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but empire and its retreat after about two millennia left a lot of people stranded who didn't definitively belong to either a race that had an illustrious history and in the neighborhood or a religion that at least they could see a sort of predominant religion that they could cling to and so these people took much longer to find their national identity in the second world war marshal tito of yugoslavia decided that his southernmost state would be called macedonia that was left untouched that wasn't really engaged with diplomatically and after communism collapsed the time was right for the greeks and the south peoples to talk but they didn't talk in a friendly manner at first because there was direct confrontation over identity these issues cannot all be solved in an international treaty because international law doesn't govern all of the issues separating the two people what you can agree on is the name of the state everything else is
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a question of mutual agreement so this bilateral treaty actually goes further than international law dictates it also touches on issues of ethnicity rather of nationality and of language and that the greek side says is about as far as we can go. and so that is why this issue this treaty leaves a lot to be decided on the basis of trust it's a question of behavior from now on and how and whether people will abide by the spirit of this agreement. with that explanation of what is quite a complicated issue and very sensitive one for all involved john thank you. much more to come on the news hour including shocking footage from the russian capital as a taxi flannels into crowds of people including world cup fans an independent investigation is launched into the killing of one hundred seventy people during anti-government protests in the corral and france get over the line to beat australia. joe we'll
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have the best of the world cup action coming up in sports. but first france has agreed to take in some of the migrants on board the aquarius fresca new ship which is currently on route to spain the vessel is carrying six hundred twenty nine people and it's being at the center of a major migration route between european union countries france accused me of being irresponsible after its new populist government refused to allow the vessel to dock with its forty called friends hypocritical called penhall reports now from the spanish port city of islands. this will be their safe haven end of an odyssey. a key side of valencia activists are already preparing to greet the six hundred twenty nine migrants due to dock this weekend you know what they will or the. other muslims are a means to give
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a warm welcome to these people who have been passed around like a football europe is trying to turn a blind eye but we want to respect their rights and offer them a whole our land is their land bridge across teams offloaded in gresham's and hygiene kits the migrants will get a health check the beeb registered by police in nugent cases especially pregnant women and children will head to hospital most will go to a shelter for a square meal in a clean bed. spain's red cross assists thousands of undocumented migrants each year. for them in the us some of you have to understand this is a huge drama these are people who need help and we must find a solution for people who are just like you and me cannot be floating around for days without knowing where they're going in these conditions they just had the bad luck to be born in a place with more complicated political or social situations. volunteers of
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valencia's food bank. some think bravery hungry mouth regardless of religion or dietary requirements the charity already feeds ten thousand of the city's neediest each week and says there's plenty to go round for a few hundred more. found a highway sierra grew up in an orphanage himself and he's passionate about helping those less fortunate. but in view of are the real people in valencia our kind and want to stranger arrives we ask them to sit at our table and so i'd like to say welcome and that they will get our love and support you've come from a far and had a tough time but now it's time to sit down and share with us. the spanish government says those landing this weekend will be processed like other asylum seekers no preferential treatment these migrants may still face a rocky road ahead based on last year's figures spanish or florida is
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a likely to grant refugee status to only one third of the new arrivals the others could get sent right back to where they came from. this may be journey's end for a lucky few but it's just another chapter in the ebb and flow of europe's unresolved migration crisis call pinhole al-jazeera spain. an international task force will investigate the political unrest in nicaragua which has left at least. hundred and seventy people dead including eight just in the last twenty four hours it comes as the government and civic groups agreed to halt all violence two months after them stray sions began against president. think on one hand has. mediators from the catholic church were brought in to try and break the deadlock and there's been some progress nicaragua's government and opposition activists agreed to allow an international investigation into months of
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political violence. the government will invite international organs the un the e.u. the general secretary of the organization of american states to accompany a scene the strengthening of the peace talks it's been welcomed by the opposition the government of using paramilitaries against protesters. we know that there is intimidation and we know that there are some movements that happen active in someone's apologies and the intimidation those groups of police those groups of civilians using weapons of war don't create an environment of peace. gangs of armed men room the streets of managua they warned residents to stay indoors where their lives would be in danger activists blame the gangs for a spate of attacks and killings over the last two months the man who filmed this video says he saw men taking down anti-government barricades and that they traveled with a police escort the government denies any connection to the armed groups but the opposition says the violence is a sign of desperation by president daniel ortega. in. the moment when he can no
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longer resort to the violence that he exerts through the police and paramilitary gangs when he can no longer resort to violence that will be his and i'm. at least one hundred seventy people have died since the protests began in april were take his efforts to introduce welfare cuts prompted the bloodiest confrontation since the civil war ended in one thousand nine hundred ninety. the plan was dropped but the protests continue under heavy security the two sides are still talking the opposition is also making concessions removing wrote books which the government said were damaging the economy but big questions remain the protesters want to take it to stand down to demand the government is likened to an attempted coup mediators urging early elections but so far there's been no response been to monaghan al-jazeera. at least eight people have been left injured after a taxi plowed into
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a crowd in russia the collision happened near red square in moscow where many world cup tourists were gathered authorities say the driver lost control of the vehicle and had not been drinking the driver of the taxi ran away from the scene before bystanders caught him or a challenge has more now from moscow. well there are certainly some peculiarities to saturday's incident in moscow in the immediate aftermath of the news first breaking that a taxi and driven into protests ruins walking in central moscow course the assumption that a lot of people jumped to was that this was a deliberate attack the kind that we've seen in cities across the world in the last couple of years but your florence's came out quite quickly and said no the initial information suggests that the driver kyrgios man had lost control of the vehicle he'd been arrested and various charges have already been brought against him. but then the footage was released which actually search shows something
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a little bit different it seems to show the driver. pulling purposefully off the road he was standing in stationary traffic mounting the car and then driving quite far into the pedestrians making it look like a much more deliberate thing of course there are ways in which you could explain that away more innocently but it does raise questions and the russian authorities do have previous history do have form in taking a very long time to attribute things to deliberate actions i'm talking about the bombing of a plane over the sinai peninsula in egypt a few years ago as the russians didn't want to say it was related to any kind of terrorist act as they eventually ended up calling it. the russians have a very high profile events going on at the moment the world cup there under the international spotlight they want it to go off without a hitch and so i suspect that they might try to say that anything like this that
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happens is not a deliberate attack until the all the evidence shows and i think otherwise. we're staying in russia the president vladimir putin has been accused of using the world cup to wade through unpopular economic reforms as many russians were watching their national side beat saudi arabia the government announced controversial plans to raise the retirement age the proposal raises a women's retirement age by eighty years to sixty three while the men would retire at sixty five that's two years above average life expectancy in russia critics say any money saved has already been spent on hosting football's showpiece torne of it and the much vivo an expert on russian affairs says she's on surprised by the russian government choosing to make the proposal at this time. it is an all trick of course you've drawn bad news in the pool of good mood but having served
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a pension reform has been on the books for years and years we also see that it's going to be an incremental process this is quite to peer old within twelve to sixteen years with a timetable kind of billing reform for each age group because the russian population is aging in other european countries now it is one point eight working person but each one the trends are calling to continue russia retirement age is live to curse it low life expectancy in russia has been growing but it is a considerable gender gap so it probably is unfair on men that they retire should retire later than women while there is almost eleven years gender gap between life that of women which is now nearly seventy eight in line with european average and male life expectancy egypt has increased the price of fuel and cooking
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gas by at least fifty percent in a bid to boost the economy the rise is expected to save the government more than two point eight billion dollars it follows increases to the cost of drinking water and electricity the measures are part of an economic reform program introduced to qualify for a twelve billion dollar loan from the international monetary fund the country also just to euro back foreign investors after the economy crashed following the revolution seven years ago well earlier we spoke to egyptian political analyst in my good landlord who says these reforms could spark unrest. egypt at the moment is like a pressure cooker. eight something will happen the question is when and how and the government seems to be pretty oblivious to that and they keep continuing with those policies that are adding massive. pressure is on the middle and
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lower class. around the world muslims are celebrating the holiday at the end of the holy month of ramadan but there is little to cheer in syria especially for the many orphans from the seven year long war but charity workers are giving hope to some as mohamed vall now reports. sometimes a meal smile can be the hardest thing to do some of these little faces are exactly in the type of night that these children were born under fire in the northern syrian countryside they have lost both parents and their homes in missile strikes and the. real experiences are hard to get over but one charity organization has come to the rescue of these often and their lives have started to change of a sense. our primary objective is to draw
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a smile on the faces of these orphans as we buy them clothes or shoes for instance we're trying to help them come out of the trial that you war the loss of parent the psychological trauma i personally feel as if they're all my own children and having myself grown up an orphan i don't want them to go through the same conditions that i did. and i was two years old when her parents were killed in a raid by the syrian army she's trying to cope with the trauma. nurse of a the same prepares her for the celebration which marks the end of the fasting month of ramadan down our city i'm going to i'm in charge of twenty girls between the ages of three and ten i provide total care for them including health and psychological needs they came here and deplorable condition afraid to mix and communicate with others so we socialize with them and try to give them hope in a way out of misery. once this aid to be
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a memorable one for the one hundred children here solved they were taken shopping. in addition to new clothes they got other gifts or maybe manik were there so it is great for today they brought us the nicest clothes and presents i've lost the dearest people that i had but thank god we've been compensated i have a nurse whom i feel like my own mother she feeds me and teaches me and even babes me and does my hair she provide. it's me with everything i need. on top of the list of things they need is education classes suited to different ages talk here also different forms of entertainment such as theatre can play is music and evenings and games but this little haven of peace that's been created here could come under threat at any moment this is one of the few territories system under the control of syrian army continues to launch attacks in an effort to take it the war from
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which these children have not really scaped yet with their lives at risk they are the most vulnerable victims of a conflict that's been going on for more than seven years it's not known exactly how many orphans there are in syria but according to unicef the war has left over five million children in need of humanitarian assistance more than half of them were forced to flee their homes to live as refugees mostly in neighboring countries . and near the turkish syrian border stay with us on the news hour still to come on the eve of colombia's presidential runoff we look at even to kill a candidate many fear could undo the fabric piste of student activists in the u.s. travel from coast to coast to rally for greater gun control following a number of high profile shootings. and iceland the vikings clapping back against argentina joe will have the latest from the world
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cup in russia. al of the remaining heat there was once europe wide a couple of weeks ago is done the bottom right hand corners are circulating slow storms within what is too pretty warm and humid weather some of them in pretty vicious storms flash flooding the bit of hail and that's not to continue anywhere really from longer in plane than towards turkey tries to grease coming in northwest corner a disappointing change in weather recently being wet and windy with the usual for june eighty degrees the next in temperature in london on sunday bright eighteen in paris and that doesn't change the right time you can get to monday slow increase in temperature that she would drink is the one that does best thirty two degrees that is an average temperature haven't seen that for again for weeks now the picture and
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down the southeast course seeing seeing a slow drop in temperature as a result of this persistent feeding of cool draft in the north and the showers for out of the sky so disappointing because some of their however come back over the water and apart from a breeze it's fine looking weather north africa is universally dry temps are quite high in each of us went up to forty eight but around the coast we got study middle twenty's is slowly getting warmer two is up to twenty nine and she is up to twenty seven even though but is warming up. the diagnosis he has been sick for around six months now the challenge ahead there one of these ninety six could be a new cure or the basis of a new cure all for colors are near illness or disability al-jazeera examines priam meaning treatments so this is the explosive yes it's basically
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a wearable robot like iraq revisited on out as iraq new possibilities treeless journalists or medical facility if they got that either already declared a state of emergency several weeks ago gripping documentaries to discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe. debate some discussion on one side of the split screen dignitaries mingling on the other card see the world from a different perspective only on al-jazeera. welcome
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back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera at least twenty six people have been killed in a suicide car bomb attack at a gathering of target taliban fighters and afghan security officials in the eastern hour. it carried out the attack the new u.n. envoy to yemen is expected to propose a deal to end fighting over the. saudi led coalition launched an offensive to take the port to the rebels earlier this week and greece's government has survived a no confidence vote it was called over an agreement that athens is preparing to sign to recognize a new name for its northern neighbor macedonia earlier police fired tear gas at opponents of the deal who were protesting outside parliament. at least one person has been killed and dozens of others wounded after indian security forces fired
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tear gas and shotgun pellets at protesters in kashmir they were rallying against indian rule in various parts of the administered region this comes just days after a prominent journalist a shoe job was shot dead by gunmen on motorbikes victoria gate reports. latest protests against india move started after pres to celebrate the end of ramadan and quickly spread to other towns outside the capital srinagar muslims in indian administered kashmir have been fighting indian rule for almost thirty is tens of thousands of people have been killed every day. about their. dying. and that is. what peace and prosperity. separatists want indian administered kashmir to be united with pakistan or gain independence but many kashmiris also say they want the opportunity to live
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a peaceful life. for the entire world this is a day of happiness but for the people of kashmir there is gloom everywhere there's mourning people are crying they feel helpless we've been left on our own. sentiments echoed by thousands of kashmiris at the funeral of she's. the editor of an english language newspaper who was shot dead on thursday by unidentified men on a motorbike it's a great tragedy for the nation of not only. straightforward he all his life that. he didn't he was a straight forward and he was respected journalist. the cars colleagues say his murder is part of a wider attack on press freedom many attempts have been made from various actors to silence the voice of reason to silence the voice of moderation to silence the
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voices of the resolution brought a solution and all those who have raised issues related to human rights abuse in. the e.t.l. fit a holiday is a time of celebration for muslims that many living in kashmir say there's little to cheer as the killings continue. victoria gave him the al-jazeera let's go to the u.s. now where the trumpet ministration is facing mounting pressure over its policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the country's southern border with mexico over says it six weeks up to the end of may almost two thousand children were taken from their parents they were detained while their parents face prosecution for entering the country illegally the practice says strong condemnation from the u.n. and domestically even even jellicoe leaders who backed the donald trump for president are voicing their opposition one preacher franklin graham called it the scripts for the president has falsely blamed the democrats for the separation
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policy after initially wavering he said he will now support a compromise bill being debated in the house next week his ultimate demand though is that it will include full funding for another key immigration policy of his our war along the border with mexico well for more on this i'm joined from san francisco by gregory chain an immigration lawyer and director of government relations at the american immigration lawyers association sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera now you have a lot of colleagues that you're speaking to who are at the border where some of these separations are taking place tell us a little bit about what they're telling you paint a picture for us of what is actually going on. well thank you for having me on and that's right the american immigration lawyers association has a program that is operating with attorneys going into detention facilities and what we're hearing now is that the practice of separating these children from their
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families has escalated dramatically under the trumpet ministration and this inhumane policy is resulting in children being literally torn from their parents' arms if you look at the border checkpoint in macallan texas it is a massive warehouse where the children are now housed on a temporary basis that is referred in spanish as the which means the dog kennel because it's a massive massive warehouse where there are chain link fences create structured into jail cells where children are sleeping on the hard concrete floor with nothing more than a mat to separate them from the floor children are moaning and crying at night and are unable to sleep so the impact of these children is absolutely inhumane we now know of many cases where the separations have happened parents have one at least a couple of cases the parents have done terrible things to themselves one father from hundreds has committed suicide after having his three year old son torn from
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his arms this is just a couple of weeks ago and as a father of two children myself any parent i think would be horrified that this administration continues this practice here in the united states it does deserve the condemnation both in the united states and abroad well it's certainly been getting a lot of condemnation just explain to us why this is started to happen now because president trump blames this on the democrats saying that they sort of put this system in place but what's happened recently why have we seen the numbers of children being torn away from their parents escalate. well it's important first of all to clarify that there is no such existing law that president trump referred to where he has blamed others for his current policies this policy of separating children from their families is completely a creation of this administration and it has escalated to the numbers well over two
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thousand that you described before what we are seeing now is that because the attorney general jeff sessions announced a zero tolerance practice of prosecuting anybody who enters the country illegally that prosecution practices resulting in the parents being separated from these children and it is entirely something that the administration can decide not to do at this point the asylum seeking right is something that is guaranteed under u.s. law and international law even if an asylum seeker crosses the border illegally the have the right in the us to seek asylum because oftentimes asylum seekers don't have the opportunity to get the right documentation before they flee from persecution from violence from murder and they should not be prosecuted at all they should have the option to seek asylum but because this administrative has decided to prosecute them we are seeing more and more parents separated from their children
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so automatically treated this criminals basically next week there is due to be i think a few votes on the immigration measures planned in the house and it does seem that the president will be using this issue one of the many issues that is due to be debated as leverage to get what he has been wanting since the beginning of this campaign and that is a wall between the u.s. and mexico. well that's right house speaker paul ryan has announced that two immigration bills will be getting votes in the house next week one of those bills is a completely anti immigrant bill sponsored by the house republican chairman bob goodlatte the other one is a so-called compromise bill that was negotiated by republicans with the white house what began as an effort to provide protection for dreamers young people who were brought here as children has been completely distorted and perverted into a bill that essentially enables this white house to implement the exclusionary
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practices at the border that are turning back asylum seekers that are resulting in parents and children being separated and detained for long term periods in terrible terrible conditions this bill not only has those kinds of provisions but will cut the existing channels for legal immigration to the united states families will be less able to bring their loved ones in here to reunify under legal immigration system visas and they will also cut something called the diversity visa lottery which enables people from countries that traditionally have not been able to come to the united states such as from africa make it much more difficult for them to come to this country in addition massive amounts of funding for the border wall on the order of twenty five billion dollars so this bill has completely been perverted into a white house in force an exclusion measure one last point. it's obviously a hugely divisive issue immigration in the united states president trying from south is hugely divisive in the united states and beyond but how much condemnation
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they have you seen especially for people who would usually support the president to this issue to the separating children from their parents. well what is notable as you mention is that now we see more faith christian evangelical leaders now coming out and saying that what this president is doing is inhumane that it is also un-american and contrary to the longstanding values we have to make sure that families are protected let alone the issue that many faith leaders are saying is necessary to complete turnaround of this administration of protecting refugees and welcoming the stranger to our shores a standard faith belief that many many faiths espouse this immiseration has now suffered that kind of criticism from widespread voices around the country and it is consistent with standard polling that has been developing united states regarding
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the treatment of people coming to this country and with respect to the dreamers the dream of population well more than eighty percent of americans believe that the dreamers and those who are undocumented have the opportunity to legalize united states so the type of measures this white house is now pushing to a floor vote in the house next week just does not have the support in the united states among americans be interesting to see what does come out of all of those votes next weekend for the moment gregory chen immigration lawyer and director of government relations at the american immigration lawyers association sir thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us. syrian activists in the u.s. are traveling from coast to coast rallying support for more comprehensive gun control measures following a series of deadly school shootings they hope to persuade people to vote for politicians who back gun control laws in november midterm elections reports.
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for months after seventeen of their classmates and teachers were gunned down the activists students of marjorie stoneman douglas high school are on the road. seeking support for gun control measures and showing solidarity with other young people victimized by gun violence all of us is no matter where you come from your community your economic background matter your voices are shared and in this movement every single voice and i know where it comes from. chicago was the first stop on the park when florida students nationwide bus tour through the city is one of the highest homicide rates in the u.s. and many children and teenagers have felt the trauma of gun violence firsthand. attending the rally at st sabina church on chicago's south side where native chicago and entertainers jennifer hudson will i am and former arizona congresswoman
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gabby giffords who was gravely wounded in an assassination attempt in two thousand and eleven these are scary. stories. sexism lies finance it is time to stand up for what's right it's time for her we must do something we must stop gun by. this storm and douglas students are urging young people to register and vote in the midterm elections in november they want to add. congress members who oppose gun restrictions and receive campaign funds from the national rifle association. in the weeks following the february school attack the stolen douglas students spearheaded a nationwide movement called.


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