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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2018 8:00pm-8:23pm +03

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you know just to be on the other. football fever grips russia as the first world cup to take place in eastern europe kicks off. out of their own job while this is al jazeera live from london thanks for being with us also coming up saudi led forces push on with their offensive to capture the yemeni port of data as the u.n. meets to discuss the fighting. i. argentina's lower house approves
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a bill to legalize abortion after debating through the night. a hunger in court sentences for people smugglers to twenty five years in prison for letting seventy one men women and children suffocate inside a refrigerated truck. the eyes of the sporting world will be on russia for the next month with the football world cup now underway so if the two teams will battle it out for the biggest prize in international football it all began with an opening ceremony in the russian capital moscow with robbie williams headlining in front of the russian president vladimir putin western leaders have stayed away from the ceremony. the opening match between hosts russia and saudi arabia actually features to achieve those
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ranking sides in the tournament this was the reaction when russia's eurekas in ski school the first of five goals in the two thousand and eighteen world cup opening match they went on to win five nil. but i speak to our sports correspondent leigh willing to stand by for us in moscow certainly glamour in the opening ceremony a great start for the hosts of the world cup finally on the way watch it all like. what i've waited for so many years for this moment to happen the fans who wanted the world cup here in boston the russians who wanted to show the world what they were about and to forget the politics for once and think that the problems they have with international relations they wanted to watch enjoy a party of football so the atmosphere around moscow around russia has been really friendly really encouraging. thirty one nations are hey with their fans enjoying it so what we didn't expect was what i'm for we did in the first much where russia of
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the largest of the thirty two teams saudi arabia will fight just above we thought it might be a time much we thought the russia would have the opportunity to perhaps get the win that would settle now of save and get people behind them because the host nation doing well always builds the atmosphere of atonement but so when five new creates their own slice of football history it was an incredible tryout for them and now you will see the effect it has on the fans we woke up some come before maybe a cup of france ninety eight and the french fans were slightly different at the start as they started to progress it builds up momentum and has a huge effect on the nation of course that we many people watching on television about the god that are hoping and expecting there are nations do well believe you've covered plenty of these sorts of events world cups olympics and the like is this one a little more controversial in some ways than most. yeah. i think this world cup possibly a shadow over it for the stall partly because of the work of fee for. this tournament
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. with cattle twenty twenty because it was awarded by a corrupt executive committee and that corruption was a wife from the awarding of those won't cups but the mud stakes and we've had years of people looking on at this top with suspicion and feeling that actually it was inappropriate it's the critics that they told me it was like you know because of cautious politics so but people hear about some live with i really it's of slow to get to the stage but i can actually start to enjoy the football and to watch him agree them are like that why it's so weird what this result has done and the i pretty much is now given the chance to watch to be proud and pride i would say is the key word because come out of today's proceedings school supremely welling's will keep across all the action force of the next monthly thank you. and off the pitch from a british gay rights activist peter tatchell has been arrested and then released
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after taking part in what russian police described as an illegal protest in moscow . a leading leading russian opposition figure says russian prisons appear to have had a facelift as they prepared to accommodate foreign football fans arrested during the tournament. has just spent thirty days behind bars for holding an unsanctioned protest. the saudi led coalition fighting to ask who the rebels in yemen has captured a town south of the strategic port of data after intense fighting. it's the second day of the coalition's campaign to take our data saudi arabia and the u.a.e. you accuse the shia hoofy rebels of using the port to smuggle weapons from iran they've launched several airstrikes against rebel positions in the city. our data
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lives on yemen's red sea coast and is the poor through which seventy percent of the country's food supply enters international aid groups appealed to the saudi led coalition not to attack the city fearing it will heighten yemen's humanitarian crisis but the u.a.e. insists aid will be delivered to soon as the city is captured we have this image plant did it in when we liberate the advent and then is more population populated then then the data. everything went very well and there even i want to ship it just and there it see with ink so we have a fright we have very we're very will organize and we are ready to do. every as is the nts for what he did. argentina's congress has voted in favor of legalizing abortion in the country's first ever vote on the issue. of the sealed.
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tight vote one hundred twenty nine yes two hundred twenty five no followed almost twenty four hours of debate the bill must pass in the senate before it becomes law thousands of pro and anti abortion protesters are demonstrating in buenos aires of all sin is only allowed in cases of rape or if the mother's life is in danger but he legal abortions a common interest of both has the latest from a probable abortion protest outside parliament in buenos aires. the debate in congress lasted for about twenty three hours this was in the hands it was heated but it ended up approving in the lower house the legalizing abortion in argentina you can see right behind me people continue to celebrate right in front of congress they're saying that it is time for change in this country where our own half a million plan the sign abortions are carried out everywhere thousand women are
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hospitalized because of complications in those procedures and most of those women i poor women because they do not have access to health care this you nor i would allow him to carry out a person in public i'll speak of up to fourteen weeks of pregnancy but now i have the know it's going to be passed on to the senate and that's a much tougher battle women here are saying that they will continue to be on the smallest post for the snow to be approved. police and prosecutors in chile have raided offices and seized documents of the roman catholic church as part of an investigation into a growing sex abuse and cover up scandal the raids on wednesday were in two cities the capital santiago and run congo where fourteen priests are accused of having sexual relations with minors they happened hours before two vatican envoys met chilean prosecutors to coordinate their response to that scandal which last month led to more than thirty of chile's active bishops offering to resign. nicaragua is
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holding a nationwide strike as protesters ramp up their campaign to force president daniel ortega and his wife who's the vice president out of office it follows two months of violence in which a region which originally was sparked by plans to reform pensions the move was abolished by the government to help pacify protesters but demonstrators then turned on the president ought to go then launched a crackdown on mass protests which human rights activists say has left more than one hundred fifty people dead. a court in hungary has sentenced for men to twenty five years each in prison for human trafficking the group an afghan and three bulgarians were found responsible for the deaths of seventy one refugees and migrants who suffer gaited in a truck in two thousand and fifteen paul brennan reports. the ring leaders are brought into court for sentencing flanked by armed police wearing masks at the heights of europe's twenty fifteen refugee crisis the gang smuggled more than
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a thousand refugees into austria in just six months using fifteen different trucks and lorries migrants are being charged as much as seven hundred dollars a person but the oldest smuggling run was in a refrigerator truck a vehicle designed to be tight on the seventy one men women and children from syria iraq and afghanistan trapped inside quickly ran out of oxygen i started to send me a canister that the people who saw it would seem suffering and as time passed we realized that i may suffocate to death so they banged on the doors screamed and shouted trying to signal to the driver as i was running out of people inside realized that they would suffocate and die inside. the gangs driver abandon the lorry beside the a four highway and when austrian police opened the doors they found the corpses piled on top of each other investigations showed they'd been dead for two days the gang leader was an afghan national named sam salon who charged
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with aggravated murder the gang said they weren't aware that the refugees were dying the police telephone intercepts showed that when the driver had raised concerns law who had ordered him not to open the doors let them die instead that's an order he was recorded as saying. the deaths became a tipping point in the twenty fifteen refugee crisis it's believed to have led directly to angola medicals announcement the germany would welcome migrants eventually allowing in more than a million mainly syrian refugees the prosecutor accuse law who of endless greed and frightening indifference to the suffering of the seventy one who died the men's defense lawyers say they'll appeal the prosecutor is also appealing to try to have the twenty five year jail term increased. paul brennan al-jazeera. well the issue of immigration is causing a major split in germany between angela merkel's christian democrats and its barbarian sister party of the christian socialist union interior minister horst c.
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hoffa wants to turn people away at the border if they've already made asylum claims elsewhere in europe something chancellor angela merkel rejects dominic kane reports now from berlin the row over what to do with people who come to germany claiming refugee status who had already done so initially in the first e.u. country in which they made landfall has really blown up in the course of thursday the issue has been one that has dogged the the formation of a grand coalition government and now the bavarian allies of angela merkel the christian social union is putting its foot down its leader it's the minister federal interior minister says the horse is in a hole for who is effectively the leader of the party on a national level federally anyway has said he wants to go back to the conditions that prevailed in twenty fifteen before anglo-american open the borders to people with that famous phrase version of and us germany can do it i'm going to merkel disagrees very considerably she says no there should be no return to that status
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immediately that it should be there should be some sort of compromise solution her partners the social democrats will they agree they do not want to see germany go back to those those scenes of the summer of twenty fifteen the point here is that the coalition that exists right now has a smallish majority if there were a real problem between the bavarian party and angela merkel's party that could spell real trouble but the point also to make is that it's as if the main parties have marched up to the edge of a precipice in the course of today looked over the side of the precipice and that will actually stand back from that the next step here will be what the leadership of the c.s.u. decides and we'll know that in munich on monday. still to come here on al-jazeera. the u.n. calls for an inquiry into alleged human rights abuses in the disputed territory of kashmir. leave no girl behind that's the title of
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a new campaign in kenya to help keep girls in school after they become of us. how low we have got plenty of hot sunshine across the middle east as per usual for the north we have got a few showers just around the black sea and the caspian sea there we go with the shallow cloud draining away out of turkey zing over towards the caspian sea want to see showers a possibility to there from northern parts of iran the eastern side of the med that's the place to be lovely sunshine in beirut twenty seven celsius and thirty degrees as we go on into sas day they go the showers day become a little organized into northern parts of turkey just around georgia armenia and azerbaijan still want to showers there towards the north and possibly around the toronto see a little bit of wet weather as is the case too into the eastern side of afghanistan
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but elsewhere it's hot sunshine forty forty one celsius for baghdad and for kuwait city hasa still here and could touch forty five degrees that hot sunshine the searing heat across a good part of the middle east and as we go on through the coming days a little colder down into west santa temps here at around twenty celsius cold enough and some rain making its way across the western and southern cape right now a little more cloud started to push into the western cape at present friday sees that western weather easing for the race was weakening up to around sixty degrees here over the next couple of days further north is fine and dry.
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the foreign minister. welcome back here's a quick reminder of our top stories russia kicked off the two thousand and eighteen football world cup. the saudi arabia five million the tournament. the saudi led coalition fighting to oust the rebels in yemen has captured a town south of the strategic border of the day after intense fighting on the
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second day of its offensive. and argentina's congress has voted in favor of legalizing abortion in the country's first ever vote on the divisive issue. a senior journalist has been shot dead in srinagar the capital of india and ministered kashmir reports suggest it was repeatedly shot at close range by unknown attackers outside his office two of his security guards were also critically injured because he was the editor of rising kashmir and organize several conferences for peace in the kashmir valley the territory is divided between india and pakistan bodies claimed by bugs. india has rejected the united nations report which accuses it of using excessive force in kashmir to kill and wound civilians since two thousand and sixteen the un human rights chief is calling for a major international investigation into alleged abuses carried out by both sides
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here's victoria gate and be. in indian administrate kashmir soldiers a combing the area for separatist fighters who they say shot and killed their colleague last week. it's the latest military operation in a dispute that's lasted more than seventy years and twice ended in war. during the last two years the un has investigated allegations of human rights abuses in kashmir and found fault on both sides. of the un human rights chief ziad rad how hussein says india has used excessive force in response to anti india protests and accuses pakistan of misusing its anti terror legislation to quash dissent now he's calling for an investigation into allegations mass graves have been found in the kashmir valley this report is the first issued by the un on the human rights situation in. pakistan administered kashmir details
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rights violations and abuses on both sides of the line of control and it highlights a situation of chronic impunity for violations committed by security forces. pakistan says it welcomes the un's proposal for an international inquiry into human rights abuses but a spokesman for the indian ministry of external affairs said in a statement india rejects the report it is fallacious tendentious and motivated would question the intent in bringing out such a report. the un human rights chief says he met with representatives of both governments when there was an increase in violence in july twenty sixth that was triggered by the death of rebel leader. neither government agreed to the un's request for unconditional access to kashmir so the un began remote monitoring of
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the region that ended a few months ago. and the final report makes one comment to who reading the both india and pakistan. big tory gate and b. algis their. european union member countries of unanimously backed a plan to impose import duties on u.s. products the move will target goods worth three point three billion dollars and is in response to u.s. tariffs on e.u. steel and aluminum the measures are expected to come into effect by late june or early july engineering firm rolls royces announced it will cut four thousand six hundred jobs over the next two years two thirds of the jobs will be in britain and will mainly affect managerial and administrative roles the british company says it will try to refocus its business on civil aerospace defense and power systems. britain is marking the first anniversary of a tower block fire that killed seventy two people the remains of grenfell tower
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were lit up green overnight along with the prime minister's residence and other london that box a moment of silence was held across the country lasting seventy two seconds in recognition of the seventy two victims of the fire tens of thousands of pregnant girls and teenage mothers across africa are often denied banned and discouraged from going to school human rights watch is calling on governments to urgently impose policies that allow students to stay in school while they're pregnant and return after they've given birth to reports from nairobi. when angela found out she was pregnant her father said there was no need for her to continue her education but the twenty year old mother from western kenya as mcgorry county says she was determined to stay in school to become i would run back home to feed my son during the lunch break and then come back to school to study encouraged by her principal and her mother angela didn't quit at the we accept these these two
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hundred two hundred then they grew up in for one levy not rejected by society other young mothers in the gory county weren't nearly as lucky. as him i did not go back to school because no one gave me any advice and then when will my mother told me there was no more money to pay for my school fees side have to stay a time a report from human rights watch says laws attitudes and cultural values in some african countries can keep pregnant girls and adolescent mothers from continuing their education what we're calling on all the african union governments to do is to adopt reentry policies to ensure that the girls i know that the mothers can go back to school i like governments to reinforce the fact that girls have a right to education that you know a school official can discriminate against martinez tells us kenya is among a group of twenty six african countries that does have school reentry policies for young mothers in place but says those policies are not implemented in the same way that often a lot of school.


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