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judge said metaphor it was treating his trial like a marketing campaign abused her trust undermined the credibility of the court so she said he'll stay in a jail cell until his trial here in september metaphor's expression didn't change when he heard the news you simply stood up and started to walk towards the door turning around just once to wave goodbye to his family before the verdict u.s. president donald trump once again tried to distance himself he worked for me what drove forty nine days or something the first short period of time that is not true man a for actually work for the charm campaign for almost five months at one point he ran it meant for it was clearly going to fight the charges against him now he'll be under increased pressure to cooperate with investigators to avoid potentially spending the rest of his life in jail he is a man who has lived a life of luxury for decades now discovering the harsh reality of life behind bars . al-jazeera washington so to come here there are.
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a memorable in syria the effort to bring smiles to the faces of the golden globes the president said you need to separate families from their children a confusing political blame game in washington over immigration. and so. on. the weather sponsored by cattle. howlers the heat and the humidity have combined again to some big thunderstorms all the way from serbia right way down towards western turkey you can see them in the satellite picture this warms there have been hail stone size pieces marbles even golf forms and want to place a mass the residual heat in europe which is being increasingly eroded the air to the north is stuck cold by means middle twenty's now but the cooler air that
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existed over the british isles in france is still there want to win the full cost of saturday london eighteen degrees in paris at twenty one normally bright skies but not as well as it has been that generally cooling trend is spreading across into the low countries and germany will be a few showers as a result of that in western austria but still in the balkan stands for greece probably around the black sea towards ukraine the big thunderstorms continue slowly to wander around but they are over land over the water that was going on there are few thunderstorms in the islands in the aegean and this is lot of cloud here running through into western egypt which i think will kick up the dust ahead of it but otherwise it's not making much difference temperature wise around the coast of north africa we've been in the low twenty's recently so it is warming up even in ribot now we're above twenty five. so whether it's sponsored by cattle i always.
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three stories generate thousands of headlines collaboration three different angles from different perspectives. is the only evidence that russia was responsible for this separate the spin from the facts that's why i don't go on. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data mining company and one election we've been listening post on al-jazeera. you know with al jazeera these are our top stories china is valen like for like retaliation after president trampled a twenty five percent trade tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese
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imports chinese government leaders accusing u.s. president of provoking a trade for. the yemeni government says forces backed by a saudi amorality coalition have captured the airport in the data from nuclear rebels the u.n. says the port should remain open because it's the main gateway for humanitarian deliverance. donald trump is describing the decision to jail his former campaign manager as tough and unfair a judge ordered the detention of paul manifolds until his trial in september he's accused of trying to tamper with witnesses in the investigation into russian meddling in trump's election. the opposition is growing in the u.s. to plans to separate immigrant children from their parents who live across the border who've crossed the border illegally the government is struggling to prepare detention sentence along the border with mexico. has more from washington.
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taco come forward tell your story it was six years ago that francisco juarez learned he could attend university in the u.s. and work without fear of deportation i stand here proud to share that i am the first my family to graduate from college but on this anniversary of the doc a policy that allowed young undocumented immigrants to step out of the shadows the trump administration is putting other children in detention at the us mexico border the government has separated at least two thousand children from their parents since trump's zero tolerance policy for illegal crossings took effect in april children are being held in makeshift detention centers while their parents face criminal prosecution. and dad who are having their impotence in been taken away from them because they're playing violent and we are scarring those children for life by taking them away and institutionalizing them the president added you may to
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separate families from their children the administration has used the bible as justification for the policy but on friday president trump falsely blamed the opposition party that democrats forced that law upon our nation i hated i hate to see separation of parents and children the democrats can come to us as they actually are in all fairness we are talking to him and they can change the whole border security we need a wall we need border security trumps immigration crackdown including cancelling the obama policy of helping young immigrants called dreamers was a campaign promise and remains popular with his supporters it's all political the president is throw red meat to his base when he does that he's using children by the dreamers it was their children at the border now for a political purpose it's shameful. republicans in congress are working on two
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immigration bills that may come to a vote next week they include trump's demands of funding a border wall and a curbing family based migration i do joe castro al-jazeera washington at least twelve people have died and thousands have been forced into relief shelters after days of torrential rain in northeastern india flash floods and landslides of cut off parts of manipal state and in neighboring tripper a hospital than shots the shops were flooded and closed flooding is an annual problem during the monsoon but the effects being worsened by crumbling infrastructure and clogged drains. thousands of mourners have attended the funeral of a journalist shot dead in indian administered kashmir should judge a book he was editor of the english language newspaper rising kashmir he was killed by unidentified men on a motorbike as he left his office insurance on thursday the fifty year old had been
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given police protection following three attacks on him in the past decade. now nigeria's largest steel plant will finally stop production for decades after it was built the other kuta mill has cost the country more than a billion dollars but has never produced any steel is now hoped that getting the facility off the ground will save the country billions of dollars in steel imports but has already addressed reports from your cooter in central nigeria huge challenges still lie ahead. the last complexity some twenty four thousand hectares and cost nigeria eight billion dollars to build because of all revenue the government never bothered to complete the project underneath the. forty three plans from still complete with a bridge built this is from reason power plants. the thick coat of dust is evidence of decades of decisions required to deploy and to still intact but
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now what we've done is to start to plant for beach and try to make them work we also have the lighting mills where we produce are all roads that hold that percentile of verisign are the plant will be in full operations eighty percent of raw materials needed i will the factories sixty kilometer radius. now for the first time indicates the company's engines have come to life its true power plants generate one hundred ten megawatts of electricity seventy megawatts more than it's all in a country with electricity shortages while big steel production activity maybe a year or two away small scale operations like producing iron rods and on demand for brick ations are handled by local engineers like the company's completed sixty three kilometer internal relink locomotives network of tunnels a sixty kilometers of roads most to keep them and on site i simply waiting to be
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used to these machines and the label made in the u.s.s.r. i remind our one empire long gone forty years ago nigeria wanted to use them to industrialize since then corrupt and use the revenue from oil for food but dream on hold. officials say the company can produce nearly ten million metric tons of steel and generate more than five hundred thousand jobs when fully operational but challenges remain the cost of the materials involved we need the dredging for the river and the. inland port in the look which was in the village now in the import embargo and there's all this also going to be a link. all. the
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still complex was handed over to private operators price before the government took it back months ago. with nigeria's imports averaging ten billion dollars a year many expect a lot of external pressure to keep the company this current state despite assurances it's not clear if the government will bow to these precious or forge ahead to kick start its industrialization and break out a century dependence on oil in the next eighteen months i meant it greece al-jazeera i judge central nigeria. muslims around the world are celebrating the holiday to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan for many orphaned children in syria the seven year long war has given them little to chair about mohammed evolvable the efforts being made to make the holiday memorable. sometimes a meal smile can be the hardest thing to do some of these little faces are exactly
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in the type of night that these children were born under fire in the northern syrian countryside they have lost both parents and their homes in missile strikes and the. real experiences are hard to get over but one charity organization has come to the rescue of these often and their lives have started to change a sense. our primary objective is to draw a smile on the faces of these orphans as we buy them closer shoes for instance we're trying to help them come out of the tragedy of war the loss of parents the psychological trauma i personally feel as if they're all my own children and having myself grown up an orphan i don't want them to go through the same conditions as i did. and i was two years old when her parents were killed in a raid by the syrian army she's trying to cope with the trauma.
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nurse i had that same prepares her for the celebration which marks the end of the fasting month of ramadan down our city and when it i'm in charge of twenty girls between the ages of three and ten i provide total care for them including health and psychological needs they came here and deplorable condition afraid to mix and communicate with others so we socialize with them and try to give them hope in a way out of misery. you open with once this aid to be a memorable one for the one hundred children here so they were taken shopping. in addition to new clothes they got other gifts. so it is great for today they brought us the nicest clothes and presents i've lost the dearest people that i had but thank god we've been compensated i have a nurse whom i feel like my own mother she feeds me and teaches me and even bates me and does my hair she provide. me with everything i need. on top of the list of
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things they need is education classes suited to different ages are taught here are also different forms of entertainment such as theater can play is musical evenings and games but this little haven of peace that's been created here could come under threat at any moment this area of it is one of a few territory system under the gun control the syrian army continues to launch attacks in an effort to take it the war from which these children have not really scaped may yet put their lives at risk they are the most vulnerable victims of a conflict that's been going on for more than seven years it's not known exactly how many orphans there are in syria but according to unicef the war has left over five million children in need of humanitarian assistance more than half of them were forced to flee their homes to live as refugees mostly in neighboring countries . or disease and as near the turkish syrian border.
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i. iran have won their first match at a world cup in twenty years beating morocco one male with a last minute girl and their female fans were particularly happy just to be in russia because back home in iran women abang from football stadiums it's the only nation competing at the world cup which doesn't let in failure supporters and to raise awareness palace were displayed at the stadium and simply says that and an iranian band released the protests. egypt got off to a disastrous start losing one nil to euro guy and then did stalin sala had to watch the deceit from the bench but as sarah hire out reports egyptian fans around the world remain optimistic. there was an excited nervous atmosphere at this doha
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sports day. with mohamed salah be fit enough to take part in the game off to his recent shoulder injury while many fans were left disheartened by the sauce placed on the substitutes bench it didn't dampen the mood they were determined to savor watching the ferries make their first world cup appearance since one nine hundred ninety we love their son and believe it's our hero in football team but it is a it is a game and we will inshallah. come in the mix and mohamed salah didn't get to make his world cup debut on his twenty sixth birthday but finds remain positive for liverpool striker to play in four days time against russia in st petersburg. russia with russia. i want to live with playing. i hope which i love with women
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because the match on the saudi arabia. and i think i have a sense and i think if i was in egypt since i come together i was a game that was family and friends is no secret feel the excitement here in the am focusing there always think to see what will happen is that i'm a homicide life is nicknamed the samurai king if he's going to be able to take his team forward to the knockout phase or maybe even to the end right through to the final fight a fight that out there are. toughest to take a look at the top story. as herod out of his era china is vowing like for like retaliation after donald trump ordered twenty five percent trade tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports chinese government leaders accusing u.s.
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president of provoking a trade war i spoke with china they are very happy actually they were much happier now they may not be as happy today because of what i'm doing with trade you probably heard that i assume it's been announced by now but we're putting tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of technology and other things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly but china's been terrific president she has been terrific the yemeni government says its forces backed by a saudi amorality coalition have kept at the airport in her data from the rebels the yemeni army has published these first images from the location they were published on twitter the u.n. and aid agencies have been urging both sides to avoid a major battle the port city is the main gateway for humanitarian deliveries government leaders and opposition activists in the caracal have agreed to allow an international investigation into the killing of at least one hundred seventy people
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during two months of protests the catholic church is mediating and wants president danielle otaiba to call for early elections to city to resume on saturday. donald trump is describing the decision to jail his former campaign manager as tough and dumb fare a judge ordered the detention of cooling manifolds until his trial in september prosecutors accuse him of trying to tamper with witnesses in the investigation into russian meddling in trump's election. the u.s. president is trying to distance himself from attorney michael cohen who's facing an f.b.i. investigation into his business dealings donald trump says cocaine isn't his lawyer anymore and that he hasn't spoken to him in a long time he's being investigated for possible for a lot of campaign lowell violations in connection to payments made to adult film actress still made daniels that have again you can always keep up to date with all the day's stories only al jazeera website al jazeera dot com that's it for me for
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now but coming up next is the listening post getting to the heart of the matter if myself i can go to the supreme leader calls you today and says let's have towards would you accept facing new realities what do you think reunification would look like there were two people the peace corps unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera al-jazeera is there when a story breaks but it's also good to see what happens next which i'm sure on and fired by the time we were a model then barricaded the seven streets that lead to here the middle east now it's been all about change people have gone to hear barrier the mission of the national army is going to be entirely complex and i'll just there are stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their country.
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in the future. history. first whether you are. really the coach to me. there are. two hundred leaders. john donald trump and the trent. hello i'm richard gilbert and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week donald trump diplomacy and the triumph of spectacle over substance india whatsapp and mob
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rule the consequences turned deadly once again fixers and the news business they are names you will seldom hear but they are central to the coverage of all kinds of stories and the white house produces a propaganda video worthy of pyongyang and rolls it out for kim jong. il. in the television and internet age there's always an element of stagecraft to diplomacy and summit meetings the photo ops the soundbites the resulting communiques however two indelible images from two different summits could not have told more contrast in stories u.s. president donald trump defying vanna walking out on his allies at the g. seven summit in canada then getting down to business with north korean dictator kim jong un who trump described as talented journalists found themselves covering a president who once again seemed to put more thought into the spectacle and the
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twitter feed he has at his disposal than actual political substance still even his critics have to hand it to him at least for the moment donald trump emerged with what he likes to call a deal that will denuclearize north korea the devil will be in the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer and at this stage as they often are with this president the details are a bit sketchy our starting point this week is the site of the trump him summit singapore. imagine someone making a prediction just a few years ago that an american president would meet one day face to face with the leader of north korea. and that during that event one of the two sides would roll out a video that reeks of propaganda heavy handed and crumbs a new world can be given to. a video that speaks of a chance at a new day
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a choice between the darkness and the like had you been told that that video would be produced not by pyongyang and be part of. you but by washington for p.r. yeah would you have believed that. and to many people found the video to be bizarre including members of the media both of these leaders are propaganda artists within their own right. president you'll recall rode down an escalator. and launched his candidacy for president in front of dozens of paid actors and they very much set the tone for how he sees the production of his presidency and kim jong un is not dissimilar certainly because he operates in a place where he controls the media and everything is controlled ultimately by the state featuring president donald trump who is
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a movie trailer as all the press is calling it and it was in the context so over the top it was compared by some journalist to a promotional for real estate in terms of donald trump's business career can history change the press apparently first thought it was a north korean propaganda film and yet it turned out it was produced in the united states by the trump. of the back to back summits the g. seven meeting in canada and the subsequent bilateral in singapore the images that will endure are the still photograph. there was the symbolism contained in the trump kim hampshire and the potentially seismic shift but such an image conveyed. that came on the heels of a shot that appeared on the instagram account of the german chancellor angela merkel when the berlin would not have sent out like it captures the unraveling of
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the g. seven trade talks and the body language seems to say it all. even if you're not in trump land images matter a lot in international politics but what we see with the merc whole picture is that it shows her appearing to stare down donald trump who is in his characteristic you know all arms crossed looking slightly petulant way and immediately critics of president trump say this is president trump isolated and so it feeds into that preexisting narrative for his supporters right it looks well this is how america should be with every other leader gathered around it so going to side american strength status and position in the dominance hierarchy the g seven the for going to do were for different points of view that we know the famous photo was the german for there was also a french official a japanese official folder and the four different points of view of the sea so that epitomizes the trade sense and then shake hands shake but
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it's an eagerness the handshake is better seen through the video than the photograph because it was far more than a perfunctory or even normal manner and the symbolic meaning of a thirteen second handshake in this visual form is the establishment of a physical and therefore a personal bond between the two meet. so the first image is one of alienation opposition and even international condemnation of trub the second is trouble claiming that he has in a sense made peace in the very first gesture of the second. the meeting of the u.s. president and the north korean leader was historic unprecedented there's no denying that but donald trump's declaration that the threat of a nuclear north korea had been eradicated is based on
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a brief vaguely worded joint statement it commits the two sides to further talks but there is no timeline offered and not a word on verification which matters because this isn't the first time north korean leaders have agreed to stop their nuclear program they first did that more than twenty five years ago but each of those initiatives has fallen apart over the procedural details with verification often proving to be the sticking point the deal breaker donald trump the former reality t.v. star doesn't really do detail he does it and while the absence of details in the agreement has been reported upon the wider it tends to get overshadowed by the imagery generator at the summit in singapore the media spectacle the trump is happy to provide. it's. reality t.v. it's like this society of the spectacle and he's very good at which aren't we don't
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know what's going on there and that's what makes it a so opera and you as a journalist you should try to intersect you know cross reference the absolute craziness of the ongoing show is there any substance you know all this you want world politics to be boring if you want the policy to be boring that means it's working well. but human beings are drawn to standard store as we grow up watching. television whether it's game of thrones or breaking bad or empire where there are personalities their immediate relationships are driving everything that happens and trump clearly you know that's what he thrives on but also what the media thrives on because it's easy to tell those stories but this is not the first administration to gauge in negotiations with north korea president from his predecessors have tried to at least open up a dialogue some of them have walked away with similarly big issue and says of denuclearization so the question for the media as he put some of the spectacle
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behind what will ultimately set this deal apart from anything that president terms predecessors had sought to achieve what is that verification process even going to look like. they are the kinds of questions the trump administration does not want to answer at this stage or camera so where does that leave the news media the reporters and pundits trying to make sense of it all in the realm of speculation presented as a mouse i think you. want and that's the problem because analyzing a coherent policy is complicated enough analyzing a spectacle in the absence of a policy is a waste of time and runs the risk of normalizing the norms every instance of everybody who goes on these kinds of programs regularly is that they have to make sense to the president well i think the most reasonable assessment you can but you
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score points by being able to give an insightful strategic rationale for the second wouldn't happen it was in the truck didn't happen under bush and i don't think any of that makes sense for these impulses or autocratic his decision making is he got he cares more about short term spectacle then he seems to care about long term strategic planning trying to explain trump's behavior as if he were a normal president who did normal things which is what i've termed an academic ways analytic normalization. trungpa is own normalize he has his own rules and by now if you're doing t.v. in you for a journalist covering politics you should know that it's not a question of normalising first trying to understand that he said tension spends five seconds he's impulsive everything is wally everything can change in america to meet in we have to know how to decode that and put it in a realistic perspective because we're dealing with a surreal only going experience but you have to make it to real for our readers and
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viewers. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers flo philips flow vietnam has just passed a new cyber security law how will that affect what is already a difficult climate for free speech their internet censorship isn't new to vietnam and should of the past year there be multiple arrests with bloggers jailed over discussions of politics environmental issues among other things but this new cyber security law is yet another tool the government can potentially use to limit dissent the law forbids anyone online from organizing anything with an anti state purpose spreading false information or undermining the nation's achievements according to amnesty international the sweeping powers it grants the government to monitor online activity means there is now no safe place left in vietnam for people
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to speak freely in the critics of this law are just talking about freedom of expression are there they're also talking about the economic implications why because another requirement of this law is its effect on global tech firms and we're talking here about the major players google facebook twitter all of whom will now be required to store the personal data of their bit me as users locally so much like them having to open up servers in hong kong to store the data of their chinese uses tech companies now have to do the same vietnam for the estimated fifty five million bit emmy's who are on social media and that according to the asia internet coalition will stifle the growth of vietnam's digital economy the new cyber law takes effect on january first next year and in india there have been more cases of fear mongering over the messaging service what's leading to people actually getting killed what's the latest case as we've reported before richard india is what saps biggest mark.


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