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this is al-jazeera. alarms the whole robin you're watching out there and use our live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes there's no trade war says donald trump after the u.s. announces tariffs on tens of billions of dollars worth of imports from china. also the french and italian leaders meet in paris after days of disagreement over my current. course including egypt to kick off their world cup campaign with our player mohammed on the bench i have the very latest from europe coming up in the news hour
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. to the news the u.s. has a new round of tariffs on chinese imports worth about fifty billion dollars now the trade representative's office says a twenty five percent duty will be slapped on more than one thousand chinese products it will happen in two phases with the first round coming into force on july the sixth china's commerce ministry took just a few minutes to respond warning of tariff measures of similar size and intensity well joining me now from washington d.c. is our correspondent allan fish i mean how are the u.s. really justifying the move allan considering they said that they wanted to pull back from sort of any financial confrontation with the chinese because of their involvement in the recent north korea talks. exactly and you'll remember that it
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was just at the end of last month that steve miller who was the treasury secretary said that the trade war with china had been put on hold for the time being and then donald trump said no that's not the case so the chinese have been slightly concerned there are mixed messages coming out of the trumpet ministration there are mechanisms for avoiding trade disputes like this it's called the world trade organization the united states could easily go there and say look we have a problem with what the chinese are doing but that decided to impose these tariffs the chinese have said look we don't want to respond but we will and there is an interest among economists who believe that because the communist party has its hand on so many of the levers of economic development and economic expansion in china that they might be able to weather this storm slightly better than the u.s. so they don't see this as an entirely good idea no we'll get more details we're told next week of the exact product lines are going to be impacted but it's
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expected that the tech sector will be towards the top of the list just in the last hour or so we've been hearing from senior figures in the tech industry say this is a really bad idea we don't want this to happen because all this will do is punish american consumers it will make computers more expensive it will make foreigners more expensive it will make televisions more expensive you get the gist of where they're going with this and so they think that this is an incredibly by the idea and the u.s. should pull back donald trump who has been speaking but a very very long time about what he sees as the massive trade imbalance between the united states and china he promised on the campaign he was going to fix it he's promised in the white house that he's going to fix it that's where he's headed with this and of course he's heading also really in theory with a trade war with the e.u. they've also confirmed that they're going to start setting their terrorist roughly by the end of june early july a verbal war with canada and mexico through the nafta deal i mean the u.s. is firing on all fronts and upsetting all of its longstanding allies for the sake
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of the economy. exactly and there are people who will say that while the economy looks good there is a bit of a bubble there at the moment is certainly the trade war with the e.u. is a concern a trade war with canada right on their own border is a big concern as well justin trudeau has said he's going to continue to do what he thinks is best for canadian consumers all of this while the renegotiating nafta which is the deal which involves the united states canada and mexico but just going back to the chinese sanctions for sort of the chinese trade tariffs for a moment people are concerned why he's suddenly doing this no and there is a train of thought that suggests that donald trump feel slightly emboldened by what happened in singapore that before china was needed to try and keep north korea and checked particularly when it came to its nuclear ambitions he no believes that he's built up this group relationship with the north korean leader praising him again
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this morning just in the last half hour on an interview on american television because he believes that he maybe perhaps no longer needs the pode of china when it comes to dealing with north korea he feels emboldened to take this step on trade or leave it there for of course come back to you for more reaction in the coming hours allan thank you well to our other top story it's an issue that's dividing a continent whether to regulate or simply bar refugees from seeking shelter in europe governments have been critical of each other while in some cases partners in shaky ruling coalitions have been speaking in different voices italy's prime minister is in paris meeting with the french president both agree for the need for a new initiatives on immigration after a war of words over rome's refusal to accept a migrant rescue ship but this comes as a report by the charity oxfam says child refugees are being abused detained and illegally sent back to italy by french border guards in germany there's a possible major split there coming between chancellor angela merkel's christian
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democrats and its very and sister party the. social union which wants to refuse entry to people who've already made asylum claims elsewhere in europe something that chancellor merkel rejects completely well who will be course joining dominic cain our correspondent is standing by in berlin but let's start and go to paris when the team barb our correspondent is there we were expecting a press conference shortly between president macron prime minister conte it's been a quite of fraught relationship and it's the first time they're meeting. that's right so in the last week there's been a war of words between paris and rome after italy suggested a statement from the italian prime minister's office suggested but. sorry the french prime minister's office suggesting that italy had reacted irresponsibly and with cynicism by turning away the aquarius the n.-g. o.
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rescue boat carrying over six hundred migrants the boat which is now a. volunteer in spain a couple of days after it was sent to turned away from italy. the route started and the talian interior minister mark vaile salvini head of the right wing league a well known anti migration campaigner previously said that he wanted an apology from france all this summer to the elysee palace should not happen while it is of course happening after a phone call from president emanuel my call wednesday night he didn't apologize but he made it clear that he didn't mean to insult italy or the italian people now the italian government have been pointing out that in the last. six months or so from the beginning of this year until the thirty first of may they say that france turned away ten thousand people push them back over the border from france into italy suggesting that france isn't taking its fair share pointing out that under
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a quota system reaching twenty fifteen at the height of the migrant flow france promised to take in around nine thousand people just from italy and they've only taken in around six hundred so really pointing the finger back at france and saying you are not being fair on us this all points towards a europe wide solution a europe wide look at these problems we haven't heard exactly what what material suggestions they might be discussing but we hope to hear from them in the next half an hour or so indeed they will go straight to the press covers when it does up at the moment. deme thank you let's cross over the french border to germany and to burley where daughter kane is standing by immigration is a credibly hot topic at the moment in germany a war that's been rumbling across europe for the past few years chancellor merkel is in the thick of it her political reputation and future depends on the next perhaps few hours or even days. the point to make
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here is that she must be surprised by the the strength of the opposition to the position that she has had for some time regarding immigration regarding the fate of asylum seekers in this country that she is receiving from her historically very close allies the christian social union party of bavaria the federal interior minister mr hoffa horse to her for who is effectively the leader of that party in one sense he is determined that this country that germany should return to the rules that pertained before i'm going to merkel open the borders to many refugees in the summer of two thousand and fifteen she does not want that to happen nor to other coalition partners the social democrats but in the course of the last twenty four thirty six hours a storm has erupted around what she's prepared to do what the christian social union is prepared to do and to make things more complicated for her in the space of the next half an hour forty five minutes parliament will be holding a special session that's been called by the free democrats the liberal party is
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there no which is looking to examine what the details are of mr hoffa's plan this migration plan which is effectively to turn the clock back and to deny access to germany to people. we seem to have lost dominic that i think got the general gist of the conversation we will be going back to paris when that press conference happens between the italian prime minister and the french president let's move on though the head of the pakistani taliban has been killed in the u.s. in afghanistan by a u.s. drone strike. was responsible for a number of high profile attacks including the shooting of the schoolgirl malala yousafzai in twenty twelve but he died in a targeted strike apparently on wednesday in the afghan province of coon of victoria gay can be as more. was at the top of pakistan's most wanted list as leader of the pakistani taliban he was new tourist in his attacks including
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one on a school impish shower in twenty fourteen that killed a hundred and fifty one people many of them children two years previously he. lives i she was shot in the head by tell me about how fine it is but they've survived and was later and loaded the nobel peace prize. and then he met fuzz lula say he was one close and radical and i'm coming here. as well often direct wonderland and daily emotional the pakistani state and now education in the polio vaccine. i'm warning the people of swat to stay away from the security forces otherwise they alone will be responsible we also want the people not to buy land from the local landlords otherwise the alone will be accountable for as little a broadcast daily sermons on illegal radio stations and use them to spread his message it and him the nickname mullah radio. grew up in the mountainous
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what valley and spent years as head of the region's pakistani taliban before taking over as leader from hacky minima sued in twenty thirty first luna is believed to have been operating from hideouts in the forests of eastern afghanistan he'd been falsely reported killed on numerous occasions. but the pakistani taliban is separate from the afghan taliban which is currently engaged in a ceasefire with the afghanistan government victoria gate and b. al-jazeera is closer to all correspondence while hide a study by the pakistani capital islamabad but first let's go to jennifer glass in kabul in afghanistan jennifer just bring us up to speed on the exact circumstances of this strike and what officials there are saying about it. well when the strike took place late on wednesday night u.s. forces confirming that they were targeting a leader of what they say was
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a known terrorist group they will not say they did not name all of us love by name the afghan defense ministry though does say that mullah fazlullah was killed and cannot provide that province in that u.s. drone strike of course it's very difficult to confirm who has a remote province it's contested territory a number of anti-government groups operating there with the pakistani taliban being one of them it's very mountainous territory difficult to get to it's on the border so it's very difficult to know that you exactly confirm these kind of strikes we've had these reports before and so that nato and the u.s. the head of u.s. forces will not say that they confirmed the killing but they will confirm that they did carry out of that drone strike late on wednesday night in kunar province well let's see what more confirmation comes out in the coming hours thank you jennifer let's cross over to islamabad no. joins me from the pakistani capital and of course . while he may have died apparently in afghanistan many of his violent actions
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occurred across the border where you are in pakistan in the northwest of the country where he had a very solid grip on power in those very autonomous tribal areas. absolutely you remember you were there in seven and swapped around the dollar bond that's why did. they were led by my love. swat valley. even here. and eduardo indeed a time when he'd go on the security force suicide or tag beheading and we're going . to be on telly were driven out by a major military operation in two thousand and nine well of course we'll leave it there for now come all and of course come back to you when we get confirmation as well. thank you very much. still ahead here on al-jazeera is it news are
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celebrating while under siege by palestinians in gaza. the. united nations warns boba warming is still reaching dangerously high levels. and the world cup gets ready for an iberian darby joe will have all of those details in sports. the leader of humans who the rebels is calling on his supporters to fight back against sanity and the rotty backed government forces who are closing in on the port city of data the un security council which discussed the battle on thursday says the data should remain open for humanitarian deliveries lower birth mentally has been. yemen's port city have had a bustling with people buying food on thursday but this is also a city bracing for a heavy bombardment and. people here have been really living unemployment data
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there are no jobs a person you know works to earn his daily living there will be a big crisis if the fight she moved into the city and. with poverty and hunger. residents will be victims people are dying from hunger the country will be destroyed. the coalition has captured a town south of the data as fierce fighting and as strikes pound the area the un security council has held two closed door meetings this week both concluding that the only solution to the crisis is a political and not a military one the u.a.e. ambassador says there are ships on standby to supply her data once the military operation and even our ships just see waiting so we have a fright we have a very we're very well organized and we are ready to. every assistance
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for. the council will meet for further discussions on monday but many analysts agree that a basket of her data would not draw yemen's three year war closer to an end. supposing that there will be a successful sort of military takeover of data many questions remain what will happen to other parts of the country you know what will happen to who will run how data what will happen to you know the deep divides among among yemenis i think that you know it's important to recognize that who sees as as a political actor as they were back in two thousand and thirteen fourteen. as saudi led coalition forces a military victory over the strategic port the formerly exiled president of a drop of months a hearty has arrived in the southern city of aden for the first time since february two thousand and seventeen to oversee the operations. but the un want the attack on how data could kill up to a quarter of
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a million people and shut down the main route for food and humanitarian aid to the rest of the country this would have a devastating impact on survival of a population already teetering on the brink of famine nor about him only algis there are now the u.s. says we quote firm and appropriate measures against the syrian government for violations of a deescalation zone in the south worst president bashar al assad's forces have recovered much of the country's territory but one of the areas still controlled by rebels is the land bordering jordan and israeli occupied the golan heights a deescalation deal brokered by russia u.s. and jordan last year has contained the fighting but the assad government has to reclaim every inch of syrian territory. the trump administration has released over six and a half million dollars in aid for his ations in syria including the white helmets rescue group but as roslyn jordan explains it's a fraction of what washington and this should be promised. on thursday the trumpet
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ministration announced that it would be dispersing six point six million dollars to the syrian white helmets those are the volunteers who have been trying to provide emergency medical care to the people caught in the cross-fire of the little seven year old syrian civil war this money is going to be just burst legally to accounts that the white helmets can access so that they can buy emergency medical equipment and supplies however this is a far cry from the two hundred million dollars which the u.s. had pledged to provide to emergency relief groups earlier this year just before he was fired as secretary of state rex tillerson made the two hundred million dollar pledge any funding conference for the syrian people however the trumpet ministration shortly thereafter said that as part of its strategy to not be as
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involved in syria as it has been in the past that it was going to freeze that two hundred million dollars pledge the six point six million announced on thursday is less than three percent of that figure on thursday as it happens the u.n. special envoy for syria stefan dema stora indicated that he would soon be meeting with officials from a number of countries including the us in order to talk about the way to try to resolve the civil war through peace talks he did not however talk about the emergency funding going to the white helmets but one point that demo store did make two reporters in geneva on thursday is that he's not optimistic that a peaceful solution can be found quickly but that he said that after four years of being in the job he feels a compulsion to try to make peace possible for the syrian people. muslims around the world all celebrating either to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan. all
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. in indonesia many gathered in mosques across the country for eve prayers every year muslims observe ramadan by fasting from dawn to dusk in egypt did coincides with the country's first appearance on the football world cup since one nine hundred ninety and the atmosphere in the capital's main square is festive with many holding the national flag the palestinians in gaza either is also a reminder of being under siege this holiday marks the beginning of the twelfth year of the israeli blockade iran can't let families who are struggling to celebrate under very difficult conditions. emerge a bed that gets his children ready for the religious festival of ied that follows a month of thought they headed to pray and to listen to speeches by representatives of hamas the defacto power here in gaza. imad lives near the border with israel but has never left. since march thirtieth he is taking
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part in and he's really protests along that border and seen many of his friends and neighbors injured by israeli snipers and to gas this eat coincides with the start of the twelfth year these really laid siege along. that god willing we hope that by the end of the protest we achieve our goal of lifting the siege and we wish the israelis will accept our demand to lift the siege and give palestinian people our rights. a must representative. is the deputy to smell funny at the political bureau chief of the mouse he delivers an impassioned speech criticizing israel for his actions and accusing it of targeting civilians journalists and medics during the protests. imad and an average ten dollars a week when he can get work he doesn't think politicians will change very much along the land in that video yet by god the speech doesn't change the reality things on the ground change reality and we're changing things by protesting we want
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to change we want to achieve our goals. prepares to celebrate traditionally a time for family and friends but he worries about his children's future. falsely what we've seen over the last few years we see war then cease fire then they announce there might be a solution we become optimistic but then things get worse then there's a new war hope these protests will give hope to our children. imad plans to rejoin the protests and continue to demand the lifting of the siege and to fight the palestine in the hopes that his and other's lives will improve about family is typical of many gazan residents according to the palestinian bureau of statistics some fifty three percent of people live in poverty that's over a million people despite all the challenges he faces is determined to give his children the best aid possible iran can al-jazeera gaza now the united nations is warning that an important target on climate change set up the paris agreement will
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not be met unless rapid and far reaching changes are made in the world's economy a report by a leading environmental agency says human induced global warming could increase by more than one point five degrees celsius by twenty forty two crosland is the director of plan b. a u.k. charity supporting the use of legal action to tackle climate change and he says governments must take the lead. we want point five degrees might just sound like a number to a lot of people the call in paris when governments agreed to limit temperature to that level was one point five to stay alive and that is the call that really sums this out this is an existential threat it is an extension threat to all of us to our societies to our economies to international security if that isn't enough to wake people up it's very difficult to know what is it's too much for individuals to handle on their own there's a complete fantasy that this is going to be solved by people changing their habits
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of consumption this needs to happen at scale our infrastructure needs to change is has to happen with support from government it happens by people all over the world to mandating that we do whatever it takes because we face an existential crisis we face an emergency donald trump is obviously a huge disappointment in terms of what the world is trying to do but there are many many americans that he doesn't speak for we've got the mayor of new york at the moment suing fossil fuel companies for the costs of putting a wall around wall street to keep the floodwaters a day we just got to find a coalition of the willing. it's time for weapon of his everton yesterday we talked about monsoons in south asia it doesn't look so great in central america yeah that's right so when it rains it pours this is the top this is the tropical storm season the hurricane season of course in this part of the world and we're seeing some very heavy rainfall as a result of that you can see that circulation there just to the south of the baja california peninsula northwestern mexico and it has brought copious amounts of
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rainfall into the region in there has been widespread flooding not too concerned about the winds now but as you can see there's been a lot of water just coming right out of the sky and tipping down and there's more where that came from it's making its way further north would seek to see the system there just pushing across the gulf of california towards the mexican mainland and it will continue to drive its way further north woods in these parts as we go on through the next couple of days and say some really heavy rain there not seeing its way further north which is weaker on into the weekend there is that wet weather dry skies do come back in behind quickly so the clear up operation will get underway pretty swiftly as we go on through the weekend i am pleased to say but the wetter weather makes its way across the fall northwest of mexico into southwestern parts of the u.s. and this is a part of the world that really could do with the rainfall as friday's pitcher as we go on into sas day you can see how that rain comes pushing right in part of
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arizona and also making its way into new mexico over the next couple of days seen some useful rainfall arizona hasn't seen rain for around three months so this at least so is some good news for the region thanks very much overton well still ahead here on al-jazeera. babies as young as eighteen months being ripped probably arms of their mothers that is psychological. americans protest against president trump's policy of taking away the children of asylum seekers. also u.s. newspapers facing accusations of censorship after firing its long serving political card. and sport will tell you how iran's presence at the world cup is providing a much needed boost for women's football in the country over coming up with joe in sports or to stay with us.
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a history of guerrilla warfare. a place to stay. they organised nation created from stateless population. fighting for their land why. fight for independence from. us. chronicling turned violent still struggles calloused. p.l.o. history of the revolution on just. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging but in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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welcome back to the al-jazeera news our i'm still rather the reminder of our top stories the u.s. has announced a new round of tariffs on chinese imports worth about fifty billion dollars a twenty five percent duty will be slapped on more than one thousand chinese products china's commerce ministry took just a few minutes to respond warning of tariff measures of similar size and intensity. afghanistan's ministry of defense says the chief of the pakistani taliban has been killed in a drone strike fans little are was targeted by a u.s. drone strike on the thirteenth of june in the country's hunan province. italy's new
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prime minister is meeting the french president in paris it comes after a war of words over rose refusal to accept a migrant rescue ship with more than six hundred people on board the motherwell cross had called the move irresponsible and said it. well as we mentioned earlier report from the charity organization oxfam. g.'s are being abused tainted illegally said back to italy by french border guards oxfam says sixteen and a half thousand refugees and migrants a quarter of the other company children pass through event emilia between august twenty seventeen and april. children complained about being physically a verbal abused and detained overnight in cells without food water or even blankets or the practices are illegal and contrary to french or do you law a tribunal in nice has already knowledge the illegality of board or forward to conduct in twenty cases involving children of. tablature kids leave your presence
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of these as migrant children like any form of protection all rights in the. children have different rights to adults under the law no child migrant who wants to claim asylum in front should ever be pushed back to italy there is a procedure for sending children back to italy if they do not wish to claim asylum but that involves certain protections like a twenty four hour grace period or like having a guardian appointed and these procedures are simply not being followed instead from the accounts we hear repeatedly children are being sent back almost automatically to to italy and being kept in cells abused then and also in some cases increasingly having their paperwork altered by french border police to make it appear that they're older we think it's important the french government immediately puts an end to these practices that at the french border which are
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illegal and immoral but we also think it's really important that european governments come up with a better solution than the one we've got for sharing responsibility for refugees and migrants and when e.u. leaders meet in brussels on the twenty eighth of june it's really important that this is top of their agenda to to agree a better way forward. now the treatment of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum is also an issue in the united states why the trumpet ministration has been separating families who arrive at it south of boulder that being rallies across the u.s. in support of children who've been full so be removed from their parents and placed in detention centers rob reynolds reports out of los angeles. i. outraged by the trumpet ministrations policy of taking migrant children away from their parents protesters rally in los angeles. right
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it was one of dozens of similar demonstrations in cities around the country this policy is reprehensible we feel like it's it's it's forcing its manufacturing a crisis on top of the crisis that already existed the trumpet ministration says it is seizing children and separating families as a deterrent scaring other would be migrant parents away it's part of a so-called zero tolerance policy meanwhile news came of nearly one thousand five hundred migrant boys between the ages of ten and seventeen being detained in a sprawling former wal-mart store in texas reporters were given a monitored tour of the building which is run by a private company under contract with the u.s. government but were not permitted to speak with the boys or film the site these pictures were distributed by the government the government says it has contracts with one hundred holding facilities in seventeen states chaining immigrant minors
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those facilities now hold more than eleven thousand children congress plans to vote on immigration proposals next week including one that deals with family separation lawmakers from the opposition democratic party called the trumpet ministrations harsh policies a disgrace babies as young as eighteen months being ripped from the arms of them. others though it is psychological torture leaders of major u.s. religious denominations have condemned the family separation policy but attorney general jeff sessions offer justification for it in the bible i would cite. it to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans thirteen two phases of the government one protester said sessions is wrong i really dislike that he's taking my bible and and. doing something and that many of the parents
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and children seeking refuge in the u.s. are fleeing extreme gang violence in central america protesters and immigrants rights advocates say sending them back to their homeland could amount to a death sentence robbery most al-jazeera lausanne. at least seven people have died in renewed fighting between protesters and security forces in nicaragua thursday and to his men barricades and block streets in the capital but i'm joining a twenty four hour strike now demanding the resignation of the president daniel ortega you know people began two months ago by changes to social security policies stuff into reports. and nationwide strike on thursday didn't stop the violence several regions of nicaragua fighting between activists pro-government forces including here in t.p. tapa there were fatalities with the locals accusing pro-government forces. we were not armed there were four hooded men some skinny in
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a black shirt and they were the ones with the machine gun the shotgun i do not know only they know what weapon they had a sniper was on top of a pole police officers were in uniform and we barricaded ourselves here. president daniel ortega is efforts to introduce welfare cuts in april prompted the bloodiest confrontation since the civil war ended in one thousand nine hundred the plan has been dropped but the protests haven't stopped. they're demanding that presenter take a leave office many accuses government of using lethal force in trying to contain the unrest at least one hundred sixty people have been killed and hundreds injured in almost two months of violence activists have set up roadblocks on more than two thirds of the country's roads in an effort to push back against ortega backed forces but those road blocks are hurting the economy and affecting regional trade beyond nicaragua's borders but even with the real beginning of the school we want to keep going because we're caught up in a crisis that has nothing to do with us there are many central american squatter melons hondurans coast to reconsider even many panamanians here we want to go back
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to our countries because i've been here far too long now. a new round of talks between the government and civil society representatives are expected on friday millions of nicaraguans will be waiting to see if it will end the crisis stephanie decker al-jazeera the new york attorney general is suing president donald trump and three of his children and their charitable foundation for allegedly violating state charity law the two point eight million dollars lawsuit alleges that trump foundation engaged in extensive and unlawful coordination with trans twenty sixteen presidential campaign as well as self dealings for trump's personal benefit trying to dismiss the case on twitter calling it politically motivated gabriel alexander has more from new york. the new york attorney general accuses the trump foundation of persistent illegal conduct and it relates to the donald trump foundation which was started in one thousand nine hundred seven by donald trump and it's
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a charitable organization that's tax exempt because of that there are certain laws that it has to abide by and one of those key laws is that none of the money that goes to the charitable organization can be used by any personal means in any way shape or form however the new york attorney general said that is exactly what the donald trump foundation did and they said that they used money from the foundation to among other things pay off trump legal bills also to decorate one of his golf course properties and also they say to use some money that went to his presidential campaign and they point to an event in two thousand and sixteen it was a trump event in iowa where it was billed as a fundraiser for military veterans they raised about six million dollars at that event the new york attorney general says only about three million of that went to the charitable cause the other three million was diverted away and used by the
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trump campaign and that according to the new york attorney general is highly illegal now why are trump's three oldest children also named in this and that's because all of them served on the trump foundation board of directors now the attorney general is asking that the trump foundation be dissolved the trump pay back about two point eight million dollars in restitution and that trump can no longer open a charitable organization or foundation for at least another ten years important to point out that this is a civil lawsuit not criminal so the worst that could happen to trump and his children is that they would have to pay restitution there's nothing beyond that now donald trump himself tweeted out a response to this he calls the accusations completely ridiculous and he says that he will fight this case indicating that he will take this to court also insinuating his tweets that this is nothing more than politically motivated. former f.b.i.
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director james comey has been accused of mishandling the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail service but the u.s. a justice department report also says there was no political bias behind came his decisions president trump is claiming cavies actions were criminal and but the f.b.i. was plotting against his candidacy can be helped it as well. it was a bombshell announcement during a heated presidential contest we did not sign clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information former f.b.i. director james comey concluded in july twenty six team that u.s. presidential candidate hillary clinton did nothing wrong when she used a private e-mail server well secretary of state this is the biggest political scandal since watergate as a candidate us president donald trump still used those conclusions to bash his opponent arguing she was corrupt q.
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. and a after he became president he took it a step further saying komi himself was corrupt trump says he fired his f.b.i. director chris handling of a separate investigation into allegations the president's campaign colluded with the russian government now a new report by the department of justice inspector general says the komi team made errors while investigating clinton for weeks the president has suggested the findings will vindicate him and his decision to fire colby and prove the f.b.i. is out to get him in it the justice department argues some employees showed a clear bias against the campaign one employee peter struck even texting he'd like to stop trump the conduct by these employees cast a cloud over the entire investigation the i.g. report causes a great deal of concern and i think points out the political bias that the president's been talking about. the report also concludes we did not find
4:42 pm
documentary or testimonial evidence that improper considerations including political bias directly affected the specific investigative decisions the current f.b.i. director argues the employees named in the report have been removed from any investigation involving the president and may face disciplinary action nothing in this report impugns the integrity of our workforce as a whole or the f.b.i. as an institution co we reacted to the report calling it reasonable even if he disagrees with some of its findings and as the russian investigation continues the president may now use this report as proof of why the probe should end kimberly help at al-jazeera at the white house with no newspapers being accused of censorship after it killed off a series of political cartoons and find its artist editorial cartoonist rob rogers has drawn for the pittsburgh post gazette for twenty five years and says he was
4:43 pm
fired after the paper's new supervising ideas rejected nineteen of his cartoons wrote his work has satirized some of america's most divisive social issues. i did notice that over the last couple of years there had been a shift to the right and. the paper had always been traditionally a liberal paper and the publisher was also a true fan so he he began to push back on my trunk cartoons when you look back at the ones that were sort of targeted by the publisher they were usually cartoons about trump and you know i didn't think they were they were at all outrageous or you know indecent they were good cartoons since they first killed all six of those cartoons in a row and there's been an outcry among the readers and among the public and they've been very supportive of me and they've been condemning the paper and it's been
4:44 pm
remarkable and so everybody was sort of waiting in the same way that i was to find out what was going to happen it was a bit of a standoff and when they found out i was fired you know everybody is very upset about it and they've they've been letting people know so yeah the outpouring he's been very touching and overwhelming to me and it feels it was good for that reason but not good to be fired well yes telecoms giant a t. and t. has completed its eighty five billion dollar mega merger with time warner the deals being done two days after it got the go ahead from a federal judge time warner is the end of c.n.n. h.b.o. and want to buy those the u.s. justice department allocute against the move but the cold says the government failed to prove the takeover would home competition or at thursley affect consumers eighty and he's acquisition of time warner is known as a vertical lynch out because the two companies don't directly compete with one another. for one of the world's
4:45 pm
greatest scientists stephen hawking died in march. alongside fellow scientific giants. and charles darwin hawking time space the nature of the universe won him worldwide to claim. a recording of his voice to an original piece of music into space towards the nearest black hole. will be. coming up with. a with us.
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if. it's times. al-jazeera. where i think. when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the world just. when people need to be heard to women and girls are being
4:48 pm
bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentary and now i have news i'm out of here i've got to commend you on hearing is good journalism on and on. our. main aims to. six. hours been enough from you every so often did it. because of. my money to let's see everybody else.
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so that's how i came to ban. flag. but we had to go bust city center at least to get ahead beginning for food and not just walking. in the lead tonight that's. been a fact that would be tempting to me is just sad. sometimes they succeed and my friend it's not having something i want to show them. in each.
4:50 pm
hand and poor little bit of people. it. is a very big. challenge to the team. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing. to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. to cover that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera. regards
4:51 pm
to the first subject which is that of. migration. first of all when we talk about this subject we must remember the human drama of lives of situation this individual situations and journeys that. affected and we mustn't lose sight of the collective duty which is our own and i don't forget on this subject also what italy has had to. to suffer since two thousand and fifteen with the arrivals in particular mass of arrivals in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen coming more specifically from north africa and the central route of the mediterranean part here i also want to bring cool the reality of the subjects because i've heard many
4:52 pm
counter troops on the figures and the reality that we have to suffer actually is had to suffer a lot of direct arrivals and but through extremely important work these rivals have been reduced and the first summer semester of two thousand and six eighteen and seventy seven percent fall in the arrivals from north africa in more specifically libya and france is self is not a country that draws benefit from the european system and the toppling rules because we are a country to which more and more men and women are arriving from the west or the center or the east come and on this subject i want to recall the figures if italy since. the first four months of two thousand and eighteen has hired eighteen thousand. asylum seekers france has had eighteen france had one hundred thousand and one hundred and italy hundred twenty nine thousand people make
4:53 pm
mistakes of the figures but we are also a country for asylum seekers not a first country of arrival searches italy but a country where men and women who. have incurred a first refusal by another country the shang an agreement come to once again ask for asylum and france just like italy today. i have to manage this migration crisis and we have to provide solutions together and i think all our discussions has allowed first of all to illustrate this respect joint responsibility and that of acting this desire to have the same time or humanity more effectiveness in dealing this subject with a subject and together to have a co-operative approach and to take europeans apply european solutions i believe
4:54 pm
deeply on the subject that cannot be a national solution the good one is european but the current european solution is not adapted to european solidarity at the moment over the last few years with regards to italy was not up to scratch on this subject and we decided to make progress in several ways first of all to strengthen the new shape. agreement that we can have together with other member states with regards to other countries of the mediterranean and in particular. on the southern side of the better training we've started work of the last few years of cooperation of training and of development and we need to pursue it and intensified by taking up new initiatives and artists to together start work which which must be linked to spain and germany and i will be talking over the next few hours with chancellor
4:55 pm
merkel before the frank german conference of next tuesday and in fact my telling colleagues will be in germany on monday and with our partners we wish to launch additional practical initiatives that can allow to better for cost of these flows and to have a humanitarian response because a humanitarian response doesn't start when ships arrive in our waters and start when men and women on a situation where they have to take to the sea and risk their lives and so this cooperation must be strengthened even if we've already taken several initiatives in this direction over the last few years and in this respect we will continue our political cooperation on subjects such as libya and i want to thank the president the council for the good cooperation we've had politically during the conference organized by paris and of follow up the will have together so that we can organize
4:56 pm
. follow up conferences on this extremely important subject to our desire is also that we can progress together. i had proposed a few months ago. white a joint protection of our borders a wider investment on the part of europe on the front takes initiative and a compulsion of our system of asylum this is vital if we want to truly make progress and cannot be simply the cost of the countries of arrival the first in the european union on this. subject i've always supported the italian position and it's part of the proposals that i was able to make a lot in autumn last year finally we wish to progress together with our partners in the coming months. on a restructuring in depp's of the dublin system to be able to articulate better the rules of responsibility and of solidarity which today the current system
4:57 pm
doesn't work the system of solidarity the way wanted through quotas to no allows to have satisfactory results we need to find mechanisms adapted to allow the responsibility of each state when the. schenkkan nationals arrive on their territory to have solidarity says the same geographical situation such as ours doesn't make. a finder's for this in one tenable position we also wish to have for the joint positions for the june council and. i have said over the past year. very probing results we can improve the situation and we must do so my conviction on the subject of going we need to plan the practical and political levels deep initiatives in cooperation with the european level in the coming months to truly deal with the crisis which is
4:58 pm
ours it is also. a european. stronger in my view over these economic situation of many countries even if the euro zone is better today it hasn't succeeded to deal with the fundamental. and lack of balance with the person who counts so we've discussed a length on this subject and. on that subject of record the position of france ought to start to have a year european part of the construct strengthen the conversion additional investment through the stabilization and the economic countries that are the weakest. it is also our desire to have over the coming weeks to have. groet. increasing the european banking system and to show ensure the
4:59 pm
financing of the economy these subjects will also be at with him a migration. the subject of the meeting. over the coming days and subjects that we will have with italy and germany and our partners that we will discuss and over which we need to take decisions and structuring decisions at the council next june. we have also talked about other subjects of georgia interest which feeds the bilateral relationship and our place in europe the european defense the europe european. intervention to have a strategic. point of view in common the subjects that we talked about in terms of the european defense fund and pesca cultural and educational initiatives and the part that truly agenda which is and will have a lot of relevance ladies and gentlemen i won't extend. go on
5:00 pm
any longer but i wish to deeply wish that the over the coming days weeks and months france and italy will work hand in hand in glove together to contribute to act and to propose european solutions more specifically with partners which spain germany in all the other states and we apply concrete european solutions to deal with these two main challenges which are migration and the convergence in economic convergence of the euro zone i want to thank the president the council and to thank you for having come to paris i know what it is what it means when one.


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