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tv   Looking For Love In The Faroes  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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take a cold for a twenty four hour strike streets in the capital managua deserted as protesters manned barricades one hundred sixty one people have been killed in two months of unrest protests initially began over social security cards but expanded into demands for all take to quit the new york attorney general is suing president trump three of his children and their charitable foundation for allegedly violating state charity law the two point eight million dollar lawsuit alleges the trump foundation in gauged an extensive and unlawful coordination with trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign trump himself dismissed the case on twitter calling it politically motivated coming up next it's one one east. the i.m.f. said riyadh's breakeven oil price twenty eighteen is likely to be around eighty eight dollars a barrel why is argentina again turning to the i.m.f.
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to help now we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. the remote windswept feral islands are a world away from tropical southeast asia. but hundreds of asian women are moving to ease some park the islands between norway and iceland amid a shortage of local women. i'm steve cho on this episode a one on one east we meet those traveling to the far reaches of the earth to look for look. at first sight the faroe islands make your heart skip a beat. secluded in the north atlantic ocean
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it's striking mountains a cloaked in fog there's not a tree or a person inside it hard to imagine for someone from the philippines and. oldish know who else. close the house this is just thinking. many have never heard about this tiny country at the door of the arctic circle especially in tropical thailand when i told my friend that i going to be unfair and they say why you go to keep. your. home to only fifty thousand people and eighty thousand sheep. it's also cold and wet. and the strain. a lot. and in darkness for more than half of the year. went.
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blooming. everything it's like. because we come from one country and big country and then here is so small. but stay a while and something happens in a place that seems like it's on the edge of the earth women from a finding something they yearn for. i've come to find out what it is it's. hundreds of women from asia moving to the faroe islands and being from a warm climate myself i can understand how they survive one long dark winter let alone the rest of their lives. they marry far always men often who they know
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little about but don't assume they aren't in charge of their destinies to find love you have to take a risk. just a local running stop the pride of the islands and of his parents mary joyce and damn thompson. mary joyce was one of the first filipinos to move to the faroe islands fifteen years ago. so. a man. right in the philippines in two thousand and two dad had written her love like his for two years after seeing a photo of mary joy babysitting her cousin's children because they had also married
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a fire always mad. yass my address and started right first it was an introduction of him. and single and the is where they own the house then all the. trying to sell himself. one day decided to come to philippines and oh yeah he proposed to me and he wants to get married and what did you think when your fifth or him. it's into the same man as the peace chairman. ten days after arriving in the philippines they were husband and wife. right. thanks so
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much. so thanks yes twenty. yeah but it's ok. thanks. to the little. fish thank. you. from billy knowing each other to today i've come a long way i got in. there and everybody knew what i brought up. and along with their athletics on hand and they have two of the children who's twelve and daniel eight. i'm tagging along on this excursion while the
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boys try to catch lunch. with one camera. dan can trace his ancestry in the fact. the islands back to eight hundred fifty. they fished in these waters and they were the last and. like most here he's a man of few words what made you want to go all the way. to primary. school. so. why did you.
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think. he must have said something right because. i think so. because with. nothing. the fish aren't biting today and when it comes to my questions neither is dan. very pricey.
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despite our best efforts at fishing we returned home empty handed but luckily mary joy had defrosted the last catch just in case so what's in the sauce. you know it's not you also oh it's daniel so that if it weren't so ok and that's not all they've been cooking up and you're pregnant you're expecting well oh. yeah in january yeah. it's. going to help with anything. it's not so hard ok thank you. oh that's right. you can for long we're doing. that so it's. kind of a merry joy is clearly at home in the faroe islands. she speaks fluent far always went to university here and works as a supervisor at an afterschool program for children and teenagers how hard is the
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language it's very hard. to borrow the different language. from different languages. and it's not all the time that google translate for king at this i think you're very busy to do that. and treat children where calls on how. and where do you work when they met work at sea on a fishing boat trip to the philippines to meet mary joy with us first to asia. oh it was like a. bunch of. us amazing. now he works for the faroe islands and tricity company so that he can be with the family at home. because his very good oh thank you i'm very lucky to have because he helped
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a lot of home so unless i'll not be here so what's the main difference between filipino men and fairies man filipino. oh man they're my apart call their fathers the head of the family. and all but here it's more equality we both decided to be able to. marry joy also wanted more opportunities than the philippines could offer. is your life now what you imagined it would be or is it and that different. all us that they had a. couple of. women like mary joyful feel a big need on the faroe islands over the last decades young women have been leaving
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in droves. i. limited opportunities and a limited gene pool have meant that they have gone abroad preferring more choice in life and lot. there are now fifteen hundred fewer women than men between the ages of eighteen and sixty so how do the men feel about it. i. feel cold but is my guide to the fire always my own mind is open to the growth of the here or you who is of course. with all we're going to have.
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a journalist and a local rock star finn is one of the most eligible bachelors on the island. he says he's not worried about a shortage of women he's not looking for love but he wouldn't mind a female touch. perfect bachelor pad or you know almost the same process this will really watch much more cos it's a bit better. than i did someone to know that correct with the correct dose weight loss weight and. i'm not really that's one thing ok. leaving my broom behind i take up fitness offer to visit his bachelor pad.
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it's a glorious evening drive. during summer in the faroe islands daylight stretches for twenty hours. when the fog lifts the scenery is breathtaking. i'm looking forward to hearing more about what the modern family's man looks for in an ideal woman. yeah. oh thank you this is the battle of how this is the best. finish says he hasn't tried to find a woman from asia but he knows many men who have nice view if the women are and it's difficult yeah you can invent a woman so yeah you have to find women elsewhere and the easiest way is. the asian countries. yes welcome to my terrace he describes
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a trend among men his age to look for a match online i have a friend who got this heart broken by a fairways woman and he just said i have had enough so we went on the internet and agency for women of the philippines and he found himself a philippine girl and half. yeah six months later she she was in the very ones and they live happily she doesn't speak for you so i am talk to her but he's found love and it's more simple simple life what do you mean by the simple life you know where. i live where we're. bit more old fashioned where we're there where there's. the man role where the man works if he works and he makes the all the money and and she is at home
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making making him dinner and breakfast and. cleaning sort of traditional role exactly how to disenroll what do you think about the women coming here how do you think they see themselves in the society here you know it's very difficult because. especially the women from from asia they don't really have a voice here in the fire lines we don't hear what they think that much we don't hear them in the media but you know the media yeah. try yeah. and also. it's very easy for the media to you know just go after the bad stories you know the problems but there are really. many love stories out there really are . to find out if that's true i'm missing some of the faroe islands new
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female residents mary joyce was one of only a few foreigners when she arrived today there are nearly three hundred women from asia living here. i know here. that i know mary jo introduces me to his circle and i learned that as well as her cousin. and her mother have also married fairways men since she moved. and so this is your mother and that's it. do you like living here yeah the spirit was. peaceful. so it's like a family reunion. the most common way for women to me to far away is man i discover isn't through the internet but through other family members we have stories to your sisters. are you married to brothers.
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unfortunately first as well brother. i think first your beliefs that are oh. we have a friend i have this. it's all started. off and the women moving to the faroes are not young brides but women who are marrying a second time and starting afresh and so you've got your children yeah yeah and to them i could hear. in the. war. and my. you know. i'm touched by the honesty of grace who came here six years ago to begin a new life with her family as husband lisa was. always asking me
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oh you write me. every night joyce. six years now. there. it was you don't know what's up and right what about love over love. what this love. love is so. sacrifice and. let these women rely on each other for moral support friendship and help navigating their new country it's not always easy but they're happy here and feel it's a good place to raise their children here is we have or see. this. here and no one locks the doors in the oval. the far east. northeast. of you. make me feel
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a little spot on i still. have a fair. but sometimes they can be trouble in paradise. in the village of hosts week i meet. from thailand for me my experience of my ex is not not least. ten years ago she met a fair always man through a friend didn't thailand she moved here and they married did you think it was going to be like a fairy tale i was thinking life before i moved here i was thinking like that it should be like a dream or something because. i watch t.v.
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so much television so much. that we have that picture in man like it's going to be like la but when i. been here. everything to us like it's a very. numb phone is careful what she says her relationship ended badly and the faroe islands is a small place. might not work out so me and my man is not work out about so really well. but instead of going back to thailand now i'm from decided to stay and build a new life on her own. stand up for myself the strong from a sale and i bought a house and my car and i have a good job i have a beautiful kid. her daughter natasha is four and her son joseph is not.
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numb from his mother sister and niece a visitor to the summer holidays it's the first time she's had them here in her new home. i remembered that. they call me they say now you get a visa so you can stay here then i go bank and asking can you open it for me because. i want to work and asking where to fish company told me to fish company that way and then i just go out and start walking to the weed it taught me i give you a job yeah they give me a job and how did you. own eyes. she's worked her way up left the fish factory and is now a manager at a local food business my finally feels good again i can say is my home.
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because every day i want happy i have like beautiful kid and good job i can minute myself i can take my sail what would you tell a woman who's thinking of moving to the faroe islands if i can tell them i want to stay in this country's ready beautiful and then people. but if you want to run. it's a good idea that. you want to spend and learn. while longer you can then you can decide if everything is not what you have to be like a strong woman is a very hard time for you to start everything alone. the faroe islands is a place where the course of life has always been certain. to
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shine often or a good time against i want you to stay and. change. yes in. a place where each generation mocks the passing of the one before. a place where tradition matters. like the national festival. which brings everyone out to the streets to celebrate the long bright summer nots. as they have for generations the rowans who did battle at c o.
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f. and the runners compete on the land. but take a look at the winner of the i'm to seventeen it's hands ellen thompson a sign that things are changing on the faroe islands. in this small confident country disagree. a strikingly absent. women from asia get more than a husband or a family they become part of a tribe. perhaps that is why they stay even if things go wrong. against the odds in the most unlikely destination they find a place in the hots. china
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. has become famous for its large number. one hundred. one of. the region hold the secrets to a long. business updates to you by. going places together.
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business updates to you by. going places together. in nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria known to surprise more against israel out of israel permitted so to get into this situation our disaster now in the first of the three part series al-jazeera explores what really happened during the first week of the war in october on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera where every year. this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. the battle for the data the who feeds a rally that supporters honors the u.s. refuses an end there are to the request the reconnaissance details. also the growing dissent behind the smiles how france and italy a falling out over a migrant rescue ship forced to head to spain. meanwhile oxfam raises the alarm
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over the alleged mistreatment of unaccompanied child migrants in northern italy.


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