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included children and the elderly ended with riots the government has agreed to allow the former yugoslav republic of macedonia to call itself northern macedonia but that's not what the opposition finds most dangerous our main objection is not about them the name it's about the macedonian language in the mission only a nationality that it's been recognized by this name. and that this is not an acceptable from the from the greek people it's something that nobody in the past has had there except that there is no muslim language and there is no match than any nation the government says the agreement recognizes only a macedonian nationality not an ethnicity hailing back her legs under the great but people here feel the finer points of law won't be respected pathnames mccants mother when these methadone ians travel abroad are they really going to introduce themselves saying i'm in macedonia and a flop at background and my language is slavic and i really have nothing to do with alexander the great these things the difficulty guarantee why didn't they pick
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another name like america for example with greece lifting its veto on nato's invitation to northern macedonia next month many people believe the deal will be irreversible many greeks feel that if they give in and the other side will take a mile they don't trust the northern neighbors to shed their claims on greek heritage and territory and once their leverage is gone it's gone forever so they are unhappy that the government has rushed into what they see as a bad agreement the government says the agreement is the best possible following greek blunders and inertia going back decades and could lead to good things yeah mass yet eventually must for us this government is the priority of our national judy is to develop the role of greece in the regions to escape the crisis and to head towards growth in line with the whole regions no one wants a solution to this problem more than us. the government's survival comes at a cost one m.p. voted for the censure bringing its majority down to one hundred fifty three in the
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three hundred seat legislature only three votes shy of a general election jumps are all plus al-jazeera athens. for the head there are a deal to end the crackers political violence falls apart and the allies opt outs announced. and we meet palestinians fighting to keep the hellions ten years after an israeli court transfer ban land to a jewish trust. ally we've had some pretty vicious slaying weaving storms dotted around the us the last day or so and for flooding from the storms has really been enhanced in places like iowa for no particular reason except because it is very wet winter now for this satellite pictures things we're free of such worries in the southeast but no they
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will develop says pictures taken overnight so daytime storms repeat themselves and briefly leave me some rain up in arizona contrast the sonoran desert which is the remains of harken but we're saying it's incorporated into the flow giving rain anywhere from moderate answer wearing a montana and towards colorado so the ducks each out subpoenas starting warming washington if you like it warm and humid of thirty five degrees much the same in new york but look yet more rain coming into the midwest probably not really wanted come sas of the u.s. and the caribbean is optically full of clouds in the smore islands enjoying lovely time but to the west as a mass of it covering yucatan covering most of the of the countries from panama through mexico in fact just near acapulco the remains of a tropical storm producing a lot of rain otherwise we think a lot of clouds are running western cuba cayman islands guatemala.
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what economists are saying about warmer relations between the u.s. and north korea as america's trade ties with camm of the sour. and why business is a warning the u.k. car industry risks being wiped out. counting the cost on zero zero. zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero plus. there has reminder of our top stories this hour here and i'm going to yemen is in
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the capital of sanaa for talks of stop fighting over the port city of data who fighters say they're still in control of the airport dismissing claims by government forces supported by an led alliance. a car bomb attack celebrations of a temporary ceasefire between the afghan government of the taliban and these twenty six people were killed in the suicide blast in the eastern province of i still has claimed responsibility. and the greek government has survived a no confidence vote in parliament over a deal to change the name of its northern neighbor macedonia. had been accused of making too many concessions to the accord which would be signed on the month sunday macedonia will not change its name to the republic of north macedonia and a twenty seven year long dispute with greece. a shootout and house fire in the capital nic i.q. has killed at least eight people raising the death toll since anti-government protests began two months ago to more than one hundred seventy people the violence
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broke a short lived trace between present and no takers government and the protesters among those killed six members of the same family including two toddlers paul tragedy and reports. police in managua say a group of hooded men through fire bombed into this house. a family of six killed in the fire included two children medics failed to resuscitate. the end of my two cousins survived one was burned and the other was hit she fell onto the balcony she was thrown and glass toward my body my hands my head as we got out of here he got out by for his. neighbors assisted firefighters and dousing the blaze while helping survivors escape from the balcony they say police surrounded the house and burned it after the owner refused to let them place a sniper on the roof to guard a nearby checkpoint. the owners had nothing to do with this they were christian
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people in the policeman if the porch they wanted to burn the house and they managed to burn it police say they will investigate the cause of the fire. protests began two months ago after a decision by president daniel ortega to cut pensions. ortega's critics say the former revolutionary leader is running a corrupt government protesters want him to step down and the government to implement democratic reforms the opposition really won't be happy with anything less than a premature departure from the presidency of ortega human rights groups say at least one hundred seventy mostly young people have been killed since mid april in confrontations between heavily armed soldiers and demonstrators armed with rocks and slingshots. protesters are calling on ortega's government to end the violence which the president blames on foreign agitators and drug cartels the latest violence flared hours after troops have been signed between the government and
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civic groups right now there's no external institution and no internal. real leadership that can bring about a change here who does who nickname in the president has yet to respond to demands by the catholic church for early elections ortega's third term as head of one of the poorest countries in the americas is set to end in two thousand and twenty one the violence meanwhile has splintered the country between loyalists and protesters slowing down towards him investments and grinding the country's economy to a halt. on al-jazeera seventeen people have been killed in the venezuelan capital caracas after a tank ask honest i was sat off during a student graduation party in a nightclub interior minister says the device went off during a fight triggering some paint and people were arrested including two teenagers accused of detonating the kind of stuff. yes present as he has his weekly address
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to blame democrats for not closing loopholes that allow gang members into the country donald trump says the democrats are protecting immigrant criminals connected to gangs such as m.s. thirteen the ministration has adopted a zero tolerance policy to immigrants crossing the border illegally one of its policies of separating children from parents has been heavily criticized. well young children some barely school age are being paid a dollar a day to work in cigarette making factories in bangladesh that's according to human rights groups have been urging the government to do more to enforce child labor laws but they admit that's difficult as the children's families is so poor that they rely on the money they earn to survive child strafford reports this is a cigarette manufacturing factory in bangladesh but there are a few if any machines working. al-jazeera secretly filmed these pictures the reason the factory owner refused to spur a mission to film is because of the children working here the bangladesh government
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says it's doing all it can to crack down on child labor but there is little evidence of that in this factory. some of the children making these cheap cigarettes known locally as bts luke barely ten years old. but the money they earn helps their families survive many children work at home making the paper which is sent to the factory to be filled with tobacco they get around forty cents for every three thousand chooks the average wage is around a dollar a day fifteen year old was some of the sheets of culture works with her younger brothers and sisters making babies four days a week. but unlike many others in the industry she also goes to school you guys go read the law we work to help our family this is how we survive my parents taught me this line of work at a very young age i don't like doing it you have to sit in the same position and
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work long hours we don't even make that much money. according to the bangladesh labor law the minimum legal age for employment is fourteen united nations children's agency unicef says in force mode is difficult because of where most of the children work in small factories workshops from home. will. people this should be a different choice of jobs for these people other than the tobacco industry they are at least two million people working nationwide in this sector this should be alternative employment opportunities provided by government for these workers then we ourselves have been willing to shut down this sector. funded issues finance minister has repeatedly called for the beauty factories about one hundred twenty of them to be closed down. a recent study by the human rights organization praga focused on nine factories it found around fifteen thousand of the twenty one thousand workers with children some as young as four years old troll stratford zero
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zero egypt has increased fuel prices by as much as fifty percent as part of all thirty measures as well as the rising cost of petrol and cooking gas people pay higher taxes from sunday is the third time the government has increased fuel prices since i started measures were announced in two thousand and fifty. well then seven hundred palestinian residents of a neighborhood in occupied east jerusalem awaiting for a decision from israel's high court which could determine their right to live in their own homes challenging overlaying that transfer ownership of the land under their homes to a jewish trust more than a decade ago many of them have already been given of action it says high force that reports. the steep slopes of civil war on an occupied east jerusalem have in recent years become ever more dotted with jewish settler homes now one palestinian community within this neighborhood is coming under further pressure so here as are these family has lived in but on the howard for more than fifty years his father
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bought this house he has the documents that he says prove his claim but since twenty fifteen he and his family have been living under the threat of eviction. we were shocked we had lived here i was born here grew up here and married here me my brothers and my kids we're all here the whole family is here a jewish trust claims ownership of the neighborhood citing a deal struck in the late nineteenth century providing homes here for yemeni jews in two thousand and two the justice ministry reordered the land to that trust now controlled by a process and organization that buys and builds homes in occupied east jerusalem now palestinians with homes here have petitioned the high court the state's attorney in the case admitting procedural failings in the way the land was transferred the residents argument is that the ottoman era law which is being used in the attempt to evict them has been misinterpreted that it should have implied ownership only over the buildings that were once lived in by jewish occupants here
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not ownership of the land it still remains and they point out that in a separate dispute over land elsewhere in east jerusalem the government ruled that land ownership was not conferred by the law judging in that case that a muslim trust shouldn't be awarded the rights to it or get it locks our problem is that we oppose the jewish claims that this area is a jewish and even the court has issued a verdict against the arabs the right wing jewish organization involved a terror at koa name declined our request for an interview on the court case but it is generally happy to promote its work increasing the jewish presence in east jerusalem so here he has placed security cameras around his home for evidence of his own in case of disputes with acetylene neighbors the larger dispute over the ownership of this land will be decided in israel's high court harry for sit out his era occupied east jerusalem. i will not be moving its embassy in israel to jerusalem despite strong support from the ruling party's base and overalls he's on
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call for the government to follow the us president's lead and relocate from tel aviv voted forty three to thirty one in favor of the move by the foreign minister has rejected the idea last month the u.s. opened its embassy in jerusalem which is now recognizes as israel's capital despite widespread condemnation at least eight people have been left injured after a taxi was driven into a crowd and russia it happens a red square in moscow where many world cup tourists were gathered witnesses say the driver of the taxi ran from the scene before bystanders caught him before and he said the driver lost control of the vehicle but it wasn't drunk when the challenge has more from moscow while there are certainly some peculiar saturday's incidents in moscow is the immediate aftermath of the news first breaking that taxi and driven into protests ruins walking in central moscow course the assumption that a lot of people jumped to was that this was a deliberate attack the kind we've seen in cities across the world in the last
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couple of years but your florence's came out quite quickly and said no the initial information suggests that the driver kyrgyz had lost control of the vehicle he had been arrested various charges have already been brought against him. parts then the footage was released which actually search shows something a little bit different it seems to show the driver. pulling purposefully off the road he was standing in stationary traffic mounting the curb and then driving quite far since the pedestrians making it look like a much more deliberate thing of course there are ways in which you could explain that away more innocently but it does raise questions and the russian authorities do have previous history do have form in taking a very long time to attribute things to deliberate actions i'm talking about the bombing of a plane over the sinai peninsula in egypt
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a few years ago which the russians didn't want to say was related so any kind of terrorist acts as a eventually ended up calling it the russians have a very high profile events going on at the moment the world cup there under the international spotlight they want it to go off without a hitch and so i suspect that they might try to say that anything like this that happens is not a deliberate attack until the all the evidence shows and i think otherwise. technology has now as now played its part at football's world cup and russia a video assistant referee was used for the first time in awarding a penalty to france in the two one win against australia in the other groups a match denmark defeated three hundred quid a argentina's start little messy missed a penalty and the one old draw against minnows iceland crisis outclassed nigeria to no. i'm not
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disappointed because you have. five zero. to zero and this is for me. to say with all the very latest from the world cup there on our website out zero. zero zero zero these are top stories the un envoy to yemen is in the capital sana'a after talks to stop fighting over the port city of data iran back to the fighters say they're still in control of the airport dismissing claims by government forces supported by the saudi and alliance. a car bomb attack has marred celebrations of a temporary ceasefire between the afghan government and the taliban at least twenty
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six people were killed in the suicide blast in the eastern province of. eisel has claimed responsibility. the greek government has survived a no confidence vote in parliament over a deal to change the name of its northern neighbor macedonia. press had been accused of making too many concessions for the accord which will be signed on sunday at least four people have died and nineteen have been arrested in southern turkey after election campaigning erupted into violence that hashes began when its politician from present reject ones ruling party campaigned in a kurdish town near the syrian border opposition groups say the politicians security opened fire after he received a hostile welcome. at least eight people have been killed in nicaragua as capital managua violence breaks a truce between president daniel taker's government and protesters more than one hundred seventy eight people have been killed during two months of unrest an
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independent investigation into the death has been given the go ahead but the opposing sides remain on able to find a solution to political divisions. seventeen people have been killed in violence well as cops in caracas after a tear gas canister was set off during a student graduation party in a nightclub the interior minister says the device went off during a fight triggering a stampede eight people were arrested including two teenagers accused of detonating a canister. there as president has used his weekly address to blame democrats for not closing loopholes that allow gang members into the country donald trump says the democrats are protecting immigrant criminals connected to gangs such as m.s. thirteen his administration has adopted a zero tolerance policy to immigrants crossing the border illegally one of its policies of separating children from parents has been heavily criticized of state all the headlines do say with an al-jazeera counting the cost is next.
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in this. one it's still. demonstrably. with the human. oh and has a seeker this is counting a cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics by warmer relations with north korea u.s. president donald trump continues to threaten international trade ties. gregg's it count down why businesses are warning that parts of u.k. manufacturing risk becoming extinct. plus the growth of the videogame industry it's outpacing music and cinema in the money race. so us president donald trump's relationship with north korea's kim jong un seems to
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be all smiles but his trade ties with western allies and china are on rattling the u.s. slapped a twenty five percent tariff on imports of steel and a ten percent tariff on alimony i'm on the european union canada and mexico earlier this month not surprisingly they plan to respond with their own tariffs on u.s. goods and it was reported on friday that trump has approved tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of chinese imports the decision could spark a trade war between the world's two biggest economies lawrence louis has that. ultimately the u.s. wants to reduce its trade deficit with china and it wants to give american companies greater access to the chinese market the two countries have been holding talks to avoid a possible trade war and after three rounds of talks the chinese have agreed to increase their purchases of farm and energy products from us by as much as seventy
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billion dollars but if these tariffs go ahead that deal will be void and china has threatened to further action through what many of. them if the united states takes unilateral protectionist measures harming china's interests we will quickly react and take necessary steps to resolutely protect our fair legitimate rights if the tariff posed they could complicate the relationship between china and the u.s. at a time when the u.s. needs china's help in enforcing u.n. sanctions on north korea the trumpet ministration believes it is these tougher sanctions that played a part in forcing north korea to the negotiation table but some analysts also say because the talks between north korea and the u.s. were a success then trump now has a little bit more leeway to be tougher on china with regards to trade because china is not going to want to derail the process for denuclearization on the korean peninsula because that is consistent with china's own security interests for joining us now from london to talk more about this is andrew kenning him chief
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global economist at capital economics thanks very much for being with us so first off what are the implications then of what is looking right now like a major trade rift between the u.s. and canada. well the implications for canada itself are potentially fairly large in canada exports a lot of steel to the united states. and it's one of the key members of nafta and if the united states walked away from nafta as well as imposing the steel tariffs we could see slightly weaker growth in canada perhaps or by about half a percent of g.d.p. over the next couple of years so it's a negative not perhaps a huge one but certainly a negative what what what are the chances then that the the u.s. under try could actually walk away from nafta i mean there are questions in the u.s. about whether he actually has the authority to do that by himself but putting that aside. given that given the current state of relations is it is that
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a real possibility well it did look rather unlikely a few weeks ago because the two sides seem to be reaching an agreement on the most controversial issue which is about cars and the local content in the car export so we thought an agreement might just be reached but it's now looking less likely again and we have elections coming up in mexico which could result in a more populist president there who would be less likely to reach an agreement with the u.s. so i think that is a possibility i mean it's very hard obviously to read president trump's mind but it's a possibility but not perhaps the most likely scenario i think more likely we see negotiations drag on. and then along with all of this we see china stepping into the breach more it seems when it comes to the issue of free trade with a whole one one belt initiative what do you make of that because that's something
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that would would have been unthinkable just a few years ago i think the china u.s. situation is potentially more damaging for the world economy and we could well see trump the u.s. administration impose significant tariffs on china in the next few days even the suggestions that could affect maybe up to one hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese exports to the united states and certainly that would have a negative impact both on the chinese economy and also on business confidence more more generally but i think the provided that the measures don't go much wider than what has been threatened so far these world remain issues for particular industries and for particular countries rather than something that threatens the overall situation of the global economy which actually still looking quite good and it would seem as well that the. the much heralded trump kim summit in singapore is
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already reaping benefits for china what's your view on that why i think it's very early to to jump to that conclusion the markets barely reacted to the summit which is interesting but then of course they barely reacted a year ago when trump was threatening north korea with fire and fury so i think the markets are right that they think that we need to wait and see and that there's a long way to go before we can be confident that the north korean regime and kim himself is willing to denuclearize it will be very difficult thing for both sides to do does he have it right on tariffs. no i think i mean i'm i agree with the vast majority of economists that protectionism is is very unlikely to be helpful the only way he could work out it could work out well i think is if other countries were to open up and there would be some kind of a trade deal for example china being more willing to let investment into its
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banking sector and perhaps reduce tariffs on on the car imports so that's the only potential positive outcome but it doesn't look like that's going to happen and the way that the trump ministrations going about things is very odd because they're putting the tariffs on a lot of their key allies as well as on their enemies in terms of the trade war and that's not going to help so be better if they were to work with europe to put some pressure on china for example rather than. creating a sort of atmosphere where it's everybody against united states good to speak with the and you can and thanks for being with us you're welcome all right still to come on counting the cost it's being dubbed the naf start world cup despite their frosty relations catarrh that mexico and the usa will jointly host the event eight years from now. but first some of the biggest names in media are teaming up to survive time warner owns news channel c.n.n. and h.b.o.
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the maker of game of thrones and it's being taken over by u.s. telecoms giant eighteen t. in an eighty five billion dollars deal two companies are joining forces to compete against tech rivals netflix and amazon u.s. cable giant comcast owner of n.b.c. universal is looking to get bigger too with a merger of its own merger mania could mean more competition and better value for consumers john hendren has more comcast is offering sixty five billion dollars for the movie and television assets of twenty first century fox that outbids disney which had previously offered fifty two billion dollars at stake or the glow. television channels such as national geographic satellite television networks sky in europe star in india end the hulu streaming service which is number three after amazon and netflix why is this all happening now because a day earlier on tuesday u.s. judge ruled that eighteen t.v. could go ahead with its eighty five billion dollars bid for time warner the trump
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administration had objected on antitrust grounds saying it was too much media and one set of hands but a judge overruled that saying it could go ahead that seems to have begun to set off merger mania media companies want to go vertical they want to marry content with distribution that's a model created by amazon and netflix which started out doing distribution and then created their own content that's a model everybody is now competing with our anti corruption watchdog transparency international says dubai must clean up its real estate sector after an investigation into dirty money the washington based sentence for advanced defense studies found money laundering by people it calls war profiteers and terrify nancy is living under u.s. sanctions and identified around one hundred million dollars in what it says auspicious purchases based on leak data from the m. iraqi city government run to by media office hasn't commented on the report with an
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expected revenue of nearly one hundred forty billion dollars this year the world of video games is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment well reynolds has more. the e three expo is always a kaleidoscope of color clamor in crowds eager to experience the newest in cutting edge electronic entertainment this year everyone is talking about fortnight the massively popular multiplayer battle royale game i'm just madly in love with it like all the dances and moves and battle royale it's my favorite now if you're a parent you've probably seen your kids playing fortnight nonstop if you're a millennial you're probably playing it right now i'd say spend more time than i should yeah yeah. i probably spend a few hundred hours in the time i play it. it's hard to keep track game industry
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professional say fortnight could be if you'll excuse the pun a game changer right now it's high like everyone wants to get in on the battle royale john wright you know the last player standing shiner i think like the coolest thing about for tonight is the fact that it's cross-platform play you know so when you're playing on mobile you could be going up against someone who's on p.c. or console this year's eve three features plenty of the game industry's bread and butter bullets bombs and blood. this is a soft take on homer's epic the odyssey a new addition to its assassin's creed franchise forget the poetry bring on the goal or it's kind of going back to the very gun have you. really. like i saw some stuff that's just ultra violent but there are other games that reflect the times we live in there's an amazing game of my bucklebury me my love which is a it's the story of
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a syrian refugee you play the syrian refugee texting his wife as she travels across europe video games don't get the artistic respect that recorded music and films do the gaming industry has already long surpassed the recorded music and the cinema industry in terms of revenue as a source of entertainment and huge new markets for electronic entertainment are opening up in china and the developing world now the head of britain's top business lobby group says brags it could wipe out the country's car industry it is now almost two years since the u.k. voted to leave the european union and many people remain unclear about the country's direction lawlessly visited sunderland in northern england to meet some of them. sunderland is a place which demonstrates only too clearly all the contradictions of bricks it and the mess the u.k. is currently in this region is one of the poorest parts of northern europe unhappy it voted to leave the.


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