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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 165  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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i revels is landholding jordan and israeli occupied golan heights the new york attorney general is suing president trump three of his children and their charitable foundation for allegedly violating state charity law the two point eight million dollar lawsuit alleges the truck foundation engaged in extensive and unlawful coordination with trump's to twenty six teen presidential campaign. that the united nations has warned that a key target on climate change said in the paris agreement will not be met unless rapid and far reaching changes are made in the world's economy is human induced global warming could increase by more than one point five degrees celsius by twenty forty all right you're up to date there is the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oh price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f.
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for help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. and you name intended to end decades of diplomatic deadlock nationalists in greece and macedonia are unhappy at the choice for conflict of macedonia from her start on legacy to modern identity why so much hanging on the name this is the inside story. hello and welcome to the program on one of the problem while the agreement between athens and skopje of a new name for macedonia has been praised internationally it's polarized politics and public opinion in both countries thousands of people in macedonia and greece
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took to the streets of their capitals to protest a deal they say is tantamount to a humiliating defeat a far right a greek newspaper went so far as to run a front page graphic showing greece's prime minister foreign minister and president being shot by firing squad for treason and the agreement has left both governments on shaky ground. has more from the greek capital athens. the conservative opposition leader in athens has called this a bad agreement he believes that accepting the master in language in the master and in ethnicity are simply not acceptable national concessions that is what he said in a statement after the agreement was outlined by the prime minister he believes also that the government doesn't have the political legitimacy to conclude this agreement internationally because it is not supported by the government's junior coalition partner without that partner the government doesn't have a majority in parliament over in scope here the president to go get it done of said
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he would not sign this agreement if parliament passed it and sent it to his office for counter signature but that is not the intention of prime ministers or in several macedonia what he has said he intends to do is put the agreement to a referendum by the people if that is successful he would then ask parliament to make necessary constitutional amendments which would accommodate the agreement therefore the president would no longer have any constitutional grounds for rejecting it but a quick look at the beginnings of this long running dispute shows how much names and symbols really matter when it comes to issues of national identity between the end of world war two and the early one nine hundred ninety s. macedonia was one of six republics comprising the former federal republic of yugoslavia problems with athens began when it declared independence in one nine hundred ninety one under the name the republic of macedonia greece immediately opposed it eventually force in skopje to be represented at the un under the title
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former yugoslav republic of macedonia athens view was that its neighbors choice of name was unveiled challenge to greek sovereignty over its northern province that's also called macedonia. well let's bring in our guests now joining us from sculpture is body and your bernard ski chief editor of nova t.v. in athens panels political analyst and journalist and from chapel hill in the u.s. state of north carolina is dimitar becerra nonresident senior fellow at the atlantic council and a research fellow at the university of north carolina chapel hill a very warm welcome to all of you mr gavin else q let me start with you more than a quarter of a century has passed without athens and skopje settling their differences so why have these two leaders prime minister process and desire have been able to come to an agreement now. well. we hope the message noir side the
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prime minister ziad i think that after twenty five years being in a deadlock and being kind of course. and not being able to go further within the process of the european integration i think it was a it was a very it was a an imperative or a need in the necessity for for the new government to find a way out of the blockade that greek greek side imposed in. macedonia and towards the european integration process is in twenty five years the past twenty five years was not you have tried many of tentative feet if i may say so but it was almost impossible to go further so we passed through the very difficult period of ten years being gunder the. far right of the
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ruling party and had a kind of how to retire ian regime so it was really an s.s.d. to find out it and to. defy that strategy and how to progress further toward it appeared integration processes so. to simply it was really necessary to find a solution we have greece in order to for more let's go to our guest joining us from the great capital athens mr paul is i guess why haven't the greeks allowed macedonians to call themselves whatever they want as we had from our correspondent in athens the greek opposition leader mr katas has said that the acceptance of the macedonian language and nationality is an unacceptable national threat why do they see it that way why do they see macedonians calling themselves that
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a national threat to greece. i think it's mostly a matter of conflicting national narratives bore on both sides or on north of our border people or some people part of the population have come to believe that the whole of much the doing is heritage including ancient macedonia which was quite clearly ethnically greek is part of their own heritage and on this side of the border greeks. have come to deny the fact that in recent centuries musta done as a geographical entity has been an ethnic was a hosting greek ethnic ethnic greeks ottomans slavs and. as a result the claims yaps to then what the greeks considered to be
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their own national heritage by the use of the name macedonia and also by some hyperboles i suppose some excesses like. claiming the heritage of alexander the great who was an ethnic greek all this has come to. to be received doesn't spread by a very large part of the of the greek population it's not a matter of being literally afraid that one of these days some of the greek territory will be under military threat from anyone it's a matter of. receiving one of the claims from the former yugoslav republic of macedonia as an insult to our own national heritage listing of an ascii does macedonia have claims on more than just greek heritage or what the greeks say is their heritage you know doesn't have as some greek suspect at least ever dentist claims on that weak province of macedonia and you know has the appropriation office
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like alexander the great. eight reinforced fia's in a region that has been primed to shift in what is. till two thousand and eight. almost sure that there was no such a claim except some some statement of some nationalist but two thousand and eight. momentum when greece block. must donia to join nita in some summit there was not such a claim it's true that since two thousand and eight the nationalists go to rebellion the government of mr ski. he started the so-called process of. it means he has. built a lot of monuments of alexander the great. his whole family for me you know very
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teaching way destroying even if you architecture over of the of the capital scope yet and pretending this way that we are a part of the hell any history which worth you know we rejected by the big part of the population but it's true that the terrier government of whisky gave many arguments to the greek nationalist to say that we would like a way to steal the greek hellenic history and we under the previous on the main. being named after alexander the great the main expressway running through the country named after alexander the great i'd like to bring i guess to capitol hill and now mr better of has this dispute been damaging to both countries other than it
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getting in the way of macedonia joining the european union and nato. it's been much more damaging from us a lot of greeks i mean frankly greece has had many other problems on its hands and was happy with the status quo but as my friend borat you've asked pointed out muscle only has been in a limbo because a funny thing the blockage has helped prime minister risky the former chief of cabinet to concentrate polities hansen to build this chronicon a me and to engage in high level corruption and the loses have been the ordinary citizens and scoping. out of places across possible any sort of the sad fact of the symbol hopefully i'll have a breakthrough so what will that mean then mystery of the north for the referendum will macedonians as mr better call them you know the losers in this limbo will they
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pass this agreement in the referendum do you think well it's a very good question it's what is important right now to see what what decision it will be taken in during the european council on the end of dismount. nobody is happy in macedonia with the fact that we have to accept changing of the name but on the other hand the big part of population is aware and of course is that we can't stay in this limbo and that we need to go further we need the process of european integration now the big question is how do your people councils going to react on the agreement reached between. scorpion others it's very important that the council is going to take a decision to allow macedonia to start the negotiations with the european
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union. that's that's the let's say the general. motif or the big part of. the population to accept the agreement with greece and so and so far both the european council president donald tusk and the nato secretary general yen stoltenberg have in a very enthusiastically welcomed this agreement but mr polys i guess what about greek politicians we know that prime minister alexis tsipras is for this but he has a lot of opposition and this does need to get through the greek parliament doesn't it it does indeed yes look generally. people tend to think that a fair solution is one that vindicates them on all points of course really the truth is that a good solution is a compromise solution and there will be points lost on both sides and that these i
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think a valid observation for both countries as for greece now. there is a bit of a paradox because the governing coalition is split the major coalition party the seat is a left wing syriza are all in favor of the. agreement that this preliminary agreement they are the ones who brokered it after all the junior coalition partner right wing independent greeks are dead against it and they have made it absolutely clear that they're going to vote against it in the parliament and in order for this agreement to be ratified by the greek parliament some votes from the opposition will be needed the first indications that we have from conservative opposition are quite negative in fact the leader of new democracy the conservative opposition party. give you a question which i thank you says tabled a motion of no confidence against the government declaring as unacceptable some of
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the provisions of the preliminary agreement namely the recognition of a muster dony an ethnicity and of a must have done in language it remains to be seen i think that pakistan the conservatives are in a in their position of political awkwardness yeah because on the one hand they have been advocating and working towards a solution for many years and they would like they are noting that greece's partners and allies in the european and union union and nato are quite as you just said enthusiastic about the agreement on the other hand michel thank yous has to face. is coming up against the fact that a lot a large part of his own party membership and following are against as solution that would allow the use of the name macedonia as the official name of the country in
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any form so he is really between they're all going to place yet and there's so much opposition to this i want to go back to bet you haven't talked about the about the opposition that's coming from within methadone you know where we've had the president say that that he is not going to agree to this does it need the president's approval mr batch of well as the opening intro of the adult if there is a referendum. it can go around it and i mean frankly mr ivana has tried to play obstructionist for a long time just to bring a story back last year a hue was overstepping his constitutional mandate refusing to bust the investiture to mr. saw the skids his way of asserting himself. to be back his juice to the main party that appointed him but at the end of day if
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the people of that citizen speak uls and ratify this treaty it's true referendum and they'll be very little to do and it will be good at last. and it's interesting the days in sofia in bulgaria where he tried to got us of support from the bogan leader. but i think he was told to sort of your stance run by the agreement and suppress well i think someone who is supporting the macedonian president on this is actually the hungary and prime minister viktor orban who is calling on that main opposition party that the president as aligned to and who was previously in power amp. fight what he's calling an externally and imposed compromise why is the i'm hungry and prime minister weighing in on this mr better well viktor orban has been an ally of the folo much longer and prime minister.
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nicola gross ski who he credits with. helping him tackled a migration crisis two thousand and fifteen two thousand and sixteen but more broadly orbit is exploring exploiting all the opportunities to present himself as the new rising star of their european center right it's not just mustard on here we've seen one of his allies. get a getting lots of volts and they bring in next door slovenia. so arbonne has a lot longer game to play in that the you level as the voice of conservative nationalists against. what you might call the liberal side of the. political spectrum. and he is trying to get some but didn't order the situation right so as we have. as we can see
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a lot of opposition as we've already discussed there is a lot of support for this as well mr haven't ask him why is this so important to the e.u. and tomato of macedonia's. you know it's a part of the of the balkans it's a very complicated region if i may say are also macedonia has completed its structure most of them is a multi-ethnic multicultural multi religious. society so the only let's say who has the force to bring together and to to keep together macedonia as a as a search is the idea of be integrated within the european in to eat up in union and to do joint need of that letter of very important condition for. be part of the population of
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ethnic obedience who are really wanted to see but don't you have to be to be part of the of european. union so that's the only because if forced right now for macedonia to do to keep macedonia as a such otherwise if we still see out of the european union eat could. in the foreseeable future we we could he have a serious problem to keep must don't is such and mr pot is itis what this integration also allow you know the west to claim victory in a sort of stand off we're saying at the moment against russia i think in terms of. in geopolitical terms yes mustard is the focus of
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a perceived. perceived. fight over it including russia including turkey so. there appears to be a lot of interest in trying to influence that country and if the country joins the european institutions and obviously the north atlantic treaty that more or less will be the end of that fight and in a comical terms i think. it will be quite beneficial for greece as well as the very many greeks who believe that instead of fighting over that name we should find a neutral acceptable solution and keep doing business with these people to both to the benefit of both sides so and that's a obviously a pragmatic view having said that i believe that.
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the end of the day the greek parliament will ratify and this is only a guess of course but i i think i have a feeling that we have a problem and will ratify the preliminary agreement this should happen and should the parliament in scorpion nor ratify the area meant greece at least will have scored some very important international goodwill points it will have offered a solution. even if it was not accepted by the other side mystifies and as you just answered the question my last question that i was going to ask so let me put it to our other two guests davis have becerra do you think that the greek parliament and that macedonia will be able to pass this agreement in a referendum and get it through. i'm very hopeful that a deal today a reason to prevail. but still my gut feeling is. that
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the bulls and greece's courts and i'm really encouraged that missed the policy it is things that. the press will get it through. very much incumbent on the opposition. on the kind of liberal forces that are not part of this government to be responsible because a the end of the big three stands to benefit just a person not a guild i remember in the worst days of the dispute in the early ninety's businessmen in the saloniki the main city of modern greece including a friend of mine had to do business truth can physically norway to reach the market in mustard bania because there was an embargo and things were really tough between copy enough and i don't think we're back to those days but. the last mile not and hopefully will be political foresight in both places and we will see the deal true because there is of course so much at stake mr you have an oscar let me give
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you the last word why do you think. well i'm sure in the hope of my head better yes it will be it will be a difficult. to do. the adoption of the agreement or even the parliament have in mind the opposition all of the opposition party and the president even of and the very difficult sequences in which this party is right now having in mind that. the former leader of this part of the former prime minister is he has to explain himself in front of the court for for many. for many charges related to the to the corruption and many. level people who are highly recommend people in this party are also in the same problem and in a way they see process as
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a possibility to reach and i'm listed for what they what they what they what they did in the past so it's a bit there is a political sale and i did have ten seconds of yes i. yes i believe we are going to do do do have this agree be adopted in the parliament or right that is. in scope to thank you to all of our guests you have an all skate and sculpey. it is an athens and david have becerra in north carolina and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. and i'd story for me elizabeth and the whole team here by for that.
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speak stories generate thousands of headlines cooperate with different angles from different perspectives we. are still more concrete evidence that russia was responsible for the separate the spin from the facts that's why on god's. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. cape town's water running out city or storage he said people should use no more than fifty liters of time water per person per day. about the third of the city's residents live in informal settlements like this one and you can see in about four percent of the water with the generations they've already being collecting it communal taps.
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these say the city will reach daisy on the ninth of july that's when they'll turn off the water in the homes to have it be the communal council stay on. the city's taps the fed by reservoirs this is one of the largest. because they'll gallop where four years ago they would have been on the twenty five meters of water since then the province has suffered the worst droughts on record. to saving measures already postponed a zero by three months everyone here is hoping the winter will see bring enough rainfall to make sure they never come. a new series of rewind a can bring your people back to life i'm sorry and bring you updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues. to. use distance rewind continues with australia's last generation of recovery from. is
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a really important issue suicide writes do a mind very high twice the national average rewind on al-jazeera. yemen's who the rebels vile to fight back his troops supported by the saudi emira coalition closing in on the data. hello i'm michelle without their life from also coming out beijing says it's ready to respond if the u.s. imposes terrorists on chinese imports. fronts and israel is leaders that you should meet in paris to iron out differences on the refugee crisis. and the united nations
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warns global warming is still reaching dangerously high levels.


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