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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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an analogy. the u.s. president attacks germany's migrant policy as i know grows over his administration separating immigrant children from their parents. llorente this is al jazeera live from london coming up the german chancellor faces a potential political crisis as she's given two weeks to reach and you wind migration deal. with coalition forces target who things hold up at her data airport the u.a.e. urges the rebels to withdraw from the yemeni city to save its people. and donald trump says he's ordering the creation of a space force to shore up american dominance in space.
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and the u.s. president donald trump has attacked germany's migrant policy despite criticism over his own zero tolerance approach anger is growing over a policy that separated almost two thousand children from their parents after they entered the united states illegally from mexico trump says he will not allow america to become a migrant camp says u.s. immigration problems are the fault of what he called obstructionist democrats a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports. growing outrage in the united states over this children appearing to be detained along the southern border of the united states separated from their parents who wake court appearances accused of entering the united states illegally it's a practice the trumpet ministration is defending this in ministration has a simple message if you cross the border illegally we will prosecute you if you
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make a false immigration claim we will prosecute you if you smuggle illegal aliens across an extraordinarily dangerous journey we will prosecute you the policy of separating children has been. in place for more than a decade but until recently was always considered an action of last resort for smith has surged under president donald trump who's not backing down from his hardline policy the united states will not be a migrant camp. and it will not be a refugee holding facility won't be you look at what's happening in europe you look at what's happening in other places we can't allow that to happen to the united states not on my watch zero humanity and it makes zero sense the president's comments have provoked growing outrage among democrats and even members of his own republican party trumps admitted separating children from their parents is horrible but is trying to once again pressure congress into passing immigration reform laws
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it's been promising on monday he tweeted change the laws and later he blamed his democratic opponents for not reforming immigration legislation even though republicans currently control congress and he even pointed the finger at germany accusing it of failed immigration policy contributing to what he says is a high crime rate an example of what the united states does not want to become and until there are new laws in place or trans infamous border wall is funded the attorney general says the zero tolerance policy will continue we cannot and will not encourage people to bring their children or the children to the country unlawfully by giving them immunity. in the process trouble is expected to travel to capitol hill to speak with republican lawmakers on tuesday but a series of immigration proposals but none is expected to pass setting up emotional
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debate that is unlikely to be resolved until voters go to the polls for congressional elections in november kimberley health at al-jazeera washington. despite what trump said in his tweet crime has actually fallen in germany but i'm going back oh is currently in the midst of a political crisis at home over home aggression policy she temporarily averted the collapse of her government by promising to negotiate a deal later this month to reduce immigration numbers right wing christian social union one of three parties in merkel's go governing coalition has given her two weeks to find a solution john mccain reports and then in the german police squad mounts checks close to the bavarian border with austria trying to establish the identities of the people making the journey to germany for months interior minister horst zeal for there's been calling for more of this sort of thing across the country monday the chancellor angela merkel seemed to move in his direction conceding that in some
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instances a wider group of people can now be denied entry. citizen that's why i did us because if you mean that we are of the opinion the c.d.u. and c.s.u. has the choice all to better direct migration into our country and we do some number of people are driving in the country so that we do not have a situation like we had two thousand if he didn't know what these concession is not is an immediate repudiation of merkel's twenty fifteen policy that germany accepts asylum seekers who've already tried to claim asylum in another e.u. country in accepting this compromise zero offer suggested it wasn't a complete solution. we do not yet have the whole issue of migration under control there have been some improvements but i cannot say that the issue is under control to the extent that i can tell the german people we have a system in place to control migration and guarantee legal certainty in line with the constitution we still have a lot of work to do here. this rare has placed historical allies in an unfamiliar
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position seemingly in a war of words and with some suggesting the fate of the coalition is at stake it is a serious crisis will happen it's just postponed for the next two weeks america now got her a compromise that she can work hard for the next two weeks to call and meet with leaders of other european countries to find a compromise on crisis would europe are suffering from for the last three years merkel has stressed the need for bilateral agreements with other countries making her meeting with italian prime minister. on monday the perfect opportunity to lobby for change when israeli leaders meet in brussels at the end of next week they'll be trying to find a deal that all member states can accept the question for angle america will be is it a deal varian allies can accept dominic kane al-jazeera berlin. more than one
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hundred refugees and migrants have been rescued off the coast of tripoli after sending out a distress call five others drowned while attempting to make the crossing to europe the group was picked up by the libyan coast guard on monday which described their vessel as extremely damaged over thirty five thousand refugees and migrants have made the journey across the mediterranean this year. saudi led airstrikes have targeted the rebels holed up in the airport of the strategic yemeni port city of her data the kurdish news demanding the rebels withdraw unconditionally from the area in order to save civilian lives the u.n. says more than twenty six thousand people have fled the fighting losing her data it would be a major blow for the who sees and could cut off vital food imports the seventy percent of the population remembered to djibouti mamadou reports. the three
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year war in yemen has reached what could be a crucial tonic point the bottle for the port of poti doubt going un high commissioner for human rights is concern. for size my grave worrying regarding saudi and immorality led coalition's ongoing attacks in her data which could result in normal civilian casualties and have disastrous impact on lifesaving humanitarian to millions of people which comes through the port nearly two hundred people have been killed since the offensive for the important red sea port began on wednesday and nearly five thousand families forced to flee their homes says the un . we suffer from the aerial raids in the cruel aggression in the indiscriminate shelling that goes on twenty four seven this is let us to leave our areas we don't have food we don't have humanitarian support the organizations concerned do nothing for us we're sick i'm hurt and my body suffers a lot shuttle diplomacy by the u.n.
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special envoy to yemen and therefore stopped in a cease fire failed so far martin good if it's has been in the capital sanaa holding talks with the warring parties the united arab emirates which is part of the coalition against a host of fighters along with so that it bia says precautions are being taken to protect civilians. we are careful not to hit surrounding residential areas so as not to hurt the people there the current fight for the airport suits us for two reasons the first is it gives us an opportunity to advance and avoid as much as we can the civilians secondly it gives the international envoy a chance to have his say before leaving santa since the intervention of the coalition to buck government forces three years ago at least ten thousand a year minutes of being killed tens of thousands injured and millions displaced the port of today the humble seventy percent of yemen simples including life saving. a big. called the eight has often been shipped through the portal djibouti behind me
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but since the offensive began u.s. tough say to shipments they sent to her they then this week up to be a ton of the failing to tame clearance from the soden that. they now say they quickly running out of storage space for the consignments of aid that continue to what i've come to leave for where they're needed most on monday the management of the the port st it will so presumably you know they mean a commercial shipments arriving at the port a well known shipments that are arriving from well known ports the claims made by the coalition that shipment of arms have arrived at the port and avoid the current military campaign aimed at targeting the port the coalition countries know well that the port has no military activities addle and is not involved at all in any arms shipment the un also called yemen the world's most humanitarian crisis on the
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bottle for what they've done its effects could make it even worse mohammed atta while jazeera djibouti. because all very is a yemen analyst a think tank chatham house he says i'm not to be any ceasefire in her data it doesn't look good right now at all we're hearing that the u.n. envoy morphing gryphus has been in summer that he's been trying to broker some kind of negotiated settlement probably a partial or full withdraw of the hoop these from from the city but what we've also heard over the last couple of hours is that the who these largely reject the idea of for withdrawal the coalition does not believe in something that would involve joint management looks like the fighting is going to continue until there is a decisive victory one way or the other or it ends up stagnating as it has in other parts of yemen it's not great i mean the fighting hasn't really hit the city proper yet but what we're hearing from people in farms small villages and homes where
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there has been frontline fighting is that they're being displaced they're unable to leave their homes their accusations or allegations that being forced to stay in their homes to basically actors as human shields it's not looking great the coalition says that it's doing its utmost best to to protect civilians but it's quite difficult to judge how correct that is fighters loyal to war general highly for have to have carried out as strikes in libya is so-called oil present strikes targeted fighters from alliance led by the petroleum facilities guard which launched attacks on the oil terminals on thursday went up to a head as war from tripoli. the damage to libya's largest oil refinery is being described as catastrophic fighting between rival militias has destroyed have the capacity of. libya's national oil corporation says oil leaks could cause more
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fires. blames the damage on fighters loyal to abroad. but the main and most important goal is to lift the injustice out tribe some families are facing in the past two years children run the poor to end other facilities in the so-called oil crescent until late two thousand and sixteen when the warlords seized control his forces are now battling hard to regain lost territory the u.s. has been quick to condemn the attacks at al sadr and ras lanuf in a statement from the u.s. embassy in tripoli it calls for an immediate end to the violence which it says is damaging libya's vital national infrastructure i think we've lost somewhere in the region of four hundred thousand barrels but an export capacity which roughly translates for a hundred million a month so i think it's a substantial loss in terms of libya's economic ability libya's oil exports have
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reached more than one million barrels a day in the past year bringing in vital income that's despite the country being grown by rival governments one in tripoli which is backed by the united nations the other based in the eastern city of al bayda and backed by have turned the damage to ras lanuf is already likely to cost eight hundred million dollars a month in lost revenue exports have halted the question is for how long. tripoli still to come this half hour colombia elects its youngest ever president what does it mean for their story a peace deal with the fact rebels and wash videos like these in israel could soon and you're in prison for up to ten years.
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it's been snowing in new south wales and in victoria not quite down to sea level but certainly it's been cold enough for some decent stuff in the mountains and noticeable not far away obviously that means temps are fairly low forecast wise you'll see that reflected thirteen in melbourne fourteen in sydney and this is on shore along shore southerly breeze with cloud and right and possibly stereotypes still there this is cheering tuesday all this time the rain that was falling in perth has drifted slowly eastwards having left a rather wet grind it is heading towards our latest proper cold front so you're going to feel the change you lose the sunshine you get a bit of rain and thirty nine re suddenly feels more like eight and that's true for melbourne as well brisbane still around the twenty mark and given that that circulation is bringing on shore breeze you expect that there's a big circulation tasman sea and you're right and of course we see what's been happening in north island in new zealand with rain coming in
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a relatively warm breeze sixteen degrees for oakland but still in the sunshine in christchurch on tuesday and possibly on wednesday a couple reasonable days for at least south island and just to add to the worries in a saka is rain on the way the picture on tuesday gets even worse come wednesday. twenty three year olds has collected objects he finds along the coast. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired artists on the voice for the plight of countless markets. much music such as al-jazeera.
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and one of the top stories on our syria us president has waded into germany's migration route claiming i'm going to mad cause government is losing popular support futurist liberal immigration policy this is trump faces pressure at home over his administration separating immigrant children from their parents in law german chancellor has been given two weeks by her conservative bavarian allies to find an e.u. deal that will reduce migration into the country the political process is threatening to bring down merkel's three month old coalition government. and sounded as strikes have targeted hooty rebels in the strategic yemeni port city of data the coalition is demanding that the rebels withdraw unconditionally from the
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area in order to save the civilian population. a former israeli government minister who was once imprisoned for trying to smuggle drugs is back behind bars after being charged with spying for wrong go and see if was extradited from guinea and arrested on arrival in israel last month or suspicion of acting as an agent for iranian intelligence and relaying information related to the energy market so if is said to have met its operators twice in iran and iranian met in writing agents in hotels and apartments across around the world. the israeli government has endorsed a bill that seeks to outlaw the filming of israeli soldiers with the intent of shaming them it follows the release of a number of videos which the government has deemed harmful to the army's image or a force that reports from west jerusalem. the killing of abdel fattah sheriff in hebron in twenty sixteen became one of the most controversial incidents involving
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israel's army in recent years the reason the existence of this video showing soldier. shoot our shareef in the head as he lay on the ground which military court said happened more than ten minutes after the palestinian was first shot and disarmed while attempting a knife attack as our it was released last month after spending nine months in jail a new bill awaiting consideration by israel's parliament the knesset proposes a maximum ten years sentence for anyone recording similar videos the defense minister avigdor lieberman tweeted his support saying i.d.f. soldiers are subjected to attacks from those who act against the israeli people and tara supporters who try to humiliate the shame and harm them we will put an end to this. the proposed law comes in response to a series of videos recently seen as harmful to the israeli military's image the bills wording though has been questioned it refers to the intent of the person recording a soldier's behavior being to injure their spirit or harm national security
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israel's attorney general has called the bill in its current form illegal if and when the bill does become lords understood it would be in a very different form the maximum sentence reduced from ten to three years the offense changed from filming or distributing images of soldiers to impeding them from carrying out their duty the head of the human rights group that circulated the hebron video says that doesn't mean the bill is being watered down rather that it's being incorporated into existing law now that can actually shift the norm and create this gray area in which it would be under the capacity of you know random soldiers or commanders to just claim that almost any photography struction of soldiers ability to carry out their duties. at selham says the eventual or could be used against media organizations as well as activists and send a message to soldiers that they can treat those recording them more. it wouldn't however apply in the case of this video of an israeli sniper shooting unarmed man
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near the gaza border fence of the celebrations that followed it was taken by a fellow israeli soldier the defense minister called for him to be punished under military law and for the sniper who fired the bullet to be awarded a medal are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem can be as president elect even duke a has called for unity after winning a divisive runoff against the far left candidate petro ok as promised to rewrite the historic peace deal which the government signed with fuck rebels in twenty sixteen and forty two the contempt of partition is colombia's youngest ever leader and the gallagher has the latest from bogota one of your cable follows through on the central premise of his election campaign the whole way through his campaign do kate talked about how he didn't like the peace accords with the flag rubble that ended fifty years of conflict but what was really interesting last night was as he made his victory speech to his supporters you could hear him almost dialing back the rhetoric of actually rewriting the peace accords with iraq i earlier spoke to
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a former high commissioner for the peace deal here who said it's going to be very hard for iran do k. to do anything with those peace accords because they are in the supreme court they are in the constitution it will be very hard for him to change them a tall so despite the promises he has made with the court is about possibly modifying those are the words he used the peace accord it may end up that he can't do much at all and really as he said ministrations starts this is a very untested politician and he has the things out the question does he want to spend all this time trying to deal with the peace accords or trying to make his mark as colombia's new president so at the moment if you ask experts here if you ask people in the street no one really knows the answer as to what do cable do with that fragile peace accord. but he's in munich of arrests of the chief executive of car manufacturer audi in relation to germany's emissions cheating scandal prosecutors say robert sadler has been detained on suspicion of fraud and his
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arrest warrant is based on concealment of evidence relevant to their investigations audi is accused of selling more than two hundred thousand diesel engine cars fitted with software that hides their carbon emissions turkish forces are patrolling the outskirts of the syrian city of mann binge as part of an agreement with the us earlier this month turkish and u.s. military officials agreed to the withdrawal of the kurdish y p g from the city when beach has been under y p g control since driving out in twenty sixteen with the help of u.s.s. support ankara considers the y.p. g a terrorist group. one of the thousand doctors in australia have signed a petition calling for a refugee who is dying of lung cancer to be allowed into the country for palliative care the man known as alley is being held at an offshore detention center on the tiny pacific island of naru he wants to come to australia to be with members of his ethnic group as he dies and to thomas has more from brisbane. the refugee at the
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center of this is a sixty three year old has are a man originally from afghanistan but he tried to come to australia by boat instead under australia's government's never australia policy he was deported straight to the tiny bits of the god of the route where he's been for nearly five years he's got lung cancer he's dying everybody accepts that he wants to be brought to australia for palliative care and because he knows that members of his community are here to support him in his final days and australia's government has accepted that the medical operations on the route are not adequate for his needs and they've offered to transfer him to taiwan he doesn't want to go there he says he knows nobody he fears people won't speak his language doctors here more than a thousand of them now have signed a petition calling for him to be brought to australia i spoke to one of them about why she'd signed real want to die amongst people who speak their language. and with
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good medical care death happens to everyone but how you die matters in a sense this one man this one it situation has become representative of the way australia's government is treating all those with medical conditions on mannus island and in the room and doctors in australia are putting themselves at the forefront of calls for change canada is set to become the first g seven country to legalize cannabis after a bill was passed in the lower house of parliament legislation passed two hundred five votes to eighty two that still has to go through the senate and receive a cent by the governor general before becoming law the prime minister just in today it had committed to making marijuana legal for recreational use by the summer. trump has ordered the u.s. military to establish a new branch to focus on space exploration he said the creation of a sixth military branch specializing in space would boost national security and the economy and also vowed to return americans to the moon and send people to mars
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frank rose is a former deputy assistant secretary of state for space and defense policy and served in the obama administration he says there are valid reasons to invest in space research russia and china are developing a number of capabilities to damage and destroy the u.s. satellites in secondly there's a feeling amongst many that the air force which is primarily focused on airplanes is not focusing enough time in attention to dealing with threats in outer space so the rationale for creating a space forces there i think there are serious questions though whether a space force will solve the problem the u.s. and south korea have agreed to suspend a joint military exercise due to take place in august it comes after president trumps surprise pledge to end such trills at a summit with north korea's leader kim jong un in well the latest round of
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diplomatic talks between north and south korea have ended two of the announcement of a joint basketball game next month and into korean team will also go to the asian games in august as craig lisa reports from produce sport is helping to heal the wounds between the two koreas. as the cold war relationship between the koreas begin to break apart in one thousand nine hundred one a young south korean table tennis champion was thrust together with her rival from the north for the world championships in japan the two koreas within and still are technically at war. i was twenty one then i was young i really didn't know politics why are they doing this was my thought then. and north korean leader when he became the first athletes from the koreas to be teamed in international competition and in what is one of sports greatest opposite the pair defeated nine times world champion china briefly uniting the careers with
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a rush of patriotism. things that were thought shone felt they touched the heart that's how it was then and i believe that's how it will be in the future too that's why we need joint sports teams in my opinion. it's a sentiment echoed by academics here. non-presence of the year as athletes of the two koreas company together when together and the spectators cheer together and hope for a green that probably has significantly more value than anything physical. the two koreas agree following the latest talks in the d.m.z. it was announced south korea's men's and women's basketball teams will visit north korea on the fourth of july which is american independence day with a reciprocal visit in autumn and athletes from both sides of the border a jew to march in the opening and closing ceremonies at the asian games in indonesia planned for august and they'll have unified teams for some sports both
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will work on participating in other international events including this year's asian paralympic games don't ruin you the government will do our best to improve into korean relations ensure a cover national unity through sports exchanges including cooperation in the twenty eighteen asian games sports diplomacy is a world one power for the north and south koreans providing a platform outside the usual political rhetoric leaders believe it will bring a sense of pride to koreans and extend the feeling of brotherhood reignited by the winter olympics here in february craig leeson al-jazeera near the d.m.z. south korea saudi arabia's football team have had a lucky escape after the wing of the plane they were travelling in court fire and video is said to show the blaze which broke out on her mercia airlines flight which was carrying the team to the next world cup destination in rostov on don the
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russian airline says the fire is likely to be caused by a bird in the engine. and one of the top stories on our zero the u.s. president has waded into germany's migration route claiming chancellor angela merkel's government is losing popular support due to its liberal immigration policy . faces pressure at home over his own administration's policy of separating immigrant children from their parents. the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility won't be you look at what's happening in europe you look at what's happening in other places we can't allow that to happen to the united states not on my watch wangel america has been given two weeks by her conservative bavarian allies to find an e.u.
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deal that will reduce migration into the country speaking alongside italy's new prime minister she pledged to strengthen the e.u.'s borders against illegal migration you boylan didn't you tell you. we would like to support the wish of italy for further solidarity and we understand that solidarity over migration in europe is important we completely agree on the importance of the safety of the e.u. says donal borders frontex has to be strengthened through the e.u. dealing with migration illegal immigration and people trafficking is going to be a major job. saudi led coalition aircraft bombarding hoofy fighters dug in around the airport of yemen's main port of her data. is demanding the who the rebels withdraw unconditionally from the strategic port area and key aid lifelines to save civilian lives the un says more than twenty six thousand people have fled the fighting. fighters loyal to warlord general holly for have to have carried out air
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strikes in libya's so-called oil crescent strikes targeted fighters from an alliance led why they petroleum facilities guard militia which launched attacks on the all terminals on thursday there it has been under have to control since twenty sixteen of colombia's president elect even duke a has called for unity after winning a divisive runoff against the far left candidate because to have a petro who cares promise to rewrite the historic peace to you which the government signed with fart rebels in twenty sixteen. thanks top it's my tune is here to stay with us and just if you can. china's one she province has become famous for its large number of elderly many age one hundred or older when used investigates if the region called the secrets to a long and healthy life. on al-jazeera.
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