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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 166  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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share with our french friends and other european partners to develop them at the european level under the austrian presidency of the council and it's those rules which leaders will be reexamining at the european union summit in two weeks time the dublin regulation impose that the first count three does well comes out that receives migrants and that's ireland seeger's is in charge of processing that they claim which an enormous burden on countries like italy spain mouth hour and carried out is countries on the nod i'm sure are of the media they're in and see these two leaders were never going to get rid of all of the tensions that have built up between france and italy over the issue of migration but what we've heard from them does remind the whole continent that the solution to the problem lies only europe wide basis the number of people arriving in italy by sea has dropped this year but with attitudes hardening in many countries those who do make it to europe may find they're even less welcome al-jazeera paris
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a leading charity says child refugees are being abused detained down illegally sent back to italy by french border guards the report by oxfam says young migrants are often physically and verbally abused they're held in cells overnight without food water or blankets the charity says some border guards cut the soles of children's shoes stole their phones sim cards or change their birth dates and documents so they wouldn't qualify for special treatment as minors others say they were pushed off trains going into france well oxfam says the practices are contrary to french and e.u. law tribunals in me says rule that border guards acted illegally when they sent back twenty children to italy sixteen thousand five hundred migrants have been stuck in the italian town of intimately or since france tightened its borders in twenty fifteen a quarter of them unaccompanied children but residents there are getting increasingly frustrated with the refugee presence as natasha butler reports.
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well his senior press officer oxfam he says european governments need to share responsibility for the care of refugees children have different rights to adults under the law no child migrant he wants to claim asylum in front should ever be pushed back to italy there is a procedure for sending children back to italy if they do not wish to claim asylum but that involves certain protections like a twenty four hour grace period or like having a guardian appointed and these procedures the simply not being followed instead from the accounts we hear repeatedly children are being sent back almost automatically to to italy and being kept in the cells abused and and also in some cases increasingly having their paperwork altered by french border police to make it appear that they're older we think it's important the french government immediately puts an end to these practices that at the french border which are
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illegal and immoral but we also think it's really important that european governments come up with a better solution than the one we've got for sharing responsibility for refugees and migrants and when e.u. leaders meet in brussels on the twenty eighth of june it's really important that this is top of their agenda too to agree a better way forward the german chancellor is battling to save her government as europe continues to be divided on immigration part of the anglo mogul's ruling coalition has threatened to pull out if she sacks or interior minister emergency talks are being held as the two fail to agree on germany's open door policy donna cane reports. these are difficult days for angela merkel a coalition government is at a crossroads brought there by a route over immigration with her interior minister horst zero offer he's one of her strongest allies on the center right with his very and based christian social union c.s.u. the sister party to her c d's he wants her to change course she does not
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supposed to be the ones who are i personally think illegal immigration is one of the big challenges for the european union so i don't believe we should act unilaterally we should not act in an uncoordinated way and we should not act at the expense of third parties but the c.s.u. and zero offer disagree vehemently they want to abandon the scheme in place since merkel open the borders in twenty fifteen allowing in more than a million refugees instead they say germany must be prepared to act unilaterally to control its borders independent if you commit its interior minister as a whole for has even threatened to put border controls back into place next week a move that would leave his position in merkel's cabinet untenable really need. i do not wish to hide from you that we're in a very serious situation there's been talk of a historic situation our colleagues from the c.s.u.
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have unanimously expressed their one hundred percent support of course to see how the master plan and the rejection of migrant to tout borders. the problem for merkel is that without the c.s. use votes in parliament she would lose her majority as a string for three goals accorded thrown britain. so it's possible that the coalition falls apart because the c.s.u. part of it is really in an ideological conflict with the non nationalist and non nationalist orientated chancellor that means that the populist right that the c.s.u. has become and merkel's centrist approach do not fit together angela merkel believes it's only at the europe wide level that a comprehensive solution can be found she's pinning her hopes on the coming in new summit in brussels but critics on the right say a glance around europe's capitals suggests that many governments don't share her views and all the while this route with the c.s.u. remains unresolved dominic kane al-jazeera well in. but more ahead on the news hour
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including little to celebrate for palestinians in gaza to mark another holiday under israel's blockade. only seven people are killed in renewed protests against alleged brutality by the nicaraguan government. to yemen now where the saudi led coalition has seized the entrance to the airport in the country's main port city the operation to retake rebel held data from iranian back to the fighters was launched three days ago the coalition says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to millions of women is who need it humanitarian agencies are worried as most of yemen's food shipments pass through the data. the afghan president says the head of the pakistani taliban has been killed by a u.s. drone strike was known for his brutality which included public beheadings and ordering the shooting of
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a schoolgirl malala yousafzai in twenty twelve jennifer glass reports. was at the top of pakistan's most wanted list as leader of the pakistani taliban he planned attacks including one of the school into shower in two thousand and fourteen they killed one hundred fifty one people many of them children. two years earlier he ordered the murder of schoolgirl malala yousafzai she was shot in the head on a school bus by taliban fighters but survived and was later awarded the nobel peace prize those who met mila first listen he was ruthless radical and uncompromising his speeches were often directed against the united states pakistan female education and the polio vaccine. oh. i'm warning the people of swat to stay away from the security forces otherwise they alone will be responsible we also want the people not to buy land from the local landlords otherwise the alone will be
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accountable. for as little broadcast daily sermons on illegal radio stations and use them to spread his message it earned him the nickname on the radio that it. was little grew up in the mountainous want valley and spent years as head of the region's taliban before taking over as leader from hakimullah masoud in two thousand and thirteen puzzle is believed to have been operating from hideouts in the forests of eastern afghanistan he's been falsely reported killed on numerous occasions his apparent killing by a u.s. airstrike could open the door for stronger cooperation between pakistan afghanistan and the united states the u.s. wants to get pakistan on board taking out pakistan's or salma bin laden really is quite quite a strong incentive for marcus on now to cooperate with his death will mean for the pakistani taliban is unclear the pakistani taliban is separate from the afghan taliban that's active here as fighters are in a cease fire with the government for the three days of the ied holiday and
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president hopes it will last longer jennifer glassed al jazeera kabul. a former malaysian prime minister najib razak may be charged in a corruption case and alleged involvement in the money laundering scandal played a large part in a shock election loss earlier this year the prime minister mahathir mohamad has vowed to bring back the money stolen from a state fund and punish those responsible to the public reports from portugal. it's one of the biggest ever turnouts for prime ministers open house the annual celebrations held at the residence of malaysia's leader to mark the start of the muslim holiday of either addressing the crowd might there mohammed thank the supporters who helped him and his coalition and the sixty year rule of the previous government last month. this is democracy and it means that people are free to trust their government if they find it a government and it's no longer suitable through votes we can change the government
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and the people here are well aware of it. they don't have our young way based on my observation they sit in promises that they may fulfil but we won something that is fair and transparent so we are informed of what had happened to our country if we choose that new government i think i suspect nation of the feet and the sites you know the old woman you feel. quite all right but the former prime minister najib razak is being investigated for money laundering and misappropriation of property it's related to a corruption scandal in which state money was allegedly used to pay for the lifestyle of politicians and businessmen around the world sending the country into debt it's what my therese says forced him out of retirement with a promise to clean up the government prime minister mahathir mohamad is credited with bringing together not only a divided population but also of its political party with one common goal change but as the new government formed there are concerns he won't be able to keep the
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different groups united long enough to deliver the proposed reforms. the ruling coalition known as the alliance of hope is made up of politicians across the spectrum many had been jailed by my heart their himself when he was prime minister from one thousand nine hundred eighty two to two thousand and three the opposition coming to join you doubt it can lead to fractious relationships it depends on reddit user i.d.'s can be tolerated because some may not like to see the choice of you know the top people one month on might there is still putting together a cabinet with the eventual aim of a clean and transparent government but get watching. whatever changes that has been promised to take for. the actually meeting and what might there mohammad at the age of ninety three is now responsible for ending a system of cluny ism and corruption that has been a problem for malaysia ever since he was last in power if you go palin al-jazeera
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puts or jaya malaysia. i. am khalid saleh we want to forget his twenty sixth birthday at football's world cup egypt's star forward is recovering from a shoulder injury and was left on the bench for their first match of the showpiece event in twenty eight years and it wasn't a good result your guy winning one nil with a late had a from jose maria jimenez in group b. christian elder scored his fifty first career the trick as portugal came from behind to draw three hole with spain. when iran won their first match of the world cup in twenty years with a last minute one nil victory of the morocco and their female fans were happy just to be there in iran women are banned from football stadiums as the only nation competing at the world cup which doesn't let in female supporters to raise
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awareness about as were displayed at the stadium in st petersburg and the iranian band released a protest song. well it's a bumper day on saturday at the world cup with four matches in group c. one of the favorites france face astray a world peru take on denmark in group d. iceland are up against leno messi and argentina in their first ever world cup match and nigerian fans have been banned from bringing live chickens to the ground for their game against croatia but off the pitch the spotlight is going on russia's human rights record it's faced criticism on everything from gay rights to people
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being held as political prisoners chalons reports from moscow. the world cup is the best football carty the planet has to offer it in russia not everyone is celebrating this is british gay rights campaigner peter tatchell detained in moscow while protesting against russia's treatment of people and he's far from the only person who's decided the world cup has a use but it's not for fun ukrainian filmmaker alex sense of is starving himself in a siberian prison times to cause russian or thirty's maximum world cup discomforts they jailed him for twenty years on terror charges he says it was for opposing russia's annexation of crimea sense of is supported by international organizations like human rights watch and russians to oscar nominated russian director andres yeah i can say is one of them. was used in the the man acted as a true patriot for his country to turn him by force into
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a citizen of the russian federation and to judge him by russian law as a terrorist simply by being someone who sits dogs on fire is an absolutely disproportionate response it's outrageous. recent presidential candidate and t.v. personality is sending a sub jack says she's given a bloody me a person a list of political prisoners to be released including sense of and i'd like to talk to him i want the eighteenth day of. his starvation period and. i hope that he will be released because it's not fair and i support the movement. for freedom for like since all perhaps is because of well cup attention baps it's for other reasons but in the past week president putin of russia and president poroshenko of ukraine talked about a prisoner swap ukraine wants sixty four people returned sense of among them whereas russia wants to have back captured soldiers and journalists like carol
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russian ski the local editor of a russian news agency in ukraine. amnesty international is campaigning on the world cup too it wants to draw attention to human rights workers in russia's eleven host cities. we would like that people know that there is not only. work and leave in russia but. people do their. daily bases are fighting for justice and dignity in the country i'm hosting the world cup means russia is in the international spotlight for the next month rights campaigners are hoping some of that lights can also shine on their. glory chalons al-jazeera. time for a short break here on al-jazeera when we come back stephen hawkings voice lives on a message of thanks from the late astrophysicist is bringing into outer space a service in london.


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