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tv   Australias Lost Generation  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2018 7:32am-8:00am +03

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lbs one of the companies astra zeneca is in the u.k. the other three are in japan shinobi. and days i have received charlie's emails with the seat. we're looking for the man who received the email from d.m.g. i i believe is in here and so she alone it's nice to meet you let me have that so you look at structure of molecules on computer models as well as in real life technically sure yes you need to show me what you do for us that's a fluke out there and i think if this is going vessels the three dimensional structure no. victory for us all these compounds that see the compounds and imagine this is the seed that came from the n.d.i. the n.d.i. seed is seventeen parts carbon four parts nitrogen fifteen parts hydrogen and one part chlorine connected into this unique shape. this combination and shape closely
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fits and binds to a vulnerable spot on the leash mania parasites interfering with their mechanics by so far unknown mechanism but the fit could be better it's like fitting a key to a lock by intelligent trial and error one point zero the shop for food arrives this is simple ok this is not a sin but you don't have to be a chemist to say that this doesn't look like that so i would such a similar compound based on chemical for updates on the day and i took jan euro and saw that salt screenings are runny oh yes it generally quit around yes they are at ninety four percent and you can see two rings three rings triangles and the next one is eighty five percent and so on and so forth that didn't even take two seconds. after a successful scan for compounds with a similar chemical makeup to d.n.d. i seed the team conduct a second scan for shape and behavioral similarity. really fast in this system we
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can search the compound which are the same in our property the. property is not a structure itself not just so actually it's an additional layer of screening for similarities so these compounds. actually exist in your library in this building of course quite how we're going to see them. of course thank you very much as i have in fact found ninety six matching compounds that d.n.d. i have requested to see. kim manages the archive store many many. automated storage in there. this lock three hundred eighty four miniature like. that so small a troop. inside of you know how many you hold in the. us think of this story it's ten million ten million. wow and i can see
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a barcode on the bottom here is that unique. armed with the codes on that sushi and because we're short list kim is quick to retrieve the ninety six compounds as selected by d n d r this all to me to storage system houses ten samples of every drug compound on a database kept at minus twenty degrees celsius the liver here is ok wrong side. shows over. one of these ninety six could be a new cure or a basis of a new cure for colors are. really right here can i can we hold what sure this one. wow. is a very small amount it is very hard to find. another kim honestly this is a mazing literally this is one of the ninety six. just out of curiosity
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this is this is a compound this was a drug that was being researched and it's here in storage was it being researched for example this was produced in project to barrel cancer agent really the product itself. because they couldn't find a compound has enough. expecting to why does the company keep them in storage if it doesn't go anywhere we thought it to have another possibility to cure. and now we can now we can see maybe this new. maybe it's a new class of drug and it was originally intended to be a cancer drug i think that's incredible.
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the samples are now part for delivery and will head to a korean lab where they'll go through rounds of testing against infected cells. the most successful of them will become a new seed and the process will begin all over again further refining the candidate compounds. and off they go to career. within a year d.n.d. i expect to identify the first truly promising new drug candidates. that's a very welcome prospect for dr will continue the clinic we did. is a bit. some tablets would be better to bring more because you can't isn't it if you get. a fix that you can easily take to this kind of patients in the field. where there is found in very resource a limited. it's
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a team just remarkable about a.b.'s with poor hands of ice and it is hitting so the best would be to have. the right to put it kind of. although he's doing much better demba who will have to put up with that tedious long hospital stay and daily s.s.g. . plenty more painful injections both its own feeling to look bored. with d.n.d. eyes drug offering a glimmer of hope for the fight against. their aim is to use this method of working for all of the neglected diseases giving new purpose to all those compounds previously locked away in volts. despite developments in medicine and technology the only mobility option available for the millions of people with some form of promises remains as it did centuries
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ago a wheelchair and the limitations a will chairs are not just with regard to village on numerous medical and psychological issues associated with that. and i'm here in san francisco america to find out about an exciting new development for people with chronic says. to meet our ashes a young gentleman who had a spinal cord injury quite recently and it's been around ever since thanks for letting me come to your house. wow that is some of you got the whole day yeah right underneath. asking about your accident it was you know i was hanging out of friends and we were locked out of his apartment he lived on the third floor and figured i'd climb up to his balcony and get in and save the day as i was getting up i fell so i fell for about ten meters landed on my
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. as i kind of came to the hospital i noticed as i was lying there that i couldn't move my legs something was pretty seriously wrong i broke my c five and c six vertebrae how do you cope we such a dramatic. impact on your life i just don't see any other option but to cope. i don't want to say embrace what happened but really accept what happened and kind of move forward. spinal cord injury is. incredibly devastating injury it affects everything from physical strength and everything to when you need to go use the restroom and not being able to look at people i level constantly have to look up there's so many benefits to being able to stand up and walk aside from just the mobility aspect of it so to be able to potentially experience that and feel those benefits i think is just incredibly exciting.
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exit wound exists an organization that is at the forefront of technological advancements which are allowing people like rush the opportunity to walk again. very impressive office thank you we're really lucky to have an answer very cool or a ford factory really yeah. so this is the suit yes it's basically a wearable robot it takes a person and it can provide torte to their joints where they maybe can't so when i stand i provide torque on my knees so i don't like this but then sue provides that and you provide everything else so your weight doesn't actually go through this so your weight goes through you naturally so there's the obvious benefit of allowing that person to be able to stand up and walk but there are the clinical benefits that will wear of the suit things like your area tract infection. movement
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complications and then things like pressure sores all of those we think we can substantiate that walking getting up and walking is going to help. so this one here is fresh off our assembly line how's it controlled it looks at various sensors all around the city and when you when you position yourself correctly with your shoulders basically center over your lead foot it knows you want to take another step because it looks kind of unnatural it's suddenly just standing like this turns out people only really do that when they're going to take another step so then it takes another step so how is it used to clinical practice at the moment so right now it's designed for use in a rehab center with a physical therapist the dream of course is that eventually you get those home units and there's a new replacement for him or for the wheelchair time during their day. all russia
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rides with his parents to use the exit seat and to walk for the first time since his accident i've been doing really for it yeah let's go. through these just. you need. to attach to this so yeah that's one other safety margin you know. this is a good look though it's good. it would suggest. three years. but i have a fairly interesting. very interesting. write for the first there is always a right. and. uses.
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a body just wants to walk in and. doesn't like this whole sitting thing in your room mr gonzalez. so what do you think. excited to see him if position because i ses to be very absent from running biking their psyche everything. i think given that side books should be tried i think jim. i think anything that comes from technology would be good off the hall from now our gets to control the x. so you suit him so that there's four different buttons that would trigger the first time any one of the buttons would be the same. lead on the right this is easier. because you were more in control yeah it's kind of like i just have
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to figure out where to go. already the psychological benefits are clear for us it's not normal to be used creating your head up all the time. feels like you're. part of society a part of your communication and conversations again. you know the future is going to get really exciting just in the bio nick space in general i think you're going to be able to see someone come into an airplane in an exoskeleton and sit down and economy seat and you're going to see grandma at the mall and she's going to show off her hip new x.o. pants you know she's going to be able to take a walk with her grandkids that she couldn't take it's not far that's what's really exciting is it's really not science fiction anymore. i would like to see this technology go to a point where it replaces
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a wheelchair if not all the time the much of the time. little bottom to murder he admitted unique circumstances and facts that point her to this murder confessions are useless without corroboration she thought and they are questioning her about her being a victim of a rape not a suspect in a murder case newly false confession involves a completely made up story some will say anything thinking they can fix it later but there's no fixing it later many statements are used against them in a court of law this system was job on al jazeera. and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already
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a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full drive events like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. for twenty three unions musson has collected objects he finds along the coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object has become an environmental activist uninspired taste on the voice for the part to countless migrants. might you need such a al-jazeera. al-jazeera for me is different because there's a maturity about its views and the is really genuine the other forces channel but the pads take the risk of
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a story you'll. know all the time and not going to al-jazeera is setting out to convey to the reality on the ground that other reality on the ground can only be combined with the just the magic of the people and that's what we do i think that's what we do well. this is al-jazeera. and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes are you an envoy arrives in the many capital is the fighting continues around the key port of the data. a suicide bombing in afghanistan leaves at least twenty six dead. greece's prime
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minister survived for no confidence prompted by another country's name. in a deal to nicaragua's political violence falls apart only hours after it's announced. and we began in yemen where are you an envoy has arrived in the capital sana for talks concerning the port of her data barton gryphus wants to stop the battles there between iran back to the fighters and the saudi alliance he's expected to propose that rebels see control of the port to a un supervised committee of her data is a future concern because seventy percent of yemen's imports pass through the cities docks in the un says fighting there would trigger a much larger humanitarian catastrophe around twenty two million people in yemen depend on aged eight point four million are at risk of starvation through these have been in control of the ports since two thousand and fourteen and it's lucrative source of revenue for them aside
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a little while an alliance that is wants to cut that money flow and says it can do it quickly good to reports. put it the international airport clearly damaged but the who these insist still very much in their hands that despite claims by the saudi. military coalition that they're now in control here i am about this is the whole day the international airport today is the second day of. and the claims that they took control of the airport baseless they are just spreading lies and rumors. but if the saudi and every rotten led coalition is did control of the airport its forces are far away and their ground. now the un special envoy to yemen martin griffiths has flown into the yemeni capital sanaa to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in her there. the port city is a lifeline not only to the who these but to the entire yemeni population we are
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just the war any fighting in the city of her data we want for peace to be employment that across the nation. we the residents of a data city want to live in peace and security we don't want war we don't want fighting of any kind enough is enough the saudi a democratic led coalition want to tease to hand over control of the port either to a un supervised committee or yemen's government. the accused rebels of importing weapons from iran saudi arabia says it can seize the city quickly enough to avoid interrupting flows of aid to the. party's proposed new humanitarian aid plans aiming to make sure the external humanitarian assistance can access human through her data. the saudi led proposal is a nonstarter and a suspicious of any attempts by the un envoy to broker peace. the war in yemen has
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already cost the world's worst humanitarian crisis and there are fears of worst. com we are very fearful that any kind of blockage. of the free flow of humanitarian food also commercial stocks of particularly food and fuel could have a major impact on people who are already highly vulnerable as some of the middle east which is countries fight the region's poorest the u.n. special envoy is reinforcing the international appeals to stop the destruction priyanka for. the lame shara some areas in a region refugee council spokesman in yemen it has a message millions can afford to leave her data since yesterday morning there were lots of babies just flying over the city however it seems that this question made
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it to the city so and we are really worried because of the population of the cities around six hundred fifty thousand people. most of the things that we should know that most of them there will not be there will not be able to leave the city they cannot afford to do this if they don't have resources they don't have money to leave the city. we must protect them today to also consider one of the one of the biggest. urban edition of the needs done a quick emergency response in terms of food assistance clean water was also clear. it's frequently. we have to support those people unfortunately that. f. the glasses of this condition which the city hundreds or thousands of people would be affected by the escalation. celebrations of
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a temporary peace between the afghan government of the taliban have been marred by a car bomb attack at least twenty six people were killed when a suicide blast struck a gathering of taliban and afghan security officials and the eastern province of. says it was responsible for that attack jennifer glass has more from kabul. a joyful slike the taliban the afghan military together celebrating ied and the conflicts first cease fire these taliban fighters came to the capital from wardak province afghan soldiers search them at the gates to the city there is a real sense of brotherhood the fighting set aside for now a time to revel in peace to the locals are going to have a good journalist here i woke up this morning and learned the taliban could go to the city without harm while she's bursting with happiness because of this ceasefire . but they must not tell the seller saying look we are so happy because today is a celebration we gathered here happily with our brothers who have been unhappy for
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so long. as word of the gathering spread the crowds grew afghans sensing this might be a turning point a moment in history. that we hope for a peaceful and stable afghanistan we must be proud of this peaceful moment and we hope it will last forever. the scene to repeated in many provinces around afghanistan opponents coming together in a show of afghan solidarity raising hopes this is something that could last the wood the laid. out he walked in it the that because of the significant signs of peace in afghanistan and seeing the strong desire of afghans for peace i am announcing the extension of the ceasefire by afghan security and defense forces. the peace was shattered by an iso suicide bomber in eastern afghanistan killing and wounding those who had come to reconcile a reminder it's more than just the taliban fighting here. taliban fighters say
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there can be no peace in afghanistan and till foreign forces leave the country the afghan president continues to try to bring the taliban to the negotiating table announcing the release of dozens of taliban prisoners and saying the government is willing to talk to the taliban any time anywhere jennifer glass al jazeera kabul at least four people have died in are under arrest and are under arrest nineteen that is in southern turkey following violence during election campaigning the clashes started when a politician from president met roger typer to one's ruling party campaigned in a kurdish town near the syrian border state media says. yield is and his supporters came under attack from opponents armed with knives and sticks because in a group say the politicians security opened fire after he received a hostile welcome. greece's prime minister survived a no confidence vote in parliament over a deal to change the name of its northern neighbor macedonia thanks
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alexis tsipras his opponents had accused him of making too many concessions in the agreement survive the motion and the deal will now be signed on sunday the agreement will see macedonia change its name to the republic of north maps macedonia ending a twenty seven year dispute with greece. more from athens. the governing coalition of the city's a party and the independent greeks has survived a vote of no confidence those two parties mustered their majority in parliament to vote effectively for themselves to stay in power and this government now looks forward after signing the agreement with the former yugoslav of macedonia on sunday to a week of developments in the euro group in brussels where it expects to receive the green light to finally wean itself off euro paean handouts money handouts to re enter markets and borrow from markets and also to receive some sort
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of restructuring of its debt obligations to its european creditors and therefore the government hopes that by the end of next week it can say it's had both a triumphant foreign policy and a triumph in financial developments and fiscal developments making good on its promise to rid greece of the bailout rules and the austerity rules that have been imposed on it for the last eight years that i think is the government point of view the opposition sees it differently they've spent the debate in parliament over the macedonia issue also talking about the government's financial misdemeanors as they see them the blunders made in the goes ations with creditors the increased austerity imposed upon greece as a result but at the moment greece is on the cusp of major developments that could persuade a large number of people here that whatever the mistakes of the past were the
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country is finally moving on. after more than a week stranded at sea six hundred twenty nine migrants are due to sail into the spanish port of valencia at their plight sparked international outcry when italy denied their rescue ship access to its ports call pen hall reports from valencia. this will be the safe haven end of an odyssey. a key side in valencia activists are already preparing to greet the six hundred twenty nine migrants due to dock this weekend. our aim is to give a warm welcome to these people who have been passed around like a football europe is trying to turn a blind eye but we want to respect their rights and offer them a whole our land is their land bridge crossed teens offloaded in gresham's and hygiene kits the migrants will get a health check to be registered by police in a huge in cases especially pregnant women and children will head to hospital most
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will go to a shelter for a square meal and a clean bed spain's red cross assists thousands of undocumented migrants each year. some of you have to understand this is a huge drama these are people who need help and we must find a solution for people who are just like you and me cannot be floating around for days without knowing where they're going in these conditions they just had the bad luck to be born in a place with more complicated political or social situations on the volunteers of volunteers food bank something for every hungry mouth regardless of religion or dietary requirement the charity already feeds ten thousand of the sea.


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