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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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cent of all of the basic commodities that people in europe are doing and depend upon come through the single port of who gaita if there is any cut up the that court even for a limited period of time the impact will be immediate and will be very serious this is one of the reasons that we are so concerned about the military assault on the port of the city were so deeply concerned because the six hundred thousand innocent civilians inside of who dated right now last year in the world's largest color one of the epicenters was for data and many of the people who are suffering the most in the country are in that city this is another reason that we are so concerned about the humanitarian impact of the assault miss one day the saudis are saying that they are pending on retaking of the airport the seaport and the routes from the whole day that to the capital sanaa but that they have no plans to engage in urban warfare but are you as certain that this fighting is not going to reach the city of
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six hundred thousand people. if finding were to be in the center of the city i think we would have to face the fact that impact would be very serious it could in fact be catastrophic who data is very densely populated and if there is a ground conflict then we know that civilians will have very great risk we would probably have to assume that there could be a large number of casualties it's the it's important point for all of the parties to the conflict you know in under international humanitarian law of course of the conflict or watch to do absolutely everything possible to ensure that civilians survive they are the one that's responsible for ensuring that people live but unfortunately none of the parties in this conflict seem to be doing that we have the end of rashi's who is saying that they carrying out this operation because the arab coalition could actually better manage the port and the flow of aid what do
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you make of that you know how have the who things done as managing the port and have there been any issues with the flow of aid during their control the port of who did the if line for a game in any cut off of that port as we said earlier is going to have dramatic impact for the past several years as the war has waged the united nations and all of the humanitarian purposes called on the whole of the parties to the conflict to that port open nothing is more important than that right now seventy percent of all of the humanitarian assistance that the united nations frontline partners bring it into the country comes through who did this five are saying it's got to stay open would you rather the whole thing stayed and control of the port if it meant that there was no fighting. from a humanitarian point of view what matters is that the port is open it doesn't matter who manages the pork it matter is the point it's open and then humanitarians are able to bring in the assistance humanitarians are neutral in the context of the
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war what matters is that parties to the conflict do everything that they are obliged to do to protect civilians and assure that billions have the assistance that they need that's what counts and misconduct you've spoken about the impact that any damage to the port could have on civilians and yemen tell us more about the impact you know what does it really mean what does it look like. three quarters of all of the people who live in the game and aren't penned up on some form of humanitarian assistance and protection in order to survive there is no other country in the world right now for a larger percentage of the population is dependent on eight out of the twenty two million yemenis who need help eighteen million are food insecure they rely on food that comes in through ports like data and also to ports like aid this is why we are so concerned about the military assault on today that if something happens
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to that point if we're not able to bring in food either humanitarian supplies or commercial in ports we know that literally millions of people even will be in a very desperate situation and this is why the u.n. met about this i think they had a meeting for about two hours but did they actually take any action to ensure the safety of civilians and who they the and to ensure that aid and food supplies keep plowing. so the united nations security council yesterday had a closed door session to discuss exactly this issue the security council called on all of the parties to the conflict to do everything possible to ensure that they protect civilians and they make sure that civilians have access to food and medicines that water all the things they need in order to survive you know humanitarian law is a collective responsibility all of the member states the united nations all the countries world are responsible for upholding it so when the security council calls
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on the parties of the conflict to do what they are obliged to do what they are undermining is the collective responsibility ensure that innocents billion survive but again given that the more and posh knees are not listening to these calls and have not signed fall for the better part of the three year war is that enough. you know a number of steps have been taken during the war to protect civilians we have for example that deconstruction mechanism in place includes a nose for our list of more than twenty thousand locations sir hospital and schools and very important public infrastructure that civilians depend on and or to just buy all the parties have agreed not to strike the particular locations we also have agreements in place but all of the parties to the conflict when we live recruit for example we say to all of the parties we're delivering this food don't strike these areas the second isms have been in place for the last several years they are
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largely successful we have also asked the parties to the conflict in the case of david to do the same thing to honor these de confliction requests this is an important medical system and it's one of the ways that humanitarian partners are working but the parties to the conflict in the midst of the fighting to ensure that civilians survive a lot misconduct thank you very much for your time on this that is the un's humanitarian coordinator for yemen lisa ground today joining us live from santa thank you. well we're now joined from gothenburg also via skype often asa freelance journalist and yemeni blogger and from sun up the journalist with an advocate here very warm welcome to both of you missed of ok they let me start with you the whole things have withstood three yes' all of this of attacks on the saudi led coalition but can they withstand this offensive. i believe they will do all it takes to protect the
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data or it doesn't mean that if they have been defeated or withdrawn from other areas like in aden that they will give up this second largest city in yemen so easy . well i mean what that is is really really strange that the all the blame is actually on the whole the they heard i believe the humanitarian coordinator from sanaa she said what matters now is that the fourth estate is this mean that the port actually does. is kind of all been bring some humanitarian aid to yemen some n.g.o.s eighty percent of the aid comes through the port so the hoti existant or present in her day the port does a lot of stock any. of the flow of the humanitarian aid into yemen on the side that should be actually asked and called to stop it's over and is this idea that coalition has actually now is that i and to invade the port. or the m.
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rashi's a saying that the operation is a critical step towards achieving a political solution to the conflict but doesn't bring this conflict any closer to a political solution do you think does it change the calculus of the overall war not at all i think the back and forth just another attempt by the saudi and a coalition to bring that into the negotiation table but not really to find a political solution there to they're trying to put the whole nation on its knees actually not only the wealthy because. for anyone to have control or where a human tyrion aid channel is going to have you know the ultimate power to. who is feeding the people and the so if you look at coalition has
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a long history in the course of human war where are many reports really showing in evidence how they are using food as a weapon of war so i'm not i mean even if the who thiis are the ones remaining the poor open today was still undergoing the world's largest humanitarian catastrophe so absolutely they're not doing their job right and if the the saudi led coalition going to have the upper hand on the court as well we're going to see another theories ordered layer of the human tally and the world's largest humanitarian catastrophe in yemen mr because if the who things do lose control of the sport and they might because this is the largest offensive yet in this three year war what will that mean for their position in the war how much will it weaken them. i mean i don't think. we can hope that it could just
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damage the whole just to the british and that they couldn't maybe defend the ports but the hoti i mean are really strong in what they did at this point and in any other area under saudi that coalition has been waging a war on a yemen and on the o.t. for for three years and i believe three months and they haven't actually succeeded in the goals that they have put at the beginning as they say to destroy the whole of the military capacity and to the straw yemeni ballastic missile that in the hands of the host the before the war there was no attacks on the saudi but now the hoti are launching more missiles on the saudi and we see that the yemeni government actually doesn't dare to go to. this as they call it the legitimacy so we don't know what was the point behind this war but what was really good that we had all n.g.o.s and un security security council and the u.
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and they all agree on the importance of this lifeline but on the other hand they kind of agree that the problem is there is from the whole the i was just mentioned that sweden in the un security council has called on all parties to hold open h.n. they say so to give time to the whole thing to withdraw from from their sport and the problem is not the whole the the fault was destroyed by the saudi that coalition they have targeted the main cranes in the port and that's why the port cannot only receive small ships into yemen but i can just i'm sure that the whole thing really well dug in. and they will fight for data till the death and the one who should bear the responsibility is the one who started this war against them and on of the world this latest of and against her they. let me bring you in you know it is because of the sort of vital importance of the support that we are now seeing
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the u.s. reject a request from the iraqi government this week to provide intelligence recognizance aircraft naval minesweepers because of congressional opposition to that offensive do you think that significant given how much the u.s. has supported the south in the coalition so far i think there is conflicting stance from the american side so you have the congress level there is a rejection or refused to support the saudi led coalition offensive against what they did there but at the same time you have triumphed and his administration kind of giving a poor support to the saudi the saudis and the iraqis so you have a sort of like conflicting stance and my opinion that's very real for them at least there is an aspect of human terry and concerns towards to what's happening in yemen but now the question i think is what's going to happen next if the saudi led
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coalition going to have to win if the court at any cost yeah whether there is a human course or not in my opinion the alarming consequences will be. if ever the battle of they don't open other france for the other battle and in mind comes a battle for i think the timing for there was for a bad and it comes with a lot of thought leading this military vision from matter with the help of the saudis and i t's so it's very alarming what is going to happen next what with the battle is going to be negative because absolutely this is just to push with us to the north of yemen and not really. i find that mitigates to ssion well i do want to talk more about this battle that we're seeing now and also more about the
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international actors involved because even if it is you know somewhat hopeful that the u.s. rejected the iraqis requests for extra supplies at this time the french actually came in and agreed according to the iraqis to provide them with minesweepers to clear explosives that you know the whole things had placed in the midst of a katy you know various countries are saying that they don't want this offensive that they don't want the saudis and iraqis to fight for control of the port but if they're at the same time also arming this coalition and you know you have the united states version from all doing so does the u.n. is the u.n. working so hard on a political solution achieve anything when these powers continue to arm the fight is on the ground. i don't think the united nation has been working really well to a solution. for me personally i believe that the united nation has been biased in
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this conflict because one of the first thing that they haven't mentioned the saudi . led coalition name in any of the statement as a part of this war they always say it's a civil war they try to bring yemeni parties together if they mention the saudi as one part and host the as one part of the world government as one part to bring them all to the table then we can help so the coalition responsible for any break of any ceasefire or any agreement in the future and i would just mention about the that the united arab emirates. united states for support in this operation i think this just lies because they do it in the media to cover up the real involved involvement of the united states and its like to say that the united states is not involved the war was declared on twenty six of march two thousand and fifty from the united states by the saudi ambassador and this is the first what i think that has been declared from another another country and i believe that. many yemeni don't trust
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the united nation to give up what they'd up or to be under the control of the united nation just for i would give just some of the example i mean we see that the united nation. what they have done they have taken the obvious from the people there who were fighting against the occupation but at the end. the serbian has killed a thousand surprised at the united nations right so i understand there's a very hostile six that i started to who did not know it was not the united nations i understand but what about iran and its role is it doing everything it can to encourage a political solution to this conflict i don't know why they always try to bring iran in the conflict if they blame iran for. sinden weapons of yemen we have this look it is hard to bring this in into yemen how could it on the brink of those along the lines of missile as they say in yemen this just an excuse to fight iran
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the same they have done it in other country on the top of that we see that the united out of him or that claim that iran is a could buy into the island in the vision goals why they have actually fought iran that did this is just they say it's just an excuse to say that iran is involved i mean right about the weapons that they say they united state is bringing all this weapons to the saudi why they kind of tried to tell someone else if it's true why are you bringing the obvious to the other side they should all stop all i mean just we will see what's going to have it in the battlefield or mr missed nasir president abdurrahman so hardy is back from exile why is he back in the country he's been away for over a year now why now i think your question is a telling question. only in yemen when a president is coming back to his country and becomes like a breaking news and that's unfortunately you know a manifestation of the failure of the obama administration in yemen technically
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there is no administration and the cabinet is running the country by a rebel control from beyond the or egypt or other arab countries so it's very very frustrating about you see a president. now. existing in his country but fortunately people and also very happy that he's finally back and i think this all moves are calculated. his coming back yesterday the first day of trade also and now in yemen and met many other arab muslim countries so he wants to have a certain you know message. to the people that has there especially. to. battle and also not to not forget that yesterday there was
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a speech leaked by a published photo i.d. of the last. days one day before he was killed and i think that is also another calculated step. drawn from you know trying to influence the yemeni or at least last we have we don't have very long left in the program and i would like to ask mr k.t. one last question you have thirty seconds what is it going to take to ensure that this offensive is not going to cost the country even more suffering. if the united .


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