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tv   Through My Eyes Hanis Journey  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2018 12:32pm-1:00pm +03

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colombia's president elect iran to cave to alter the landmark peace deal with fark rebels the conservative newcomer finished with fifty four percent of sunday's vote following an election runoff that exposed deep divisions over the two thousand and sixteen fark accord and we started it going in order with humility and honor i tell the colombian people that i will give all my energies to unite our country no more divisions let's think about a country for all and everyone for me it's very important to tell you and the whole of colombia that today there are no defeated citizens because i want to be the president that gives the same love to those who voted for me and those who didn't and those are the headlines the news continues witness this next. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bring that story to the forefront.
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i think and i stand just as everybody is what i. think you would think those are thanks i think to syria because it is a just on this it is my. belief show me if you can follow people honk
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if. thank you magic. you see. i skied in syria when the bombing reached my home town homes. my home was destroyed. and i was arrested. i became a refugee. everyone in this camp came from my home town homes. i
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began taking photos in the camps. through the lens i wanted to show the whole world what had become of us. live together in peace. and as refugees. our lives surviving. that are in their lives you know when you get in there and. in the latest record is that. we didn't choose this for ourselves.
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taking photos held to me to express the sadness i felt. it was my way of surviving. i have an eye condition called the stage most. i see only shapes and outlines unless some ten centimeters close. i've had this condition since i was a child. the camera became my ice. watch and the philosophy to be the. model ha ha or.
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the mean look up the source for. the wheel. the other night and when we're a little. slower. paced. soria employer thank you and in the shoot. that helps. my family and i fled to the scam three years ago we'd applied for asylum to canada but we'd heard nothing. we were losing hope there are over one million refugees in lebanon. many are women and children. every day i'd
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see them or king in the fields. if it is not this that they call. cannot collect a whole packet of credit in a locked in this time of the sort of hard to get ahead when i'm in the high yep auditable hey i'm hard up there about of course how much cash you're pub on tablets to thaw the gist of it was it honest they were absolutely startled recommend. many women are here alone they lost their men back in syria. the war took so much from us. our present and our future. the iran of south africa believe it will be as well the world that i heard a lot of what sort of going to fade and muck around election any willisville in.
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any but at least a moment and it among the others leaders who started off of ideology three or a star your name can be for the live you climb the red bus in a very high late line and study it like the arabs are and hove but happy i'll just let the slain have sort of normal tradin what an ha fellow of a little dylan had to let down many of the talk on a sweater vest you see when you. read the books and. time stopped for us the day we fled syria. and i could feel my dreams slipping away. then i got a phone call. well i'm very glad to hear that. it's
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a big honor for me. it was the canadian embassy. welcome to the kingdom the same names you have mcgrath. today when you have asked the interview you have had your case referred to us by the u.n.h.c.r. you guys are going to be going to regina in sisc actual. route just a good question regina is the capital of the provinces the scotch one which is located in the middle of canada. beautiful stars when you
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arrive it will be spring time so you'll see flowers and animals good. start for me you can see for miles will be able to receive treatment for your eye. i notice that you have difficulty in the bright light will definitely be able to see a doctor in canada. everyone has access to a physician. saucer so. it was i will last eleven on.
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the last time we travelled we were escaping the bombs in syria. but. after all they cared about was my high school certificate it was my only chance to get to university where you could deal with the rest of it. it was hard not to think about our lives back in syria in these last moments. as you look. at the career and the regular at the get them of their. mind if that mine are. i miss the simple things most in the house that my father built. you to have
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a show work anywhere surely because that is on the shift. that you don't believe. i keep. them of and that has a clock that i mean look fast and i'll most likely yeah and. this is the jet is that got him so i was like well let me. just and this and. look under any you can experiment harder maybe born again and i would encourage more comfort but it can be it is going to get us our income in. but doing the worst of us our machine he'd been. and would fail michael lefkow that he is afraid of going for she can. push and i. say what about.
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but obama. knows a lot of that will. stop and. took b.t.n. the only be the missouri and. below but i shot a lot and the she had a full on in osaka mob scene and no john a lot i mean. this . is the nation in canada.
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i didn't know what to expect. this is a city of big dreams and big believers. superstars who are extraordinary and ordinary at the same time or in china. it looks beautiful what you may cause it depends on you the first you don't know display is it to be difficult that's why we're there bridge an open door society to help you to answer those questions. but with time you will get used to regina had to valladolid your life it. boy and you will succeed once all of us just like many of us.
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had never seen anything like this before. and i had to adapt fast i my name is dawn here and i'm your tester for today and so could you tell me a little bit about yourself. and how many almost twenty twenty two years old from holmes. and i meant remember i passed like. a lot of. things happen and i found myself with with a tent instead of university if you could tell me beginning with number one could if you could tell me describe the shopping trip and i can begin to give you an
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evaluation of your speaking. how much so she can move. you're having to look quite quite closely to the pictures you know you can do you have some yeah problem with my friend. so yeah because i can read like ten something to just just. this. is a city built on dreams. but would it be true for me. looking straight ahead at the green light to open a sandbank. can you tell me what you see here oh
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what about that one they're going to check a few more things even the next. just blink your eyes really just keep thinking. perceptor is in these areas never quite developed the same way you know it's it's like instead of kind of having a clear focused view our eyes always kind of moving a little bit that's never clear into focus exactly we can't stop that movements with glasses or anything else like that and maybe even with surgery at this point our benefit would be not really any of any of. that's exactly right so. it was what i expected. but not what i had. nothing had changed. i would go on as before.
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in high gear stash the fish have it all clear. of the not just the top drink have a hobby out of boston. just. tell her that we were all finding our way they all have the. ability of the human. mother. it is. the love i do with it just needs to go been living in its hands. home from homs.
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and up right here on ash that was good news and you know i never wanted it but i can with. this there was this i should have thought i'm going to say oh thanks dear but i wish. first i don't think these are beyond shell shock. that. the. the. but even in this quiet city the
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room was never far away. the serial was being destroyed in front of our eyes my city homes lay in ruins i. know over the words. the. we had to keep reminding the ruled what was happening to our country. and wow that is why. now i feel about you know this
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this is the one. to look amazing with i wish that i can send son has something. like a print or something i didn't do that time but i still want to do that they are mollett relate of how i'm going to see them again. so. this one it will be less special when can we put it like as first for a show because i love it. it's not just a big i q about what is in the picture before i take it even though. that's that's how it's you know. as an offer you. have every right. this story. this or have is heartbreaking to you for hearing well i'm going to spare oh you're sitting here are all. mine.
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but i'm going to need. more. oh. for me oh my god. are you all that yes it was very all of us all right who are you know you're asking oh my lad i suppose you thought it was all right and this was what i said he would have said he said you.
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were a. kid that you that you might put on what. he thought he did. that. was what i asked him and he only comes the in an earth hour that either she thought and. that's. what. i had asked how to hello i'm a. who i am and all know can a nurse in me live not a former has i don't have the model. the war in syria told me what to value my life. because that any moment
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it can be taken from you. in canada i had the chance to start again. ah. but my memories will always be with me. my family and friends work still in the camps. us dream for one thing. the right to a future whatever we are. my
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name is tony. from from a city in syria called homes it's really really trouble like there's no life there anymore i have to love and i'm taking all the my high school diploma that's the only thing that i have from home. i don't know stead of university campus i found myself in a refugee count the most fearful thing for me in account was but there's no counter so i began to take a lot of pictures for everything you know it still you want everyone there is just a number but life goes on people life goes on of of. all this a told you you might never know i am legally blind. yes i see shades light and dark and you know sometimes people ask me how you can take pictures will blind this is another obstacle that i don't let out of school stuff me i just go around them thanks.
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and now they mean to use it to my family thank them for me all the way thanks don't wait till tomorrow to make a difference in your life start today. thank .
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refugees heading for a better life in australia in two separate it and sent to remote islands indefinite detention in her life in conditions of good conscience in order to understand how to do this to turn smuggled out for each and eyewitness accounts the main thing in doing for people in asking them not to homeless that was not to kill themselves witness chasing asylum. on al-jazeera. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. the frustration of.
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this is al jazeera. and this is the news. coming up in the next sixty minutes. regarding. the. coalition's ongoing attacks. warning from the u.n. human rights chief on the offensive targeting yemen's main port and a lifeline the battle for libya's oil the warlord.


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