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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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you know honey it's like foreign kind of a great example. you walk. up. to the morning in. the fitness and heart of just how not unknown she i'm in a squad was shorter. than sure with the nomination and we know not there's a word. for several rules out on shark tale almost a whole lot of harvey anonymous offers of help. both of them moving last autumn in hand and the mother asked after dusk harry. i don't know how my top. story by the end but. lucky enough not the. the is on the shortlist of at heart.
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but not was that just read harvest and thought of a clown on the last get it out. the only time your. home swallowed your own players. for years. now. the boss of one. of the whole you know. how do how we. measure all the current let us not. and so little. do when obviously are some do in order to missy are available. you should read it to see our
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lives in the new moon i've seen a scary war some. could be. read minds and all of us not only can i want to know. and she'd be certain that the really sure big she in all fear the fear now is in the north pole with no hello good for me feel sorta at least clear i could us if she lived way mcduff. looked up to it who had three but are you really fertile had only into. the homely in a did it really. slow to diary of her be
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a limb of dick that to feel closer for she had a family like me she gives she other plants cullingworth in sure you surely. can do i never been like that humber small sort my shit down on them taught her they fought her they fought cancer doctor gave me most of it had enough see. the name alone for the world and so had the horn of her doing the apollo needed that god our leaders can't but when i was sure county saw her. last work thought it was. going to far with it might be a lot less but there are more of her fit at her leisure face let it be yet
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that the horse that you are a. name in for are must you know what i had meant to hit massacred lay here. or there hello is this sure i will support. the who handles the hubbard who really are a lot of law and a horn should both hurtle manzarek. nor janet minutely as a. lot of dealership like to say it. is a. bizarre
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christine what a colossal he. bonnet had is the fairy. zenith a little give a shit at one another can you. tell me a lot of like do you want their instability. in the arizona. kind of flu feel like a lost lot of a lot a lot of the show would go on the on the i don't stop going on in amman it's a kind of a highly. modified official mostly a lot of freedom to smear last will not totally have.
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give him half of the barrel. money the miller said with the seven so now what. can couple and she. said. to happen under the collar to few feet. badman. be smart enough to learn it for any article who had been moved to her. home and looked at her.
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age with simona thought i will get her to see me you. beat. me the limited studia see it feels she has been good at it but i to call it judge she idea i'm an isa. to her. the whole majority soda. yet the scent of to been too. shiny so. near to limits are. open to can kill most of this up sodom honey along. these learn original food.
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and marion. and. i say. that was the first. time to the last. who. was those. guys.
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but can. it. and they are the dialect was most. of the an early. part of the first. minute of the seventy of them. until. we come. how much money would have. fatalis for me danny. but.
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she. horn and i when many armed out is this far out one behind winning what are thermally out to such a cluster that once it is about. a climate of fear. and must for me down the alley will see it a south where the air. the gun home side without sallade the will is run by it actually in the media many a many a million getting laid in heart muscles in the media and i had a contest not the children in the who limited mashal of a million. feet on usually a nice truthfully and of beautiful learning this will fill me because i didn't read this for most of tome. did have chronic care many are fun and.
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having them sort of it actually starts the test what. does it have it actually shifted her before storm cameras are vastly chemically instant then was laid low is the for how good it was to you could seem even to mom or to better kill it to determine if it must have to develop. up into being to said sibyl added whole thought it can name mean you of learned to be moral be in an effort to shore feel i would know maybe i'm a slave and i'm really unclear if the had the. one you have had a headache learn how deeply and etc yes i hope you know how to be boy read the downhaul of the journey. to durban the third of my big no but i did.
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believe you can lovesick. the longer than most of. it so do not believe the be female. the little female thirty under the feeder last. hurdle hugs are hello sorry it. was no where for it i have about most of the thirteen of them. now last night little and have a yard to do a lot of real you have larder with their mittens those have since it was the fall was king did not give money and financial so you went ahead here and.
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was the land on. our own no. no i had add water power. i'm your confessed to be a bit small. but there was none. a miracle first i had nobody who became. the bank teller mode to busy or. what. the marital bojo of our convertibles of. so little number then i look at don't the can there for what. we. have love. alone lives have a holy man level have. a lower risk for heart it. didn't look bad to feed the
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little bro feed litigious us hard money the lord. and and the. whole united nations are jealous and they won't do it mo do they feel the desire. is the limit to hurt the little robins. for cut and holler snagit as moving the platinum scheme. in the navy valley let caffie that are we. must feel. well let's. talk.
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a little addict. but what. i've done is clear man. the whole. hurdle to get forty feet that they've had a. heart attack really hard to. secure jimmy and. her aunt. judy. smile at it headlee i hate her plea. but fifty feet to turn you can it. but no one had
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a gun in. her hand and a shift. and then had the individuals and the law. and shift. the corner. beneath. her defeat. i mean she heard music danny for the toilet and. i mean some money and a. nanny and a platter. a new series of rewind a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry and brand new updates on the best
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of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues from the till now or use distance rewind continues with australia's lost generation recovery from colonize citation is a really important issue suicide writes do a mind very high still twice the national average rewind on al-jazeera on october the sixth one thousand nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria known to surprise war against israel carter whose world permitted so to get into the situation of disaster now in the first of the three part series al-jazeera explores what really happened during the first week of the war in october on al-jazeera. early isn't forced by their football fans who don't think about goldberg really had
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that lead explained when real madrid a club worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice of and. al-jazeera continues its investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase. all of them were caught in doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera the yemeni government says. coalition forces have taken control of the airport south of the country's main port city the operation to retake rebel held data from iranian backed you fighters was launched three days ago and coalition which is backing government forces says it can capture the area without disrupting aid to millions
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of yemenis u.s. president donald trump is not a twenty five percent tariff on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods it brings the world's two largest economies a step closer to a trade war china has hit back with its own tariffs of twenty five percent on u.s. goods i spoke with china very happy actually they were much happier now they may not be as happy today because of what i'm doing with trade you probably heard that i assume it's been announced by now but we're putting tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly but china's been terrific president she's been terrific reuters news agency is reporting that nicaragua as government and opposition leaders have issued a joint call for an end to the political violence that has killed more than a hundred and sixty people since april the move follows mediation by the roman catholic church which has also wants president daniel take his government to
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consider early elections. the white house has sent a contradictory signals about whether president donald trump will support an immigration bill proposed by u.s. house republicans it comes as protesters rally against the administration's policy of separating thousands of migrant children from their parents and pushing them into detention facilities. the leaders of france and italy have met in paris and the diplomatic route over the fate of refugees who try to and to europe both insist that a use migration policy needs to be overhauled. at least twelve people have died and thousands more forced into relief shelters off the days of torrential rain in northeast india flash floods and landslides have cut off parts of manticore's state in scotland a fire has broken out in the center of gaza famous macintosh building school of all it was undergoing a multi-million pound restoration up to being destroyed by a blaze in two thousand and fourteen videos posted social media show the five
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visible from ten kilometers away those are your headlines let's get you back now to witness. oh oh
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. lot of this up can be dated. and so are kind of the tim. can't remember yet of the sub exceeded not to follow that. back there because the. lefty saw up. she won which. howard hughes.
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fitted in the fact that. a so what you cannot love this up nice under the toilet we wrestle mclarty hate that he met gonna do cuddle talk to him let you know who had it and also be left behind and want to get a job it may get him up will be into who are all the nyssa so do. we how do most will so are always viewed as watching shiny whom we had mobile hover . cannot continue to have so who bear. all we wish to claim. over thunder so he. has only a vision dear honey in the look of the mazola only our.
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son in times. interest. he who took lost his long. oh i had meant is widely fertile is that ok. how in north. over a year. before that. oh well a well thought of you don't read that to listen so deucedly i said fusion her i mean hard over one hundred thirty. two obama through her member only good. if he heard the word.
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murphy what it could get outta control and what her mom bought her from is fifteen it and i thought i'm a doors are. fit could be a malicious me just mean you know it all but all he be regarded just me been in who are foolish three could really be our alarm after our football has saved fish economy and fossil bridges just so the consume fossil one bottle figured he was a good day out in fossil it than just any at all here i have to say that it just me for feeney she feels she obviously had a lot of really only what of his that are guilty servants of god spawn. additional gun had to. be
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a law that i should never say what them the messiah there are not what another machine had to wear what was her her that other little say are gathered them for your best word the sun her sickle the. gun of your look. here you know how good she really. mob rule rather be. with their guilty. because they can learn member who has also been. so. let's hide it we don't know why shush effort or say it. though i actually thought. they had not. had that had that.
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mark mark. kimmitt just this. year sorry. dear old long lie well one of us only. had the understand i'm going to follow her there and if they saw and heard that and just who witnessed this. for a meter homestar. some muffin moment the first to say would quickly be artful problem or. at least sodomy sort of like they were just times about. you can't be silly. carnate. they were silent and she was them and what of. those to
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saw girl you see. for the head of. the food to the food on our side rafe ninety fifth time you did my work for the mayor at home when you. were in my house with. certain yanni seventy year they might be a half. bobbins of swaddled or her diary or last month while her damn it all i mean i did let danny hide that smiley. gant. in no. can wear what are our current law has to say it should if william us all who will lead us embassy hall saw. him and they are holding live with her on the wall and the ship
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and on her turn will hear of it. and what they have said no a violin. and get their man on how keen on a facial nerve some salacious for you know eight word can a woman actually for misfit control for clue much or. more about if. there were head butler should assume. i'm going to take to your fatherly arm about it foresaw her mom money out of fun in lumps out of what had i only let down only good men might be a sin committed maybe a third should get it everybody has their new fifi feels she obviously you don't
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mar it sure way. hedley all a fear a lot of fear but then. a lot of the do it and it takes in the mob out of. the lard that did it. by dani shifted them but do all might have mustn't orla i don't want to marvel at the way a mother had if to start a bad day. but to tell your knee it had a beamish for. the daughter but that you only. get. a lot take this so hopeful
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start. a nervous shifted. more fisher for. the. if home for the door on one hundred ninety shut the. job ok let's. put an addict or is it more what are the kids maddox into sly because if would the daughter get him the part of mike love suryani. any acidic that had colic in the mill intimidate.
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us because the. then tonsil only. interested in one month and a half this was a good number not just of an awful. if it were. a matter of bell's father does you no harm a dog. would not be enough we're buying a certain style am. a woman i was the last one a real russian most of my age other stuff. for how belt and given out oh i was a bit member now. and really that bad about another city judged on another button but not enough about. mark and mark.
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because. dollars have been hard to match. so there was far enough bad for your. life in the military as our call for lost well you know he. was the last tightly twenty five years when usually i'm not the modern machine. oh how does i will not hunt you have lost their money my family. so many of the hearts one million dollars never got the ole among j.j. distribute your play a million of heart for they have. turned over to you will now be out j h. oh you know i am not trying to be. done a double time in august should be hung. and if she joined our who can and does meet with the dozen she will have neither of you to look to strive to be
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heartless or mad if you're a smart and also here in the kingdom so. well gee who the fuck outta want us kerry and us you know get us some of the. lucy out to the us not a she can not fight and be deserted not get behind us to. look down at our initial canadian men are trying to some form of our she in one hand we are you and your have small party disagreement there's also a lot of his mash up and i meant stupid i like to show it. to a lot of them to let me have seen a little bit. less than one but i doubt them and i'm going to be so titles that mark in time to be called should surely. get me
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a bundle i'm going to move home she did. i think just that you got the mask you know when you know it when i. love that some you know you can do deals not to do it on i'll talk about it don't go there didn't really. you know. from there not a whole lot of them but. i wasn't going to try to track you. was the two of. you don't let me know.
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mama i was a one month. because it gives him a thumbs up and move on general jokes on his feet. the family house. there have been a total as given what has. the mother was defeated debating said to me to his ear. that she could touch his spin you were best that he. has listened. but the truth if. we listened to her last. try list.
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so not clear been a lot higher. not lower than seven percent of all does have a level. so. that her own name. i mean. that. this obsession that the new take saddam or the one i'm an. artist and the hamas the dea has your. best.
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and last layer in. your. thoughts on. what it is that. the law will last month three. my duty. is to look in the room. a law that magick. and then look if i live. look. at how. or who by day makes the fish by then i don't know. if it mattered but get the job look. at it there was no.
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jury me we set up about. all the men had that with the two fold it was the. old. home and might well have been and wish them well given his own in his own so we wish them well i'm youthful saw how she doesn't intimidate or what the thief and a few new little mice leave her share the she thought of us one and. another annoying i thought of another well is ahead of the only you know i thought there would. do what.
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do you. really think. they have been giving me. yet a laser get rid of me now do they. if you are in the vehicle are we are cool female and go toward early on mars how do how do you know our narnian is sort of now the result of being a little more than. he allowed to not he will live look at those in the listeners who have been for thirty had the heart full of all the had photographs of the one for me or for the. my heart my have a son the sodium ha. ha for her home have. a
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like a simple thirty l. a current of favor that have a fair her. life is minnesota. could i have been live on the island if they were had to have shabaka had they have bill and the so they are happy to. know what he did all. the money had done. the. little low. end of. the garden the other not allowed to and they didn't even.
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bother to get the children the blues are heard larry only low. a little low most was the bin the whole when there is no wisdom are certain even soon they. illuminate the list so would see i would have to submit to debate. movie deficit and the office only kill anybody i'm not defending a. little bit when the would have been hillary that means the truth and we're with them and if you mean with. the family they are not let us know. not just that men.
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will be making it. but i must just add the link to. get it done abbas and see this matter behind. the endeavor is the phone number to the enemies of the uk exam one of the simple. mission for some good. could be are you kidding me but these are the folk. and i'm going to come after the show. my new dish next time for sure joe sure let me try that you were know we are numbered. some of the stuff i'm in just as i'm sure you know but the couple another shot for the reach of the. i didn't know that he did but he
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hopefully that is a bit like you seeing a few months ago today because there are a lot of a lot of i loved you with a lot of other is it oh good lord to love and to lose not love her yes i love their children loved ones up salute the color of their daughter a little salty up love a little our look close up look. after. their own soul have a family and you know the lieutenant lives less you know he will not always tell you that she is all this way a lot of it is all gone a lot of it will take a hell of a good lead to use it below thank you for the let me go further liam. quoted the other high ideal marriage there are howard zero noah one
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here highly regaled very early. man. who. don't know how many things. in our one on there are really really. oh man. one i wonder. you know loving him is very. close says the mayor.
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refugees heading for a better life in australia in two sentences and sent to remote islands indefinite detention in holistic conditions of conscience. understand how we can do this to smuggle top footage and eye witness accounts the main thing you're doing for people we asking them not to send us to kill themselves witness chasing asylum. on al-jazeera. hello we're still going to see some showers just around the caucuses over the next couple of days little speckling shout clout that just around the black sea caspian sea. and of course across turkey to say those showers never really too far away as
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we go on through the next couple of days for the south florida drive by route temperatures at thirty one celsius pleasant sea breeze rolling enough but it's raining forty forty one the full baghdad and kuwait city might just catch one of two showers into eastern afghanistan took me the stout and also into azerbaijan in between iran stay hot and dry kuwait city gets up to forty two celsius over the next day oh soon we'll see similar temperatures across the arabian peninsula the wind will pick up once again watch out for that live to dust and sand on saturday and on sunday temperatures at around forty three celsius much as catch one or two spots of right around the gulf of aden but essentially more hot sunshine across the arabian peninsula so warm sunshine across much of southern africa has seen some very heavy rain making its way into the western cape into cape town seventeen celsius here is moving through but skies come back in for a time but the cloud does return for sunday the new working week will see more much
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needed rifle making its way from the rest. where every. on the brink of a trade war the u.s. and china are in a multibillion dollar tit for tat over import charges. hello i'm not seeing dennis here with al jazeera live from doha also coming up. yemeni
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troops backed by a saudi a morality coalition say they've captured the airport in the vital port city of the data. donald trump's former campaign chief is in jail pending trial for interfering with the russia investigation. and it's taken forty years but nigeria's biggest steel plant is finally ready to start. but first the world's two largest economies are inching closer to an all out trade war but the u.s. china terrorist dispute will be just one of the battles as a trumpet ministrations also targeting canada mexico the e.u. and japan now these lasers us measures cover fifty billion dollars worth of chinese products and they target sectors that are at the core of beijing's economy
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aerospace robotics machinery and call manufacturing and in response china's value to retaliate at quote the same scale and intensity with terrorists on american products now it's published a list of eva six hundred goods that it plans to hit so many of them from the agricultural sector the heartland of rural us states which of coal form president trumps political base well the trump administration says the steps will make the trade really relationship between the two countries fairer but china insists the current situation is perfectly fine florence louis reports. tit for tat that's one way to describe the first shot in what's brewing to be a tariff war between the world's two largest economies the us struck first with a twenty five percent tax on certain chinese imports worth fifty billion dollars china's counterpunch and announcement that six hundred fifty nine types of u.s. goods also worth fifty billion dollars will be subject to tariffs the first round
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comes into effect on the sixth of july and affects products ranging from soybean to seafood to cause their china feels like it's been the strong it's at the strongest point that it's been in hundreds of years it feels like it's ascendant and so it's not likely to back out. some of the terrorists will likely bite chinese consumers the high a tax on soybean imported from the us some of which is used for pig feet could ultimately drive up the price of domestic pork. but the tariffs could also hurt american farmers if china the u.s. is largest buyer of soybeans find substitutes elsewhere u.s. president donald trump has been hammering china on trade for months for his protection everybody take care of. the. child if you look at you just going to look at some of the we help these countries militarily and have a serious point to stop the u.s.
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tariffs target industries tied to china's made in china twenty twenty five a blueprint to dominate high technology industries they're also intended to punish the chinese for what the u.s. calls intellectual property theft and unfair trade practices one trade expert says a u.s. trade battle with china will impact global markets it creates instability. reduces particularly investor uncertainty for long term investors private business capital expenses and these types of things trumps summit in singapore may have strengthened his determination to act for years the u.s. looked to china to help restrain north korea but convinced he has built a relationship with north korean leader kim jong trump perhaps feels he's in a stronger position to be tougher on trade with china the trade war seems to have only just begun trump has threatened to slap taxes on more goods if china goes
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ahead with the tariffs chinese state media meanwhile says china has taken note of the statement and reserves its right to take corresponding measures florence three hour jazeera beijing. the yemeni government says its forces backed by a saudi coalition have taken the airport in her. data from his the rebels the port city is the main gateway for humanitarian deliveries and the u.n. says it should remain open lower burden manning reports. the billions injured in the battle for yemen's hard data port are being rushed to hospital as the offensive closes in on the rebel controlled city it's people bracing for an all out war. one resident says his home south of the city was surrounded by fighting between saudi that coalition forces back in yemen's government and who see rebels his family was trapped starving and terrified.
3:54 pm
we spent three days without being able to go out to go anywhere the fighting was above us and from all science we did not have any food or drink or anything not even water even the red cross was only allowed in today this is my son i treated him on a bus after he was injured in an airstrike our kids women and elderly are stuck starving for three days without any food or drink. much of the latest fighting has been taking place around the whole day to international airport in god's will we will celebrate the feast of eat and her data it will be a double feast the grandest of feats of heroism accomplished but the enemy in the three year war is hitting back the who posted this video of missiles targeting saudi backed forces. saudi that advance comes amid warnings that as many as half a million people may lose everything including their lives even more could be
3:55 pm
forced from their homes into the desert there is the closure of the court even or just as. many people will suffer we are also greatly concerned about the possibility that civilians may be hurt by airstrikes by shelling. the un security council has rejected a move to demand an immediate end to the fighting the council instead urged all sides to practice restraint saudi arabia says it can seize the city quickly enough to avoid interrupting flows of aid to millions facing starvation. parties proposed new humanitarian aid plans aiming to make sure the external humanitarian assistance can access through her data about seventy percent of yemen's aid and commercial imports rely on the ports of her data and the nearby salif and it's needed the un says twenty two million people or three
3:56 pm
quarters of the population are in desperate need of aid laura bowden manley al-jazeera nicaragua's government and opposition activists have agreed to allow an international investigation into the last two months of political violence the catholic church is mediating between the two sides and is calling on president all to call early elections but the president hasn't addressed that issue yet and talks will resume on saturday more than one hundred seventy people have been killed since protests against the government began in april stephanie decker reports. and nationwide strike on thursday didn't stop the violence several regions of nicaragua saw fighting between activists and pro-government forces including here and there were fatalities with locals accusing pro-government forces. we were not armed there were four hooded men some skinny in a black shirt and they were the ones with the machine gun the shotgun and i do not
3:57 pm
know only they know what weapon they had a sniper was on top of a pole police officers were in uniform and we barricaded ourselves here. president daniel ortega is efforts to introduce welfare cuts in april prompted the bloodiest confrontation since the civil war ended in one thousand nine hundred the plan has been dropped but the protests haven't stopped there demanding that president or take leave office many accuses government of using lethal force in trying to contain the unrest at least one hundred sixty people have been killed and hundreds injured in almost two months of violence activists have set up roadblocks on more than two thirds of the country's roads in an effort to push back against ortega backed forces but those road blocks are hurting the economy and affecting regional trade beyond nicaragua's borders. we want to keep going because we're caught up in a crisis that has nothing to do with us there are many central americans guatemalans hondurans coast to reconsider even many panamanians here we want to go back to our countries because i've been here far too long now millions of
3:58 pm
nicaraguans will be waiting to see if it will end the crisis stephanie decker. a u.s. judge has sent donald trump's whom a campaign manager to jail prosecutors accuse pul manifold of trying to interfere with witnesses connected to the investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election in a tweet president trump called the decision tough and unfair. from washington d.c. . paul mann of fort began his day a free man and ended it in handcuffs. the judge had told him he could stay under house arrest until his trial but then the government accused metaphor of trying to tamper with two witnesses and alter their testimony the judge said metaphor it was treating his trial like a marketing campaign abused her trust undermined the credibility of the court so she said he'll stay in a jail cell until his trial here in september metaphors expression didn't change when he heard the news you simply stood up and started to walk towards the door
3:59 pm
turning around just once to wave goodbye to his family before the verdict u.s. president donald trump once again tried to distance himself he worked for me watch for forty nine days or something the first short period of time that is not true manna for actually worked for the charm campaign for almost five months at one point he ran it manna for it was clearly going to fight the charges against him now he'll be under increased pressure to cooperate with investigators to avoid potentially spending the rest of his life in jail he is a man who has lived a life of luxury for decades now discovering the harsh reality of life behind bars . al jazeera washington. and the us president is trying to distance himself from his attorney michael cohen who's facing an f.b.i. investigation into his business dealings donald trump says kerry isn't his lawyer anymore and he hasn't spoken to him in a long time prosecutors in new york say they're still looking at material seized in
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a raid on collins home in april he's being investigated for possible for old and campaign law violations in connection to payments made to the adult film actress to me daniel's. still to come here as al-jazeera what happens when the land under your home is awarded to someone else hundreds of palestinians in occupied east jerusalem awaits a decision by israel's high court and argentina looks to put thirty years of heartbreak behind them and let the world come. to. how we've got more big showers across east impossible to get down towards the balkans more heavy downpours coming for her areas of low pressure swirling away we got some lie.


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