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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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the taliban has confirmed to our jazeera that it will not agree to a government announcement to extend the existing ceasefire in kabul on saturday government forces and taliban fighters celebrated the three day festival of together building hope that a longer peace could be possible we can now speak to kate kark who is director of the afghanistan analysis network and she is joining us from lymington spar in the u.k. kate thank you very much indeed how remarkable first of all were those scenes of taliban members embracing members of the afghan security forces and all of them carrying roses to celebrate. it was our president it was remarkable and i think it was better than any one of hopeful though there was some worry that the ceasefire wouldn't hold it was a mutual cease fire after three days by both afghan and taliban and actually american forces for three days held but i think this these
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scenes of afghans both taliban and government soldiers and civilians embracing each other celebrating it tries to get. cricket eating ice cream as you say. pictures of taliban giving government soldiers roses this is unprecedented and i think only wholly unexpected except that i think for many of us we've learned there is a deep yearning for peace among afghans civilians and foot soldiers and if this could be harnessed you could see the beginning of a peace process ok this is this is what we are seeing in the moment can i can i jump in then and ask you whether these attacks normally carried out by ice or whether these attacks have the potential to disrupt what could be a very positive beginning of
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a process. i think they show just kind marginal i escapee which is that franchise and going to sort of tax just how marginal they are they can disrupt it but they can't actually old. what's happened over the last three days the taliban are the main or make the afghan government and there was a ceasefire it was peaceful be held as you said that the taliban leadership would an end of the cease fire but i think it is that the bag is actually much more difficult to kill someone to fight someone if you've just been praying with them and the religious motivation of the insurgency also somehow becomes questioned you know if it's if you have a three day cease fire going to head on to kill your fellow muslim. why is it suddenly how long day for i think that for those with the movement. has been too dangerous to talk about peace talks all want to talk negotiations it becomes
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a say in these things become so noble and i really hope that the dynamic of the war has been changed. and you know something like i escape people who are spoilers. afghanistan actually the taliban to police them ok because when i say no sweat it uniquely can i can i just see their four because i mean this official three day cease fire comes to an end at the end of sunday which is today why not three new extend the cease fire then the taliban has said they're not prepared to do it the government as afghani has offered to extend it to the taliban if not to other fighting groups in afghanistan why not extend it to meet the government halfway. it's very very dangerous as i said how can you justify this war is it hard. if once you or your fighters actually fraternize with the enemy it becomes much much
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more difficult and i'd say for those that you know the taliban leadership didn't actually want the cease fire they were bounced into it by the international finance but i assure frannie i think they they agree to it would have looked too bad if they if they did sister don't keep infighting over aid but what has happened has been a sort of deny and chaos it was not controlled like either side neither by the government or by the taliban leader ship and what the taliban leadership have seen as their cards right now they're very normally very obedient cartwright mixing with the enemy mingling with the enemy posting selfies on on social media it was like pieces broken after three days and that is interest for leadership which still seems bent on violent jihad ok clark thank you very much andy. now we've got a lot more to come on this news hour including political backlash grazes the u.s. separates undocumented migrants from the children. and the competing claims over
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who's in control of the day the airport in yemen as an important aid delivery reaches qatar. and some of cup winning inspiration for brazil as they get a surprise visit ahead of their first game in russia jail we'll have all the details in sport. a shootout and house nicaragua's capital have killed at least eight people and shattered a short lived truce between president in the protest since he wanted him gone among those killed in the six members of one family including two young children portugal . police and managua say a group of hooded men through fire bombed into this house. a family of six killed in the fire included two children medics failed to resuscitate. my two
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cousins survived one was burned and the other was hit she fell onto the balcony she was thrown a glass toward my body my hands my head as we got out of here he got out by for his . neighbors assisted firefighters and dousing the blaze while helping survivors escape from the balcony they say police surrounded the house and burned it after the owner refused to let them place a sniper on the roof to guard a nearby checkpoint. younus had nothing to do with this they were christian people in the policeman if the porch they wanted to burn the house and they managed to burn it police say they will investigate the cause of the fire. protests began two months ago after decision by president daniel ortega to cut pensions ortega's critics say the former revolutionary leader is running a corrupt government protesters want him to step down and the government to
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implement democratic reforms the opposition really won't be happy with anything less than a premature departure from the presidency of ortega human rights groups say at least one hundred seventy mostly young people have been killed since mid april and confrontations between heavily armed soldiers and demonstrators armed with rocks and slingshots. protesters are calling on ortega's government to end the violence which the president blames on foreign agitators and drug cartels the latest violence flared hours after troops have been signed between the government and civic groups right now there's no external institution and no internal. real leadership that can bring about a change here who doubts one nickname in the president has yet to respond to demands by the catholic church for early elections ortega's third term as head of one of the poorest countries in the americas is set to end in two thousand and
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twenty one the violence meanwhile has splintered the country between loyalists and protesters slowing down tours i'm investments and grinding the country's economy to a halt culture durgin on al-jazeera. now the us president is uses weekly address to blame the rival democratic party for not closing loopholes that allow gang members into the country donald trump says the democrats are protecting immigrant criminals who are connected to violent groups like the m s thirteen his administration has adopted a zero tolerance policy for immigrants crossing the border illegally and is facing particular criticism for separating children from their parents as they're being detained go live to washington speak to our correspondent mike hanna and mike the extent of this era tolerance policy whereby kids children babies quite often being taken out of the arms of their parents is becoming ever clearer. it is indeed it's
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forming a very bleak backdrop to the ongoing debate about immigration reform something that washington has been discussed for a long period of time now that zero policy tolerance policy announced by the attorney general gypsy shin's and it does separate children from their parents who have crossed the border illegally while they undergo some form of legal process and certainly it's created a strong public debate within the u.s. a debate that like so much else is on partisan lines democrats roundly condemning this move of republicans saying that it's for security but there is a gap in between with some moderate republicans getting increasingly concerned about what you could refer to as the optics of having children in detention centers with midterm elections coming up within a few months time so the debate is ongoing and this is reflected in the compromise
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immigration bill that the house leader paul ryan is backing which he wants to get a vote on next week and what about popular sentiment given as you mentioned you've got tens coming up in november any disapproval for policies of this nature will be will have a measurable political impact. very much so and that is what house republicans and senate republicans are eyeing very much an awareness of how bad potentially the prison system is the zero tolerance policy that's why a number of republicans are supporting paul ryan's bill now what that particular bill does is legitimizes the so-called dreamers those. children who came in with their parents years ago it will legitimize them it will allow them to eventually gain u.s. citizenship but at the same time it tightens control on family link to immigration
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it also provides billions of dollars for president trumps wall with mexico now many of the moderate republicans are backing this some conservative republicans say no it amounts to a complete amnesty and democrats are insisting that they will not vote for any bill that provides billions of dollars for a wall so we have this political debate going on with all the politicians keeping an eye on their constituencies well aware of those elections to come and well aware that they've got to do what the right thing is however among politicians as always there's great debate about exactly what is the right thing and among republicans there's debate about what does president trump want mike hanna live in washington d.c. thanks. now in yemen saudi and coalition air strikes have targeted the data international airport in their campaign to seize control from who the rebels five days of fighting the yemen's main seaport is cut off an important aid delivery route of all
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files of people to escape priyanka gupta reports. put it the international airport clearly damaged but the who these insist still very much in their hands that despite claims by the saudi. military coalition they're dead now and good to hear from them about this is the whole day the international airport today is the second day of. and the claims that they took control of the airport baseless they are just spreading lies and rumors. but if the saudi and polish it is did control of the airport its forces aren't far away and ground. now the u.n. special envoy to yemen marty griffiths has flown into the yemeni capital sanaa to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in her there though. the port city is a lifeline not only to the who these but to the entire yemeni population we're just
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a war any fighting in the city of her data we want for peace to be implemented across a nation. we the residents of a data city want to live in peace and security we don't want war we don't want fighting of any kind enough is enough this summer the coalition wants to these two had to work control of the port either to a un supervised committee or yemen's government. the accused rebels of importing weapons from iran saudi arabia says it could seize the city quickly enough to avoid interrupting flows of aid to a party's proposed new humanitarian aid plans aiming to make sure the external humanitarian assistance can access human through her data. the saudi led proposal is a nonstarter and a suspicious of any attempts by the u.n. envoy to broker peace. the war in yemen has already cost the world's worst
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humanitarian crisis and there are fears of worse to come we are very fearful that any kind of blockage. of the free flow of humanitarian food also commercial stocks particularly food and fuel could have a major impact on people who are already highly vulnerable as some of the middle east's richest countries fight the region's poorest the u.n. special envoy is reinforcing the international appeals to stop the destruction. al-jazeera. the driver of a taxi which plowed into world cup football fans in moscow says he fell asleep after spending twenty hours behind the well in a video released by the police the twenty eight year old from kyrgyzstan apologize he says his foot accidentally hit the accelerator at least eight people were
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injured near moscow as red square. some. i'm telling you i wanted to push a brake pedal i wanted to let one person pass i wanted to push a brake pedal but the next second i pushed the gas pedal i thought it was pushing a brake pedal i don't know what happened then i hit people and then i started to run away. cambodia's former prime minister has been seriously injured in a car crash prince rather reds wife was killed in the accident while seven others were injured police say the prince's convoy was heading towards the south western city of see a new kill when a taxi slammed into his vehicle rather it was coprime minister with the current leader when sen the four years in the one nine hundred ninety s. . all right it's time for the weather news now here is richard with news of a potential storm brewing in the gulf of mexico yes matina now i should ask you where do you think it's going to bring in the gulf of mexico because there are lots
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of areas of close clusters there which suggest potential storm development but as actually run this sequence is this area up here you've got to keep an eye on and that's the area which shows the potential to develop into some sort of cycling and give some threatening weather across parts of the u.s. south so first the situation we have a jury in the course of sunday with some heavy rain affecting many parts of central america certainly yucatan peninsula looking very wet at the moment but that rain further towards the north is going to continue to push up certainly the if you like the moist air is coming from all the way down towards the equator and it's going to deliver probably one hundred millimeters of rain in some places across parts of texas and maybe into other southwestern states so a wet period of weather coming for this particular region meanwhile on the pacific side things are also looking pretty unsettled we've got another storm system here and this one is affecting parts of mexico and we've seen some very large rainfall totals being reported the last twenty four hours and acapulco what one as this
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particular storm carlotta continues is to move very very slowly on the coast is beginning to disintegrate winds not particularly strong at the moment still some heavy rain coming down for acapulco just to the south of mexico give it twenty four hours and we should find most of that rain dying away. richard thank you very much indeed still to come in this al-jazeera news hour with all of the challenges facing the conservative candidate for colombia's presidency as voters head to the polls. letters to the future a year after the global women's modern art exhibition in the u.s. is encouraging young women to write to themselves. and a moment of madness or a calculated move from this goal for at the usa open joe will have the details in sports. from the tropics of self these days or to the federal islands in the far north
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atlantic when i went east meets the women who crossed the world for love and state to change a community. just a room. with bureaus spanning six continents across the. correspondents living brings the story straight to. others and not just the box not the letters. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian elders era sued in world news getting to the heart of the matter if not stuff i can see the turkish cypriot leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing new realities what do you think reunification would look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity or for south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera.
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time to take a look at the top stories here on the al-jazeera news out of the six hundred refugees and migrants arrived in the spanish port of ireland c.-a a week up to italy and to turn them away the standoff has highlighted the european union's inability to agree on how to manage the influx of people fleeing wall persecution and poverty. a preliminary name changing agreement has been signed on the border between greece and macedonia it will become the republic of north macedonia if both parliaments a president which is fiercely opposed by nationalists. eighteen people have been killed and forty nine injured in a second attack in twenty four hours in the afghan province of. on saturday and i
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saw the attack in the same province killed thirty six people meanwhile the taliban has confirmed to al jazeera that a temporary ceasefire agreed with the government to celebrate deed will not be extended. there was a final weekend of campaigning in turkey ahead of the parliamentary and presidential debates on june the twenty fourth rival rallies by president party and the h d p which draws support mainly from kurds taking place in istanbul on sunday will see them close here lou is our correspondent covering these rallies she joins us live now see them tell us where you are and what the situation is. martin right now we are part of valley area which is ended up on this be carried out behind marmaris as posted many political parties rallies maybe dozens of times and it was the once more to the day the a.b.a.
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looked almost president and on the crowd is waiting for him every night is kind of but there are still people coming over from. in many different parts of istanbul and turkey and christians act on is going to be speaking here. maybe in one hour and people actually they all four to supporters are texting just a family fortune but a. lot of people are saying he was especially about his rally in istanbul because this is the biggest city for church with it went to a billion population and the electoral number is ten million to get people to vote it is. very good president began his political career and is. from very low over the seychelles political party organizations he climbed up the same as he became the mayor of this metropolitan city and he promised to become the
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president he's the president right now and on the elections that is that it takes place a little twenty four he's talking which turkey's political system from parliament here we have to make such a risk that actual one. people are expecting him to say very good to me about economy because i like to see the story was actually about the big things but for the last couple of years especially since the years this year turkish lira has been going down and people have been suffering in a way. the spike t.v. shows high growth rates is that the people are having economic problems because they have money is appreciating it gets to us the older like many other emerging countries we are waiting for president to act on to come and address this crowd that is the. center more about one of the opposition policies holding their rally
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presumably not too far away from you in another part of istanbul. yes. the one of the opposition parties pro court is h.t.t.p. peoples the question parties also having given at least some loose your disbelief that you have any fortune ourself to stumble voters actually martin there are ten million voters and a stumble as i say that and also about fifty percent of them live. election results in the something is going to be a function of the poll tricky and their families. that are going to the letter are eighteen was illegal and the serious that is rolling in and providing security inside a wiki and let lee's was no because.
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it was actually in d r but there but of course and here let's take a district a kurdish leaders will address their electorial a letter one thing that is important about the kurdish voters is that you know they have to live legally they will h.p.p. is president by leaking out press saying is it is mostly that she believes you know where you live it is for you to do that lisa. lately fortune rallies for you all right well thank you very much indeed said them cause and you live in assemble will to go to the polls in a week's time but in colombia people of voting now because the polls have just opened they're choosing the next president in a runoff election that we've been running profiles of the candidates over the past
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twenty four hours conservative yvonne duke a and his left wing rival gustavo pad throw that throw has vowed to tackle inequality but some fear that he could turn colombia into another venezuela. andy gallagher explains why. petro has captured the imagination of colombia's young voters his stance on tackling inequality reducing reliance on carbon fuels and ending the status quo of right wing politics appeals to a new generation eager to change it sort of make it all got to get it's time to end two hundred years of the same families governing us this is the chance for free citizenship and equality for all your biggest i think is the only candidate that has a long term vision for our country when it comes to fighting climate change and creating a modern liberal democracy no stranger to politics gustavo petro is a former member of the nineteen rebel group four years ago he became the mayor of one of the most powerful political positions in the country his tenure was marred
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by controversy critics say autocratic style was abrasive a supporter of the historic peace accords with the fog rebels this intellect of the left has emerged as a real contender. whatever happens gustavo petro has the distinction of being the most successful leftist candidate in this country's history he does however face some stiff opposition particularly from those in the business community say a petro presidency could lead to economic ruin. oh when we meet mario hernandez at his factory in bogota he's enthusiastically handing out caps emblazoned with the name of petros opponent even ducking and mendez is one of the biggest manufacturers in colombia like many in the business community he's concerned that petros policies are anti business. and i don't know what he hears against the productive class he wasn't the klan found to be go on and give a small plots of land to farmers that's not how you run the country you care to
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generate employment doxies and consumption. to window through needs the support of undecided voters like artist gabrielle or sanchez she's leaning towards the fifty eight year old and tells us she's feeling pressure to decide i've seen it and a social media a lot of people are all the time so if you vote for the book a you are going to kill people like this. and a lot of hate. for decades colombia's fought against leftist guerrillas now one is a leading presidential candidate with a chance of shaping this country's future and again look at al-jazeera bogota colombia. right now we can speak to collin harding here is a latin america analyst he's joining us via skype from manchester in the u.k. thank you for joining us colin it seems very much as though columbia at this moment as they go to the polls in this runoff election are exceedingly polarize i say that
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because they've got quite an extreme right winger and quite a far left contender as well as well yes they do have a real choice. which is turned it into. to be restricted to quite a narrow range of people. and certainly moderating in cisco it's recently presented itself more as a social democrat but an extreme left wing guy and i'm going to keighley breitling at the label of star rice having teach he claims is going to be a zone around that his association that the mayor is mental health care phone the president has made exaggerates it but he certainly has been said he is very much the favorite of business class and those who believe that he would bring stability keep stability in the country which has improved in recent times and how far is the thing with the peace agreement with the fog rebels something that people are going
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to be voting on when they go to the polls it is a factor i mean there are lots of others as well as corruption inequality a need to reform the tax system to improve the health service and so on but so the a lot of people are rightly concerned about the the stability of the peace process which was signed by the outgoing government largely as a consequence of the policies all day of the mental root of two k. who launched an all out military campaign against the far current and brought them to dig a cheating table the problem is that really bay and do k. following him i'm not happy with the terms of the agreement this has been something to do has said that he will now if he becomes president he will change the terms he has made in which tough area has a much more punitive approach to the handling it's a shock at that and petro just petros president emphasis really aren't the needful
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investments in rural areas development aid of education and so on whereas it has and duquesne is saying no these people must be in a to pay more for the crimes they can. charity years of. trustees and that's what he's going to do better a lot of people are concerned that if he does follow that through as president. some of the farkle taken bombs again if they feel that their children stand and we have. returned to the instability in. the conflict. and the recent past but this is the problem isn't that this is a country that has just emerged from years and years decades of civil conflict and anything that is too destabilizing could quite easy thrust the country back into conflict the conflict of three four years ago. well that is that is the concern in the conflict and remember larry it's been around since nine hundred sixty something that's far really just laid down there in the last year or so so that there are
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a lot of memories of what it was like and a lot of people feel that fact really have been left off too likely that they're in a lab to one school party takes its income the rest escape. retribution for some of the things that make it and that is what appeals to them about two k. am that the fact is not popular in general expound political policy but very cautious of course in these elections people do want more retribution because that there is the danger inherent in. it could lead to incentives to civil strife and petraeus very much stayed clear that he's committed to honoring the terms of the present agreement calling harding thank you very much indeed out of there has seen how tilton in bangladesh some barely school age being paid a dollar a day to make cigarettes the human rights groups are urging the government to
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enforce child labor laws but that's difficult because the children families often rely on their earnings to survive tell strafford report. this is a cigarette manufacturing factory in bangladesh but there are a few if any machines working. al-jazeera secretly filmed these pictures the reason the factory owner refused to spy mission to film is because of the children working here the bangladesh government says it's doing all it can to crack down on child labor but there is little evidence of that in this factory. some of the children making these cheap cigarettes non-locally is beauty's look barely ten years old. but the money they earn helps their families survive many children work at home making the paper choose which is sent to the factory to be filled with tobacco they get around forty cents for every three thousand chooks the average wage is around a dollar a day fifteen year old was some of the sheets
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a cartoon works with her younger brothers and sisters making babies four days a week but unlike many others in the industry she also goes to school you guys go to a bar we work to help our family this is how we survive my parents taught me this line of work at a very young age i don't like doing it you have to sit in the same position and work long hours we don't even make that much money. according to the bangladesh label the minimum legal age for employment is fourteen united nations children's agency unicef says in full smoot is difficult because of where most of the children work in small factories workshops or from home will be global equity. this should be a different set of jobs for these people other than the tobacco industry they are at least two million people working nationwide in.


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