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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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of north macedonia has been welcomed by the united nations the european union and nato but nationalists on both sides see it as a humiliating defeat al jazeera social team explains why. you might get the new name in me again as anyone the spaniard and it's greeks good people will not accept the festival. bigger than it looks on this new message only in nations alexander the great was educated in great by aristotle whenever he won a battle he put up a monument saying this victory was won by critics he didn't differentiate between method and some crates a generation of kids in skopje has grown up with this meat but that's their problem
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. live to john serapion us in athens not john promises to press his government is it easily expected to survive this no confidence vote but does there isn't change the fact that a lot of people are not happy about this deal with a macedonia. that's right and those of the people you see gathered outside parliament here this is nothing like the gatherings we saw on the square earlier in the year of course which suggests that many people even if they're on happy with the deal perhaps tacitly accepted it all a bit come to see it is inevitable but these people here say that it's worth
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fighting against this deal even at the eleventh hour well they feel is a territorial threat in northern greece similar to what greece has seen in northern cyprus where there was a turkish invasion in one nine hundred seventy four and this is something that is within living history that it's feels real to this generation of people the other argument of course being voiced inside parliament in the last half hour by the centrist leader of the river who may or may not vote with the government in this confidence motion is that if we don't do this thing now we're going to leave an open issue that our enemies can take fuller advantage of than they have up until now whereas if we do we create an area of cross parity greasers northern city of the saloniki becomes a source of commercial hub not only for northern greece but for the entire balkan
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region we change the dynamic of greece's relationship with its neighbors we create a greater susie hasn't called for asian for more a u. members in the region which is now a renewed priority for the european union these are broadly the two views that are being expressed run inside parliament and the other out here but for now john this is a tentative agreement with macedonia what happens next what's the next step in the process to resolving the dispute it. well if the greek government survives its most of confidence tonight then tomorrow morning prime minister will meet his former yugoslav macedonian counterparts or on zionists they will sign the agreement on the greek northern macedonian border. they will then have lunch a sort of celebratory lunch with european. dignitaries that i
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think it is hoped by the two prime ministers will lend to the process a certain sense of inevitability and a renewed emphasis. of the difficulties that the greek government has faced here in the last forty eight hours and that it is hoped will give us the political capital that he needs to get the referendum that will be held in northern macedonia to approve this treaty he then will have to put constitutional reforms through the parliament in scope so there's no question here in the government there's no there's no doubt that the more difficult tasks lie ahead and they lie on the north of the border not here in greece because once those two steps have been taken and the former yugoslav macedonians have accepted both on the street and in the legislature all of the details of this agreement then i think it will be all but
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inevitable for the greek parliament to approve it ok john thank you very much for that john psaropoulos live for us in athens where we'll of course check in with you once said vote of no confidence happens in the greek parliament and for more on the greece macedonia name dispute check out this very interesting opinion piece on al-jazeera dot com by dimitar from the atlantic council he believes a resolution of the dispute is the good news that badly needed but as you heard nationalists on both sides of the border very unhappy with this to find out more about why this controversy became a centerpiece of the region's politics by reading this piece on. website at al jazeera dot com and of course would love to hear from you on this and other stories we're covering on the news grid you can send your comments to any of our online platforms tweet us at a.j. english or on facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j. news good you can also send us a whatsapp message past nine seven four five a one triple one four nine all the different ways to get in touch on your screen right now don't forget to use the hashtag a genius great not to make where they have been new steps towards ending violence
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that's killed at least one hundred seventy people during the last two months but embattled president daniel ortega is resisting calls for early elections so there are doubts that the political crisis will end anytime soon fintan monahan reports. mediators from the catholic church were brought in to try and break the deadlock and there's been some progress nicaragua's government and opposition activists agreed to allow an international investigation into months of political violence. the government will invite international organs the un the e.u. the general secretary of the organization of american states to accompany a scene the strengthening of the peace talks it's been welcomed by the opposition the government of using paramilitaries against protesters. we know that there is intimidation and we know that there are some movements that have been active in someone's apologies and the intimidation those groups of police those groups of
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civilians using weapons of war don't create an environment of peace. gangs of armed men room the streets of managua they warn residents to stay indoors where their lives would be in danger activists blame the gangs for a spate of attacks and killings over the last two months the man who filmed this video says he saw men taking down anti-government barricades and that they traveled with a police escort the government denies any connection to the armed groups but the opposition says the violence is a sign of desperation by president daniel ortega. more mean the moment when he can no longer resort to the violence that he exerts through the police and paramilitary gangs when he can no longer resort to the violence that will be his and. at least one hundred seventy people have died since the protests began in april or take his efforts to introduce welfare cuts prompted the bloodiest confrontation since the civil war ended in one thousand nine hundred ninety. the plan was dropped
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but the protests continue under heavy security the two sides are still talking the opposition is also making concessions removing wrote books which the government said were damaging the economy but big questions remain the protesters want to take it to stand down to demand the government is likened to an attempted coup mediators urging early elections but so far there's been no response been to monaghan al-jazeera. one joining us on the news great is calling harding who's the director of latin form a consultancy and information service on latin america and the caribbean he's via skype from manchester in the u.k. very good to have you with us again on al-jazeera so a major step it would seem to end this crisis in the while you have the catholic church mediators calling for early elections to defuse this crisis do you think daniel ortega will ever heed that call how far do you think the government is willing to go to resolve this crisis. well very much from as you say no he's turned
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that down structure where they wanted elections to be brought forward to notch next year that he said no to that that's what he has said is that he'll consider any proposals that emerge from this so-called national dialogue between representatives of the opposition alliance sound and the government they started talking on yesterday after after the course of the couple of weeks and talks going on again today all this this week going on today and we'll see what they come up with that the government has agreed to allow international observers in to take part in a committee to investigate right at the causes of the deaths or to take place so that the help it wanted to gestures but doesn't display the time trying to spin the senate. as you say he's agreed to an investigation into the killing of protesters but who is going to make up that international cast force can they be a credible investigation even though the government has agreed to it well they said that the united nations the organization of american states they insure american
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human rights commission their cuticles sent people now these are credible organization so we have to see what kind of facilities they ground or what kind of notice the government takes that they're finding so far they've just said that most of the deaths are due to europe so terrorist activity treated to criminal gangs and infiltrators and so on they've just dismissed they the opposition positions is creating the attempts to undermine the government army and that's an element that they haven't shot much less ability on that school so far but we will see what kind of response we get to any kind of investigation that no does take place right now mention oh as the organization of american states there what's been their response a regional response to this crisis in a nicaragua and can overtake that still count on some support from the region. well so support yes the organization of american states has been notably less
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outspoken in its condemnation of the interaction government's behavior than say that venezuela that well they basically general has been extremely outspoken and condemning the government is less mature that they better not their students are soft play i don't know what's going on in iraq robust the internet human rights commission has deplored the the loss of life through calls for a change of governments positions that have to see in the world what why is that how do you explain that the fact that the o.s.i. the regional grouping has been more vocal about what's going on in venezuela and less though about what's happening in the congo well partly because it's been going on for longer and that israel i suppose also i mean daniel ortega to many people it . is regarded as something about. he was responsible for leading the sandinista revolution which overthrew the dictatorship of the samosa dictatorship that in one nine hundred seventy nine i found. a good yield power when he was voted
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out once the ninety's but again he shows no sign of yielding caravan and i think. this is some governments are reluctant to condemn it condemn him completely because of. his background but that is this is it's changing that's very interesting thank you so much for speaking to us colleen harding joining us there from manchester in the u.k. and of course all you need to know about the political crisis in nicaragua on our special page at al-jazeera dot com what triggered the protests there what have been the reactions both regionally and internationally also some great photos of the demonstrations if you scroll down over the past two months it's all there on our website at al-jazeera dot com. now china has fired the latest shot in a threatened trade war with the u.s. imposing tyrus worth fifty billion dollars on american products a mirror levy slapped on chinese imports by the trumpet ministration france we has
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our report from beijing tit for tat that's one way to describe the first shots in what's brewing to be a tariff war between the world's two largest economies the us struck first with a twenty five percent tax on certain chinese imports worth fifty billion dollars china's counterpunch an announcement that six hundred fifty nine types of u.s. goods also worth fifty billion dollars will be subject to tariffs the first round comes into effect on the sixth of july and affects products ranging from soybean to seafood to costs the china feels like it's been the strong it's at the strongest point that it's been in hundreds of years it feels like it's ascendant and so it's not likely to back out some of the terrorists will likely bite chinese consumers the high a tax on soybean imported from the us some of which is used for pig feed could ultimately drive up the price of domestic pork. but the terrorists could also hurt
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american farmers if china the u.s. is largest buyer of soybeans finds substitutes elsewhere u.s. president donald trump has been hammering china on trade for months we need protection everybody and here is the one hundred fifty one billion dollars you know for us to get the work that told you that china if you look at japan little bit of going to look at something that would help these countries militarily and have a serious but what point does it stop the u.s. tariffs target industries tied to china's made in china twenty twenty five a blueprint to dominate high technology industries they also intended to punish the chinese for what the u.s. calls intellectual property theft and unfair trade practices one trade expert says a u.s. trade battle with china will impact global markets it creates instability uncertainty it reduces particularly investment i mean uncertainty for long term investors
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private business capital expenses and these types of things trumps summit in singapore may have strengthened his determination to act for years the u.s. looked to china to help restrain north korea but convinced he has built a relationship with north korean leader kim jong trump perhaps feels he's in a stronger position to be tougher on trade with china the trade war seems to have only just begun trump has threatened to slap taxes on more goods if china goes ahead with the tariffs chinese state media meanwhile says china has taken note of the statement and reserves its right to take corresponding measures florence three hour jazeera beijing. china and the u.s. two of the world's biggest economies take a look at this graphic on our web site to better understand what a trade war between them could mean for the rest of us they make up thirty six percent of the world economy also u.s. imports and exports to china two point six million american jobs that rely on trade with china so a lot of concern about a potential trade war that could affect many countries some interesting facts and
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figures there it's on al-jazeera dot com. you're watching us on facebook live coming up a look inside japan's prisons to see the unique way they're treating inmates and still ahead on news great they had the land beneath them taken away and now these palestinians are waiting for a court to decide if that was legal to stay with us. and i was about fifty degrees in the middle of pakistan little bit less than national round despite the strong sunshine just because the grind is high and any relief from the heat should come in the form of showers on their precious few so it's middle forty's like that for example to a northern turkey in the caucasus certainly you get showers here want to spinning off the eastern med towards beirut but i wouldn't promise them to be honest there's
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a pleasant twenty seven here it's all a big surprise this time the year is going to be hot over syria with the middle of summer and i forty three degrees and our forty six and neck are about where they should be quite a strong breeze still blowing the show off the next day or so and his heart is not in the middle of a probably in near the fifty mark actually away from where people live side of it all on the commercial success rates and i have to just give you the story of tape tax well you don't see a huge amount going on here there's only hundred millimeters of rain fell the other day just the north of cape town of course this is the area that was waiting for a daisy that would over water run out this is very good news mind you may not like the weather very much seventy degrees and a north westerly breeze as the rain approaches the western cape of the next and you could get a significant amount once more. the
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diagnosis he has been sick for around six months now the challenge ahead there when one of these ninety six could be a new cure or the basis of a new chore for colors off their illness or disability al-jazeera examines priam meaning treatments so this is the explosive yes it's basically a wearable robot like iraq we visited on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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packet. that lines on al-jazeera in the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com at number one that looming trade war between the u.s. and china over tower simples by each of the two countries also trending the
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bottleful who day day in yemen with the saudi u.a.e. that forces saying they've captured the court in who data are number three the world cup and the political rivalries between iran and saudi arabia old still playing out among fans holdall stories and much more on our website at al-jazeera dot com. now story that's generating reaction worldwide the murder of a woman in the australian city of melbourne it's prompted an outpouring of public grief and anger and also renewed debate about violence against women and victim blaming cyrus back with us to explain why so funny this is the scene dixon a twenty two year old comedian a photo of a guy who was found dead a couple of days ago on a football pitch now nineteen year old man handed himself in and has been charged with her rape. but much of the outpouring of grief has turned to anger pretty soon
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the public response and they voted to women to have in their words situational awareness that it's their responsibility to be safe but of course social media users have shed disbelief at the statement with some lightning the language to. victim blaming and women especially pointed out the era of d.c. did everything she could to stay safe including contacting a friend who time now karen shirley amongst many hope the police will take note and reconsider their next public statement in fact others have even asked for an apology but it's also reignited a debate in australia about violence against women with many of them pointing out how they're always worrying about their safety and that's what measures they taken there also personal stories too about this of what to do and what they how people women specifically keep themselves and their friends safe from harm and this is one person who has tweeted saying that she never gives taxi drivers her actual home
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address she asks them to drop a nearby so they can trace her by can also video of dixon has been shed online it was. final stand up performance just hours before she was killed and in the clip she uses comedy to address gender inequality. in my wallet. hold hold. and. call now death and public reaction echo the rape or murder of a twenty nine year old irish woman living in melbourne in twenty twelve joe miles death in an adjacent suburb prompted a peace march of thirty thousand people and the coroner had concrete is killer had breached his parole conditions before he attacked her and had been put back in custody joe would still be alive today but going back to six in
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a go fund me campaign to raise funds for vick's four victims has been raised more than forty five thousand dollars just in one to actually it's gone up they go to sixty one thousand dollars but also it shows been organized and it's going to be held in two days' time and people can take part in that that's on facebook it's a public event he gets in touch with me on twitter if you have any thoughts on stories we've covered throughout the show my twitter handle is it's sarah thank you very much live t.v. war here on the news grid and i want to show you some pictures from inside the greek parliament in athens where as you can see the debate is still ongoing ahead of a no confidence vote on the government over its agreement to end a decades old dispute with neighboring macedonia over that country's name outside of the parliament they have been protests nationalists on both sides of the border in macedonia and in greece against this government deal that was reached earlier
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this week actually last week between macedonia and greece will keep an eye out on what's happening there in greece and bring you the results of that palm entry vote no confidence vote on the government as it comes in right now let's check in with john a hole in our london new center for the day's other news jonah. thankfully france has agreed to take in some of the migrants on board the aquarius rescue ship which is currently on route to spain the boat carrying six hundred twenty nine migrants has been at the center of a major migration route between european union member states france accused italy of being irresponsible after its new government refused to allow the vessel to dock now charity groups in the port of valencia are preparing to welcome the migrants call panel reports. this will be their safe haven end of an odyssey. a key side in valencia activists are already preparing to greet the six
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hundred twenty nine migrants due to dock this weekend you know what they will this is. our aim is to give a warm welcome to these people who have been passed around like a football europe is trying to turn a blind eye but we want to respect their rights and offer them a whole our land is their land bridge across teams offloaded the aggressions and hygiene kits the migrants will get a health check and be registered by police in a huge in cases especially pregnant women and children will head to hospital most will go to a shelter for a square meal and a clean bed. spain's red cross assists thousands of undocumented migrants each year. for them in the us. you have to understand this is a huge drama these are people who need help and we must find a solution for people who are just like you and me cannot be floating around for days without knowing where they're going in these conditions they just had the
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padlock to be born in a place with more complicated political or social situations. volunteers of volunteers food bank. something for every hungry mouth regardless of religion or dietary requirement the charity already feeds ten thousand of the city's neediest each week and says there's plenty to go round for a few hundred more. found a highway sierra grew up in an orphanage himself and he's passionate about helping those less fortunate. but in view of the real people in valencia our kind and want to stranger arrives we ask them to sit at our table and so i'd like to say welcome and that they will get our love and support you've come from a far and had a tough time but now it's time to sit down and share with us. the spanish government says those landing this weekend will be processed like other asylum seekers no preferential treatment these migrants may still face
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a rocky road ahead based on last year's figures spanish or florida is a likely to grant refugee status to only one third of the new arrivals the others could get sent right back to where they came from. this may be journey's end for a lucky few but it's just another chapter in the ebb and flow of europe's unresolved migration crisis call pinhole al-jazeera the lindsay of spain. thousands of mourners of attended the funeral of a leading journalist who was shot dead on thursday in indian administered. mia should john because he was editor of the english language newspaper rising kashmir he was killed by unidentified men on a motorbike as he left his office in srinagar the fifty year old and been given police protection following three attacks on him in the past decade egypt has increased the price of fuel and cooking gas fired least fifty percent in
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a bid to boost the country's economy the rise is expected to save the government more than two point eight billion dollars it follows increases in the cost of drinking water and electricity the measures are part of an economic reform programme introduced to qualify for a twelve billion dollar loan from the international monetary fund so if police have detained nineteen people in the south of the country after violence at an election campaign event left four people dead clashes started after an m.p. from the ruling ak party went to visit businesses in a kurdish town close to the syrian border state media reports kurdish shopkeepers attacked the politicians entourage but the kurdish h d p party says the fight broke out after one of its employees bodyguards slapped a local businessman some. in scotland a huge fire has destroyed part of the world renowned glasgow school of art as a karim reports it's not the first time flames have ripped through the historic
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building. the fire lit up the night sky over glasgow. the blaze consuming one of the city's most celebrated buildings. for the second time in four years glasgow school of art was in flames we saw a lot of flames of voicings it seems a new opportunity popped up for one of. the whole thing on fire and saying it's on fire there's no salvage any mail so. it's heartening if you want to see. this school was undergoing a multi million dollar restoration. in two thousand and fourteen part of the art nouveau building designed by renowned scottish architect charlotte's rene mackintosh was destroyed in another fire many students lost all their work. more than one hundred firefighters tackled this latest blaze so devastating loss of bolding that i don't know if it can be replaced but people see if i take some
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comfort in the. police and fire authorities will be conducting a full investigation there's a sense of disbelief that one of glasgow's best love buildings has again been devoured by fire diana kerim al-jazeera. and that's it from us in london followed back to you and thank you very much for that jonah an update on our breaking news story from afghanistan as we reported at least twenty six people were killed in the eastern city of jalalabad during a meeting of the afghan government forces and the taliban well i saw has just claimed responsibility for that attack it happened during a gathering of taliban fighters and afghan security officials who have declared a temporary truce with each other during that eight holiday the afghan government now announcing that that truce will be extended. by a week i still claim responsibility for the a time once again and more than seven hundred palestinians who live in a neighborhood of occupied waiting a decision from israel's high court which could determine their right to remain in
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their homes that challenging a ruling that transferred ownership of the land under their properties to a jewish stressed many of them have already been ordered to leave harry fawcett reports. the steep slopes of civil war on an occupied east jerusalem have in recent years become ever more dotted with jewish settler homes now one palestinian community within this neighborhood is coming under further pressure so here as are these family has lived in but on the howard for more than fifty years his father bought this house he has the documents that he says prove his claim but since twenty fifteen he and his family have been living under the threat of eviction. we were shocked we had lived here i was born here grew up here and married here me my brothers and my kids we're all here the whole family is here a jewish trust claims ownership of the neighborhood citing a deal struck in the late nineteenth century providing homes here for yemeni jews in two thousand and two the justice ministry rewarded the land to that trust now
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controlled by a process and organization that buys and builds homes in occupied east jerusalem now palestinians with homes here have petitioned the high court the state's attorney in the case admitting procedural failings in the way the land was transferred the residents argument is that the ottoman era law which is being used in the attempt to a victim has been misinterpreted that it should have implied ownership only over the buildings that were once lived in by jewish occupants here not ownership of the land it still remains and they point out that in a separate dispute over land elsewhere in east jerusalem the government ruled that land ownership was not conferred by the law judging in that case that a muslim trust shouldn't be awarded the rights to it or get it locks our problem is that we oppose the jewish claims that this area is a jewish and even the court has issued a verdict against the arabs the right wing jewish organization involved a terror at koa name declined our request for an interview on the court case but it
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is generally happy to promote its work increasing the jewish presence in east jerusalem so hero john b. has placed security cameras around his home for evidence of his own in case of disputes with acetylene neighbors the larger dispute over the ownership of this land will be decided in israel's high court harry for sit out his era occupied east jerusalem. and some very good background information on the land issue on al jazeera dot com fifty years ago the u.n. security council passed resolution two forty two a which is used as a framework for implementing the two state solution to the palestinian israeli conflict but since its adoption israel has violated the resolution by entrenching its occupation of the palestinian territories story illegal settlements this is a very good explainer of israel settlements and how they came about you can find it on our website at al-jazeera dot com we know you've been waiting for the world cup and it's coming up next with peter iceland have made their world cup debut find out how they got along when they faced two time world champion argentina in moscow
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after a snapshot of the one. because
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the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a freedom. going to be. men and women for the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants you to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. i cannot have the latest from the world cup in russia peter is here and iceland how
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they're on an incredible achievement by the team fully playing against. just putting in perspective iceland or a country of just over three hundred thousand people they've helped form a will champions argentina to a draw the argentines took the lead thanks to sergio aguayo is goal in the nineteenth minutes at the spot zach stadium in moscow but the joy of the south americans will still be short lived four minutes later alfredsson bogus and equalized for iceland and one one was how it ended off to argentina's superstar you know messi missed a penalty but it's head over to moscow and. joins us live what a game and what a performance by iceland. yes the fans of the spanking so here are so excited best song proud of what the nation has achieved that he was achieved on their first ever world cup appearance the smallest i have
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a country supply in the world cup that's been going since nineteen my favorite fact about the nations is that the argentinian capital but us airways is forty five times the size in terms of population as iceland look at what they've achieved against one of the heavy whites of wild football and of course no one wants a couple of dozen plots of them yes hold also not to save a penalty to stop them losing cost them much argentina all the way i just think of out of troubles actually with that same but this was iceland's di i didn't see this coming i did not see them managing to hold that same as powerful as argentina but they were so well good eyes and they did it. lee there were always going to be the inevitable comparisons with rinaldo after his hattrick last night it was a miss is a penalty what should fans read into that if anything. there are a lot of people were talking before this guy on social media a lot of it was
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a little messy actually this could be his vocal and she fancied him to score a hot chick today but i'm not sure this was going to be his world cup i have this fear for him that the chance he missed in the final against germany was he's moments when the world cup i mean he is one of the all time greats so you feel a certain sympathy with him he looked like he looked off the pile to die and yet people can't help by comparison christiane of an hour his performance against buying was simply astonishing so i think for argentina to even get through the girl i need betty to find useful and if they're going to go far in this tournament i certainly needed to stop playing the why we know we can and that he's done for dodge and so you know for so many years because if it wasn't for him i would've even gone through that qualifying group in south america i mean it's talk a little bit about empty stadiums now made a statement on friday that they were looking into the matter i know that it took place in a can set in and which is a little bit isolated as far as russian geography is concerned but what is really going on there. well it's not
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a crisis is it not a crisis. that people have seen on their television screens around the world that tends to antagonize football finds we think why are they right to say this is the world cup it should be better organized it think it should be distributed better who's not turning up the blame very quickly turns to corporate tickets and do you think that is partly true in this instance but also a katzenberg is an example the little bit unfair on the washing organizing fee for and that's a very new. venue we're not actually quite difficult you know wife for people to get so so are chilly yet this surprises. you are going to play it out that not everyone had a ticket but i think we need more game stop and it's on when i think we need to get to the knockout stages so mike a proper assessment of this right so investigate it now want to be slightly concerned but as i say it's not a crisis yet the winnings
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a pleasure as always thank you so much for your time. ok so maybe they have been a few empty seats at the world cup stadiums but they have been plenty of bums on seats watching the games at home or other venues take a look at the social media heat map here featuring woods like messi is london iceland and the billy of the argent time midfielder you see how the whole world lights up there with social media action and here's a look at some selected tweets i want to start with the argentina ice the match in straight after that iceland's prime minister catherine daughter tweeted verse congratulations dear boys and congratulations to us all you are true heroes and we couldn't be prouder of you because that hash tag there at the end oh that of course is in reference to the viking thunderclap performed by the fans and the team to now france's victory over australia earlier saw both picture being treated by ninety ninety eight world cup winner with france be st elizabeths do you think some t.v. commentary work these days to to this picture of himself and
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a happy looking colleague as well and then former england defender rio ferdinand was on twitter as well i want to finish with this one this goes back to last night's match where he says i can't predict illegal what cristiana rinaldo is doing at the world cup in russia now if you want to join the conversation you can always get hold of us twitter the hash tag is a.j. news grid and you can also get hold of me at peter underscore stimac but before that let me tell you about argentina and iceland who are in group d. as mentioned earlier but nigeria and croatia are the it soon for ismail takes a closer look at those teams for us. group d. has one of the most experienced sides in world football argentina face debutant iceland with croatia and nigeria also in the mix argentina have their political and financial difficulties but led mightily in a messy they're going for a third world cup title argentina were beaten by germany in the twenty fourteen
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fine iceland to make their world cup debut and they're not a team to be taken lightly they knocked england out of the twenty sixteen european championships in the last sixteen it's the fifth the world cup for croatia since they became an independent state france ninety eight was their first i'm a shocked the world by getting to the semifinal nigeria are one of five african teams they made their debut in one thousand nine hundred four where they made it out of the group stage it will be a tough challenge this time around again as i mentioned the hashtag is a.j. news good and it's what's ahead please at peter underscore stimac acts of folly thank you very much for that peter finally nigeria spent billions of dollars building a massive steel mill south of its capital forty years ago but it's never actually produced any steel well that's about to change. from. the last complex sits on twenty four thousand have to use and cost nigeria eight
12:43 am
billion dollars to build because of all revenue the government never bothered to complete the project underneath the. live forty three plans from steel mills complete with a bridge built finances foundries and. this thing called the dust is evidence of decades of deceit. required to deploy and to interrupt. but now what we've done is to start to plant for beach and try to make them work we also have the lighting mills where we produce are all roads that are hundred percent. verisign already planned to be in full operations eighty percent of raw materials needed i with the factories sixty kilometer radius. now for the first time in decades the company's engines have come to life it's true power plants generate one hundred ten megawatts of electricity seventy megawatts more than it's
12:44 am
all in a country with electricity shortages while big steel production activity may be a year or two away small scale operations like producing iron rods and on demand for brick kitchens are handled by local engineers like the company's completed sixty three kilometer internal relink locomotives network of tunnels a sixty kilometers of roads most to keep them and on site i simply waiting to be used to these machines and the label made in the u.s.s.r. i remind our one empire long gone forty years ago nigeria wanted to use them to industrialize since then corrupt him and easy revenue from oil have put that dream on hold. officials say the company can produce nearly ten million metric tons of steel and generate more than five hundred thousand jobs when fully operational but
12:45 am
challenges remain. the cost of the materials involved we need the dredging or the river and the. inland port in the look which was in the village. in the import embargo and there's all this also going to be a link. for example. viral. the still complex was handed over to private operators price before the government took it back months ago. with nigeria's imports averaging ten billion dollars a year many expect a lot of external pressure to keep the company and its current state. despite assurances it's not clear if the government will bow to these precious or forge ahead to kick start its industrialization and break up a century dependence on oil in the next eighteen months.
12:46 am
central nigeria. and of course we're all looking forward to nigeria versus later at the world. keep in touch with us on social media times. it's great for the whole to thank you very much for watching i'll see you again tomorrow here at city fourteen at fifteen g.m.t. . and that's.
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just so. stories generate thousands of headlines cooperation with different angles from different perspectives. here with russia with the sponsible for the separate the spin from the facts that's why i don't got. the misinformation from the journalism the issues here go far beyond one data. mining company and one election with the listening post on al-jazeera. now. when i was
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a kid would go for me was a pleasure and the best. of it was the always going to play with the toll in the living room. i had to pick out one player who's made the difference to me g.i. out or a. far more so who can make things up and people can make things change you know thank you football during a break on al-jazeera world. and i still suicide bomber targets both taliban fighters and security officials in afghanistan at least twenty six people have been killed. hello there i'm joe know how this is al jazeera live from london also coming up.
12:49 am
the un's special envoy arrives in yemen's capital for emergency talks on the port of hard data as fears grow the fighting there could trigger a humanitarian crisis. protests on the streets of greece anger too in parliament it's all over a deal giving macedonia a new name and many are far from happy with it. and spain prepares to welcome more than six hundred migrants who were refused entry into italy but for most this will not be the end of their journey. we begin in afghanistan where a day of celebrating temporary peace between the government and the taliban has been mobbed by a car bomb attack at least twenty six people have died in a suicide blast at a gathering of taliban and afghan security officials in the eastern city of nine i still has claimed responsibility it's
12:50 am
a blow to an otherwise happy day which saw dozens of unarmed taliban fighters entering the capital kabul and other cities to celebrate the holiday while images emerged on social media of afghan soldiers and taliban members exchanging hugs and even taking selfies we'll get more now from jennifer glass who's in kabul for us jennifer two warring sides celebrating only to be attacked by a third. that's right it gives you an idea jonah of how difficult and terrible this conflict is when the afghan people are finally seeing some visions of hope those those videos that you're seeing on social media the afghan people have been watching as well and then punctuated by this terrible attack in jalalabad we have seen afghan taliban and security forces embrace each other the tell of on here in kabul turning over their weapons at the
12:51 am
gate of the city before coming into the city and civilians coming out some people with their children taking photographs with them and then this terrible suicide bombing in jalalabad where a gathering had happened and that's what's been happening is they hear that the taliban fighters have come in the people come out to see the afghan security forces come out to see such a hopeful time and this suicide bomb killing at least twenty six people in jalalabad really really a devastating blow to what had seemed to be progress but of course it is i so who has claimed responsibility for this they have no any kind of motivation for allowing peace to go forward they have been all about attacks and destruction here in afghanistan and so trying to destroy what hopes of peace there are what will let's talk about what will the strength rather of those hopes of peace between government forces on the taliban and the successful cease fire gone he has offered to extend the cease fire what sort of to what to what extent has a real reconciliation actually taken place. i don't know
12:52 am
that anybody knows the real reckons i think the fact is that this is happening on the ground that taliban fighters have come forward not just in kabul not just in jalalabad but in provinces around the country received it and couldn't do seen it in gaza a we've seen fighters from wardak come in here into the capital and so certainly it shows that there is willing and perhaps the idea that the taleban would be willing to negotiate we have heard from some taleban that one of their conditions remains unmovable that at u.s. forces and foreign forces would have to leave the country certainly a long way to go in negotiations but president in addition to going on national television and announcing that he's extending the cease fire will get more details he says later in the week he has also released forty six taliban prisoners and really it builds on what his strategy was in february when he invited the taliban to peace negotiations and offered them political recognition he's been trying to
12:53 am
get the taliban to the peace table for several years now this really i think the first sign of hope the fact that fighters and the afghan military and the afghan people willing to stand together smile together be seen together and i think they're all hoping that this could be taken further ok for the latest from kabul thanks joe. the u.n. envoy to yemen has arrived in the capital sanaa for talks on the port of her data where the fighters are battling assad a little lance griffiths wants to stop the fighting and he's expected to propose that the rebels cede control of the port to a un supervised committee hold data is of huge concern because seventy percent of imports pass through the city's docks the u.n. says fighting there would trigger a humanitarian catastrophe around twenty two million people in yemen depend on aid
12:54 am
and eight point four million are at risk of starvation. he's been in control of the ports in two thousand and fourteen and it is a lucrative source of revenue for the saudi led alliance wants to cut that money flow and says it can do so quickly. the u.n. envoy has a tough job on his hands his two previous s's quit in frustration and ahead of his visitor who three spokes person accused him of being a cover for the continued aggression while on the ground as always it's civilians who are suffering the most laura birdman live reports. the billions injured in the battle for yemen's hard data port are being rushed to hospital as the offensive closes in on the rebel controlled city it's people bracing for an all out war. one resident says his home south of the city was to round up by fighting between saudi that coalition forces back in yemen's government
12:55 am
and who see rebels his family was trapped starving and terrified. we spent three days without being able to go out to go anywhere the fighting was above us and from all sides we did not have any food or drink or anything not even mortar even the red crescent car was only allowed in today this is my son i treated him on a bus after he was injured in an airstrike our kids women and elderly are stuck starving for three days without any food or drink. much of the latest fighting has been taking place around the whole day to international airport in god's will we will celebrate the feast of eat and have data that will be in priest the grandest of feats of heroism are accomplished but the enemy in the three year war is hitting back the who posted this video of missiles targeting saudi backed
12:56 am
forces. saudi that advance comes amid warnings that as many as half a million people may lose everything including their lives even more could be forced from their homes into the desert if there is the closure of the port even for just a few days many people will suffer we're also greatly concerned about the possibility that civilians may be hurt by airstrikes by shelling. the u.n. security council has rejected a move to demand an immediate end to the fighting the council instead urged all sides to practice restraint saudi arabia says it can seize the city quickly enough to avoid interrupting flows of aid to millions facing starvation. but the parties proposed a new humanitarian aid plans aiming to make sure the external humanitarian assistance can access in and through her data about seventy percent of yemen's aid
12:57 am
and commercial imports rely on the ports of her data and the nearby salif and it's needed the u.n. says twenty two million people or three quarters of the population are in desperate need of eight more about a manly al-jazeera greece's government is facing a no confidence vote in parliament in the next half hour over the deal to change the name of its northern neighbor macedonia protesters are gathered outside the parliament building where prime minister alexis tsipras is expected to survive the vote which comes after three days of debate macedonia is to officially change its name to the republic of north macedonia if all of this goes through ending a twenty seven year dispute with greece but nationalists on both sides see it as a humiliating defeat. jones for office is following events in the greek capital for us john it looks like you're in the middle of some pretty tense scenes there it
12:58 am
illustrates doesn't it how bitter and divided people are across that border over this name issue wouldn't it just be in the why the interests of everyone to put this name issue aside and move on. hello john i was listening and hearing that if i had no eyes obviously behind me and my last few minutes of the protesters broke out into the glass compound and jumping over the fence that surrounds it and tried to confront lines of police at that time the police let off tear gas grenades which have sent all of these people you see behind me rushing towards us and we've had a lot of people here expressing outrage they greeks would do this to other greeks over a national issue that really pits greeks against laundry is. the tension is high inside problem and also the leader of the opposition has just taken the podium and he's beginning his speech with
12:59 am
a listening. of the mistakes i think scuse me but the two gets a. joint strike you know with the effects of tear gas sorry john doing you're able to go on no should be so we come back to you. i think it sounds like john has taken a long for it to be difficult to get israel to talk ok well we know that a short while ago during those protests outside parliament tear gas was fired by police john describing there how they breached the outer perimeter of the parliamentary compound you can see them there were no normally there'd be no civilians and inside in about half an hour's time the parliament is due to vote in a vote of confidence called by the opposition over the issue agreed between the greek and macedonian leaders to change the name of macedonia from its former yugoslavia. public designation to the new republic of north macedonia. tempers and feelings are running high though on both sides of the border among people who
1:00 am
bitterly disagree jones or office thanks for that hope you're feeling better in a while perhaps we'll come back to you in the next hour. you're watching al-jazeera live from london still to come. egypt raises the price of petrol and cooking gas by more than fifty percent just the latest in a long line of austerity measures. and on the eve of colombia's presidential runoff we look at. the candidate many fear could undo the fock the steel. however the last burst the heaviest rain has been off shore from charlie you see a tear in the flowers a tropical psycho on his way to japan which leaves temporarily.


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