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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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uncleaned turbulent still struggle palestinian. history of a revolution on jews you know. i am from saudis my grave warring regarding the saudi monarchy led coalition's ongoing attacks per day which could result in enormous civilian casualties and. a stern warning from the united nations about the humanitarian effects of the violence in yemen. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the battle for libya's oil warlord khalifa haftar attempts to reclaim the terminals from armed
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groups. conservative candidate i've been to a wednesday columbia election but what will this mean for the deal with far. and hanging in the balance a crunch a french army chancellor and her coalition partner decides whether to stay in government. the outgoing u.n. human rights chief warns the offensive on the many port city of data could have disastrous humanitarian effects as a whole saying has given his final address to the u.n. human rights council in geneva this is before his term ends in august he had this message for saudi forces in yemen. i am for sighs my grave warring regarding the saudi monarchy led coalition's ongoing attacks in her data and which could result in enormous civilian casualties and have disastrous impact
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on lifesaving humanitarian aid to millions of people which comes through the port a while the battle for yemen some a strategic sea port is intensifying as saudi and emma riding back forces battle iranian supported who. has worn the who to unconditionally leave the area they sing a day to would kill a serious blow to the rebels also imports of food are cut off for seventy percent of the population. and reports. the three year war in yemen has reached what could be a crucial turning point with the battle for the port city of whole data system intervention of a saudi and number on the coalition to stop the rebels in two thousand and fifteen more than ten thousand people have been killed tens of thousands injured and millions displaced famine and outbreaks of cholera and diptheria have turned yemen into what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis now an offensive by pro-government
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forces on what data could result in another quarter million casualties and leave seventy percent of yemen's population without access to food medicine or relief supplies the coalition says rebels have been using the port not only to import food but also ballistic missiles that have been fired at targets inside saudi arabia but the u.n. fears this attack could spark an humanitarian crisis nearly two hundred people have been killed since the offensive for the key red sea port began on wednesday the u.n. says nearly five thousand families have had to flee their homes to stay alive every year we were safe at home and pro-government forces and who are fighting continuously we managed to flee. but some other. stock. displaced yemenis are seeking shelter from not only street fighting but also aerial attacks some of the families caught in the crossfire are camping in schools or makeshift
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shanties you know how. we started walking carrying our children while the apache helicopters hovered above we were scared not knowing with the will be shot or not we prayed we wouldn't get it there was nothing we could do. shuttle diplomacy by un special envoy to yemen march and griffiths hasn't succeeded so far who the spokesman has told al jazeera that the un special envoy has not asked with the fighters to hand over their weapons in return for saudis stopping there are strikes that. the un envoy did not ask to hand over arms in return of stopping the saudi airstrikes he also did not ask us to hand over her data or its airport the saudi government and the u.a.e. government are lying to people by claiming that the un and voice carrying such demands this is because they are trying to justify their military defeats and failures the discussions are part of ongoing search for a comprehensive solution that covers her data analysts believe the best outcome to
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keep thousands of people from being killed and millions from starving to death is for the two warring sides to reach a ceasefire agreement somehow. al-jazeera. came as a political analyst and editor in chief and publisher of the yemen post he says the death toll in the battle for data has been unprecedented right now what's happening on the ground. or you know. it gets cold over five hundred. by. those who have not been an hour winds. also. it's not believe how many how many air strikes five hundred air strikes. a chord are called could be christmas tree in the last two days alone but all the. death tolls are not being reported because of the quality. if you would on the media extra so it is unbelievable why view is happening and why it's not being able
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to stop especially after it becoming disasters and cause we hadn't had a chain crisis every day in a city that has over four million believe the levee and warlord khalifa haftar has launched an offensive to regain control of the northern oil terminals his forces lost control of the town of russell a new face on thursday afternoon attacked by rival groups the so-called oil crescent was seized by have ties forces in two thousand and sixteen civilians have reportedly been warned to stay away from that area and the key is from the university of texas at san antonio he says the fighting older further harm to the country but the problem is for libya drop in oil libya is. bankruptcy and the drop in oil production is going to libya's non-dualism hungry. forty percent of libya is a living below the poverty line thanks to this stupid war this is taking place to
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get more now from live in tripoli so tell us more about why the focus on this area what's so significant about it and that there is and there's been such a change. well. it seems that this oil christened area is one of the most strategic areas in libya especially it includes the four measurer oil terminals in the country including sidra and rust the north. is the largest oil refinery oil terminal in libya with production capacity of around four hundred forty seven thousand barrels per day and the rest of the north terminals comes second with oil production capacity of around two hundred twenty thousand barrels per day and by
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the way those two major oil terminals are currently under control of the full leader of the petroleum facilities guards brahim. who attacked the oil area and took the two major oil ports from forces loyal to engage in that i let her have her as you know ray shield at hefted his forces took control of the oil crescent in september twenty eighth sixteen and since then there has been poor addict fighting between have to force and arrive. in the area now according to local sources and in the air the number of casualties has risen to twenty eight. including two civilians two girls were killed yesterday by an airstrike should by a helicopter belonging to. and also
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the majority of the twenty six fighters that were killed since that offensive that was launched last thursday twenty six most of them most of the dead fighters belong to. now the national oil corporation based here in tripoli has been wanting of environmental disaster especially after the second tanker has been set on fire because of the of the fighting and also the embassies of the united nations of the embassies of the italy and of the united states have condemned the attack and the. latest military confrontations in the oil christened area now petroleum facilities gods headed by the former commander of the dan has been calling on the international community to chik violations committed by have to his forces in the area ratio but made up where he'd live for us in tripoli
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thank you the syrian regime is accusing the u.s. led coalition of bombing military positions in the east on sunday that claim though has been disputed by the u.s. central command this video posted online allegedly shows the aftermath of the airstrikes on the upper kemal area which killed a number of iraq in mali militia fighters the syrian observatory for human rights says the attack killed at least forty people. oh no the presidential election in colombia is calling for unity africana painting to change the peace deal with far rebels. ivan to k. becomes the youngest ever clumpy and leader of following a divisive runoff and gallacher reports in the capital bogota i may be a fresh face in colombian politics but as event duke a took to the stage his supporters were ecstatic to gaze young untested at his promise to tackle some of colombia's biggest issues going on with. it going in
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order with humility and on are i tell the colombian people that i will give all my energies to unite our country no more divisions let's think about a country for all and everyone for me it's very important to tell you and the whole of colombia that today there are no defeated citizens because i want to be the president that gives the same love to those who voted for me and those who didn't the polls closed across colombia at four pm but it soon became clear that duke a had a commanding lead handpicked by former president alvaro uribe has promised to modify the peace accords with falk rebels they ended fifty years of conflict but it's not yet clear what any changes he makes will mean for an already fragile process despite losing gustavo put through his colombia's most successful leftist candidate the former rebel secured more than forty percent of the vote and has pledged to continue his fight for a fairer society and less dependence on fossil fuels. if you can governs with those who helped him win that government suffers a fatal injury hopefully he is able to hopefully i am able to trick myself about
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his personality and the one elected has sufficient strength to separate himself from those who helped him become elected because they are the worst associations for columbia this was one of the safest elections in colombia's recent history there were no reports of violence across the country a sign say analysts the democracy here is maturing these are elections that have been peaceful has been polarized because. citizens are. not used to have a left option and the right option with very different programs but i do think that this is the first time in colombia's history that we are discussing politics. in other democracies around the world if he has a lot to prove his critics say he's nothing more than a puppet of. a hardline of that's both popular and polarizing but it's what he might do with those peace accords with for the people watching most closely because
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through may have lost but the less voice has never been stronger on the gallacher al-jazeera bogota colombia still ahead on al-jazeera. a. anger grows in the u.s. over the white house policy of separating migrant children from their parents as they mexican u.s. border. as three ships filled with migrants sail and spaniards are asking to we have the resources to care for them. to go. welcome back starting in southeastern parts of asia you see the massive cloud behind me across the peninsula in sydney puke at the scene some very heavy rain last twenty four hours not too much sunbathing going on there i suspect to look at the forecast it looks pretty wet across this region extending all were crossed
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cambodia and southern parts of vietnam so some heavy rain likely in the main city showers are also expected in kuala lumpur and singapore across borneo weather conditions tearing up looking too bad so for malays important or should be some sunshine including java generally fine and scattering of showers expected across the philippines that continues to head on through into wednesday plus the risk of showers across the border increasing through in the day now heading down into a stray or we've still it's area of low pressure with associated trough giving some showers along the southeastern coast there in new south wales and victoria otherwise this frontal system pushing in across the western australia will be pushing into south australia is ahead on through into tuesday but system makes further progress towards outlaid during the course of wednesday with a fair amount the cloud generally should be dry in sydney about stage still pretty unsettled across the north island of new zealand the so far and looking dry with highs of ten in wellington.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you now. tar has launched a major offensive to drive armed groups from a key oil producing region forces lost control of oil terminals in the town of roslin and on thursday after an attack by rival armed groups come as president elect iran to cave to alter the landmark peace deal with the park rebels the conservative newcomer a newcomer that is finished with around fifty four percent of sunday's fire following an election runoff that exposed deep divisions are for the two thousand and sixteen fark for. the outgoing un human rights chief has opened his last human rights council with the warning to saudi and iraqi forces and yemen say the same so the offensive on her data could have disastrous effects on millions of people as warning comes as the battle for the port city and tense surprise let's go now to our mohammed atta who is covering a lot of angles there he's in djibouti so first mohammed what is the latest on what is happening in the deteriorating situation in who data.
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well rachelle with you on a horse to trial potatoes simmering the fizzling ald there's no letup in the offensive to try and recapture the city of. rome why does this morning so to that lucian. poll says it was hot that bob dylan's all for. they'll also targeting all the snipers in a residential neighborhoods with a hawk helicopters and this has led to a month of this police brutal people as people try to think tell them not only the massive bombardment was also the package that up the food some of them in the neighborhood found them because moms like these could create a huge problem for the civilians who want to see the very high death toll. there
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but the thirty led coalition believe they'll offensive a hostage continue because we take you the day you go from the field to fight this is going to deny them a major life and also caught all their supply routes from the rest. they are. for the comfortable. so of course one of the warnings has been that this humanitarian situation is already one of the worst in the world. you know seizing up for it like a date it could just make things so much worse so where you are there and should be a lot of and aid comes through there to get to other places what is the situation what with aid as far as we know. and. mohamed joe can you hear me. seems like we have lost mohamed odeh live in djibouti but we will continue to of course to follow the situation. and the meantime german chancellor angela merkel as
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scrambling to hold together her conservative government coalition follows a deepening divide over her handling of the european crisis and the christian social union the minor partner in the coalition is on the verge of quitting the government has the latest from berlin. the meetings being held both in berlin and in munich today could be decisive in pointing the way to what will emerge from the center right alliance between the c.d.u. and the sea as you remember these are historical partners for decades they've worked as one bloc in parliament but now they seem to be stuck on this issue of immigration and how to deal with the people who come to germany claiming asylum who've already claimed asylum in another e.u. country in munich a meeting of the c s u the varian party which has been at the center of this storm they're the ones who want to turn refugees back into of the e.u. countries here in berlin i'm going to merkel c.d.u. meeting as well to try to iron out what their position is at stake here is in some
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ways the future of conservatism in this country what direction it will take point also to make angela merkel says that the best solution is at the european level well she'll be meeting the italian prime minister mr conti here in berlin the chancellor behind me later on today and we will see what develops from that meeting . a major earthquake has rattled japan at least three people were killed in a soccer falling debris and collapsing walls injured many others this is the second largest city and japan are bursting water mains and commuter trains were halted kyoto and large parts of western japan also felt the force of this six point one magnitude tremor. because we're doing our best to respond to this disaster urgently as some areas still cannot access gas or water as of now there is no damage and you lead a helpless realty such as and we nuclear power plants. israel has introduced a bill that would make it a crime to film its soldiers and includes videos like this one shot by an israeli
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human rights group showing an israeli soldier shooting dead and capacitated palestinian that led to international condemnation a person found guilty could face up to ten years in prison. it's anti-democratic in that democracy we allow people to take photos to take videos and to disseminate them on social media otherwise we are not having enough information needed to conduct a proper democratic process there's one military says it has launched an air strike against a vehicle in gaza that was sending burning kites over the border no one was injured in the attack but it marks an escalation in israel's response to the use of kites palestinians have been launching kites carrying burning rags across the border as part of weekly protest against israel on saturday the cause fires in more than a dozen locations. six hundred thirty migrants are spending their first day in spain after arriving on ships which were turned away from italy and malta city
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council leaders in barcelona say the new socialist government in madrid most back up its humanitarian gesture with money and resources to help the africa arrivals hall has more from valencia. on dry land at last clearly happy to be here. special care for pregnant women mothers their toddlers and others most vulnerable these migrants and refugees were forced to spend all the we can see point european union leaders squabble over migration policy and show ships are just doing their work are saving lives as in the ben and humanitarian organization saving lives is not a crime or not a course of this situation we're also not a solution what we are at the end this is a symptom of a failing policy of the european governments relief workers say many migrants landing in spain were tortured in libyan detention centers or may have been traded a six slaves after a health check from medical workers migrants disembarked to be registered by police
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and assessed it's the start of a months long process while the recounts are scrutinised and the government decides who will be allowed to stay as refugees it's unacceptable that the those ones we wish to protect. i don't understand what's going on here i mean imagine that you have to explain to people that they are safe now but the next steps are completely empty spain's incoming socialist government has welcomed the charity ship aquarius and the two italian vessels but not all share that enthusiasm. hours before the ships docked and anti immigrant fringe party organized a portside protest they fear a migrant influx will change the spanish way of life but you're going to get you know your number you the other in the next. in all fifteen years the majority of young people in this country will have a religion and culture different from our own with faced with the problem of
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survival the arrival of the aquarius means safe haven for some but a political solution to the migration crisis remains remote so that people look for prey to traffickers and smugglers so it's about you know a human situation that needs to be managed you know you mean wait for the latest arrivals the politics will have to wait for now a few minutes to play with new toys and celebrate their survival help in whole al-jazeera spain. a car being chased by u.s. border patrol agents in texas crashed killing five undocumented immigrants and the u.s. homeland security department is denying the government has a controversial policy of separating children from parents trying to cross the border from mexico president donald trump has already falsely claimed democrats for the tactic idea castro reports from washington stark photos provided by customs and
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border protection so the inside of a border patrol processing center where many immigrant children and families spend their first night in the united states and it only gets worse from there often with little warning the children are then taken from their parents and sent to detention centers alone we have heard of children being physically pulled from the arms of their parents. nursing babies being separated from their mothers children with disabilities being taken from their parents and most recently a distraught father to think his own life rather than a little while from his children a second grader. concerned democrats from congress demanded access to the government shelters were some two thousand children are currently being held by the trumpet ministration they were allowed a brief tour sunday those kids inside who have been separated from their parents are already being traumatized doesn't matter whether the or. the bed sheets tucked
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in tight what matters is that kids have been separated unnecessarily from their parents. protest is growing against the president zero tolerance policy that seeks to prosecute every adult caught entering the country illegally adults are sent to criminal court but children are set on a different legal path in the immigration system now a former wal-mart store with blacked out windows and tents are the children's homes . in a rare public critique of her husband's policy the office of first lady melania trump an immigrant herself released a statement mrs trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform it reads she believes we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that governs with heart. but trump supporters like steve bannon remain
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unapologetic zero tolerance it's a crime to come across illegally and children get separated i mean i hate to say that's that's the law and he's on forcing the law meanwhile the chaos along the border has turned more deadly five immigrants died in a fiery crash while trying to flee border patrol a reminder of the desperation to reach a better life. castro al-jazeera washington hospitality writer rather than hostility has so far greeted in england world cup football fans in russia russian english fans fought the last time they were involved in a major tournament major security operations in place before england play tunisia and a few hours and the richardson reports from volgograd. england and russia fans posing for photographs together wasn't the same pessimists had predicted before this world cup heightened political tensions between london and moscow don't appear to have filtered down to the supporters gathering in volgograd the need for england's
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opening group game against you lizzy at. the european championships in france two years ago russian and english fans full team are say raising concerns of a repeat out this tournament the violence in your i twenty sixteen was an unwelcome reminder of some of the darker up a sergeant involving england fans including at the world cup in france in nineteen ninety eight when england were again in last say and again getting ready to play to next year the surroundings the supporters find ourselves in here like it hardly be any more different overlooking the city's world cup stadium is the motherland cool statue a memorial to the millions who died during the german siege of stalin grad now called volgograd the battle was a turning point for hitler's defeat in the second world war and also a reminder of a time when britain and russia had a shared purpose an england supporters group to set up an informal embassy in the city they're advising fans not to drop flags on war monuments as
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a mark of respect for our purses in every country that you would want or voice and i think you need to exercise our common sense here but do i think that the total is both been ruined by behaved bad behavior goddaughter. while the european championships in front silvered easy access to tens of thousands of england fans only around two thousand are expected to make it's a volgograd a lot of their kind of warnings that the english media particularly said you know don't come airing yet you know and it was how many must say in europe twenty sixteen i think thankfully a lot of people took it with a pinch of salt the people in russia. are really pleased and proud to have the world cup that been great for the english fans are so friendly. and so on velikovsky is. curator who lives and works in volgograd his latest exhibition is about the history of hospitality he says most russians are looking forward to meeting rather than confronting people from around the world patel it is
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a very intense part of the russia russian character ordinary people of course not participating in all this matter of political and high political level yes. it is there are strange to hear you know such things like. i don't know people from england afraid of being in russia of course it's not like that on display in the city is the sort of stalin grant a wartime gift from the united kingdom symbolizing mutual respect. it's a sentiment so far being reflected by all the business in france and the rich it's an al-jazeera balkan ground. take out the headlines for you on al-jazeera the outgoing un human rights chief opened his last human rights council with the warning to saudi and iraqi forces in yemen it is a very the same the offensive on her day could have disastrous effects on millions
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of people as warning comes as the battle for the port city intensifies. i am for size my grave warring regarding the saudi immorality led coalition's ongoing attacks in her data which could result in normal civilian casualties and have a disastrous impact on lifesaving humanitarian aid to millions of people which comes through the port the syrian regime is accusing the u.s. led coalition of bombing military positions in the east on sunday but the claim has been disputed by the u.s. central command this video posted online allegedly shows the aftermath of the airstrikes on the mall area which killed a number of iraqi militia fighters the syrian observatory for human rights says the attack killed at least thirty eight people the libyan warlord khalifa haftar has launched an offensive to regain control of the northern oil terminals his forces
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lost control of the town of ras lanuf on thursday after an attack by rival groups colombia's president elect iran to cave to alter the landmark peace deal with fark rebels the conservative newcomer finished with fifty four percent of sunday's vote following an election runoff that exposed deep divisions over the two thousand and sixteen fark accord and we've done it going in order with humility and on her i tell the colombian people that i will give all my energies to unite our country no more divisions let's think about a country for all and everyone for me it's very important to tell you and the whole of colombia that today there are no defeated citizens because i want to be the president that gives the same love to those who voted for me and those who didn't and those are the headlines the news continues witness this next. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to
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people that nobody else is talking to and bring that story to the forefront. i think of them and i stand just now because i am going to be very nice in one go but i. think. i've. said i would think those are
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possibly syria because it is just optimism is not my at. least.


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