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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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clamping down on china donald trump announces tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods beijing slams the move as myopic. taylor says al-jazeera live from london also coming up a u.s. charge it sends former campaign manager paul manifold to jail pending trial. migration takes center stage in paris as emmanuel meets his italian counterpart just days after rome rejected a boatload of refugees. in afghanistan says pakistani taliban leader one of the board of the attack on schoolgirl malala yousafzai has been killed in a u.s. drone strike.
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and he's already started a trade war with canada mexico and the e.u. now donald trump has added china to the list the us president has announced a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods and he says more tariffs will come if beijing strikes back still trump insists his relations with china a fine i spoke with china they are very happy i actually there were much happier now they may not be as happy today because of what i'm doing with trade you probably heard that i assume it's been announced by now but we're putting tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly but china has been terrific president she has been terrific. trying to respond within minutes of the announcement bowing to retaliate with penalties of the same scale a statement released by the chinese commerce ministry says china is unwilling to
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have a trade war but the chinese side has no choice but to strongly oppose this due to the united states myopic behavior that will home harm both parties and fissures i first saw in washington and trump is saying all is well with china but meanwhile this trade dispute is really escalating. and the chinese are happy about it particularly because there's been sort of mixed messages coming out of the white house it was just at the end of last month the steve mission who's the treasury secretary said the trade war with china is on hold donald trump kind of countermanded him by saying no no no we're still looking at various options and we knew that they were looking at various industries that could be the subject of tariffs just to be clear tariffs additional taxes for goods coming into the country and now we have this list twenty eight pages that covers essentially automotive agricultural the tech industry and a few others as well and there will be tired of these goods coming into the country from july the sixth and as soon as they're introduced then the chinese will react
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as well there is the possibility that donald trump feels slightly emboldened by the fact that he had a very good summit in singapore with kim jong un for many years the united states has looked at china as a restraining influence on korea's nuclear ambitions that they were very close to the regime in pyongyang but donald trump believes he's built up this relationship this connection with the north korean leader and so perhaps feels that china has been edge slightly out of the picture and no means that he can act on trade the other thing to remember too is that he's been talking about this since he was candidate trump he said that he was going to do something about the huge trade imbalance mention that even in singapore last week by saying at the moment the trade balance is here he wants to be somewhere here so this is him delivering what he has said and that will go down well with the core of supporters that he has in the u.s. and what about the kind of the second round of these. terrorist i mean he said that
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he's going to react again if the chinese react so where would that hit and does that then start to damage some of the economy in the u.s. . well there are those who will say look as soon as you've got the two biggest economies in the world which is the united states and china are going head to head in a de facto trade war then you're going to have problems incessantly just the idea that there were going to be tariffs introduced did something to the markets in asia overnight and that seems to be reflected elsewhere as well that there are people who consider this to be a big problem politically it's a problem for donald trump as well because remember he's a republican president republicans are traditionally in favor of free trade they don't like talents in fact one senior senator raise the issue in the house the other day in saying look we can't take action against canada or their allies so we've got to do something to stop the president using national security to do that
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sort of thing where no one gave him support he said us so people don't want to go import the beer meaning the president and so there are republicans who are deeply concerned about this but donald trump as a see is the living on another campaign promise he said that china has been getting away with bad trade deals for too long he blamed other presidents and he was going to do something about it so for the core of the trump support they are absolutely going to be delighted that the president is doing something although there are thor's in the white house in the administration and many business leaders who see a prolonged trade war with china it will be bad for the u.s. economy and also for consumers and could essentially wipe out all the benefits of the tax cut that was brought in at the end of last year alan fischer thank you very much indeed.
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u.s. judge has revoked bail for donald trump's campaign manager paul manifold you remain in custody until he faces trial on money laundering charges in september. is outside the court first in washington patty what reason did the judge give for this . well paul metaphor it was under the arrangement that many white collar criminals have in the united states basically came up with a ten million dollar bond and he was placed basically in her house arrest so he was able to spend all of these past months in his very tony condo in northern virginia well during this time the prosecution came out and said he's actually trying to tamper with witnesses and they indicted him on that basically the government says he started text messaging using encrypted acts calling people in europe someone in russia trying to basically coordinate their testimony now the defense argued that he didn't know you never told him who the witnesses were and he didn't know that he
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couldn't contact these people that did not sit well with the judge i can tell you i was just in the courtroom about ten minutes ago this happened man four didn't show any expression keep in mind though this is a man who likes the luxuries in life he has million dollar homes thousand dollar suits he goes to the most expensive restaurants before his house arrest that is but he was at least able to eat food in his own home now he's going to be behind bars so this is why this is potentially significant development because it will put him under even more pressure to try and come up with something that he can give the special counsel's office for leniency because the charges he is facing if convicted on them he would spend the rest of his life in prison he's not a young man so when he was told he's going to go behind bars he simply stood up didn't show any expression walked with the bailiffs to the door where they were going to take him into custody and then he would seem to remember. turned around waved to his family gave a little smile and walked back into their custody is where he will stay for the next few months of course is turkey say they're going to appeal but right now it
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looks like paul metaphor going to be behind bars for a little bit just briefly how much does all of this affair affect the presidency is there a kind of tarnishing by association or do people basically not really make that connection anymore. well it depends if you ask people who don't like the president they think he's guilty and if you ask his trumps or his core supporters that number really hasn't moved but you have to keep in mind the president is on a daily basis talking about this he calls it a witch hunt he lies and says democrats are in fact prosecuting him they're not it's mostly republicans but he has been able to sort of muddy the waters and if you look at polls republicans the president's party they're starting to say that molar is not credible now that this is important because special counsel robert mueller before this before the president started talking about this tweeting about it on a daily basis he had wide support in the united states he was a former f.b.i. director who was serving during nine eleven he is. a veteran of
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vietnam he is reputation has been above reproach the problem for him is he can't talk back so he is answering back with indictments of the president like say no collusion his supporters believe there's no collusion i think it's always important to remember that twenty two people and companies have been indicted five people have pled guilty to lying to investigators and other charges so there is ample evidence in the court that something was going on in the trunk campaign let's not forget paul metaphoric the president likes to say he was barely hear you don't really know him he was in charge of his campaign for months so this is a very high level person associated with the campaign whether or not he has anything that he could give muller that would give him some leading we don't know but he's going to be under increasing pressure now to give him something to tell him thank you very much indeed. the news affronts and met in paris to end a diplomatic row over how to handle europe's migration crisis
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a french president had criticized the italian government for refusing to accept a rescue ship carrying more than six hundred migrants from libya the ship is now on route to spain to. spot a route with the italian leadership. of hypocrisy. she's at the county is calling for a change to current e.u. policy which states refugees must claim asylum in the first country to arrive in. many of these through our new nobody in europe and wash their hands with regard to the migration problem the new approach must constantly keep human rights in mind particularly with regard to the human traffickers that are profiting from this inhumane trade we have to change the treaty of dublin not only in the interest of italy which today has been left alone to confront the current crisis but we have to strengthen our solidarity. left false fronts just like italy has to manage this migration crisis and we have to provide solutions together i think all of our
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discussions have allowed us to illustrate this joint responsibility and this desire to have at the same time more humanity and more effectiveness in dealing with the subject of having a cooperative approach and to apply european solutions and a barber is following the story from paris. well this show jeweled meeting between president of france and the new italian prime minister. was planned but has been overshadowed by what happened with the aquarius the ngo ship which was refused entry to italian ports and is due to arrive in violence here in spain there was a harsh war of words if you like this week between paris and rome with the french government suggesting italy had acted cynically and the italians pointing the finger back up front saying that they weren't taking meeting their commitments to take in migrants from italy and the coaches agreed back in twenty fifteen while at
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the final press conference on friday both leaders said that they'd be working hand in hand in the next few weeks to come up with solutions how to repair what they call a broken system the immigration and asylum policy of the whole you president micro highlighted the dublin agreement which says that good migrants can only claim asylum in the first e.u. country where they are processed and generally that's italy or greece the italian premier said italy would come up with its own ideas in the second half of the year when austria takes over the presidency of the european union well that might be too late for some people between these two leaders we constantly heard messages of solidarity understanding each other's problems but again calling on for a europe wide approach to solving this problem particularly saying that the real solution lies in the countries of origin and transit in other words finding the money to try to help governments in north africa and sub-saharan africa notably to
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keep migrants in centers there in order for them not to have to make these desperately dangerous journeys over the mediterranean. afghanistan's ministry of defense says the head of the pakistan taliban has been killed by a u.s. drone strike. was responsible for a number of high profile attacks in treating the shooting of schoolgirl use of sigh in twenty twelve is believed to died on wednesday in the afghan province of korean are reports. that the top of pakistan's most wanted list as leader of the pakistani taliban he was new tourists in his attacks including one on a school impish shower in twenty fourteen that killed one hundred fifty one people many of them children two years previously did the attempted murder of schoolgirl malala yousafzai she was shot in the head by taliban fighters but survived and was
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later awarded the nobel peace prize. those who met fans lula say he was ruthless radical and uncompromising and his speeches were often directed against the united states the pakistani state female education and the polio vaccine. i'm warning the people of swat to stay away from the security forces otherwise they alone will be responsible we also want the people not to buy land from the local landlords otherwise the alone will be accountable. for lula broadcast daily sermons on illegal radio stations and use them to spread his message its end in the nickname radio. grew up in the mountainous want valley and spent years as head of the region's pakistani taliban before taking avery's leader from hacky minima suit in twenty thirty five luda is believed to have been operating from hideouts in the forests of eastern afghanistan he'd been falsely recruited
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killed on numerous occasions and. the pakistani taliban is separate from the afghan taliban which is currently engaged with the afghanistan government victoria gates and be al jazeera english there live from london still ahead at least seven people are killed in more protests against alleged brutality by the nicaraguan government . and the world cup is in full swing in russia but not everyone is there to have fun for some it's about causing maximum discomfort. in places say we've got some slaw each dry weather coming into the southeast of china over the next couple of days but the rain never really to far away long on a cloud there taiwan does still see flooding rains for
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a good time big downpours continue to just say the way from the south china seas right up through the taiwan straits into taiwan southeastern parts of the mainland should be lousy dry hong kong gets up to around thirty three thirty two celsius and sunday and i went to weather is you can see to season for the taiwan straits nothing a little further west with some rain coming back into that eastern side of china come a little further west just not too bad showers there into a good part of india china northern parts of vietnam easing across much of india china joining up the monsoon rains that we have easing all the way up into myanmar into bangladesh a font of taste of india and up the west and gets to the north of that when it's. storms causing the problems here some very strong winds once again across the northern plains just up towards new delhi and north was forty celsius there in new delhi on saturday add on sunday showers a little further north you notice but the more persistent rains the summer rains
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they continue right through the western ghats and on the other side of the goal but xing up into myanmar. a history of guerrilla war from. a place. they organised and created for a stateless population. fighting for their land one side for independence from me perhaps. chronicling the turbulent story and struggle of palestinian. p.l.o. history of the revolution anja zero.
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or one of the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump has announced a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods pushing the world's two largest economies to the brink of a trade war china says it will strike back. on trump's former presidential campaign chairs being jailed ahead of his trial prosecutors say full mana for attempted to tamper with witnesses and an investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen election. and leaders of france and met in paris to end a diplomatic route over the fate of refugees who try to end to europe both insist that the migration policy needs to be overhauled. a saudi led coalition in yemen has seized the entrance to an app or two in the country's main port city the operation to retake her data from rebels was launched three days ago the coalition says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to the millions of yemenis who
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need it most to be emmons humanitarian and future plans passed through the data. seems the city in october twenty fourth. if sensitives from nicaragua his government and local civic groups are restarting talks in the hope of ending two months of anti-government protests now the president. or his deputy are expected to attend it comes after another seven people were killed in renewed protests stephanie decker reports and nationwide strike on thursday didn't stop the violence several regions of nicaragua fighting between activists and pro-government forces including here in. there were fatalities with locals accusing pro-government forces . we were not armed there were four hooded men some skinny in a black shirt and they were the ones with the machine gun the shotgun i do not know only day no what weapon they had a sniper was on top of a pole police officers were in uniform and we barricaded ourselves here. president
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daniel ortega as efforts to introduce welfare cuts in april prompted the bloodiest confrontation since the civil war ended in one nine hundred ninety the plan has been dropped but the protests haven't stopped there demanding that president or take leave office many accuses government of using lethal force in trying to contain the unrest at least one hundred sixty people have been killed and hundreds injured in almost two months of violence activists have set up roadblocks on more than two thirds of the country's roads in an effort to push back against ortega backed forces but those road blocks are hurting the economy and affecting regional trade beyond nicaragua's borders but even with the look in the school we want to keep going because we're caught up in a crisis that has nothing to do with us there are many central americans guatemalans hondurans coast to reconsider even many panamanians here we want to go back to our countries because i've been here far too long now a new round of talks between the government and civil society representatives are expected on friday millions of nicaraguans will be waiting to see if it will end
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the crisis stephanie decker zero. thousands of mourners have attended the funeral of a leading journalist who was shot dead on thursday in indian administered kashmir sure jet blue car it was the editor of the english language newspaper rising kashmir he was killed by unidentified men on a motorbike as he left his office in tryna guard the fifty year old had been given police protection or in three attacks on him in the past decade there are reports that greece and macedonia will sign a controversial deal on sunday which would end a decades old name dispute with macedonia agreement has angered nationalists on both sides of the border hundreds of greeks have been protesting outside parliament while m.p.'s debate a no confidence motion against the government macedonia agreed to change its name to the republic of north macedonia in a landmark deal on tuesday former tennis star boris becker is taking the unusual step of claiming diplomatic immunity to avoid bankruptcy proceedings in the u.k.
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becker was appointed attash a first sport humanitarian and cultural affairs by the central african republic in april he's lodged a claim in the london high court saying this role in tuttle's him to immunity a british bank is pursuing back as assets in court after he was declared bankrupt last year. i. guess i. just hours ahead of portugal's world cup opening match against spain their star player christian or an aldo has agreed to pay a fine of more than twenty million dollars to spanish tax authorities the real madrid forward has also given given a two year jail sentence for tax evasion as a first offender he won't have to serve it in custody or nanda denies accusations of avoiding or them seventy million dollars in tax. that's been tossed forceful
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handi which then he's in sochi for the big game between spain and portugal so this rinaldo business so well that finally much of a problem for him to play. i mean i think for most people if they were hit with a twenty million dollars tax bill it would throw them out of their stride before a football game but christiane i was not most people it's been a long running. issue he's not the first spanish bass player to have been a under the scrutiny of the tax authorities it's a deal it's been a long time coming and i suspect it's just been a sense of relief and there's no concern for portuguese over now about friends that he's going to be carted off to jail midway through this world cup it's a tournament that will be hugely important he's thirty three years of age now this is his fourth world cup and he's never really had the sort of impact he would have liked to this tournament four years ago he was barely fit in portugal when out of the group stages he's only scored three times in this tournament but he's hugely
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important support she goes chances they do have some some other good players in the side of course and when they won the european championships in twenty sixteen ronaldo went off injured very early enough final on that occasion it was a dare you score the winning goal for portugal so there is strength in depth here want to make an impact he's never scored against spain interesting enough he would love to do that and get off to a flying start in this tournament because they are notoriously slow starters in big events what about spain what about the system departure of the coach for them or how much will that affect their game. yet normally is after the first round of games when seem to started getting kicked out of the tournament the coaches start getting fired it's i can't really remember a coach ever been fired just before the tournament is beginning. had sereny taken spain through qualifying that they were unbeaten in twenty games but on choose day it was announced by rail madrid that he'll be becoming their new coach at the end
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of this so. the spanish football federation didn't receive the news particularly well they said these negotiations are taking place without their knowledge and they responded by firing him in his place comes in and he arrow who sat next to no coaching experience had a brief stint that role of iaido in spain's second division of course a great player for real madrid a great leader on the pitch and he was part of the coaching staff around spain when they won the world cup in two thousand and ten but asked for a lot at stake he said in his press conference which took place somewhat surreal in our spain where we're going through their final preparations here in sochi he was having a press conference in madrid he said well maybe this chance to take over rail wouldn't come around again was certainly one come around again for him at least is the chance to take spain into a major tournament and they've got a really good chance of winning and andy he was billed as one of their star players of the tournament that technician out of egypt mosul on the field today. yeah i
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mean that the injury that occurred to him in the in the champions league final it could hardly have been the timing could hardly be any worse for the liverpool and for egypt egypt back in the world cup after such such a long break since ninety ninety he scored seventy percent of their goals in qualifying which and the lines just how important he is to them in terms of an egyptian or even an arab football of this probably never been a player like him to make such a global impact he really does transcend around the world and to not have him at this tournament fully fit is hugely disappointing he's got a difficult injury to come back from i think the nightmare for you would have been for him to have come back to early against uruguay from to have taken a four and for his world cup to be over realistically today's game although disappointing to lose one there wouldn't have been one that had been bucking themselves to win they've got two more games coming up now against russia and saudi arabia if they can get back on the pitch for there they still have a good chance of getting out of the group and the riches and thank you very much.
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well much of the spotlight is falling on match action in russia the tournament also a chance for campaigners to raise the issue of human rights off the field russia has faced criticism on many issues from gay rights to political prisoners as were a challenge reports from moscow. the world cup is the best football party the planet's has to offer it in russia not everyone is celebrating this is british gay rights campaigner peter tatchell to taint in moscow while protesting against russia's treatments of people and he's far from the only person who's decided the world cup has a use but it's not for fun ukrainian filmmaker alex sense of is starving himself in a siberian prison times to cause russian or thirty's maximum world cup discomforts . they jailed him for twenty years on terror charges he says it was for opposing russia's annexation of crimea sense of is supported by international organizations like human rights watch and russians to oscar nominated russian director andres
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yeah i can see it is one of them. was to be used in the the man acted as a true patriot for his country to turn him by force into a citizen of the russian federation and to judge him by russian law as a terrorist simply by being someone who sits dogs on fire is an absolutely disproportionate response it's outrageous for recent presidential candidates and t.v. personality to send us sub chuck says she's given a bloody me a person a list of political prisoners to be released including sense of and i'd like to talk to him i want the eighteenth day of. his starvation period and. i hope that he will be released because it's not fair and i support the movement. for freedom for lex and so perhaps it's because of world cup attention for other reasons but in the past week president putin of russia and president poroshenko of
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ukraine talked about a prisoner swap ukraine wants sixty four people returned sense of among them whereas russia wants to have back captured soldiers and journalists like carol russian ski the local editor of a russian news agency in ukraine amnesty international is campaigning on the well cut to it wants to draw attention to human rights workers in russia's eleven host cities we would like that people know that there was not only. war and leave in russia but. people the. daily basis are fighting for justice and dignity in the country i hosted the world cup means russia is in the international spotlight for the next month rights campaigners are hoping some of that lights can also shine on their behalf glory chalons al jazeera. and of it here is catch up with all the stories we're covering check out our website al-jazeera
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dot com. and one of the top stories around is here u.s. president donald trump has announced a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods it pushes the world's biggest economies closer to a trade war china has already drawn up a list of u.s. products that will face retaliatory tariffs but president trump insists he's doing the right thing i spoke with china they are very happy i actually there were much happier now they may not be as happy today because of what i'm doing with trade you probably heard that i assume it's been announced by now but we're putting tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly but china has been terrific president she has been terrific. a u.s. judge has revoked bail for donald trump's former campaign manager paul manna fought
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him i have to spend his time in jail until his trial begins for money laundering and for lobbying in september the judge made the decision after prosecutors working for a special counsel robert mueller allege that man a four and one of his associates had tried to tamper with witnesses in the case and leaders of france and italy have met in paris to end a diplomatic row over how to handle europe's migration crisis french president emmanuel michel had criticized the italian government for refusing to accept a rescue ship carrying more than six hundred migrants from libya the ship is now on route to spain but my course comments sparked a war of words with the italian leadership who accuse paris of hypocrisy afghanistan's ministry of defense says the head of the pakistani taliban has been killed by a us drone strike would have as you know was responsible for a number of high profile attacks including the shooting of schoolgirl malala yousafzai in twenty twelve. a saudi led coalition in yemen has seized the entrance
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to an effort in the country's main port city the operation to retake her data from hoofy rebels was launched three days ago the coalition says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to the millions of yemenis who need it most of yemen's humanitarian and food shipments pass through the data. thousands of mourners have attended the funeral of a leading journalist who was shot dead on thursday in indian administered kashmir should get the car it was the editor of the english language newspaper rising kashmir was killed by unidentified men on a motorbike as he left his office in srinagar p.l.o. history of a revolution is up next i'll have more news for you after that. one
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nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. setting up an independent palace.


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