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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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to be aware casa tory over region's history and its projected war that has divided the tribes here for generations. the u.s. says they'll be no sanctions relief for north korea until it completes its denuclearization . hello again without is there live from doha also coming up the biggest battle in yemen's wall strengthens to worsen the humanitarian crisis as the u.n. holds an emergency session on the conflict. but if philly's criticised by france for turning away another migrant ship that's now heading for spain. demonstrations in argentina as congress debates whether to change its strict
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abortion laws. the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions on north korea will remain in place until pyongyang can demonstrate what he calls full denuclearize ation state media in pyongyang suggests a different timeline was agreement. has been in south korea briefing regional leaders on this week's summit between president trump and kim jong un hey reports from seoul. after the hype of the summit with the sworn enemy came the explanation to the allies america's top diplomat mike pompei i met with south korean president in solved before a trilateral meeting with the foreign ministers of south korea and japan which provided an opportunity to show unity on the issue of north korea the u.s. alliances with these two countries are absolutely ironclad the declaration signed
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by u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un in singapore was vague there was no detail about how denuclearization will be achieved north korean state media suggested that the two leaders had agreed to similar taney s actions suggesting pyongyang could be rewarded along the way michael says that's not the case thanks and you really cannot take place until such time as we have demonstrated that north korea has been completely immune despite not being told in advance south korea's foreign minister says donald trump's decision to unilaterally end joint military exercises wasn't discussed in detail in thursday's meeting north korea believes the drills are a rehearsal for an invasion but the united states and its allies have always said that defense of japan says it's been assured by the u.s. that they suspension is contingent on progress on denuclearization but tokyo is
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still concerned about the possible implications chris earning us are ok exercise we believe about japan u.s. alliance as well as a deterrent based on them but i am essentially role in security in the north used ajor south korean seem to be generally positive about what they saw in singapore they believe it's a step in the right direction but with something is significant is joint military exercises with the u.s. being given up soon want to know what north korea will do in return at the moment that seems to be very little if anything at all. while the diplomats were meeting old adverse aris walked side by side in the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas this was the first high level meeting between the militaries in more than ten years in a sign that practical progress is being made but until concrete changes see north of the border doubts will remain about their commitment to keep promises that have
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been broken so many times before when hey al jazeera soul writes well my problem there the u.s. secretary of state is next in beijing where he's expected to meet the president xi jinping in beijing for us is florence louie and indication again of how significant the role of china is as soon as my pump air has briefed his allies as to what happened in singapore is next stop is beijing. absolutely and the stick has china is a very very close ally of north korea but not only that it is the isolated states economic backer economic lifeline ninety percent of north korean trade is done with china china is also the main access point for north koreans to the international financial system and up till late last year china had been very reluctant to back tougher u.n. sanctions on north korea for its missile and nuclear tests now but trump
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administration believes it was these tougher sanctions that really forced north korea to change its approach to give up its nuclear or rather to stop its nuclear and missile tests to offer south korea an olive branch events that eventually led to the summit happening in singapore on tuesday and after the summit u.s. officials trump and we've heard from might compare today have been absolutely clear that these sanctions there's pressure on north korea has to be maintained so part of i suspect part of my pump a is visit to beijing will be also to persuade chinese officials to keep up this pressure on north korea and to ensure that they are on the same page when it comes to sanctions because we've also seen that the chinese may not necessarily be on the same page now and just after the summit took place on tuesday the foreign ministry spokesman had suggested that sanctions relief for north korea should be considered indeed and what about this other significant development that was announced fairly casually by the president and certainly
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wasn't part of the written declaration and that is to suspend the joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea that is something of course on the face of it would would satisfy the chinese but is it indeed the case that that is what's going to happen. well i think my pompei are made it quite clear that the suspension of course these exercises suspension of these exercises between the u.s. and south korea will also be dependent on the sort of progress that they're seeing from north korea but this announcement that the suspension could take place now this will certainly delight chinese officials because this is their position this has been their position as well as the russians position when it comes to denuclearize ation off north korea and on the korean peninsula they have been asking for what's known as jewel suspension or freeze by freeze and that is in return for north korea stopping its nuclear and missile tests the u.s.
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and south korea stop conducting their military drills which they do on land and on on land and in the waters off south korea as well and that the u.s. views this as quite threatening taking place so close to its neighborhood and it is something that they've been asking for chinese officials would have been delighted by there's progress and i can i think it's quite fair to say that there would be a fair amount of goodwill when those meetings take place for now florence like you very much. now the u.n. security council is due to hold an emergency session on yemen where the biggest battle in the three year long war is currently under way a military offensive by government forces backed by a saudi immorality coalition threatens to worsen an already dire humanitarian crisis troops loyal to president hadi and coalition warplanes and ships are targeting positions south of the port of her date and this is all part of an operation to take the city from the who the rebels have controlled it since twenty
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fourteen the red sea port is yemen second biggest and it's an important point of entry for a whole bar reports. a major military operation is underway yemeni government troops to the. from the rebels warplanes and warships of the saudi emirate coalition have also launched strikes on the city and reinforcements are joining soldiers on the ground for what many say is a decisive battle for control over northern yemen but they do feel a little but they are here on our way to her data and we will liberate it from the who we are determined to celebrate you and mark the end of ramadan there. daters seaports is a vital lifeline for the whole thesis the saudis say that's where the shia are
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rebels get weapons smuggled in from iran that denied by both and the host these the united nations fearing what a spokesman called a bloodbath if the data was attacked by coalition forces has proposed and you deal that would see her these hand over their support to the un but that wasn't accepted the bourse also a vital lifeline for millions of civilians caught up in the war and aid agencies are now warning of a humanitarian catastrophe they say supply routes for urgently needed aid will be caught and more than a quarter of a million lives are at risk the fact that we have more military operations going on will just exacerbate the situation which means that not enough we entered for the entire population of human we have already today eighty percent of the yemeni people who rely heavily on humanitarian aid. for the war in yemen has already
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claimed tens of thousands of lies mostly civilians many have died of hunger and disease but the fighting has gone on so far none of the attempts to have its it is know how succeeded none of the players are working together. or promotion so they can bring your money to the table the saudi coalition leads the campaign to drive the who thieves are to the day and they get many capital sanaa and reinstate the government of president. of the rebels remain defiant firing blistering missiles into saudi arabia and bahrain today the capital of the. dress creek now his assistant professor of defense studies at king's college london from where he
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joins us how definitive would you say then the battle for her data is. it is not very definite i think it's been portrayed by the coalition by the saudi coalition as a turning point in this war as the most important battle in this three year war it is in many ways is a very important battle or the issue is though that they think that this is the most important live line for the who the rebellion in the north and thinking that if you take this poor the rebellion will die down and i think the truth is far from it i think it's very very shortsighted to think that if eventually this cities take in that the rebellion in the north were actually died down the who these have shown time and again over the last almost twenty years that in the north they are able to operate in a nick inaccessible terrain somewhat cut off from any supplies they can dig in and they can fight another day even if they're cut off from supply lines so to think that taking the data will eventually lead to taking sanaa is i think a bit of
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a false assumption here on the side of the coalition so i don't think that as much as this is a very big battle in terms of the the material that's been assembled here and in terms of these strikes that we've seen already and in terms of the impact it will have on the humanitarian situation in yemen i don't think that this is going to be a turning point in the war there is no military solution to this conflict as it stands today increasingly it's being suggested then dress that the protagonists in this conflict are not prepared to sit around and again and the negotiating table and that they will seek what you suggest is not possible a military solution. yes and i think here i mean both sides are to blame the who are these and the coalition you would expect though that the saudi led coalition is a lot more long sided there are there representing states in the region that are supposed to be long term thinking and instead of going for what is a very dangerous for the humanitarian situation very dangerous option here this
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military one they should have invested into building trust with the who are these and trying to create some sort of preliminary agreement and i think the u.n. is efforts to try to create a demilitarized zone in who data withdrawal making both the who these withdraw and the coalition withdraw would be a great way forward obviously there were these wouldn't do that because they don't trust that the coalition of saudi that coalition would stick to the terms and then stay away from the data the issue is the internet's community has not done enough to pressure both sides to actually come to the negotiation table and b. they haven't done enough to actually build trust between the two sides i mean we've seen the u.n. who is a toothless tiger in many ways putting pressure but the issue is the americans here the americans have a lot of leverage over the saudis and the iraqis and they should have put a lot more pressure a saying don't go into this military campaign on who data because it's going to be a catastrophe and you're not going to win and be putting a conditionality on it if they do the american should put pressure and say we
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withdraw aid military aid to the u.a.e. and saudi arabia but that hasn't happened i mean the the warnings from the u.s. government toward saudi and the u.a.e. not to go into a data were lukewarm at best and as it looks today i don't think that what we see now is a red light it's more of a yellow light as they said to go ahead because the international community has turned a blind eye to what's going on in yemen and gas creagh thank you. still to come here it is their. football fever in russia just allocated for one of the world's biggest sporting events gets underway. hello there is no letup in the showers across the philippines particular northern
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areas of the philippines at the moment lots of cloud still showing up here. southwest of the monsoon still driving those showers in right across the region. of the cloud and the rain pushing in across much of lose on sunday cross northern areas of the philippines then you can see it pushes up towards a good part of indochina as well or ashes showers into malaysia maybe into the fall north of indonesia some showers around some outre see some west weather to just making its way back into a good pasta of thailand further south i think we should be lousy dry for a good part of indonesia but always a chance of want to showers always a chance of what is to show is also making their way through the bites rather or tom will fill pushing through here areas to when and when pushing in cold fronts just sliding in and it really is going to be rather chilly here as we go on through the next couple days just twelve celsius in melbourne that particular nice day on friday cool still if we come on and see saturday much of a stretch it will be dry firm ounce of clout there in sea queensland also back from
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perth temperatures here at around twenty one celsius meanwhile we have got a little bit of cloud in the right making the whites will western parts of new zealand and the next couple days. killed ten from many members and bombed home her me and. the wall as possible. people in power i mean it's the women heading an eighteen man militia . and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand. an eye for an art and iraq on al-jazeera.
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let's have a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the u.s. says sanctions on north korea will not be eased until it demonstrates what he calls full. but media ripples in pyongyang suggest a different timeline was agreed my complaint has been in south korea briefing regional leaders on the singapore summit between donald trump and kin jones. the un security council is due to hold an emergency session on yemen where the biggest battle in the three year long war is underway a military offensive by government troops and a saudi immorality coalition on the porch of the data threatens to worsen an already dark humanitarian situation. that the italian prime minister and the french
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president have agreed on the need for new initiatives on immigration in the e.u. the two leaders are set to meet on friday despite a growing diplomatic dispute is silly has demanded an apology from france for criticizing rome's decision to turn away six hundred refugees and migrants earlier this week and that vessel is now being forced to head for spain all right we'll go live now to paris this week to our correspondent there natasha. the italians are demanding an apology from the french president did they get it. well the french aren't talking about an apology exactly but what we do know is the a lease a has put out a statement in which it says that the french president a man on my car spoke to decepticon t. the italian prime minister on wednesday evening and in in that conversation. told conti that his comments were not intended to cause any offense to the italian
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people or italy so of course you might take that as an apology but the french certainly aren't using that word there's no doubt though that french officials will be enormously relieved to know that the italian prime minister will now be coming to paris on friday it was a shared jeweled meeting with the french president emmanuel maicon but it was really touch and go as to whether or not that would happen because it might all mark on tuesday basically sparked a diplomatic graue with italy when he made those comments calling the italian government irresponsible and cynical over its handling of the aquarius boat now of course the french president seemed to be putting france on the moral high ground that infuriated italian officials who were very fast to point out that france had put its hand up to take in the boat in fact that has fallen to spain and the italian interior minister. then said france hasn't done enough to help with the migrant crisis it is not sharing the burden so in a way how dare it make these comments and it was salvini who had demanded an
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apology from him and or mark or for this meeting with content to go ahead so i think relief perhaps on both sides at least for now attentions of been eased somewhat and they seem to have agreed on what they're calling new initiatives on immigration specifically because of course there's an e.u. summit coming up later on in the month but quite frankly i mean the e.u. hasn't got a policy has it with regard to its migration. no and this is really part of the problem yes i mean this statement from the lease a says that the french president and italian prime minister will be talking about new ideas in the past few days we have heard from him saying that new e.u. wide solutions are needed when it comes the migration crisis man of markov on wednesday also said that france had done quite a lot to try and stabilize libya that is seen as a big problem when you're talking about migrants making their way through africa
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across libya to europe but there is no doubt that many people in europe are simply feeling that there isn't a proper system in place and you know we just came back from the northern italian town of ventimiglia it's on the border with france so it's a town that's had to cope with many migrants coming through as they try to make their way to france and up to the u.k. and people in this town whether they are charity workers and activists working with migrants or residents they all seem to say the same thing and that is that they feel that the european union has failed them mainly because of the dublin agreement that agreement under which migrants when they arrive in europe they are fingerprinted in the country in which they arrive so that is usually greece spain or italy because of course they are mostly crossing the sea and if they then go on to the rest of europe they are returned to that country so people in italy feel that they are just taking too much of the load bearing too much of the load they're angry with the europe and they are angry with france of course it shares a border business twenty fifteen france is tight and that border after the paris
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attacks and is really doing its best not to let migrants through so it's really very upset with the rest of the european union and says that new agreements are needed new solutions and needed the tasha thank you. that's two people have been killed in an attack at a mosque in south africa they were stabbed by a suspect who was then shot dead by police it happened in malls free in cape town last month three men carried out a similar attack in durban one person was killed in that and several others were injured. in this congress is debating whether to allow abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy hundreds of people have gathered outside parliament in well this site is all the session is taking place at the moment the law only allows for abortion in cases of rape and when a woman's life is at risk today's a bow has the latest. it's a historic gain argentinos congress was debating for the first time the possibility of legalizing abortion in this country there's thousands and thousands of people
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here now in the evening waiting for congress to vote on one side are those supporting and demanding that abortion be legalized in this country and on the other side there's those who are asking lawmakers to vote against it abortion is illegal in argentina except in case of rape or when i woman lives it just risks the law would allow abortions to be carried out until fourteen weeks of pregnancy and after rice public hospitals to carry them out only rich people can afford to an abortion and a lot of women die. in the hospital because they can go to the hospital really because they can go to the jail and it's something that it's not right women can face after four years in prison if accused of having had an abortion but in spite of this around half a million clandestine abortions are carried out every year the. pro-life groups
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say that the two lives should be protected i'm very saying that legalizing abortions is not the way. when you have a disagreement on the process there are a lot of steps. it should be taken prior to passing this law a lot of education needs to happen people have to know that if you do something there are consequences and one of those is getting pregnant a consequence just look at him. fellas for and against changing the law were separated by a metal fan from by the police in order to prevent that from take young women rights groups say that legalizing abortion in this country is a matter of public health because thousands of women are hospitalized every year because of botched abortions most of them are poor the debate is expected to go on all night long and a vote is expected to happen on thursday morning people here are saying that we waiting here for the results of the u.n. human rights chief has called for an international inquiry into violations in the
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region of kashmir which is divided between india and pakistan they drugged al hussein says india has used excessive force in response to recent protests while pakistan is misusing is anti terrorism legislation to quash dissent and the un envoy is calling for an investigation into allegations that mass graves are being found in the kashmir valley india has rejected the un's report calling it fallacious and motivated. the un general assembly has passed a resolution condemning israel over the recent violence on its border with gaza it's now mandated the secretary general to explore the possibility of an international protection force for palestinians israeli forces killed at least one hundred twenty nine palestinians in the past ten weeks.
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thanks. one of the world's biggest sporting events football's world cup gets underway in russia in just a few hours from now the first. match reaches the host country this is saudi arabia president putin says it's a chance for russia to showcase its new culture to the world that's right chalons reports the government is likely to use the tournament to try to improve its reputation. the fans are arriving football chancer reverberating around city squares one of the biggest sporting parties in the world is upon us once again as. it was eight years ago that fever announced the two thousand and eighteen host would be russia amid allegations of corruption in the world cup bidding process nevertheless by the may putin was pleased enough to accept with a rare speech in english been ordered to leave in the south and when fine.
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you can make it work. we will come but eventually we'll get. to that there's still those. world cup moments is now here russian business news site estimates the full cost fourteen point two billion dollars and for that putin gets a chance to generate some much needed goodwill for the country because internationally russia has something of a reputation problem the annexation of crimea and the war in eastern ukraine the sports doping scandal allegations a russian interference in the foreign elections the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in england all these and more the list of perceived transgressions is long enough that political analyst andre kolesnikov suspects any world cup image boost will be limited to the home front. it's extremely important to to make such a gift to
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a domestic audience but for four in the audience russia will not change its image as a toxic toxic paul or toxic country. because there were so many events of other kinds that even the good organization of. can change and i'm sure. as he spoke at the feet of congress on wednesday putin made it clear hosting the world cup isn't just about pleasing russians or international politics it's about giving visit is the best impression of russia to the goal is that all our guests from football stars to simple fans feel the hospitality including ality about people that they learn the authentic multinational culture and unique nature of russia and that they would like to come back to us again it's something he's tried before four years ago russia hosted the winter olympics in sochi the region was flooded with cash to smarten it up for all the visitors for the world cup
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that's been done on a much wider scale in total eleven world cup cities have received investment money from the huge metropolises of moscow and st petersburg to smaller cities like rants and some model the aim is to get fans and money to parts of the country far off the usual tourist trail. making sure visitors get a russian experience is something that's filtered into the choice of this year's official world cup instruments see these. and they're an update on the speed played in traditional russian folk music the sound of a full stadium banging these together. it's something you're going to hear a lot over in the weeks to come. for visitors to have the best possible time here of course involves keeping them safe at the european championship two years ago in france violent clashes between english and russian fans were broadcast around the world since then russian police have come down hard on local hooligans they want no
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repeat of such violence here and you're a security measures such as a strictly controlled id system are in place to prevent bombs and other attacks for a month the eyes of the world will be on russia everything has to go smoothly rory tallinn's al-jazeera moscow. time for us to take a look at the top stories here it. says sanctions on north korea will not be eased until it can demonstrate what he calls full denuclearization but media reports from pyongyang suggest a different agreement was reached by being in south korea briefing regional leaders on the singapore summit between donald trump and kim. we believe that chairman kim jong il and i understand the urgency of the timing of completing this to new course ation that he understands that we must do this quickly and that sanctions relief we
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should recall these are un sanctions the sanctions really cannot take place until such time as we have demonstrated that north korea has been completely the new crisis meanwhile the two koreas are holding their first high level military told for more than a decade is happening inside the northern side of the border and is expected to focus on donald trump's pledge to end joint military exercises with south korea. the u.n. security council is to hold an emergency session on yemen where the biggest battle of the three year long civil war is underway a military offensive by government troops in the saudi amorality coalition on the porch of her data threatens to worsen and humanitarian crisis the italian prime minister and the french president have agreed on the need for new initiatives on immigration in the e.u. the two leaders are set to me zone friday despite a growing diplomatic dispute italy is demanding an apology from france for
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criticizing reds decision to turn away six hundred refugees and migrants earlier this week the un human rights chief is called for an international inquiry into violations in the region of kashmir which is divided between india and pakistan they drug al hussein says india has used excessive force in response to recent protests while pakistan is misusing its antiterrorism legislation to quash dissent and the un envoy is calling for an investigation into allegations of mass graves have been found in the kashmir valley india has rejected the un's report calling it fallacious a maze of aged or i'd have to say those are the latest headlines for us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's people in power. the i.m.f. said riyadh's a breakeven although priced twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f. to help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in
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counting the cost on al-jazeera. for over three years i ceased control to tara wall to call to prove a crack after it was driven out in late two thousand and seventeen local militias began searching for fugitives reaching out the harshest justice on suspect fighters and civilian collaborators one of the most vengeful malicious is led by a woman which journalist tom kline went to to me .


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