bid disney could make a counteroffer and win or the two companies could split the assets of time warner the time warner board will meet on june twentieth to consider the offers. and don't
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forget that there is a lot more on the al-jazeera web site they can keep up to date with all the day's important stories is a lot of background information as well al-jazeera dot com. toughest take a look at the top stories here of al-jazeera u.s. secretary of state says sanctions on north korea will not be eased until it can demonstrate what he calls full denuclearization but media reports from pyongyang suggest a different agreement was reached my pompei is being in south korea briefing regional leaders on the singapore summit between donald trump and kim jong il and we believe that chairman kim understands the urgency of the timing of completing the still new course ation that he understands that we must do this quickly and the sanctions relief we should recall these are un sanctions the sanctions relief cannot take
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place until such time as we have demonstrated that north korea has been completely new christ. north and south korea are holding their first high level military tolls in more than a decade it's happening in the northern side of the border and is expected to focus on donald trump's pledge to end joint military exercises with south korea the un security council is to hold an emergency session on yemen where the biggest battle in the three year long war is currently underway a military offensive by government troops and a sound. on the porch of her data threatens to worsen and a humanitarian crisis. two people have been killed in an attack at a mosque in south africa they were stabbed by a suspect who was then shot dead by police it happened in spree in cape town. the un human rights chief has called for an international inquiry into violations in the region of kashmir which is divided between india and pakistan they'd rather
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hussein says india has used excessive force in response to recent protests pakistan is misusing is antiterrorism legislation to quash dissent and the un envoy has called for an investigation into allegations of mass graves have been found in the kashmir valley argentina's congress is debating whether to allow abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy hundreds of people gathered outside parliament in one side is where the session is taking place it's an issue that's deeply dividing a country that's dominated by the catholic church abortion is illegal in argentina except in cases of rape or when a woman's life is at risk by a judge today those are the latest headlines coming up next the strain. getting to the heart of the matter if. people calls you today. would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are people
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peace for you that fusion is the only option for prosperity you. hear their story on. i am fairly ok and your in the stream we are live on you change what other questions that you ask when shopping for new clothes as far as i'm concerned have this in my someways wait for it to go on sale but how often do we stop to consider the condition of the space by those who stitch the item a series of recent reports has highlighted abuse case by women in asia making garments for some of the world's biggest brands is this the need to moment for the fashion industry imo it could be loud let us know your thoughts through twitter or the you tube live chat.
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verbal and physical abuse sexual harassment and overwork just some of the experiences of women walking in factories making clothes for gap h.m. .


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