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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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economy about six one hundred to one percent of g.d.p. if you add it all up and in fact a federal reserve chairman powell said yesterday that there is no evidence to date and all that the trip the tariffs announced today have had any apparent impact on the economic numbers that you see so this is going to be a really small change in overall scope of the economy for the united states or china it could be a much bigger impact. is president is trying to distance himself from attorney michael cohen who is facing an f.b.i. investigation into his business dealings. and isn't his lawyer anymore and he hasn't spoken to him in a long time because the new york say vestal looking at materials seized in a raid on cohen's home in april he's being investigated for possible fraud and campaign law violations in connection to payments made to adult film actress stormy daniels. tom's former campaign manager to jail prosecutors tried to interfere with witnesses connected to the investigation of russian
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meddling in the twenty six thousand election and it tweets president trump called the decision tough. in reports from washington. paul mann afford began his day a free man and ended it in handcuffs. the judge had told him he could stay under house arrest until his trial but then the government accused metaphor of trying to tamper with two witnesses and alter their testimony the judge said metaphor it was treating his trial like a marketing campaign abused her trust undermined the credibility of the court so she said he'll stay in a jail cell until his trial here in september metaphor's expression didn't change when he heard the news you simply stood up and started to walk towards the door turning around just once to wave goodbye to his family before the verdict u.s. president donald trump once again tried to distance himself he worked for me what for forty nine days or something the first short period of time that is not true man a for actually work for the charm campaign for almost five months at one point he
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ran it manna for it was clearly going to fight the charges against him now he'll be under increased pressure to cooperate with investigators to avoid potentially spending the rest of his life in jail he is a man who has lived a life of luxury for decades now discovering the harsh reality of life behind bars . al-jazeera washington. fighting continues in yemen's port city of had a saudi government forces try to seize control from who's the rebels the coalition says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to millions of people but aid agencies are worried because most food shipments go through the port. has more. civilians injured in the battle for yemen's hard data port are being rushed to hospital as the offensive closes in on the rebel controlled city it's people bracing for an all out war. one resident says his home south of the city was surrounded by fighting between saudi that coalition forces back in yemen's
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government and who see rebels his family was trapped starving and terrified. we spent three days without being able to go out to go anywhere the fighting was above us and from all science we did not have any food or drink or anything not even water even the red cross was only allowed in today this is my son i treated him on a bus after he was injured in an airstrike our kids women and elderly are stuck starving for three days without any food or drink. much of the latest fighting has been taking place around the whole day to international airport in god's will we will celebrate the feast of egypt and her date or it will be an increase to the grandest of feats of heroism accomplished but the enemy in the three year war is hitting back the who posted this video of missiles targeting
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saudi backed forces. saudi that advance comes amid warnings that as many as half a million people may lose everything including their lives even more could be forced from their homes into the desert if there is the closure of the port even or just as. many people will suffer we are also greatly concerned about the possibility that civilians may be hurt by airstrikes by shelling. the u.n. security council has rejected a move to demand an immediate end to the fighting the council instead of all sides to practice restraint saudi arabia says it can seize the city quickly enough to avoid interrupting flows of aid to millions facing starvation. parties proposed humanitarian aid plans aiming to make sure the external humanitarian assistance can access through her data about seventy percent of
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yemen's aid and commercial imports rely on the ports of her data and the nearby salif and it's needed the un says twenty two million people or three quarters of the population are in desperate need of aid. laura bow to manly al jazeera. still ahead head on out of their south africa's a muslim community wails from a stopping attack at a mosque that left two men dead. and forty years on how nigeria plans to revive its steel industry as it finally puts its largest plant into production. i. mean the weather sponsored by cattle i always follow we're still going to see some showers just around the caucuses over the next
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couple of days little speckling clout that just around the black sea caspian sea armenia georgia and of course crossed to say those showers never really too far away as we go on through the next couple of days for the south florida dry for beirut temperatures at thirty one celsius pleasant sea breeze rolling enough but it's raining forty forty one the full baghdad and kuwait city might just catch one of two showers into eastern afghanistan took me the start and also into the between iran stay hot and dry kuwait city gets up to forty two cells just over the next day i assume we'll see similar temperatures across the arabian peninsula the wind will pick up once again watch out for that lift the dust and sand on saturday and on sunday temperatures at around forty three celsius might just catch one or two spots of right around the gulf of aden but essentially more hot sunshine across the arabian peninsula so warm sunshine across much of southern africa has seen some very heavy rain making its way into the western cape into cape town seventeen
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celsius here is moving through but skies come back in for a time but the cloud does return for sunday the new working week will seem more much needed frightful making its way from the rest of the weather sponsored by cateye always. getting. to the heart of the matter if the turkish cypriot people calls you today and says that's hardest would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like roots of people being peaceful unification is the only option for prosperity you. hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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and watching out as there are these are our top stories this hour the reuters news agency is reporting that make regular us government and opposition leaders have issued a joint call for an end to the political violence that has killed more than one hundred sixty people since april the move follows mediation by the roman catholic church. yes president donald trump has announced a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods that brings the world's two largest economies one step closer to the brink of a trade war china has hit back with its own tariffs of twenty five percent on the u.s. goods. and a saudi led coalition has seized the entrance to the airport in gammon's main port city the operation to retake rebel held the data from iranian backed his he finds this was launched three days ago coalition which is backing government forces says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to millions of yemenis. opposition
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is growing in the united states a move to separate immigrant children from parents who enter the country illegally and the government struggling to prepare facilities along the border that will house the children under lock and key. akio come forward tell your story it was six years ago that francisco juarez learned he could attend university in the u.s. and work without fear of deportation i stand here proud to share that i am the first my family to graduate from college but on this anniversary of the doc a policy that allowed young undocumented immigrants to step out of the shadows the trumpet administration is putting other children in detention at the us mexico border the government has separated at least two thousand children from their parents since trump's zero tolerance policy for illegal crossings took effect in april children are being held in makeshift detention centers while their parents face criminal prosecution. and dad who are having their impotence in been taken
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away from them because they're fleeing violence and we are scarring those children for life by taking them away and institutionalizing them the president is it a way to separate families from their children the administration has used the bible as justification for the policy but on friday president trump falsely blamed the opposition party to democrats forced that law upon our nation i hated i hate to see separation of parents and children the democrats can come to us as they actually are in all fairness we are talking to him and they can change the whole border security we need a wall we need border security trumps integration crackdown including cancelling the obama policy of helping young immigrants called dreamers was a campaign promise and remains popular with his supporters it's all political the president is throw red meat to his base when he does that he's using children
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whether they're dreamers or whether they're little children at the border now for a political purpose it's shameful. republicans in congress are working on two immigration bills that may come to a vote next week they include trump's demands of funding a border wall and a curbing family based migration heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington live the france and its live less in paris and the diplomatic dispute over europe's migration crisis french president emmanuel mccrone criticized the italian government for refusing to accept a rescue ship carrying more than six hundred migrants from libya that involve are reports. a week off to setting off hundreds of refugees and migrants are still it seems on their way to the spanish port of valencia river hello. this will be their sixth day on board and the seventh since they pulled the rabbit being loose in libya on. their ordeal should soon be over but when italy turned away the charity
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boat that rescued them the querrey is the route that erupted almost led to emmanuel michel is meeting with new italian prime minister giuseppe conti being cancelled after mutual accusations of not doing enough a phone call from president michel save the day and now they're promising to work hand in hand to find solutions. if you don't get local use in the case of the aquarius the risks start when the boat leaves libya this is at the heart of the initiative we want to take with our colleagues preventing the man and woman boarding ships and making dangerous journeys before being rescued by n.g.o.s the risk starts right from the beginning not just when the boat arrives in european waters we must have an organization with countries of transit to avoid humanitarian situations that are unbearable. we have always said and would like to reiterate today the dublin rules have to change italy is firmly opposed to the current reforms to the dublin system and we are currently preparing our own proposals which
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we will share with our french friends and other european partners to develop them at the european level under the austrian presidency of the council and it's those rules which leaders will be reexamining at the european union summit in two weeks' time the dublin regulation imposed that the first count three does well comes out that receives migrants and that's island seekers is in charge of processing at their claim which is what an enormous burden on countries like italy they mouth our hand gary that is countries on the northern shore are of the media they're in and see these two leaders we're never going to get rid of all of the tensions that have built up between france and italy over the issue of migration but what we've heard from them does remind the whole continent that the solution to the problem lies only europe wide basis the number of people arriving in italy by sea has dropped to this year but with attitudes hardening in many countries those who do make it to europe may find they're even less welcome. al-jazeera paris well immigration is
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also a divisive issue in germany where chancellor angela merkel is battling to save her government dominic cain has that story. these are difficult days for angela merkel the coalition government is at a crossroads brought there by a route over immigration with her interior minister horst zero offer he's one of her strongest allies on the center right with his very invasive christian social c.s.u. the sister party to her c d's he wants her to change course she does not supposed to be the ones who are i personally think illegal immigration is one of the big challenges for the european union so i don't believe we should act unilaterally we should not act in an uncoordinated way and we should not act at the expense of third parties but the c.s.u. and zero offer disagree vehemently they want to abandon the scheme in place since merkel open the borders in twenty fifteen allowing in more than
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a million refugees instead they say germany must be prepared to act unilaterally to control its borders independent if you commit its interior minister as a whole for has even threatened to put border controls back into place next week a move that would leave his position in medicals cabinet untenable really need fresh. i do not wish to hide from you that we're in a very serious situation there's been talk of a historic situation our colleagues from the c.s.u. have unanimously expressed their one hundred percent support of course to see how the master plan and the rejection of migrant to tout borders. the problem for merkel is that without the c s news folks in parliament she would lose her majority as a string for three goals accorded throne british. so it is possible that the coalition falls apart because the c.s.u. part of it is really in an ideological conflict with the non nationalist and non
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nationalist orientated chancellor that means that the populist right that the c.s.u. has become and merkel's centrist approach do not fit together and going to merkel believes it's only at the europe wide level that a comprehensive solution can be found she's pinning her hopes on the coming in new summit in brussels but critics on the right say a glance around europe's capitals suggests that many governments don't share her views and all the while this route with the c.s.u. remains unresolved dominant cane al-jazeera well in and scotland a fire has broken out in the center of glasgow at the famous mackintosh building glasgow school of art was undergoing a multi-million pound restoration after being destroyed in a blaze in two thousand and fourteen that is pasted to social media show the fire is visible from as far away as ten kilometers it's got a fire rescue service is working to bring the inferno under control. a large earthquake has struck off the pacific coast pacific coast of the pacific kingdom of
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toner a magnitude six point one quake was measured at the depth of ten kilometers there are no reports yet of damage nor injuries in a number of small earthquakes in the region in the past two weeks. another tack on a mosque is raising fears among muslims in south africa two men were killed in the stabbings in the town of mom's bury her metacity reports. so i would bust her is grateful that his brother faisal survived thursday's attack at a mosque near cape town he was stabbed in the face and arm by a stranger with said he needed a place to sleep for the night their father and a somali national were killed. in the. game. because. it. says he was stabbed the first he thinks the attacker was acting alone so it's not
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just a congregation or a specific. this is the guy he used to be blamed despite kindness to him unfortunately. but he will be judged you will be judged by a lot of behind accordingly. the. western cape province is home to the largest community of muslims in south africa all thursday's attack comes more than a month after armed men killed one person at a mosque near durban in a top province police say so far there is no link between the two attacks. it's a small farming town families say they are still in shock and some are nervous he means it is like telling people to stay calm and not speculate until the police find out why the attack happened. the family and friends of the two murdered men say they want answers they need to know why the attack happened some say it won't bring their loved ones back but it could help them and the community more. adamant
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us al-jazeera monastery south africa. nigeria's largest still plant will finally stop production for decades after it was built. cost the country more than eight billion dollars but has never produced and he still has hope again the facility off the ground will save nigeria billions of dollars and still imports as a red address reports from huge challenges still lie ahead. the last complex situation twenty four thousand hurt and cost nigeria eight billion dollars to build.


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