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tv   Thank You Football Toure Brahimi  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2018 9:00am-10:00am +03

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and there are more of these are the top stories on al-jazeera saudi led coalition fighting to oust hoofy rebels in yemen has captured a town south of the strategic port of data is the second day of the coalition's campaign backing government forces to take data. and the queues the sheer who's the rebels of using the port to smuggle weapons from iran. us media reporting that president trump will impose tariffs on tens of billions of dollars worth of chinese imports an official announcement could come as soon as friday the levies could be as much as fifty five billion dollars. there a section of states says sanctions against north korea will not be lifted until it has completely denuclearized that might pump as comments following the singapore
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summit appear to contradict north korea's view in the process would be phased in and reciprocal. that being rallies across the us against the top of ministration separation of migrant children from families seeking asylum in the us thousands of children have been forcibly removed from their parents and placed in detention facilities along the border with mexico. reports from. i. outraged by the trumpet ministrations policy of taking migrant children away from their parents protesters rally in los angeles. you might say it was one of dozens of similar demonstrations in cities around the country this policy is reprehensible we feel like it's it's it's forcing its manufacturing a crisis on top of the crisis that already existed the trumpet ministration says it is seizing children and separating families as a deterrent scaring other would be migrant parents away it's part of
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a so-called zero tolerance policy meanwhile news came of nearly one thousand five hundred migrant boys between the ages of ten and seventeen being detained in a sprawling former wal-mart store in texas reporters were given a monitored tour of the building which is run by a private company under contract with the u.s. government but were not permitted to speak with the boys or film the site these pictures were distributed by the government the government says it has contracts with one hundred holding facilities in seventeen states chaining immigrant minors those facilities now hold more than eleven thousand children congress plans to vote on immigration proposals next week including one that deals with family separation long. makers from the opposition democratic party called the trumpet ministrations harsh policies a disgrace babies as young as eight speedboats being ripped probably all of their
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mothers but psychological torture leaders of major u.s. religious denominations have condemned the family separation policy but attorney general jeff sessions offered justification for it in the bible and i would cite. it to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans thirteen to a phase of the government one protester said sessions is wrong i really dislike i he's taking my bible in and. doing something anti-political with it many of the parents and children seeking refuge in the u.s. are fleeing extreme gang violence in central america protesters and immigrants rights advocates say sending them back to their homeland could amount to a death sentence robbery most well just zero loss and. immigration this causing
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a major split in germany between christian democrats and above are insist upon see the question social union this is he wants to refuse entry to people who've already claimed asylum elsewhere in europe which chancellor merkel rejects. and football world cup hosts russia russia saudi arabia five nil in the tournament's opening game president vladimir putin watched the maps alongside the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salam and fifa presence and fantino russia and saudi arabia are the two lowest rank sides of the tournament the headlines and other news updates will be here off to out is there a wild. when
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i was kid i was doing not. even we cover was doing something. i was asking the not to make me going to school and discuss the book. i. choose the whole what i have it now. all things are being clean true. i think
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i. own things i've been winning. i think you see because i follow. and that's why i want to see thank you to alan. i. should look good to be. on a. bus to. ask about san francisco for. example take. the pulse a biggish a bank that essentially have something there so my picture i get is a good book my life but it's about money about something that when somebody. when i was kid i was doing a lot not too much i think to most of that much i was crazy about.
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two of those and much as we're going to do to keep their general unities receive them and most of them at least they were found. should it be focused on. the margin race is easy is just making everything up and because before i was principal just to have fun with my friends but when i was there i start to learn and this thing if we were in as will start to put a mast head like the shot they disagree when they are going to be professional and one day are going to be successful and wondering of the picture. the video security trends of the world if you don't if a silly technique will fall on a quandary don't don't hold it bus. for scene there's up for me credit i mean it is social very there was. just really only one only way but it sure will put of your enjoyable.
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we will all exciting to go in europe to try to compare ourselves to do reopen the border and in my mind there was thinking like the time for. today really. they said there will be five. players come to to our team so everybody was excited to see them the first training we did we were running in the woods and they had to they had to run with us but they couldn't keep up so. they were looking at we were doubling them at their worst and we were
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thinking. they can't run but in the afternoon it was a football training and it was something different that we had to play one i wanted to each other for for one minute that i had to play against. so i didn't touch the ball it was unbelievable we were kind of. you know i mean who got home set like. you know different foods different quality of life different weather and we start to miss out from miss our family we start to cry and it was massive i want to see my brother i want to see my sister i want to see my father i want my mom to make you feel special for like she make it before and i was first year was difficult i think if you can sit out a book. yeah is it up to the point where you have to go and. look. really was she. did also in
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a memoir which required of all this oh well you know there's all the need for for doing all the. on the visual of gold in them you know look i'm usually them you got the notes appear you cush. those time and never when i come to greece i mean the play like we've are due to be an issue to play with the development this is like well i was playing with barcelona as we go up and i had to be to be honest with you because it was you know fast moving. it was good in flukey it was he was very clever in his moving. and an era because i was always always play with him one after we were given to me given to me and sometimes i would play and thus the last year was brilliant you know we've been shown purely rearm by the defense this time. and from there he said
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look yeah i told you you joke about it you should be in bus and i say yeah say yes i said and believe it was sort of music look i want to be there you know i mean. i'm not like mamie many edge and when the first day when i meet dimitri was talking about. the way i was talking would tell him what i want to be what i want what i want to achieve you seem like skeets dream book i'm going to have been make his his dream come reality. to me to call me at home my wife and i asked my wife yet you know what busseron i want me to good she said she
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said is not a possible. i say yes she said well we don't see any news from paris and no if you just said is true she said but yeah i you know to me i said well what i'm going to forward you i'm not sleeping. she said well ok i work we do i say in bus when i have national being the nice nice everything she said yeah i said fantastic and you love spanish she said yeah i love the spanish for that. that's why she said ok i'll try. i'm going. and then mom and national part of bonus and they'll fire in the wind and that i have a phone. you know law and. order to me that this that and more than i will ever there was a time which i see a dirty trick i saw in france and i was horrible for some way. and. it was the best in the world if each position the best one to me she was coming home it was the best. from which would experience with of the achieving the have in england
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and yes i was in better shape with his life child it was the best shift in his life . you know i think from there i started in this thin women talent and women for. this again and this and i was down on us and it actually and they come and. stash so bare so what i learned a lot out there. a lot of all. the phenol a moment of my band or at any i was done and stuff. and laughing i let on i was. told and they go off but they are all off and i saw what article sometime the director of trouble with the team in this in berlin and i see me said i said i just feel love it i would love to have it with me i
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maybe should my father said yeah you want to show it's ok when did you do traffic to your country shoot your father i said yeah i said well ok level to show today contrast if you when you can take it to one day as a true he said ok with that they said if you when you take us ok. my last lesson was quite different go you know because yeah of course you have a young player was coming true as well you know and it was difficult and does time . work you don't want to i was feeling on last when he said to me i want you to stay honestly and. i know you've been grateful for me you me to succeed well i think of course you see i have a family man i know have
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a better friend and i want to play i was number one you know what i mean. it was very beautiful and i was at the time like i want to be finish my account in boston because i was loving by the fans i was nothing different than i was loving the stadium after the end of the day when a lot decided you to move on you have to move on. if. you know if you should use the west. view always up yours aldrich or. bush or some one in north texas. if you want to die. for me. so i would demand you pay also measuring something that was to put it just isn't it isn't it
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so yes it is an actual it is you know all this an easy i think. i cannot finish time i was keats enough think it's to do he was the captain at that moment. the owner to do that you know for for us was something. before us you know be involved to stop the war and dock and create something and busy because football is the big power war you know people for who can make things happen people can make things change you know to the leader for so many young people in terms of their visions that dreams to have him come to accept this designation as a unit goodwill ambassador something that we deeply grateful to you. there's and i like and now he is from africa and for me we'll be looking price if one of
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the day yeah we'll be like i don't know let's among the. oh yes my close friend. mike roselli on this guy's been doing about dresses because i love this shirt and when i was bustle as. you noted you've been able to give me a lot of books you know. i've been reading a lot on google about. its commission and you know what i mean i've been living in utah for quite a while is now something's wrong something have to be a move something i've to change or we are new good process now everything is going slowly book i think in end of the day if we see big chains going to be because if we want. to feel threatened if we make the voice of my city supporters on the day they say
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we're asking it we're in the last two league games so if city is definitely the real manchester club i can sense that there is more of an interest toward city from within our own city than perhaps there is so united. probably the most successful team in british football history has been just a few miles down the down the road so it's whether you go to the seed for mackie or you go to the poll ball you know sure i was the i've always got friends who are manchester united supporters you've given us you know that's a part of it for a lot years. ago to see it it was a new chapter and my brother was the link you know was very important because it was in like yeah when we would kid you remember when we talk we want to winter it was going to go to the right time come to city and maybe in a foreign years we're going to live trophy and we did country what you think about
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us and people brought up will come. when his first son reaches for this is the goes home or. silly we're going somewhere now because you don't get players like you know going anywhere time to go. it's called the bell. some of the. players from the sixty's and seventy's some picture of inside the ground believe absolute fantastic. and obviously you've got the shape and saw the license plate is much a city football club. this is what we won the f.a. call. for you to go in on shola for a few overs. the best compliment i could give so yeah it was then i think the problem being built a little bit around him if i was playing the sense of it feel it again yeah
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actually when you look across the ring to poland like affright may we have a lot of questions to watch and we're not even i mean but it's overnight. is the catalyst if you like right in the center of that same and i think all the players like to go out on silver and and kevin de braun has come in recently might know of been at the club had yachts or a not been not warm to the went down yeah yeah was the the one that put manchester city on the map. that i remember when i was going in there and see it and i have to first conference and i said i want you to win trophies with them. is only one can the king is united he's not sitting and said yes he's going to keep. this away. forget about the money yet do money is going to involve the time. was the mountain it is going to go it
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forward and the work you going to put in year is going to make the player the best player is going to continue in middle school be to be true. that game at wembley against manchester united in the semifinal having already a couple of years earlier lost in the semifinal the league cup of the two legs to united felt like if city were going to announce themselves on the stage that that was the perfect platform to do it at wembley against manchester united. so. they are touring at that moment was just god because he caught united l. and that to me is just everything to beat manchester united in the semi final. i can't remember the last time manchester city done that you know short lived well
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that was a big enough achievement a medal of it is like i make a lot of bets with people you know even when people in the region used to some time i said ok look i want to wind up in a window where we bet you know what i mean some time is a game people take me when i see that people think i'm being. a villa citizen but you know what i mean. easy my life like this because even my father sometime i bit with him even my wife a bit with her sometimes but because i live i love challenge and. when i score and when we wind one sinning you see all the stuff was clanging giving me even if nobody so i think he's. if we always stay a man of of the player even if asses. it was
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doomed before i imagined and when. the test of a mixing if in up and in a warning because of that is first of it we have the charge we do between our we play or when we ended love when we end there are some speaking as a look i see you see when you when you win trophies what makes you feel good you feel good you feel happy yourself we're proud you put your name in the pool of the club you put a name in the story thus we have to live if. we just want to be to win this game against any of score one zero two zero treasonable one we need to meet.
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twice face if only it was the right one just because one full frontal i mean until suitable was not be lucky indeed i was going to be after the referee because i knows about it eyes is really is not good in front of the ball i think and i was and i i was. this time because one of the local and subplots off we think this is it now that those are going to open this weak spot we're just might have to have a fifth of a rethink. c c c he was six. off you know. close as we've come with blown again in the when i was in the dressing room look at the game i was like one one two one. who was that that was crazy i've given up you know a creepy ass called the golden i was in a i was in a box site i were in a box and sat down
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a bear out of the fluid. i thought of what i thought i was remembering. when the goal went in the equalizer this can be even worse people including myself thought of us this is going to be so cruel because since you're going to be one goal the wife and one in the lake is goofy eyesight i . was to get to school just to see do you think. i. was sixteen i. the ground we visited the size it up down to shake it i mean everybody result is
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coming down every bloke every man in that stadium were crying i did cry here at the age. of six. i was. it's never been seen before now never ever be done again so when the last kick of the game you know me the last combat for me no one no down for the last kick of the game and win the league by goal difference against the enemy from a trust the road best moment in premier league mr revelle shovel it out that was because well never to. you know be in the shadow view ninety four hundred i mean yes full to beef champion of the premier league i think it's things find the different food he does every down.
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i think he'll go down in history for churchill definitely and you know if you turn around and say why was it through that period today we have show much success i've got to say the person because the i assure you it was populate from the middle of the field if i had to pick out one playa and i've been watching much the city for forty years who's made the difference to make much the city a big player on the world stage i know you could go for a go our own way you could go for sylvan or all the players to put some a.g.i. outs or. i'm happy with the club and if you would see city and i want to carry in karting and i want to i think it's for what the chairman of what the clothes he won the fans i'd be doing form for me see my name i don't want to
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retire and before and after give them something back and i know what i want to give them back and i don't want to share with you guys i want to keep you. out you mustn't. the plight of the syrian people and the violence they enjoy is plain for all to see . but behind closed doors looks an unspeakable brutality inflicted on the women. from the brave few who survived my c.d.'s and d.p.t. and dan to tell the tale. silent war i witnessed documentary on out is iraq. the nativist news as it breaks this is one of the areas where protestants had
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blocked the road for the final higher than anything else they could find with detailed coverage of this extremely hard to assad regime but everyone striving for the good of the state from around the world this museum aims to be a way of pasta torrie other region's history and its perfected war that has divided the tribes here for generations. early is it for the park or their football fans who don't think about opening goal will be had by the experiment when real madrid a club worth five hundred million euros or expresses a position on something where the world anti-doping agency has to take notice to be able to. al-jazeera continues its investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase .
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hello i'm martin dennis in doha and these are the top stories here at al-jazeera the saudi led coalition fighting to oust the rebels in yemen has captured a town south of the strategic port of a date or it's the second day of the coalition's campaign backing government forces to take data saudi arabia and the u.s. accuses shia hoofy rebels of using the port to smuggle weapons from iran u.s. media is reporting that president trump is to impose tariffs on tens of billions of dollars worth of chinese imports and official announcement could come as soon as friday the levis could be as much as fifty five billion dollars as tries to fulfill a campaign pledge to clamp down on what he calls unfair chinese trading practices
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the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions against north korea will not be lifted until it has completely denuclearized but my pompei is comments following the singapore summit appeared to contradict north korea's view that the process will be phased in and reciprocal they've been rallies across the us against a trumpet ministrations separation of migrant children from families seeking asylum in the us thousands of children have been forcibly removed from their parents and put in detention centers along the border with mexico rob reynolds has more from los angeles. in the past children were not taken away from their parents in the past. entering the country without documentation was subject to administrative proceedings now people who are brought in to come in either alone or with their kids are charged with either felonies or misdemeanors and put in the detention
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system and their cases go before federal courts so it's completely disingenuous to say that this is a continuation of past policies nothing like this has ever been done before the football world cup has russia have thrashed saudi arabia five nil in the tournament opening game president putin wants the match alongside the saudi crown prince mohammed bin. and fee for president giovanni unfun teen and the victory margin for the host nation came as a surprise today those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next. hello joie they do cause one more funny who got down much.
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what campbell much because if it was a muffin iwas his shift in it. couldn't be said to cheer him i'm not at the will call more and more to do so. because. our time is of the it is in the cleanup us in which to cause us all is among the. hundred. on it on which is it is up to zero in parcel is a lot of the stuff in most it is new the in the sassoon sisters lit on the movie of horses on does it absolute to business it's not supposed to like this because a list of cities will suitable possibly.
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i would if i wanted to like i don't think that they did but he said this is elites and doesn't speak to them for more. it could never. sit back and thank you russia has flown the problem it was like a story. so much. to go in my make. up for the. awkward things in the article man thought well he sounds really jumped as if more of a poem or she has offered collection that's another year maybe on
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a diversion with. us and he will get them don't fit. one of us just. the five it gives us a four. so the list plot or one though. when i saw him we. would begin to. see the thing a little bit. later than this. and then a body had on them all the small things on. it all. in all said it all the just are to tackle more sacred to potty and what i said i was on just got to them it says to me and dissolve says oh i think nepal i mean i am just a. mushroom
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chitra is a cut from the tree and shivah developed an order on this arm of credit once on this had taken him farewell my own the now bottle you know far better there's a plain up to him in front of your own free. ready for. the surgeon starts she really really really did need it from the old all that will enable us although i could get home they come and go though skipped on it the do is when i go toward this last song mordred up on the exit of the civic and welcome the nationals. that did a sell posted on the hospital it was awesome. to do much more good to see laid out wasn't so though we salute you that she will support also she seems to see
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the new job i did come good at it john the what if i can walk up yes you do walk out. well you know we did not want to make a book about the book or catchy blue this is so. cool. but you ought to book them see through the names you will they keep putting it all told me talk in terms of a lesion but what ghoulish suckled cycle your problem is all your sin we. stand competitive. it was up to compete if it was through our own study can't you look at shows if you took all of generic work done. and as a close. second peter was awarded the then presented. to sycamore said. it does exist well so does need to do this. madonna did some own will so it
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could have the budget on. palm up that they want us to sit there but i know this is a form retort drawn by don't know where i am is. going to get fit. about all. this let's do it as this is all to do is there more clearly so there was even within the it created sure you'd have had to watch. him like you might claim it too for pre-dawn prime malar revision to use not want to provide. it don't. want to watch a whole. nother seal event think that pigeon body part. is have their place just someone you know the battle is on full. valsin. there are more.
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to visit on the opposite was for on the dalton was more the balls or the two or more the pools a little more juicy the where there's a. good gracious need to do pretty good that he will still advance then it could mean adopting v. if it is any keep constituted to talk about. if you accept it but. you know. that you just watch. it. was. hardly thought else it is a procedure of the pros we see that the mob bosses. it didn't want you to notice that we grew so exist. to treat that crowd intimate thank you.
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well so this was never a. girl's voice in this when there were the dawn was whopper. let's get the meat yeah. it is all fall all. place all cs it is awful. i'm all on the only do the new we. could often. do you know. kitted the whole issue at the end after from. jay they asked him color for tori
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clarity. of political what i love your. quote me i thought this whole have says it and they were mo we were moaning. and sitting. on the whole it's all of the media server if not one of a given polls wanted the cleaving survey collage and so on to go out of their muscles but that was all business overstatements don't call or they want to miss a supporter that i was a. a posse of them will see temperatures will. play just little kids so we all. should book bits. of work was too. can all share school somebody shows companies or it isn't but in memphis the bulk of result. of the budget will do says will. make a. place you want to live near the shore or is it clearly is
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a club then still the exception there are on the on the villa bus it is. city music too because us were mostly dormy or the last report of food is all fifty fresh fields that's up after us in. there more are best for good is he really fair city at their most far compacts young discussion savvy profit come i decide that i learned there are not. new normally. on the order food the many more were long gone with it was gone the book of resistance. when it was a. mix of which are not to bother from premature. if. and i want to come. in on one vote l.z. in a way more clearly this was a call from a carcass a prophecy of osmotic people you know that but you. don't eat
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so we can to dimock but much. of the medical team was so. ill there's work oh yeah let me tell anyone it does it will. also console me as it goes with its own self well from a sale. this is as you saw it up in about all the media to tell you that would be true to keep it to a must. say saw the n.l. city the mail hype was merely dilute characters of it well i it had to do it in their own way material to see him and see. him on your day to me what i said this is a minute how do you do do them do need love for them to need like insurance or whatever . because for this if. it was. deferred it will sound is awful.
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even to the. author of his own to the cockle for me alex has lost it by you going to some it won't it will surface of us you don't own your. own you discovered sits in your court on sydney studio course you're quite right there. have been and like you that got. a major well that made it difficult. when offered them a my memory of it that is from washer comment of a horse who to skipper maariv it to me sure to move it. if a film of a me by his on. it on and off it's a scarf because that interest. because it other than. into the truth there was the. cost to go see.
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my feet at last was a movie. she didn't want to keep. but you see. you know this. i want to subject his office at the close was because an f. missive the more usual was given my figure what i usually watch the dishes was i mean i was. there why because there are notes on some of it. well. when i go on job the kill obama dot com book which was going to kick in on the one volume buster weapon was it says his give a bottle of was that of the. he said the visit of a book with horror. i'm i fear among us who want obscured because.
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that of all is what us as human says c'mon to appreciate. yes you can buy me it did you tom for. son of ochers of pandit high school said it's in the fifteen year. console version of word for it but also look there are people must sample told a cornet lindy to do this along the a formal. so this is just all do you see most of it is does a fish just to listen me as you know spoken this is really you should learn to judge the system from you can't harm is a secret no just will from this weekend house the. other brothers wanted to piss all out they both you know by thought on. it i don renewed the one of this is on of this it it are and. pull me bar liquid it it could feel
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a bottle as if it's a regular venessa to put it in a milf on the from us on the pill who knew a someone else on the likud if we lose it to she did a whore twelve years on four mil club. sivana diploma the sort of shit it does on the form a song for must seek you join if you plan you. just said to soften it you just sit. the book will soon. don't you know make you going to do just that's a simple me. option a did sit still should sit still or could. you all know that i shall your scenes of the longest. though. so sorry. is. that it. is on davis. the
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poor fish with the this is the most visited there on the richter scale. and the most mr defense is a little more warm are they paul paul should do you have a. whole list of. weekends in the. job one up at that time one of the more see the earth and is it just. all. sitting all. going on that they are more vocal or they can show the beats is also part of the bill elisabeth's which should be our version of les which i'm up on from
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a funk more. when me in austin told to jump us who's a visual now before i do for jake the water. so there was a did. michael show you say with every book with us also see the. was he proved a. little more civil society that. look clubs for to come read or heard this were to live for the six. for one belgian it was just a vacation. road where. we knew comp. if there was a. almost it there for us to it's simple it's hard enough. mog
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one must consider. going to suppose one of them just out on the edge of another the . russian portion going to do it before your mother. is just one of the possible magnets that initiated injuries on the committee is what's already in close up in the office as a vision g equip the mojave own sitcom the rest of her. and overthrew the government open judged by our doing to the love you put. in with another since. to the contrary set it right i personally fail. the askin to killfile just solace at the alleged if i should but i. was
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. set up before the do find it hard on the bus i don't cycle but. when i'd imagine it was because cute because of. what i'd look on going to zero mosque. in the west is the exception that it's the. whole american one. on the view to how much was gonna sit your message up or. two to four to skew my doing is he skimmed. for the privilege of medieval christmas for. my desire. which it is male africa. they want to keep the can impossible on this but you know that it is. i mean familia i mean if
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i. wanted africa let us see the beauty. execute the halls a book up of them a book or play. civic to more than what it is to to them it is one of those on the do or those of us a soldier and want to privatize share not wristwatch. their system couldn't buy phones don't go on a two film. compound by doing for me. to do the phone calls. the fuckers are just too big for my. kid and earlier on each of the. city they keep trying to join letterman a cousin belittlement a car the book. it don't put up about just to ensure they didn't weave what i'm going to keep up there are just there are plenty of home guzzle before someone
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cannot even on the edge of a police officer. in the most if they were no one will know who printed. up dollars for the skin a vision of all you know what up with some promote its origin or sit there with never of a border. on cindy meehl took easy but he made survive the joe. he keeps. me sane. well. in to page two says the result of a war. similar to the port of tartus overseas he had been the cost of a move for it to. go straight for the kill quotable so a former potus over the book would also as well as the troops a whole shakti. going to daily beast on show.
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when our son tips he can get it only wanted to go another bottle with us at the pool was down brought home. you feel more comfortable for your loss and all the money like iraqi children. who have attended all the area they'll. love a feat that wasn't c.c.d. if you thought it was allowed i think what i meant. was i sure don't want to the fisa. court probably almost before this is a d. is the bomb the are you really. are these young stars aboard don't. know a fuss estimate of property by any of the polls close by you would know said maziar when i leave. the bush but these are book what are you going now what i mean the board always ready for has it been you could have wanted difference.
9:55 am
to them what all of you should do do well begin to the chief because he. city chiefs incurred while apostleship saucily what isis is. sadr aviv up. or is for the question of us a for for for for love my wife or for services for family. it was that she washed them but i was tempted school feel sample. the. pollution of the feet. one thing if it will do you want as real as. i think the fire has what the majority of it's about up i can tell you but i'll get time in the middle. through this government. civil police also. believe me sources for to see it do
9:56 am
know as well or maybe you. who may have what i want him to mean my care to jeff or whatever. oh yes and what i thought to do in the bar on. the bus was a poor question it is just best to do it ok but as paul colebrook would only do on why they can stop and the welcome a come on board from whatever to. can do testimonies from the binny's women who are staying single longer. what's causing this conscious sensed in a society already be set by religious and social tensions. and are there
9:57 am
implications for the arab world as a whole. by choice or knowledge of the. however weather set fire across the middle east lots of sunshine plenty of showers to further north just around the caucasus just pushing up towards the caspian sea the black sea scattering a shallot has to go on through the next few days and just around the edge of him alas will see some wet weather coming in here on friday forty celsius in baghdad forty one there for kuwait city rather more pleasant twenty seven for beirut twenty nine in jerusalem picking up to thirty three for jerusalem by sas day he starts to ramp up still a few showers there just around the eastern parts of turkey into georgia maybe into azerbaijan armenia could see a little bit of wet weather further south you go with the hot sunshine which stretches its way down across you've been punished i'm hopeful that the northeast
9:58 am
when the wind is off a touch over the next couple of days forty five celsius here in doha maybe a little less warm as we go on into sastre but still quite a came smile you notice always the scope for that lifted dust and not so pleasant him pleasant enough across much of southern africa seen some useful rains little bit of flooding it's pushing its way into the far south of south africa sixteen thousand the cloud in the rain there for cape town on friday we do still need the right don't need to sas day it does look lousy try and that dry weather stretching right up into zimbabwe. from the tropics of southeast asia to the feral islands in the far north that lead to one of the nice meets the women who cross the world for love and stage to change a community on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. on october the sixth one thousand nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria known to surprise war against israel carter's world promoted so to get into the situation of disaster now in the first of the three part series al-jazeera expose what really happened during the first week of the war in october on al-jazeera.
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yemen's who's the rebels file to fight back a saudi ever aussie coalition forces closing in on her day the u.n. says the pull to must be kept open for humanitarian supplies. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha dennis also coming up china says it's ready to respond if the u.s. imposes terrorists on chinese imports. oh yes definitely.


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