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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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can't afford to leave one data since yesterday morning there were a lot of babies just flying over the city however it seems that the scripture made which are the city saw and we are really worried because of the pollution of the cities around six hundred sixty thousand people. most of the things that we should know that most of them there will not be there will not be able to leave the city they cannot afford to do this if the they don't have resource or money to leave the city. we must protect them could also consider one of the one of the biggest. in addition to needs done a quick emergency response and tons of food assistance clean water. also clear. creek. frequently so we have to support those people unfortunately. if the clashes or this pollution glitch in the
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city hundreds or thousands of people will be affected by the exclusion. and afghan government cease fire the color ban has been extended despite a suicide bombing that killed at least twenty six people they attack happened in the eastern front of the manga hard on saturday isis came to sponsibility for the bombing the blast occurred as afghan politicians security forces and taliban fighters joined to celebrate the holiday present ashraf ghani announced extensions of a ceasefire and a televised address there was a lane that. but at pool because of the significant signs of peace in afghanistan and seeing the strong desire of afghans for peace i'm announcing the extension of the cease fire by afghan security and defense forces still ahead hang on al-jazeera and deal to end the crackers political violence for the pot just al is off to its announced. and we look at the challenges facing the conservative candidate for colombia's presidency faces get ready to head to the polls.
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allergies and surprisingly drive from pakistan's or iran towards the levant there are clouds around in turkey went to showers in the eastern med and if you're lucky and you're looking at that way from beirut you'll see him coming your way keep your nice pleasant twenty degrees obviously it's hotter in the land and the breeze has been something of note recently picking up the sand from the euphrates least the dry bit and bringing it science was now it's not done much to change the temperatures in bahrain and qatar they've been in the middle forty's about where they should be focused wise a further west mecca at forty seven is about three degrees above average so it's going to feel hot it's that time of year of course never last studies quite a variation above what it should be temporary the climate is not really showing itself inside out it's been in that
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a bit recently but it's more on the outs than the in at the moment and of come south of the africa it's a very dry picture with the chance of a few showers exists around madagascar for example may be of more use is what's happening in the western cape we saw one hundred because of rain two days ago well the class ticket again as is the wind and by the time we get through to monday you'll have seen some right maybe dozens heavy but if you'd like cats i'm sure. on october the sixth one thousand nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria known to surprise war against israel promoters world promoters so to get into this situation of disaster now in the first of the three quotes series al-jazeera expose what
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really happened during the first week of the war in october on al-jazeera. reminder of our top stories this hour the first of three boats of refugees and migrants a week ago adults in the spanish city of. more than two hundred seventy people are expected to disembark shortly and launch more than six hundred people originally on board the rescue ship aquaria. the greek government has survived a no confidence vote in parliament over a deal to change the name of its northern neighbor macedonia prime minister had
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been accused of making too many concessions for the accord which will be signed on sunday. and the u.n. envoy to yemen is in the capital sana'a for talks to stop fighting over the port city of days and run back to. control of the airport dismissing claims by government forces supported by the saudi an. alliance. has killed at least eight people raising the death toll since anti-government protests began two months ago to more than one hundred and seventy people the violence broke a short lived truce between president daniel take his government and protesters among those killed six members of the same family including two toddlers. and reports. police a group of hooded men through fire bombed into this house. a family of six killed in the fire included two children medics failed to resuscitate me. my two
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cousins survived one was burned and the other was launched. the balcony she was thrown and glass toward my body my hands my head as we got out of here he got out by four his. neighbors assisted firefighters and dousing the blaze while helping survivors escape from the balcony they say police surrounded the house and burned it after the owner refused to let them place a sniper on the roof to guard a nearby checkpoint. younus had nothing to do with this they were christian people in the policeman if the porch they wanted to burn the house and they managed to burn it police say they will investigate the cause of the fire. protests began two months ago after decision by president daniel ortega to cut pensions ortega's critics say the former revolutionary leader is running a corrupt government protesters want him to step down and the government to
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implement democratic reforms the opposition really won't be happy with anything less than a premature departure from the presidency of ortega human rights groups say at least one hundred seventy mostly young people have been killed since mid april and confrontations between heavily armed soldiers and demonstrators armed with rocks and slingshots. protesters are calling on ortega's government to end the violence which the president blames on foreign agitators and drug cartels the latest violence flared hours after troops have been signed between the government and civic groups right now there's no external institution and no internal. real leadership that can bring about a change here who does who nickname in the president has yet to respond to demands by the catholic church for early elections ortigas third term as head of one of the poorest countries in the americas is set to end in two thousand and twenty one the
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violence meanwhile has splintered the country between loyalists and protesters slowing down towards him investments and grinding the country's economy to a halt cultured urging on al-jazeera. colombians had to the polls on sunday to choose the next president in a runoff and he can set off a different visions and a future of a peace accord with the revolutionary forces of colombia fog hangs in the balance and i have reports from bogota. well we're just a few hours away from the polls opening here in colombia and what i can tell you for certain is that this is a divided electorate on the one hand you have people who want to see a more secure economy they are the supporters on the other hand you have people who want to see the insecurities and inequalities of this nation addressed they are the gustavo petro supporters but what's really uniting everyone and worrying everyone in this election is what will happen with the peace accord signed with the far governors back in two thousand and sixteen is
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a critic petro says he will keep the whole thing in place but let's take a look at it and duke a take a profile of a relatively new comer to colombian politics and see what his policies are and the challenges he may face. in colombia memories are a precious commodity especially in a nation where thousands of been killed by the colombian military deaths referred to as extra dudish all executions the military use those deaths to falsely claim they've killed more guerrillas jacqueline chrystia lost her brother ten years ago. when like this sadly we can say there is a sense of indifference in society to the plight of the victims we need people to stand up and say we can't let this happen again we need to end it for good but instead people often don't seem to care. the deaths of innocent civilians are just one of the issues will face if elected at forty one he's a fresh face in colombian politics untested and handpicked by a former president. who believes he has been accused of human rights abuses but
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remains popular among right wing voters critics fear duke it will be little more than the pocket of a former president with a questionable past but those in the business community welcome his economic policies to things that we need to keep growing we need to insert ourselves of economic international economic networks and we need to bring more money to the country and more progress conceived in economic terms. the biggest fear among voters though is do kay's plans for the peace accords with the falk rebels the. historic agreement signed in two thousand and sixteen ended decades of conflict is a critical. event duke is running on the campaign slogan war hard but it's what he may do with the peace accords with many here concerned some say the agreements up entirely other cities more likely to modify it but for the thousands of families that have lost loved ones to duke a victory could mean they won't get the truth or justice they so desperately seek
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comments are gomers lost one son to an extrajudicial killing her mother was murdered when he tried to find out what happened she tells us the possibility of a presidency makes her angry and will see no justice who says truth colombia's voters remain deeply divided on sunday they'll find out who the new president is and what the future might look like when the polls open on sunday morning with just a few hours away from that happening at the moment all indications are is it has something of a commanding lead but it's also worth noting that gustavo petro is the first this candidate in this country's history to get this close to the presidency either way by sunday evening colombians will have a clear idea of what the future holds u.s. president has used his weekly address to blame democrats for not closing loopholes that allow gang members into the country donald trump says the democrats are protecting immigrant criminals to get into gangs such as m.s. thirteen for the administration has adopted a zero tolerance policy to immigrants crossing the border illegally one of his
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policies are separating children from parents has been heavily criticized. young children some barely school age are being paid a dollar a day to work in cigarette making factories in bangladesh as according to human rights groups have been urging the government to do more to enforce child labor laws but they're met that's difficult as the children's families are so poor that they rely on the money they earn to survive child strafford reports. this is a cigarette manufacturing factory in bangladesh but there are a few if any machines working. al-jazeera secretly filmed these pictures the reason the factory owner refused to spur a mission to film is because of the children working here the bangladesh government says it's doing all it can to crack down on child labor but there is little evidence of that in this factory. some of the children making these cheap cigarettes non-locally is beauty's look barely ten years old. but the money they
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earn helps their families survive many children work at home making the paper choose which is sent to the factory to be filled with tobacco they get around forty cents for every three thousand chooks the average wage is around a dollar a day fifteen year old mo some of the sheets a cartoon works with her younger brothers and sisters making babies four days a week but unlike many others in the industry she also goes to school you guys go to the are we work to help our family this is how we survive my parents taught me this line of work at a very young age i don't like doing it you have to sit in the same position and work long hours we don't even make that much money. according to the bangladesh label the minimum legal age for employment is fourteen united nations children's agency unicef says in force mood is difficult because of where most of the children work in smaller factories workshops from home would be global equity.
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this should be a different sets of jobs for these people other than the tobacco industry they are at least two million people working nationwide in this sector this should be alternative employment opportunities provided by government for all these work as then we ourselves have been willing to set down this sector. when the dishes finance minister has repeatedly called for the beauty factories about one hundred twenty of them to be closed. a recent study by the human rights organization focused on factories it failed around fifteen fails and the twenty one thousand workers were children some as young as four years old. stratford zero let's take you back now to the spanish port city of valencia worries in the first people disembarking from the first of three ships carrying hundreds of refugees and
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migrants arriving there in spain getting health checks before starting their asylum claims to stay in europe this is after a long journey where they were rescued off the coast of libya a week ago many of these people are refugees coming from south sudan and eritrea just arriving there in spain. at least eight people have been left injured after a taxi was driven into a crowd in russia it happens near red square in moscow where many world cup tourists were gathered witnesses say the driver of the taxi ran from the scene before bystanders caught him although as you say the driver lost control of the vehicle but was not drunk. well the challenge has more from moscow. while there are certainly some peculiarities to saturday's incident in moscow in the immediate aftermath of the news first breaking that
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a taxi and driven into protests ruins walking in central moscow course the assumption that a lot of people jumpsuit was that this was a deliberate attack the kind we've seen in cities across the world in the last couple of years but the austerity is came out quite quickly and said no the initial information suggests that the driver kyrgyz had lost control of the vehicle he'd been arrested and various charges have already been brought against him. but then the footage was released which actually search shows something a little bit different it seems to show the driver. pulling purposefully off the road he was standing in stationary traffic mounting the curb and then driving quite fast into the pedestrians making it look like a much more deliberate thing of course there are ways in which you could explain that away more innocently but it does raise questions and the russian authorities do have previous history do have form in taking
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a very long time to attribute things to deliberate actions i'm talking about the bombing of a plane over the sinai peninsula in egypt a few years ago which the russians didn't want to say was related to any kind of terrorist act as they eventually ended up calling it. the russians have a very high profile events going on at the moment the world cup they're under the international spotlight they want it to go off without a hitch and so i suspect that they might try to say that anything like this that happens is not a deliberate attack until the all the evidence shows and they think otherwise. technology has now played its part at football's world cup in russia the video assistant referee was used for the first time in awarding a penalty to france in the two one win against australia in the other group c.
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match denmark defeated peru and ingroup de argentina starlin on messi missed a penalty in their one all draw against the minnows iceland croatia outclassed nigeria two nil. you have. one. of these five zero and then it's only two zero and this is a disappointment for me. these are our top stories the first of three posts of refugees migrants turned away from italy a week ago has docked in the spanish city of valencia more than two hundred seventy people are starting to disembark more than six hundred people originally on board the rescue ship aquarius. hall he joins us now from just down the down the port
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from them where that ship has just landed just arrived just talk us through what's happening with these first people who are coming off the boat. just in the last few minutes literally small groups of the first migrants coming off coming off in groups of three people at a time and what has also been happening prior to that is that medical personnel boarded the ship and were carrying out initially health checks we do know that their priority is going to be to look at a small group of pregnant women there are also a hundred children on board they'll get priority as well and we've been told that during the rescue operation one or two of the migrants were injured with things like fuel burns and so if anybody needs urgent medical attention we will see them being taken away by ambulance that hasn't happened yet and after that begin to
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disembark as they come down the gangplank then the spanish police will start to process them and register and then they'll be taken to a reception center laura ok karl thanks very much for the update. the greek government has survived a no confidence vote in parliament over a deal to change the name of its northern neighbor macedonia prime as alexis tsipras had been accused of making too many concessions for the quarter should be signed on sunday. the u.n. envoy to yemen is in the capsule found off the talks to stop fighting over the port city of her data around but who fighters say they're still in control of the airport dismissing claims by government forces supported by the saudi and alliance . and car bomb attack as was celebrations of a temporary ceasefire between the afghan government and the taliban at least twenty six people were killed. with all the headlines more news continuing here on al-jazeera off to people and power. getting to the heart of the matter if.
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the supreme leader calls you today and says let's have tools would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people think the peaceful unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. for over three years isis control to terrorize lawless calls move in iraq it was driven out in late two thousand and seventeen loads of militias and search of the fugitives reaching out the harshest justice suspect fighters it's a good collaborators one of the most french frivolousness is led by a woman. journalist tom cloying went to lisa.
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how many years how do those english when the old south for the holidays mean nothing the out of all of. you to see the big of them down with you off the idea telling us yeah that's a new one. well i mean it's. this now cher got you know what a funny you talk and hour on why he die tasted anything in a case of not just mocked oh yes and a do to open a don't close me. between two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and seventeen launch an area of northern iraq well into isis control. us back to iraqi
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forces we covered this territory. by september two thousand and sixteen but managed to push the insurgents out of the cities you can pull she kept district which lies between the cities of to create to mosul. isolated pockets of isis resistance remained. the task of mopping up isis resistance and check out what's been left in the hands of different local militias one of the most high profile of these is led by we're here to mohammad al jamal the better known as a model. i think that's very special for you and i disappointed never let anything. on my i mean enough to not enough money and i know many muslims that you know. that this is the photo of it all and these are why you don. she has special insight
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so i. will ensure kat about eighty kilometers south of mosul accompanied by our interpreter we're about to meet the local militias near legendary commander that is it. so. warmly received by what he did mohammed first glance it's hard to imagine how this forty year old woman could have such a ferocious reputation but she and her eighty man militia played a key role in driving out of town and i've since shown the determination to keep it that way. that she. and. i lived. in the.
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south of it's been home and. surrounded africa in that house from the morning. may may may is each other sure. and. i says to clover she caught in the summer of two thousand and fourteen and life for many of the region's hundred thousand strong population became a nightmare but what he did tells us not everyone here was a king step presence. hired men the size it's insidious hide it it's really a soft. core i was in your home and yet they are bad as if it's only. government is it. if you don't. have them as an image i would be in a mundo i shan't even do one minute in. janish i've got to find good sort of
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gang timothy tumbling down and involved have to beat him into the down side of his level when good enough so highly and so is the last card or at the last. we move on to where he does headquarters to meet some of her militiamen. she took over that command from a husband who was killed fighting insurgents. for women to wield social foresty is still very rare in the arab world. but hundreds of the. militias like these cannot keep the peace and much of northern iraq. the regular iraqi army has been severely depleted of both men and resources. battle to ensure the territory but without the support of six local groups its fate isis still attempts to reestablish presence. the men fall over here without question.
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constantly vigilant thinks the insurgent force is still at large in the area. to hold over the shop. overseas so often my job a job is to. defend to the task. but to shout about. the horn over the shop. over she is so all my job. over the past two years were he to survive numerous attempts on her life. as a female commander she's a symbolic target for the works of isis and off. but she's paid a high price for her to finance. the son of a model kind of how to yanni how do you know how to. handle top. general on the fifth. sort of had off meds but in net the
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let's. go over shame wanted to be the title of a shot of god for you to islam are going to come again it's been need to be used to . allow that ash the ruthlessness shown by isis joining its years of control has left an as yet unquenched appetite for revenge against those who've lost loved ones . that are far more of age i've been in combat and i. do know. there's a foreigner. and that's either. because if your feet are on track but they do all that comes of telling thank goodness when i'm shut in on the male folk at the show in the shit. and. janish was the only. not that's not a good teacher and. what he does is a willing to discuss on camera about what she does with the prisoners whether the
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most to the facebook page of the formal. position finance these are all blue dishes the main house main house and made for media for more main house is not. being gay i'll say i'll submit the book is racial wasn't made while i'm a muslim almost did i know but i was so nervous and what about belgium we're told that many of the town's inhabitants would be isis sympathizers. now the family elders are quick to come out and pay homage if you want i'll let you play right. away as that i just just although i says control over this part of iraq has been suppressed full central government all thought and is yet to fill the vacuum. in the meantime what he does militia is the only effective law and order presence. but
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what that means in practical terms hasn't yet become clear. the next morning we get a chance to find out more breaking in to investigate reports the families accuse of having ties with insurgents have been on the receiving end of punishment. but he this fight is getting ready for an operation. to boost morale she disappear cigarettes. she wants to hit the road and head to a village where a battle with militants is on the way. given permission to ride along. although the area has been liberated isolated icy cells are still capable of launching sporadic attacks. the closer we get to the fighting the greater the number of checkpoints manned by iraqi forces. have scorched the
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village stopped by another local militia. when most of them just. got myself a new. thing doesn't. look all of them square nigeria. you know i was not very. honest about how you got in i mean how in the yeah i'm drunk. eat salad you. still want to. welcome psychotronics ok what are some good examples of this type of we're taken to a field where we are shown iraqi army weapons and ammunition captured by isis and
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now recovered from the insurgents they're now back in the hands of the local militia really. more. of us a bit of a very. good idea than all it's all guys on. the conventional guy either morsel of the. obvious that would model to justice. i don't mean so in the debate. where he didn't expect to reconcile carefully looking for any item that could be of use to his unit. in the last. debate if you could seward. a saudi. body that cannot.
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yannis tone hey i need jenna mudd genom. shannon lao and miller she had more of a. yes is. a side of the sea if a lot of mana is the limit of what they've. got for you and. me well he is a heroic figure to many iraqi soldiers fighting isis. as a woman she embodies the country's opposition to the group's fundamentalist ideology. and this becomes clear when rocky regulars arrive with that command fresh from an engagement ring.


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