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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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you're watching on. top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has announced a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods that brings the world's two largest economies one step closer to the brink of a trade war china has hit back with its own tariffs of twenty five percent on u.s. goods. voices news agency is reporting that government and opposition leaders have issued a joint call for an end to the political violence that is killed more than one hundred sixty people since april the move follows mediation by the roman catholic church. and the leaders of france and paris to end a diplomatic route over the fate of refugees who try to and to europe both insist that the e.u.'s migration policy needs to be overhauled. fighting continues in yemen's port city of dade led government forces tried to seize control from who's the rebels the coalition says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to
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millions of people but aid agencies are worried because most food shipments go through the port manley has more of. the billions injured in the. data port are being rushed to hospital as the offensive closes in on the rebel controlled city its people bracing for an all out war. one resident says his home south of the city was to round up by fighting between saudi that coalition forces back in yemen's government and the rebels. his family was trapped starving and terrified. we spent three days without being able to go out to go anywhere the fighting was above us and from all sides we did not have any food or drink or anything not even water even the red cross was only allowed in today this is my son i treated him on a bus after he was injured in an airstrike our kids women and elderly are stuck
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starving for three days without any food or drink. much of the latest fighting has been taking place around the whole day to international airport in god's will we will celebrate the feast of eat and have data that will be a double feast on our knowledge of the grandest of feats of heroism accomplished but the enemy in the three year war is hitting back the who posted this video of missiles targeting saudi backed forces saudi that advance comes amid warnings that as many as half a million people may lose everything including their lives even more could be forced from their homes into the desert if there is the closure of the port even or just as. many people will suffer we are also greatly concerned about the possibility that civilians may be hurt by airstrikes by shelling. the un security council has rejected
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a move to demand an immediate end to the fighting the council instead urged all sides to practice restraint saudi arabia says it can seize the city quickly enough to avoid interrupting flows of aid to millions facing starvation. parties proposed new humanitarian aid plans aiming to make sure the external humanitarian assistance can access human through her data about seventy percent of yemen's aid and commercial imports rely on the ports of her data and the nearby salif. and it's needed the u.n. says twenty two million people or three quarters of the population are in desperate need of aid more about manly al-jazeera seven years after the start of the libyan conflict people of one town are finally being allowed to return home residents of to work force out after being accused of killing rebels who supported the revolution against moammar gadhafi many of their houses were destroyed and as
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mahmoud adeline had reports to work is still a ghost town. the rude is wrong. but oman was keen to see what is left of his house. he broke his family with him. it is the first time in nearly seven years given back. the abandoned home is in poor condition. but almost son abdullah and daughter mariam craven independence they don't have in the camp where they're now living. we're chicken if our house is inhabitable but unfortunately it's not because of your unless the government starts maintenance operations we have no other choice but to go back to the camp in tripoli about thirty five thousand pounds are living in camps across libya since rebels from the nearby city of misrata who are opposed to
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moammar gadhafi captured the town in august twenty leavened with a full of good durfy to woodlands where forces from their homes accused of supporting the former leader. fast forward six years to december last year and the tripoli based a government of national accord agreed that the people of the world are good to start returning to the tower and how over all the hostilities still exist and in february they were stopped by armed groups of from misrata since then hundreds of lines have been stranded in the desert twenty five miles from their homes. but this month at a conservation deal was signed with the former enemies the long growth home to the word of god that has been blog for the last seventy years is now open after the end of hostilities with the rival city of misrata but years of conflict have taken up all and the telling of the hour is not yet fully prepared to receive those who are
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coming back to is now a ghost town. much of its infrastructure has been destroyed and it lacks a basic services abdul hamid isa a military brigade tasked with bringing life back to the town. structure will start immediately after school hospitals infrastructure streets health services and housing i guess the world will be totally rehab really into wards for omar and his family it can't come soon enough that it counting down the days they've suffered during the past seven years but hope time can now prove a healer would have to do i hate the jews here are. well malaysian prime minister najib razak may be charged in a corruption case japes alleged involvement in a money laundering scandal played
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a large part in his election last year promise some had him mohammed has vowed to bring back money stolen from a state fund and punish those responsible for the appalling report from putrajaya. it's one of the biggest ever turn outs for prime ministers open house the annual celebrations held at the residence of malaysia's leader to mark the start of the muslim holiday of either addressing the crowd might there mohammed thank the supporters who helped him and his coalition and the sixty year rule of the previous government last month. i mean this is democracy and it means to people are free to trust their government if they find it a government and it's no longer suitable through votes we can change the government and the people here are well aware of it. they don't have our young way based on my observation they sit in promises that they may fulfil but we won something that is fair and transparent so we are informed of what had happened to our country we
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chased a new government i think i suspect we didn't have the seat at the site you know the old woman. quite a lot but the former prime minister najib razak is being investigated for money laundering and misappropriation of property it's related to a corruption scandal in which state money was allegedly used to pay for the lifestyle of politicians and businessmen around the world sending the country into debt it's what martha says forced him out of retirement with a promise to clean up the government prime minister mahathir mohamad is credited with bringing together not only a divided population but also bury its political party with one common goal change but as the new government formed there are concerns he won't be able to keep the different groups united long enough to deliver the proposed reforms. the ruling coalition known as the alliance of hope is made up of politicians across the spectrum many had been jailed by might there himself when he was prime minister
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from one thousand nine hundred eighty two to two thousand and three the opposition coming to join you know it can lead to fractious relationship it depends on reddit user i.d.'s can be tolerated because some may not like you see the choice of you know the top people one month on might there is still putting together a cabinet with the eventual aim of a clean and transparent government but get watching. whatever changes that has been promised to take for. me actually waiting and watching but there mohamed at the age of ninety three is now responsible for ending a system of cooney ism and corruption that has been a problem for malaysia ever since he was last in power if you go palin al-jazeera putrajaya malaysia. at least twelve people have died and thousands more forced into relief shelters often days of torrential rains in north east india flash flooding
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and landslides of cut off parts of money a poor state in neighboring tripura hospitals and shops are flooded and closed but it is an annual global join the monsoon season but the effect has been worsened by crumbling infrastructure and clogged trains. survivors of a florida high school shooting a touring the united states calling for changes to gun laws. starting in chicago the group of students plan to visit seventy four more cities during the month long tour the campaign will encourage more americans to vote to take guns off the streets. i don't know. just. a few. in scotland a fire has broken out in the center of glasgow at the famous macintosh building a school of art was undergoing a multi-million pound restoration after being destroyed in
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a blaze in two thousand and fourteen but is based social media showed the fire visible from as far away as ten kilometers the scottish fire and rescue service is working to bring the inferno under control. a man who spent his life investigating the origins of the universe has had his voice beamed into the nearest black hole with a message of peace and hope seven hawking's remains have now been interred between the graves of fellow science greats isaac newton and charles darwin and the hayward reports on the memorial service for britain's most renowned astrophysicist we have entrusted. brother stephen to god's mercy he was one of the world's best known scientists now laid to rest behind some of history's greatest think those who also changed the way we understand the world. it would have britain's oldest churches thousands gathered to remember the remarkable night the professor
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stated the stars of screen and science coming together to celebrate his work so it is he who gave me an airing knowledge of what exists to know the structure of the world the activity of the elements. hawking who died in march led an extraordinary life for a cambridge graduate who was just twenty one when he was diagnosed with a rare form of motor neuron disease doctors said he would only survive a few years but he lived for more than half a century when an illness will tell him of his ability to speak to king's found another voice using a synthesizer it will become his trademark. her star. stephen hawking to coded some of the mysteries of the universe its all its structure from big bang to black hole and achieve global acclaim with the release of his book a brief history of time which sold more than ten million copies.
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his work was inspirational thousands of members of the public took part in the ballot to attend his memorial he was so trapped in his body that looked at the sky was incredible he was an inspiration to the people he worked with to the military in general to freedom look at that morning to great across the universe was extraordinary it was her current condition if you had to and you still live in arizona today was it would just be this place of destroying history is being. written has been burying its kings and queens its prolific poets performers and explorers tear at westminster abbey for centuries stephen hawking will be laid to rest in and austria scientific company alongside the likes of charles darwin and isaac newton. it is an auto which sails stephen hawking's legacy for years to come emma haywood al-jazeera. plenty more on all the day's news on
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our web site there it is updated twenty four hours a day seven days a week. these are the top stories u.s. president donald trump has announced a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods and brings the world's two largest economies one step closer to the brink of a trade war china has hit back with its own tyrus of twenty five percent on u.s. goods i spoke with china very happy i actually they were much happier now they may not be as happy today because of what i'm doing with trade you probably heard that i assume it's been announced by now but we're putting tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things because we have to because we've been
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treated very unfairly but china has been terrific president she has been terrific. news agency is reporting that government and opposition leaders have issued a joint call for an end to the political violence that is one hundred sixty people since april the move follows mediation by the roman catholic church the white house contradictory signals about whether president trump will supports an immigration bill proposed by u.s. house republicans it comes as protesters rally against the administration's policy of separating thousands of migrant children from their parents and putting them in detention facilities. the leaders of france and italy of mass in paris and the diplomatic route were over the fate of refugees who try to enter europe both insist the migration policy needs to be overhauled. the saudi led coalition has seized the entrance to the airport in yemen main port city operation to take rebel held her data from iranian backed. three days ago the coalition which is backing government
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forces says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to millions of yemenis. at least twelve people have died and thousands of others forced into relief shelters after days of torrential rain in northeast india flash floods and landslides have cut off parts of money poor state in neighboring tree poor hospitals and shops are closed flooded. and in scotland a fire has broken out in the center of glasgow at the famous macintosh building school of art was undergoing a multi-million pound restoration after being destroyed in the blaze and twenty fourteen it is posted to social media show the five visible from as far away as ten kilometers those are your headlines stay with us p.l.o. history of a revolution is next. the plight of the syrian people and the violence they enjoy is plain for all to see. but behind closed doors lax an unspeakable brutality inflicted on the women.
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here from the brave few who survived a massive us indignity and dan to tell the tale. silent war eyewitness documentary on out is iraq. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news. in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the state of israel was proclaimed. palestine was lost. sixteen years later in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the palestine liberation organization or the
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p.l.o. was founded. made up of different factions the p.l.o. has been at the heart of the struggle to regain palestine ever since. setting up an independent palestinian organization was not easy. the first challenge the palestinians faced was to wrest control of their own destiny from the at abrasions. in early one nine hundred sixty five
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a series of attacks were carried out against israeli civilians and infrastructure. but a previously unknown palestinian group calling itself a loss if i meaning the storm seen here in training claimed responsibility for the times. and also if i was started by a small group of palestinian activists in the diaspora they believed armed struggle was the only way to win back their lost homeland. out of breeze eams did not share this view they feared being drawn into a conflict with israel for which they did not feel prepared. palestine had been an area of conflict for many years in one thousand forty seven great britain and onstott was terminating its mandate over palestine. i repeated case that his majesty's government if you can in the faith if a step policy on the assumption that they must lay down the mandate. and to which
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they have sold for twenty five years to discharge their obligations to fulfill the growth of the jewish national home and to protect the interest of the arab population. in order that there may be no misunderstanding of the execute and policy of britain i have been instructed by his majesty's government to announce with o'sullivan the day that they have consequently decided that in the absence of a second meant they must plan for and early withdrawal of british forces and of the british administration from palestine britain handed over palestine to the united nations in one thousand and forty seven the un general assembly decided to partition palestine into two states one out of the other jewish. this partition plan was rejected by palestinians in neighboring arab states. in early one nine hundred forty eight open conflict erupted between jews and palestinians in
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a confidential briefing at the time america's central intelligence agency predicted a defeat for the jews. as the arabs gradually corden ate their war effort the jews will be forced to withdraw from isolated positions and having been drawn into a war of attrition will gradually be defeated. following the withdrawal of the last british troops in may one hundred forty eight jewish leaders proclaimed their stablish went on the state of israel. on the very next day five out of armies from jordan egypt lebanon syria and iraq immediately declared war. one young palestinian activist who was living in cairo at the time was keen to join the fight. and i thought. that.
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the thought that there was were stem and not to lobby for the thirteen for should ban him as they mean i left school we gathered the young muslims association and we decided that whoever wanted to fight would have to bend their books. i was among those who bend their books and went and joined the army of the struggle. that . the arab armies were defeated. the newly declared state of israel seized control of most of palestine with the exception of jerusalem the west bank and the gaza strip. there. by nine hundred forty nine close to three quarters of a million palestinians had become refugees. in the late one nine hundred fifty s. in kuwait and made the popular sentiment of arab unity common in the region
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a group of palestinian exiles established a secret organization. they called it the palestinian national liberation movement it became known more popularly as fact that. yasser arafat was one of the ringleaders of this new organization which favored armed struggle to achieve the liberation of palestine but quite some inhabit it was in kuwait that we named it. before it was a continuation of our palestinian nationalistic activities such activities were aimed at gaining autonomy from the arab regimes most dominant of which was the regime of egyptian president. rival palestinian groups emerged advocating coordination with nasser's regime. madness when for most of the most i would look at decision to form a palestinian branch and coordinated this with the president that it was agreed that our actions would conform with the overall egyptian military strategy that we
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wouldn't carry out military action that would prematurely do egypt into a war with israel for which it wasn't yet that. nine hundred sixty four president nasser convened the first out of the summit his aim was to lead an arab response to the continued existence and growing dominance of israel. the arab leaders voted to set up a body to organize the palestinians in their diaspora a commercial katie seen here on the right a palestinian diplomat from a well known family was chosen to head the newly formed body. from the outset he wanted an organization which would not just kowtow to arab regimes and love and our going on the pilot the arabs agreed to set up the p.l.o. as a means of releasing the frustrations felt by the palestinians but then came when the shook lady who decided he was going to form a proper p.l.o. and he did he must take the credit for setting up the p.l.o.
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its structure and national charter he was a great man who should be recognized as such for months later in may of one thousand nine hundred sixty four should they reconvene the first palestinian parliament in jerusalem it was called the palestine national council king hussein of jordan the country which had administered the west bank since one nine hundred fifty attended the meeting of the parliament consisted of palestinian elders as well as a younger generation who called for a more forceful approach to winning back their own about. the parliament formally announced the establishment of the palestine liberation organization and declared the state of israel as illegal to guarantee jordanian acceptance of the meeting should play the al a jordanian fears by announcing that the p.l.o. had no designs on the west bank and was only interested in regained territory from israel. should be spent the next few years building support for the p.l.o. he set out to create a body that could truly be considered
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a voice for the status palestinians who traveled far and wide in his endeavors. here he is seen in china where he was accorded a welcome usually reserved for visiting heads of state. and shook edifice to. saif. ali. is a palestinian first and foremost true he was close to nasser but he proved more than once that he was a palestinian first and. he didn't take on the job to be a tool of luster but to channel the energies of the palestinian people he raised the bar when it came to losses views on palestinian nationalism get him off. he out of the house we were supposed to launch in one thousand nine hundred sixty four before the palestine national council meeting in jerusalem in it i was there in jerusalem but didn't attend the meeting i was preparing to launch military
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operations as a gift to the pansy but we decided against it because we thought it might be perceived as an attempt to upstage the council meeting and its resolutions. i felt that his revolutionary comrades in fact that viewed the newly created p.l.o. with great suspicion. they felt the organization was the product of the same impotent arab regimes that had lost palestine in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. that had the activists wanted instead to take matters into their own hands and in january one thousand nine hundred five they began attacking targets in israel. although militarily insignificant the first attack was a sign of things to come. that i don't know what i mean why not but. that would be. the mark that fact he declared it had mounted the first operation although i don't believe it was the first palestinian petrol to go into a coup by palestine but the significance is that fact his declaration heralded the
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independence of palestinian decision making that palestinians would no longer be subservient to arab government picked up which would never have approved the launching of the armed struggle arab leaders greeted for that operations with distrust in this day they were wary of a radical palestinian group acting on its own initiative. president nasser of egypt suspected fattah who was an extension of the muslim brotherhood with whom he was engaged in a vicious struggle palestinians who are allied to nasser hurled elaborate accusations against their fellow palestinians and fatah quality. which i find that with being an anti nasr buddy affiliated with the muslim brotherhood even a creation of the cia there was a real battle going on between egyptian intelligence and fattah so one fact that launched its first operation and announced the beginning of the armed struggle in the arab nationalist movement mounted an all out assault on fatah and accused it of
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trying to drag nasser into war. other arab leaders openly spoke out in favor of negotiation rather than armed struggle in one thousand nine hundred sixteen asean president habibie arrived in egypt on a tour of the region. while in the west bank he advised his palestinian audience to seek a negotiated settlement in order to resolve the palestinian refugee problem. a message he repeated in lebanon on. my roof and i. have a. senator mythical.


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