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tv   Thank You Football Toure Brahimi  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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and you. can assure us. something more terrible than we had. for israel then to give up a side on one of probably bad and impractical thing to achieve unfortunately sometimes it really does take a military offensive to change perceptions of negotiating us years. so it had to be. but sadat had a bold idea in mind. could a limited war bring the attention of the world superpowers back to the region and jump start stalled peace initiatives. it was a plan developed by his chief of staff says lee. and another goal before they get the. now we can cross the shoes going to go with infantry troops
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one of the stop but then two fifty kilometers advancing our air defenses to the west bank of the canal. have the kind of which gives us an anti aircraft amberleigh for fifteen kilometers east of the canal at that point i stop even if the enemy withdraws because the enemy has one of two options either confront in which case i can inflict huge losses or stop two feet of those big losses at all and that it's a close if. as he contemplated a limited war sadat found an ally. opposite as it had come to power in syria in one nine hundred seventy through a coup de tat. he too had points to prove to his people. they have and that's out that the voice of the said as he lights up last year we
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should not forget that half of the lawsuit was the defense minister during the one nine hundred sixty seven defeat and he was mainly held accountable because you cannot exonerate the defense minister for such a defeat to the syrian army that off the assault of history so when half of the us it came to power in syria he started to absolve himself of the nine hundred sixty seven defeat and to prepare the syrian army for the next battle but when would that be ok no one knew them ticket in that matter that was. in a series of meetings throughout the one nine hundred seventy three sadat and refined the war plan. it was given the code name bedded after the prophet muhammad's fust victorious battle against the nonbelievers. when they met in syria in late august and all spacious date was chosen. on the
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sixth of october the tenth day of ramadan the muslim holy month the jewish holy day of young capote egypt and syria would launch a surprise attack against israel. but first a setback in that unintentionally served to disguise that buildup and confuse the enemy. on the thirteenth of september israeli and syrian jets clashed over the mediterranean. the dogfight ended with the syrians losing thirteen aircraft the israelis only one. harker. it could it's the bear afterwards when the syrian forces started building up we thought that in their opinion we deserved some sort of retribution but that the build up was because of that the come up. as syrian troop concentrations in the golan grew to the south on the suez canal there were signs of something similar.
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it's a whole look let me put said father gary the super the swimming the direction army is getting stronger constantly exercises with all them raising the son home from their side hires them even higher than ours and opening gaps and getting into the world or measuring the journey of carrying out all sorts of exercises cream forms the high command but they said don't worry how many of these are just standard egyptian army exercises of patience of obviously. only five months previously the israelis had responded quickly to a similar build up. they'd mobilize their reserves only to find that the egyptians had gone no further than the edge of the suez canal. this time on israel's military intelligence was determined not to make the same costly mistake was. in. documented them on published. of global fief
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it was a perfect description of the egyptian army ready to go to war the bottom line was we nevertheless believe that there was no change in the egyptian estimate regarding the balance of forces with the i.d.f. and therefore the likelihood for war is low. but all that was about to change. that same night in london a chef marwan gamal abdel nasser son in law and said dotson phonation secretary would tell israel's intelligence chief that the attack would begin at eight hundred hours the next day. at zero eight hundred hours on the sixth of october the israeli cabinet met an emergency session. instead of attending young people prayers to ask forgiveness for their sins they had been summoned by the threat of imminent war. there was an
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argument of rock up. to the ship of the but out to mobilize the whole of us almost the minister of defense was the diameter of. his funds well the following if is a bit low but most of us selves then egypt and syria may claim that it is is that intends to die. and they feel that we have to make it clear that israel was attacked not israel is attacking. in spite of diane's opposition at zero nine hundred hours the cabinet decided on immediate mobilization of israeli reserves. meanwhile on this holiest of holy days israeli soldiers on the front lines fasted and prayed. but their calm was to be interrupted with the news of the upcoming war. ironically across the canal
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egyptian troops were given their first warning of war at exactly the same time. they were to break that a modern fast and prepare for battle. but the attack would come earlier than the israelis had been led to believe. the modify that they were at. the battalion commanders gathered us at he said brick you forced the loft but he distributed dns dates and we broke our forest when we broke our fast but they're very dread there is no one who doesn't feel fear he said today at two pm and god willing to leave though we have venge and old we go invade and though i'm a nationalist. the operational again the chief of staff sergeant shetty issued us with guide books it was an important document to every officer and soldier dictating beat us all but led he went across the aisle
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thereafter and its number who's on your right and on your left the content of your duffel bag and everything it was wonderful he kept the coup. in an operation they had rehearsed many times over the past six years. five egyptian infantry divisions would storm across the suez canal. code named of caught the israeli defense plan was based on the fifteen strong points of the ball of line. manned by just four hundred fifty men these foods would be supported by bringing one hundred tanks of the sinai armored division into position on the water line. enough it was thought to foil any egyptian attempt to cross the canal. dove caught would be triggered two hours before the start of the battle. and that would be at six pm
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they knew that from a shove might have won the source. because then a frontiers yes it led primarily to situation were there were no tanks in the positions in the in front because the commander of the some command give an order not to move a new tank to the positions before four o'clock and often on he was certain like everyone else but what was stopped six. in two thousand and two. exposed on muskets. and when i did eat it was my wall on the egyptian national hero because in my view he was a double agent and in fact he was me jewel in the crown of the gibson deception plan before night pacific. up to the six foot two hundred hours wall.
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two hundred twenty jets at the egyptian air force cross the suez canal heading for the sinai. their targets israel's command centers fields and anti-aircraft batteries. right up backup second to full back chafe the busts even flying at the altitude of five kilometers i was looking at sinai about an explosion here another there i mean is really anti-aircraft missiles targeting our planes in our planes striking at their missile sites but you know what it was like a wedding with very lights lights flashing on an art a beautiful see me sign i looked almost joyful. but. the egyptian air craft returned to the at fields off to destroying their targets for the loss of just eight planes. but one of their first
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casualties was significant president said dot's brother. of the different officer that was my classmate we never felt he was a president's brother or anything like that he looked like a movie star a landie along with fair hair green eyes so elegant and so manly and he talked his own piloting out and the knowledge but because of his competence not his brother because. within minutes of the first aerial attacks a massive alltel or a barrier begins. with the. twenty minutes off to zero hour under cover of the continuing artillery fire the first wave of egyptian ground
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troops across the canal. four thousand men and seven hundred twenty rafts. there in and have seen a shell today praise be to god we found ourselves on the other bank can you imagine if we climbed the sand wolf it's one timmy to high sand will not just feel fault but it will keep the soldiers who are climbing over that like butterflies to hide as a good digging. with the warhol for now old dove caught the israeli defense plan is rushed into action. tanks begin their move towards the canal from where they've been dug in five kilometers to the east. when the egyptian infantry first got across the canal
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they knew how the israelis will respond they had. eighty three. infantry portable missile systems that was. proved very effective against israeli armor. i had a million questions does the myside have enough destructive power but with the first missile and the first tank that's also everything for me. in this war new lesson emerging from the egyptian special forces an infantry that a single soldier can now take a. the previous week of my bank it was a lesson that was not just all over the wood but that it's
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a good. three hours into the war forty five egyptian infantry battalions formed thirty two thousand men have crossed the canal. the forwards of the bar-lev line have been taken or besieged most of the israeli tanks have been destroyed. it has failed. the softness off iowa. from a. at the end of the day he had just to tell us left of my battalion along with my armored personnel carrier. so then they notified me that there's a brigade on its way to be a leader and that the brigade commander for gabby i meet asks where is the battalion and i say therefore this is the battalion and laugh though he knows me
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and knows that i joke around sometimes for permits and i said to him no gabby this is the battalion. or if you love every book. after the first wave of egyptian infantry has made the canal crossing thirty five battalions of engineers follow. adult lunch if it look at. the engineers crossed with the second wave they put the palms together fixed the hoses and started to point them at the sand wall and started falling down feet this was a big breakthrough as opening up hostages who enable us to operate the ferries at a move some call it across especially the battalions artillery and the weapons needed to stop any counterattack by the enemy on the eastern side of the elements and let them. leak.
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the next phase of the engine is work was to erect pontoon bridges for the tanks and heavy weapons. by sunrise on day two it looked as if the rule had been an unequivocal success for egypt's armed forces. one hundred thousand men. more than a thousand tanks and over ten thousand other vehicles had crossed the suez canal with only minimal losses. the egyptian army came away from the one nine hundred sixty seven arab israeli war ashamed of itself and in nineteen seventy three the egyptian army proved that it was capable of military success and military victory. that was very important to the egyptians as
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a fighting force because it proved to them that they made themselves for sixty. the diagnosis he has been sick for around six months now the challenge ahead there was one of these ninety six could be a new cure for the basis of a new cure for colors are their illness or disability al-jazeera examines pion meaning treatment so this is the explosive yes it's basically a wearable robot like iraq revisited on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. you're watching all just their arms the whole rob and all these are all top news stories the first of three boats of refugees and migrants towed away from italy a week ago has docked in the spanish city of valencia more than two hundred seventy people disembarking the goal the six hundred originally aboard rescue ship the aquarius called pad hole possible fill in seal. small groups of the first migrants coming off coming off in groups of three and four people at a time and what has also been happening prior to that is that medical personnel
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boarded the ship and were carrying out initial health checks and we do know that their priority is going to be to look at a small group of pregnant women there also one hundred children on board they'll get priority as well and we've been told that during the rescue operation one or two of the migrants were injured with things like fuel burns and so if anybody needs urgent medical attention we will see them being taken away by ambulance the greek government has survived a no confidence vote in parliament over a deal to change the name of its northern neighbor macedonia prime minister had been accused of making too many concessions for the accord which will be signed on sunday. the u.n. envoy to yemen is in the capital sanaa for talks to stop the fighting over the port city of data iranian fighters say that still in control of the airport dismissing claims by government forces supported by the saudi and alliance a car bomb
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a time because mark celebrations of a temporary ceasefire between the afghan government to the taliban at least twenty six people were killed in the suicide blast in the eastern province of knowing the hard eisel has claimed responsibility. at least eight people are being killed in nicaragua as capital managua the violence breaks a truce between president daniel ortega government and protesters more than one hundred seventy eight people have been killed during two months of unrest an independent investigation into the deaths has been given the go ahead but the opposing sides remain unable to find a solution to political divisions seventeen people have been killed in venezuela's capital caracas after a to gas canister was set of during a student graduation party at a nightclub the interior minister says the device went off during a fight triggering a stampede eight people have been arrested those weather headlines are back with more news in a half an hour here on al-jazeera next we continue with the war in october.
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at fourteen hundred hours on october sixth nine hundred seventy three young people or siren sounded across israel. it was warm again. a sean bell of channel publishing vicious trade the elegant cherish of the world of features a whole new the one memory i have from the one nine hundred fifty six while i was hearing air raid sirens at night and my father wrapping me in a thick blanket and running with me to the shelter at sixty the mick on yom kippur or two in the afternoon we heard a siren when i did the same thing i took the very same blanket wrapped my six month old son up and out the i ran with him to the shelter of possibly her looked after us not was the first time but i knew it was a war going on without steve told me clout saw family show last year yvonne the
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chicago little home. at the same time as egypt was crossing the suez canal and the golan heights to israel's north syria join the fray. that is hard as i turn to the president has said and said it is time he said that with god's blessing we start i picked up the phone and gave the operation cold it was better but added. better but at least. one hundred fifty syrian jets started the war with a massive aerial strike on israeli positions in the go on to sleep. minutes later a thousand artillery pieces opened fire paving the way for the ground assault and. three syrian infantry divisions formed
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a forty thousand troops and six hundred tanks across the puppy line the ceasefire line after the nine hundred sixty seven war. two hours into the war the syrians gained their first significant victory when they captured israel's eye a key israeli vantage point two thousand meters above sea level on top of mount hermon. this is what was the what was it the syrian paratroopers who carried out the operation advanced first on foot then another unit was dropped by helicopters from with a plan to mount hermon and both units were able to capture the israeli forces who surrendered to the state then they raise the syrian flag on mount hermon and that was the best news we received during the first hour that the side with. the syrian paratroopers we're joined by a unit of palestinian commandos. but the.
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issue you cannot imagine the feeling you have now to catching something from the israeli for the first time in their lives where. the battle for the outpost lasted only forty five minutes thirteen israeli soldiers were killed thirty one taken prisoner. for them. what about our home they captured the outpost and had with them russian and german experts who dismantled all their equipment at the airport. actually they passed by us carrying the equipment from the outpost which had belonged to the israeli army. and. facing the massive syrian ground assault was an outnumbered israeli defensive line guarded by two hundred israeli soldiers and ten
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outposts and two ahmed brigades numbering almost one hundred eighty tanks. we forgot the music. of bach i looked up and i saw dust tracks coming from the east and it was of course tanks coming towards us as they advanced it began to get dark so we started shooting at them from very long range for five kilometers and we tried to stop their advance then just as they were getting close enough that we were starting to hurt them darkness fell. by nightfall on day one pushing through unguarded holes in the israeli line syrian tanks would penetrate into central go around the key city of. capital of the occupied heights and come out of. the second big news came with the breakthrough of the seventh division into the outskirts of. the third success was when the ninth division
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reached. that's a town named the south of. it meant that there was encircled from many sides and that was very good news. for. yet more syrian tanks had now advanced into southern gaulin forming a bulge and. recapturing a large part of the strategic heights. by midnight the syrians had made major gains but now strangely the order came to stop the advance and regroup for another assault in the morning. before them the road stretching down to the jordan valley and the heart of israel and defended. just a few kilometers to the east on the edge of the golan the positions which had they been taken would have been virtually impregnable. it's clear that the syrian army
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did not permit junior commanders discretion in how to act out and regardless of which senior person was in control in damascus nobody felt that vague could just side to continue without the approval from damascus. president hafez al assad was controlling the syrian army with an iron grip. no one was allowed to act outside the original plan. or free of it nor can. he lived with us he had a bedroom at the command center he slept there and when he woke up he used to salute us and take his place behind the operations desk he was always there in the command center or in his room in the same place or after office in the car. within hours almost a quarter of a million israelis would be mobilized. these reservists were vital supports
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without them the regular forces were facing a huge arab numerical superiority. the syrians had calculated it would take the israeli reserves twenty four hours to reach the goal line. in fact the first times were there by midnight at the end of day one just. fifteen hours after they had been mobilized. this nine hour difference was to prove crucial. essentially once the syrians failed to take it in twenty four hours and then at that stage you have the israelis begin to really organize themselves and a syrian victory becomes increasingly less likely as as as israel was mobilized. at first light on day two syrian tank commanders could see fifteen kilometers west
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down to the sea of galilee and the city of type areas but also in the sites israeli tanks that simply shouldn't have been that. could have said that hama they were the syrians began to lose the war they didn't know this yet because the reserve tanks like my brigade started being ready after just fifteen hours instead of twenty four hours some of them went out alone but mainly they started just take over from the regular forces during the night combat between october sixth and seventh shushi looked over. shortly off to doon ignoring the fact that the israelis had successfully mobilized to meet them the syrians launched their plan tank assault. their main target was nothing. the israeli advanced command center and the strategic crossroads that controls the golan. after capturing the syrians would move westwards
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towards the bridge over the jordan river. the bridge was less than fifteen kilometers away and beyond it lay the israeli mainland. the israelis were on the verge of disaster. but of your we want to assure. you we suddenly started shooting at the syrians from three or four different directions we fired on the syrians were stopped some of them managed to bypass. but we beat the syrians here and it was here that a battle would have lasted till the night of october seventh finally and the. israelis managed to stop the syrians but paid a heavy price and men and tanks. on top of the casualties the commander of the hundred eighty eighth armored brigade. bencher homme was killed along with his
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deputy and operations officer. having failed in his main objective to take the israeli forward base that now found in his damascus command bunker president assad's decisions were looking increasingly desperate. salame or if. they were at one point a brigade was ordered to attack i gave the order to the commander being aware of the situation on the battlefield he asked me to postpone the attack from six in the morning to make it ten that i took this request from the brigade commander to the president i told him he's asking to postpone that attack until ten the president became angry he said he must start that attack at six o'clock otherwise he can hand over to his deputy i tried to ease the tension and then i made the suggestion again i said there is no difference between six and ten except that around two thousand
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of our troops will be killed so please approve ten but he became even more angry and hit the table with his fist or the belly out on me. on days three and four faced with a series of deadlocks assad simply repeated the strategy that had previously. failed to achieve a breakthrough. and a desperate throw of the dice to further the divisions numbering five hundred tanks were brought forward to compensate for the losses of the first two days a. week where we stood there and shocks like mad men me included i was in my own world aiming at the tanks heading towards us shooting down the first second third and fourth i hit some twenty twenty five tanks and everyone everyone took aim and shelter and shot and shot. contribute. in northern golan in
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a place that became known as the valley of tears by the end of day for the israelis had destroyed hundreds of syrian tanks. the same fate befell the first syrian army division during repeated attempts to capture enough. to go for i think that today looking back forty years to the battle of now five. when the syrian first division decided to withdraw and not complete its mission to get to the jordan valley that was the critical stage in the battle to defend the golan heights. avocado lanny and spica green gold would both receive the medal of valor israel's highest military decoration. but this israeli victory. was not won by bravery alone. the neck of the bets for the part that the city had the best idea why and to that
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one tank is sometimes better than another club at that and so one israeli tank can destroy twenty syrian tanks and fail because if a tank that can fire the same hit and destroy at a range of two thousand others faces fifty tanks with guns with a range no greater than fifteen hundred meters with simple math of it one tank can destroy all the other tanks that was shells cannot reach it above it and let the law. it's just a matter of technical excellence not competence in combat. i don't deny the courage of the syrian officers and soldiers but unfortunately israel had better tanks and never. say what to follow but the bet. on the morning of the ninth of october the israelis launched their counterattack.
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moving north from the jordan valley they opened fire on syrian tanks and south golan pushing them back before the onslaught. by the following morning the syrian threat had been neutralized two thirds of their tanks destroyed or abandoned on the battlefields the syrians were in full retreat back where they had started before hostilities began. a story in that home of how myself is when they the syrians were overtaken by enthusiasm during the first two days thinking they could overpower israel that meant taking over the goal line and approaching occupied palestine given that they thought they could end the war but they overstretched themselves and lost a lot of tanks during those first three days that it had set a year. however in sinai to the south egyptians had used their success on day one to secure a defensive bridgeheads. with two field armies dug in across the
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canal the second in the north and the third in the south they were prepared for the inevitable israeli counterattack. by the end of day two to the israel's most famous generals ariel sharon and of ramadan had arrived at the suez front. each with an arm and division of over three hundred tanks. they were ready to launch a carefully planned counterattack. a downs division to the north would sweep
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south to expel the egyptian second army from its bridgehead. then once out on how to push the egyptians back across the canal share owns division would move against the egyptian third army to repeat the process in the south. at zero nine hundred hours on october eighth. the attack began. suddenly we see that thanks of our brothers movie. in the play but it's not the division which is maybe just a little force isaf that. it's not a divisional attack. it's not in the right direction instead from north to south they come for us from east to west and we see
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just before an ice at. enemy fire shells in the desert books of fire around any tank. received told us to fire with fire that them with every weapon we had it was a massacre a massacre of all sorts of weapons then to turn saigon the size of three g.'s of the gyptian off to do soldiers were moving like birds like birds jumping from one tree to another they would hide behind the ram to the tank was fifty meters away and within range and then they fired at it they would not go there to one out then move on to the next step and a lot then. i marry people in protest i remember i was a tank company commander in the six day war and i fought on the saw nice northern
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road this time i faced completely different soldiers soldiers who were much more determined soldiers who were certainly different from what i saw in the six day war in the very same place in the pyramid of a home after it no not now not that i know now. we. were able. to give they say you know a lot of. israel's initial counterattack had failed. and after losing fifty of his tanks add on ordered his forces to full back to defensive positions. was still in terms of prestige israeli tank crews had been taken prisoner of war including a tank battalion commander left tenant
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a sufi gouri. for the first time in its twenty five year history israel was on the defensive. sustaining heavy casualties and unable to achieve the superiority of one nine hundred sixty seven on land or in the air. in the six day war it had dominated the skies. but now the israeli air force found itself facing a wall of surface to add missile batteries employing the latest soviet sam technology. and by no. they built an anti-aircraft system which is among the best the most effective in the world. they use their missiles towards the canal and even transferred some of the lighter missiles to the other side and of course it was an effective system that i must
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admit. it out of sheer k.m.'s. to achieve as superiority these really is had to try to knock out egypt sound more. but the missile defenses took a heavy toll of the attacking aircraft. by day four of the war israel had lost forty eight panes and eight of its entire afros . set off by fire thirty one mi side and down sixteen aircraft and that's one point eight me sides with each target that's a record because the issue is supposed to be two or three missiles for each plane. i only ever know i was wrong in my open exploded rules. don't remember me powerful people exploded and i woke up with. an addiction.
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is the first week of conflict ended israel suffered another serious blow. on the thirteenth of october in front of the world's media the last of israel's bar-lev line of fortresses surrendered to the forty third battalion of egyptian commandos. mishra said in an assurance i couldn't believe my eyes seeing the israeli soldiers waving the white flag and humiliated still we cheated them very well. for using. the last doubt for india. even if that the israeli surrender was a moment of humiliation not for me the twin your enemy is so humiliated so the extent that it was that is something with the lieutenant the commander of the stronghold saluted our commander brought down the israeli flag folded it put his
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going on it and handed it to him he took it and raised the egyptian flag up high and they saluted it i was tearful and so happy and thinking oh my god if i were him i would kill myself yet and i don't look i know i'm a witness that. the surrender of fortaleza finally destroyed the myth of the supposedly impregnable bar-lev line. is almost medieval forts which had cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and proved useless as israel's first line of defense. mature market. big advantage over us and the young kapoor war was that they didn't like themselves regarding how they'd functioned in the six day war and they fixed what they were capable of fixing up we lie to ourselves about what had happened in the six day war and now we paid the price for the object shot at sunrise and.
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as week one of this oct. the war ended the streets of cairo filled with people reveling in their country's military triumphs. six years of defeat and been reversed bomb. but in a week to triumph would turn to chance. if. it was a war that united egypt and syria against israel but in the heat of the battle that different agendas soon became apparent i suppose the dream was to the friends to see to my sixty seven when president sadat came to be told us just give me ten centimeters of land in the east the second of a three part series israeli population but told that their troops were on the west
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bank of the so is going to explore the second week of the war in october on al-jazeera. it isn't surprisingly drive from pakistan's or iran towards the levant there are clouds around in turkey went to showers in the eastern med and if you're lucky and you're looking at that way from beirut you'll see him coming your way keep your eyes pleasant twenty degrees obviously is hotter inland and the breeze has been something of note recently picking up the sand from the euphrates least the dry bit and bring the science was now it's not done much to change the temperatures in bahrain and qatar they've been in the middle forty's about where they should be focused wise a further west mecca at forty seven is about three degrees above average so it's going to feel hot it's that time of year of course never less studies quite a variation above what it should be temporary the cloud is not really showing itself inside out it's been in that
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a bit recently but it's more on the out of the ne in the moment and become south of the africa it's a very dry picture with the chance of a few showers exists around madagascar for example may be of more use is what's happening in the western cape we saw one hundred one because of rain two days ago well the clouds picking up again as is the wind and by the time we get through to monday you'll have seen some right maybe dozens heavy but if you'd look hands i'm sure. getting to the heart of the matter if will stuff i can gee the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks with you except facing the realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you. are really isn't forced by their football fans who don't think about doping really had that lead explaining when real madrid a club worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something where the world anti-doping agency has to take notice of you know. al-jazeera continues its investigation into the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in the final episode of sports doping the endless chase . pool and i was a kid would go for me was a pleasure and oppression would want i always found a ball to play with a toll in the living room. had to pick out one playa who's made the difference to
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major yachts or a boy is it the big farm or some who can make things up and people can make things change you know thank you for the bull durham brahimi on al-jazeera world. on dry land at last hundreds of refugees and migrants arrive in spain after being turned away by italy. logs the whole robin you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes greek fury as their leaders prepared to sign and maintain change deal with neighboring macedonia. also eight people are killed
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in a fire and a shootout that shattered a brief true said nicaragua. and al-jazeera captures evidence of child labor in bangladesh where youngsters are making cigarettes for less than a dollar a day. to the program hundreds of refugees and migrants have started arriving in spain a week after it's only a mile to turn them away these are live pictures now coming from the spanish port city of lands where the first of three boats has now docked the other two including the aquarius which rescued them off libya will arrive later called pan hall is following events for us live in the let's call the process has begun to offload those migrants and they'll be relieved that they're finally own land. her you can bet that after more than a we can see that they must be relieved as you say the first vessel an italian
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coast guard cutter put in this morning here in valencia and they're offloading the first two hundred seventy or so migrants but i want to bring in colleen acquirer she's head of emergencies for doctors without borders that is one of the charities of course that is running the aquarius ship colleen from what you know what is the current situation facing these migrants on board the ship what kind of conditions are they in all the rescue people there. which is a few kilometers outside of the border. there is a tough journey many people are seasick but at this moment they're very happy that they quoted this. i mean in general the really appreciates the gesture of the spanish government are we seeing there should be an example to the worlds. but this situation should never have happened whatever your position is on migration where there are d.'s are refugees fleeing war where they're fleeing economic tough times this is a situation human being should not be afloat in certain conditions for over
3:51 pm
a week right exactly as doctors without borders you know people who needs asylum people are looking for international protection because they're fleeing inflict of prosecution they should have the right to ask for asylum however much much more important is that whatever happens to these rescue people the first thing is that when your rescue people out of an extreme situation people had to be brought back to life people were almost drowning and then letting them immediately disembark in a port is an acceptable and european governments need to be clear that they have to put human lives before politics now of course the new italian populist government accuses n.g.o.s like doctors without borders of almost running a ferry service for migrants how is the changing political going to situation going to affect the relief operation moving for. yeah that's a very quick question i mean it's interesting that outdoor teams are targeting the end show ships in the pan that's humanitarian operated ships well meanwhile their
3:52 pm
own coast guard and the navy of the united states of america brought nearly a thousand people to the shores of italy in the last few days we are not the course of this problem but also not a solution a symptom of a failing. policy on my creation or refugees thank you very much and i was calling client the head of emergencies for doctors without borders they're played out front and center role in bringing these migrants to safe haven here in the land sea and in the course of the next few hours we'll see two more ships docked here and the remainder of those migrants disembarking of course will come back to call when that happens call penholder in valencia. greece and its neighbor in macedonia all due to sign the document within the next hour the leaders hope will resolve a longstanding dispute under the deal was that only it will change its name to distinguish itself from
3:53 pm
a greek province with the same name but there's fierce opposition on both sides of the border greece's government for want to overcome a new confidence motion in parliament late on saturday as john psaropoulos reports . evening ended in acrid smoke and acrimony protesters who tried to enter the parliament compound were met with tear gas that sent hundreds of peaceful demonstrators running for cover some were overwhelmed as what had to go to the crowd which included children and the elderly ended with grunts the government has agreed to allow the former yugoslav republic of macedonia to call itself northern macedonia but that's not what the opposition finds most dangerous our main objection is not about their name it's about the macedonian language and the macedonian nationality that it's been recognized by this new. and that this is not an acceptable from the from the greek people it's something that nobody in the past has had there except that there is no motion on
3:54 pm
the language and there is no must only nation the government says the agreement recognizes only a macedonian nationality not an ethnicity haling back to xander the great but people here feel the finer points of law won't be respected pathnames mechanics my views methadone ians travel abroad are they really going to introduce themselves saying i'm in macedonia and a slavic background and my language is slavic and i really have nothing to do with alexander the great these things the difficulty guarantee why didn't they pick another name like america for example with greece lifting its veto on nato's invitation to northern macedonia next month many people believe the deal will be irreversible many greeks feel that if they give in and the other side will take a mile they don't trust the northern neighbors to shed their claims on greek heritage and territory and once their leverage is gone it's gone forever so they are unhappy that the government has rushed into what they see as
3:55 pm
a bad agreement the government says the agreement is the best possible following greek blunders and inertia going back decades and could lead to good things yeah mash yes eventually march for us this government is the priority of our national judy is to develop the role of greece in the regions to escape the crisis and to head towards growth in line with the whole regions no one wants a solution to this problem more than us. the government's survival comes at a cost one m.p. voted for the censure bringing its majority down to one hundred fifty three in the three hundred seat legislature only three votes shy of a general election jumps are all plus al-jazeera athens. or something i guess our correspondent live for us at lake on the border where that deal will be signed less than an hour to go now from that siring signing ceremony not some thought it wouldn't happen so just talk us through the next few hours. well
3:56 pm
essentially somehow this is the first symbolic step in trying to resolve this patrik today if someone came dispute which centers around what the greeks say is their appropriation of their macedonian culture but really it comes as john psaropoulos mentioned his report at the cost of a lot of support on both sides in both countries there is tremendous opposition in both countries as well especially from hardline as you say that they have been too many concessions given to this as well and one telling element is that managed to swing the deal was when the prime minister did say that for his sake the his side of the border that really references to macedonian culture and language would refer specifically to a slavic one which managed to win the greeks but he will be appearing sometime within the hour across the lake behind me from the macedonian side of the border
3:57 pm
this lake actually borders not just greece and macedonia also albania he will be joining here the prime minister. as well as the foreign ministers and representatives from the united nations and the european union so you talk about the dispute problems that the greeks have faced but the mood at the border was quite aggressive in the lead up to the signing how would you describe the mood there right now. well there are still planned protests that are occurring today quite close by obviously not in the area itself there is enough security to be able to fend that off but there is clearly a lot of opposition expected to battle with protests expected to come within the region as well to voice that. it has really been going on for quite some time now but really this is not just a case of of just a renaming there is a lot of dialing back that has to be done certainly on the north macedonian side
3:58 pm
about for example both countries will have to put these the decision to both parliaments they have to be able to ratify those are macedonia also has to put it to a referendum in september then it will have to do if that gets approved it will have to go about the business of rolling back all the cultural. issues that it has done in order to identify itself as macedonia have to roll back in how it's promised the greek government so really a lot of work to do this is just one small step to try and resolve this dispute because join you won't start signing ceremony begins we think sometime within the next hour for the moment so you think you. let's head to the middle east no fighting is intensifying between these coalition and who the rebels in the yemen's port of data now the country is for food and humanitarian supplies battles continue
3:59 pm
around the city's airport which both sides claim to control the offensive is already creating havoc for thousands of nearby residents. to report what their international airport clearly damaged but the who these insist still very much in their hands that despite claims by the saudi and. should there now and could to hear from them about this is the whole day international airport today is the second. and the claims that they took control of the airport baseless they are just spreading lies and rumors. but if the saudi have every right to let's call it should is did control of the airport its forces far away and ground. now the un special envoy to yemen martin griffiths has flown into the yemeni capital sanaa to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in her there. the port city is
4:00 pm
a lifeline not only to the who these but to the entire yemeni population we're just a war any fighting in the city of her data we want for peace to be employment that across the nation. we the residents of a data city want to live in peace and security we don't want war we don't want fighting of any kind enough is enough the saudi a democratic led coalition want to tease to hand over control of the port either to a un supervised committee or yemen's government. the accused rebels of importing weapons from iran saudi arabia says it can seize the city quickly enough to avoid interrupting flows of aid them or not be moved by parties proposed a new human experience i had plans aiming to make sure the external humanitarian assistance can access human through her data. the saudi proposal is a nonstarter.


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