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as coalition forces target hoofy is hold off but her day direct port. says it hopes the rebels will surrender the yemeni city to save its people. and. live from london also coming up the u.s. president attacks germany's migrant policy anger grows over his administration separating immigrant children from their parents. this is i'm going backwards bavarian sister party gives her two weeks to reach a european migration deal or it will start turning away refugees. in a new survey finds that american civilians have forty percent of the world's gongs
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. or saudi led airstrikes have targeted the rebels in the strategic yemeni port city of data the coalition is demanding the rebels withdraw unconditionally from the area in order to save civilian lives using her day do a deal a serious blow to the who sees it could also mean imports of food a cutoff for seventy percent of the population movement under reports from nearby djibouti. the three year war in yemen has reached what could be a crucial tonic point the bottle for the port of poti doubt going un high commissioner for human rights is concern. for size my grave worrying regarding saudi morality led coalition's ongoing attacks in her data and which could result in enormous civilian casualties and have disastrous impact on lifesaving
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humanitarian to millions of people which comes through the port nearly two hundred people have been killed since the offensive for the important web seaport began on wednesday and nearly five thousand families forced to flee their homes says the u.n. . we suffer from the aerial raids in the cruel aggression in the indiscriminate shelling that goes on twenty four seven this is let us to leave our areas we don't have food we don't have humanitarian support the organizations concerned do nothing for us we're sick i'm hurt and my body suffers a lot shuttle diplomacy by the u.n. special envoy to yemen and therefore stopped in a cease fire feel so far martin good if it has been in the capital sanaa holding talks with the warring parties the united arab emirates which is part of the coalition against a host of fighters along with so that it via safe precautions are being taken to protect civilians. we are careful not to hit surrounding residential areas so as
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not to hurt the people there the current fight for the airport suits us for two reasons the first is it gives us an opportunity to advance and avoid as much as we can the civilians secondly it gives the international envoy a chance to have his say before leaving santa since the intervention of the coalition to buck government forces three years ago at least ten thousand a year minutes of being killed tens of thousands injured and millions displaced the port of today the humble seventy percent of yemen simples including life saving. a big. often been shipped through the portal djibouti behind me but since the offensive began us tough say to shipments they sent to her they then this week up to be a ton of the failing to tame clearance from the soda led coalition they now say they're quickly running out of storage space for the consignments of that continue to what i've come to leave for where they're needed most on monday the management of the the port st it will so presumably you know. commercial shipments arriving at
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the port a well known shipments that are arriving from well known ports the claims made by the coalition that shipment of arms have arrived at the port and avoid the current military campaign aimed at targeting the port the coalition countries know well that the port has no military activities at all and is not involved at all in any shipment the un also told yemen the world's last humanitarian crisis on the bottle for what they've done its effects could make it even was mohamed atta while jazeera djibouti the u.n. security council has just begun a closed meeting to discuss the situation in yemen on diplomatic editor james bays is live from the ninety nations headquarters in new york james it seems i have had a number of these close meetings can we expect anything more to come out of this one than any previous ones. well i think it shows the security council's concern that this is the third meeting in
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a week on yemen and their concern about this data offensive and the fact that this could take some considerable time according to the united arab emirates and that i think is the fear of the u.n. that there could be a protracted operation that could cause a humanitarian catastrophe because today there in many ways is the lifeline being the main port of yemen and what the security council is going to hear in the next hour or so behind closed doors is from martin griffiths he is the special envoy of the united nations he is briefing them from sanaa he's been talking to the who the leadership in recent days and i think he's talking about two different things one is what's going on in her data and his plans there to try and come up with some sort of solution that will not make the humanitarian situation even worse and won't lead to further loss of life in her day one of the ideas is for the port there to
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come under u.n. control and the who is to withdraw from the port area and then the revenues from the ports be used to pay civil servants salaries in yemen and the other thing is going to talk to them about which is an even harder thing even the his plan on her data is going to be very tricky is an overall police plan for yemen which is trying to push forward and thank you very much indeed. u.s. president donald trump has hit out at critics of his controversial migration policy which has separated families who entered the u.s. in eagerly from mexico trump says he will not allow america to become a migrant camp and says u.s. immigration problems are the fault of what he called obstructionist democrats a white house correspondent can really help get reports. growing outrage in the united states over this children appearing to be detained along the southern border
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of the united states separated from their parents who wake court appearances accused of entering the united states illegally it's a practice the trumpet ministration is defending this in ministration has a simple message if you cross the border illegally we will prosecute you if you make a false immigration claim we will prosecute you if you smuggle illegal aliens across an extraordinarily dangerous journey we will prosecute you the policy of separating children has been in place for more than a decade but until recently was always considered an action of last resort and force meant has served under president donald trump who's not backing down from his hardline policy the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility won't be. you look at what's happening in europe you look at what's happening in other places we can't allow that to happen to the
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united states not on my watch zero humanity and it makes zero sense the president's comment to provoke growing outrage among democrats and even members of his own republican party trumps admitted separating children from their parents is horrible but is trying to once again pressure congress into passing immigration reform laws it's been promising on monday he tweeted changed the laws and later he blamed his democratic opponents for not reforming the laws even though republicans currently control congress and both parties have failed to deliver immigration reform for decades and until there are new laws in place or trumps infamous border wall is funded the attorney general says zero tolerance policy will continue we cannot and will not encourage people to bring their children or the children to the country unlawfully by giving them. in the process is expected to travel to capitol
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hill to speak with republican lawmakers on tuesday but a series of immigration proposals but none is expected to pass setting up emotional debate that is unlikely to be resolved until voters go to the polls for congressional elections in november kimberly health at al-jazeera washington. the spine they hang over his own policies president trump has waded into germany's migration route in a series of tweets he claimed i mean america's government is losing popular support due to his liberal immigration policy he said the people of germany attending against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous but in coalition crime in germany is way up big mistake made well over europe millions of people in have so strongly and violently change their culture event out it we don't want what is happening with immigration in europe to happen with us. crime has actually fallen in germany but i'm going back and merkel is currently in the midst of a political crisis over her immigration policy her interior minister horst is
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a whore for threaten to bring down the government but he's now said he'll give the chancellor two weeks to find an e.u. deal that will reduce migration into germany before deciding his next steps and is planning to use an upcoming e.u. summit to negotiate an agreement italy's new prime minister is in berlin where he's been discussing europe's migration crisis with america she pledged that the e.u. will strengthen its external borders against illegal migration you boys didn't you know you've done it too we would like to support the wish of italy for further solidarity and we understand that solidarity over migration in europe is important we completely agree on the importance of the safety of the e.u. says donald borders frontex has to be strengthened for the e.u. dealing with migration illegal immigration and people trafficking is going to be a major job. john mccain has more from berlin it's been a day of meetings and negotiation for angela merkel as she tries to find
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a way out of a situation that has her historical allies the christian social union from bavaria have created the federal interior minister horst zero for wants to bring into a plan a master plan as he calls it which would see the rules regarding immigration revert to what they were in the summer of twenty fifteen before angela merkel decided to open up the borders she does not want to do that right now instead what she's exceeded to is a plan whereby people who come here claiming asylum but who have some sort of travel ban imposed on them from another state will not be allowed in she's also been meeting today with the italian prime minister just separate continent and the important thing there is that angle americal says it's bilateral deals with other member states that might be a way of resolving this issue but also she house hopes in the e.u. summit that will take place in brussels at the end of the of next week the point to say here is that the clock is ticking for her because this compromise deal with the
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christine social union what it expires by the time we get to that e.u. summit which is why she has to come back from there with something tangible. at least in munich have a rest of the chief executive of car manufacturer audi in relation to germany's emissions cheating scandal prosecutors say rupert sadler has been detained on suspicion of fraud and his arrest warrant is based on concealment of evidence relevant to their investigations how do you is accused of selling will two hundred thousand diesel engine cars fitted with software that hides their carbon emissions a few days ago its parent company volkswagen was hit with a fine of more than a billion dollars for cheating the emissions tests. needed for the glue screw for the reason for the arrest as the danger of suppression of bourbons during the search carried out at mr starters home last monday the public prosecutor's office was informed that the accused may have an. her influence over evidence possibly over other accused witnesses or other evidence lies some breaking news now from
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sweden has been a shooting in the center of the city of moma police say four people have been injured and the condition is not known but police say there is no cause the public alarm and no motive has been given for the shooting we'll keep you updated on that story as soon as we get any more information for the brother nor the king of spain has begun a six year jail sentence in a key or down there in saddam self into jane jail after being given five days to do so last tuesday the former olympic handle player and husband of the king the sister was convicted of tax fraud and embezzlement is accused of using his royal connections to overcharge for sports and tourism events. still to come this half hour the battle for libya's oil more nautically for have to try to reclaim the terminals grapes. and why filming videos like these in israel could soon endure in prison for up to ten years.
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now that the thunderstorms still wandering around eastern europe are not quite as vicious as they were given the bulk of the real dampens maybe norton to but there are figures here from bol garia back to austria down to his feet reflect basically one significant thunderstorm in the last twenty four hours so we're under one hundred millimeters but that's in a skiff local flash flooding and that will still be the case during choose to this general area right down to south and turkey no further west to europe things are much brighter and dry attempts are starting to rise again having dropped down to the low twenty's in madrid it's actually hotter than it was by at least fourteen degrees only a week ago back to where it should be more or less and tempers are rising elsewhere in europe we still got potential some pretty big downpours i think southern italy is probably still the place to watch for maybe some of the most vicious with hail
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and heavy rain and of course i will also affect malta possibly and maybe the gulf to sit so chippies on shore breeze might well be bringing a shower with it elsewhere temperatures in north africa slowly rising right to the middle forty's nice one and middle twenty's over above in iraq and iraq of course has taken a while to get it to decent tension levels but with an air of course in the sunshine. on october the six thousand nine hundred seventy three when muslims were observing ramadan and jews were celebrating young people. egypt and syria launch a surprise war against israel. so to get into this situation there's asked now a. series al-jazeera explores what really happened during the first week of the war
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knocked on al-jazeera. and mine to top stories. started as trikes of targeted rebels in the strategic yemeni port city of the data the coalition is demanding the rebels withdraw unconditionally from the area in order to save the civilian population. the us president has waded into germany's migration route claiming i'm going to madras government is losing popular support liberal immigration policy this is trying faces pressure at home over his administration separating immigrant children from their parents. meanwhile the german chancellor has been given two weeks by her
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conservative bavarian allies to find an e.u. deal that will reduce migration into the country the political crisis is threatening to bring down the three month old coalition government. turkish forces have entered the outskirts of the syrian city of mumbai age as often agreement with the us earlier this month turkish and u.s. military officials agreed to the withdrawal of the kurdish y p g from the city my b.g. has been under control since driving in twenty sixteen with the help of u.s.s. support i correct considers the wop e.g. a terrorist group and a strongly criticized washington for using them as an ally on the ground in syria. aren't as loyal to ward general hurley for have to have carried out air strikes in libya's so-called oil crescent the strikes targeted fighters from an alliance led by the petroleum facilities guard militia which has been trying to retake control of oil terminals in the east of the country since thursday the area has been under
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the control of have to libya national army since twenty sixteen the fighting is said to of course significant damage to the country's oil infrastructure which amounts to ninety seven percent of government revenue would up to a head has more from tripoli. security sources in the oil christian to say that have to his forces are mobilizing. trying to recapture the two major oil terminals of and rice the north that have been taken control of by forces loyal to the former leader of the petroleum facilities guards ebrahim. on thursday now. that is the national oil corporation here in tripoli has been warning against any escalation and the oil christened especially after two major tanks have been set on fire because of the military confrontations in the area and now the red crescent members in the area say that they have
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received twenty six but is of fighters. that were killed and in the attacks since thursday and most of them belong to a warlord khalifa haftar now yesterday two civilians namely two girls will killed in an air strike in the city in an area strikes one should buy any for have there's forces and now the area is very strategic because whoever controls. the oil soon can control libya's income because it's very strategic and it includes for the major the oil terminals a city that are just north. of oil port so these are the major the major oil ports in the country and whoever controls them can control libya's income which is the oil production is the backbone of libya's income. a former
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israeli government minister who was once imprisoned for trying to smuggle drugs is back behind bars after being charged with spying for iran going and saying it was extradited from guinea and arrested on arrival in israel last month or suspicion of acting as an agent for iranian intelligence and relaying information related to the energy market so i gave a set of met with his operators twice in iran and with the rain in agents in hotels and apartments around the world israeli government has endorsed a bill that seeks to have all of the filming of israeli soldiers with the intent of shaming them for the release of a number of videos which the government has deemed harmful to the army's image rights groups say the bill is a stain on democracy and an attempt to conceal the reality of israel's occupation force it reports from western islam. the killing of abdel-fattah a reef in hebron in twenty sixteen became one of the most controversial incidents
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involving israel's army in recent years the reason the existence of this video showing soldier. shoot our sharif in the head as he lay on the ground which military court said happened more than ten minutes after the palestinian was first shot and disarmed while attempting a knife attack as our it was released last month after spending nine months in jail a new bill awaiting consideration by israel's parliament the knesset proposes a maximum ten years sentence for anyone recording similar videos the defense minister avigdor lieberman tweeted his support saying i.d.f. soldiers are subjected to attacks from those who act against the israeli people and tera supporters who try to humiliate the shame and harm them we will put an end to this but the proposed law comes in response to a series of videos recently seen as harmful to the israeli military's image the bill's wording though has been questioned it refers to the intent of the person recording a soldier's behavior being to injure their spirit or harm national security
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israel's attorney general has called the bill in its current form illegal if and when the bill does become lords understood it would be in a very different form the maximum sentence reduced from ten to three years if n.c. changed from filming or distributing images of soldiers to impeding them from carrying out their duty the head of the human rights group that circulated the hebron video says that doesn't mean the bill is being watered down rather that it's being incorporated into existing law now that can actually shift a norm and create this gray area in which it would be under the capacity of you know random soldiers or commanders to just claim that almost any photography is somehow struction of soldiers ability to carry out their duties. but selim says the eventual law could be used against media organizations as well as activists and send a message to soldiers that they can treat those recording them more a. simply it wouldn't however apply in the case of this video of an israeli sniper shooting another man near the gaza border fence of the celebrations that followed
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it was taken by a fellow israeli soldier the defense minister called for him to be punished under military law and for the sniper who fired the bullet to be awarded a medal are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem a new study has found that u.s. civilians own more than forty percent of the world's guns despite making up just four percent of the global population a small arms survey found that out of one billion firearms around the world eighty five percent are in the hands of civilians ministries and law enforcement agencies hold the rest or can i speak to a cop from the small arms survey so you've made this remarkable finding that the u.s. in particular forty percent of the world's guns the civilians there seem to own how does this come about and what kind of things do that what kind of arms there. are the number itself didn't come about quickly it's the result of about ten years of work on the part of small arms survey blast two years especially we've devoted
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a lot of institutional attention to getting everything together for this the united states is obviously an extraordinarily important part of the overall picture but we did every country we could we did two hundred thirty countries and a lot of autonomous territories even so i mean in the us i mean is there any kind of from the the figures that you found him and is there any correlation between the number of civilians have and the levels of violence for moms can you make a direct connection. it's extremely difficult every country is very different and even in the united states there's a lot of variation among the fifty states in puerto rico guam so you find a lot of variation habits part of what makes america so difficult is you have an awful lot of relatively normal gun owners people who own two or three guns but the surveys also show they're all an awful lot of what american statistician's call super owners people who have forty firearms or more which in the united states of
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course can include things like some my automatic rifles for example or what about places like india and china isn't it just that they were in second and third place what kind of weaponry do they go for why do civilians decide to those kind of trees . well it makes a big difference just being a very big country. china and india both have relatively low levels of firearms ownership when you measure it see how many guns per one hundred in comparison side is that way they don't stand out at all in fact they look relatively innocuous but the sheer size of india and china mean that even when gun ownership is relatively rare the cumulative effect is enormous so you have tens of millions of firearms there because mostly it's a measure of just how big those societies are tell me about yemen that that that comes in terms of one hundred residents here it comes second to the u.s.
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with fifty two point eight guns per one hundred residents so although it was a small of a population that actually a high in a ship of guns there how can a very poor country that yemen has a population afford guns are they that cheap these days. firearms aren't that expensive and it's a culture we're going to ownership seems to be very important we have a broad number of estimates for yemen what everyone's agreed to is gun ownership there never was unusual and since the war broke out of course since two thousand and fourteen gun ownership is becoming even more commonplace there it's fair to say if you see an adult man there's a firearm very close by aaron copland you very much indeed to share in the results miss for seven thank you for people being killed and hundreds injured after a powerful earthquake hit japan's second city a saka minute huge six point one quake struck at the height of rush hour causing
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buildings to sway walls to collapse and pipes to best one of those killed was a nine year old girl who was crushed when a wall collapsed into school and dozens of domestic flights in and out of the city were grounded and train service is suspended. because we're doing our best to respond to this disaster urgently as some areas still cannot access gas or water as of now there is no damage at nuclear power facilities such as. we nuclear power plants. who are going to thousand doctors in australia have signed a petition calling for a refugee who is dying of lung cancer to be allowed into the country for palliative care the man known as alley is being held at an offshore detention center on the tiny pacific island of narrative he wants to come to australia to be with members of his ethnic group as he dies andrew thomas has more from brisbane. the refugee at the center of this is a sixty three year old has are a man originally from afghanistan but he tried to come to australia by boat instead
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under australia's government's never australia policy he was deported straight to the tiny bit of a god of the route where he's been for nearly five years he's got lung cancer he's dying everybody accepts that he wants to be brought to australia for palliative care and because he knows that members of his community are here to support him in his final days and australia's government has accepted that the medical operations on the route and not adequate for his needs and they offer to transfer him to taiwan he doesn't want to go there he says he knows nobody he fears people won't speak his language now doctors here more than a thousand of them now have signed a petition calling for him to be brought to australia i spoke to one of them about why she'd signed real want to die amongst people who speak our language who care for us and with good medical care death happens to everyone but how you die matters in a sense this one man this one it situation has become representative of the way australia's
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government is treating all those with medical conditions on mannus island and in the room and doctors in australia are putting themselves at the forefront of calls for change colombia's president elect even decay has called for unity after winning a divisive runoff against the far left candidate gustavo petro who cares promise to rewrite the historic peace deal which the government signed with fart rebels in twenty sixteen and forty two the conservative politician is colombia's youngest ever leader. u.s. president omar trump says he's clearing the way for the us to exercise extraterrestrial dominance by establishing a new sixth branch of the military and the dept of space force. but our destiny beyond the earth is not only a matter of national identity but a matter of national security so important for a military so important and people don't talk about it when it comes to defending america it is not enough to merely have in american presence in space we must
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have american dominance in space so important. for the mind of the headlines for you and i was there a saudi kurdish an aircraft bombarding hoofy fighters dug in around the airport of yemen's main port of data the u.a.e. is demanding the hooty rebels withdraw unconditionally from the strategic port area and key aid lifeline to save civilian lives losing her data would deal a serious blow to the rebels the us president has waded into germany's migration rock claiming chancellor angela merkel's government is losing popular support due to its liberal immigration policy this is child faces pressure at home over his own administration's policy of separating immigrant children from their parents the united states will not be
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a migrant camp. and it will not be a refugee holding facility won't be you look at what's happening in europe you look at what's happening in other places we can't allow that to happen to the united states not on my watch mca has been given to raise by conservative varian allies to find an e.u. deal will reduce migration into the country speaking alongside italy's new prime minister she pledged to strengthen the use borders against illegal migration. you boy. we would like to support the wish of italy for further solidarity and we understand that solidarity over migration in europe is important we completely agree on the importance of the safety of the e.u. says donald borders frontex has to be strengthened for the e.u. dealing with migration illegal immigration and people trafficking is going to be a major job. turkish forces have entered the outskirts of the syrian city of manby
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just part of an agreement with the us earlier this month turkish and u.s. military officials agreed to the withdrawal of the kurdish y p g from the city has been under control since driving us all out in twenty sixteen with the help of u.s.s. support fighters loyal to warlord general hurley for have to have carried out as strikes in libya's so-called oil present the strikes targeted fighters reliance led by the petroleum facilities guard militia which has been trying to retake control of oil terminals in the east of the country since thursday. stay with us next up fits the stream i'll have more news for you after that thanks for watching africa.
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hi emily could be i might have a d. and you're in the stream now live on you tube today can native americans change u.s. politics as an unprecedented number of indigenous politicians run for office we ask why. november's mid-term elections could be a pivotal moment in the united states not only could the balance of power in congress shift but the representation of native americans in politics could grow significantly there are more than one hundred indigenous politicians running for state or in national office so what do.


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