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experts in the field to come in and help do you foresee a moment in time when we can tribune becomes you know rather like wikipedia the first stop perhaps a one stop resource for people who are interested in the news in what's happening today what it means and they just go into a website and they'll get everything they need without any further need to track traditional media or any other source i don't know that sounds very difficult simply because. you know i think that the traditional media and the traditional methods of doing things do work incredibly well for certain types of things i think will our strength will be more along the slow news the more reflective news and so i do think we can become a bit of a place where people say all right everybody is always going on and on about about brock's. the truth is for this aspect of rex that i don't really understand it so i'm going to go to the tribune and read their explainer let's talk about the decline of local news that's an issue you're interested in because it's not just
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here about reaching for objective truths in big will changing events it's also about looking into small corners of the world where local journalists used to do the digging into anymore because the model has fallen apart the avatars go on and you can perhaps once again fill that gap yes so i'm really interested in the problem of local journalism the number of journalists left to keep an eye on the p.p. bank so to speak right to keep an eye on what's going on is so small now that we run a real risk of seeing a lot of local corruption a lot of a lot of bad things happen when nobody is paying attention so i think this is a fundamental problem that we need to really focus a lot of attention on trying to solve and my thinking here and we're not yet doing local it would be tribune it's something we want to tries as we can is that around local journalism that's where this community model can really come into play that there are people locally people who are very. posh and other local communities if
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we can get the local fans of the local high school football league. if they can all work together to report what's happening in that and then we don't have to pay people to do that then hey journalist we can hire ok we'll put them to work checking out you know the mare's bank account not sure if we can do it or not but i'm going to try i think it's really i think it's really interesting and worth a stab anyway. now you've got your critics you look knowledge that people who say that you're reinventing the wheel people who say that traditional media whilst embattled is not in fact broken as you have said that it is that there is still a very healthy stream of fact based reporting that holds trumps free to the fire every day that is brought down jacob zuma in south africa and his cronies that exposes injustices in places like me and my have you lost faith in the traditional media not have and i've actually been very pleased to see a few of the trends in recent times. you know one of the biggest and most important
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trends i've seen is that the new york times their digital subscriptions have skyrocketed from something like a million to well over two million that's really important and that's a signal that the public does care about real journalism and you know i want to see a lot more of that and you know it's it is amazing how many of the. the news services out there are doing real journalism even in the face of a business model that is sending them all the signals in the world of like you just paid a senior reporter for three weeks to do the story you were made just as much money by hiring some millennial who got a good sense of humor writing some viral content and there you know in the face of that they're still saying no we're going to do serious journalism we have to figure out the business model to make that happen and i think that's fantastic. but i think most people in the industry would agree wow it's been embattled and certainly
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for aspects of it it's been effectively destroyed and i think that's something that does bother people i would talk to you about. the ability of wiki tribune to censor of ensure its accuracy which of course is fundamentally in combat or refuting fake news claims and. the one question i would have is as a sort of open source will crowd source online community based project isn't. infinitely open to subversion to the hijacking of the likes of the troll communities and so on who just jump on and do what they've done on facebook and on twitter yes so you really way they can't as easily traditional media yeah i mean i think you really have to be very focused on that as a potential problem but you can't let that stand in the way of trying to empower genuinely good people to participate and do things of quality so we know it would be p.d. of course people get banned from wikipedia every single day for coming on and
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trolling and doing something but the but the result is they do get bad every single day and you can't say that necessarily of some of their platforms where they tolerate incredibly bad behavior because they consider themselves to be really open platforms whereas wiki pedia has always said this is an open free speech zone this is a project to build an encyclopedia so some way for us i mean we have to have very strong community rules we have to say to people certain behaviors are absolutely not welcome here if you want to. you know go and sort of troll and rant there's the whole internet sopa to write there's lots of places we're not stopping you from doing that but don't do it here we've actually been very happy so far with the you know we have every story this post that has a talk page so you can go and comment but we've really encouraged people with a lot of messaging in our existing core community really understands this this isn't like other news sites where the point is just discuss the news give your opinion about what trump did today or whatever it's always supposed to be about how
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can we improve this article what can we do to make this better what should the next article be what is the one of the questions left unanswered what are the things we need to be thinking about working on and that's actually been very successful people have been very good about saying ok yeah that's what we're going to talk about here and i think that's really important that we keep that kind of an attitude as we grow because otherwise if you just say yeah it's radical free speech on and one of the things that a lot of new sites do. a few years back and i think most of them of pulled back because they realized it was a mistake as they really prioritized as a metric the number of comments they had that was a measure of reader engagement or people commenting on what we're writing turns out as a result rubble yeah written by robots or just the worst people in humanity screaming at each other screaming at the drone was a really adding value you know everybody's heard the expression stop read the comments because you read the news story of the bottom and tell you who are these idiots down here oh ok so now new sites are understanding it that's not actually like prioritising number of comments is can be very unhealthy because they're not
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helpful people really well i want to ask you the same sort of question about we keep pedia about that self correction of the crowds i mean we keep eating what is the fifth most visited website in the world it's known to just about everybody who has access to the into the us influences politicians journalists policy makers the world. who guards the accuracy we keep p.d.f. i mean who's accountable for that so what's interesting about wikipedia is is you really have to understand the community as a very healthy community a strong community of people who are very passionate about getting it right. who supervise everything who become admins and block people who are trolling and vandalizing but it's really it it's about chewing on the ideas it's about open continuous dialogue how do we improve how do we get better what have we gotten
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wrong who screwed up what how do we fix it and all that so it's a big noisy process obviously imperfect everybody's seen a new story about a mistake and we keep eating or something like this but it really is about having a community of people who care that's very human values oriented sort of thing it's not a magical software solution. and it's i don't think it's fragile we've been going for quite a long time but i. if you think it requires a certain amount of nurturing certain amount of saying reminding ourselves always hey we're here for a real purpose. not sort of enable trolling and nonsense really how involved are you still doing today we could be i'm pretty involved i mean i acted in the community i do a lot of public speaking that takes up a lot of my time the past year or so i've been really focused on with the tribune so obvious i'm spending more time on that i'm on the board of the wikimedia foundation which is the charity that i set up with the p.t.o. so if you see very busy you go to obviously have i mean a sort of deep in
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a faith in the idea of the wisdom of crowds in the goodness of people you said you were to turn to mist i mean to some people that might strike them as naive given given how easily corruptible the internet has become the sort of dark and dark spaces and all the nasty is involved i mean how do you maintain that sense of yeah well i mean i think maybe it is a bit naive but i hope not insanely so i mean like if he has proven largely that there are a lot of nice people out there and they just want to help out and do something useful and i think he he can't be silly and ignore potential problems you have to sort of think about them and realistically defend against attacks and things like that but the existence of you know dark places on the internet doesn't disprove the existence of places of light and joy so it's sort of like you know we're sitting here in london somewhere in london right now
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something really horrible is happening with bad people who are doing something and there's also wonderful homes and families and loving environments and so forth and that's all that mess is the human condition and what we have to think about is how do we get the better side of things how do we make sure that stays empowered and that that's important and that these problems remain. anomalies and also that we try to address them and try to help the people who are in need in those disaster situations whatever they may be that's a bit naive maybe but i don't know what else we can do what scares you about the internet about its potential and where it's going so one of the things that i worry a lot about is the rise of censorship. the rise of the ability of countries to block political information they don't like i think that is troubling and it's a multifaceted problem it's moving beyond simply
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a basic sort of you know block the website you don't agree with into troll armies and things like that to silence opposition by flooding zones with with nonsense and so on that's that's troublesome it's something i think we need to think a lot about and obviously everybody is thinking a lot about it these days a lot of focus on that sort of thing but so that's one thing what inspires you about it what inspires me about the internet in the internet community is just the sheer number of perfectly nice people there are out there it's easy to forget sometimes that people are really lovely i always give an example that has nothing to do with my work. there's on reddit which is a place that has very dark alleys and dark places but also there's the personal finance sub reddit where a typical post is someone who's nineteen says oh dear my alcoholic father just passed away and i found out he had taken out credit cards in my name and i have
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thirty thousand dollars in debt i don't know what to do i'm a young person and then people like they weigh in with like a really good advice and they say oh you didn't say what state you're in but in california you call this office and here's how you deal with it here's the notification wow like these are just nice people helping out someone on the internet i mean that's the spirit that reminds me of the early like happy days of the internet and so that's that's inspirational to me. do you believe in killer robots. i've always joked that you know when the killer robots come you have me to think for their fine knowledge of elizabeth and poetry because the killer robots will read wiki pedia. but yeah no i mean i think we i mean speaking incredibly literally i do think that we're going to see the rise of automated killing robots machines in warfare and i think that's going to happen sooner rather than later i know there's been some discussion maybe we should be
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banned before they get started under the geneva convention type of situation but i think that the cost of building such things continues to decline and there isn't nothing to be done about that that's just part of technological progress and that there will be something like this and if maybe it's not sanctioned by the major important countries that. it's like a black mirror but i think that's coming so actual killer robots as people have broader fear about the future of technology and what does it mean for humankind there i do remain very optimistic and i think we really got an amazing futureheads block train is going to change the world so blah chain i'm cautiously skeptical of black shame simply because there's so much hype right now there's so much noise so much nonsense being peddled that's clearly nonsense at the same time i have to say when i first learned about blood chain and really studied it enough to really get
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the concept it's genius it's a genius idea. what applications it may have i think are still mostly to be determined that clearly there's the application of the currency's what application to crypto currencies have that still are largely open question. there's all kinds of interesting things out there but it's sort of there's so much noise and so. it's nonsense it's really hard to get things that actually i feel like are really meaningful and going to have a big oh you a bit corn invest i'm not a bit going to have us drive i people have given big quiet and if theory to support we could be in. and. because it's got done nothing but go straight up we made some money off of that before i had time to sell it it went up but we thought about it some sometimes of people have donated because they said i hope you'll keep it in big coin and obviously you have to pay
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a journalist and they can't really accept bitcoin to pay the rent or whatever but maybe only sell it when you have to but we sort of thought no actually our our objective is to be neutral in our reporting and if we had a big pile of bitcoin we might become boosters of bitcoin and that's not really serving even the people who are donating bitcoin what they want is quality journalism about bitcoin so i think it will just continue to sell. as as it comes and i don't know to wrap up with the pedia has sites in three hundred languages forty six million articles accessed by one point four billion individual devices every month. how often do you sit back as i imagine you must and reflect on the enormity of this thing that you created back in what must have seemed like with dark days of the digital world in two thousand and one yeah i mean fairly often i mean occasionally something will happen and that reminds me of how
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incredibly global our impact is so one of the things i'm very interested in on a personal level is education in the developing world and think about what how can technology help in that area and when i meet students i while back i met some students in a slum like a terrible area in the dominican republic and they had a computer center that had just been built and they all had mobile devices even though it was a very poor area and they all knew wiki pedia of course and i thought wow because they told me five years prior to this there was no electricity in the area and you know that's remarkable to think about that that people who formally would have almost no access to information have the world's knowledge in their pocket that's an amazing thing and it's. cool jimmy wales once again thank you for talking to own
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them. big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives separate the spin from the facts that's why i am. with the listening post on al jazeera and hundred forty on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. on packet for us what will you hear and what will you sing whether online horrendous things. about that or if you join us on
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sat one of the major countries in the commonwealth how far bigger fish to fry and chips to eat this is a dialogue. about some of this success if perhaps everyone has a voice what happens when the robots themselves are making the decision to join the colobus conversation. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us that gives us the ability to identify the people who claim the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera.
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paris on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things a trade route escalates between the u.s. and china after washington and closes tariffs and beijing hits back. and this is live from doha also coming up the president is it a way to separate families from their children a day of confusing political back and forth in washington over immigration. call for changes to e.u. migration rules following a dispute over a ship full of refugees. and families trapped injured and close to salvation is face fighting surrounds yemen's port city of.
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a trade between the world's two biggest economies china and the u.s. has escalated president of trump says he will impose twenty five percent tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese employs them u.s. was being taken advantage of asian promise to retaliate quickly with its own tariff of twenty five percent on u.s. goods also worth fifty billion to start in july an official reports from the white house. u.s. president donald trump has been hammering china on trade for months and morning on the white house north lawn where he held a surprise news conference he confirmed he was going to act with protection everybody take care of the european union made one hundred fifty one billion dollars with the. told you that you would get your job or you look at something that would help these countries militarily. but what does it stop. no the u.s. will impose tariffs an additional tax on goods imported from china industries to be
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impacted agriculture aviation automotive and the tech sector the white house says it's not targeting foreigners t.v.'s and computers for no that would mean higher charges higher costs for consumers one treat experts as a u.s. trade battle with china the world's two biggest economies will impact global markets it creates instability uncertainty it reduces particularly investment uncertainty for long term investors private business capital expenses and these types of things donald trump summit in singapore may have strengthened his determination to act for years the u.s. look to china to help bring in an industry in north korea but convinced he's built up a solid relationship with kim jong un the president perhaps feels he's in a stronger position to act on trade. industries targeted aloose tied to china's made in china twenty twenty five strategic plan to dominate the emerging high
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technology industries drive future economic growth but hunt for us and others china has warned when the first set of targets hit on july the sixth it will respond that will spark a second round of titus from the us to move on the leach out tree each time it is consistent in its stance that if the us adopts any unilateral protectionist measures and damages china's interests we will immediately react and take necessary measures to firmly safeguard our legitimate rights and interests there are those in this town and those in this white house who privately believe that a long term trade war with china would be bad for the u.s. economy and for u.s. consumers but donald trump is the living on a campaign promise and he believes a trade war would be good for the u.s. and it's a war he can when alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house. funs larry has more now from beijing. i think the chinese of fear is they are absolutely furious at what's hit them and they are hitting back they're hitting back hard we heard the
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chinese commerce ministry issued a statement shortly after trump made his announcement and they said they respond with taxation measures of the same measure of the same scale and then they've released a list of products of u.s. products that are going to be affected by these chinese tires and this list is an expanded list from initial initial one hundred and six products in april to none six hundred fifty nine types of goods and this first list is first tranche of tires they will come into effect just like the u.s. tariffs on the sixth of july and this will hit u.s. farmers because these tariffs will hit farm products including soybean pork chicken seafood as well as automobile manufacturers and then there's a second tranche that's going to be on sixteen billion dollars worth of u.s. goods and just like the u.s. tariffs they will come into effect on a date to be announced later but the products the list of goods affected include medical devices energy crude oil and chemicals now the reuters news agency is
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reporting that mediators from the roman catholic church of brokers an agreement between the government and opposition forces both sides of opposed to agree to issue calls for an end to hostilities little violence has left more than one hundred sixty people dead since protests against the government of president take a began in april the judge is also calling for a take his government to consider early elections talks are set to continue on saturday. the opposition is growing in the u.s. moves to separate immigrant children from parents who enter the country illegally the government is struggling to prepare facilities along the border that will help those children under lock and key castro has more. akio come forward tell your story it was six years ago that francisco juarez learned he could attend university in the u.s. and work without fear of deportation i stand here proud to share that i am the first in my family to graduate from college but on this anniversary of the doc
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a policy that allowed young undocumented immigrants to step out of the shadows the trump administration is putting other children in detention at the us mexico border the government has separated at least two thousand children from their parents since trump's zero tolerance policy for illegal crossings took effect in april children are being held in makeshift detention centers while their parents face criminal prosecution. and dad who are having their impotence been taken away from them because they're playing violent and we are scarring those children for life by taking them away and institutionalizing them the president is if you made a separate families from their children that the administration has used the bible as justification for the policy but on friday president falsely blamed the opposition party the democrats forced to that law upon our nation i hated i hate to
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see separation of parents and children the democrats can come to us as they actually are in all fairness we are talking to him and they can change the whole border security we need a wall we need border security trumps integration crackdown including cancelling the obama policy of helping young immigrants called dreamers was a campaign promise and remains popular with his supporters it's all political the president is throw red meat to his base when he does that he's using children by the dreamers it was their children at the border now for a political purpose it's shameful. republicans in congress are working on two immigration bills that may come to a vote next week they include trump's demands of funding a border wall and a curbing family based migration heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington the leaders of france and italy have met in paris and dispute over europe's migration
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crisis vice president criticize these hollande government for fusing to accept a rescue ship carrying more than six hundred migrants from libya a day in baba reports. a week after setting off hundreds of refugees and migrants are still at sea on their way to the spanish port of the in syria. this will be their sixth day on board and the seventh since they pulled the rabbit in libya on. their ordeal should soon be over but when italy turned away the charity boat that rescued them the querrey is the route that erupted almost led to emmanuel michel is meeting with new italian prime minister giuseppe conti being counseled after mutual accusations of not doing enough for a phone call from president michel save the day and now they're promising to work hand in hand to find solutions. if you don't get local use in the case of the aquarius the risks start when the boat leaves libya this is at the heart of the initiative we want to take with our colleagues preventing the man and woman
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boarding ships and making dangerous journeys before being rescued by n.g.o.s the risk starts right from the beginning not just when the boat arrives in european waters we must have an organization with countries of transit to avoid humanitarian situations that are unbearable. we have always said and would like to reiterate today the dublin rules have to change italy is firmly opposed to the current reforms to the dublin system and we are currently preparing our own proposals which we will share with our french friends and other european partners to develop them at the european level under the austrian presidency of the council and it's those rules which leaders will be reexamining at the european union summit in two weeks' time the dublin regulation imposed that the first gone through the world comes out that receives migrants and that's ireland seekers is in charge of processing at their claim which brought an enormous burden on countries like italy they mouth our
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own gary that is countries on the nod i'm sure are of the media there and see these two leaders were never going to get rid of all of the tensions that have built up between france and italy over the issue of migration but what we've heard from them does remind the whole continent that the solution to the problem lies only europe wide basis the number of people arriving in italy by sea has dropped this year but with attitudes hardening in many countries those who do make it to europe may find they're even less welcome al-jazeera peris. immigration is also a divisive issue in germany where chancellor angela merkel is battling to save her government dominic cain has that story. these are difficult days for angela merkel the coalition government is at a crossroads brought there by a route over immigration with her interior minister horst zeal for he's one of her strongest allies on the center right with his very invasive christian social union
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c.s.u. the sister party to her c d's he wants her to change course she does not suppose anything to be in a god but soon throughout i personally think illegal immigration is one of the big challenges for the european union so i don't believe we should act unilaterally we should not act in an uncoordinated way and we should not act at the expense of third parties but the c.s.u. and zero offer disagree vehemently they want to abandon the scheme in place since merkel open the borders in twenty fifteen allowing in more than a million refugees instead they say germany must be prepared to act unilaterally to control its borders independent of you commit it's interior ministers a whole for his even threatened to put border controls back into place next week a move that would leave his position in miracles cabinet untenable really need. i do not wish to hide from you that we're in a very serious situation there's been talk of
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a historic situation our colleagues from the c.s.u. have unanimously expressed their one hundred percent support of course to see how the master plan and the rejection of migrant to tout borders. the problem for america is that without the c.s. use votes in parliament she would lose her majority as a strong part of three girls the court of throne britain. so it's possible that the coalition falls apart because the c.s.u. part of it is really in an ideological conflict with the non nationalist and non nationalist orientated chancellor that means that the populist right that the c.s.u. has become and merkel's centrist approach do not fit together. angela merkel believes it's only at the europe wide level that a comprehensive solution can be found she's pinning her hopes on the coming summer in brussels but critics on the right say a glance around europe's capitals suggests that many governments don't share her views and all the while this round with the c.s.u.
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remains unresolved dominic cain al-jazeera well in. still ahead here on al-jazeera reports from malaysia's former prime incident could face charges over a corruption scandal. and stephen hawkings voice and lives on a message of peace from the late astrophysicist is beamed into outer space. in london. they're going to see some showers just around the caucuses over the next couple of days little speckling shouted out that just around the black sea caspian sea armenia georgia. and of course across turkey to say those showers never really too far away as we go on through the next couple of days for the south florida drive by route temperatures at thirty one celsius pleasant sea breeze rolling in the but
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it's raining forty forty one the full baghdad and kuwait city might just catch one of two showers into eastern afghanistan took me the start and also into azerbaijan in between iran stay hot and dry kuwait city gets up to forty two celsius over the next day i assume we'll see similar temperatures across the arabian peninsula the wind will pick up once again watch out for that live to dust and sand on saturday and on sunday temperatures at around forty three celsius much as count one or two spots of right around the gulf of aden but essentially more hot sunshine across the arabian peninsula so warm sunshine across much of southern africa has seen some very heavy rain making its way into the western cape into cape town seventeen celsius here is moving through but skies come back in for a time but the cloud does return for sunday the new working week will see more must've rifle making its way from the west.
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a history of guerrilla warfare. a place. they only his nation created for stateless population. the fighting for their land why. fight for independence from her and her neighbors. chronicling the turbulent still strong palestinian. p.l.o. history of the revolution on al-jazeera. and again you're watching on to sara as a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has announced
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a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods that brings the world's two largest economies one step closer to the brink of a trade war china has had back with its own tariffs of twenty five percent on u.s. goods. voices news agency reporting that may crack u.s. government and opposition leaders have issued a joint call for an end to the political violence that is killed more than one hundred sixty people since april the move.


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