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tv   Through My Eyes Hanis Journey  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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i. women like mary joyful feel a big need on the faroe islands over the last decades young women have been leaving in droves. i limited opportunities and a limited gene pool have meant that they've gone abroad prefer ring more choice in life and lot. there are now fifteen hundred fewer women than men between the ages of eighteen and sixty so how do the men feel about it. i. i i. i i. i. feel
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cold but is my guide to the faroe ways my own mind is up to the growth of here or you who. are with off we're going to. a journalist and a local rock star finn is one of the most eligible bachelors on the island. he says he's not worried about a shortage of women he's not looking for love but he wouldn't mind a female touch. perfect bachelor pad or. you know almost the same process this will really watch much more cos it's a bit better. and some want to know that. with the correct sweep and. i'm not really that's one thing ok.
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leaving my broom behind i take up fitness offer to visit his bachelor pad. it's a glorious evening drive. during summer in the faroe islands daylight stretches for twenty hours. when the fog lifts the scenery is breathtaking. i'm looking forward to hearing more about what the modern family's man looks for in an ideal woman. yeah. oh thank you this is the bachelor pad this is the best. finish says he hasn't tried to find a woman from asia but he knows many men who have nice view if the women are and
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it's difficult yeah you can't invent a woman so yeah you have to find women elsewhere and the easiest way is. the asian countries. yes welcome to my terrace he describes a trend among men his age to look for a match online i have a friend who got this heart broken by a fairways woman and he just said i have had enough so we went on the internet and agency for women of the philippines and he found himself a philippine girl and half. yeah six months later she was in the very ones and they live happily she doesn't speak for you so i am talk to her but he's found love and it's more simple simple life what do you mean by the simple life you know
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where i live where were bit more old fashioned where were there where there's. the man role where the man works if he works and he makes to all the money and and she is at home making making him dinner and breakfast and. cleaning sir traditional role exactly how to disenroll what do you think about the women coming here how do you think they see themselves in the society here you know it's very difficult because. especially the women from from asia they don't really have a voice here in the fire lines we don't hear what they think that much we don't hear them in the media but you know the media yeah. try yeah.
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and also. it's very easy for the media to you know just go after the bad stories you know the problems but there are really. many love stories out there really are . to find out if that's true i'm missing some of the faroe islands new female residents mary joy was one of only a few foreigners when she arrived today there are nearly three hundred women from asia living here. i know here i mean everywhere i go mary jo introduces me to her circle and i learn that as well as her cousin. and her mother have also married for always men since she moved. and so this is your mother and that's it. do you like living here yeah the spirit was. peaceful. so it's like
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a family reunion. the most common way for women to me to far away is man i discovered isn't through the internet but through other family members we are sisters your sisters. are you married to brothers and. unfortunately first as well brother. i think first your beliefs are oh. we have a friend i have this. it's all started. off and the women moving to the faroes are not young brides but women who are marrying a second time and starting afresh and so you've got your children yeah yeah and to them i could hear. a lot. more of the end of and my.
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you know. i'm touched by the honesty of grace who came here six years ago to begin a new life with her family as husband he said was that. always asking me oh you write me. a note joyce. six years now. there. it was. don't know what's. right what about love over love. this love. love is so. sacrifice. these women rely on each other for moral support friendship and help navigating their new country it's not always easy but they're happy here and feel it's
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a good place to raise their children here is we have or see. this. state and no one locks the doors in the oval. we. will have these or more one of you. may be the last father i still. have a fair. but sometimes they can be trouble in paradise. in the village of whole speak i mean. from thailand for me my experience with my ex is not not least. ten years ago she met a fair always man through
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a friend didn't thailand she moved here and they married did you think it was going to be like a fairy tale i was thinking like before i moved here i was thinking like that it should be like a dream or something because. i watch t.v. so much television so much and i have. that picture in manish like it's going to be like la but when i. hair. everything just like it's very hot. numb phoneys careful what she says her relationship ended badly and the faroe islands is a small place. it's not worked out so me and my man it's not work out about for you so. that instead of going back to thailand now i'm from decided to stay and build
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a new life on her own stand up for my sail is strong on my sail and i bought a house and my car and i have a job i have a beautiful kid. her daughter natasha is four and her son joseph is nine. so. numb from his mother sister and niece visiting for the summer holidays. it's the first time she's had them here in her new home. i remembered. they call me they say now you get a visa so you can stay here then i go bank and asking can you open the account for me because. i want to work and asking where. they told me to fish company that way and then i just go out and start walk to the way it taught me i
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give you a job yeah they give me a job i'm having. own eyes. she's worked her way up left the fish factory and is now a manager at a local food business my finally feels good again i can say is my home. because every day i want happy i have like beautiful kid and good job i can minute myself i can take my sail what would you tell a woman who's thinking of moving to the faroe islands if i can tell them i want to stay in this country's ready beautiful and then people. but if you want a fun. it's a good idea that. you want to spend and learn. while longer you can then you can decide if everything is not what you have to be like
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a strong woman is a very hard time for you to start everything alone. the faroe islands is a place where the course of life has always been certain. to shine often or a good time against i want you to stay and. change. yes in. a place where each generation mocks the passing of the one before. a place where tradition matters. like the national festival which brings everyone out to the streets to celebrate the long
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bright summer nots. as they have for generations the growing school day battle that c o. f. and the runners compete on the land. but take a look at the winner of the i'm to seventeen it's hands alan thompson a sign that things are changing on the faroe islands. in this small confident country disagree. it's about allowing foreign is in a strikingly absent won't call. down. in marrying a pharaoh island women from asia get more than a husband or a family they become part of
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a tribe. perhaps that is why they stay even if things go wrong. against the odds in the most unlikely destination they find a place in their hearts they call hohn good to. add sordid jim. walsh laws to the. china's one she province has become famous for its large number of elderly many age one hundred or older one when used investigates in the region hold the secrets to a long and healthy life. on al-jazeera.
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getting to the heart of the matter if will stuff i can do that such a supreme leader calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are two people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity of south korea hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the. corresponding living brain the stories they tell of this was not just the box office that's the sound. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian. salute in world news. circumstances and facts that point her to this murder confessions are useless
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without corroboration she thought that they are questioning her about her being a victim of a rape not a suspect in a murder case newly false confession involves a completely made up story some will say anything thinking they can fix it later but there's no fixing it later and these statements are used against them in a court of law the system is job on al-jazeera. the. mold and six hundred refugees and migrants are welcomed in spain but a political solution to europe's migration crisis remains remote. tom joad all this is al jazeera live from london also coming up columbia votes in
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a presidential runoff that could jeopardize a peace deal with former fox rebels. hope at the signing ceremony inside tear gas and riot police outside tensions simmer over macedonia is naming deal with greece. writing to the daughters of the future pending letters for the u.s. art installation aimed at the next generation of women. and six hundred refugees and migrants of arrived in the spanish port of violence here a week after italy and malta turned them away the red cross is called on european union member states to follow spain's example and put into practice the humanitarian values promoted by the e.u. and all as more from violence. dry land at last clearly
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happy to be here. special care for pregnant women toddlers and others most vulnerable these migrants and refugees were forced to spend the week at sea on european union leaders squabble of the migration policy and ships are just doing their work. in the pens humanitarian organizations it's not a crime or not course of the situation. well we are at the end this is a symptom of a failing of the european governments relief workers say many migrants landing in spain were tortured in libyan detention centers or may have been traded sick slaves after a health check from medical workers migrants disembarked to be purchased by police and assessed. it's the start of a months long process while the recounts are scrutinized and the government decides who will be allowed to stay as refugees it's an acceptable the those ones we wish
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to protect. i don't understand what's going on here i mean imagine that you have to explain to people that they are safe now but the next steps are completely empty spain's incoming socialist government has welcomed the charity ship aquarius and the two italian vessels but not all share that enthusiasm. hours before the ships docked and anti immigrant fringe party organized a portside protest they fear a migrant influx will change the spanish way of life thank you for the idea of you know your number you the other people in the next ten or fifteen years the majority of young people in this country will have a religion and culture different from our own we're faced with a problem of survival the arrival of the aquarius means safe haven for some but a political solution to the migration crisis remains remote so that people do not fall prey to traffickers and smugglers so it's about. a human
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situation that needs to be a manager you know human way for the latest arrivals the politics will have to wait for now a few minutes to play with new toys and celebrate their survival karl penhall al-jazeera the lindsay of spain. voting is taking place in colombia for sunday's deeply divisive presidential runoff election the electorate is choosing between conservative candidate. and his left wing rival gustavo petro it's the first major vote since the government signed a peace deal with the rebels in twenty sixteen ending decades of civil war or we can go now to any gallagher who's in the stakes and the pretty high in this election. they are very high voting has been underway for about four hours we've got another four hours to go before the polls close we've got two candidates with two very different visions for this country and as you said
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a divided electorate and let's talk about a van dyk a briefly. a fairly new comer to colombian politics at the age of forty one picked by alberto rebate a palmer president who has a controversial human rights record he wants to be tough on law and order he wants to boost business and then on the opposite side of the political spectrum we have gustavo petro leftist candidate former governor someone who wants to redistribute the land here tackle inequality and reduce his country's reliance on carbon emissions but let's just take a closer look at this leftist candidate petro and see what kind of policies he stands for and the challenges he may face if elected. petro has come to the imagination of colombia's young voters his stance on tackling inequality reducing reliance on carbon fuels and ending the status quo of right wing politics appeals to a new generation even if. it's not i think. it's time to end two hundred years of
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the same families governing us this is the chance for free citizenship and equality for all i think is the only candidate that has a long term vision for our country when it comes to fighting climate change and creating a modern liberal democracy. no stranger to politics gustavo petro is a former member of the end ninety. a rebel group four years ago he became the mayor of one of the most powerful political positions in the country his tenure was marred by controversy critics say petros autocratic style was abrasive a supporter of the historic peace accords with the fog rebels this intellect of the left has emerged as a real contender whatever happens gustavo petro has a distinction of being the most successful leftist candidate in this country's history he does however face some stiff opposition particularly from those in the business community say a petro presidency could lead to economic ruin. oh when we meet mario hernandez at
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his factory in bogota he's enthusiastically handing out caps emblazoned with the name of petros opponent even dukie and mendez is one of the biggest manufacturers in colombia like many in the business community he's concerned that petros policies are antibusiness. i don't know what he hears against the productive class he wants to take land from to be gone and give a small plots of land to farmers that's not how you run the country you have to generate employment doxies and consumption. to window through needs the support of undecided voters like artist gabrielle or sanchez she's leaning towards the fifty eight year old and tells us she's feeling pressure to decide i've seen it and this social media a lot of people all the time say if you vote for. people like this. and a lot of hate. for decades colombia's fought against leftist guerrillas now one is
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a leading presidential candidate with a chance of shaping this country's future. it's important as a juror that these presidential elections both the first one up in may and this one here today have been the safest in this country's recent history at the moment the last opinion polls are closed a few days before the voting began indicate that a van do kate is in the lead but voters here do have a choice they can vote blanco all blank and many moderate voters here you see both these candidates as being too far left or too far right may very well do that but we are expecting the results here in colombia in about six now half hours and that will give colombians a clearer picture of what their future holds cover in columbus election for us thanks and. greece and macedonia have signed a deal to rename macedonia the republic of north macedonia agreement is supposed to
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end the decades long dispute but the day has been marked by violence go reports from lake press where the signing ceremony took place. an embrace twenty seven years in the making the prime ministers of greece and macedonia resolving their country's differences not just a name also in deed then on the morning machine we are not gathered here today to mourn the defeats of the past we are taking a historic step so that from now on it will only be winners. it was an unprecedented show optimism but both leaders acknowledged the difficulty of their achievement we're going to let me also see the us there is a need for trust courage and hope signing the final agreement for the name is of strategic importance for the two countries and you can move mountains they signed the agreement now delegations are over to the other side of the border for
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a working lunch this is just really the fairy first step of a process that's likely to take months and months. for nationalists the deal is nothing more than a betrayal on the greek side of the border four thousand protesters angered at the agreement fought with police it seems know about to reassurance about cooperation and unity will change their minds. both prime ministers hope the deal will be the beginning of closer relations among balkan countries and will eventually allow macedonia to join the european union and nato. vision that people in northern macedonia have is to one day have a passport and to feel like european citizens it is very important to them. before that happens both parliaments have to ratify the deal and macedonians are due to hold a referendum in september to officially change their country's name to the republic
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of north macedonia that and other challenges still to be faced before this long dispute is finally over. our jazeera side at this northern greece. talks between the un's. i am an envoy who three leaders have so far failed to reach an agreement martin griffiths arrived in the capital sana'a on saturday for the discussions to resolve fighting in hard data he now wants to meet with the head of the who things to try and advance the talks as the saudi led coalition continues to launch air strikes on the port city of hyundai the nearly five thousand families have been forced to leave their homes due to escalating violence. or to come here on al-jazeera including two years old and separated from her family of the border the image that tells the tale of the u.s. government's controversial zero tolerance immigration policy. and the bangladesh factory where cigarettes are rolled by children rights groups want action but
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families say they need the money. welcome back look at weather conditions around the events in western parts of asia across some eastern areas we've got a few showers across kansas stan as becky stan but jenny weather conditions aren't looking too bad fine around the southern side to the caspian sea thirty five degrees celsius in meissen in tehran we have got some showers though right in the black sea coast and also dan rather mediterranean coastline of turkey in particular elsewhere looking pretty warm still for baghdad that thirty nine degrees right into forty one for the following twenty four hours heading down into the arabian peninsula weather conditions here are pretty static at the moment temperatures jerry low to mid forty's make it forty five.


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