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cigarettes are rolled by children rights groups want action but families say they need the money. welcome back look at weather conditions around the levant and western parts of asia you see across some eastern areas we've got a few showers across kansas stan is back is down but generally weather conditions aren't looking too bad fine around the southern side of the caspian sea thirty five degrees celsius in tehran we have got some showers though around the black sea coast and also down rather mediterranean coastline of turkey in particular elsewhere looking pretty warm still for baghdad about thirty nine degrees right into forty one for the following twenty four hours heading down into the arabian peninsula weather conditions here are pretty static at the moment temperatures jerry in the low to mid forty's meca forty five here in tow how we look at high of
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forty two degree celsius winds words if you like that mode but likely to freshen in the coming days so as head down into southern portions of africa where it's looking largely fine but we have got this cloud pushing across parts of south africa given the risk of some rain for cape town but otherwise most places looking dry and fine johannesburg not particular warm struggling to nineteen degrees celsius as celsius as a maximum for the north it should be fine across in back way and sound we're looking at highs of twenty four degrees in harare the nice and twenty six in a psycho and it should be another fine day cross much of namibia.
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the foreign ministry. welcome back is a reminder of our top stories home six hundred refugees and migrants have arrived in the spanish quarter valencia a week off to italy and malta turned them away. colombians are voting in their first presidential runoff since the twenty sixteenth peace deal with foch rebels photos of choosing between conservative candidate who can his left wing rival
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gustavo petro. greece and macedonia have signed a deal to rename macedonia the republican north macedonia the agreement is supposed to end a decades long dispute but opposition protests continuing in greece police fired tear gas at some protestors. it's the final weekend of campaigning in the in turkey ahead of next sunday's parliamentary and presidential elections turkish president. and the opposition h d p have been holding separate gravity's in istanbul sin and cos the old has this update from a do on israeli. first attack on the state saying that the stuff of love is every right to show how important the city's response to the career so why the action that is going to take place went to war using tradition for jack's next one spends less than projects that are specially prepared for stumbles such as
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. knows that this number is only for the elections because what it's meant to live population to fill. stuff is like the heart of the sprawling place it is not only is it more earthy it is also the culture and also find out that the political parties have gained support yes for their support and stuff but when you look at last year's in africa the. six person people that yes for his for a special. which means the skeptics down for an hour john at least two percent plus. front porch when the majority is a presidential candidate. at least eighteen people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in eastern afghanistan the blast targeted crowds of taliban
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fighters security forces and civilians celebrating the ied holiday in the city of jalalabad health officials say forty nine others were wounded in the incident no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but it follows saturday's bomb blast in one province which was claimed by eisel fighters. while the taliban says its fighters will begin leaving government controlled areas of afghanistan on sunday rejecting a decision by the government to extend the ceasefire beyond the end of ied security forces and taliban fighters have been celebrating the three day muslim festival to be together in cities across the country but questions remain about what will happen when the cease fire ends at midnight local time critics say president had committed a grave mistake by allowing taliban fighters to enter areas under government control but others say there are signs of hope from the ceasefire. it was unprecedented it was remarkable and i think it was better than anyone to hopeful
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that there was some worry that the ceasefire wouldn't hold it was a mutual cease fire for three days by both afghan and taliban and actually american forces for three days it held but i think this it does seem sort of afghans both taliban and government soldiers and civilians embracing each other celebrating it tries to get better at playing cricket eating ice cream as you say. pictures of television giving government soldiers roses this was unprecedented and i think only wholly unexpected except that i think for many of us we've got that there there is a deep yearning for peace among afghans but civilians and foot soldiers and if this could be harnessed you could see the beginning of a peace process not hopefully this is this is what we are seeing at the moment.
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young children some barely of school age are being paid a dollar a day to make cigarettes in bangladesh that's according to human rights groups have been edging the government to do more to enforce child labor laws but they admit the difficulties as children's families rely on the money that they shall stratford sent us this report this is a cigarette manufacturing factory in bangladesh but there are a few if any machines working. al-jazeera secretly filmed these pictures the reason the factory owner refused to spur a mission to film is because of the children working here. the bangladesh government says it's doing all it can to crack down on child labor but there is little evidence of that in this factory. some of the children making these cheap cigarettes non-locally as babies look barely ten years old. but the money they earn helps their families survive many children work at home making the paper choose
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which is sent to the factory to be filled with tobacco they get around forty cents for every three thousand chooks the average wage is around a dollar a day. fifteen year old was some of the sheets a cartoon works with her younger brothers and sisters making babies four days a week but unlike many others in the industry she also goes to school you guys go to a bar we work to help our family this is how we survive my parents taught me this line of work at a very young age i don't like doing it you have to sit in the same position and work long hours we don't even make that much money. according to the bangladesh label the minimum legal age for employment is fourteen united nations children's agency unicef says in force mode is difficult because of where most of the children work in small factories workshops from home. will. people this should be
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a different choice of jobs for these people other than the tobacco industry they are at least two million people working nationwide in this sector this should be alternative employment opportunities provided by government for these workers then we ourselves have been willing to shut down this sector. funded issues finance minister has repeatedly called for the beauty factories about one hundred twenty of them to be closed down. a recent study by the human rights organization praga focused on nine factories it found around fifteen thousand of the twenty one thousand workers with children some as young as four years old charles stratford al-jazeera at least thirty one people have died in twin suicide blasts in northeast nigeria the bombs went off in the town of dumbo in borno state local officials suspect armed group boko haram of carrying out the attack but no group has claimed responsibility. the fate of migrants is at the center of
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a heated political debate in the united states as part of president donald trump's new zero tolerance policy thousands of children have been separated from their parents at the us mexico border and it's this image of a two year old honduran girl that's gone viral the little girl is crying as she watches her mother getting searched and detained at the texas border while attempting to claim asylum the white house says the crackdown will quote send a message to future asylum seekers not to bring their children to the border if they don't want to be separated from them by kana as more from washington. looming in the background to the ongoing debate about immigration is the administration's zero tolerance policy as it puts it now that was introduced by attorney general jeffrey sessions which leads to families being split up at the border children being put into detention centers while their parents go through
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a legal process now this is created much public concern much public debate and also debate and concern among politicians who are about to vote on immigration measures in the week ahead the house leader paul ryan has brought a compromise bill as he puts it that will deal with the issue of dreamers these are undocumented children who entered the country with their parents years ago now this bill will legalize this situation it will allow them eventually to get us citizenship but what it also does is imposes incredibly strict controls in family link immigration it also provides billions of dollars for president trumps wall now the situation that we have here is that conservative republicans describe this bill as an amnesty they say they going to vote against it moderate republicans want to vote for it democrats say no they will not vote for this bill because it provides billions of dollars for a wall that they will not accept so you have legislation pending in congress that
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is being attacked from both sides as it were and compounding the situation is president trump on friday he said no i don't support this compromise bill subsequently his assistants walked that back and said no he would support that compromise bill as well as a conservative bill that may be voted on so a great degree of confusion while thousands of children are in detention centers in various parts of counties lining the mexican border. israel has introduced a bill that would make it an offense to film its soldiers the move targets rights groups which regularly film israeli soldiers to expose abuse in twenty sixteen the group filmed this footage of an israeli soldier shooting dead and incapacitated palestinian an incident which led to international condemnation if passed it could see those found guilty face between five and ten years in jail. eight people have
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been killed in a shootout and house fire in nicaragua is capital it's shattered a short lived truce between president daniel ortega and the protesters who want him gone among those killed in managua with six members of one family all should judge and reports. police in managua say a group of hooded men through fire bombed into this house. a family of six killed in the fire included two children medics failed to resuscitate. my two cousins survived one was burned and the other was hit she fell onto the balcony she was thrown and glass toward my body my hands my head as we got out of here he got out by for his. neighbors assisted firefighters and dousing the blaze while helping survivors escape from the balcony they say police surrounded the house and burned it after the owner refused to let them place a sniper on the roof to guard
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a nearby checkpoint. the owners had nothing to do with this they were christian people in the policeman lift the porch they wanted to burn the house and they managed to put in a police say they will investigate the cause of the fire the. protests began two months ago after a decision by president daniel ortega to cut pensions. ortega's critics say the former revolutionary leader is running a corrupt government protesters want him to step down and the government to implement democratic reforms the opposition really won't be happy with anything less than a premature departure from the presidency of ortega human rights groups say at least one hundred seventy mostly young people have been killed since mid april and confrontations between heavily armed soldiers and demonstrators armed with rocks and slingshots. protesters are calling on ortega's government to end the violence
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which the president blames on foreign agitators and drug cartels the latest violence flared hours after troops have been signed between the government and civic groups right now there's no external institution and no internal. real leadership that can bring about a change here who does not make name in the president has yet to respond to demands by the catholic church for early elections ortega's third term as head of one of the poorest countries in the americas is set to end in two thousand and twenty one the violence meanwhile has splintered the country between loyalists and protestors slowing down tourism investments and grinding the country's economy to a halt. on al-jazeera in the united states women are being encouraged to take pen to paper and write about their hopes for the future a pop art exhibits in washington follows the global women's months last year that
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advocated everything from reproductive rights to empowerment in the workplace and estabrook reports. women of the future i hope they have listened. heather thompson is writing a letter to the daughters she may one day have describing a world she hopes will be different from her own made to really go out on a night how an office where. thompson is among hundreds of visitors to washington's hirshhorn museum penning letters to the next generation of women to future women is a six month pop up art installation inspired by the women's march of twenty seventeen visitors write letters then taped them to a window overlooking the mall where marchers met in washington last year when i was little use write letters make it yourself because i thought it. the project is the brainchild of artist georges saxelby who says her participation in the march inspired her to communicate to the young women of tomorrow i want future women to
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know that we were thinking of them and that we understood that the changes we want for them as a culture that we ignored our role today in creating. the letters here really run the gamut in this letter a woman writes to her daughters that she hopes in twenty years the glass ceiling is permanently shattered and in other letters women talk about hoping to live in a world where they don't have to live in fear men are encouraged to contribute letters as well chris says his two daughters inspired him to write about a world with unlimited opportunities i don't ever want them to be held back i don't ever want them to feel like their last for any reason saxelby hopes to collect up to three thousand letters they'll be archived and opened in twenty thirty seven on the twentieth anniversary of the women's march saxelby thinks the time span is long enough for real change to happen and short enough for the next generation of women
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to appreciate the accomplishments of those who came before them die in estabrook al-jazeera washington. there's been a shock result of the world cup in russia mexico of defeated defending champions germany in their opening match p.s.v. midfielder ving lozano scored the winning goal in the thirty fifth minute despite many chances on target orkin loeb's team could not find an equaliser many have not lost an opening world cup game since one thousand nine hundred two. time for a quick look at our top stories before we go more than six hundred refugees and migrants arrived in the spanish portable in syria a week after italy and mull to turn them away the red cross has called on european
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union member states to follow spain's example and put into practice the humanitarian values promoted by the e.u. polling stations opened in colombia for sunday's deeply divisive presidential runoff voters are choosing between conservative candidate do kay and his left wing rival gustavo petro it's the first major vote since the government signed a peace deal with fog rebels in twenty sixteen greece and macedonia have signed a deal to rename macedonia north macedonia the agreement is supposed to end a decades long dispute but opposition protests are continuing in greece police fired tear gas at some of the protesters nonetheless greece's prime minister hailed the agreement again a free news from it the simplest both and we're not here today to mourn the defeats of the past we are making a historic step in order from now on only to be winners to heal the wounds of the past to open the way to peace cooperation co-development not only for our countries
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but for all the balkan countries for all of europe. talks between the un's new yemen and boy rebel who three leaders have failed to end fighting in a data. led coalition has launched an offensive including air strikes to take the port city prompting fears of a humanitarian catastrophe nearly five thousand from being forced to leave their homes due to escalating violence. at least thirty one people have died in twin suicide blasts in northeast nigeria the bombs went off in the town of dumbo in borno state local officials suspect boko haram carried out the attack but no group has claimed responsibility. at least eighteen people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in eastern afghanistan the blast targeted crowds of taliban fighters security forces and civilians celebrating the holiday in the city of
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jalalabad. that's all from us for now inside story is next. oh once refugees and migrants rescued from the mediterranean sea six hundred thirty sailed into the spanish to talk to italy and mom to turn them away being stranded at sea for mine days has highlighted the migration dispute between members can they are the common beds deep divisions this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm elizabeth piron i'm the arguments over who should take responsibility for refugees arriving in europe a heating up again leaders have long been divided about how to handle the migrant crisis which is being highlighted by the gruelling voyage undertaken by six hundred thirty migrants in spain they've been stranded at sea for more than a week because of a diplomatic row a street in malta refused to accept them after being rescued from other crowded dinghies off the coast of libya well after much debate the new spanish government allowed the charity ship aquarius and two other vessels to dock in valencia but almost two million migrants poured into europe at the peak of the refugee crisis four years ago the total has dropped dramatically since then the united nations refugee agency says as he has welcomed fifteen thousand three hundred migrants this year greece twelve thousand and spain one thousand five hundred the e.u.
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struck a deal to turkey two years ago to stop the uncontrolled flow of migrants across the agency other countries such as austria and hungary took a more hardline approach. by building border fences the hunger areas and poland refused to implement the e.u.'s plan to resettle refugees throughout its member states well because asylum seekers must lodge their applications in the first e.u. country they enter italy and greece in the front line for migrants crossing the mediterranean sea and as the immigration sentiment has increased in europe with right wing parties who want tougher rules making gains in austria germany and italy with his widespread agreement that the e.u. needs to overhaul asylum and immigration laws but disagreement on how and e.u. summit is due to discuss new rules in brussels at the end of this month. we'll get to our guests in a moment but first let's talk to her. she's a humanitarian affairs advisor for m.s.f. and she is joining us from the landsea very good to have you with us on al-jazeera
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so tell us about the condition that these refugees and migrants are in and what's going to happen to them now. courageous are have to soon again to pull aside ends meet on pool one hundred sixty four only we decided to keep on board our system opponent will people those were injured or those with six teams who hadn't had a christmas tree properly and after almost drowning at sea pregnant women and children. and then the keys to come to the other refugee center and migrants into a group of six hundred twenty nine that we had rescued over do we count on us to eat or who were transferred to us the reason why people were transferred to ships of the italian navy at the time in perth is simply because the a part of the ship
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operated by a surveillance and a myth that. east not equipped to do such a long journey from the coast of libya to say especially in bad weather condition and especially civil overcrowded but all that triggered that situation that we call the necessary cruelty that has been imposed and then each decision of the tenure of her eighty's to deny us disembarkation whereas until now we had been able to do so and park in italy and what i sadly there is to see that people some of the most honorable people people who have fled conflict and persecution people who have experienced extremely difficult decisions and very high level of violence in libya where then again used as bargaining chips in european chests of chess game bradbury dead their lives through foremost and before anything and the other
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consideration must had sorry now that they are on land can they expect a fair application process to settle in europe do you think. yes and we hoping that they will dismantle thirty's had been between the has been extremely welcoming we have been in contact with this body shop for a t.v. especially on the medical cases on our patients but we also have been in contact with protection agencies such as the men high commissioner for refugees with the organization of the odio going to share international migration the dust bunnies authorities have given assurances that these people will be able to claim asylum should they wish to claim asylum there's a number of organizationally rooting against you was providing legal advice who could help these people but do you know when we should not take the situation of this six hundred twenty nine people as
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a precedent that needs to be renewed or symptomatic of the treatment of migrants and refugees europeans so that one of the greatest concerns of them as separate specially ahead of the european council is dad migration policies of focus on containment and restrictive migration policies and on making sure that people do not reach. their shores of europe at any cost and the cost that m.s.f. sees in each country in the project in libya even. in in the mediterranean. and in the range of the countries east of human cults of status trick to fund these and the avoidable suffering that is imposed on people who like you when we just one of the better life and to feel safe massage sorry it's great to get your thoughts on the thank you very much for your time. when it's bringing
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our guests now from geneva by skype is william lacy sway the director general of the international organization for migration and from by skype as francesco gandhi at the head of the. a little risk consultancy policy sino thank you both very much for joining us and mr lacy swig i'm going to start with you we just heard from m.s.f. that the europe's policy at the moment of turning of refugees away is quote is causing avoidable suffering what is the european governments obligations towards rescued refugees and migrants and are they meeting them when they turn them away well quite clearly. the number one priority always has to be to save life. we lost five thousand people in the mediterranean in two thousand and sixteen thirty four hundred last year and we're approaching a thousand this year and about fifty thousand sets the earth year two thousand that those are the ones we know about there are many others lost in the sands of this
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are now in the bottom of the mediterranean will never be able to see or to count so clearly we all have an obligation to save lives and in that regard you need a unified policy that will allow people at least to have their case heard. and look at the various options that would be available but right now we are suffering from what i would call and what obvious a lot of this call refugee amnesia forgetting that i owe him my organization was founded in one thousand nine hundred fifty one precisely to bring europeans ravaged by the second world war to save shores and you lives and sixty one years ago several hundred thousand hungry of us were over received with open arms in our sphere and former yugoslavia interesting then that hungary is one of the countries that has one of the toughest policies to woods better g.'s and migrants at the moment. why do you think the european union is lacking that sort of unified stance
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and response that mr lacy swagg is talking about why we seeing a push back to words of refugees and migrants now i can obviously speak slaves in the wilds i can tell you is that the current majority in parliament and the government backed by these minority is an anti-establishment majority m. the one of the reasons they needed to power is that it campaigned on immigration. the narrative is very much in now law and soy with a strong emphasis on the past because you were it. what we have are these days in italy is a situation with more and more more people in social endangerment. also unemployment especially among the younger people and the growing sense of insecurity that's obviously related to perceptions not to the actual threat
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so i think that what we have these days is strictly related to the feelings or that is how young the majority of italians which is reflected in the new living collect we live beyond and obviously in the geopolitical turmoil around easily the new minister here you're a strong man the leader of the league amodeo savini has just publicly pledged that he will probably live. to patch up a solution as we all know that a deal has been in place with the libyan tribes and does so far and it does things is the deal as that low of both peoples literally has been stand the big question now is obviously whether they will be possible once again to strike a deal with libyan tribes them to lower my ground from sub-saharan africa or whether this would not be possible egypt in addition to libya is often quoted as a reliable partner to stop the lies waiting. in the salacious when
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a little bit of refugees and migrants are being sent back to libya should they be given the political situation in that country and not only that but the conditions and the detention centers the detention camps that u.n. agencies have really spoken out against and have called appalling. yes i have been to the detention centers twice and will be going there again in about a week's time. we've tried to reason with this government that first of all we should begin by a humanitarian act of separating the man and the women that would be the first thing to be done secondly we should start turning these detention centers into open reception severs we are currently taking at least one flight a day out of libya taking these people home from the detention centers the problem is the smugglers business model the minute libyan coast guard brings
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a group of shore we give them medical aid we give them psychosocial l. i gina kids and all of that but then they go right back into the detention center so i'm hoping that we can give incentive to let us take these people directly home rather than to dissensions center and one of the main problems many problems rather with these detention center is again u.n. agencies have said that the libyan coast guard is actually in some conditions at in some cases working well the people smugglers as well until we can break these people smugglers. business model is all about money is very much in twined with the international criminal networks drugs and guns and people it's much easier to run people than drugs and guns and very proper about thirty five billion dollars a year until we can break up that and bring these smugglers to trial yet we have
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made very few significant prosecutions in the last year or two and i said earlier to you know you know european governments say that they don't want to encourage people smugglers by taking any those who are using their services but is it as simple as that no of course not all but i think that what is now happening is something that we've never seen before. things. moving very slowly but they are moving it really and. stopping talks and believe me these talks are not just that i was my go my friends not just a why their way. which is all about projecting geopolitical and your economic influence and no break italy and france i'm not just arguing about who gets how many make it they are arguing about. who brings the oil companies friends in coming in. who gets what in here nice guy who gets
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wall in tripoli time yet there is no romans. we should never take any great amount separately from other big us used to. call them in their engine equation and an oil and you can target them that the so they say swing it's not just as silly and from the arguing about you know who should take how many migrants and refugees there was. a plan to resettle some one hundred thousand back in two thousand and sixteen and two countries hungary and poland refused to be a part of it what do you make of that you know should they face repercussions for this it was a mandatory plan. well it's ironic that these tougher measures and more conservative moves are taking place now at a time when the numbers are rising up and dropping dramatically secondly we have to
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keep perspective the one point five million my parents who came north in two thousand and sixteen is a less than one percent of europe's population of five hundred fifty million people lebanon with four have million population as one of their million syrians on their territory and a half million palestinians so i think this is a perspective now that is lacking there are ways to manage this sense unfortunately when the chance for declare their shop and us i think she must have assumed that a number of the other twenty seven partners in the union would have followed and helped out a bit and it would have been a very small amount of work and burden for anyone but that didn't happen as we now know and now unfortunately we have the situation that you have we have taken a hundred thousand migrants back home in the last year people who wanted
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voluntarily to go home and we continue to do that we've taken thirty thousand migrants out of the tension centers and another ten thousand along the migratory bat who felt they want to go home so we're doing what we can to support this but without unity in the european states it's not going to happen and the dahlia to this seems to be a lack of unity not just between different european countries but within the governments themselves you know mr lacy swing was talking about the german chancellor angela merkel those perhaps being one of the most welcoming lead is world leaders to refugees and migrants and now she is facing you know a huge standoff with a new interior minister who's saying that refugees and migrants at the border have to be turned back and has created this new coalition with the austrians and the italians so is. this mythical looking increasingly along here you are perfectly right what we are seeing is the issue of my guns overlapping with the run
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up to the next elections and before then with a full two thousand and eighteen but managed regional elections. that it is true that in germany say they will leave at loggerheads with the variance. and that with quite close to it billy because they are good strong domestic security. and with other nationalities these are. it's also sad to say that. the issue of the immigration and it made of a new nation will be a decisive one in the run up to the next the us elections because at the heart of this runoff is they. aren't being process who sides with whom under which brand and so obviously this is a time in history where you have the old bishan all political families the soft elites and the european popular but you also have
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a new bren's ally france is that all match so my strong spot and this is a time when the old friends will have to decide whether in order to survive that when on board you. put in stands that seat it's a school in good time and they need not medical on his name but the thing is there would be quite keen on getting closer to the me after all let's let's remember that we already have a very solid brand member of the p.p. and that is big hormonal i'm going to. get in italy will we also have another phase the the coalition needs a five star movement which has truly wanted longs to do in the grose future right now in strides very good is. under the same rule with the u.k.'s nigel far out in the lote tuqiri will have to decide whether a long break my role or it wants to go down
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a different route so you are right if you is that. very silly shuttling the entire political. landscape in your home mr lacey saying everybody agrees that here ups and the gratian policies and laws need to be reworked because they're not working at the moment what do you think needs to happen especially to things like the dublin regulation which have sane font line countries greece and as for me take a disproportionate number of refugees and migrants well clearly when you have this many people dying along migratory as there's something wrong with policies clearly what's lacking here is perspective but it is a political crisis not a migrant crisis the numbers are not that large it would be manageable providing
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you had a unified comprehensive good long term migration and asylum policy which all agreed a bump it would then be manageable and by the way the africans are often not all coming north south south migration within africa where i spent thirty years of my career is just as large as south north language so it's not as if there were an invasion it is not in the numbers that follow we are trying to negotiate a global compact on migration we think that that work with dress the issue but you're going to have issues like this for example europe wants more migrants to be sent home and her going to want more legal pathways to europe and the driving forces are such that this is not going to matters of the media. mr golly i mean the average. start the cigar yet the hell is the result of that and right now the top rate is not actually. the protocol.
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they use. it is just about dealing with the symptoms and basically dealing managing the logistical springboards or i'm libya and tunisia and this is where this is where all these are young. so it is care law. it is not in a position of alone to deal with the deeper roots or the base whether it is a political issue or a micro and migration e.s.u. it's probably a mix of. italy is not a position to deal with the deeper cold does it tell you with the symptoms there is a president in two thousand and eight which is the. yeah it's years of playing war indemnification libya. the topic committed to stemming the flow of
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immigrants but that was a law that originated from libya whereas now libya is moral for the just because spring board and clothes are originating in mostly in sub-saharan africa mr lacy swing the european union's way of dealing with this issue so far you know mr ghali i think was speaking about their only dealing with the symptoms and not the causes as they have seen from money at sort of third party countries to stop refugees and migrants from leaving like the e.u. turkey dale can we expect more deals between the european and say now north african countries. well i think we have right now are a fairly fragile african union european union coalition that includes the international organization for migration and the un high commission for refugees we are working together there is a viable i think it's important to keep that going you really need partnerships in
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this because it can be resolved along need to be as much a unity as possible across the board i think. we've made a lot of progress so far of numbers i gave you of people that have voluntarily returned all but the drivers are such that large scale migration is going to be and remain a megatrend of our century you have the median age you know south africa is fifteen in europe is fifty. and we need to have programs of government and government programs of public education public information to help people to understand better why what this is all about and how they can manage it gentlemen nearly at the end of our program mr gandhi i am going to give you the last say here we have that european union summit on migration coming up at the end of this month what is the best that you think can come out of this. it's in the
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capable or fixing libya or and dealing with libyan tribes it will need. an answer commitments from other countries and it will greater willingness by other european countries mediterranean ones to take up the new grounds. but it's perfectly capable of dealing with it with live beyond the thing is normally this is associated with money so does the libyan libyans i ask for money absolutely or or explicitly but this is no money involved so the big issue is that italy is not willing to pay an indefinite amount of money along we'll share we'll have to share the burden with our. or mr gallia to thank you very much for that that is fine cesco gallia joining us from rohan and william lacy swing joining us from geneva and thank you too for watching you can see the program
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facing realities what do you think reunification of look like there are to people think the peace for unification is the only option for prosperity deal for south korea hear this story on talk to al-jazeera. seven million live in the school each one is still a. demonstrably tool. with documentary. method circumstances and facts that point her to this murder confessions are useless without corroboration she thought they are questioning her about her being a victim of a rape not a suspect in a murder case newly false confession involves a completely made up story some will say anything thinking they can fix it later but there's no fixing it later when the statements are used against them in a court of law this system has job on al-jazeera. for
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twenty three years mustn't has collected objects he finds along the coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with the story for every object he's become an environmental activist uninspired. and a voice for the plight of countless markets. might using such an al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello there good to have you with us on jonah this is the news hour live from london and coming up in the next sixty minutes. it's become
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a symbol of europe's broken migration policy the rescue ship aquarius finally docks in spain on board hundreds of refugees turned away by italy. colombians head to the polls for a presidential runoff that could jeopardize a peace deal with form of rebels. a peaceful signing so on the one hand tear gas and riot police on the other what's in a name well quite a lot when it comes to greece and massive though. i'm joined again hala bill you're well cut nice including the biggest shock of the town and so far defending champions germany he's won now to mexico have the action coming up in the news hour. and we begin in spain where more than six hundred refugees and migrants have
2:50 am
arrived in the port of valencia a week after italy and multiverse turned them away they were stranded at sea for more than a week before spain agreed to take them in their plight sparked an international outcry and calls for reform of e.u. policy on migration call pinhole has more now from valencia. on dry land at last clearly happy to be here. special care for pregnant women those that toddlers and others most vulnerable these migrants and refugees were forced to spend the week at sea on european union leaders squabble of the migration policy and show ship. are just doing their work are saving lives as in the ben and humanitarian organization saving lives is not a crime and we're not a course of this situation we're also not the solution what we are at the end this is a symptom of a failing of the european governments relief workers say many migrants landing in spain were tortured in libyan detention centers or may have been traded
2:51 am
a six slaves after a health check from medical workers migrants disembarked to be registered by police and assessed it's the start of a months long process while the recounts are scrutinised and the government decides who will be allowed to stay as refugees it's unacceptable that the those ones we wish to protect. i don't understand what's going on here i mean imagine that you have to explain to people that they are safe now but the next steps are completely empty spain's incoming socialist government has welcomed the charity ship aquarius and the two italian vessels but not all share that enthusiasm. hours before the ships docked and anti immigrant fringe party organized a portside protest they fear a migrant influx will change the spanish way of life but you're going to get you know your family or the other people in the next ten or fifteen years the majority
2:52 am
of young people in this country will have a religion and culture different from our own we're faced with a problem of survival the arrival of the aquarius means safe haven for some but a political solution to the migration crisis remains remote so that people. so it's about. a human. you know human way for the latest arrivals the politics will have to wait for now a few minutes to play with new toys and celebrate their survival help a whole al-jazeera spain. well i'm joined by rosa spreed man who's a professor of law conflict and global development at the university of reading joining us on skype good to see you again rosa we've been speaking about this over the last couple days as aquarius made its way to spain it's now home and safe but
2:53 am
there is a wider issue isn't there about safety at sea about saving lives absolutely i mean the wider issue has been ongoing for the last four or five years and we've known about this across europe but instead of taking the steps that we needed to take in order to make sure that these individuals have their rights are held they are processed in able to be resettled across europe it's timely manner instead what we've seen is a lot of political discussion but not much real move but. there's a lot of outrage of course in terms of those issues directed at italy in terms of its breaches of human rights over this issue in terms of the breach of international law of the sea for instance but does it's really have a point that it's been let down by e.u. migration policy and forced onto the front line but there is now a legitimate call for burden sharing. well that we've seen even with the in italy
2:54 am
very different opinions some mayors saying that italy has always been a place where migrants can and a place to safety and refuge from the sea and i don't want to feed into the populist stance that parts of the government taking but we have led to very many years across europe that the dublin regulation the law all this is that wherever a migrant first lands is where they must claim asylum or seek residency simply does not work for the time i gratian that we've been seeing over recent years and in fact decades what do you foresee as the prospects that this e.u. meeting at the end of the month in trying to resolve that issue. well we're getting time for a very long tory in that and heads of states and ministers will meet together to remove result this is if you see in time and again is that nothing changes indeed the more that we have populist governments and progressive governments trying to come together in the european union bloc and find a common position the more that we see that the lowest common denominator prevails
2:55 am
and the wiring thing is it so many points of so many people particularly the right to life is just being violated during that time and it does increasingly look doesn't it we spoke about this does increasingly look as if there is an almost existential wedge being driven right through the heart of the e.u. on this issue of migration three years down the line since angela merkel effectively opened the floodgates to hundreds of thousands one point eight million or something of come in the e.u. is splintering in a very real way. and i think that the migrant crisis is the tipping point for the e.u. internet aren't very many of the issues within the european union but what we're saying it is existential issue it's really causing great splintering between nation states and their approaches you have on the one hand angry that wants to build and build physical walls dickie migrants out and you have
2:56 am
a countries like germany who wanted to have open arms and said we have an aging population we need migrants and welcome mike brooks in and we respect every wants and then rise of the far right within those countries as a reaction to those very sensible policies on apologise for a slightly cracked way scott weiland them and i think we've got most of that useful analysis from rosa friedman many thanks for your time thank you. politicians in the united states will debate a new immigration policy in the coming days as the trumpet ministration faces increasing criticism over its actions and its border with mexico or than two thousand children have been separated from their families their parents have been detained and charged with illegally entering the country the government is being widely accused of using them as political pawns mike hanna reports from washington and the consequence of what the trump administration calls
2:57 am
a zero tolerance policy hundreds of children being held in bleak detention centers separated from parents who are facing charges of illegal immigration this is the backdrop to ongoing negotiations in congress about a new immigration bill the house speaker paul ryan backing what he calls compromise legislation that he claims will address the separation of families while toughening up restrictions on family linked immigration and earmark billions of dollars for a border wall a wall president trump continues to insist is essential to combat gang violence just weeks ago an illegal m.-s. there came gang member was arrested for allegedly murdering a man and burning his body the gang member reportedly entered our country through declaring a little palls for unaccompanied airlie and minors. the democrats allow
2:58 am
those loopholes to be there. and democrats like senator jeff merkley vigorously dismiss the executive linkage of gang violence and immigration he's been refused access to several detention centers and on this father's day will lead a delegation of fellow democrats in another bid to investigate conditions that a number of republicans to have raised concerns what the administration has decided to do is to separate children from their parents to try to send a message that if you cross the border with children your children are going to be ripped away from you that's traumatizing to the children who are innocent their towns and it is contrary to our values but trump supporters like steve bannon remain unapologetic to zero tolerance it's a crime to come across illegally and showing a separate i mean i hate to say that's that's the law and he's enforcing the law
2:59 am
and other trump advisers have also confirmed the separation of children from parents is part of a conscious strategy an increasing number of republicans are deeply disturbed about what many perceive as a cold blooded and inhumane policy decision one that could have a major impact on the choice of voters in midterm elections later this year. a tough line on immigration may be welcomed by many trumps supporters the question is how many would draw the line at the forcible separation of children from parents as part of a political strategy mike hanna i'll just hear a washington. well this image of a two year old home during a girl has gone viral the little girl is crying as she watches her mother getting searched and detained at the texas border while attempting to claim asylum the white house says the crackdown will quote send a message to future asylum seekers to not bring their children to the border if they want don't want to be separated from them. well michelle branch is the
3:00 am
director of migrant rights and justice at the women's refugee commission she spoke to us about the experiences of families and children at the border the focus here in the united states by this administration has been to separate families and to separate as many families as they can and what i observed at the border on thursday and friday were families being processed they're separated immediately upon entering the border patrol station and then children are sent off to shelters but in the meantime they're held in a processing center which is entirely inappropriate for children they're literally being held in cages in a giant warehouse separate from their parents and in many cases their parents are shipped off to court while the children remain there with no care really i mean there's no supervision there is no toys there's no recreation they're just sitting alone crying or are talking to each other in a fenced in their areas within
3:01 am
a warehouse it's true tony there's no explanation given to parents or.


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