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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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so it had to be. but sadat had a bold idea in mind. could a limited war bring the attention of the world superpowers back to the region and jump start stalled peace initiatives. it was a plan developed by his chief of staff sergeant says lee. and another called before do it. now and we can cross the sous canal with infantry troops one of the stop but then two fifty kilometers advancing with our air defenses to the west bank of the canal it has the kind of i want which gives us an anti aircraft amberleigh for fifteen kilometers east of the canal at that point i stop that even if the enemy withdraws because the enemy has one of two options either confront in which case i can inflict huge losses or stop two feet of those big losses at all costs
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and that it's a question if. as he contemplated a limited war said that found an ally. opposite as it had come to power in syria in one nine hundred seventy through a coup de tat. he too had points to prove to his people. they have and that's out there in the voice of the said as he lets up last year we should not forget that half of the lawsuit was the defense minister during the one nine hundred sixty seven defeat and he was mainly held accountable because you cannot exonerate the defense minister for such a defeat to the syrian army and off the set aside a facility so when half of the us it came to power in syria he started to absolve himself of the one nine hundred sixty seven defeat and to prepare the syrian army for the next battle but when would that be ok no one knew that modoc and in the.
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but that was. in a series of meetings throughout the one nine hundred seventy three sadat and refined the war plan. it was given the code name bedded after the prophet muhammad's fust victorious battle against the nonbelievers. when they met in syria in late august and all spacious date was chosen on the sixth of october the tenth day of ramadan the muslim holy month the jewish holy day of young capote egypt and syria would do want to surprise attack against israel. but first a setback in the app unintentionally served to disguise that buildup and confuse the enemy. on the thirteenth of september israeli and syrian jets clashed over the mediterranean. the dogfight ended with the syrians losing thirteen aircraft the
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israelis only won. the heart of fish. my it could it's the beer afterwards when the syrian forces started building up we thought that in their opinion we deserved some sort of retribution but that the build up was because of that the come up. as syrian troop concentrations in the golan grew to the south on the suez canal there were clear signs of something similar. but it's a whole lot of meat that said father gary to see the good there lots for me huge action army is getting stronger i constantly exercises that i saw them raising the sounds from their side hires him even higher than ours and opening gaps and getting into the water measuring the journey carrying out all sorts of exercises and not let me cream forms the high command but they said don't worry how many of these are just standard egyptian army exercises of patience of obviously. only five
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months previously the israelis had responded quickly to a similar build up. they'd mobilize their reserves only to find that the egyptians had gone no further than the edge of the suez canal. this time on israel's military intelligence was determined not to make the same costly mistake was. in it documented among published. of number of feet it was a perfect description of the egyptian army ready to go to war the bottom line was we nevertheless believe there was no change in the egyptian estimate regarding the balance of forces with the f. and therefore the likelihood for war is low. but all that was about to change.
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that same night in london a chef murder one of the nasa son in law and said that's information secretary would tell israel's. mogens chief that the attack would begin at eight hundred hours the next day. at zero eight hundred hours on the sixth of october the israeli cabinet met in emergency session. instead of attending young people prayers to ask forgiveness for their sins they had been summoned by the threat of imminent war. there was an argument of broke up. and. to the ship of the but out the mobilize the whole of almost the minister of defense for the time of. his funds while the foreign if is a mobilize have a selves. then in triptans a claim that it is is that intends to. and they feel that we have to make it clear
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that israel was attacked not israel is attacking. in spite of diane's opposition at zero nine hundred hours the cabinet decided on immediate mobilization of israeli reserves. meanwhile on this holiest of holy days israeli soldiers on the front lines fasted and prayed. but their calm was to be interrupted with the news of the upcoming war. ironically across the canal egyptian troops were given their first warning of war at exactly the same time. they were to break their mother in fast and prepare for battle. but the attack would come earlier and the israelis had been led to believe. they were at. the battalion commanders gathered us but he said break you fast we laughed but he
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distributed tea and dates and we broke our fast when we broke our fast but they're very dread there is no one who doesn't feel fear he said today at two pm and god willing you though we have venge and all will go invade. the operation again the chief of staff sergeant me issues us with guidebooks it was an important document to every officer and soldier dictating ready and beat us all but larry went across the raft and its number who's on your right and on your left the content of your duffel bag and everything it was wonderful he kept the crew. in an operation they had rehearsed many times over the past six years. five egyptian infantry divisions would storm across the suez canal. code named of caught the israeli defense plan was based on the fifteen strong
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points of the bar-lev line manned by just four hundred fifty men these foods would be supported by bringing one hundred tanks of the sinai armored division into position on the water line. enough it was thought to foil any egyptian attempt to cross the canal. dove call it would be triggered two hours before the start of the battle. and that would be at six pm they knew that from a show of murder one the source. because then a friend yes yes it led primarily to a situation were there were no tax in the positions in the egyptian front because the commander of the sun command give an order not to move a new tank to their positions before four o'clock and often on he was certain like everyone else but what was stopped six. in two thousand and two.
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exposed on mosques. and when i did eat it was. the egyptian national hero causing more of you he was a double agent and in fact he was the jewel in the collar of the gibson deception plan before night the seventh pick. of the toba six hundred hours wall. two hundred twenty jets at the egyptian at full scrawls the suez canal heading for the sinai. their targets israel's command centers and fields and anti-aircraft batteries. but have to have some second before passé if the busts even flying at the altitude of five kilometers i was looking at sinai about an
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explosion here another there israeli anti-aircraft missiles targeting our planes in our planes striking at their missile sites but you know what it was like a wedding with very lights and lights flashing on an arc of a beautiful city i mean sinai looked almost joyful. a mile of. the egyptian air craft return to the f. fields after destroying their targets for the loss of just eight planes. but one of the first casualties was significant president sadat sprog. of the deferred office of that was my classmate we never felt he was a president's brother or anything like that he looked like a movie star a landie along with fair hair green eyes so elegant and so manly and he talked his all in piloting and the knowledge but because of his competence not his brother
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because. within minutes of the first aerial attacks a massive alltel or a barrier begins. to eat. twenty minutes off to zero hour under cover of the continuing artillery fire the first wave of egyptian ground troops across the canal. four thousand men and seven hundred twenty rafts. there in an f. c. in a shell today praise be to god we found ourselves on the other bank can you imagine if we climbed the sand wolf it's one thousand metre high sand will not just feel fault but the twenty the soldiers who are climbing over that like butterflies to
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hide as a good digging. with the warhol for now old dove caught the israeli defense plan is rushed into action. tanks begin their move towards the canal from where they've been dug in five kilometers to the east. when the egyptian infantry got across first got across the canal they knew how the israelis will respond they had you eighty three. infantry portable missile systems. they proved very effective against the israeli armor.
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i had a million questions does the myside have enough destructive power but with the first missile and the first tank that's also everything for me. in this war new lesson emerging from the egyptian special forces an infantry that a single soldier cannot take a. the previous week mike thank you it was a lesson that was not just all over the wood but that it's a good. three hours into the war forty five egyptian infantry battalions formed thirty two thousand men have crossed the canal. the forwards of the bar-lev line have been taken or besieged most of the israeli tanks have been destroyed. has failed. the softness off iowa.
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from a. at the end of the day you had just to tell us left of my battalion along with my armored personnel carrier. was my game to share so. so then they notified me that there's a brigade on its way to be a leader and that the brigade commander for gabby i mean asks where is the battalion and i say therefore this is the battalion had laugh though he knows me and knows that i joke around sometimes for permits and i said to him no gabby this is the battalion. if you love every book. after the first wave of egyptian infantry has made the canal crossing thirty five battalions of engineers follow. additon once you figure look at. the engineers crossed with the second wave they put the palms together fixed the
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hoses and started to point them at the sand wall and started falling down feet this was a big breakthrough as opening up the hostages who enable us to operate the ferries a move some call it across especially the battalions artillery and the weapons needed to stop any counterattack by the enemy on the eastern side of the limits and let them. the next phase of the engine is what was to erect a pontoon bridge as for the tanks and heavy weapons. by sunrise on day two it looked as if the rule had been an unequivocal success for egypt's armed forces. one hundred thousand
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man. more than a thousand tanks and over ten thousand of the vehicles had crossed the suez canal with only minimal losses. the egyptian army came away from the one nine hundred sixty seven arab israeli war ashamed of itself and in nineteen seventy three the egyptian army proved that it was cheap a ball of military success and military victory. that was very important to the egyptians as a fighting force because it proved to them that they themselves could succeed. in. a history of guerrilla warfare. a place on the stage. they organised nation created for stateless population. the fight for their right
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why they are fighting for independence from. us. chronicling the turbulent story the struggle of ousting in. history a revolution. and i was a kid being suitable for me was a pleasure and a passion. who's made the difference to me. some. people can make things change you know thank you for. on al-jazeera world.
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with a quick amount of top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has announced a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods it brings the world's two biggest economies one step closer to the brink of a trade war china has hit back with its own towers of twenty five percent on u.s. goods i spoke with china very happy actually they were much happier now they may not be as happy today because what i'm doing with trade you probably i assume it's been announced by now but we're putting tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly but china's been terrific president she has been terrific for us judges sent donald trump's former campaign manager to jail prosecutors say paul manifold tried to interfere with witnesses connected to the investigation of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election and a tweet from callie decision tough and unfair the leaders of france and italy have met in paris to end the diplomatic route over the fate of refugees who try to end
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to europe both insist the e.u. is migration policy needs to be overhauled the saudi led coalition has seized the entrance to the airport and yemen's main port city operations are retake rebel held data from iranian back to the fighters known three days ago the coalition which is backing government forces says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to millions of yemenis. officials from nicaragua's government and local groups have restarted talks in a bid to end two months of anti-government protests neither president daniel ortega nor his deputy are expected to attend the talks come after another seven people including a fifteen year old boy were killed in clashes between government forces and protesters. thousands of mourners.


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